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(see Bob Jones, Beverly Juelsgaard Fischer, and Susan O'Marra's new posts below)
It is time for the church in America to be aware that God is speaking to us now. It is a message of mercy and love. But if we don't heed it... God wants us to start seeking Him while He can be found. It's time to stop doing things just in our own strength and in our own cleverness. Everything we do individually and as a church needs to be backed up in prayer. And we need to seek our Father for his will. We need to change, but we cannot change ourselves. We must ask Him to change us into his image. He will do this because it is his will, and He is faithful. But we must come to him in repentance and humility like the man who beat his breast and would not even look up into heaven but cried out, "God have mercy on me, a sinner." This needs to be the heart cry of every man...every day. No matter who or what you are, this is the way to approach God; and the only way to be justified before him. The work Jesus did on the cross will cleanse the filthy sinner and the proud Pharisee. We all fall into one of one of these categories or somewhere in between. But I'll say it again. We all approach God in the same way. No one will be justified before Him by his own works or his own righteousness.

This also needs to be the heart cry of the church corporately for this nation. I ask anyone who reads this and cares about the future of America to please check out Nita Johnson and World For Jesus Ministries. Ten years ago the Lord appeared to her and told her that if they would, at his direction gather leaders and intercessors from the church and repent over specific sins that this nation is guilty of, then we would have revival before war comes. I don't know if there's been enough repentance yet, but if you want to join in with this noble task, support WFJ ministries. Go to the gatherings, join them in prayer on Sat mornings webcasts. You can find all the information about this on their website. John 6:28 "What must we do to do the works God requires?"

Jesus answered, "The work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent." John 5:19 "I tell you the truth, the Son can do nothing by himself; he can do only what he sees his Father doing, because whatever the Father does the Son also does."

Susan O'Marra:
The Eastern Seaboard and Continental Plate Experience 3/19/11 NEW! The Colonial Circle Camp Experience 3/22/11 NEW!

Bob Jones:
A WORD CONCERNING AMERICAS PETITION FOR JAPAN In a dream on March 19th, I saw the Father was waiting for the church to lay a petition before Him so He could grant mercy to Japan and also to the United States. For the mercy we show Japan will be shown to us during the time of our need. I saw that the next 6 months were critical and Hes waiting for the church to lay this petition before Him so He can begin to show grace. We need to be in continual prayer and lay

petitions before Him. The next 6 months is a very dangerous time and only the Father has the answer. The only way to Him is through the Son Jesus Christ.

Beverly Juelsgaard Fischer:


Rick Joyner:
Special Bulletin on Japanese Earthquake: The Day the World Changed 3/11/11 Part One

Mitt Jeffords:

Please pray for Mitt...he had a stroke on Feb 9th according to his daughter. Let's all take hold, together with the Holy Spirit against this. Father, please have mercy on Mitt, his family and the body of believers that has been so blessed by his obedience to you. We need him here, Lord. Please allow for a full recovery. You said in your word that by the stripes of Jesus, we have been healed. We rebuke the spirit of infirmity that caused this and we ask for your healing power to flow. We rebuke the forces of darkness that want to try to stop God's word from being spoken in the earth. Send your angels Lord and scatter the darkness. Receive your healing, dear brother. We love you and need you. Please read Mitt's latest vision and word from the Lord, "Why Did God Create Man?" NEW!
Why Did God Create Man?


The Revelation of the Hour: Choose Your Eternal Identity Chapter One: Eye For an Eye? Chapter Two: Man's Captivity to the Nature of the Spirit of this World. Chapter Three: Overcoming the Beast: The Man of Sin That Walks After the Spirit of this World

Chapter Four: Perfection: The Manifestation of the Sons of God

Tell Them I Saw the Angels in Heaven The Castle Vision The Name of the Spirit of Fear The Number of Perfection Perfection: The Marriage A Journey From the Beginning (Fear) To the End (Perfect Love) Knowledge vs. Revelation

See ALL of Mitt's Articles NEW!

