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Frequently Asked Questions We are always happy to answer any questions but always try and read the

brochure first. This should explain everything that you need to know. But please ask if you need more information. We are always happy to be of assistance. You can contact me on: or ring +1 604 568 5647. You may also ring the UK office of MPI on +44 (0) 1252 732220 How will the Diploma help me to become a surveyor? All the MPI / IIMS Diplomas will provide the basic under pinning knowledge required by someone intending to become a Surveyor. All the Diplomas are recognized in the industry as professional development programmes towards surveying. Ideally you should also try and spend time with a practicing surveyor. The industry does not require Surveyors to be licensed or qualified. Reputation is the key. The Diplomas will stand you in good stead. Please note that IIMS Student membership is included in the course fees. If you are intending to work as a Surveyor you will find IIMS Membership most beneficial. Will I become a qualified Surveyor upon successful completion? The course does not qualify the student as a Surveyor. Successful completion only proves that the student has completed a CPD course covering some of the underpinning knowledge required. Surveyors are not required to be licensed or qualified hence standards vary considerably in the industry. Completing this course will give you crucial knowledge and understanding. Furthermore you will gain student membership of the IIMS - an excellent body to be a member of. You will find their website most helpful. Please visit: Can I carry out a survey on completion? The responsibility for an individual to carry out a survey or not rests entirely on that individual. It is suggested that before carrying out any sort of survey you make sure you have suitable insurance and legal cover. The course is structured to cover all the areas of expertise a new Surveyor will need in order to establish himself / herself in business too perform satisfactory surveys. How much can I expect to earn? It will totally depend on how knowledgeable you are. A new member of an Association would expect to earn less than one with 20 years experience. Small Craft Surveyors for example calculate their fees on a boat length basis, plus the type of boat, its material and age. They need to take into account paying for PI and PL insurance as well as all the other business expenses. Once a Surveyor gets further

along and is able to do surveys for insurance companies, and then get into expert witness work, his fees will increase. Useful website: Contact the IIMS on the following site Am I able to pay for my course in installments? Yes. MPI Group offers a payment plan that is available upon request. Is there any funding available? A career development loan for Yacht & Small Craft is offered through the department of Education & Skills for EU residents who live in the UK. Contact your bank for details. If you do not fit into this category, try your government. MOD applications with 8 years or more service may apply through the Enhanced Learning Credits Scheme (ELCAS). See your nearest resettlement office. ELC provider number 1829 or log onto How long does the course last? All course durations are one year by distance learning. They run from October to October with exams in October and April. If you wish to enroll after this date please contact us for more information. Do I need to attend college? No. There are practical options and tutorials which you may attend and although a great advantage, they are not compulsory. What if my circumstances change and I need to cancel? There is a deferment policy in place. You may put your studies on hold for a time period agreed with MPI Group however you will be liable for the course fees to be paid in full within the first year as agreed with MPI Group. What if my personal login doesn't work? Check to make sure you have paid your next installment. Have you changed your email address? If all else fails contact What is the academic level of my Diploma? The IIMS Diploma is the equivalent to an HNC or foundation year towards which will give you CAT points towards a degree if desired. The Diploma can lead to a BSc (Hons) Maritime Studies and an MSc through MPI Group only. I am overseas...can I take my exam here? Yes. As long as the venue is agreeable with the course provider and they are notified in good time. Do my assignments need to be in by certain dates? Assignments can be written and submitted in your own time. However, there is a final date prior to the exam when assignments are due in. They will not be accepted after

this date. We recommend that you try and study one module per month to allow you to fit this into your busy schedule. How much time should I spend on study? This will obviously depend on you and your circumstances. It is recommended that you complete one module each month if possible. If you have been away or are at sea, you should be able to find time to catch up. Tutors can assist with time management issues. Do I have to come to the UK for the exam? NO. You can take the exam anywhere in the world preferably at a local British Council Office. It is possible to take at a local College or University but please check with us first for approval What if Im away at sea? We have had students take the exam at sea before as long as a Captain or senior officer is able to invigilate. If you are going to be away just let us know. Normally we will contact you three months before the exam to ask for your choices. How much time do I need to spend studying? Allow between 10 30 hours for each module plus some additional time for assignment work. Ultimately it is your decision but the amount of time spent does depend on your experience and if English is your first language. The more time you invest will determine what you get out of the course. Remember assignment marks contribute toward your exam mark so take time to complete them properly. Do you offer a scholarship? NO. What we can offer is an interest free installment plan where you can spread the cost over four payments. Am I qualified enough to enroll and be accepted? We state entry qualifications in the brochure. PLEASE NOTE we operate an open door towards applicants. So if you want to apply then please do. All applications are checked by the Course Director prior to acceptance. If we need any more information then we will contact the prospective student. The main thing is that we want our students to succeed and enjoy the course. If we think you are going to struggle, based on a lack of experience or qualifications, then we will contact you first and qualify the areas of concern. Does my employer have to know? NO. If students are paying for themselves and they do not wish their employers to know this is not a problem. All applications are treated in the strictest confidence. What is ELCAS?

Answer: If you are in or have been in the military, the MOD will pay 2000 towards our courses. The scheme is called ELCAS Enhanced Learning Credit Scheme. You need to deal directly to the MOD and then apply to us, marking it clearly on the application form so that we can arrange our invoices correctly to fit in with when the MOD pays. You can find information on the following websites: Will this Diploma help me find a job? We can never guarantee that because you have one of our diplomas this will secure you work. However The International Institute of Marine Surveyors and MPI are well known within the industry. Most of the major maritime companies send students with us and they are recognized by many associations. Some of our accrediting bodies include RINA (Royal Institute of Naval architects) IMAREST (Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology), The Marine Society & Sea Cadets etc. The fact that you have committed 12 months to a course studied in your own time will put you ahead as it shows a certain level of interest and dedication to your industry. Our Diploma will significantly raise your profile on the job market What is the Academic level of this course? Diploma. This is below a degree qualification but it does carry credits towards certain other courses in other academic institutions. The course is accredited by Portsmouth University and is the equivalent of an HNC or 120 CAT points Is this course right for me and will I benefit? The first thing you need to do is study the syllabus we are offering. Is it of interest? Are we covering areas that are relevant for you in terms of your work and what you wish to do in future? If you are looking to learn about all aspects of this particular area within the framework of a modern up to date course, then this diploma will fulfill that need. The level of expertise offered is second to none. Each module is authored by a specialist in their field covering everything you need to know and will therefore greatly improve your knowledge.