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Dengan hormat, Menindaklanjuti pembicaraan kita via phone maupun SMS, baik langsung dengan MR. Tonny Lee maupun melalui saudara saya Mr. Sudirman Ahmad Rasyidin, bersama ini kami kirimkan DRAFT CONTRACT yang didalamnya telah ada Spec dari produk Nikel yang tuan perlukan. Sesuai dengan keadaan bahwa Nikel banyak yang berminat, maka agar peluang ini dapat Tuan dapatkan, maka saya minta agar segera mendapat respond secepatnya . Demikian atas kerjasama yang baik diucapkan banyak terimakasih. Best Regard Jakarta, tgl 5 Juli 2011 Arrangger,

DR. Ir. Suyitno, M.Sc CC : Saudaraku Sudirman Ahmadrasidin
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South East Sulawesi. intermediary. “Metric Ton” or “MT” means a ton equivalent to 1. ARTICLE 2: COMMODITY Nickel Ore. Indonesia. POMALAA. being within the limit laid down by Buyer’s country Law for importing ore Seller: 3 Buyer: . the following terms shall. have the following meanings: • • • • “ORE” means Nickel Ore of Indonesia origin.7%) Contract No. Indonesia.7)/AMI-CEC/VII/2011. the Seller agrees to sell and the Buyer agrees to purchase the Nickel Ore on the following terms and conditions: ARTICLE 1: DEFINITION In this contract. “Wet Basis” means Boulder in its natural wet state.SALE AND PURCHASE AGREEMENT CONTRACT NICKEL ORE Ni 1. “USD” or “US$” means the currency of the United States of America freely transferable from and payable to an external account. INDONESIA. Now therefore.8% (Reject < 1. July 1. unless otherwise specifically defined.8-1. Date THE SELLER: Company Name Address Attn Tel Fax E-mail THE BUYER: Company Name Address Attn Tel Fax E-mail : 303/SPAC(Ni1.000 kilograms. Sulawesi Tenggara. and the Seller are each individually a “Party” and collectively the “Parties”. Kolaka. Latitude 04˚ 13’ 118’’ S. 2011 : : : : : : : : : : : : : PT. Longitude 121˚ 33’ 120’’ E Name of Commodity Country of Origin Packing Loading Port Anchorage Coordinate : : : : : Boulders shall be free of deleterious impurities and suitable and safe for ocean transportation with respect to moisture content. +62 +62 The Buyer. In Bulk. Poros BTN Tahoa. : Friday. being within the limits laid down in the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Code of Safe Practice for Solid Bulk Cargoes prevailing at the time of shipment. AKAR MAS INTERNATIONAL Jl.

ARTICLE 3: SPECIFICATION Element/ Parameter Nickel/ Ni Moisture (As received basis) MgO (Air dried basis) Total Iron/ Fe (Air dried basis) Sulfur Trioxide/ SO3 (Air dried basis) Silica/ SiO3 (Air dried basis) Phosphor Chemical composition 1.000 WMT as trial order and to be continued 12 x 50.8% (Reject below 1. : Buyer’s option. with the same term of condition.7%) If the actual Ni content is above 1. (C) Total Iron If the Total Iron content is above 20%.000 WMT.02% max 30% . fraction pro rate. Buyer has the right to reject the cargo or accept it under different conditions and terms that will be re-negotiated. (B) Moisture When the Moisture level is above 30%. then the FOB sale price shall be discounted USD 0. South East Sulawesi. the Seller shall be responsible and the cargo will be rejected.8% then the BONUS shall be given USD 0.30/ WMT for each 0.7%.01%.20% 0.01% max Above 0.30/ WMT for each 1% above 20% up to 25%.7% (on dry basis) Above 35% Above 25% Above 25% Above 0. If the Moisture level is more than 35%. each. 30% 20% 14% . If any other elements are found to have detrimental effect on the material. : As Seller and Buyer agreed in the end of July 2011for complete shipment on MV Buyer: 4 Quantity Port of Loading Port of Discharging Latest Date of Shipment Seller: . fraction pro rata. 50. then the FOB sale price shall be deducted USD 0.8% (on dry basis) min. fraction pro rata. both Buyer and Seller shall discuss harmoniously to achieve the final results provided agreed and acceptable by the Seller. with 10% more or less at Seller’s option with Laycan TBA.03% (A) Nickel: 1. the Buyer has the absolute right to reject the cargo or accept it under different conditions and terms that will be re-negotiated.03% Rejection Below 1.000 WMT. ARTICLE 5: SHIPMENT : POMALAA. If the cargo is rejected. If the Ni content is below 1. ARTICLE 4: QUANTITY : 50. Indonesia.radiation.30/ WMT for each 1% increment of Moisture up to 35%.50% 0.

