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PINK FLOYD - Pink Floyd - KQED 70 [Qualidade tima] - Pink Floyd - Hangar Rehearsals 87 [Filmado da platia, qualidade boa

- Esse DVD a maioria das msicas esto cortadas, mas nele tem ECHOES, acho que vale a pena] - Pink Floyd - Veneza 89 [Qualidade tima - Pink Floyd toca em palco flutuante, at e nto o nico no mundo] - Pink Floyd - Especial MTV+ (Portugus) [Um bom resumo da carreira do Pink Floyd] - Pink Floyd - Dark Side Classic Albuns [Como foi a construo do lbum] - Pink Floyd - The Wall Rehearsals- [01/08/1980] - Pink Floyd - The Wall- Nassau Loliseum- [27/02/1980] - Pink Floyd - Divided We Fall [2 DVDs] - Pink Floyd - Put The Bitch Down - JFK Stadium Philadelphia [2 DVDs] - Pink Floyd - Would You Buy A Ticket To This Show [2 DVDs] - Pink Floyd - A Saucerfull of Videos 93 - Pink Floyd - Dusty Tapes (A rare Collection Backdrop Films) - Pink Floyd - Live in Saint Tropez 70 (France) - Pink Floyd - French TV 1968-1969 - Pink Floyd - Pro-Shot In Europe - David Gilmour Echoes of Firenze 06 RUSH Rush Rush Rush Rush Rush Rush Rush Rush Rush Rush Rush New Jersey 1976 Exit... Stage Left 1981 Live in Cabada 1983 Grace Under Pressure Tour 1984 A Show of Hands 1989 Montain View 1990 Couterparts Tour 1993 (Duplo) Rush in Rio R30 CRONICLES (Clipes) Hemispheres to Exit Stage Left (Documentrio)

LED ZEPPELIN Led Led Led Led Led Led Zeppelin Zeppelin Zeppelin Zeppelin Zeppelin Zeppelin Erals Cout 1975 (Duplo) The Song Remains the Same 1976 Seatles 1977 (Duplo) Live in concert- Antology Led Zeppelin: (2DVD) [2003] (Coleo de shows) Reunion 2007 Multicam (Duplo)

BEATLES Beatles Beatles Beatles Beatles Let It Be Shea Stadium 1965 Budokan 1966 Making of Sargent Peper

- Jonh Lennon- IMAGEM - Jonh Lennon- The Video - Jonh Lennon- A Tribute- 1990 - Geoge Harison- Concert For George- 2002

- Paul Maccartney- 10 + - Paul Maccartney- Get Back ELVIS PRESLEY Elvis Elvis Elvis Elvis Elvis The Great The Great The Great The Great Unplugged Perfomances, Vol. I (Center Stage) Perfomances, Vol. II (The man and the music) Perfomances, Vol. III Perfomances, Vol. IV (From '68 comeback especial)

BOB DYLAN - Bob Dylan- Bob Dylan- Bob Dylan- Bob Dylan- Bob DylanERIC CLAPTON 52535455565657ASIA Asia Asia Asia Asia

Compilao (1964-1979) Hard Rain Australia 1986 Unplugge Tales from a Golden Age Bob Dylan 1941-1966 (Dcumentrio)

London 12.01.87- (Audience) Philadelphia 07.09.88 (DUPLO) (Soundboard) Shoreline Amphitheatre 21.09.88 (DUPLO) (Soundboard) Toronto 07.10.88 (Audience) 25th ANNIVERSARY TOUR 02.11.88 (Soundboard) Tokyo TOUR 02.11.88 (Completo) (Soundboard) Japan 1988 04.11.88 (Audience)

in Asia Live in USA Live in Moscow Live in Nottinghan

Kansas Kansas- 10 Years With Elefant Kansas- Device voice Drum The Police The PoliceThe PoliceThe PoliceThe PoliceThe PoliceThe PoliceSting- Live Vrios vdeos(Compliao) Live in London 1978 Live in Chile 1982 Live In Newcastle 1982 Sycronicity Concert Rock in Rio 2008 1993

THE EAGLES - The Eagles- Rare videos- 1972/1976

The The The The The The The


BBC 1973 Live in Holland 1973 Don Kirshner's Rock Concert 1974 Seattle 1976 Eagles in Houston 1976 Hell Freezes Over Farewell I Tour (Live from Melbourne) 2005 (Duplo)

QUEEN -Queen- Graetst Hits I - II (Duplo) -Queen- Rock Montreal 1981 -Queen- Live in London 1977 outros ttulos - Triunf- Live - TRAFIC- LIVE 1973 - Cammel- Live - Europe- Live - Rick Wakeman- The jorney to the Centerof Eart - Bread- Live - Mamas and Papas- Videos - Eletric Light Ochertra- Live - Kraftwerk- Live 2004 - Grand Funk - Gentle Giant - Creedence- Live>> Oklahoma City 1970- Albet Hall 1970- Woodstok 1969 - john fogerty- premonition - Rolling Stone- Rock and Roll Circus - AC/CD Live - TRIBUTE OF THE KING- Elvis- 2004 - Rolling Stones- Rock and Roll Circus - Rick Wakeman- Jorney to the center of Eart - Live Aid- 1985 (volume 02)>> (The Beach Boys, Dire Straits & Sting, Queen, Dav id Bowie, Joan Baez, Pretenders, The Who, Elton John) - The Secret Policemans Thied Ball- (Duran Duran, David Gilmour, Lou Reed, Mark Knopfler & Chet Atkins, Peter Grabriel) - Stars Live- 1990- (Status Quo, Eric Clapton, Dire Straits, Elton John) - Super Groups- (Supertramp- David Bowie, Genesis,Doobie Bros., Black Sabbth, Th in Lizzy, Queen, Dire Straits, The Police) - Music For Montserrat- 1997- (Phil Collins, Mark Knopfler, STING, Elton Jonh, E ric Clapton, Paul Maccarteny) - Super Stars in Concert- (Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, The Rlling Stones, Cream,Ro d Stewart, Cat Stevens, Joe Coker, Tina Tunner) - Complilao- Rock and Roll Clipes 1958/2002 (Vrios Clipes) - Encruzilhada (Crossroads) Filme

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