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groups. He fits well with our thinking and objectives. Having him as an in-house science adviser will be good for us. This is the first time ever such a position has been created by our organisation. Recently, after Dr Guna Magesan presented a paper on Biological farming systems and nutrient leaching at the Options and Tools conference organised by Te Arawa FoMA in June, a few more farmers, encouraged by the value of scientists directly involved with Maori organisations, joined Te Arawa FoMA. It is widely expected that New Zealand and India will sign a Free Trade Agreement early next year. This opens a big opportunity for Maori businesses. Dr Magesan has a good network and connections in India, he could help us taking Maori businesses to India, Mr Walters said. An opportunity to network in India will present soon enough, our representatives will be attending the Fourth International Conference and Gathering of the Elders of Ancient Cultures from 3rd March to 8th March 2012, at Haridwar, India. Dr Magesan acknowledged that it was his work for Hindu community, and the senior scientist job at Forest Research (now Scion), that helped to build good relations with Maori community in Rotorua. His work with Maori community started in Hamilton, with late Hare Puke, then the chairperson of Tainui Trust Board. I have a passion for both scientific research and community wellbeing, especially with indigenous people, Dr Magesan said. My ideal job is to combine these both. The opportunity has come now.

Kiwi Indian scientist appointed adviser

Prominent community leader and Hindu Council of New Zealand general secretary has been appointed resident scientist of the Te Arawa Federation of Maori Authorities. Dr Magesan, based in Rotorua, is a senior scientist with the Crown Research Institute Scion.One of the aims of Te Arawa FoMA is to help its members advance their aspirations for economic development of their ancestral lands. Some Maori owned trust lands are very productive and are currently used for sheep and dairy farming, horticulture, forestry and other land uses, Te Arawa FoMA chairman Malcolm Short said. Some lands are not so productive and they are considered as marginal lands. The latter needs attention. Productivity of marginal lands can be substantially increased by using alternative sustainable systems such as biological farming/ forestry, Mr Short said. An example is the utilization of marginal lands for growing bioenergy crops/trees and producing high value products such as Manuka honey. In order to achieve this, science and evidence based decision making is essential. Te Arawa FoMA will provide this as one of the new services to their member organizations. To provide science and research support, Te Arawa FoMA has appointed Dr Guna Magesan, a senior scientist, as its Resident Scientist. Dr. Magesan will head the science requirements which will help Te Arawa FoMA develop initiatives from its Incubator Programme. The primary role of this appointment is to liaise between science communities (research institutes and universities), regulatory authorities (e.g. regional councils) and the Maori community farmers. We have invited Dr Magesan as a Resident Scientist for a number of reasons, he added. Dr Guna Magesan has been working with the Rotorua Lakes and Land Trust (RLLT) a joint venture between Te Arawa FoMA and Rotorua/Taupo Province of Federated Farmers for nearly two years on the Vallance Project. The Vallance Project investigates how biological farming systems can play a role in reducing nitrate leaching from farms into waterways, while keeping farming profitable. He is the co-ordinator for the forthcoming national conference on biological farming systems with the theme "Towards Sustainable Farming by farmers, for farmers to be held at Rydges Rotorua on 27-28 October 2011. Dr Magesan came to New Zealand over 20 years ago for his PhD degree at Massey University. He then worked for three Crown Research Institutes: as a post-doctoral fellow at Hort+Research (now Plant & Food) in Palmerston North, as a scientist at Landcare Research in Hamilton, and as a senior scientist at Forest Research (now Scion) in Rotorua. He is also known for his community work, especially coordinating New Zealand Hindu conferences and organising Hindu

Team Te Arawa FoMA: From left, Tom Walters, Malcolm Short (chairman, Te Arawa FoMA), and Dr Guna Magesan

festivals such as Deepawali (Festival of Lights) and Holi (Festival of Colours), which have brought the Maori and other communities closer. In 2007, New Zealand Hindu conference was inaugurated by then Prime Minister of New Zealand, Rt Hon Helen Clark and in 2008 by respected Te Arikinui King Tuheitia, the Maori king. That was a landmark in the history of New Zealand and race relations. Dr Magesan was nominated among 100 Global Indians in 2010, in recognition of his work for the community, especially with Maori. He is an international coordinator of

Global Indian Scientists and Technocrats (GIST) forum, a knowledge exchange platform for over 200,000 Indian scientists and technocrats outside India. This forum works with policymakers towards a holistic approach towards sustainable development. Dr Magesan has developed an excellent reputation by demonstrating his talent and ability in promoting science and work in the community, especially with Maori people, Tom Walters, executive member of Te Arawa FoMA, said. He is passionate about taking practical science to Marae-based

mong most St John a rand trusted NZ b

Isuzu to the rescue of St John

Isuzu Ute NZ provides some extra help to St John to the recovery work in quakestricken Christchurch.
St John Ambulance has a tough job in Christchurch right now, so it helps to have a couple of tough Isuzu D-Max utes to go the distance. Isuzu New Zealand has supplied extra assistance around the two 4WD double-cab utes just bought by St John for the district. Our paramedics and fast response vehicles are being called into some areas which are very difficult to access, explained David Thomas, General Manager of St John South Island Region. With the state of the roads and roadside areas, some of them deteriorating almost daily in the earthquake-hit suburbs, fourwheel-drive is virtually essential for access. Mr Thomas said in some areas such as the Port Hills the only viable transport is helicopter, and in bad weather that can become marginal. A four-wheel ute is the answer, especially where you are going up a farm track because the road is unusable. The vehicle needs to be strong and tough, yet manoeuvrable and simple to drive and work out of. We trialed the Isuzu D-Max and found it met and exceeded our demands. Isuzu have been generous in providing additional assistance and now both D-Max vehicles are in constant use in and around Christchurch, said Mr Thomas. Our people enjoy driving them, they are convenient and safe. St John lost five buildings around Christchurch in the earthquakes, and 34 of their staff lost homes. Its been a massive disruption, as well as worrying time for our staff who are regularly being called into buildings where safety may be questionable, Mr Thomas commented. Simply to get some unwell people out of their homes nowadays, our staff have to plan an egress route on the way in. Then theres the issue of vehicle access which is where the Isuzu fourwheel-drive is so useful. Each of the utes, supplied by Christchurch dealer Silvester Isuzu, is fitted with a locking canopy to store medical equipment plus towbar and flashing lights. Recognising the importance of reliable vehicles to emergency response organisations in Christchurch, Isuzu has signalled a longterm commitment. I have seen many of the worst-hit areas myself and I know its going to take years to rebuild the infrastructure of Christchurch and Canterbury, said the General Manager of Isuzu, Greg MacDonald. Isuzu is here for the long haul. We know the environment is going to be tough on vehicles and were confident the D-Max, the only ute made by a truck maker, will go the distance. Plus New Zealanders like to know they are relying on fellow Kiwis, especially with a trusted brand like Isuzu. We take pride in providing a completely locally-owned network, right through the nationwide dealer network and the national import company. Kiwis know a good ute when they drive one and Isuzu D-Max, the toughest of them all, delivers. said Mr MacDonald.

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Indian Weekender | August 5, 2011 |


New Zealand

there were fewer than 10000, now there are country like New Zealand where it was possimore than 100,000 making Indians the second ble for a person of Indian, whose grandparents largest ethnic Asian group. The participation and parents were migrants, could stand proud of Indians is huge. When I joined law, Indian with achievements as lawyer, judge, ombudslawyers could be counted on one hand now man and finally as Governor General. These new buildings will be The Environment He said he looked forward to restore the Court has issued venture there is a whole roomful and more, he added. Long time associate,betweenand Auckland friend legal a decision that the con- Council and Infratil Infrastructure located in what will become New While being Governor General, he had the spontaneity and relative anonymity that comes will see luminary Thakorbhai Parbhu spoke tinued regeneration of New Lynn Property Limited (who own the Lynns Merchant Quarter, which occasion to attend several functions with an out of stepping down from office. He was carengagingly about Sir Anand at the with him, he Indian dimension throughout the country, he rying a multitude of memoriesbringing with it construction jobs, balance of the development site) will provide new shopping, enterevening, peppering his address with tainment and community facilities over 7,000 m2 of commercial will now start in October. said. Among these he recalled Diwali in many added, many of these were shared closely with little known anecdotes that revealed Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse for local residents, as well as jobs. floor space, the Indian community.and facilities for the parts of the country, many biographical pleased council The newly opened transport community including a two level said she is and personal now has NZICA General the New Zealand scientist has become the first A diamond jubilee facets of the green light to keep medical centre Secretary Raj Thandi and covered public the Governor General.delivering centre is located nearby and is of the Wellington Excerpts: the vision for New Lynn. non-American already assisting in making New parking. said, Sir Anand is a Indian Sports Club, to win a top US award. The with has confirmed that Lynn an increasingly popular locabeen great Zealander the New anniversary 85th Zealand scientist has won a and international poultry industry New Auckland Council has Your connectionCourtthe Indian A given the go-ahead tocommunity the council to your late in a fair, tion for people to live and work, acquire goes back has acted and of NZICA in Palmtop award in the United States.Pro- conferences. He has been published distinguished comprivate land in continue Sati as he was affectionately munity leader. He is a order to Father Dr sound and reasonable manner and said Derek Battersby. erston Velmurugu Ravi Ravindran, in more than 400 research publicaNorth and fessor Infratil Infrastructure Propto progress the that has now the at 201 Ponsonby fine theNew Zealand animal scientist who tions, written three books and con- example of a New project called. He practisedfocus is back on the urban a NZICA Womens already made Zealander who delivered the award-win- originally came from Fiji and said erty Limited chief executive Peter Conference in poultry nutrition, has tributed more than 30 book chapters, in WelRoad. He regeneration of New Lynn, specialises ning underground train station and Pennyhis medical degree was good through hard work lington in 2008 that on completion of Hulse. Whau Local Board Coman said the company was become the first non-US researcher said Mr Gibbins. soon-to-be to and a commitment opened Totara Avenue by the Indian Battersby said the de- pleased to be workingHe was Lady Susan American Feed Industry inaugusupported Chair, Derek Association for residency in New Zealand. with AuckHe also serves on several highly to win the velopment of this area is an excitrealising shared space and Clark Street ex- first Indian doctors in New Zealand. land Council on such a significant high goals. rated. Associations, Poultry Nutrition Re- respected editorial boards for publione of our ing part of the regeneration project project for the New Lynn commuAssociation was very tension. Touching upon relations between Indian inThefields of animal nutri- proud to honour cations the search Award. You are the by-product of a good family. Your late father and your Positioned and The award, which has been given tion, animal science and his wife, Lady Susan. A special opposite the New for New Lynn as signalled in the nity. Works on the development New Zealand, Sir Anand acknowledged Sir Anand and research in will be completed by late 2012. the joint New Lynn Urban Plan. the a scientist from outside the free the poultry and feed industries and was presented to centre, mother Taraben were respected stalwarts and great supporters of the Indian trade plaque, designed by myself Lynn transport to current negotiations on North community. You married a lovely girl Lady Susan, a Legal Executive from agreement for the first time in itsof has been Sir Anand of the UN/FAO the respect that he Prime a member that symbolised America and the commitment the law firm of Cairns Slane & Co. and you both raised your lovely family. Ministershistory, recognises decadesSingh. He Committee on New Feed ReExpert deserves. 36-year John Key and Manmohan My personal reflections over all these years are the dinner parties at our About Nutrition since saiddistinctive work substanceLank- negotia- in Animal 200 members and guests, including there was real by the Sri in the sources of place, your place and your parents place; too many to mention. You and tions andProfessor Ravindran, between the two representatives of the New Zealand Governthat the relationship who is 1983. an-born Lady Susan attended by grand-daughter Shailas first birthday at May Road countries of was becoming closer in a substan- ment attended the function. Sir William Birch, Before moving to New Zealand the head Poultry Science at the Intive way. Food Nutrition and Human in 1988 a former New Zealand Minister of Finance, Hall. Professor Ravindran held stitute of Sir at Massey University. Aus- in Hinduism. His ridicule involved station, demanding an apology from academic and research posts in Sri Sydney: The Council of IndianThe hockey game you organised with the Justice Department and my HealthAnand described the Pravasi Bharatiya Ramesh Patel, a New Zealand Olympian, Award that was presented who re- Vigyan Canada, the United States and tralians Inc, a diaspora group in our frequentof the practices of Law Library and the dinner at your unit in tea, Oz, some meetings in the the followers the station and Mr Sandilands. Professor Ravindran, to him at Lanka, Judge Ajit Singh, Auckland City Councillor Parliament KanBhavan in New Delhi was one of his most cher- Des Morrison and Member of has taken strong exception to the Bay with David Lange grouplived around The corner in said it will pursue Freemans of Hinduism, the Indian who said. the Council Wellington ceived the award last week at the Australia. ished. While it madeScience confer- Indian waljit Singh Bakshi also attended remark of an Australian radio still fresh in my the Council, Dr Yadu this matter and will seek a satisfachim proud of his President of mind. recent the event Street are New Zealand Poultry IndusAmerican Poultry heritage, it also reflected the greatness of Association Executive Director host who purportedly called India "a Singh, said I found Kyles comments tory resolution, failing which the ence in St Louis, Missouri, is a try a among several other community luminaries. I try to keep in touch with your movements at the local gymnasium which key member of the World Poultry Michael Brooks said New Zealand shit hole" and its holy river Ganges a to beour mutual friend Norman Elliott. you attend with insensitive, insulting, hurtful matter will be pursued with AustraScience Association (WSPA) which was fortunate to have a researcher "junkyard". Australian radio station nature, unwarranted.and character, your lian Communication & Media AuYour and disposition When I heard amiable attitude, your thority [ACMA]. them, was upset has a small but active branch in New of the calibre of Professor Ravindran host Kyle Sandilands allegedly made relate to Iall ethnicity,and angered with and contact with people and ability to your friendship The Council, along with her pro- them. working for the benefit of the indus- the anti-India remarks in organisations has made you a likeable and acceptable person in fitting with vast Zealand. Dr Singh said: Indian Australian number Alan Gibbins, the New Zealand try in New Zealand and internation- gramme "Kyle and Jacky O". In a office. You have been a great bridge builder in of Indian Australians and your high New media with media statement, Council of Indian community is a peaceful and tolerant Indian ethnic Zealandin Australia, based president of the Asian Pacific ally. the various communities. Australians Inc said the anti-India community. It does not attack any especially Desi Kangaroos TV, will Ravi is at the head of a group of Federation of WPSA Branches said Your nation, national group or religious work together to achieve a satisfacthe award recognised the leading very good researchers and special- comments were made by Kyle Sandi- dignity in difficult circumstances has stood you well. In the position that O practices of you have brought honour and respect to the lands, who hosts Kyle and Jackyyou have attainedany group. It is obviously tory result, he said. Indian edge research in the field of poultry ists who work in the poultry and feed communitynot happyin New others attack them not only when Zealand but throughoutAlleged racial attacks on Indians the world. nutrition carried out by Professor Ra- industries in New Zealand and this show in 2Day FM in Sydney. He made some insulting You have walked into system.The Council in Australia had caused alarm in the com- or their belief the pages of New Zealand history. vindran. Ravis work is recognised award is recognition of his and New internationally and he is a frequent Zealands contribution to the pool of ments against India and ridiculed condemns Kyle Sandilands com- past years and even the matter was River Ganges which is a sacred river ments and has written to the Radio taken up at the diplomatic level. guest speaker or presenter at national international knowledge.