Letter of Credit to contain the following: • Charter Party Bills of Lading are allowed.e.4. Certificate of Analysis (COA) and Certificate of Weight (COW) issued by any Independent Surveyor agreed by Seller and Buyer (PT. Commercial Invoice. Validity of Letter of Credit is 90 (ninety) days payable against presentation of the original shipping documents stated below. • Include clause allowing beneficiary to add confirmation at the counters of beneficiary’s bank. and advised to Seller's. ARTICLE 6: PRICE 6. 6. The Letter of Credit (L/C) must allow a tolerance of +/.1. 6. • Overdrawn or under drown quality and quantity adjustments are acceptable. Buyer shall issue operative Letter of Credit (L/C) 100% at sight. Sale Price has to be reviewed every 3 (three) months. • Third Party Documents and invoice are acceptable. SELLER shall deliver Nickel Ore Based on F.” • Latest presentation date to be 21 (Twenty One) days from date of Bill of Lading. without any longer waiting for payment settlement from opening/ issuing bank acceptable.O. POMALAA. Vessel’s arrival at Loading Port.B ST MV and trimmed on board a geared vessel at 1 (one) safe anchorage at Loading Point. and Certificate of Origin (COO). confirmed. Bill of Lading.. ST Mother Vessel shall be USD 56. And it is subject to the current edition of the Uniform Custom and Practice of Documentary Credit of the International Chamber of Commerce.5/ WMT (Fifty Six and Fifty Cents United States Dollars) per Wet Metric Ton of Nickel Ore delivered as directed by Article 3. ARTICLE 7: PAYMENT TERMS Payment for Nickel Ore shall be made by Buyer to Seller in US Dollars.B.3. Indonesia. The Letter of Credit (L/C) shall notify to the Beneficiary's or Seller’s Bank not later than 30 (thirty) days before projected ETA. South East Sulawesi.should be within 30 days after received an OPERATIVE L/C from Buyer. irrevocable. All payments to SELLER by irrevocable. maximum 1 (one) working day upon submitting full and clean original shipping documents i. 6.10% to the total cargo value and also for quantity and quality adjustment. “SALE PRICE” F. • Include clause “spelling or typing errors not affecting figures are not considered discrepancies. UCP 600 or the LATEST VERSION.2. bank details of Seller's Bank is to be advised later.” • Include clause “payment at the counters of Seller’s Bank in Indonesia. confirmed from one of the world top 20 Prime Bank at least 5 (five) working days after signing contract. 100% at sight L/C issued by one of the world top 20 Prime bank. SUCOFINDO). The Letter of Credit (L/C) to be advised through the Seller’s Bank with the following details: Bank Name : Branch Address : SWIFT CODE Seller: 5 : : Buyer: .O.

