About the Author Enid Mary Blyton was an English children's writer known as both Enid Blyton and Mary Pollock. She was one of the most successful children's storytellers of the twentieth century. Enid Blyton was born in London. She is noted for numerous series of books based on recurring characters and designed for different age groups. Her books have enjoyed popular success in many parts of the world, and have sold over 600 million copies. Enid Blyton is the fifth most translated author worldwide: over 3544 translations of her books, her work has been translated into nearly 90 languages. Most popular series include the Famous Five, the Five Find-Outers and Dog, as well as the Secret Seven..

Brief summary
Main characters of the story are the following : Fatty Pip Larry Daisy Bets Ern Buster the dog Mr. Goon Mr and Mrs larkins Mr and Mrs lorenzos Supretendent jenks

Mr and Mrs lorenzos.ho house in peterswood vanished with a priceless painting and left their little poodle behind. Ern and the dog try to catch the thieves.find outers discovered that the lorenzos visited peterswood that night. the tenants of tally. He was very independent and he disguised himself very well . Hoho. he heard some weird noises and the five. humorous and was very brave. I can relate myself with her because she was very loving and caring. The least favourite part of the story was when fatty disguised himself as MR. She was very interested in the mystery and she helped a lot in solving it. If I could change something in the story. It was very stretched and the whole conversation was described. Ern heard many unusual voices when he was spying. he could spy on them. The five find-outers. My favourite part of the story was when the five find. the caretakers of the house are in trouble. Then they started looking for the vanished painting. as ern was living with his aunt woosh. the ending was perfect. and at last they solved the mystery and found the lorenzos. In my opinion. One night. neighbouring the tally ho cottage. My Personal experience Bets was a very helpful character in the story.outers came to know that the lorenzos visited peterswood. A person that is fond of mysteries will like this book.ha to do some spying. He was very intelligent . ern found more clues and the puzzle started fitting together. Your opinion The book was very interesting. Because he was the leader of the five find. Luckily. This book is very interesting and mysterious. just like a detective and he solved the mystery very quickly. This was all very boring. I would short their conversation a little and make it in brief.outers. This was a very thrilling part. Mr and Mrs larkins. . They solved the mystery and came to the conclusion that the lorenzos were fourth rate actors and they disguised themselves and lived there in place of larkins and hid the picture in the cottage. when he was spying. My recommendation I would certainly like to recommend this book to my friends. My favourite character in the story was fatty. The found clues and listed suspects.

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