138 - Appendices: Related Books


Reading furnishes the mind only with materials of knowledge; it is thinking that makes what we read ours. – JOHN LOCKE

Related Books
Action Plan for Your Inner Child, An; Laurie Weiss
Addictive Organization, The; Anne Wilson Sheaf Affluenza; John De Graaf, David Wann, Thomas Naylor Against All Enemies; Richard Clarke Age of Voltaire, The; Will and Ariel Durant American Dynasty; Kevin Phillips Anatomy of an Illness; Norman Cousins Anatomy of Self, The; Takeo Doi Anatomy of the Spirit; Caroline Myss Animal Farm; George Orwell Aquarian Conspiracy, The; Marilyn Ferguson Art of Living Consciously, The; Nathaniel Branden Atlas Shrugged; Ayn Rand Authentic Leadership; Bill George Autobiography of Malcolm X, The; Malcolm X Awakening Earth; Duane Elgin

Balance Point; Joe Jenkins
Before the Beginning; Martin Rees Beethoven Factor, The; Paul Pearsall Being Digital; Nicholas Negroponte Be Here Now; Ram Dass (Richard Alpert) Best Democracy Money Can Buy, The; Greg Palas Betrayal of America, The; Vincent Bugliosi Beyond Codependency; Melody Beattie Biblical Sources of Stewardship, The; Willard Swartley Big Lies; Joe Conason Blinded by the Right; David Brock Blur; Stan Davis, Chris Meyer Bobos in Paradise; David Brooks Book of Virtues, The; William J. Bennett Bowling Alone; Robert D. Putnam Bradshaw On: The Family; John Bradshaw


Appendices: Related Books - 139

Brass Check, The; Upton Sinclair Brave New World; Aldous Huxley Brief History of Time, A; Stephen Hawking Bushwhacked; Molly Ivins Buying of the President 2004, The; Charles Lewis

Call to Service, A; John Kerry
Candide; Voltaire Capitalism and Freedom; Milton Friedman Captive Mind, The; Czeslaw Milosz Care of the Soul; Thomas Moore Casting the Net over Global Learning; Bernard J. Luskin Catch 22; Joseph Heller Choosing Simplicity; Linda Breen Pierce Chop Wood, Carry Water; by Rick Fields, et al. Citizens of the Empire; Bob Jensen Civil Disobedience; Henry David Thoreau Civility; Stephen L. Carter Climbing Higher; Montel Williams Closing of the American Mind, The, Allan Bloom Cluetrain Manifesto, The; C. Locke, R. Levine, D. Searls, D. Weinberger Collective Intelligence; Pierre Levy Common Good, The; Noam Chomsky Communist Manifesto, The; Karl Marx, Friederich Engels Conscious Evolution; Barbara Marx Hubbard Consumer Society, The; Neva Goodwin, et al Compassionate Universe; Eknath Easwaran Conscience of a Liberal, The; Paul David Wellstone Conversations With God; Neale Donald Walsch Courage To Be, The; Paul Tillich Crashing the Party; Ralph Nader Creating A New Civilization, Alvin And Heidi Toffler Creation Spirituality; Matthew Fox Creative Visualization; Shakti Gawain Critique of Pure Reason; Immanuel Kant Crossing the Unknown Sea; David Whyte Cultural Creatives, The; Paul H. Ray, Sherry Ruth Anderson Cultural Literacy; E.D. Hirsch, Jr. Culture Jam; Kalle Lasn Cyberculture; Pierre Levy Cyberschools; Glenn R. Jones

140 - Appendices: Related Books


D ancing Wu Li Masters, The; Gary Zukav, David Finkelstein
Das Kapital; Karl Marx, Friederich Engels Death of Common Sense, The; Phillip K. Howard Deep Democracy of Open Forums, The; Arnold Mindell Deep Design; David Wann Deep Ecology; Bill Devall, George Sessions Democracy and Education; John Dewey Democracy and Its Critics; Robert Alan Dahl Democracy, Citizenship and the Global City; Engin F. Isin Democracy in America; Alexis De Tocqueville Dialogues of Socrates, The; Plato Diet for a New America; John Robbins Diet for a Small Planet; Frances Moore Lappé Different Drum, The; M. Scott Peck Digital Literacy; Paul Glister Direct Democracy; Thomas E. Cronin Dirty Little Secrets; Larry J. Sabato, Glenn R. Simpson Disarming Iraq; Hans Blix Discourse on Method; René Descartes Da Vinci Code, The; Dan Brown Do What You Love, The Money Will Follow; Marsha Sinatar Downshifting; Amy Saltzman (Same title also by John Drake) Dreaming War; Gore Vidal Dumbing Us Down; John Taylor Gatto