chemical content and moisture thus determined shall be binding for Buyer and Seller as reference only. chemical content and moisture thus determined by PT. Sampling. SAMPLING AND INSPECTION At loading port: The Seller and Buyer. SUCOFINDO at loading port shall be final and binding for Buyer and Seller. : Bank Name : Bank Address : Swift Code : Bank Officer : Phone : Fax : BUYER’S BANK DETAILS: Account Name: Account No. At discharge port: The Buyer will. and Assaying of the Nickel Ore in accordance with International Standards. Sampling. SUCOFINDO. : Bank Name : Bank Address : Swift Code : Bank Officer : Phone : Fax : ARTICLE 8: WEIGHING. assign PT. Seller and Buyer shall have the right to be represented at this operation at their own expense. and Assaying of the Nickel Ore at discharging port in accordance with International Standards. Both Buyer and Seller shall have the right to be represented at this operation at their own expense. • Full set (3/3) of original clean on board Charter Party Bill of Lading marked “Freight Payable as per Charter Party” and “Freight Prepaid. at the loading port. AKAR MAS INTERNATIONAL Account No.Account Name Account No. : : The invoice shall be completed with the presentation of clean shipping documents in conformity to the terms and conditions and as listed below: • SELLER’S signed and stamped Commercial Invoice in 1 (one) original plus 4 (four) copies showing details of calculation. and assaying of the Nickel Ore are for Seller’s account. Seller: 6 Buyer: . PT. Dry weight shall be determined by draft survey report of the vessel. at the loading port. at its own account. SUCOFINDO. SELLER’S BANK DETAILS: Account Name: PT. sampling. • Certificate of Weight (COW) in 1 (one) original plus 4 (four) copies issued by the nominated Surveyor. assign an Independent Surveyor to carry out the Weighing. • • Certificate of Origin (COO) in 1 (one) original plus 4 (four) copies. And the costs of weighing. PT. SUCOFINDO to carry out the Weighing. Dry weight shall be determined by Draft Survey Report of the vessel. The weight.” • Certificate of Sampling and Analysis (COA) in 1 (one) original plus 4 (four) copies issued by the nominated Surveyor. Beneficiary Certificate stating that one extra complete set of Non-Negotiable documents had been sent by courier or Fax to the Buyer within four (4) working days from the bills of landing date. The weight.

a fixed shipping schedule for that Vessel. the Buyer will reconfirm the authentication of this information through their contacts. claims demands or proceeding suffered or incurred by the Buyer as a result of any breach of such guarantee. losses.4 Seller: 7 Buyer: . in the mutual opinion of both BUYER shall have the option to cancel any scheduled Vessel under this agreement or divert it to other port (s) subject to Article 12. Such schedule shall specify: . The quantity of Nickel Ore to be loaded into BUYER’S Vessel may be varied by +/.10% (ten percent more or less) of the notified quantity at discretion of the Vessel’s Master.Estimated time of Vessel’s arrival (ETA). BUYER and SELLER shall use their best efforts to normalize shipping schedules as soon as possible after removal of Force Majeure. . 9. Chemical composition. The Seller guarantees that it can accept Vessels onto the berth/ anchorage and into the port/ point of shipment safely as specified under the relevant confirmation. Provided that the details submitted are found correct. cost. and when sailing to leave the port. .2 BUYER shall ensure Master of the Vessel shall advise in writing and by radio to the load port Agent to be nominated as per Seller recommendation.Final weight. in the Force Majeure is declared in accordance with Article 12 by SELLER and if there appears. and Moisture shall be binding for both Parties and final at loading port the results determined by PT. its estimated time of arrival at the loading port ten (10) days. expenses. Sample distribution: 12 complete sets of sealed samples from both loading ports and discharging ports shall be distributed as follows: . or if not specified therein.4 sets of sealed samples for Buyer.4 sets of sealed samples for Seller. LOA and maximum draft of the Vessel alongside the berth/ anchorage. 9. five (5) days. . 9. and moisture: The Final Weight. SUCOFINDO Independent Surveyor.1 ARTICLE 9: SHIPPING SCHEDULE At least fourteen (14) days prior to the estimated time of arrival of the Vessel at Loading Port and only after the readiness of minimum 85% (eighty five percent) cargo at the Supplier's Stockpile. SUCOFINDO in reserve. In the event that any Force Majeure conditions occur or are likely to occur Regardless weather declared or not in accordance with Article 12 the treatment of the scheduled Vessel may be discussed in good faith by BUYER and SELLER and if there appears. the BUYER shall submit to SELLER.Name of the nominated Vessel and its particulars. . subject to the maximum tonnage to be sold and purchased as specified in Article 4.3 9. with the maximum beam. further on receipt of the transshipment schedule along with the barges name and the confirmation letter from the jetty Owner confirming the slots for transshipment at the jetty.Total tonnage of Nickel Ore to be loaded into the Vessel. three (3) days and twenty four (24) hours before BUYER’S Vessel is expected to arrive.4 sets of sealed samples to be kept PT. The Seller shall provide free of charge to the Buyer a safe berth/ anchorage facility or area at the port/ point of shipment where the Vessel can when fully laden safely reach and safety leave and where she can always safely afloat during the loading. And it is not subject to any disputes.3. The Seller shall indemnify the Buyer in respect of all liabilities. which is customary for the Port/ Point of shipment. chemical composition.