Top US award for NZ scientist

A growth gets the go ahead New Lynn moving, personal tribute

Indians slam Aussie radio host for anti-India remark

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Bank of India set to start operations

Wi-Fi expansion for Auckland

Aucklanders and visitors owned subsidiary,to Bank of India's 100% will soon be able enjoy enhanced (New Zealand)Wi-Fi services, Bank of India and expanded Limited, has offeringgranted wireless coverage and with been more registered bank status faster access tofrominternet across central Auckland effect the 31st March 2011 and it plans and its fringes. operations shortly. With this, to commence Auckland Council present in 19 partnerBank of India will be has entered acountries ship with 29 offices andAustralasias largest through Tomizone, 4 associates/subsidWi-Fi services provider, which will see iaries. network expansion start immediately. Bank Bank of India was the first Indian The expansion international territories, to have enteredwill offer economic development65 years to the region and provide an over benefits ago. New Zealand has been important service big visitors to RugbyBanks identified as a to market for the World Cup and beyond. international growth, particularly with inWith 85,000 visitors expected during creasing volume of trade and the presence of Rugby World Cup and more thanthat country. sizeable population of NRIs in 200,000 expected from next20% of the Banks total busiApproximately years cruise season alone, visitors comes from its overseas operations. ness to Auckland will be able to step off their plane or ship and immediately access The Bank has plans to expand to Uganda, information about Auckland. For AucklandCanada and Botswana while upgrading its ers, it means more and in Johannesburg into Representative Office better wireless internet access for portable devices such as iPads, a full-fledged branch. says Len Brown. a capital base of $ 50 Mn and BOINZ has The Wi-Fi at BBB- expand into areas rated by S & Pzone will(Stable outlook). The such as Kingsland, the entire length of Queen

present Board of Directors of BOINZ are Tarun Kanji, Chairman and Independent Director; Mr. Peter Holland, Independent Director; Mr. B.A.Prabhakar, Executive Director-Director; Mr. P. N. Rao, Asst. General Manager-Managing Director BOINZ has since finalized premises at 10 Manukau Road, Epsom, Auckland, being a very strategic location. The buildStreet, Britomart anding is modern lower Queens Wharf, and Parnell, northern NZ-Bank of India NZ MD, Ponsonby Road, Mt Eden provides good ambiVillage, Onehunga, key rugby brand image. PN Rao ence and training areas and selected transportBank around Auckland. hubs of India has The network will remain in place followprovided unconditional parental guarantee ingsatisfy all the liabilities continue to expand to Rugby World Cup and of BOINZ. First to other parts of Auckland with re-investment General Disclosure Statement (GDS) of of profits from the at bankoBOINZ is available on its Auckland Council will retain control of the BOINZ is in the process flexible platform content, which gives it a of completing for the future, says the Mayor. its interior fit-outs and establishment of Service will be offered at a guaranteed discomputer/connectivity systems. It is plancount to commence itsmarket rates, with free ning to benchmarked banking operations access provided to a number of websites offershortly in next one or two months. It proposingto provide a range ofpublic and commeres information about retail services, RWC activities, tourism andto all New services. cial banking services transport Zealanders This enhanced network coverage will more particularly Term Deposits, Savingsbe attractive to residents and ourremittances, accounts, current accounts, international visitors who want to use their Wi-Fi gadgets personal loans, mortgage loans, housing to roam around the city, says Tomizone Exloans, and various business and commercial ecutiveItDirector planning to provide ATM loans. is also Steve Simms. Many of our visitors will want tobanking facilities,account facilities, internet use their roaming card from providers on. products and so such as Skype, iPass and Boingo which they can do on this network.

Satish Vermani farewelled

The Department of Labour is reminding employers that the law now requires them to keep signed written employment agreements Primeall their staff. Key has announced that for Minister John IndianSince 1 July all employers are required businessman and Member of Parliamentkeep signed copies ofthe next recipient of to Vijay Mallya will be employment agreethe Sir Edmund Hillary Fellowship. ments or current terms and conditions for all Mr Key made the announcement employees, or they may face a penalty. in Mumbai during his recent state visit torequired Employment agreements are India. The Sir Edmund no matter when they for all employees Hillary Fellowship is a tribute to the special contribution madethe Sir started work, says Annie Newman, by DeEdmund Hillary to New Zealands bilateral repartments Acting Chief Adviser of Employlationships with India and Nepal. ment Relations. Vijay Mallya follows employees including This affects all Rahul Gandhi who was the hired on a verbal agreement or employthose recipient of the inaugural Sir Edmund Hillary Fellowship have current written agreeees who do not in 2010. Mr Key says, Vijay Newman. ments in place, says Ms Mallya is an outstanding businessman with a great affection Having a clearly written employment agreement helps reduce the risk of misunderstandings and there are some provisions that must be included in employment agreements, she says. They must include the name of the emThe management and staff of Indian Weekender hosted a dinner to farewell the former Bank of Baroda New Zealand Managing Director Satish Vermani last week. Mrs Vermani, Navin Upreti, who is Mr Vermanis successor as A multi-media studyDirector Paul Henry the new Managing about and theHone Harawira of Baroda and staff of Bank is being presented by NZs DominionCentre for Applied CrossRoad branch Wellingtons also attended the dinner, which 2011 New cultural Research at next months was held at the India Gate jointly hosted by Zealand Diversity forum restaurant. the Human Rights Commission and the Mr Vermani looked back Hamilton Multicultural Services Trust. with satisfaction at his the intense public arIts work examines stint in New Zealand, where he set made by promiguments around comments up Indias first ever banking figures in 2010, such as Henrys nent media operation. The twenty months he deliberate mispronunciation ofhe said. He spent here were rewarding, an internathanked the Kiwi Indian for the wholehearttional dignitarys name and then repeatedly ed laughing they extended to the bank alleged support about it, and Harawiras during theracist comments about operations. He said process of setting up Pakeha. The forum will also include activities that tackle race

Employers must Edmund PM announces Sirkeep staff Hillary Fellowship

Diversity forum will focus on media

ployer and employee, a description of the work to be performed, the place of employment, times the employee is to work, the for New Zealand.and an explanation of serwages or salary, He is a worthy recipient of the Fellowship and will be a great asset in vices available for solving problems. strengthening the longstanding and friendly Its the employers responsibility to ties between the two countries. copy of each maintain and keep an up to date Vijay Mallya is Chairman of United Brewemployees agreement and provide a copy of eries agreement if an employee requests it, the Group, a multinational conglomerate encompassing 60 companies, and head of KingMs Newman says. fisher Airlines. He is of Labour has developed The Department also an Independent MP in the Upper House. Vijay Mallya owns the an Employment Agreement Builder to help Bangalore IPL cricket team that Daniel Vettori employers through this process. played for thisensure andemployment agreeFailure to year, an owns the Formula One team Force for all employees may result ment is in place India. in I labour be delighted to awelcome action a will inspector taking penalty Vijay Mallya to New Zealand as the Prime Minisagainst an employer. tersThis involves Mr Key. Fellow, says a seven-day notice period to rectify the breach and if this isnt complied with then penalties may be sought in the Employment Relations Authority of up to $10,000 for individuals and $20,000 for companies. in just about a year, the bank had notched up 2000 customers. He said he would be pleased to meet the hundreds of Kiwi Indian friends he had made here when they visited India. The former Managing Director and in wife left relations priorities identified his this yearsfor India last and feature the preRace Relations Report,weekend and he will sentation ofbe stationed Diversity awards. the Annual in his home town of Jaipur until he receives his A parallel youth forum is being held at the same time. next posting somewhere in the country. Diversity Forum Upreti The New Zealand Meanwhile, Mr 2011 has Hamilton on 21-22 August is being held at taken up the reins as the new Also on theManaging Director. Heat 3.30programme on Sunday will now oversee theafuture growth of the bank in New 5.00 pm is forum on Community Media Zealand, which hosted by the Community and Diversity will be spurred by the establishment of two new branches one each in Access Radio Waikato Trust. Manukau and Wellington. Mr Upreti said Mr Attendance on Sunday and for individVermani had left an excellentattending for ual forums is free. If you are platform from whichdaybuild theon the Monday the regishalf a to or more banks business. tration fee is $50.

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Two-week Yogathon to promote Health for Humanity

Yogathon New Zealand, a division of Hindu Council of New Zealand, is launching a nationwide Health for Humanity Yogathon 2011 which aims to increase awareness about the science of yoga, and its techniques in achieving a healthy body, mind, and spirit in balance with each other.
The Yogathon launch will take place simulta- New Zealand through participation in this neously at 10.00 am on Saturday, August 13, planned annual event. This program is open to people of all in Auckland, Hamilton, Rotorua, Wellington and Christchurch. In addition to these cities, ages, gender, and races. Dedicated coora number of organisations and Yoga schools dinators from Yoga organisations like Art from New Plymouth, Nelson and Dunedin of Living New Zealand, Bikram School of Yoga, Anahata Yoga Retreat, Sivanahave also shown interest. During the two-week Health for Hu- nda Yoga Vedanta Centre - New Plymouth, manity Yogathon from 13 to 27 August Ultimate Ayurveda Ltd, Inz Ayurvedic & 2011, Yogathon New Zealand and participat- Yoga Centre, New Zealand Hindu Temple ing organisations across the country aim to Society and others are a part of this event, collectively perform 100,000 repetitions of said Venkat Koppaka, National Coordinator, Yogathon New Surya Namaskar Zealand. (Sun Salutation). A Opening CeremOny time: The interest repetition of Surya from Christchurch Namaskar consists Date: 13th August 2011, Saturday. is humbling, where of a series of simple Time: 10 AM to 11 AM. the human spirit yoga postures in AuCklAnd: continues to show rhythmic moveits tenacity in the ments, linked with Mt Eden War Memorial Hall face of natural casimple breathing 487 Dominion Rd, Balmoral lamities, said Dr technique. Henderson Intermediate School Rajiv Chaturvedi, This is going to 70 Lincoln Rd, West Auckland Public Relations be first of its kind and Media coorYoga initiative for Kawai Purapura, Wellpark Albany dinator of Hindu collective practise 14 Mills Lane Albany, North Shore Council of New of Sun Salutations Zealand. in New Zealand. Wetlands Room - Barry Curtis Park Of the above, Yogathons have Stancombe Rd, Flat Bush Art of Living been successfully WellingtOn: Foundation has organised in other already pledged parts of the world. Randwick School, 30,000 Surya NaThe science 59 Randwick Road, Moera, Lower Hutt. maskar repetitions behind Yoga is rOtOruA: towards the target based on the conRotorua West Bowling Club, of 100,000! ception of koshas Kamahi Place Yogathon or(layers/levels) of ganising commithuman personalHAmiltOn: tee invites various ity consisting of Celebrating Age Center yoga centres, the physical body, 30 Victoria St, Hamilton schools and tertiaphysiological strucry institutes, social, tures and functions, CHristCHurCH: To be announced. cultural, and spiriand mental, intelPlease contact Ms Olinka Goel tual and commulectual, and spirituon 021 171 8786 nity organisations, al aspects of human and individuals existence. The fundamental assertion in Yoga is that each of to register in this Health for Humanity these koshas should be healthy in themselves Yogathon. Participants can conduct Surya and in combination to achieve a balanced, Namaskar repetitions from the comfort of healthy and fulfilling life. This assertion is their homes or as part of the regular group based in reality we observe in nature around they practice with; in addition venues will be us. Yoga techniques based on asanas (pos- available in some cities where they can join tures), pranayam (breathing techniques), and in group practice with trainers. Health for Humanity Yogathon is spondhyana (meditation) are designed to address the health of each kosha and the totality of sored by New Zealand Lottery Grants Board personality. Indeed, the Sanskrit word Yoga and supported by Radio Tarana, Indian Weekender, Indianz Outlook, and Suhana implies it. The purpose of Yogathon is to promote Safar with Prabha Mishra on Access Radio yoga widely in a scientific perspective of Wellington, as media partners. A list of centres where the opening cerhealth, to help introduce it as a part of school curriculum, encourage healthy living, and emony will be held and local coordinators is connect yoga schools and practitioners in provided below.

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Raksha Bandhan celebrations on Saturday

Diwali festival shines a light on Indian culture

Over 20,000 people are expected to walk through the doors at the Trusts Stadium in Henderson to celebrate the Waitakere Diwali Festival A festival of Lights on Sunday 25 September, says the Waitakere Indian Association (WIA). WIA is taking performers and stallholder applications from August 1 for the festival. There will be about 60 stalls made available featuring Indian vegetarian food, crafts and trade. Waitakere Diwali is well known for its wide selection of food, crafts, dancing displays, fireworks and laser light show. This year Grand Dandiya Night is on Saturday, September 24 starting at 6pm. It's the second time the WIA has incorporated the traditional folk dance into the programme. DJ Gabroo, the organiser of Dandiya Night says, "It's not just a stage display we will be getting everyone involved in the dancing. In Waitakere this festival is celebrated by the whole community irrespective of their background, it is an opportunity to share and celebrate the colours, costumes and mouth watering food from the Indian Continent. This festival is also intended to attract the wider Kiwi communities to participate in the event. While New Zealanders of varied cultural background and ethnicity lived and

New Zealand Hindu Temple Society, the host of HOTA Forum, is hosting celebrations of the Hindu festival of Raksha Bandhan on Saturday, August 6 at the Mahatma Gandhi Centre, New North Road, Auckland. The society invites community members and their families and friends to join in the celebrations, which will start at 3-30pm. The programme will be opened by dignitaries and will be followed by a variety of cultural performances. Raksha Bandhan marks the celebration of universal fellowship and veneration of womanhood. The tradition symbolises the need for build-

ing and cementing bonds amongst community members. It also celebrates the deeper role of women in nurturing families and communities by their selfless love compassion compassion. Since times immemorial Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi) is an annual Hindu festival to reaffirm and celebrate universal fellowship. Saturdays event will be a threeand-a-half hour entertainment programme in a smoke free, alcohol free and meat free atmosphere. The programme will include performances by Maori, Indian, Chinese and Japanese artists.

worked together, there was little opportunity for them to witness and understand each others culture and heritage. Events such as this play an important part in bringing disparate people together, a process that is so necessary in todays world. The Waitakere Diwali Festival has been running for ten years now, and the crowd has become more multi-cultural over the years. Asso-

ciation president Anand Naidu says that Were promoting the sharing of cultures. This years theme for the festival is health and wellbeing, so anyone can participate. We have a School Bollywood dance competition and have invited local schools, theres a fashion parade and we end the night with a fireworks display. Diwali Project Manager Manoj Tahal adds, The Diwali Committee is planning to engage the services of health professionals, fire department, NZ Police and others to provide free advise on health and safety, nutrition and general wellbeing. WIA is not only working for the Indian Community but all the communities residing in Waitakere and the greater Auckland region. The efforts put into organising this festival are a proof of this. Tahal says, The Waitakere Diwali celebrations also coincides with the Rugby World Cup and we will endeavour to make overseas visitors feel welcome and entertain them. The festival will be held from 10.30am - 10.30pm on September 25 at the Waitakere Trusts Stadium.


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Community tours sprawling new AIA premises

Last weekend members of the community visited Auckland Indian Associations newly acquired premises on the occasion of the open day arranged by the association. The property lies next door to the existing one where the Mahatma Gandhi Centre stands and is located at 155 New North Road. It was purchased for $2.8 million dollars, with the settlement having taken place on 28th July 2011. The gathering commenced in the main hall with entertainment and was followed by a formal ceremony and dinner. The new property has been acquired in a vacant state (without tenant). Colliers International has been appointed to market the property for lease. There are three floors each of 450sq metres available. It includes 51 on site car parks. The association plans to provide rent-free period to suitable tenants to give them the opportunity to establish their new business or grow their existing business. Should you know any suitable tenants, contact Kanu Patel on (09) 377 4238 or email kanu@

Pakistan marks early Independence

Pakistan Association of New Zealand celebrated the 64th Anniversary and 65th Independence Day of Pakistan on July 30 because of Holy Month of Ramadan started today, August 1. Pakistan emerged as a new country on the world map on August 14, 1947. The function at Dorothy Winstone Centre in Auckland attracted many dignitaries including Phil Goff, Leader of the Opposition; Hekia Perata, Minister for Ethnic Affairs; Members of Parliament Dr Rajen Prasad (Labour); Dr Jackie Blue (National); Kanwaljit Bakshi (National); and representatives from World Vision, New Zealand Electoral Office and dignitaries from other associations. Syed Ibne Abbas, High Commissioner of Pakistan, was the chief guest of the programme.

Community advises against Kronic and Cosmos

Synthetic Cannabis brands such as KRONIC and COSMOS have been in the news lately. These drugs are made from medicinal herbs and sprayed with psychoactive chemicals. The use of these drugs can cause paranoia, nausea, high blood pressure and hallucinations. Many health spokespeople for different institutions are calling for tougher legislation to control the products and the Government is looking at amendments to the Misuse of Drugs Act in the next few weeks. Kronic is already on the ban list. These drugs are readily available in many stores, including dairies and are sold to persons 18+. The Auckland Indian Association has urged the community to warn children, older grandchildren and fellow adults the danger of the use of these drugs. We also call upon our fellow business owners not to sell these drugs no matter what incentives are being offered to sell them and to remove all advertising material relating to the sale of synthetic cannabis drugs, says a communiqu from the association. For further enquiries, contact concerned AIA committee members: Puspa Lekinwala on 627-9693 or Pravin Keshoor on 525-6880.

