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To Err is Human well it certainly is against the companys policies..!!!

! Even the best of rulers fail when it comes to comprehending the complexity of human nature. The juggling of work and life, escalating expectation, stiffening competitions and endless list of concerns as the Rat Race gets crazier than ever!! Heres where we come in, wannabe HR executives!! We moderate, facilitate, fight to bring in trust and hope and propose brighter plans with our zing factors. In short, we deliver the different!! So, heres presenting a plethora of events were the most sensitive and creative minds shall conquer. We have mastered the art of negotiation and overcome the phobia of appraisals Now its time to pull up our socks and work towards improving the working culture and handling nerves Simple strategies make significant differences to any companys image. Well what are managers for!!! Lets make the difference!!
We present to you Boot Kamp, where you get to place yourself in the boots of an HR manager. Come on tops in a battle of nerves where resources are scarce and attrition and turnover are the silent killers. Get over the phobia of appraisals and master the art of negotiation. This event shall ensure a rigorous testing of your people management skills, ability to provide creative yet feasible solutions and understanding of organizational practices. So, show us how you can marshal your resources and we assure you the Booty is yours.


Rakesh, a hot-shot MBA graduate from one of India s leading institutes joined the company of his dreams, Insulant Advertising, which after ten years of professional work hasearned the company a lot of respect in the field of advertising. Rakesh is much attuned to modernadvertising methods on social networks like Facebook an d Twitter. He is convinced that they could reach out to potential talented hires by adding them as friends and rating them based on the creativity of their photos or status messages. According to him, there is much to unearth by using this medium.

But his boss, Sanjeev, isn t sure about the efficacy of this method. He believes the tried and tested meth od of employee referrals and campus recruitment should be stuck to. Furthermore, he feels that adding potential hires as friends would be a little unethical and intrusive on their part.

If you were Rakesh, how would you convince Sanjeev to try this mode of recruitment?


Archana had joined AlHomeCare as a sales trainee after her MBA in sales and marketing. Having impressed one and all with her performance, she was given the responsibility of sales executive within one year. She later had successfully handled the responsibilities of an area sales manager and was now the Divisional Sales Manager. AlHomeCare was a market leader in detergents and had expanded their product portfolio to include floor cleaners, toilet cleaners and insect repellents in the last decade. After more than 6 years of field work, Archana was now hoping to be promoted as the Regional Sales Manager. This promotion was done by evaluating the eligible divisional sales managers based on the sales revenues for their respective division s for four quarters straight. Archana had undertaken several sales based initiatives in her division over the past two years and was hoping to see a substantial increase in the sales revenues over the next four quarters. Hence, she was shocked to hear her superior announcing her transfer to the northern division of Gujarat for the next year. No one from amongst the other candidates eligible for this promotion was transferred to a different region. Archana was aware that the Gujarat division was relatively new and the market, one of the toughest to break through. Moreover, being the only women candidate for this job Archana could not help feeling the transfer had more to do with a gender bias against her upcoming promotion than a strategy decision as conveyed to her. She knew her results in the northern division would be marred by its inherent problems like intense competition and unfamiliar markets. Archana could see a major crack in her planned career path.

What is the point of introducing quotas and striving for diversity if women are still imprisoned beneath the glass ceiling? Will ambitious women ever get to fulfill their dreams in an unbiased working environment? wondered Archana. Questions: Q: What is your perception about Archana s suspicions? Q: As a personnel manager, what would you do to avoid such a situation?


Arjun had joined RXConsultancies after an MBA in Finance and Strategy as a finance consultant. In a span of 10 years, he had moved up to the position of a Senior Manager, Financial Division and was hopeful of being promoted as a vice president of his division in the next two years. Most of RX s international operations had grown duri ng Arjun s tenure at RX. Consequently, travel and transfers had been an integral part of Arjun s professional career. However, a mid life crisis coupled with adolescent children brought home a realization of how much Arjun had misse d out on in his personal life. Loyal to the firm, Arjun wanted to continue his contribution to the growth of the firm but was looking forward to a more peaceful stint without any travel. After being informed about an upcoming month long tour abroad, Arjun had called his friend and Manager HR at RX, Ravi for coffee to discuss his predicament. Ravi had an extremely offhand view on the matter: With RX poised at such a crucial juncture of Strategic growth, it will be out of these assignments. I agree, you have more than played your part in enabling our international growth but we generally make such exceptions on a case by case basis. For instance, the Strategy Division has been specially kept on home the past entire year keeping in view his health problems. But we have no policy in place that provides for limited our employees in the long run. difficult to get you

Mr. Sameer from assignments for travelling or transfers for

With a sinking heart, Arjun realized he may have to take a difficult decision. He loved his job. But RX had never even provided for any paternity leave policies deeming them unnecessary in the Indian scenario and Arjun could not bear to lose out on any more important moments in his kid s lives. Despite having made many sacrifices for the sake of his career, Arjun was now seriously considering putting in his papers. Questions: Q: What should RX as an employer do avoid loss of employees like Arjun?


Since a long time, Harshad had been nursing a strong desire to do something for his country. After 15 years of handling responsibilities for a large privatesector bank, Jeeves Bank, in In dia, he decided to take the plunge and heed the call of his patriotic side. As the new branch manager at Suraksha, a large public sector bank with a pervasive outreach across the urban and semiurban parts of India, he was highly highly motivated to take upon the new challenge. A week into the job, he was approached by a startup company, that was looking for funding to scale up its operations. The company had been coming up with innovative solutions for teaching slum kids in the cities, and capitalwas needed to increase their scope of activities.

