For What it's Worth

Buffalo Springfield

There's something happening here... There's battle lines being drawn... What a field day for the heat... Paranoia Strikes deep...

Why Don't We Do it in the Road?
The Beatles


When you grab ahold of me...

Modern Man
Original, Self-Portrait

The Joker
Steve Miller

Some people call me the space cowboy... People been talking about me baby... chorus and bridge You're the cutest thing that I...

Lover Like Judas
Original, Self-Portrait

Head Over Heels
Tears for Fears

I wanted to be with you alone... I made a fire and I'm watching it burn...

God on TV
Original, Self-Portrait

The One I Love

Gold Mine
Original, Self-Portrait

Fortunate Son
Creedence Clearwater

Some folks... made to wave the flag... some folks... silver spoon in hand... some folks... born with star spangled...

Self-Portrait .. ... Imitation of Limitation White Lies Original. I can't say....... if they freed me from this prison.time will tell on their power minds. Self-Portrait ¿descanso porfavor? No hay otras palabras por eso... From my hands. Well I bet there's rich folks eatin'. In the fields bodies burning..... Self-Portrait The Gambler Original..War Pigs Black Sabbath Generals gathered. Two Suns Gone Nova Original.. Folsom Prison Blues Johnny Cash Say it Right Nellie Furtado Well I hear the train a coming. Self-Portrait Wake Up! Original.. In the day... Honesty Original.. Now.. When I was just a young boy.. Self-Portrait Down By the River Neil Young The Projects Original. Day of darkness world stops turning..

. How I wish... Dave Matthews By the Rivers of Babylon Whiskey in the Jar Irish Folk.. I don't care if it hurts I wanna..... it's me and maybe I bore you....... The Chieftans For Emma Bon Iver So apropos. Jimi Hendix... All along the watchtower.. Old man take a look at my life. Old man look at my life... So. Tin soldiers and Nixon's coming. look in your eyes.. Wish You Were Here Pink Floyd Ohio CSNY All Along the Watchtower Bob Dylan. how I wish you were here.... Tin soldiers and Nixon's coming...... Gotta get down to it. you think you can tell.... There must be some kinda way. Used 2 Love U John Legend Baby. Gotta get down to it.. Lullabies. Did they get you trade.. No reason to get excited.. Thin Lizzy... Whatever makes you happy. so.Creep Radiohead When you were here before. What I Got Sublime Old Man Neil Young Old man look at my life. Five Years David Bowie ...

Self-Portrait .Object Of My Affection Original.

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