Susan O'Marra's vision of the GULF This is Not Yet the End

Maurice Sklar:
The Restrainer

Judy Curmi:
Atlanta Will Burn

Priscilla Van Sutphin

The Lord, the Righteous Judge Strike Force Prophets of Baal: BEWARE!

Spirit of Prophecy Bulletin:

Spirit of Heaviness Warriors Rendezvous May 24 Trumpet

Susan O'Marra:
Prophetic Words and Visions from Aug 6, 2010 I Called But You Did Not Come The Hall of Destinies Vision of a Great Gathering of Patriots Two Dreams on 5/15 The Divine Communicators You Must Keep Your Eyes on Me Jesus Standing in the Atlantic Ocean

Collection of Visions
The Doors of Destiny Sit at My Feet and Know that I AM Walking in the Chamber of the Father's Heart

Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer
Woe to Those Without Compassion and Who do not Repent The Way of the Warrior, and Firebrands Choose Wisely Who You Will Serve

Will You Choose Me and My Way? Repent and Cry Out For Israel Will You Not Come? The Days Ahead

Nita Johnson:
The Reigning Ones
Prophetic Reformation and the Fires of Revival! NOTE: PLEASE READ THIS IF

Marsha Burns:
Intense Shaking

Vincent Selvakumar:
A Year of Turning Points

Nathan Leal:
America's Coming Super Depression

Bill Hardaway:
You Can Do Nothing Without Me

Kelly Deppen:
The Eleventh Dimension

Ayman and Hala Mikhail:

Never Too Late!

Neville Johnson:

Time is Short!

Maurice Sklar:
The Closing of the Gates of Grace The Coming Threats to the United States of America Watch and Pray: Spiritual Fitness in the Midnight Hour

Choo Thomas:
The Tribulation Has Already Begun!

Chinese Beggar Boy: Steven Grable:

"I weep tonight. I am heartbroken. I am in deep sorrow because those who believe in me are so very few..."

Who are we to divide your land?

New Teachings
Maurice Sklar:
The Terror of the Lord

Rebecca Brown:
An important message about Truth and Mercy

Steven Grable:
Three reasons why persecution is a blessing

Nita Johnson:
The spirit of holiness

These Are Some of My Favorite Websites Deep insights into our faith. Vital reading for understanding basic and deeper truths. Prophetic Writings of J Leeland Earls are found here including "The Three Comings of Jesus" Annie Schisler's visions

