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=== Really simple Facebook Twitter share buttons === Contributors: whiletrue Donate link: http://www.whiletrue.

it/ Tags: facebook, twitter, facebook share, twitter share, facebook share button, t witter share button, linkedin, google +1, +1, google buzz, buzz, digg, flattr, s tumbleupon, hyves, links, post, page, mail, email, reddit, shortcode Requires at least: 2.9+ Tested up to: 3.2.1 Stable tag: 1.7.2 Puts Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google "+1" and other share buttons of your ch oice above or below your posts. == Description == This plugin shows Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google "+1" and other popular sha re buttons above or below your posts. Easy customization of active buttons and position in the Settings menu. Facebook Like and Twitter Share buttons are loaded by default. Other buttons, including Digg, Facebook Send, Flattr, LinkedIn, Google "+1", Goo gle Buzz, Stumbleupon, Hyves, Email, Reddit (and the deprecated Facebook Share b utton), can be added through the `Settings->Really simple share` menu. Please be careful when selecting the `Show buttons in these pages` options : it can interact badly with other slide/fade/carousel/sidebar active plugins. If you want to place the active buttons only in selected posts, use the [really_ simple_share] shortcode. If you want to hide the share buttons inside selected posts, set the "really_sim ple_share_disable" custom field with value "yes". For more informations: imple-facebook-twitter-share-buttons-per-wordpress.html == Installation == 1. Upload the `really-simple-facebook-twitter-share-buttons` directory into the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory 2. Set your favourite values in the `Settings->Really simple share` menu in Word press 3. Activate the plugin through the `Plugins` menu in WordPress 4. Enjoy! == Frequently Asked Questions == = What's the difference between Facebook Like and Share buttons? = Facebook Like's behaviour is similar to Facebook Share: it is a counter and if y ou click it a story is published inside your Wall on Facebook. We suggest you to use Facebook Like because it works better identifying title an d text for the story to be published and it's the only one currently developed b y Facebook. = Why users can't choose which image to share when using Facebook Like button ? = This is an automated Facebook behaviour: clicking Facebook Like the user can't c hoose each time which image to share, but you can set the right image inside the code using the <a href="">Open Graph Tag</a> og:image.

= When I activate the plugin it messes up with other plugins showing post excerp ts in different ways (fade, carousel, sidebar). What can I do? = Uncheck all the "Show buttons in these pages" options in the `Settings->Really s imple share` menu, except for "Single posts". This way all the share buttons should disappear, except the one displayed beside the post in every Single post page. = Is it possible to modify the style/css of the buttons? = Yes, every button has its own div class (e.g. "really_simple_share_twitter") for easy customization inside the theme css files. Plus, the div surrounding all buttons has its own class "really_simple_share". = Is it possible to show the buttons anywhere inside my theme, using a PHP funct ion? = Yes, you can call the really_simple_share_publish($link='', $title='') PHP funct ion, passing it the link and the title used by the buttons. You shouldn't leave the parameters blank, unless the code is put inside the WP l oop. For example, use this code to create buttons linking to the website home page: echo really_simple_share_publish(get_bloginfo('url'), get_bloginfo('name')); = How about other social networks? = We'll see! == Screenshots == 1. Sample content, activating the Facebook Share and Twitter buttons 2. Options available in the Settings menu == Changelog == = 1.7.2 = * Fixed: Flattr share button js api loading, tags loading and text linking = 1.7.1 = * Fixed: Flattr share button warning for posts without tags = 1.7.0 = * Added: Flattr share button = 1.6.3 = * Added: Box layout available for compatible buttons = 1.6.2 = * Fixed: Facebook Like button url encoded (thanks Radek Maciaszek) = 1.6.1 = * Added: Google +1 button width and counter customization = 1.6.0 = * Added: Google +1 share button * Changed: admin page restyle = 1.5.1 = * Added: possibility to hide the Twitter button counter = 1.5.0 = * Added: possibility to use the "really_simple_share_publish" PHP function to pu blish the buttons inside the PHP code, for themes and other plugins * Changed: single permalink and title loading, for better performance

= 1.4.16 = * Fixed: css improvements = 1.4.15 = * Added: Facebook Like button new "Send" option (currently via FBML) * Changed: admin css improvements = 1.4.13 = * Fixed: css improvements = 1.4.12 = * Fixed: more vertical space (for the current Facebook Like button) = 1.4.11 = * Changed: removed redundant <br /> element = 1.4.10 = * Fixed: Digg button JS removed from the <head> section = 1.4.9 = * Fixed: Email share button image absolute path = 1.4.8 = * Added: Reddit share button = * * * 1.4.7 = Added: Email share button Added: Possibility to position the buttons above and below the post content Fixed: PHP Notices

= 1.4.6 = * Changed: [really_simple_share] shortcode works even when "really_simple_share_ disable" is used (thanks to Chestel!) = 1.4.5 = * Added: "really_simple_share_disable" custom field, if set to "yes" hides share buttons inside post content * Added: Facebook Like and Twitter button width customization via the options me nu = 1.4.4 = * Added: [really_simple_share] shortcode, shows active share buttons inside post content = 1.4.3 = * Added: Hyves (the leading Duch social network) button * Fixed: Twitter button fixed-width style for WPtouch compatibility = 1.4.2 = * Fixed: Excerpt/Content and JavaScript loading = 1.4.1 = * Added: Facebook Like text customization (like/recommend) * Fixed: Show in Search results = 1.4.0 = * Changed: Avoid multiple external JavaScript files loading when possible, for b etter performance * Added: "Show in Search results" option

* Fixed: Twitter title button = 1.3.1 = * Added: Twitter additional text option, e.g. ' (via @authorofblogentry)' * Changed: Settings display improvement = 1.3.0 = * Added: Digg and Stumbleupon share buttons * Added: CSS classes for easy styling = 1.2.3 = * Fixed: Facebook share button = * * * * 1.2.2 = Added: Facebook like button (Facebook share is still present but deprecated) Added: Google Buzz share button Fixed: Button positioning Changed: Save/retrieve options standardization

= 1.2.1 = * Fixed: Button links = * * e 1.2.0 = Added: Active buttons option Added: Active locations (home page, single posts, pages, tags, categories, dat based archives, author archives) option

= 1.1.0 = * Added: LinkedIn share button = 1.0.1 = * Fixed: Uninstall = 1.0.0 = Initial release == Upgrade Notice == = 1.7.2 = Users having version from 1.6.3 to 1.7.1 are advised to upgrade due to bugfixes on general loading and on the Flattr button = 1.4.2 = Users having version 1.4.0 and 1.4.1 are advised to upgrade due to an Excerpt/Co ntent and JavaScript loading bugfix = 1.2.2 = Facebook Share button is deprecated in favor of Facebook Like button = 1.0.0 = Initial release == Upcoming features == * * * * Button text customization Share buttons widget Shortcodes for single buttons Support for more share buttons