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Errors And Omissions By The Media


he coverage of the Leslie Van Houten parole hearing was pathetic. Court TV did little homework in preparation for the hearing. Their on site people knew nothing about the case. They flew by the seat of their collective pants.

When I first arrived at the prison, I asked the on site Court TV people for a telephone to return a call from their New York offices. A producer had been trying to reach me the night before the hearing and had paged me even as I drove towards the prison the day of the hearing. No assistance was given by the on site team for Court TV. They did not even recognize the name of the producer who was calling me from New York.

I informed the Court TV people about the relative who was to attend. They did not have a clue about her. I offered them a file of the e-mail messages she had sent me. They showed no interest.

The on camera personality for Court TV stated on camera there was some bad blood between Angela and me. There was not. As I stated on this web site, I had questions about her using me to gain entrance to the hearing. I questioned some of her conclusions about the case. I questioned some of her statements about Leno and the Mafia, Suzan LaBerge (Struthers) sending the killers, and the talking with Rosemary LaBianca from the dead for inspiration to show up at the hearing. This was not bad blood, it was wise concerns about a possible problem. Even the prison officials spoke with me about my concerns and when offered proof from the e-mail, it was accepted and read with a great deal of interest.

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Errors And Omissions By The Media

Court TV stated I co authored, or ghost wrote the book with Alice LaBianca. That was false. The oldest daughter of Leno edited the book Alice wrote.

Fox News reported no killer of the Manson family has ever been released. False! Steve Grogan has been released and this web site documents that fact.

Court TV would have provided a better service if they stuck to the facts, showed the actual full objections of Leslie Van Houten rather than use sound bites. They used a parole board member from New York who lacked understanding of the California policies and the input from the governor for blocking any parole date given by the board.

The television talking heads could have gone to this site and learned the number of times that Leslie has been denied. A one year denial is nothing new in the Manson case, Bruce Davis has been getting one year denials for nearly 18 years. This was not the first time Leslie received a one year denial either.

Court TV New York people tried to cast a negative light on my supposed profit making while ignoring the vast amount of money from their subscriber based audience and advertising revenue.

At no time did the host in New York for Court TV bother to go to the web site, and observe the information contained here. The New York parole board member did not do it either. That was poor execution and needless talking heads.

Court TV did a rather lengthy interview with Stephen Kay yet they chose to use ill informed talking heads instead of allowing Kay to say his thoughts. I watched Kay sit there for more than an hour.

Inside Edition begged me for an interview after watching my on camera experience with Court TV. I thought the producer on site was going to fall over laughing when I stated how much money I made from Court TV the previous year as the New York liberal female reporter kept yelling in my ear piece. Ann Highland got the interview after nearly eight hours of me answering questions. Inside Edition chose to cut me out of the entire piece.

Inside Edition blatantly displayed the web address for the August 9, 1999 world wide broadcasting of the exclusive Manson era tapes never before seen. But, they did not even mention the real controversy surrounding my name or this site as the reason for Leslie Van Houten to walk out of the hearing. I received a call on my recorder from Rolland, an assignment editor at Inside Edition after the hearing telling me I was needed for an on camera interview, "And besides, it will be good for your web site" when he did

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Errors And Omissions By The Media

not know I had already taped an interview.

Channel 4, KNBC Los Angeles asked me, "Would you do an interview with us?" I did a lengthy interview away from that stalker woman, but she later ran across the drive way to also get me on tape, yet when the story came on for KNBC, Patrick, a nerdy little reporter, called me "An obsessed man with a web site" without letting me speak and only showing me as a B-roll image on screen. They did not give the reason for the cancellation of the hearing as me being named three times with three recesses to try and resolve the problem.

Channel 7 KABC Los Angeles stated no Manson family member has ever been released. False.

The reporter for AP spent many minutes over the course of the day asking me questions. She begged to obtain the address/telephone for Janet Parent and could not understand my refusal to give it. She suggested Janet call her collect, but I informed her the number she called from would be traced by telephone records. I finally dismissed the lady from the Court TV truck by telling her that it would not happen in this life time. Court TV personal had me inside their truck to help cool me down for the on camera interview. It was very hot outside the prison on that day. By the way, all of the television personalities had a lot of pancake on (term for make up) but never offered a brush, comb, pancake or other assistance to Kay or myself during the 8-9 hour ordeal.

Something you do not know, but might find interesting. I called the Public Information Officer at the prison some weeks before the hearing. I told him to tell Leslie that I did not want to grant interviews from the media, I just wanted to get the tape and go home. He asked me why the change of heart and I responded that the media never gives you more than a sound bite and they never get it right. I told him they do not care about truth, facts, understanding or background necessary to present a good broadcast. He told me he could see that I was not bothered. I changed my mind when Leslie and Pat refused any communication from a LaBianca family member. I changed my mind when Janet Parent worked with me to draft a letter to the Board of Prison Terms. I changed my mind when I read the parole release of Steve Grogan and the lies he told to gain freedom. I changed my mind when I learned by spending $150.00 to obtain the parole hearing transcripts of Grogan how they arrived at his prison term and release date.

At no time on those prison grounds did I ask for a single interview. In each and every case I was approached. I was minding my own business, listening to the hearing and wondering why Court TV screwed up the news pool feed with no picture for almost two minutes when Leslie spoke my name. The media committed errors and omissions all day long.

The media missed the logical questions. How does Van Houten know what is on the internet? She has been in prison for 30 years. Who gave her the print outs of my web

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Errors And Omissions By The Media


Will I ever grant an interview to Inside Edition again? Not in this life time.

Will I attend the next hearing? I plan to but I am there as a guest of the prison system.

What should the media do to get it right? Put away the expensive mindless talking heads. Focus on the play as it unfolds. Do not be afraid to allow the viewer to form an opinion or make up their own minds. Do not fear silence. It can be golden.

A grade for the media you ask? D+. They did show up.

Just one writers opinion. I was there. I saw. I heard. I became the story -- or did I? UPDATE PAGE

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