New to New Zealand Welcome to WeSt AUcKlAND
Settlement Support New Zealand (SSNZ)
is a national initiative funded by the Department of Labour to help you settle in your new community by providing information about living in New Zealand. Settlement Support Waitakere is a service from the Auckland Council, for newcomers from West Auckland to access FREE confidential consultation. Just visit our office at
8, Ratanui Street, Henderson (opposite to UNITEC) (9:30 am 4:00 pm Mon to Thurs) or make an appointment with your Settlement Support Coordinator in West Auckland call 09 8374273 or email

Prominent Indian store chain downs shutters

A prominent Indian discount stores chain, which has franchised operations all over New Zealand, is reported to have downed shutters following major financial problems. The owners of the now closed enterprise are said to be owing hundreds of thousands of dollars to creditors in the market. Indian Weekender will present a full report in the next edition.

Students, religious workers affected by immigration changes

Students, religious workers affected by immigration changes From this month new immigration regulations affect new students, in a move that the Immigration Minister, Jonathan Coleman hopes will attract more genuine international students and enable the best and the brightest to stay on to help drive economic growth. Export education is a $2.3 billion dollar industry for New Zealand and creates around 32,000 jobs. The changes strengthen student visa requirements, facilitate access to study and training, and facilitate pathways to work and residence for highly skilled graduates. Visa changes for religious workers will come into effect in November. The new policies will facilitate the entry of short-term to long-term religious workers. The changes are being introduced because existing policies do not lead to residence for religious workers, which can hinder continuity in pastoral care for communities. Full information about these and related changes is at www.immigration.


Gents & Boys Haircuts and Trimming etc. Cuts Only (Flat rate $10 ) Senior citizen and under 12 kids $7 No Appointment Necessary

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Divya Jyoti Jagrati Sansthan (India)

Saibaba Sansthan to perform Mata Chowki

Shri Shirdi Saibaba Sansthan of New Zealand will be performing Mata Chowki from 5 pm-9 pm on Saturday, September 10 at the Mahatma Gandhi Centre, Eden Terrace, Auckland. Mata Chowki is a programme that includes divine and melodious bhajans and keertans to Maa Durga. The bhajans and keertans will be sung with devotion by Indu and Pramod Kapur and their group. The programme begins with Lord Ganesh vandana and sankalp by the Mata Puja sponsors. Sansthan will be arranging Bhent (offering of puja coconut and Mata Chunari to Devi Durga) for $11 for the convenience of the devotees to buy at the entrance of the hall. The programme is also clubbed with Sai Nama Smaran and Shej Aarati. Maha Prasad will be arranged widely to all the devotees present. The donations and the collections of the event will proceed towards the construc-

tion of the Shirdi Saibaba temple at 12-18 Princes St, Onehunga, Auckland. All are requested to attend the function with their families and friends to seek the blessings of Maa Durga & Saibaba. The Sansthan celebrated the Mata Chowki programme earlier in 2008/2009/2010. This is the fourth Mata Chowki and the Chowki before starting construction of the temple in Onehunga. Around 2000 devotees attended the function each time and was a grand success. Shirdi Saibaba bhajans and aarati is regularly performed at Mt Roskill War Memorial Hall, 13 May Road, Mt Roskill. For further information, please contact the President of the Sansthan, Bhaskara Reddy Duvvuru on (09) 820 2534 /021 2923807 or Hameed Mohammed, the secretary on (09) 625 7790/ 021 2426333 or log on to

Starting from 6th August (Every Saturday) Timings: 7:45pm - 8.45pm Balmoral Temple, 252-254 Balmoral Road, Sandringham. For more information please call on 629 4753

Artists Impression

PAPATOETOE 29 Glen Avenue

Absolute Perfection
This is your rare opportunity to own this much admired property, proudly positioned in the prestigious Golden Circle. Admired by many, this substantial property will steal your heart the moment you step inside. From the lavish and private outdoor entertaining area complete with in ground pool and tropical palm trees, to the gorgeous character of this lovingly renovated 4 bedroom bungalow this gorgeous family home oozes perfection. There are 2 separate living areas, each with their own cosy fireplace, an enormous open plan central kitchen the focal point for all family gatherings, a designer bathroom with his and hers vanities, stunning high ceilings, solid timber floors and so much more. An exceptional property on a very substantial 862m2 freehold site, with double garaging, landscaped grounds, plenty of parking and within walking distance to Old Papatoetoe and local amenities. Your search for the perfect home ends here. To avoid disappointment call NOW to view as this home will be sold under the hammer.

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tura Securities Limited

PIO can have a share of the Indian investment pie

Investors in the Indian market have witnessed Global Market Watch In March 2001, the Indian market capitalisation was NZ$ 163.30 billion (Rs. 571553 crore). Today the Indian equity market has become the third biggest after China and Hong Kong in the Asian region. As of March 2011, the market capitalisation stood at around NZ $ 1953.39* billion (Rs. 6836878 crore). Let us look at some Top Indian compacompany with more than 133,000 employees. Assets of NZ$ 9.13 billion. HDFC Bank: One of the largest Private Sector banks. Assets of NZ$ 81.70 billion and NZ$ 60.33 billion in deposits. L&T: Larsen & Toubro (L&T) is one of the largest companies in India's Private Sector having international presence and engaged in technology, engineering, construction and manufacturing company. Assets of NZ$ 18.21 billion TCS: TATA Consultancy Services (TCS), promoted by TATA Group, is one of the largest software companies in India. Assets of NZ$ 10.17 billion. TATA Motors: TATA India's largest automobile company and leader in commercial vehicles. Company promoted by TATA Group. Assets of NZ$ 14.92 billion. Reliance Industries: A Fortune Global 500 company, engaged in Oil and Gas sector, having Annual turnover of NZ$ 73.90 billion. Assets of NZ$ 68.29 billion Thus from the above, one can examine the wealth it has generated to the investors. Going forward, the Indian economy is expected to witness a GDP growth of @8% p.a. considering the tremendous growth in the infrastructure sectors like power, transport, mining & metallurgy, textiles, housing, retail, social welfare, medical etc. With the Foreign Institutional Investors still looking at India favorably, we expect the investment in Indian equities to give better returns in comparison with other global markets in the coming years. *1 NZ$ = 35 INR For more information email sanjay.bhatia@

steady at BSE Sensex level 18,000. Having the option of investing in other World Global markets like NASDAQ (USA), Dow Jones (USA), Straits Times (Singapore), NIKKEI For NRI Related Services (Japan), FTSE (UK), we would like to address the issue of why one should invest in the Indian Equity markets? rs services to NRIs/PIOs for investments FirstIndian markets in of all, under the present guidelines, Indian equity markets are open for Indians i.e. Equity and Mutual Funds Residents and Non Resident Indians (NRIs)/ Person of Indian Origins (POIs). An individual is Markets Friendly Software POINTER for Online Investment in Stock a PIO if: He/She at any time held an Indian Passport; or He/She or e Mutual Fund investment platform either of his parents or any of his/her grandar research updates on Equities & Mutual Funds was a citizen of India; or He/She is a parents et access to customers for digital contracts, Spouse (not reports etc. of Bangladesh or portfolio being a citizen Pakistan of an Indian citizen. Foreign nationeports for investments bought & sold als who do not satisfy the above conditions ore information contact : Sanjay Bhatia cannot invest in the Indian market directly. 021 586 352 Why India? Email sharp rise in Worldwide there had been market prices of the several stocks or equities, which was followed by significant crash in wake of the global financial crisis. Indian equities witnessed a similar pattern. SENSEX rose from 3604 in March 2001 to touch a high of 20873 in early 2008 and crashed to 8451 in the same year. However in wake of several reforms both domestically and internationally it has recovered and is presently at 18000 levels. Even in this scenario, Indian equities outperformed equity market returns of both developed as well as developing economies, as can be observed in the table below.

booming return over the past decade. After Corporate member of BSEa & NSE fall in global markets in 2007-2008, Indian markets have recovered and fficial Knowledge Partner for investments with are now again

Indian economy is expected to witness a GDP growth of @8% p.a. considering the tremendous growth in the infrastructure sectors like power, transport, mining & metallurgy, textiles, housing, retail, social welfare, medical etc.
nies and their performances: (a CAGR growth %p.a.) State Bank of India: The largest Indian Bank owned by Government of India. Asset base of NZ$ 470.83 billion and NZ$ 358.73 billion in deposits. Infosys: Global consulting and IT services

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For NRI Related Services Equity and Mutual Funds For NRI Related Services

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investments in Indian markets Equity and Mutual Funds

User Friendly information contact : Sanjay Bhatia for more Software POINTER for Online Investment in Stock Mark 021 l User Friendly Software POINTER 586 352 for Online Email Online Mutual Fund investment platform Investment in Stock Markets Regular research updates on Equities & Mutual Funds l Online Mutual Fund investment platform Internet access to customers for digital contracts, portfolio reports etc l Regular research updates on Equities & Tax Reports for investments bought & sold Mutual Funds for more information contact : Sanjay Bhatia 021 586 352 l Internet access to customers for digital Email sanjay.bhatia@ventura1.c contracts, portfolio reports etc.
l Tax Reports for investments bought & sold For more information contact: Sanjay Bhatia M: 021 586 352 E:
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Big plans in offing for Fiji Day

arvINd kumar
Fijis spirit of multiculturalism shines bright in Auckland in October as Fijis Independence Day is, for the first time, gearing up to be celebrated on a mega-scale. And the glitzy, day-long affair is set to be graced with royalty the Maori King will be chief guest at the function which is planned coincide with the Rugby World Cup. The day-long programme, which will feature traditional Fiji and Indian presentations, childrens sports, food stalls, etc, is being organized by the Marantha Outreach Fellowship, headed by Pio Wong. Colonel Wong, as many will remember, was Chief of Staff of the Fiji Military Forces when Sitiveni Rabuka carried out his first coup in 1987. He has since been living in Auckland. And Wong told Indian Weekender all Fiji peoples were invited to the special event to be held on October 8 at the Netball Waitakere Te Pai Centre. Fiji Day is being celebrated on such a big scale for the first time, and we want to make it memorable. Opening with dedication and flagraising ceremony at 8am, the celebration takes a formal turn at around 2pm when the Maori King arrives, and stays on until dinner at 8pm. The Fiji style banquet dinner is expected to seat 800 people. One hundred tables of eight per table are to be sold at $500 per table, Wong said. The Maori King, Kiingi Tuheitia, will be accorded traditional Fijian welcome ceremony followed by an Indian welcome and garlanding ceremony. A keynote speaker, from Fiji, is yet to be confirmed for the event which will be MCd by Dr Steven Ratuva, former University of the South Pacific academic and political commentator, who is now based in Auckland. Wong said those individuals and business houses interested in securing tables needed to act quickly as they were selling out quickly. Only 100 x stalls will be available for the day at $100 for individuals and $250 for business houses. Wong said they were welcoming financial support which can be made available to the organisers to help make the celebrations a success. Many organisations and businesses had already pledged their support but we are keen to get more, he said. Your support and financial assistance to make this important day a success will be greatly appreciated. Any other contribution is welcomed. Organising secretary Wong can be contacted on 021-240-7922, or chairman Josua Tavaga 0210370467; or Ratu Isoa Soqosoqo 021 058-2807. Heres a programme brief: Fiji Independence Day celebration; Venue: Netball Waitakere Tepai Courts; 31-35 Tepai Place, Henderson Auckland. 8am, Dedication, Flagraising; 8:30am, Stalls Open; Youth and Children Sports Open; Music and Entertainment; Fijian and Indo Fijian Presentations. 12:30pm, Preparation of Arrival of His Majesty Kiingi Tuheitia; 13:45,Everyone seated; 14:00 Arrival of His Majesty; Fijian Arrival Ceremony (I Vakasobu) Powhiri. Chief Guest Seated, Garlanding Presentations, Fijian and Indian Community. 14:30pm, Dedication Prayer Inter-Faith; Full Fijian Traditional Ceremony begins. His Majesty The Kings Speech; Fiji Community Response (Ulivi ni Vosa); Flag Ceremony; NZ and Fijian National Anthem; Special Entertainment Meke; Afternoon Tea for the Royal Party. 18:00-20:00, Cocktail and Watch the 1st Quarter Finals of the Rugby World Cup - Big Screen Provided. A Bar will also be open 20:00, Dinner, 21:30, Entertainment and Special Presentations. MC for the Evening: Dr Steve Ratuva Dress Code: Men -Bula/Sport Shirts; Women- Traditional Attire A Thanksgiving Inter-denomination Church Service is scheduled for Sunday 9th October 2011 at 3pm in the same venue.

Indian I-Day to be celebrated next weekend

Auckland: Bhartiya Samaj together with many other organisations will be commemorating the 65th Anniversary of Indian Independence on Sunday, August 14, 2011 at the ASB Theatre Aotea Centre, 50 Mayoral Drive, Auckland, from 10.30am to 3.00pm. The Samaj has invited all members of the community to participate with family and friends. The motto unity in diversity is much evident by the presence and participation of many ethnicities and cultures peacefully co-residing in New Zealand. It would be a fitting tribute to showcase this shared sense of pride through participation in a variety of traditional and cultural performances, the Samaj says. Wellington: Indias High Commissioner to New Zealand, His Excellency Admiral (Retd.) Sureesh Mehta will hoist Indias National Flag at India House, 128, Knights Road, Lower Hutt, Wellington, at 9-30am. The ceremony will include singing of the national anthem, singing of patriotic songs, reading out of the message of the President of India followed by light refreshments.

Mohini killer confesses

Chinese police months after a cooperation deal bwteeen the authorities in New Zealand and China. He is charged with murder wounding with intent to cause death. During a three-hour hearing in Shanghai Second Intermediate Court yesterday, Xiao admitted to some of the evidence against him, including stabbing Mr Mohini, according to the New Zealand Herald. He asked a panel of three judges for leniency because of his youth and lack of any previous criminal record.

The former Sky City kitchen employee Xiao Zhen, who killed Kiwi Indian taxi driver Hiren Mohini last year has confessed to his crime in a court in Shanghai. Five days after the murder, the 24-year-old Zhen fled from New Zealand. He was apprehended by

Community news in pictures

Manukau Indian Association

Manukau Indian Associations new premises were inaugurated with much fanfare on July 23. Community leaders as well as several political party leaders attended (pictured). The spacious premises at 57, Hillside Road, Papatoetoe, is large enough to accommodate 200 persons. Also pictured is Manukau Indian Associations President Ranjna Patel.

Narendra Chanchal honoured

Community members honoured eminent singer Narendra Chanchal who visited Auckland with his troupe all the way from India to perform at the all night jagrata at Mahatma Gandhi Centre. The felicitation was held at India Gate restaurant. Pictured is India Gate owner Kuldeep Arora (left) with the legendary artiste.


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Pitch for greater India-China integration

Kolkata: Beginning with small trade volume, China has now become Indias largest trading partner with more than US$ 60 billion worth goods traded last year, according to panelists in a Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) seminar here on Friday. Indian and Chinese companies are setting up operations in each others countries and in some cases this is to serve their global markets, experts said at the seminar organized to create awareness about the latest developments in China and emerging business and investment opportunities for Indian businesses. R. K. Agarwal, Deputy Chairman, CII Eastern Region stated that India and China, two of the oldest civilizations in the world, both have a rich culture and trade relations. "Previously the high population of these two countries was considered as a problematic factor. But today, when they together occupy 40% of world population, it is being touted as great strengths for them," lation growth has been 1%, with a rise of 8.5% per capita output over the same period. During 1979 2008, GDP growth was at an average annual pace of 9.5% . Xuezhu identified some common grounds between India and and the need for rapid urbanisation and poverty reduction. Xuezhu said that India is way ahead of China in terms of growth in the service sector. He emphasized on the factors accelerating the future of Chinese Economic development such as large labour source and vast domestic marjet , market mechanism, political incentives, public services and facilities etc. Chinas target is an inclusive growth of 7% - 8% GDP growth foe the next five years where India can play a large role, he said. Yu Ping, Vice-Chairman, China Council for Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) said the main aim of the two nations should be to develop a win win cooperation. China in the next five years will focus on reconstructing economy, shift from export orientation to a more inclusive business strategy. Labour resources and huge market are the similarities of both nations and both must benefit from each other, Ping said. "Agriculture, IT, dairy products, tea pharmaceuticals are some of the plus points of India which China somewhat lacks. There is a huge demand of energy in both the countries. So in future chances of bilateral trades are aplenty," he said. Zhang Lizhong, Consul General of China, Consulate General of China in Kolkata emphasized on the increasing communications where direct fights from China to Kolkata would be introduced this September. Chinese development is an overall development and not just economic one, he said. Challenges in economy must be addressed by both nations and together they have the huge potential to become worlds leading nations in future, he said.