E arth in the Balance; Albert Gore, Jr.
Eco-Economy; Lester R. Brown Ecology of Commerce; Paul Hawken Elegant Universe, The; Brian Greene Embracing the Beloved; Stephen and Ondrea Levine Embracing the Earth; Mark Harris Emotional Alchemy; Tara Bennett-Goleman End of Work, The; Jeremy Rifkin Escape From Freedom; Erich Fromm Ethics; Baruch Spinoza Ethics of Rhetoric, The; Richard M. Weaver Everyday Grace; Marianne Williamson Excellence; John W. Gardner Exception to the Rulers, The; Amy Goodman, David Goodman Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting; Lynn Grabhorn


Appendices: Related Books - 141

Facing CoDependency; Pia Melody
Facing Love Addiction; Pia Melody Fahrenheit 451; Ray Bradbury Fast Food Nation; Eric Schlosser Federalist Papers, The; Alexander Hamilton,James Madison, et al Feminine Mystique, The; Betty Friedan Fire in the Belly; Sam Keen Fire in the Minds of Men; James H. Billington Fixing Elections; Steven Hill Flatland; Edwin A. Abbott Flow; Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Fountainhead, The; Ayn Rand Four Agreements, The; Don Miguel Ruiz Free for All; Wendy Kaminer Freedom Evolves; Daniel C. Dennett From Dawn to Decadence; Jacques Barzun Future of Freedom, The; Fareed Zakaria Future Shock; Alvin Toffler

Gandhi's Seven Steps to Global Change; Guy de Mallac
Games People Play; Eric Berne Gendered Society, The; Michael S. Kimmel Get Your War On; David Rees, Colson Whitehead Gathering Power; Paul Osterman Getting a Life; Jacqueline Blix, David HeitMiller Getting Real; Susan Campbell Ghost Wars; Steve Coll Global Brain; Howard Bloom Global Brain Awakens, The; Peter Russell Global Village, The; Marshall McLuhan Globalization and Its Discontents; Joseph Stiglitz God of the Machine, The; Isabel Paterson Good Citizen, The; Michael Schudson Got War?; Gary B. Trudeau Great Unraveling, The; Paul Krugman Great Work, The; Thomas Berry Greatest Salesman in the World, The; Og Mandino Green, Cheap, and Happy; Randi Hacker Green Man, The; Cass Adams Gulliver’s Travels; Jonathan Swift

142 - Appendices: Related Books


Habits of the Heart; Richard N. Bellah, et al
Had Enough?; James Carville Handbook to Higher Consciousness, The; Ken Keyes, Jr. Hazards of Being Male, The; Herb Goldberg He, She, and We; Robert A. Johnson Healing the Soul of America; Marianne Williamson Healing Society; Seung Heun Lee Heart of the Internet, The; Jacques Vallee Hegemony or Survival; Noam Chomsky Hero With a Thousand Faces, The; Joseph Campbell Hidden Persuaders; Vance Packard High Tech/High Touch; John Naisbitt Hiroshima; John Hersey Hope Dies Last; Studs Terkel How Can I Help?; Ram Dass, Richard Gorman How Democratic Is the American Constitution?; Robert Alan Dahl How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World; Harry Browne How to Overthrow the Government; Arianna Huffington How to Read a Book and Why; Harold Bloom How to Want What You Have; Timothy Miller How to Win Friends and Influence People; Dale Carnegie

I know Why the Caged Bird Sings; Maya Angelou
Idea of God, The; John Fiske Ideas That Conquered the World, The; Michael Mandelbaum If You Love This Planet; Helen Caldicott Illusions; Richard Bach Illusions of Immortality; David Giles Imagine; Gina Misiroglu In the Absence of the Sacred; Jerry Mander In the Footsteps of Gandhi; Catherine Ingram Inner Reaches of Outer Space, The; Joseph Campbell Instinct for Freedom; Alan Clements Interpretation of Cultures, The; Clifford Geertz Intimate Strangers; Richard Schickel Invisible Man; Ralph Ellison Iron John; Robert Bly Iron Triange, The; Dan Briody Ishmael; Daniel Quinn It Can’t Happen Here; Sinclair Lewis It Takes a Village; Hillary Rodham Clinton


Appendices: Related Books - 143

Jump Time; Jean Houston
Jungle, The; Upton Sinclair

L ast Hours of Ancient Sunlight, The; Thomas Hartmann
Leader as Martial Artist, The; Arnold Mindell Leadership; James MacGregor Burns Leadership Challenge, The; James M. Kouzes Lesson of History, The; Will and Ariel Durant Leviathan; Thomas Hobbes Lexus and the Olive Tree, The; Thomas L. Friedman Liberty for Women; Wendy McElroy Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them; Al Franken Lies My Teacher Told Me; James W. Loewen Living a Life That Matters; Harold S. Kushner Living Downstream; Sandra Steingraber Living in the Light; Shakti Gawain, Laurel King Living Machines; John Todd Living More with Less; Doris Janzen Longacre Living on Purpose; Dan Millman Living the Good Life; Scott & Helen Nearing Living the Science of Mind; Ernest Holmes Long Walk to Freedom; Nelson Mandela