After verifying their documents, Harshad was convinced that this group of motivated company founders deserved to get the funding and gave them a special lowterest loan in particular to further their cause.

A few weeks, he was rapped on his shoulder for sanctioning the loan, as this category of loans needed approval from the regional branch manager, which typically at least a month s time, if not more. Harshad was very disheartened at this, as he was able to sanction loans in his previous company without the need for any bureaucratic intermediary.

Harshad now wonders if he made the right career choice, and whether he could have made a greater difference in his previous job.

Case 5: Time and Again

Mr. Ram Narayan, a mechanical engineer, graduated from a premier engineering college in India joined Ghanshyam Das Pvt. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of automotive spare parts about a year ago. When he joined the company, he was sure that he had found his dream job.

At the time of selection, his job profile stated that he had to work 40 hours a week. But very soon he realized that he was working for 50 to 55 hours a week. He generally ended up spending his weekends in the office. He decided to demand overtime for the extra hours that he was working. He sent a mail to the department HR regarding the same. The HR replied back saying that as

per the nature of his job and the company policies, he is not eligible for any kind of overtime compensation. Disheartened, Ram Narayan went back to his routine job. After a six more months of similar working conditions, he sent an email to the HR head of the company demanding a revision in his pay structure to fit in the compensation for overtime, threatening to quit. The news has spread in the entire company like a forest fire. A lot of employees have started demanding for overtime and a situation of unrest among the employees has arisen. The matter has been escalated to the higher authorities in the company.

Mr.Kiran Kumar, the head HR has the challenge of resolving the current situation before people start quitting their jobs. He realizes that an appropriate compensation system needs to be set up that resolves around the issues of the employees, keeps them motivated and prevents attrition, and not withholding the company interests.


Q: What parameters should Mr. Kiran consider while designing the compensation packages?

Case 6: The Eternal Balance

Neha Singh joined Virmani Software Solutions, a well-known company in the field of providing B2B software solutions, 3 years ago as a systems architect. Within one year, as a reward for her exceptional work, she was promoted to

senior systems architect.

Virmani Software Solution s biggest customer in United Kingdom wanted Neha to go down onsite for the following month to make some changes in the B2B software solution that the company had developed for them. But with her children s exams just a fortnight away, Neha s reluctance was obvious.

As Neha s mentor, it was Nikhil s job to show her a way out. Barely 2 months into the new role, Nikhil realized that it was a much tougher job than he had initially thought. Trying to resolve the issue over coffee, Nikhil began thus,

You should go said Nikhil. Why can t they send Purav instead? He worked on the project with me Neha argued angrily.

It could be the client s insistence on having you there as you were the chief architect Nikhil reasoned.

Don t my problems mean anything to the company? Neha asked, her face flushed.

Of course they do Neha, but your boss wouldn t wish to do anything that will strain company s relationship with this key customer Nikhil explained.

Listen Nikhil Neha said, her mind all made up. I will go to UK, but under protest, you can tell my boss or the HR or whoever you want to, that as soon as I come back, I am going to look for another job .

Do not take rash decisions

Nikhil began. But Neha cut him off mid-way

through his sentence. This is not a rash decision. It is not the first time that I ve had to turn a blind eye to my family s needs and sort things out for the company replied Neha and walked away.

Nikhil Sharma decided to tell Pratik Patki, the head HR, at Virmani Software Solutions. Mentoring had been his idea. Pratik was shocked to learn about the conversation between Neha and Nikhil. The CEO is going to kill me. If she resigns, it will be 6thexit in 3 months. Besides this is Neha Singh we are talking

about, the star of our new systems architecture. I have to figure some way out .


: What should Pratik Patki do in this situation?

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Unilever is an organization using ________Strategy (10) Performance Management/Feedback System (3,6) Strategy of entering a new environment early (1, 8) This popular movie featured hilarious frustrations at the workplace, along with a red stapler (6,5) What Harpreet Singh was guilty of while establishing Rocket Corporations while working for AYS Compute A stage where subunits become aware of an organizational conflict is ____ conflict (9) Structures designed to induce people to behave in predictable accountable ways (11) Internal Transaction Cost also known as ________ cost (12) Types of HR professionals whose primary challenge is getting past the Gatekeeper, plur (4,7) A recruitment outsourcing service making the providers co-employers with the clients, abbr (3) Group of Organizations each of which owns shares in other organizations of the group (8) A problem in determining managerial accountability which arises when delegating authority to 'expert ma A theory of Ethics, (7) A plan giving the employees a strong property right, abbr (4) An organization hopping career, adj (7) A organized body for personnel management, abbr (4)

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Such a company is also referred to as Pass-through agencies (8) The science between your office and you (10) When you want to reduce the heirarchy (10) A Formal Crib about work (7) Deming offered fourteen key principles for management for transforming business effectiveness. The poin ____ Recruitment Method involves applicant invitation through online mediums like e-mail, online applic Vendors deliver contracted services for a set amount of money per employee per month. This is ___ pricin Process of defining objectives within an organization so that management and employees agree to the obj A list of Tasks, Duties, Responsibilities that a job entails (3, 6) Last name of the management Guru who first coined the term, Knowledge Worker (7) Distance between minimum and maximum amounds in a pay scale (5,6) - The first word (5) When competitors secretly agree to share information for a deceitful or illegal purpose, noun (9) The ____ Act, 1948: An Act to consolidate and amend the law regulating labour in factories (9) Distance between minimum and maximum amounds in a pay scale (5,6) - The second word (6) The Ma FoiRandstadWorkmonitor survey recently announced ____ as having the highest Global Mobility I A management system used by HR professionals, abbr (4)