Photo by Tathagata Das

he said. He said that India and China are the fastest growing economies with great potentials to emerge as most powerful nations. Attention need to be given to reduce non-tariff barriers and work together for mutual benefits, he said. Dr. Bai Xuezhu, Director of Research, China Executive Leadership

Academy (CELAP) spoke at length on overview of Chinese Economics & Its Growth with detailed presentation. He discussed extensively on Chinas next five year plans. As a transitional economy and society, China is experiencing multiple transitions. Average growth has been 9.5% from 1978 to 2010, popu-

Mahindra, Rolly Royce partner on engine technology

GippsAERO, the aircraft manufacturing division of Mahindra Aerospace, and automobile major Rolls Royce have announced the signing of an agreement to partner on engine technology for a new aircraft. At a signing held at AirVentures 2011 in Oshkosh, WI, representatives from Rolls Royce and GippsAERO established an agreement to integrate the M250 B-17F/2 Rolls Royce engine into the GA10 aircraft. The GA10, GippsAEROs latest offering in general aviation, is currently being developed by GippsAERO at its Morwell, Australia plant The parties will work together to obtain Type Certification for the GA10 aircraft. The GA10 project is currently in the prototype design phase with certification process to begin in March 2012 and entry into service scheduled for 2013. GippsAERO predicts that sales could reach up to 20 aircraft per year, in India, North America, Europe and Asia. We are proud to be associated with Rolls-Royce which is a world-leading provider of power systems and sevices in the civil aerospace market. We look forward to strengthening our relationship and developing further long term opportunities together, said Arvind Mehra, Executive Director and CEO, Mahindra Aerospace Private Limited. We are ex-

Software professionals walk for green cause

Hyderabad: Over 500 professionals from The V & CyberPearl IT Parks, representing 40 software corporations walked for Green cause here last week. In the grand finale, a walk of Ascendas Parkites to support & celebrate Go Green initiative was conducted on Friday to mark the conclusion of Go Green Month. The event received an enthusiastic response from the parkites with over 500 of them participating in the 3.5 km walk starting from The V & CyberPearl respectively, in HITEC city to CII Godrej Green Building Centre carrying environment messages. The walk concluded with a signature campaign organised at CII Godrej. Ascendas IT Parks organised Go Green Walk in HITEC city to raise awareness about the environment.

We are extremely pleased to partner with Rolls Royce in the development of a new 10 seat turboprop utility aircraft

tremely pleased to partner with Rolls Royce in the development of a new 10 seat turboprop utility aircraft, said Terry Miles, CEO of GippsAERO. The development of the GA10 TP will add a new dimension to the GippsAERO product range and with M250 B-17F/2 power will open new market segments across the globe since the aircraft will offer lowest cost per seat in its class and best in class STOL capability. The agreement, which was signed during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, also provides Rolls-Royce with the opportunity to examine the potential of using the RR500 turboprop engine, currently in development, for future applications. GippsAERO, the Australian manufacturer of the GA8 Airvan, is the aircraft manufacturing division of Mahindra Aerospace. The company has manufactured in excess of 200 aircraft, which fly in 34 countries around the world, including USA, Australia, Europe, Africa and Asia. Mahindra Aerospace is the aircraft and aero-structure manufacturing division of Mahindra Systech, and a new global player in the delivery of aircraft, aero-structures and aircraft development services.

Weekly themes like Eco Bazaar, Power Shut-Down Hour, Best of Waste, Eco Drive & Green idea Junction were adopted to create a mix of fun activities focused on environment awareness. The month long environmental campaign was based on Go Green Live Green theme. Go Green Month, now in its 4th year, is designed to inspire employees & create awareness along with fun filled activities to engage IT professionals.


Indian Weekender | August 5, 2011 |




Jalota among Indians bowled over by Hina

m u s i c - l overs for his vibrant live concerts, Had Hina been part of showbiz I would have offered her the lead role of my upcoming movie My Be aut iful Wife a mature love story thru d iplomat ic protocol of course. As is evident, Hina has that elegant aura and the innate starquality. But she seems currently focused only on international politics and on her professional passion for hospitality, shrugs a rueful Jalota who celebrated his birthday recently (July 29th ) with close friends from the musical and film fraternity amidst gaana-naachnabajaana aur khaana. Among the celebs turn-out at the Jalota-Jashan included veteran actor-politician Shatrughan Sinha minus his actress-diva daughter Sonakshi ( of Dabangg fame), ghazal badshah Jagjit Singh, veteran singers Suresh Wadkar and Penaaz Masani , award-winning singers Jaspinder Narula and Preety Bhalla , popular TV actor Anup Soni ( of Ballika Vadhu TV serial fame) with his celeb wife Juhi (Babbar). What was hugely heartwarming, is that the 70 year old Jagjit Singh deviated from his otherwise rigid protocol of not singing live at cocktail parties and went on to sing a medley of some of his chartbusters to an attentive Anup well past midnight. Gushed Jalota , This impromptu friendly gesture will be on of my most memorable, cherished birthday-gifts, I have ever received. Despite the adverse odds Anup Jalota had to face after his recent movies not being hits, the optimistic bhajan-ghazal singer has launched three new films including a wacko campus comedy Boyz Toh Boyz Hain directed by Amit Chauhan, Maqsad a serious terrorist-tale movie starring Mithun C and Om Puri besides Neil Ko Pakadna Impossible directed by Chandra Barot (who had directed the original yesteryear Amitabh Bachchan starrer Don ) . Although I am often tagged as a bhajan-samrat, devotional songs, ironically, have no place in any of my film productions, he signs off.

Fte de Ganesh: Coconuts cracked on Paris streets

Even as the official visit of the style-icon Pakistani foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar to India is making waves in high-society circles especially in New Delhi and Mumbai, prolific Bollywood producer (and acclaimed bhajan-ghazal singer) Anup Jalota wishes that she was a model-actress instead of a political persona. Enthuses the jovial Jalota, who is immensely popular among NRI

Paris: Fte de Ganesh, an annual colorful and joyful procession including a flowers-fruits-leaves decked float of Lord Ganesh, will be reportedly held in Paris (France) on August 28 this year. Reports suggest that coconuts are cracked open along the route during this procession, which leaves from Sri Manicka Vinayakar Alayam Hindu Temple after a religious ceremony through the streets lined with crowds. Devotees, bare-footed and bare-chested, pull the float that is lead by drummers, singers, pipers and dancers; while the procession is purified with saffron and rosewater. The procession goes a full circle starting and ending in Rue Pajol and is lead by women carrying earthen pots full of burning camphor on their heads, while area restaurants hand out food and drinks along the route. In Hinduism, elephant-headed and human-bodied Lord Ganesh is worshipped as god of wisdom and remover of obstacles and invoked before the beginning of any major undertaking. Hinduism, oldest and third largest religion of the world, has about one billion adherents.



Gone with the wind at Jantar Mantar

NaraYaN BarETH
Even though there is no dearth of scientific gadgets and instruments to predict the monsoon, the astrologers in Jaipur are sticking with the centuries old tradition of predictions after analysing wind direction at the India's oldest astronomical observatory, the Jantar Mantar. 'We predict the good rains, says Pundit Akhilesh, after the analysing the direction of the wind. The astrologers, however, also underlined the problem of mushrooming high-rise buildings in Jaipur, which, they said, were putting a spanner in smooth flow of the wind. ''The method of analysing wind to predict the monsoon is scientific. Since it has been based on wind direction, we face problems because of the obstacle created by high rise buildings in natural blow of wind, said Dr Vinod Sharma, head of Astrological Department in Sanskrit University in Jaipur. The scholars and astrologers gathered at Jantar Mantar recently and climbed over the 90 feet high Samrat Yantra, the largest instrument of the observatory, and spent quite some time on top to study the wind direction. '' The flow of eastern wind confirms that there would be good monsoon rains, said Pundit Satish Chandra Sharma, who has been visiting the Jantar Mantar every year to forecast the rains. ''The Smarat Yantra is 90 feet high and we use a flag in the air, that makes the height 115ft, but now we find that the high-rise structures create problem in the wind direction, Dr Vinod said. The UNESCO had listed the Jantar Mantar in its world heritage list. According to the superintendent of the observatory, Om Prakash Sharma, the observatory was constructed by Jaipur's then ruler Jai Singh, who had great interest in astronomy. He had built five observatories at five different locations including Delhi, but the Jaipur observatory is largest and well managed, he said. The observatory has 14 major geometric devices for measuring time, predicting eclipses, tracking location of stars as the earth orbits around the sun, but for forecasting the monsoon rain, the scholars used the Smarat Yantra. It is first time in last few years the wind direction sounded a good monsoon rains as well as crops, Pundit Vinod said

Of course, we can turn India our cousin, says it around, says Dhoni Australian Premier
Kolkata: South Australian Premier Mike Rann this week stressed upon developing a strong bilateral relationship with India and West Bengal. While speaking at the conference organised by the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), Rann expressed the eagerness of the South Australian Government on expanding business horizons with India specially in sectors like mining, education, bio-technology and renewable energy resources. "I was surprised that no previous Premier had visited India during office and so I decided to visit India every year while I was elected and this is my seventh visit," he remarked. He spoke about the numerous possibilities and opportunities that lay ahead of the two nations in order to enhance bilateral trade relations as India is already Australias third largest export market while Australia is Indias eighth largest trading partner. He said, "We have witnessed a 62 percent increase of exports to India in just the past one year." "We look forward to strengthening relationship with India," he added. He deliberated on the fact that Australia has rich mining resource with a whopping $1.4 trillion dollars resource yet to be explored including the biggest uranium mine, the 5th biggest gold mine and abundant copper and iron ore reserves and India has tremendous scope to enter into bilateral partnerships in this sector. "We have gone from 4 to 17 mines in eight years and as many as 30 mines are coming up," he stated. He added to that by saying, "India has a great opportunity to invest in our mining sector which will witness in an enormous boom in near future." Rann emphasised on the education sector and invited more students from India with an assurance of high class degrees and a safe and secure environment. "Six thousand students found that Adelaide is the safest, friendliest and most affordable place for international students," he said. While commenting on other areas of interest he informed that both India and Australia are currently focusing is on renewable energy resources. He said, "The Indian company Suzlon has really been helping us in generating wind power."

Nottingham: India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni blamed a hectic schedule for the 319 runs loss in the second Test but firmly believes that a turn around is possible in the series. Dhoni said for that they need to play as a team. "Well, of course, we can turn it around. When you have to play at the top level, you have to fight out the opposition in tough conditions. You have to have belief in yourself and the team to wade through the tough times. It is true we have won many important series. But, in international cricket, nothing comes easy. The coming two weeks are going to be tough. We have to play as a team to come back in the series," he said. Asked if it would have been nice to get a few more players from India as reinforcements, Dhoni said: "As of now, I do not think that is a bad idea. So far in 2011, we have played six Tests and bowled 900 odd overs... It has been difficult for the bowlers to maintain themselves both physically and mentally. But hopefully, we will see through the tough times." The India captain admitted that India lost the plot on the very first day after allowing England to recover from 124 for eight "I think those 100 runs really mattered when we were bowling When we were batting, we couldnt capitalise when it really mattered... We needed to see the second new ball through but could not do that," he said. Asked what would have made the difference, Dhoni said: "There were quite a few

things I felt the bowlers were tired but their batsmen played some brave shots... And it paid off well The mishits landed between two fielders. The bowlers tried everything but it is just bad luck that nothing went our way." Dhoni also said the famed batting line-up's failure to get 300 in any of the innings in the series so far was cause of concern for the team. "Yes, it is a bit of a concern that we havent scored 300... Its been a continuation of the West Indies series as there was virtually no gap in between We were struggling in the Caribbean also and could not get enough runs The bowlers, in fact, have performed well for a side that is known for its batting," he said. On the fitness issues he said: "Right now Zaheer (Khan) is out there practising but I dont really know his fitness status... Injuries happen in the game but when you go down to three bowlers, it becomes tough for the bowlers." Dhoni also said that arrival of Sehwag will boost his team's chances. "We all know what kind of a player he is. It is, definitely a big re-enforcement. We have a practice match before the next Test. We will see what shape he is in," he said. He also admitted that his form was a concern for the team. "My form is a concern because if you are the leader, you want to perform. But you have to look at your preparations and if that is right and the processes are right the form will follow," he said.

We have witnessed a 62 percent increase of exports to India in just the past one year. We look forward to strengthening relationship with India
Rann highlighted the importance of biotechnology and infrastructure in building trade relations. "We have spent $81 billion on several infrastructure projects and welcome Indian industries to come and invest in South Australia," he remarked.


Indian Weekender | August 5, 2011 |



Global bodies to rebuild Bamiyan Buddhas

When the Taliban controlled Afghanistan a decade ago, they were fanatical about eliminating everything they considered un-Islamic. Their biggest targets literally and figuratively were the two monumental Buddha statues carved out of the sandstone cliffs in central Afghanistan. One stood nearly 180 feet tall and the other about 120 feet high, and together they had watched over the dusty Bamiyan Valley since the sixth century, several centuries before Islam reached the region. Despite international opposition, the Taliban destroyed the statues with massive explosions in 2001. At the time they were blown up, the statues were the largest Buddha carvings in the world, and it seemed they were gone for good. But today, teams from the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, along with the International Council on Monuments and Sites, are engaged in the painstaking process of putting the broken Buddhas back together. Up to half of the Buddha pieces can be recovered, according to Bert Praxenthaler, a German art historian and sculptor, who has been working at the site for the past eight years. He and his crew have sifted through 400 tons of rubble and have recovered many parts of the statues along with shrapnel, land mines and explosives that were used in their demolition. But how do you rebuild the Buddhas from the rubble? ernor. And there are reasons to be hopeful. Bamiyan is now considered one of the less dangerous places in Afghanistan. Yet others, like human rights activist Abdullah Hamadi, say the empty niches where the Buddhas stood are a reminder of the Taliban's fanaticism, and should be left as they are. "The Buddha was destroyed," said Hamadi. "If you made it, rebuilt it, that is not the history. The history is the broken Buddha." Hamadi is from the nearby district of Yakawlang, where the Taliban massacred more than 300 members of a minority group, called the Hazaras, in 2001. Those killings took place just two months before the Taliban blew up the Buddha statues. While Bamiyan is much safer today, the Taliban can still strike. Recently, Taliban insurgents kidnapped and beheaded Jawad Zahak, the head of the Bamiyan provincial council, while he was driving his family toward Kabul, about 150 miles to the southeast. Some in Bamiyan say they would rather see the money for the restoration project go toward services like electricity and housing, which are in desperately short supply. Homeless Take shelter in Caves In fact, the caves at the site of the Buddha statues are the only shelter some Bamiyan residents can find. Homeless villagers like Marzia and her six children are living in one of the caves, while the family's goats bleat nearby. Marzia, who like many Afghans uses only one name, said she has no use for the statues. "We don't have a house, so where else can we live?" she said. A few enterprising villagers have found ways to make money off the story surrounding the Buddhas. One is Said Merza Husain, known around town as the man who was forced to help the Taliban blow up the statues. He said he had no choice but to obey the Taliban a decade ago. If he had resisted, they would have killed him. One of his friends refused to take part, and the Taliban shot him. But that is the only information Husain will share for free. To hear more of the story, he charges anywhere between $20 and $100. Meanwhile, Bert Praxenthaler's team was about to halt their work temporarily during the scorching Afghan summer. One longtime worker, Ali Reza, was picking up his pay. He signed his name and received a wad of Afghanis. Praxenthaler also handed him a certificate and thanked him first in Dari, then in English. Piecing together Bamiyan's Buddhas will take many more years. After a summer break, Praxenthaler's team plans to resume their work in the fall. This story was partly funded by a Knight Luce Fellowship for Reporting on Global Religion.