or 300 ft) shall be USD 3. If the Vessel arrives at the Port of Shipment and tenders Notice of Readiness after the lay can.3 10. Demurrage on a barge (230 ft. The Seller/ Port Authority shall not be obliged to receive or accept Notice of Readiness if tendered prior the first day of the lay can. vitals. Nomination of Vessel The BUYER shall nominate a suitable performing Vessel prior to fixture acceptance by the SELLER. If the Vessel arrives at Load Port prior to the lay can. taking bunkers. whether it is in free pratique or not.4 10. 270 ft. such Vessel to be taken in strict rotation upon arrival at the Port/ Point of Shipment subject to the agreement of the Port Authority. in the opinion of either the Port Authority or the Master make ship loading perilous. loading shall take place in rotation upon Vessel’s arrival at the Port of Shipment and lay time shall commence on actual commencement of loading.1 Notice of Readiness Notice of Readiness (N/R) to load the Nickel Ore shall be tendered in writing by electronic mail or facsimile or by radio upon the Vessel arrival at the Loading Port any time day or night (ATDN) when the Vessel has arrived at the Port of Shipment and (ii) is in all respects ready to load the Nickel Ore at the Port of Shipment whether the Vessel has arrived at its designated berth at the Port of Shipment or not.1 The time taken from the Vessel shifting from anchorage or pilot on board whichever is earlier. The SELLER has to reply within twenty-four (24) running hours indicating acceptance of the nominated Vessel. or intermediate draft survey or draft checks). or the actual commencement of loading. lay time will count from commencement of loading. 10.ARTICLE 10: LOADING TERM 10.10. the Seller shall use its reasonable endeavors to ensure availability of Nickel Ore at the Port/ Point of Shipment and a ready berth/ anchorage for the Buyer’s Vessel. Seller: 8 Buyer: . and all loading operations are suspended then all such time lost shall not count as lay time or if on demurrage as time on demurrage. but if the Vessel is on demurrage then demurrage will continue to occurs. If the Notice of Readiness is tendered within the lay can.10 The following shifting time.10. whether in free or not (WIFON). 10.7 10.6 10. Vessel’s age should not exceed twenty (20) years. 10. the lay time shall begin from the first day of lay can with 12 hours TT or commencement of loading. lay time shall commence at the earlier of: twelve (12) hours following tendering of the Notice of Readiness. The Vessel has to be fitted with four (4) cranes with a minimum SWL of 30 MT and fitted with four (4) hydraulic/ electro hydraulic operated grabs of minimum 12 CBM capacities. whether in custom’s clearance or not (WICCON) or whether in administrative port arrival procedures complete or not.2 10. stoppages and/ or interruption to loading shall not count as Lay time.000/ day shall calculate by floating times. whether in berth or not (WIBON).9 In the event of weather conditions which. then lay time shall count from commencement of loading. The rates of demurrage/ dispatch shall be as per Vessel nomination.g. 10.2 Any time lost if loading is interrupted by the Vessel in order to conduct business on behalf of the owners (e. the acceptance of which shall not be unduly with held.5 10. In the event Mother Vessel does not arrive at Planned ETA. If a Vessel arrives without an agreed lay can of after the lay can has expired. whichever is earlier. Buyer agree to pay all penalties. If the Vessel arrives at the Load Port of Shipment and if loading has started before commencement of the lay can. until Vessel is all fast alongside the designated berth or anchorage and ready in all respect to load. losses shall arise.8 10. in which case actual time shall be used to count. In such event.