M ad Cowboy; Howard Lyman
Magic of Conflict, The; Thomas Crum Making Democracy Work; Robert D. Putnam Making Peace with Anyone; David J. Lieberman Man and His Symbols; Carl Jung Man’s Search for Meaning; Viktor Frankl Massive Swelling, A; Cintra Wilson Medium is the Massage, The; Marshall McLuhan Megatrends; John Naisbitt Meme Machine, The; Susan Blackmore Manufacturing Consent; Edward Herman, Noam Chomsky Metaphysics of Morals, The; Immanuel Kant Material World; Peter Menzel Miracle of Mindfulness, The; Thich Nhat Hanh Moral Obligation to Be Intelligent, The; Lionel Trilling More Liberty Means Less Government; Walter E. Williams Multiple Intelligences; Howard E. Gardner Myth of Male Power, The; Warren Farrell

144 - Appendices: Related Books


Naked in Baghdad; Anne Garrels
Natural Capitalism; Paul Hawken, Amory & Hunter Lovins Nature; Ralph Waldo Emerson Negaholics; Cherie Carter-Scott New Freedom of Forgiveness, The; David Augsburger New Thinking for the New Millennium; Edward de Bono New Rules for the New Economy; Kevin Kelly Next Hundred Years, The; Yvon Chouniard Nexus; Mark Buchanan Nickel and Dimed; Barbara Ehrenreich Nineteen Eighty-Four; George Orwell Nontoxic, Natural and Earthwise; Debra Lynn Dadd Nuclear Madness; Helen Caldicott

One Makes the Difference; Julia Butterfly Hill
Open Society; George Soros Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth; R. Buckminster Fuller Origin of Species & The Descent of Man, The; Charles Darwin Original Blessing; Matthew Fox Orwell’s Revenge; Peter Huber Our Final Hour; Martin Rees Outline of History; H.G. Wells

P ale Blue Dot; Carl Sagan
Path of Least Resistance, The; Robert Fritz Path of Transformation; Shakti Gawain Pedagogy of Freedom; Paulo Freire Pedagogy of the Oppressed; Paulo Freire People of The Lie; M. Scott Peck People’s History of the United States, A; Howard Zinn Perfectly Legal; David Cay Johnston Perpetual War for Perpetual Peace; Gore Vidal Pitching My Tent; Anita Diamant Plan of Attack; Bob Woodward Political Fictions; Joan Didion Population Bomb, The; Paul Ehrlich Power; Michael Korda Power of Intention, The; Wayne W. Dyer Power of Myth, The; Joseph Campbell Power of Nonviolence, The; Howard Zinn Power of Now, The; Eckhart Tolle


Appendices: Related Books - 145

Power Politics; Arundhati Roy Practice of the Presence of God, The; Brother Lawrence Prayer for America, A; Dennis Kucinich, Studs Terkel Price of Loyalty, The; Ron Suskind Principia, The; Isaac Newton Prophet, The; Kahlil Gibran Psychology of Self Esteem, The; Nathaniel Brandon Public Opinion; Walter Lippmann Pulling Your Own Strings; Wayne W. Dyer Pursuit of the Millennium, The; Norman Cohn

Quiet American, The; Graham Greene Radical Enlightenment; Jonathan I. Israel
Radical Spirit; Stephen Dinan Rational Mysticism; John Horgan Reasonable Life, A; Ferenc Mate Release 1.0 and Release 2.0; Esther Dyson Revolution from Within; Gloria Steinem Revolution X; Rob Nelson, Jon Cowan Rich Media, Poor Democracy; Robert McChesney Right Use of Will; Ceanne DeRohan Rise of the Vulcans; Jim Mann Road Less Traveled, The; M. Scott Peck Risk Worth Taking, A; David Augsburger Road to Serfdom, The; Friedrich A. Hayek Rousseau and Revolution; Will and Ariel Durant Rules for Radicals; Saul Alinsky

Science, Truth and Democracy; Philip

Kitcher Seasons of A Man’s Life, The; Daniel J. Levinson Seat of the Soul, The; Gary Zukav Self-Esteem; Caroline Myss Self-Liberation; Karma-Glin-Pa, et al Self Matters; Phillip McGraw Self Reliance; Ralph Waldo Emerson Self-Rule; Robert H. Wiebe Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, The; Stephen Covey Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, The; Deepak Chopra Seven Wonders; John Ryan Sexual Politics; Kate Millett