"The archaeological term is 'anastylosis,' but most people think it's some kind of strange disease," said Praxenthaler. For those in the archaeology world, "anastylosis" is actually a familiar term. It was the process used to restore the Parthenon of Athens. It involves combining the monument's original pieces with modern material. On a recent day, Praxenthaler was leading a group through a tunnel behind the niche where the smaller of the two statues once stood. "We are now on top of the Buddha," he explained. "There was just a wall and a small opening to sit on the top, or the head, of the Buddha. But now there is no head."

The workers were busy removing scaffolding after months spent reinforcing the wall where the Buddha's head once was. Mixed feelings about Project Bamiyan is an extremely poor and remote land in one of the world's most underdeveloped countries. The Buddha statues were once a major tourist attraction, but Afghanistan has been at war virtually nonstop for more than three decades. The fighting drove away the tourists years before the Taliban blew up the statues. The restoration project is designed to rebuild the historic site, as well as bring back the tourists. The project has the support of Habiba Sarabi, the popular provincial gov-

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From the Editor

Perception on agriculture
Very nice article, Ritz Gosai. As a student in agriculture, I have also faced the same situation regarding the perception of people on agriculture. But today I am glad and proud to say that I have studied agriculture because for me it is such an important and beautiful subject that can help us to tackle problems of food insecurity, hunger and poverty. Nawsheen Hosenally

Newscorps God complex proved its undoing

Last month the Fourth Estate faced what was perhaps its lowest moment in history. The seemingly all-powerful global media powerhouse News Corporation and its megalomaniac management, which owns hundreds of newspapers, radio networks, satellite television companies, film production houses and websites got its comeuppance in a manner that could hardly have been imagined in a fictional work. In the face of the phone hacking scandal the arrogant mega media corporations credibility unravelled in just a matter of days, threatening to create a crisis of confidence in the Fourth Estate. The ripples reached the far corners of the globe in no time. News Corporation boss, the embattled Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch, offered "a full and humble apology" to the family of murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler, whose phone was hacked by the now closed tabloid News of the World, owned by News Corporation. In the following days, Murdoch and son James faced the House of Commons of the British Parliament about what they knew and how they have dealt with the crisis. He said it was "the most humble day of my life" but refused to accept responsibility for the entire episode. Instead, he blamed the fiasco on his colleagues who ran the day-to-day operations. It is hard for people with a God complex to take it on their chin and so always look for scapegoats. The scandal, which spurred huge outrage in the UK from citizens and political leaders, triggered a spate of resignations of top administrative officials including Londons police chief and News Corporation executives. The whole News Corporation saga has brought into sharp focus the limits to which the media can go in its whistle blowing duties. The media draws its strength and sustenance especially in democratic systems from the public that is supposed to be served by the three pillars of government: the elected legislature, the judiciary and the executive. The medias raison detre is to report and comment on the interaction between these pillars and their functioning, which is to work in the best interests of the people for their weal and serve them well in the course of their elected or allocated terms or periods. As a watchdog, the media, ideally independent and self-regulated, must blow the whistle when it finds any wrongdoing acts that go against the interests of the people. To achieve that end, journalists throughout history have all sorts of ploys, techniques, known and anonymous informers, subterfuges and technological gadgetry, most commonly like wiretaps, mini video cameras and recorders. In the course of following such a path, it is easy to lose sight of the thin line that separates public interest and the violation of individual privacy even if it is intended to be in the larger public interest. The plethora of eavesdropping technology that is now available and the money, which is now available to news networks to pursue leads in order to crack breaking stories and stay ahead of the competition, the temptation to blur that fine line is compelling. That is exactly what led to the phone hacking scandal. A global news media corporation blinkered by the God complex saw itself as an all-powerful, can-do-no-wrong force in a delusion driven by some sort of organisational megalomania and pursued all avenues to get at a story. The unfortunate deaths of victims of war, terrorist attacks and violent crime did not stop its media persons in bribing their way to obtaining personal phone records of the departed something that has caused extreme revulsion almost universally, making instant heartless monsters of the media. Not unexpectedly, echoes of the scandal reverberated around the world and some political leaders were quick to take potshots at News Corporations media outlets in their respective. Just last year, a News Corporation newspaper in Fiji, the Fiji Times, bit the dust when its government changed ownership rules. The paper had often been accused by successive regimes over the decades of slants in its editorial policies. There will undoubtedly be those who will feel vindicated of the act of ousting the paper from the country after last months dramatic turn of events in London. The media around the world will have to bear the weight of the News of the World cross for some time to come. No wonder journalists rated among the lowest among professions on the trustworthiness scale. Hopefully, it will be a lesson well learned. For proprietors: not to undermine journalistic ethics in the wild pursuit of ratings and soaring circulations and never to abuse media power. For journalists: to refrain from losing sight of the human aspect while trying to claim the moral high ground and fall prey to the very crimes they set out to expose. It will take a great deal of sincere effort to repair the cracks in this all-important fourth pillar of democracy the only true friend of the people. - Dev Nadkarni
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The $20 billion Indian gym for the mind

Well written article. For last 1200 years various hordes of invaders and internal traitors of India have been busy in pillaging and plundering temples that tell us of the rich culture of Hindus, Buddhists, Jains and Sikhs in India, and other similar traditions. Buddhist cave temples on the Western coast of India (e.g. Elephanta caves) were used for target practice by Portuguese invaders, and the history of Aythaya temple is now well known and who was responsible for destroying it 1000 years ago) Tejasvi

Democracy in Fiji

I do not know where Azad has been, but many commentators have been calling for engagement with Fiji to facilitate a peaceful transition to democracy. It's quite clear from the story that the USP academics are responding to two recent developments that could lead to violence - Ratu Tevita Mara's defection and the proposed changes to the national pension funds. Azad needs to understand the meaning and significance of context. Wakey, wakey - things haven't stood still in Fiji since the coup! Charles Singh Both academics are making these suggestions five years after the event. Azad What's wrong with with calling for a peaceful transition to democracy? What's wrong with putting the people's needs first? A long term view to resolving the crisis is needed, not half-baked, quick-fix solutions that will do more harm than good. Charles Singh Manukau Indian Associations new premises. Congratulations on a good job Mohammad Tauqir Khan, Pakistan Association of New Zealand

Sanatan Dharm and India

Gandhi said The English have taught us that we were not a nation before and it will require centuries before we become one nation. This is without foundation.We were one nation before they came to India. One thought inspired us.Our mode of life was the same. It was because we were one nation that they were able to establish one kingdom. What do you think could have been the intention of those farseeing ancestors of ours. Rajesh Dharampal

How Sanatana Dharma unites India

A good read of history will enlighten people that India was indeed not a nation as we know it today prior to 1947 just as United Kingdom prior to Norman invasion in 1066 was not a single nation as it is today. Therefore Mr Dharampal's comments are not accurate. S. Krishna A good read should have some references. Don't go near conniving British historians or Marxist historians. I can refer you to some contemporary books about India. Read Gandhi's Hind Swaraj and open your eyes. what did Vasco Da Gama look for when they came to India. obviously not Goa. It was India. what was Columbus in search for - India right?. By the way national reference is a very limited reference to India. A sub continental reference is more appropriate. Rajesh Dharampal Hindus have an unmatched tradition called Sanathana Dharma (Timeless tradition), which is alive to this day. So they are the best qualified to contribute to the humanity to make the world a paradise. Hindu Dharma is an integrated concept taking not man alone but the entire universe in its ambit. So it is valid everywhere forever. The Hindu family is the basic unit of the society and the nation and the world. R Sridharan

Ten top stories on

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Sai Sansthan observes Guru Purnima Te Arawa FoMA appoints Science Adviser Top US award for NZ scientist Manukau Indian Association opens new premises The $20 billion Indian gym for the mind Rich history of upsets at World Cup Heart-warming gesture to Sir Anand Change of guard at Bank of Baroda KK takes Auckland by storm Labour announces Indian candidate

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Brand India rapidly going global

Indias merchandise exports surged to their fastest annual growth since Independence, of 37.5% worth $245.9 billion in the last financial year April 2010-March 2011, from the previous ruinous years $178.6 billion. The record has been rendered all the more creditable as it has occurred in the face of a strong Indian Rupee and a weak demand in developed markets. Evidently, moves towards diversifying markets and enhancing regional trade have paid off. The turnaround has encouraged the countrys exporters, as merchandise exports had fallen 3.6% in 2009-10 because of the global financial crisis. Exports have indeed exceeded our expectations, exults Commerce and Industry minister Anand Sharma. This is the highest annual percentage growth ever. The minister points out that the growth had come primarily from newer markets such as Latin America and Africa, and not from the traditional destinations of the United States, the European Union (EU) and Japan. The government, he says, extended incentives for shipments to 41 markets, most of which are new trading destinations for the country. Exports to Latin American countries surged 74%, while those to African countries rose 50%. Exports to the EU, Indias largest trading partner, and the US grew a more modest 22.6 and 26.4%. Sharma is confident that the Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) that India has signed with the 10-member Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN), as also with other east and southeast Asian countries will propel future export growth. Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreements (CEPAs) and Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreements (CECAs) have also been recently concluded with ASEAN, Japan, Korea and Malaysia. FTAs with Canada, New Zealand and Australia have been initiated for early finalisation.

The Made in India mark is expanding briskly across the world as merchandise exports from the country attain record levels
Other trade agreements are on the South Asia Free Trade Area (SAFTA) and IndiaUS Commercial Dialogue. Sharma foresees the FTA with the EU finalising within this year. An elated government, which saw its own target of $220 billion surpassed with such ease, set about charting a roadmap to double this tally within the next three years, to $500 billion by 2013-14. This will necessitate a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.7% to initially boost exports to $312 billion by 201112. The blemish on Indias trade canvas last year was, however, the 21.5% increase in imports that caused a $350.3 billion import bill, leading to a trade deficit of $104.6 billion. This was driven primarily by crude oil imports, which rose 16.7% to $101.7 billion. Machinery imports grew 19%, to $27.2 billion. Software, gems and jewellery, and textiles have traditionally been the largest export earners for India. Last year, however, engineering products came into their own. Their exports swelled by 84.8% to $60.1 billion, constituting almost 25% of Indias total exports. Gems and jewellery, which provide large scale employment and are a consistent foreign exchange earner, too registered an impressive 46.9% growth, to touch $43.14 billion, while petroleum products recorded a 50.6% increase in principal exports being machinery & instruments (35%), machine tools (22.6%), iron & steel bars/rods (18%), residual engineering items (8.7%), and manufactures of metals (6.5%). India is besides emerging as a manufact u r ing hub, being preferred by global manufacturers as an outsourcing destination due to its low labour cost and sound engineering and designing capabilities. Capacity utilisation is moreover high because of growing demand from the domestic as well as overseas markets. This has triggered capacity additions across industries. Gems and jewellery have also added their glitter to the export sweepstakes. At present, India exports 95% of the worlds diamonds and these exports are expected to grow 15 to 20% this year. India now leads the world in diamond manufacturing, with a 60% share in value, 85% in volume and 92% in the number of pieces. Despite Indias emphatic emergence on the world stage, its overall share in global trade is nevertheless minuscule. With inbound and outbound trade totalling $596.4 billion, India registered a share of but 3.92% in global trade that was worth $15.2 trillion in 2010-11. Under the East India Company, India, justifiably considered then the crown jewel of the British Empire, had accounted for a quarter of the in-

exports, worth $42.5 billion, reflecting the augmented refining capacity in the country. Exports of electronic goods rose 34.5% to $7.4 billion. Textile exports were worth $21 billion, drugs and pharmaceuticals, $10.3 billion, and carpets too recorded $1.1 billion, for the first time breaching the $1 billion mark. Exports from the agricultural and allied sectors, including tea, coffee, tobacco, spices, cashew, oil meals, fruits and vegetables, and marine products, crossed $12.92 billion. Engineering is the largest segment of Indias industrial sector, accounting for 3% of Indias GDP with a 30.5% weight in the index of industrial production, 30% share of total investment and 63% share in foreign collaborations. Its workforce of over 35 lakh people constitutes 31% of the total employment in the organised industry. About 35% of the engineering exports are from the micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs). The US, United Arab Emirates, South Africa, China and Malaysia are the top five export destinations, with the

ternational trade flows. This high profile in transnational commerce was decimated by the countrys socialist incubation postIndependence, its trade share being whittled down to 0.4% by 1995. Its share in exports alone has been even more dismal: rising a feeble 0.1% since 2007 to reach 1.3% in 2009 and 1.4% in 2010. This was mainly due to the relatively slow rise or greater fall in world export growth than Indias. With exports totalling $1.5 trillion last year, China had a share of a tenth of international exports, followed by Germany, of $1.34 trillion, and the US, of $1.27 trillion. India ranked 17th on the list of global exporters last year, trailing behind even Singapore, Mexico, Belgium, Taiwan and Spain. In its trade worth $61.74 billion with China in 2010, India had a deficit of $20.02 billion, up from $15.87 billion in 2009. Bilateral trade is now expected to reach $100 billion by 2015. Competition from China has disadvantaged Indias industry. Chinese exporters were being helped by controlled foreign exchange rates in their country. Chinas estimated $3 trillion reserves are nearly 100 times ours, which are at $300 billion dollars. Despite such huge reserves, Beijing still holds its exchange rate artificially to benefit its exporters. Indias trade to GDP ratio has increased from 15 to 37% of GDP between 1990 and now. While a very low ratio points to a country being insulated, a high ratio in turn betrays its exposure to overseas markets, explains Ranade. The average is 27% for comparable countries. Exports are now central to Indias economy. And the employment they generate, the skills they help develop and the technologies they help introduce have a profound influence on Indian society. It is just as well that the government is recognising their worth and creating an enabling environment for them to flourish.

What made India a rich country of the poor

PadmINI GauNdEr
Ancient India most probably was the richest country in the world as its fabulous riches were well known and brought outsiders who were interested in her wealth. People like Mohammed Ghazni came several times to plunder the palaces and temples. The more than two thousand year old Somnath temple in Gujarat was his special target. The foreigners were also interested in the Golconda mines (near Hyderabad) the gems of which were world famous. Even Shakespeare made a mention of it. The Kohinoor from Golconda still adorns the British crown. In 1835 Lord Macaulay made a mention of Indias wealth in the British Parliament: I have travelled across the length and breadth of India and I have not seen one person who is a beggar, who is a thief, such wealth I have seen in this country, such high moral values. Unfortunately the British were able to change this in a few decades of colonial rule. By the time Swami Vivekananda started his two year journey in 1891 through the whole of India, from the Himalayas to Kanyakumari, Swamiji was saddened to see the degeneration of his motherland. Swamiji, however, was the embodiment of strength and his message brought new hope to a sinking nation. Swamiji was a spiritual leader and so he kept away from politics of any sort. But he was able to give strength to a whole generation of Indians in whom he instilled the love of their motherland and gave them the courage to stand up against colonialism. It was another half century before the British left. By then India had become a poor country. Indian government after Independence tried to revive the economy. Gandhiji had already given emphasis to cottage industries by giving importance to spinning his own cloth. Now the government established the Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan to market the things produced at these home and village based centres. Among the objectives in establishing the Bhavan were alleviating rural poverty and working towards a non-exploitative social order. The government gave importance to all handicrafts and apart from the Khadi clothing/fabric other things like incense, spices, henna, natural soaps, handmade paper etc. are also sold there. Handicraft centres were established in all the states for producing and marketing these items which are unique to India. (Some of the things are unique to the particular states.) Indian handicrafts slowly gained popularity at home and abroad. Indian families used to use the brass and bronze ware and other items for prayers. Now they also became decorative items while Indian fabrics and clothes made with them gained popularity. In recent years Tirupur in Tamil Nadu has become a major export centre for clothing manufactured there. At the same time India established heavy industries like steel plants in Bhilai, Rourkela etc. so there was no dependence on foreign countries for steel. There were already industries like Tata Steel Industries. India became a world leader in Information Technology. After six decades of independence, India progressed from a developing country firmly on the path of a developed country. A lot of Indians who had gone abroad looking for better opportunities are now coming back to India to spend their retired life there. But even today there is poverty in India. We used to hear of Mother Teresa and her work with the homeless people in Kolkata. Recently we had the academy award-winning movie Slumdog Millionaire which again dwelt on the poverty in India. Meanwhile India has the fastest growing number of dollar millionaires and billionaires. The problem is the unequal distribution of wealth. Then there is also the problem of corruption, which has recently been highlighted by the likes of Baba Ramdev and Anna Hazare. It will be a while before India is able to regain its past glory. But what needs to be celebrated is that despite all the poverty and the chaos that western eyes see in Indian society, it has remained stable, largely peaceful and most importantly a functioning democracy blessed with an extremely talented population that is hard working, young and ready to take on the world. There is little doubt that India is on the fast track to development and the eradication of poverty within the next one generation.

