Illegal Electric Rates in Pennsylvania By Anthony J. Fejfar, B.A., J.D., M.B.A., Phd. Perpetual ©Copyright (2011C.E.) by Anthony J. Fejfar and Neothomism, P.C.

(PA) Some electric rates in Pennsylvania are illegal. For example, it appears that the Pennsylvania Utility Commission does not regulate electric rates in Pittsburgh-Allegheny County, and that, at the same time the local electric utility companies such as Duquesne Light and Power are for profit. Such a situation violates the Federal Sherman Anti-trust Act and is a federal crime. Additionally, it appears that Duquesne Llght and other companies are selling substandard electricity in violation of the Federal Power Control Act. For example, this author

just took an AC current amperage reading at an apartment on the near North side in Pittsburgh and found that the voltage was 115 volts and the amperage was .002 amps, while federal law requires minimum voltage of 125 volts AC and 15 amps AC. What happens in this situation is

that low amperage can cause electric lines, cords, and appliances to overheat, which can cause electric shorts and even fires. Also, in this situation, since there is insufficient amperage to push electric power through the electric lines, the cost of the electricity multiplies exponentially, producing very high electric bills when electric usage is in fact relatively low. Also, the electric companies are committing billing fraud by billing the customer for watts (volts time amps) when amps have already been computed in the volt calculation (volts = amps times resistance (ohms)). Additionally, it also appears that billing fraud is occurring because landlords property management services, such as Prudential Realty pay a flat rate of $1,200 for an entire apartment building, which works out to be a flat rate of $5 per month per tenant, rather than the average

electric bill per tenant of approximately $140 per month. Additionally, it also appears that Prudential Realty sends out fraudulent electric bills under Duquense Power and Light billing stationary. For example, my usual “Duqense Light and Power” electric bill for July is around $180, but this month of July it was $344, and, the contact person at Prudential Realty, Stephanie claims that Prudential Realty has nothing to do with electric bills, and that the $344 bill was my problem to fix. Also, it seems that Prudential Realty has a “hit squad” committee which meets The so called

to decide what each tenant’s fraudulent electric bill will be each month.

“Tenant’s Committee” of Prudential Realty meets to decide electric bills for each month and also who to try to illegally evict from the Prudential Realty apartment. The “committee meeting” I sort of like a poker game, as follows: Ron, “I don’t really like tenant apt. 67, he isn’t a homosexual and doesn’t do illegal drugs.” Stephanie, “Well, I think that we should scapegoat tenant apt. 47, he has the delusion that he is the maintenance manager.” Jim Baoks., “Well, Opus Dei-Al Queda, which is basically neonazi, wants us to scapegoat all Prudential Realty tenants who are allegedly “mentally ill,” by raising their monthly electric bill to $344 a month in violation of the Federal Fair Housing Act in order to try to force them to commit suicide and/to force them out of their apartments, steal their furniture, and try to illegally force them onto a psychiatric ward by committing the federal crime of kidnapping and false imprisonment with illegal imported out of state SWAT teams and EMS Teams. Finally, it should be noted that almost all of these apartment complexes, managed by Prudential Realty, are really owned by Allegheny County, who is in illegal collusion with Residential Care Services-Supportive Housing for the mentally ill, and Prudential Realty in an effort to keep their organized crime racketeering going, in violation of the federal racketeering, criminal statute, RICO (Racketeering Influence Corrupt Organization Act). Remarkably enough, the real organization behind all of

this is the Nebraska Nazi Party, run primarily by neonazi gaultier, corrupt attorney, Bill Dittrick of the Baird, Holm law firm, and his henchmen, Georg VanCleve of Seattle, Washington, and Keith Kaiser of Spokane, Washington. Many of the Residential Care Services-Supportive Housing employees are actually on fake work release from the Nebraska State Pennitentiary, such as, Karen Dittrick aka, Karen Cousins, aka Karen Runnings. It appears that Karen Dittrick murdered Karen Runnings, a Lincoln Pius X, highschool graduate, in order to attempt identity theft. Also, on “work release” with the help of the Nebraska Nazi Party are Judge Kristine Ward (Jill Gradwohl). Judge Stan Joe Wettig (his own name), Judge Judith Friedman (Ann Dittrick, wife of Bill Dittrick who has since illegally remarried committing the federal crime of polygamy), and Jim Baoks (really a Red Leonard Fejfar relative from Seattle/Nebraska), and Chip Prescott, who was involved in the Tate LaBianca murders in California with psychotic killer, Charlie Manson). Chip Prescott also appears to be a Red Leonard Fejfar relative from Seattle. By the way, as an interesting aside, much of the funding for this illegal racketerring activity is being provided by Red Leonard Fejfar, junior, namely, Leonard (Leonardo) DiCapria Fejfar. Apparently, these villians fly regularly to Ecuador to get hypnonis-identity memory changes by neonazi psychiatrists from communist East Germany, Ralph Picciotto (Adolph Eichman) and Lawrence Altakker (Yuri Adropov). Also implicated is Jerry Venitierri, aka Jerry Greek, aka Superbowl kicker Adam Venitierri who was kind enough to be my primary information source for this article. Finally, Mayview State Psychiatric Hospital, Stotten Clinic, and Western Psychiatric also are implicated.

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