146 - Appendices: Related Books Shambhala; Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche Showdown at Gucci Gulch; Jeffrey Birnbaum Silent Spring; Rachel Carson Silent Takeover; Noreena Hertz Simple Abundance; Sarah Ban Breathnach Simple Life, The; David Shi Simplicity; Mark Burch Simplicity Reader, The; Elaine St. James Six Degrees; Duncan J. Watts Skeptical Environmentalist, The; Bjorn Lomborg Small is Beautiful; E. H. Schumacher Small Pieces Loosely Joined; David Weinberger Smart Mobs; Howard Rheingold Social Contract, The; Jean Jacques Rousseau Sometimes A Great Notion; Ken Kesey Sorrows of Empire, The; Chalmers Johnson Soul of A Citizen; Paul Rogat Loeb Spirit Matters; Michael Lerner Spiritual Economics; Eric Butterworth Spiritual Growth; Sanaya Roman Steal This Book; Abbie Hoffman Still Small Voice; Echo Bodine Stranger in A Strange Land; Robert Heinlein Stupid White Men; Michael Moore Soul of A Citizen; Paul Rogat Loeb State of the World; Lester Brown Status Seekers, The; Vance Packard Superbia; Dan Chiras, David Wann


T ao of Leadership, The; John Heider
Tao of Physics, The; Fritjof Capra Take Action!; Marc Kielburger, Craig Kielburger Taking Back Our Lives; Ellen Schwartz, Suzanne Stoddard Taking Care of Business; Richard Grossman, Frank T. Adams Teamwork; Carl E. Larson, Frank M.J. LaFasto Technopoly; Neil Postman Telecosm; George Gilder Ten Percent Solution, The; Marc Allen Terrorism and Tyranny; James Bovard Theory of Everything, A; Ken Wilbur Tibetan Book of Living and Dying, The; Sogyal Rinpoche


Appendices: Related Books - 147

Tipping Point, The; Malcolm Gladwell The Book On the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are; Alan Watts Theory of Moral Sentiments, The; Adam Smith Thieves in High Places; Jim Hightower Third Wave, The; Alvin Toffler Third Way, The; Anthony Giddens Timelock; Ralph Keyes Top Heavy; Edward N. Wolff Total Freedom; Jiddu Krishnamurti Toward a Psychology of Being; Abraham Maslow Tristram Shandy; Laurence Sterne True Believer, The; Eric Hoffer Trust Us We're Experts; John Stauber, Sheldon Rampton Turning Point, The; Fritjof Capra Two Treatises on Civil Government, John Locke Tyranny of the Urgent; Charles E. Hummel

Uncivil War, The; Stephen Singular
Underside of History, The; Elise Boulding Understanding Media, Marshall McLuhan Understanding Power; Noam Chomsky Unequal Protection; Thomas Hartmann Up From Conservatism; Michael Lind

Vagina Monologues, The; Eve Ensler
Vanishing Voter The; Thomas E. Patterson Vindication of the Rights of Women; Mary Wollstonecraft Visionary Business; Marc Allen Voluntary Simplicity; Duane Elgin

W alden; Henry David Thoreau
War and Anti-War; Alvin Toffler War on Freedom, The; Nafeez Mosaddeq Ahmed War on Our Freedoms, The; Richard C. Leone War on the Bill of Rights and the Gathering Resistance; Nat Hentoff Warrior King; John C. Bonifaz Waste Makers, The; Vance Packard Way of the Peaceful Warrior, The; Dan Millman Wealth Addiction; Phillip Slater Wealth and Democracy; Kevin Phillips Wealth of Nations, The; Adam Smith

148 - Appendices: Related Books


Weapons of Mass Deception; Sheldon Rampton, John Stauber Web of Life, The; Fritjof Capra What Liberal Media?; Eric Alterman When Society Becomes an Addict; Anne Wilson Sheaf When Corporations Rule the World; David C. Korten When You Ride Alone You Ride with Bin Laden; Bill Maher Wherever You Go, There You Are; Jon Kabat-Zinn Why American's Don't Vote; Frances Fox Piven, Richard A. Cloward Why Men Are the Way They Are; Warren Farrell Wisdom of Insecurity, The; Alan Watts Women Who Love Too Much; Robin Norwood Work Less, Play More; Steven Catlin Work of Nations, The; Robert B. Reich Working Poor, The; David K. Shipler World on Fire; Amy Chua World’s End (“Lanny Budd” series); Upton Sinclair Worse Than Watergate; John W. Dean

Y ear to Live, A; Stephen Levine
Your Money or Your Life; Vicki Robin, Joe Dominguez Your Primal Nature; Caroline Myss Your Sacred Self; Wayne W. Dyer

Z en and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance; Robert Persig
Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind; Shunryu Suzuki

50 Ways to Love Your Country; MoveOn.org
9-11; Noam Chomsky

NOTE: Hope this reading list helps get you started.

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