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In a promotional campaign recently, Tourism Fiji beat well known brands including Berger Paints, pharmaceutical giant GlaxoSmithKline and Sanctuary Asia placing advertisements on bus shelters around New Zealand in a bid to lure winter-weary Kiwis to Fiji. The win, which was named Best Outdoor Advertising campaign by influential advertising commentator drew hundreds of applicants to vie for the top prize, which included five nights accommodation for two at the Sheraton Fiji Resort plus return economy airfares flying the national carrier Air Pacific. The advertisement saw hundreds of people taking their photo in a cut-out picture frame posted at one of the 200 bus shelters located across New Zealand. This prize went to Aucklander Tom Gasiner after he produced a poster format photo containing a snow covered bus shelter complete with a snowman, icicles and included his shivering girlfriend Tania Matthews into the photo to add a successful effect. Judges described the shot as very clever, funny and heart melting. Adding another layer to the Ellerslie/Fiji connection, the district will be transformed into a mini-Fiji this September and October complete with planned cultural events, activities and Fiji national rugby team players appearances in the lead up to and during the forthcoming IRB Rugby World Cup 2011. This is all part of the Auckland City Councils adopt-a-second-team program. Five of the bus shelters were also fitted with digital signage designed to show the temperature in Fiji with the internet-linked temperature gauge changing four times daily.

Tourism Fiji brand campaign named Best Outdoor Advertising in NZ

Tourism Fiji continues to implement non-traditional methods in promoting Fiji to increase visitor arrivals.

The bus shelter promotion was part of a multi-media brand strategy Tourism Fiji had in place since the beginning of the month, which has been turning heads across the entire country. Designed by the national tourist offices Auckland-based advertising agency Barnes Catmur & Friends, the campaign also included a Fiji Me digital temperature billboard located on the junction of the high volume traffic at Ponsonby and Richmond Road in Ponsonby, Auckland. The high profile billboard also featured a digital temperature gauge reflecting the current temperature in Fiji. The brand strategy also included a Westfield Shopping Mall promotion where Fiji Me branding wrapped around the sliding entry doors of eight malls located in Auckland, Hamilton, Christchurch and Wellington effectively exposed the brand to an estimated 1.3 million local residents. Tourism Fiji CEO, Josefa Tuamoto, said timing for the promotion was perfect with winter beginning to bite across New Zealand and Kiwis thoughts turning to much warmer climes. This is all part of a smart brand strategy designed to remind winter-chilled New Zealanders of the very warm welcome we Fijians have waiting for them just three hours away, he said. We have been blown away with the huge response to all elements of the strategy, which has really achieved cut-through in this market. The national tourist office is hoping the innovative campaign will help it top the number of Kiwis visiting Fiji across 2011.

New diplomats to Australia, Brazil

Democracy groups join forces

Australia and New Zealand based peo-democracy groups unite to put pressure on Fiji's military government.
Two groups opposed to the military regime in Fiji have joined forces in a bid to put pressure on the coup-installed government in Fiji. The Sydney and Auckland based prodemocracy groups say they intend to help bring down the Bainimarama government by working with the country's trade union movement. The Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement president Usaia Waqatairewa told Radio Australias Pacific Beat programme that international pressure on the interim government through sanctions would force it to call fresh elections and return to the 1997 Constitution. The Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement, established in 2009, is based in Sydney, Australia. Waqatairewa says he met leaders of another group dedicated to the same goal, the Coalition for Democracy in Fiji, in New Zealand at the weekend. The Coalition for Democracy in Fiji was formed in 1987, at the time of Fijis first military coup. The Auckland group, headed by Nik Naidu, recently accused former Fiji Lieutenant Ratu Tevita Mara, currently on a tour of Pacific Forum nations to promote democracy in Fiji, of complicity in physical abuses of Fiji citizens, including murder. The group is based in Auckland, New Zealand. He says the two groups agreed to work together but supported different tactics. Meanwhile, the copper mining project that is intended to begin in Namosi next year will inject approximately FJ$2 billion [US$1,161,770,000] into Fijis economy. This was confirmed by Fijis Permanent Secretary for Lands and Mineral Resources, Filimoni Kau who said the investment from the Namosi Joint Venture will be a huge boost to our national economy and will generate a significant amount of economic activity. The Namosi Joint Venture includes Australian company Newcrest Mining Ltd., and Japanese mining companies Nittetsu Mining Co Ltd., and Mitsubishi Materials Corporation.] The NJV has indicated its intentions to progress from exploration to actual mining by acquiring a mining license in 2012. The visit today was therefore essential for the senior advisors in government to be updated on the progress of works and to also identify their respective areas of responsibility with the view towards facilitating the mandatory requirements, Mr Kau said in a statement. At the same time, government has an overriding responsibility to ensure that the project is well managed to reduce its impacts especially on the environment.

Mr Cama Tuiloma - Diplomat Australia

Mrs Losana Ravuso - Diplomat Brazil

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation farewelled Fiji's newest diplomats, Mr Cama Tuiloma and Mrs Losana Ravuso. Mr Tuiloma, until recently was the Ministry of Works, Transport and Public Utilities permanent secretary, while Mrs Ravuso was director of Corporate Services at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Mr Tuiloma is Fiji's first Ambassador to Brazil and Mrs Ravuso will be Consul General in Sydney, Australia replacing Mr Karai Vuibau. Hosting the newly appointed diplomats to a morning tea today, Ministry of Foreign Affairs permanent secretary Solo Mara reminded Mr Tuiloma and Mrs Ravuso on the important responsibilities

entrusted to them and assured them of the ministry's support. In response both Mr Tuiloma and Mrs Ravuso assured Mr Mara they would carry out their new responsibilities in a way that would meet Fiji's national interest and contribute to the development of the country. Mr Mara also welcomed back Mr Karai Vuibau on his return to Fiji. Speaking on behalf of the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Mr Mara thanked Mr Vuibau for his loyal services in Sydney and wished him well in his future endeavors. Also present was Fijis Ambassador to Japan Mr Isikeli Mataitoga. The new diplomats will leave next week to take up their new appointments.


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Government reforms targets corrupt officials

The exploitive and corrupt nature of officials in this country is an issue that Government doesnt take lightly. The Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama said that while reforms taking place around the country provided tangible results, one issue these reforms addressed was the systematic corruption that existed over the years. Commodore Bainimarama reiterated governments stand on corruption in the country, highlighting the implications it had on citizens. My Government has made it very clear from the start, that corruption and ripping off the ordinary citizen has to stop and must be eradicated for Fiji to prosper into the future, Commodore Bainimarama said. The Prime Minister said the various reforms carried out would expose corrupt practices especially from those holding high positions. In the past, Fiji has had too many corrupt officials, businessmen, lawyers, accountants and institutionalised corruption, Commodore Bainimarama said.

Pensioners launch website

A gold mine of records in chronicle order, depicting historical moments in Fiji is being preserved for future generations. More than 15,000 hours of reels of films, video footage and thousands of photos are being sorted and catalogued before they are preserved digitally at the National Archives in Suva. The records provide the only audio visual recordings of that era and have been transferred from the Film and Television Unit of the Department of Information to the National Archives under the KITE: The Pride of Your Belonging to New Zealand ambits of the New Public Records Amendment Act. National Archives director Our offer to students is: ment has and the confidence-building to Misiwaini Qereqeretabua said SUVA: Fiji's pensioners A pathway towardssound investments with thefriendshipsdelayed the decree to cut launched a making career goals plus new the pensions, originally due on 1 once the records were digitised website today to make information members' contribution money. highlight members of the public could view Under available about the government's the journey. pressure from previ- July, to September. As well as ous governments, the FNPF board, The government and FNPF have them. intention to cut their superannua- NZQA-Certificated education, our entreaty includes: Footage can tion payments by two thirds. The which is charged with looking afterfellow learners. The and have made Entertainment sessions driven by access to the media quiz and partying routines of World War 2, the website can be accessed at fijipen- the members' interests, was pres- statements and placed advertisebe either into a series of unwise invest- ments accusing your participation isSolomon Campaign, the Malayan educative or for pure leisure. Either way, those objecting to vital. indenture days, Indecampaign, sured or Interactive sociability with faculty the cut in superannuation of being pendence within All workers in Fiji compulsorily ments that have lost many millions on site, as well as guest speakers prominent Day, royal family visits, Commonwealth heads meeting belong to the Fiji National Provi- of dollars. About three months ago, merely "self interested". NZ business houses. However, media censorship is and the first dent Fund and all employers com- the FNPF management announced Affirmativeness counsel, both to help young adults take charge of their lives and legislative sitting at the old parliament complex to pulsorily contribute to each worker that the pensions were to be cut still operating in Fiji and has preequally to align with Kiwi work culture. name a few are listed. member's account. No other super- by two-thirds, even though the vented the FNPF members from annuation schemes Supporting students choiceaof study, students are invited into interludes of careerPictorial and video recordings were permitted FNPF pension is superannuation giving statements and information about of the various stages in developafter the FNPF was established in payment, andZealandspension. heritage.the severe disadvantages and development and New not a state diverse ments as the budding nation of Fiji The cut in payments would injustices current and future penthe 1960s. made the transition from a colony, When FNPF members retire, plunge many pensioners into sioners face, leaving many in ignoKITE sits a lump poverty, at airy where they have rance. to an institute they can take their savings inaloft in an elegantan age setting, overlooking the Auckland cityscape. This is independence and thereafter They have Students, administered byprovide a wealth of informawill the New sum, but an bonded to the Code fewPractice for Pastoral income. International launched the website excellent "pension" of alternatives for earning Care of tion for students, researchers and A 70-year-old pensioner, David as a means of informing people payment was offered to Ministry of Education. Zealand encourage the avid people to leave the bulk of their Burness, and a group of others have about the situation Like its high vantage overaction to takeQueen Street, KITE is about leadership throughhistorian. heartland the The implementation of governfunds and take monthly payments. begun a class education, matter to court, while the governThe FNPF was responsible for plus the social grace to help guide students there.

With the reforms the Government is introducing it has flushed out and will continue to flush out malpractice and dishonesty by some of those holding high offices and positions of trust. Fiji has been recognised by the United Nations Convention against Corruption (UNCAC) for its efforts in combating corruption and white collar crime in the country. This year alone, the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC) closed 38 cases in court of which 30 were convictions.

Saving history for posterity

ments development plans from the days of the first Prime Minister Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara and those carried out by consecutive administrations that have transformed the state of our infrastructure are on record. Also captured are political and social moments of significance. Contrasts can be made with the dressing of the era, fashion and the evolving structural landscape,

Its fascinating to see old Fiji, the people, the cultures back then
from outstanding colonial architecture to growing high rises. Its really quite an experience to make this journey through our history as a country, Mr Qereqeretabua said. First we sort, that is putting pictures according to titles, years, events and grouping the same pictures together. When we catalogue, we produce a list of the footage, pictures and negatives and the end process is digitisation, which is the electronic format members of the public can view them in.Its fascinating to see old Fiji, the people, the cultures back then. The whole process of digitisation will be completed by next year.

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Kerala royals other treasures

While the US$30 billion treasures at Keralas Padmanabhaswamy Temple are the talk of the world, PADMINI GAUNDER tells us of other royal treasures, which are there for all to see.

The Maharaja of Travancore was very young at the time of Independence in 1947 and the Dewan (Prime Minister) of Travancore at that time, C.P. Ramaswami Aiyar had wanted it to remain as a separate country until he realised it was impossible. Since then the former ruling family of Travancore has been in the news all over the world. The capital of Travancore (and of the present Kerala State) was (is) Thiruvananthapuram. Thiru in South Indian languages is a prefix like Sri showing respect. Puram means city so it means the city of Sri Ananthan. In other words, it is the city where Padmanabha Swami (Vishnu) is resting on Ananthan. The Maharajas of Travancore ruled over the country as Padmanabha Dasas (the servants of Padmanabha). That is, the real ruler was Padmanabha Swami and the Maharaja was just carrying out his duty as a servant. An analogy would be Bharata in the Ramayana ruling over Ayodhya for 14 years in the absence of Sri Rama with Ramas slippers in the place of Sri Rama on the throne. At Independence when Travancore became part of the Indian Union the Maharaja became the Rajpramukh the most important citizen or the first citizen of the state before governors were appointed. The Maharaja had one difficulty in accepting the position of the Rajpramukh which was that as Padmanabhadasan his loyalty was to Padmanabha Swami only but he was required to swear allegiance to the Indian Constitution. The Royal Family of Travancore followed matrilineal system, which is common among many communities in Kerala. So the Kings sons did not succeed their fathers but the nephews (sisters sons) succeeded them. The last Maharaja was not married but he had a nephew who unfortunately died when very young, even before independence. So his younger brother succeeded him as the head of the family and has the title of Maharaja today. The royal family of Travancore was not only a connoisseur of art and gave patronage to young artistes;

it also produced among its ranks world famous artists and musicians. Swati Tirunal, who was a patron of Karnatic music and whose compositions are well known, belonged to the Travancore royal family. Apart from music compositions, Swati Thirunal had also written a book on

While people are amazed at the treasures found in the vaults at Sri Padmanabha Swami Temple, it is worth remembering that there is also another kind of treasure in the city of Sri Ananthan. There is news of the theft of some of Ravi Varmas paintings from a temple in Madhya

nal Ravi Varma paintings from the State government's custody which is pending before the court. It is said that over 20 paintings are missing as out of more than 75 that were handed over to the state government only 55 are on display at the Sree Chitra Thirunal Art Gallery.

The royal family of Travancore was not only a connoisseur of art and gave patronage to young artistes; it also produced among its ranks world famous artists and musicians. Swati Tirunal, who was a patron of Karnatic music and whose compositions are well known, belonged to the Travancore royal family.
the Theory of Music which is preserved at the Department of Oriental studies at Thiruvananthapuram. Another member of the Travancore royal family was Raja Ravi Varma, the famous artist, who died early last century. He became famous after winning awards in India but after winning at the Vienna exhibition in 1873 he became world famous. Many of his paintings show characters from Indian mythology. He mainly painted Indian gods and goddesses but he did not draw Sri Padmanabha Swami. Perhaps as Padmanabha Dasan he felt that his hands were not capable of depicting Him! His paintings can be seen at the Sree Chitra Thirunal Art Gallery in Thiruvananthapuram. In the Ravi Varma Museum is also the Paniker Gallery. K.C.S. Paniker, whose centenary is being celebrated this year, was also a Malayali like Raja Ravi Varma. But Paniker lived and worked mostly in Chennai where he was the Principal of the College of Arts and Crafts. He also established Asias first Artists Village near Chennai. Cholamandal, the Artists Village on the way to Mahabalipuram, has a Centre for Contemporary Art. Pradesh, which are being offered for sale on the internet for Rs. 3 crore. This gives an idea of how invaluable they are. Moreover, a writ petition filed by a member of the Travancore royal family seeks a CBI probe into the disappearance of certain origiTwo years ago some Ravi Varma paintings were reported stolen from Kilimanoor palace where he lived and worked. All these give some indication of how much protection they need from various dishonest people who are eyeing these priceless works of art.

The tourists who come to India this year would no doubt be attracted to Thiruvananthapuram to visit the Padmanabha Swami Kshetram as the treasures found there have become the talk of the world. While they may have the good fortune to have a darshan of Sri Padmanabha Swami and look at the huge idol in awe, they will not be able to see the much talked about treasures like the gold idol of Lord Vishnu. But not far from the temple at the Ravi Varma Museum, in the Sree Chitra Thirunal and Paniker Galleries are the other treasures which they would be welcome to see. Failing to visit the galleries would mean missing a golden opportunity. The Travancore Royal Family has so far diligently looked after the treasures at the temple and at Kilimanoor Palace where Ravi Varmas paintings were. Now that they have given them all for the government to take care of (Paniker also gave his paintings to Kerala state government when the then Chief Minister offered to take care of them) let us hope that it is done with the same love, honesty and dedication as the royal family did all these years so that it is there for the posterity to view and enjoy.