10. Seller: 9 Buyer: .17 Shipping Tolerance The Master of the Vessel shall be entitled to increase or decrease the quantity of the Nickel Ore to be loaded onto a Vessel within the range +/. 2 days Idul Adha. officers.7 Any time lost due to Force Majeure. go slow.10.6 Any time lost due to compliance with statutory and class requirement for the Vessel and. Dispatch money shall be paid by the Buyer to the Seller for lay time saved at the rates of one-half (1/2) of the demurrage rates stated hereunder. 10.15 Demurrage and Dispatch Money Allowable lay time shall be calculated by dividing the actual loaded quantity by the loading rate specified in Article 10.10. 10. 10. with the sixth decimal place being rounded up if five greater and rounded down otherwise. or crew of the Vessel or tug boat or pilot. The cost of obtaining such documentation shall be for the Seller’s account.11 If the Vessels hold fail inspection by the nominated Independent Surveyor.10. 10. stoppages. 10. Allowable lay time shall be expressed to fifth decimal place. 10.000 metric tons per weather working day of twenty four (24) consecutive hours SHINC excluding Major Holiday (7 days Idul Fitri. or any other inability of the Vessel to load the coal on a pro rate basis. the quantity of the Nickel Ore to be loaded onto a Vessel shall mean the tonnage notified by Buyer to the Seller and confirmed in accordance with the provisions of Article 9. the Seller has to confirm these calculations within 3 (three) working days from the submission day of the time sheet and Statement of Fact (SOF). 10. in efficiency. strikes. 1 day Independence day.16 On sailing of the Vessel and at submission of the load port lay time statement by the Buyers.3 Any time lost if loading has been interrupted due to in sufficient ballast pump capacity in relation to loading rate. and 3 days New Year) subject to geared and grab fitted Vessel. or restraint of labor involving the Master. then such time for the time she is rejected until re parsing of holds not to count on a pro rate basis. 10.18 The Seller shall discuss closely with Master of Loading procedures for the loading at the anchorage. The rate of Demurrage and Dispatch Money per day shall be paid as per Charter Party terms but in accordance with the levels prevailing in the International freight market.5 Any time lost due to labor disputes. work to rule lock out. Further any demurrage/ dispatch amounts incurred at the load port are to be settled latest within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of submission of the lay time statement.14 Loading Rate The Seller shall load Nickel Ore on board to the Vessel at 8.12 Lay time shall cease counting upon completion of loading and upon the port agent Delivering to the Master of the Vessel all documents required to provide to effect outward clearance of the Vessel form the anchorage/ port of shipment after completion of loading and the release of the Clean Original Bill of Lading of the Seller or Supplier. 1 day Christmas. However. 10.10.4 Any time lost as a result of break down.13. 10. 10.13 All other shipping terms and conditions are as per GENCON Charter Party. 10. refers. Demurrage money shall be paid by the Seller for time lost after expiration of allowable lay time at the rates provided here under.10 % (such range shall be in hereinafter called “Shipping Tolerance”).10. Rates shall be paid pro rata for part days.

In case. or it delayed wholly or in part. (d) Strike. that such breakdown. Mother Vessel for any reason arrive late at Loading Port wherever Seller has sailed several barges to loading point. so Buyer has the responsible to pay barge demurrages as per Shipping Charter. however. In case. are under the direction and supervision of the Master. that the aforementioned cause shall constitute Force Majeure only. if. Anchorage Point : Latitude 04˚ 13’ 118’’ S. which causes may include but are not limited to: Acts of God. Provided. landslide. breakdown or malfunction or damage from any cause whatsoever. lightening. South East Sulawesi . or accident by force or otherwise to mine railroad. including such Party’s officers. Stating the circumstances of the Force Majeure event and specifying the nature of the event together with an estimate in good faith of the degree to which and the period for which its performance will be affected thereby. Orders or acts of military or civil authority. without limitation. malfunction or damage was not caused by. storm. if any. employees. ARTICLE 11: DELIVERY : POMALAA. the intentional act gross negligence of the Party directly affected by thereby. storage facilities (provided. and did not arise as a result of. riot or disorder. and to the extent that. the affected Party shall forthwith give notice to the other Party. fire. however. and the entity shall incur no liability by reason of its failure to perform the obligations so Seller: 10 Buyer: (a) (b) (c) .INDONESIA. Discharging Port : Buyer’s option. if in the agreed ETA. order or request made by any governmental authority or person acting therefore. Loading Port per Incoterms 2000. The Stevedores. otherwise as Longitude 121˚ 33’ 120’’ E.1 Definitions The term “Force Majeure” as used herein shall mean any cause(s) beyond the reasonable control of the Party involving this Article. although appointed by Sellers. performance as contemplated in this Agreements is prevented or delayed.2 Notification In the event that either SELLER or BUYER is affected by an event of Force Majeure. earthquake. including. The affected Party shall. Seller shall “SUPPORT THE BUYER” for the act and default of the Stevedores at Loading Port. if the loading is done by mode of barging. sabotage. in carrying out any of its obligations under this Agreement due to Force Majeure. 12. representatives and other persons under its control). ARTICLE 12: FORCE MAJEURE 12. blockade. provide evidence as to the occurrence of the event and the period of duration thereof. expect as otherwise expressly provided herein.3 Suspension of Obligation If either BUYER or SELLER fails. in case Buyers are unable to recover. Acts of the public enemy. war. The barges Owner to remain ultimately responsible in case of barge damages to the Mother Vessel. the obligations of the entity giving such notice shall be suspended to the extent made necessary during the continuance of such Force Majeure or its effects. which is complied with in good faith. any regulation. (e) Explosion. flood. lockout and other industrial or labor disturbance. The Seller will render all possible assistance to settle damages. insurrection. 12. upon request by the other Party. or invisibility or energy from others. direction.