The ministry of Pastor Peter Tan Do you hunger and thirst for Righteousness? Do you want to truly experience the power of the gospel of the cross? Do you want to be free from even the desire to sin? This site is for you. Make it your homepage and live here for a while. Maurice is a world class violinist as well as an anointed teacher and prophet. The Lord has given him many important revelations about Christian living as well as important end time events such as the destruction of Babylon. What is Babylon anyway? And Why did the Lord tell us to flee from it? What is the judgment seat of Christ? Should I fear it? How do I purchase salve for my eyes so I can see? I will be posting Maurice Sklar's latest words in the "Prophetic Words" section of my website. Bill Somers recently passed away. He will be greatly missed, but my hope is that the new moderator will continue this great work for the Lord. It gives weekly prophetic updates from many sources. This is an excellent website if you want to keep up to date on the latest Word from the Lord. This site in particular will introduce you to many important ministries. This is the only other place I know of that has all of Mitt Jeffords articles archived. This is where it all began with me! This site was my home page for a long time. This Website is dedicated to people who have been given DIVINE REVELATIONS, (Face to Face) encounters & visitations with Jesus Christ; and the important message they were given. Summary: Be ready for the Lord's Soon Return (Rapture), be pure and obedient, leading others to
Christ, for the wages of sin is death. WOE to the unbelieving, unrepentant, luke-warm and disobedient! Pastor and Prophetess Susan O'Marra has been graced by the Lord to have many important revelations for the whole body of Christ. . Rick Joyner is a recognized leader in the church today. He is also the founder of Morningstar Ministries. Please check out their website to find more details as I don't have the space here to do justice to all they do in their multifaceted ministry. I like to watch Rick's prophetic updates on current events on their website. He is also my favorite author. I read his first book, "There Were Two Trees in the Garden" many years ago before I knew who Rick Joyner was. It was filled with simple straightforward wisdom. His book, "The Vision" (actually two books in one) is a MUST READ for every believer. I spent a year reading it, rereading it and talking about it with my close family members. It has a rare combination of features. It is jamb packed with spiritual insight and revelation while still having a dynamic and exciting narrative. This is the ministry of Daniel and Rebecca Yoder. Their ministry is teaching and training believers in spiritual warfare. I first heard of Rebecca about twenty years ago through her trilogy of books starting with "He Came to Set the Captives Free." They are explosive books about her ministry of rescuing people out of the clutches of witchcraft. These books are written in a no nonsense, pull no punches manner and are not for the faint of heart. Her husband Daniel, who is a prophet is currently recovering from brain surgery. Please pray for his recovery. We need him. The October 2008 edition of the Harvest Warriors Newsletter contains a shocking wake up call for those who campaign for Pro Choice Candidates! Nita Johnson is the author of many books including "Prepare For the Winds of Change." The Lord has graced her with a multitude of important revelations for the church, for the United States of America and Judgments on the Nations. At the specific direction from the Lord Jesus Christ, she held gathering of the Eagles conferences in various cities in the US and abroad. If I understand her writings correctly the purpose of completing these seven years of gatherings was to break demonic strongholds so that America would not be devastated by war before experiencing revival. We probably won't know in this life how important these gatherings were in delaying destruction in our nation. She is currently conducting a revival in New Orleans. Please pay careful attention to this humble ministry. They are going to have a great impact Sadhu Sundar Selvaraj is God's prophet from India. He is the founder of "Angel TV" which is reaching millions of unsaved people in the East. This humble man is an excellent teacher and has many stories to tell. He has been abundantly graced by the Lord Jesus Christ to have many spiritual experiences. He has a lot of good books and teachings available on his website. One of them that particularly blessed me was the series, "Prayer Secrets in the Tabernacle." In this 8 cd set, brother Sadhu explains how the Lord showed him that the articles of worship in the tabernacle each have symbolic meanings in regard to prayer. Not only that, but the shape,

dimensions, and even the materials used to fashion them are packed with spiritual revelation. This teaching, that was given to Brother Sadhu by the Lord Jesus Christ Himself needs to be in the hands of every believer and the principles put into practice. LionofZion by Rosie Lovejoy. In this series of visions from 2003-2007 the Lord appeared to Rosie as a majestic Lion. He allowed her to see judgment and destruction that is coming, and how we should be preparing for it. Living Word Foundation Inc. - Secrets of the Kingdom Back Issues Neville Johnson opens up the scriptures with incredible clarity and spiritual insight. Pastor-Prophetess Frances Lloyd Subscribe to get a daily dose of God's Rhema Word. This site has an awesome discipleship course that I heartily recommend. I have printed it out for myself and I am currently studying it. Also check out Steve Foss vision of the end time battle. Shekinah Today Ministries Prophecy America, America A Prophetic Cry & Warning Rolland and Heidi Baker This godly couple are not just missionaries. They are changing the nation of Mozambique by putting the principles of Jesus into practice. Heidi's book, "Compelled by Love," is a must read! Rolland is actually the grandson of H.A. Baker who founded the Adullam Orphanage in China where the spirit of God was poured out in the early 20th century. Cupbearer7 Priscilla Van Sutphin's site Faith Tabernacle Bill and Marsha Burns subscribing to Spirit of Prophesy Bulletin I recommend

WARNING: browsing these sites may change the course of your life!

These messages do not add to or alter God's Holy Written Eternal Word which in and of itself is complete. However, they will illuminate the scriptures in a way you never saw them before! God will never contradict Himself and if we use the Word as our anchor and the discernment of the Spirit we will not be led astray. There is nothing for sale here. It's all free like the gift of grace.

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