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Heritage Fiji

A day to bust some myths about India

ram lINGam

Much has changed on what we know about Indian heritage and the pedestrian view of India is changing. The last two decades has seen the myths about Indian culture and heritage smashed - thanks to some recent archaeological research, discoveries on linguistics, new satellite imagery and some objective historical research. While India commemorates her Independence Day from colonial rule on August 15, how about busting some myths about India. Could that be the firecrackers we need for the Independence Day celebration?
In the US, an elementary school student asked her Indian teacher, Did to ride an elephant to your school in India? Obviously this was an innocent and nave question by the American student. Brushing aside such juvenile stereotypes, India has seen some deep-rooted colonial myths, which still play the mind of the masses. Fortunately the weight of evidence based on scientific research in the last two decades is convincing enough to bust those myths. The validation against the myths comes from the works of professors, eminent Indic scholars, researchers, historians, philosophers and Indologists. Some names worth mentioning are Prof B.B.Ll, R.C.Majumdar, David Frawley, George Feuerstein, Francois Gautier, Aurobindo Ghose, Swmi Viveknanda, Rjiv Malhotra, Dharampal, Koenraad Elst, Subhsh Kk, N.Rjrm, Shriknt Thalageri, Sankrnt Snu, Sarvepalli Rdhkrishnan, B.R. Ambedkar, Ddbhai Naoroji among others whose articles are available on the web not just for further reading but also for study. Here are five myths about India, among many, which did some cultural damage to the understanding about India, even among Indians. But these myths are now kaput, defunct and invalid as they were not only nonsense but are debunked being as such now. Myth: ryans invaded India and ruled over the indigenous dravidians. This theory was one of the notorious myths

that did some serious damage to the Indian society, which was used for political and religious advantage by colonial historians. It was a theory with no credibility whatsoever and without any foundation. Dr. David Frawley the eminent Vedic scholar remarks that one of the main ideas used to interpret and generally devalue the ancient history of India is the theory of the ryan invasion. According to this account, India was invaded and conquered by nomadic light-skinned Indo-European tribes from Central Asia around 1500-1000 BCE, who overthrew an earlier and more advanced dark-skinned Dravidian civilisation from which they took most of what later became Hindu culture. At that time when this myth was perpetrated, it was even questioned by stalwarts like Aurobindo and Swmi Viveknanda. But now it is completely discredited among scholars. In his book Demise of the ryan Invasion Theory Frawley writes, This idea totally foreign to the history of India, whether north or south has become almost an unquestioned truth in the interpretation of ancient history. Today, after nearly all the reasons for its supposed validity have been refuted, even major Western scholars are at last beginning to call it in question. Myth: india was not a country when the British arrived The first definite mention of Bhrat as a country and as a nation is found in the works of the great Pnni (7th century BCE). India as a political entity can be documented as early as the 3rd century BCE according to Kautilyas Arthashastra and as a cultural entity as early as the 4th century CE according to Brahmapurna. Also, common sense makes one wonder why Christopher Columbus and the Portuguese travellers came looking for India though at that time India had many kingdoms ruled by different kings. Culturally India was one, despite many attempts by rulers to give a single political authority. But this did not mean that India lacked the concept of statehood. Simply put, India had a collective cultural nationalism with long periods of political disunity and thats not unnatural according to the American historian C.J.H. Hayes who says in his book Nationalism: A Religion that If we are to grasp what a nationality is, we must avoid confusing it with a state or nation Cultural nationalism may exist with or without political nationalism. For, nationalities can and do exist for fairly long periods without political unity and independence.

Myth: india was always backward and poor It has now been established that before the British came, India was one of the richest countries in the world. Samuel P. Huntington the American political scientist in his The Clash of Civilisations and the Remaking of the World Order confirms that In 1750 China accounted for almost one-third, India for almost one quarter, and the West less than a fifth of the worlds manufacturing output. But todays economic situation is no excuse for it to remain poor after the foreign rule. Gandhian thinker and historian Dharampl did some extensive research and razed the myth that India was backward educationally or economically when the British entered. Dharampls researches have led to a sweeping re-examination of conventional views of the cultural, scientific and technological achievements of Indian society when the British first arrived. Myth: Caste system of india is based on birth Firstly there is no such word as caste in any Indian language. The word caste comes from the Portuguese word casta which was imposed on the Indian psyche. India had a natural Varna system, which follows the natural order of evolution. Nobody is born into a Varna by default, just as a Doctors son cannot be a doctor by birth. Evolution is earned and determined by ones mental framework (guna) and conduct (karma) as the BhagavadGita confirms. Sadly today this Varna system has degenerated and knowledge will hopefully dispel the ignorance. Myth: There are too many Gods in india The oriental understanding of God is unique and universal. What appears pantheistic with many Gods reflect about diversity and mind of people. All the major sects and groups accept the Vedic Upanishads as the main authority on religion and spirituality, which is monotheistic in nature. The Upanishads never talk about some elderly God sitting over the clouds controlling everything. The Vedas confirmthat Truth is one but the wise call it by many names. Hopefully these myths will eventually die out in the mass psyche and a full recovery will happen to give us a correct vision about the 5000 year old India just as Nehru put it in his Discovery of India in 1942: That vision of five thousand years gave me a new perspective, and the burden of the present seemed to grow lighter. Happy Independence from Myths day.


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Is it time to fix your mortgage interest rate?

ravI mEHTa
A common question asked by people having a mortgage on the variable rate is should I fix my mortgage interest rate or should I leave it on floating for few more months? The June quarter inflation numbers have been quite high. Pace of economic growth is also very good and in fact has surpassed expectations of everyone. After second earthquake in Christchurch, Official cash rate in New Zealand was cut by 0.50% to give the economy a boost. It seems that impact of earthquake on overall New Zealand economic growth had been minimal. In latest OCR review, the Reserve Bank Governor commented, As GDP growth picks up, underlying inflation is expected to rise. A gradual increase in the OCR over the next two years will be required to offset this, such that CPI inflation tracks close to the midpoint of the target band over the latter part of the projection. The pace and timing of increases will be guided by the speed of recovery, but for now the OCR remains on hold. Most economists are expecting that OCR will be raised in the next policy review due in September. Majority view is that it will be raised by 0.50%. I have come across many clients, who want to fix the rates for 24 month but want to enjoy low floating rates for few more months. Though, nothing can be predicted with certainty, if we go by history, fixed rates move in advance of expected changes to OCR. Suppose, the official cash rate goes up by 0.50% in September review, the floating rates will rise to 6.15%-6.25% range. That is in the range of 18-24 months fixed rates available at present. Now the question is how much you are going to save, if you are thinking of fixing after a month or so. Suppose you have your loan of $300000 on floating rate of 5.74% at present and you are thinking of fixing it for 24 months at the present available rate of 6.49%, you are assuming rate will not go up by the time you choose to fix, you will have savings of $300000*(6.49%5.74%)/12=$187.50 per month. That is very good, whatever you can save, and you should. But what if the rate goes up only by 0.10% to 6.59% by the time you decide to fix, you will lose $600 in next two years. If the rate goes by 0.25% by the time you go to fix, your loss in next two years will be $1500. So calculate for yourself, if the risk of keeping on floating for few more weeks is worth taking or not. Most experts see a high probability of fixed rates going up before the next OCR review. Once the fixed rates move up little bit, there is strong possibility that people will rush to fix. It may force banks to increase the rates even further. In my opinion, now is the right time to fix your mortgage rates, particularly if you have big exposure on floating rates, at least a part should be fixed. A combination of different maturity periods for fixing rates should be chosen to diversify your risk and to reduce the impact of any future adverse changes to rates. If you have portfolio of investment properties along with your own house, loan is on floating interest rate and you want to fix for different maturity periods, it is better to fix loan on investment properties for longer term. Though longer term rates are higher, but because interest is tax deductible, net cost will be lower.

Ravi Mehta is an Auckland based Authorised Financial Advisor (AFA) and can be contacted on ravi.mehta@pfsl. A disclosure statement under Securities Markets Act relating to his services is available on request and is free of charge.

Note: This column has been written for general guidance only. You must consider your own financial circumstances and seek financial advice before acting on these recommendations. The column has been written on 2nd August 2011, so interest rates are current on this date.


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Rakhi Sawant to host chat show

Mumbai: Item girl Rakhi Sawant has begun hosting a chat show 'Gajab Desh Ki Ajab Kahaaniyaan' on Imagine TV. Produced by UTV, Gajab Desh Ki Ajab Kahaaniyaan, is a showcase of strange stories that highlight the wacky lives and strange beliefs that exist in India. "The show brings together the funniest stories from across the country; stories that will leave you holding your tummy in laughter and your head in disbelief!" said a channel spokesperson. "Ever heard of a man who has not taken bath for 37 years, or two families who combat each other and use ghosts as their weapons, or a woman who prefers to stay perched on a cell phone tower for days, to avoid getting married to a man her parents chose!" said the spokesperson. As the host of the show, Rakhi will bring these stories to the viewers in her trademark, over-thetop style. I am elated to be back at doing what I do best Entertain! My audience loves me and so do I. This time around I will be host of the baap of all shows, where you will witness some of the most bizarre incidents that are sure leaved you shell-shocked and rolling on the floor in splits of laughter. All I can say is It Happens only in India," said Rakhi. Speaking on the launch of the show, Mr. Santosh Nair, CEO, TV Content UTV said, Rakhi is definitely the ideal choice for the host, someone who will bring in an element of humour and entertainment, in her own unique style!" The show premiered on July 29 at 10 pm on Imagine TV.

I want to marry Baba Ramdev: Rakhi Sawant

New Delhi: Controversial actor Rakhi Sawant has expressed her willingness to marry yoga guru Baba Ramdev. While addressing mediapersons on the sidelines of a promotional event in New Delhi, Sawant spoke of how she also admired Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi. The Drama Queen admitted that Ramdevs yoga sessions have made an impact on her life. Sawant was in the Capital to promote her show, Gajab Desh ki Ajab Kahaaniyaan. She was earlier seen on TV in the first season of Bigg Boss, Swayamvar and Rakhi Ka Insaaf. An obviously quirky show, Gajab Desh showcases strange stories, highlighting wacky beliefs of people from across the country. Just to give an idea, one of the episodes is on a man who has apparently not taken a bath for 37 years!

Zee Caf turns bold with Californication Vidya Sinha gets

Mumbai: Entertainment channel Zee Cafs new show Californication is a show loaded with sardonic wit and adult e nt e r t ai n me nt. The protagonist (David Duchovny), Hank Moodys sexual appetite infects women, who indulge in all kinds of naughtiness too. More 'victims of hormones' contribute to the sinfully lust-loaded plot. Hank may be a talented author, despite his gift of the gab, especially for live seducing, his private life is a mess. Repeated attempts to have a stable relationship with Karen (Natascha McElhone), also for the sake of their daughter Becca (Madeleine Martin), fail because of their extreme libertarian infidelity. David Duchovny is perfectly cast here as Hank Moody, and delivers his witty and wry lines with tongue firmly implanted in his cheek. comic actor and his portrayal of Hank is winning. As with the very best of comedies, beneath the bubbly surface of Californication is a show that in a single episode reveals richly drawn characters of depth and purpose. H a n k ' s lecherousness, wo m a n i z i n g , cynical wit and i n -y o u r- f a c e bluntness succeeds only partially in covering up a man who appears to be facing all of his mid life crisis's at once. Every note in this comic symphony is perfectly struck. The show has been nominated and won several awards, including winning one Emmy Award (nominated for two others) and one Golden Globe Award (nominated for three others). Mumbai: It was finally a moment of huge relief for yesteryear actress Vidya Sinha as she won her long legal battle for child support recently. Sinha (64) will now be getting Rs 10,000 per month compensation from her former husband Netaji Bhimrao Salunke as child support, as per a Sessions Court order. Earlier, a Magistrate Court, where she had filed a case against her husband, had also ordered Salunke to give the same amount of money to the actor on the grounds of child maintenance. But her husband had refused to pay the compensation and had challenged the order in the Sessions Court. The Sessions Court cancelled his challenge and directed to pay Salunke Rs. 10,000 per month for child support to her former wife. Situations got tough for the Choti Si Baat famed actor after her marriage with Australian citizen Netaji Bhimrao Salunke in June 2001.

compensation from ex-husband

She decided to end the martial tie with Salunke when he started to torture her and her adopted girl child both mentally and physically, media reports said. The couple had sought divorce in 2009. Sinha demanded to receive child support from him after they got separated. But 71-year-old Salunke refused to give the compensation as he argued that her former wife had enough money to look after her daughter alone. Sinha opposed Salunkes argument and said that both the parents were responsible to look after the child. Sessions Courts judge V P Gaikwad agreed to Sinha's argument and directed her former husband to pay the money every month. The yesteryear B-town beauty had worked in films like 'Pati, Patni Aur Woh', 'Choti Si Baat' and 'Rajnigandha'.

Playing a talented but dysfunctional writer in the middle of a mid-life crisis, Duchovny's character is spot on. The writing is bitingly crisp, intelligent and fresh. Duchovny's delivery has the timing of a master

Imrans tribute to 3 Khans

Mumbai: Word has been spreading pretty fast of the fantastic cast and super exciting trailer of one of the most highly anticipated releases of this year, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan. Audiences have another nice surprise in store for them since the title track is now finally out and its sure to be another chart-buster from Yash Raj films, whose movies are usually wellknown for having exceptional music, soothing tunes and hummable tracks. The Mere Brother Ki Dulhan title track has been shot widely across India including Mumbai, Dehradun and Delhi and features Imran Khan, who is on the lookout for his brothers perfect bride. The lyrics are catchy, the music is fast-paced, and Imran Khans dancing is his best so far, as he pays a tribute to Bollywoods three superstars Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Aamir Khan. The song uses the three modes of transportation air, road and train in a very interesting and captivating style, in his hunt for his brothers dulhan. Its indeed delightful to watch Imran charming his way on screen with steps from Aamirs famous masti ki paathshala steps, to Salmans Dabangg belt move and his towel step, and of course Shah Rukhs Chaiyya chaiyya atop the train. The song is definitely going to leave its mark on peoples minds and hearts for quite a long time now.

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Want to run away from politics

This is the first time you are working with director Prakash Jha. How was the experience? Since a long time, I wanted to work with Prakashji. I used to watch all his films, but never got a scope to work with him. Jaya (Bachchan, wife) always used to say that if you work with him, you will go mad. But the opposite happened. I really want to thank him for allowing me to work in Aarakshan; I learnt a lot from him. I am also grateful to Saif (Ali Khan), Deepika (Padukone), Manoj (Bajpai) and Prateik (Babbar) and the whole unit of Prakash Jha for working with me in this film. Aarakshan is a film about reservation. What role you are playing in the film? I feel the issue Prakashji has raised in Aarakshan does not deal only with reservation; but the entire educational system. My character (Prabhakar Anand) is the principal of an institution where the high society people can avail education. But since he is an idealistic man, every day, at his houses courtyard, he imparts education for free to those children, who cannot afford it otherwise. So somewhere in his life, he tries to bring a balance. He believes that every capable person should get a chance to move forward in his life. Thats why in the film he says: In our country there are Indian Administrative Services, Indian Foreign Services, Indian Police Services. Then why we dont have Indian Teaching Services? Whats your take on reservation in India? I would like to keep the answer to myself. Its a personal viewpoint. If I tell you generally, then there is a possibility that media will make it a political issue. And I want to run far away from politics. How much did you improvise in your character in the film? Since Prakash Jha has given me this job, I have to listen to him; I cant do whatever I like. An actors job is to portray the character as it is written. You are seen as the most punctual actor in Bollywood. Comment. I believe that if a particular time is written on the callsheet, you have to stick to that. With Jan Lokpal Bill and black money doing rounds in Indian politics at present, whats your take on these issues? The answer is simple: We have to get rid of corruption. Just as we are done with yoga guru Baba Ramdevs fast against black money, Gandhian social activist Anna Hazare has threatened to go on indefinite hunger strike since August 16 if the right Lokpal Bill is not passed in the Parliament. Do you support this kind of agitation? In a democracy, everyone has the right to express their views and thoughts without any fear. At the same time, they should obey the laws of the country. We say a flamboyant, edgy, cool Bacchan in Bbuddah Hoga Tera Baap and now there is a serious teacher in Aarakshan. Which of the two characters can you relate most in personal life? There is a person who writes a particular character for me, someone else writes the script, another writes the dialogues, someone composes the music; then there are beautiful dress designers who make costumes for me; and of course the make-up artist. Then I am given some lines and asked to deliver those in front of a co-star as part of a particular role. Now, its better you dont ask if that character has similarity with my personal life or not; because every day I play a different role on screen. I personally believe that all actors in Bollywood, after spending so many years here, almost forget their own characteristics as they play something or someone different every day.