duties. provide adequate insurances covering all risks of the cargo and the vessel(s). the Parties shall meet and discuss the desirability of canceling the shipments concerned or likely to be concerned and failing any agreement regarding the same. or e-mail and confirmed by registered mail within fifteen (15) days after the termination of the period of thirty (30) days extension above referred to. The proceedings shall be governed by procedural rules which the arbitral tribunal shall issue as soon as practical after its constitution and by further directions to be given by the arbitral tribunal from time to time. provided that the extent reasonable possible. facsimile. Place of Arbitration shall be Singapore International Arbitration Center. Any deficiencies in the supply or purchase of Nickel Ore hereunder. The Buyer shall. transfer. DUTIES. All taxes. ARTICLE 18: ASSIGNMENT Neither party shall assign. ARTICLE 13: ARBITRATION All disputes arising out of or in connection with the present contract shall be finally settled under the Rules of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce by one or more arbitrators appointed in accordance with the said Rules. ARTICLE 14: TAXES. the Seller shall be entirely free of liability and risk in connection with the Nickel Ore including for matters under any applicable regulatory requirements at the Discharging Port as well as any requirements or obligations under any agreement entered into by the Buyer with third parties in relation to the shipment. and charges levied on the Nickel Ore or on this contract in the Buyer’s country shall be at Buyer’s account. 12.4 If such impediment shall have continued for a period of thirty (30) days beyond the original shipping period for the quantity concerned. further provided that settlement of labor disturbances shall be within the sole discretion of the affected Party.suspended. Thereafter. duties. Seller: 11 Buyer: . excused by Force Majeure are to be made up only following mutual agreement. ARTICLE 16: TITLE AND RISK Title and risk to the shipment of the cargo shall pass from Seller to Buyer when the Nickel Ore passes the ship’s rail at the Loading Port. the Party not impeded by the event of Force Majeure may cancel such non-shipped quantity by dispatching notice of such cancellation by telex. and charges levied on the Nickel Ore or on this contract in the Seller’s country shall be at Seller’s account. AND CHARGES All taxes. The language of the proceedings shall be English language. copy furnished to Seller. ARTICLE 17: CONFIDENTIALITY The parties acknowledge and agree that the terms and conditions of this contract are confidential and neither party may disclose any of such information without the prior written consent of the other party. ARTICLE 15: GOVERNING LAW This contract shall be governed by Indonesia Law and construed in accordance with Indonesia laws. on his own account. charge or otherwise deal with all or any of its rights and obligations under this contract without the prior written consent of the other party.

PT. as follows: Seller: Company Address Attn. or scanned copy of this contract has the same force as the originals. : : : : : : : : : : ARTICLE 20: AMENDMENT OF THE CONTRACT Any amendment or modification to this contract shall be made in writing.ARTICLE 19: NOTICES All notices. DIRECTOR DIRECTOR Seller: 12 Buyer: . requests. e-mail copy. AKAR MAS INTERNATIONAL THE BUYER. INDONESIA. consents. IN WITNESS WHEREOF. ARTICLE 21: VALIDITY This contract will be come into effectiveness once signed and stamped by both parties and become null upon fulfillment of obligation of both parties under this contract. Phone Fax E-mail Buyer: Company Address Attn. demands and other documents and communications required or permitted by this agreement shall be in writing and in the English language and may be delivered personally or may be sent by telex. the Parties hereto have executed this Contract as of the date first above written. facsimile. Phone Fax E-mail : PT. : Kolaka. Poros BTN Tahoa. subject to confirmation by the contract parties. AKAR MAS INTERNATIONAL : Jl. or prepaid registered mail addressed to the parties. Sulawesi Tenggara. THE SELLER. Fax copy.

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