William F. Gilreath 1702 Provost Circle Picayune, MS 39466-2830 (601) 798-0343 will@williamgilreath.

com (preferred contact) OBJECTIVE: A challenging permanent position as a software developer. EXPERIENCE: Software Developer (independent) • • • • Dec 2006 - present

Developed a general-purpose object-oriented programming language Mynx. Authored the programming language manual for Mynx a 222-page PDF document. Implemented the Mynx compiler using a new parsing algorithm of boundedcontext sentence. Developed the binar sort, a general-purpose linear time sorting algorithm. Jun 2006 - Nov 2006

Software Engineer/Developer Planning Systems Inc., Stennis Space Center, MS • • • • •

Administration of information database on MySQL database of sensor/buoy data on Linux server system. Developed and maintained Java application library for database management utilizing JDBC database driver. Wrote data population application with Java and shell scripts to import and export raw data from the database system. Assisted in improvement and verification of documentation presented on the intranet used by other scientists and software developers. Consulted in the development of a XML-based message software service project implemented in Java. Mar 2002 – Feb 2003

Technical Author (independent) Springer-Verlag • • • • •

Lead author on computer architecture book, with Dr. Phillip A. Laplante, "Computer Architecture: A Minimalist Perspective," published March 2003, ISBN 1-4020-7416-6. Book website: http://www.caamp.info. Researched the technical material relating to computer architecture and engineering for the text. Created tables, diagrams, and visual aides for book chapters illustrating concepts and principles relating to computer architecture. Developed chapter questions and exercises as means to assess level of understanding and comprehension of material. Created example programs in C programming language, assembly language to demonstrate computer architecture principles. Feb 2002 - Jun 2002

Java Developer/Consultant J.R. Simplot, Boise, ID • • • •

Mentored software engineers by hands-on training with Java and the object-oriented paradigm. Rewrote and translated existing code to Java for several in house applications. Developed in conjunction with other developers a Java applet for interactive data visualization. Authored reference documentation for training and education with Java and the object-oriented paradigm using UML.

utilities. Inc. UNIX systems. and JavaScript. Maintenance. and maintained XML parser in C++ Maintain and update C++ server software running on Windows NT platform as service. Developed and assisted in database development on Oracle. Assisted in assessing and planning requirements for application programming interfaces relating to SOAP and XML based software. Boise ID • • • • • • • • Developer for manufacturing data communication system and internal middleware library using TCP/IP and UDP protocols in C++ for Unix/Windows. CGI scripts. Developed. . JavaScript for internal web tools. Assisted in development of HTML forms.Software/Firmware Engineer Hewlett-Packard/Adecco Technical. Investigate and assist in debugging scripts. Perl script. Starkville. install. REFERENCES: Available upon request. Jun 1999 – Nov 2000 Software Engineer Micron Technology. Build printer firmware and debug failed builds on a distributed build system using C++. Sybase in PL/SQL and Transact SQL. Boise. Developed regression test suites for software applications and utilities in C++ using distributed middleware messaging.. web pages. testing of software documentation and development tools in C/C++ in UNIX. administer. documented. and maintain Apache web server for internal web tools and utilities. EDUCATION: Bachelors of Science in Computer Science Mississippi State University. debugged. Instructor for introductory class in XML and XML application library in C++. MS. ID • • • • • • Mar 2001 – Feb 2002 Build. UNIX shell. revision and support for existing legacy software in C/C++ on Windows. Worked and developed embedded C source as part of printer firmware package. and tools in C/C++. Code maintenance.