While he is still relishing the success of his flamboyance in Bbuddah Hoga Tera Baap, Amitabh Bachchan will be seen as an idealistic teacher in Prakash Jhas Aarakshan. The actor in conversation with Sreya Basu

Elephants are my favourite animals

What is Emeralds for Elephants all about? Wildlife Trust of India identified 88 vital corridors for elephant movements. Securing these corridors, many of which have villages on it, meant working with local communities and governments; giving them alternate homes so that these places could be given back to the elephants. World Land Trust took up this initiative. Crucial funds for these works came from Emeralds for Elephants event where World Land Trust and gemstones mining company Gemfields, together with Jaguar Land Rover and the Gemological Institute of America, have collaborated with 10 of Indias top jewellery designers to create a collection using Zambian Emerald jewellery. Who could have imagined that precious green stones would raise precious funds for precious green spaces so that our national heritage animal is secured. What makes you agree to be the brand ambassador of the initiative? I am indeed delighted to be an integral part of this unique opportunity where I can build awareness for the cause of Asian elephants. Because, as per my own book, elephants are my favourite animals. I have grown up on Kathak. Even through my dance and performances, when I do Kathak, we have a lot of praises for Ganesha (Elephant God), we do his stuti (invocation) and we pray to him. I pray to the people that they help us in this endeavour and help us save the elephants. In mythology and history, elephants have played such an important role. We pray to himhe is a deity. In that sense, theres a lot of respect and love towards elephants. Well, its a different way to endorse jewellery for sure. I have worked with a lot of designers and jewellery people. But what Gemfields is doing is worth mentioning. They are not just taking resources from our lands (they mine for emeralds), but they are also giving back. Thats what, I think, every person in this world needs to do give back something because we are getting so much from the world. So, like diamonds are a girls best friends, can we say the same for emeralds and elephants?

If we teach our kids to conserve, they are going to do the same to their childrenthey will take forward that legacy. So its something for our kids too.
tiative. So, lets talk about that now. Some other day we will talk about other things. (Smiles) Yes. Now you can say emeralds are an elephants best friends. They have been adorning us for long. Now they will do a lot for elephants. What are the films you are doing at the moment? At present, I am totally working on Emeralds for Elephants iniOkay. You were saying something about giving back to nature. Can you elaborate? What we need to do today is to see how we can conserve our natural resources, the God-gifted animals we have. Else, what legacy we are going to leave for our kids? I am a mother and I feel very strongly about itwe dont start taking steps towards conservation today, what are our kids going to enjoy in the future! If we teach our kids to conserve, they are going to do the same to their childrenthey will take forward that legacy. So its something for our kids too. Will you endorse this initiative in US (your present home) as well? There are a lot of people in America who work for different causes for different animals and environment. When I return to America, I will try to spread this message so that we can get some help from there too.


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trughan Sinha told him that he looks alike Nana Patekar. He was accompanied with this mother and aunty at the show, and after he won Rs. 1 crore his mother and aunty both broke into tears. Delighted with his win, Rajesh said he will spend money on providing good education to his children and will build his own house and his buas (aunts) house. He also plans to open a counseling institute to help the youth in deciding their right career with this money. Sinha was all praise for Rajesh Singh and said: This proves that if people from small towns are given opportunities, they can prove their merits, and Rajesh exemplifies the same that how a person from a village was given a chance to play this game, and whatever his aspirations, or his knowledge were, it tested them and won the game. "I congratulate him for the win. He has become an example for all the people in Rural India. Yubaraj Bhattacharya, CEO, Mahuaa TV said that Rajesh was exceptionally confident and was so intelligent that he reached the one crore peak. I congratulate him for his brilliant recital and wish him all the success in his career endeavour." Across the world, this show is about ordinary people changing their lives for real and it is no exception in its Bhjopuri avatars, and Rajesh is example of that, he said.

Bhojpuri KBC gets first millionaire Puneet Issar plays


Kolkata: Rajesh Singh, from Uttar Pradesh's Kushinagar, became the first winner of the popular game show Ke Bani Crorepati, the Bhojpuri version of the game show Who Wants to be Millionaire, on Mahuaa TV. Rajesh takes home with him the prize money of Rs. 1 Crore. With this win, Rajesh becomes the first person to win a huge sum of Rs. 1 crore prize money on a regional channel. 34-year-old Rajesh, a graduate from Gorakhpur University, UP is designated as a Finance Manager

in Ahmedabad. Rajesh used to do farming in his village till he was 20 years old alongside his studies and after completing his graduation, he moved to Ahmedabad to pursue his professional life. Rajesh is married and is a father of two kids. An avid reader, Rajesh has had read 70000 books. He also writes for 17 blogs. He loves singing, playing cricket and enjoys visiting his village During the show, Rajesh sung three Bhojpuri songs and even dedicated one of the songs to Ke Bani Crorepati. Actor and host of the show, Sha-

Mumbai: After more than a decade, actor Puneet Issar is seen in his most popular avatar in the small screen, that of a mythological character Jarasandh in Dwarkadheesh: Bhagwaan Shree Krishn, the new show on Imagine TV. Puneet Issar will essay this evil personality who is most famous for his role as Duryodhana in the TV adaptation of Mahabharata. Expressing his experience on playing the character of Jarasandh in Dwarkadheesh: Bhagwaan Shree Krishn, Puneet Issar said, I am really enjoying playing the role of Jarasandh, a very important character which not many people

are aware of. "Also, I am glad to be a part of a show which is shot on such a large scale and thank Imagine TV and Sagar Production for giving me an opportunity to play a mythological character after a long time. Jarasandh is a very interesting character and undoubtedly a challenging role to perform since he was born half and half to two mothers, who disowned him; later he was joined into one whole human being by Jara (rakshasi), hence known as Jarasandh. Hence he will be depicted with a DUAL personality - one aggressive and the other almost cowardly.

Pyaar Ka Punchnama on Zee Cinema

Mumbai: Zee Cinema, Indias leading Hindi movie channel, is bringing its viewers yet another new power packed movie Pyaar Ka

Punchnama! In a country that enjoys a fun film, Pyaar Ka Punchnama takes the audience on a quest to understand the tale of love in contemporary India taking a candid take on relationships and that wretched thing called love! This Indian take on the cult series American Pie, Pyaar Ka Punchnama takes a satirical look at love and relationships through the eyes of three seemingly very different men, it also takes a look at Indian men in a way never before explored in Indian cinema. Emo-

tions are pulled apart and the true psyche of modern men and women are brought to the fore. Every preconceived notion of a macho man is turned on its head, with the exploration of the heart that you never knew existed in men. A conventional romcom, it is definitely not! It's not the boymeet-gal-andthey-live-happily-thereafter kind of beaten to death plot. It's a fresh take on relationships where the r elat ion sh ip s blossom, guys become puppets, but break free eventually. The movie strikes the right balance between art and life everything from the language to the situations are straight out of the life of an Indian twenty something. There is laughter, there is fun, there is the somber and the serious too! And while it is not the kind of romantic date movie that you would take your lady love to, in fact unless she can deal with the things that go on in a guys mind, you are likely to end the night with a fight!


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Correspondent Arnab Chakraborty in conversation with Minisha Lamba.

Wanted to be a war journalist: Minisha

Recently you are part of Bheja Fry 2 and the film didn't do so well in the box office. Why do you think that it was so? Why do you say that? The film made money and the producer is malamal (very rich) right now. He's yet to take me out to dinner as a treat. Still what was the problem with the movie? It didn't attract a cult following like Bheja Fry. I guess we are used to a lot of cult movies right now and when Bheja Fry came out it was a comedy and everybody was amazed by how it was shot in one room. Today for a film to become a cult film you need for it to be more than a comedy. It has to be a film that addresses society. It has to be a film that dealt about very serious things but the way that its shot has to be a cult film. It is very difficult for comedies to become cult films. Tell us about your upcoming films. There is a film coming called Hum Tum Shabana. It's also comedy directed by Mr. Sagar Ballary. There is another film called Joker and then there is Zilla Ghaziabad. Hum Tum Shabana will release in September and the other two will release next year. Tell us about your experience at Cannes film Festival. How was it? It was beautiful and I think in the West they have really got the red carpet thing packed and they know how to do it beautifully out there. So to experience the original place of Cannes, which is the largest festival in the world, was great. But having said that I would like to add that we in India also do the red carpet premieres very well. The only difference is that

our journalists don't wear tuxedos behind the line which is the uniform there. Personally what genre of films you like? I love dramas and thrillers. And what about directors? Who are your favourite directors? Michael Bay is one of my favourite directors. Tony Scott is another director I absolutely love and Steven Soderbergh too. Which are the directors in India with whom you would like to work? I would love to work with a lot of newcomers. I will like to work with Dibakar Banerjee and Rajkumar (Gupta). Is it true that you really wanted to be a journalist? Ya that is very true. In fact I wanted to be a war journalist. I wanted to go off to places like Bosnia and Chechnya and Israel. Acting is something that was not planned. It really happened like an accident. But my parents are more than happy that film happened so I wouldn't go to some corner and be bombed out. So what do you feel about coming to Kolkata? I love Kolkata. I love coming back here. I love the place, the people, the food and also the architecture. I love the old world feel of the city. I also love the Bengali language as it's very sweet. So any plans of being in a Bengali film? First it would take me five years to learn the language. But yes maybe someday. Though I have watched Bengali films of Rituparno Ghosh.

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Akshay, Twinkle voted most stylish couple

Mumbai: Indias hottest and most contemporary couple Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna, now have another feather in their overflowing hat of accolades, and that is of Indias most stylish couple. Akshays wardrobe mostly consists of a cool and trendy vibe while wife, Twinkle, herself has an enviable collection of chic and sophisticated designer outfits herself. Both complement each other extremely well, even though they both have an individualistic unique style of carrying themselves. This award surely is very well deserved indeed, and most of the film industry as well as the common man would definitely agree on that.
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Weight Loss What Not to Do !

varSHa aSraNI

In the past I have addressed common questions of weight loss, in this article I will highlight WHAT NOT TO DO when on a weight loss journey.
When trying to lose weight, it is common to fall in traps of doing things which often act as barriers to your goal. The most common is to treat the weight loss journey as a task. I have always maintained that you generally attain great results when you do things you want to and not when you have to; your success is determined by your attitude, let this journey be a one that you want to. Culturally, because it is a family meal combined with the I prefer a light lunch attitude, dinners end up as our heaviest meals. Reduce your carbohydrate (starch) intake at dinner, try and keep dinners light when trying to lose weight. Modify the traditional dal, roti, sabzi, rice, pickle, poppadum and dahi followed by a sweet, an ideal dinner should include proteins in form of chicken, meat or pulses or paneer (for vegetarian), lightly sauted fresh greens and salad and a small portion of carbohydrate which is all what your body needs, ideally the size of your fist. Another area where we generally falter is missing the much needed regular meals. As mentioned in my articles before Never miss your meals. Missing a meal leads to craving for food and causes hunger pangs which in turn lead to binge eating and making poor food choices. Make sure you have supplies of healthy snacks, fruits and with a banghowever just a couple of days later the motivation is lost. This is another area that we need to be conscious about. I have a client who was very clear that confining to a gym atmosphere is not her, so together we identified different ways that she could accomplish the will struggle to maintain the focus, if you just sit there. Doing the same workout or eating the same food, day in - day out will lead to boredom. Try different recipes, there are many recipe books available which provide creative options to prepare the same old green veges avoid finding reasons what you can not do.many clients who see me say oh I could not run as the weather was not good and I respond could you not have done something indoors? If you can not go to the gym, a run around the block or even a dance session with friends or in solitude is better than just being a couch potato. Any form of exercise is good, just get moving! Avoid take away or junk food just because you dont have the time to cook, look at recipe books that teach you to cook in minutes. Home food is always the best option. Till next timetake care, eat and be healthy. This article is a general guideline ONLY, if you have any medical condition and for individual conditions you should consult a health professional or your medical practitioner immediately. Varsha Asrani is a New Zealand Registered Dietitian. For personal consultation or any question, suggestion or views please email her on info@varshaasrani. com.

Never miss your meals. Missing a meal leads to craving for food and causes hunger pangs which in turn lead to binge eating and making poor food choices.
nuts and dig in to them (in a balanced manner) when it is time to eat. Remember snacking is healthy but grazing is not. Also dont starveeat healthy and regularly. Workouts need a lot of enthusiasm and energy, most of us start same result. Yoga, Pilates, Zumba or even a regular run is good, as long as it was enjoyable. Monotony is another area that leads to a failed weight loss attempt. Change is essential, even if you are on the right track, you or the boring chicken in to a healthy and palatable option. Even with your workouts beat the monotony, speak to your instructor, and find new ways to challenge your body. Being creative is the key. Look at things you can do and

By Ruby Dhillon

Pre heat your oven to 180c gas mark 4. Grease and line an 18cm square cake tin. With an electric mixer beat the margarine and sugar together until smooth and light in colour, then gradually beat in the eggs and vanilla essence. Sift flour, cocoa powder and baking powder and add into the above mixture and mix using a spatula while adding in the milk and walnuts ( dont use the electric mixer here mix only with spatula). Using a spoon, add the mixture into the cake tin and level the top.


Bake this for 20 to 25 minutes. Leave to cool in the tin for 10 minutes then remove from the tin and leave to cool completely, on a plate. Cut this into 12 square pieces and dust them with the icing sugar.

55g- Flour owder 25g- cocoa p powder 1tsp- Baking e (butter) 125g-margarin vado sugar 230g- musco can be used in ( caster sugar you want) stead of that if 2-eggs sence 1tsp- vanilla es 1tbsp- milk or pecan nuts 60g- Walnuts gar 1tbsp- icing su

Tip: Do not over bake the Brownies, when you test your Brownie with a tooth pick or a skewer it should not come out clean like we do for the cake.
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a healthy and high-spirited life ahead.


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Benets: Can be helpful in weight loss, thyroid, BP. Usage: 1 cap juice mixed in 1 cup hot water (twice daily)



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Benets: Can be helpful in eczema, psoriasis, skin allergies, rashes. Usage: Apply on aected



WEST AucklAnd Aarkh Foods222 Swanson Rd Henderson. Ph:836 7666 Saffron Food214 Universal Drive Hender-son. Ph:836 2005 Shahnaz Husain nz --- 40 Lincon Road, Phone 09-908 2440 cEnTRAl AucklAnd khyber Royal Oak---822 Manukau Rd Royal Oak. Ph:625 1766 Yogi Jis---26 Carr Rd Mt Roskill. Ph:624 5757 Top-in-Town-583 Sandringham Rd Sandring-ham. Ph:846 9009 Spice Supermarket ---537 Sandringham Road, Phone: (09)-815-1748. khyber Food and spices ---528 Sandringham Road, Phone: (09)-815-2307. Payless---333 Sandringham Rd. Ph:963 6167 nORTH SHORE Jassal's Mix Masala 6A/20 Link Drive Glenfield. North Shore Phone: 09444 7796 EAST AucklAnd *Above statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Saluja---Unit 13 2 Bishop Dunn Pl Flat Bush. Ph:265 1502 The products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. SOuTH AucklAnd SUGGESTED USE: As a dietary supplement for adults use after 1 hr after meals, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner. kwality Baazar---286 Great South Rd Papatoe-toe. Ph:277 9596 If you are pregnant, nursing, taking any medication or have a medical condition, please consult your healthcare practitioner before taking any dietary supplement. Indo-Sprice---12E Puhinui Rd Manukau. Ph:277 6007 Keep out of reach of children. Store in a cool, dry place. Do not use if outer bottle Rockyz-Manurewa--- 154 Great South Rd Ma-nurewa. Ph:266 6688 seal is missing, torn or damaged in any way. ROTORuA Shahji's Royal Masala---1122 Eruera Street, Off Fenton Street, Rotorua 3010, New Zealand (07) 348 0280 WEllIngTOn Hare krishna Higher Taste Restaurant Customhouse Quay, Wellington 6011, New Zealand (04) 472 2233


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