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Islam Cult-ish?

Apologetic for a Black pastor who dared speak his mind about Islam By Jim Croft Beginning in July of 2006, the Liberal Media and Islamic activists have intermittently blasted a black S. Florida clergyman. Hes the Rev. Dr. ONeal Dozier of The Worldwide Christian Center in Pompano Beach. Dozier has drawn fire for exercising his freedom of speech rights about two interrelated things. He voiced opposition to the citys zoning board granting a building permit to a mosque in a location that had been closed to doing the same for Christian churches for years. Secondly, in the context of a phone interview for a radio talk show about his complaints to the zoning committee, he committed a politically incorrect blunder. In response to the hosts unanticipated inquiry about what he thought about Islam, Dozier offered that in his personal opinion Islam was a very dangerous and evil cult. Revoked freedom of speech rights That single response catapulted him into the vicious zone of political disfavor. Previously, he had been a heavy hitter in Floridas Conservative politics. He was a buddy of Governor Jeb Bush and a key player in the elections of G.W. Bush and of Charles Chris as the States chief executive. Those whom he championed against the tide of political opinion among his fellow Blacks were unwilling to champion him against the tide of the opinions of the PC crowd and CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations). Upon hearing about his plight, I searched the Internet about what characteristics define a group as cultic. I discovered that most of the sites listed 6-10 warning signs of a cult and/or a bad religion. I also discovered that Islam routinely succeeds in satisfying 80%

of the most commonly cited red flags. Any objective person who knows anything about Islams ancient and recent history could easily concur with Pastor Doziers assessment. If one accepts the cult experts criterion for discerning cults, Islam at best qualifies as cult-ish and at worst as a bad religion. Disproportionate numbers Im not saying that all Muslims are cultist or that every Imam/Mullah (cleric) of every mosque espouses destructive views. However, I am saying that within Islam the number of mosques that incite Muslims to hold and act upon dangerous, cultlike worldviews is disproportionate in comparison with their counterparts within Christianity. The global population of Christianitys Catholics and Protestants is 2.1 billion. The various sects of Islam number 1.3 billion. As it is with Christianity, so it is with Islam; the denominations/sects of each have conflicting views about doctrinal matters. But there are distinctions in the manner in which the respective Faiths handle such issues. Catholics criticize the Protestants for not honoring Mary and Protestants do the same about the Catholics veneration of Mary. Regardless of the opposing views, one rarely hears about incidents of bloodshed over such things. Not so with Islam. If an influential Christian, Jew or Muslim of another sect publicly states contrary views; Fatwas (condemnation decrees including assassination) will ensue along with massive rioting in the city streets of the offended sect. Remember the Muslim outrage about the Danish newspaper cartoon and the lecture statements of the new Pope. Contrary to PC posturing, there were not just a few isolated incidents of a few Muslim fundamentalists threatening bloodshed over those matters. Numerous sectors of the Islamic world exploded in vehement protests.

If the shoe fits Every year tens of thousands of Muslims butcher hundreds of thousands of their fellow Muslims over doctrinal disagreements. Such is a primary element between Iraqs Sunnis and Shiites that compels them to roadside bomb one another into oblivion. There have been reports in the USA of those sects vandalizing one anothers mosques and businesses. Similar things are inciting Muslim on Muslim genocide in the Darfur region of the Sudan. In the recent history of Christendom there are no parallels for such atrocities in the name of God. During the entirety of the Catholic Protestant troubles in Northern Ireland there were fewer casualties than there are every month between the worlds Islamic sects. Do the math Years ago, the Jonestown mass suicide of 900 people was rightly labeled as the spawn of cult doctrines. Throughout the Middle East Muslims use the Quran and the sayings of Mohammad to justify suicide/homicide bombings. Inspired by the revelations of Mohammad the Saudis and Iranians finance such things and Muslim mothers encourage their children to volunteer for suicide missions. According to the Fox News special Radical Islam, poles among the worlds heaviest Muslim concentrations; 60-70% endorse suicide bombings. Yet, no one is allowed to refer to the culprit religion as a cult. If Mohammad, his Quran, Hadiths, Imams and religion were extracted from the human equation, the planet would instantly be a safer and more peaceful place. An old clich dictates that if a thing has wings and quacks like a duck, it is a duck. There is no reasonable explanation for that same principle not being applicable to any major religion that exhibits cult-ish propensities. For sure Islam is way outside of the Bell Curve in its percentages of adherents and houses of worship that exhibit cultlike characteristics in comparison to other leading religions. It

certainly has the wings and quacks of a cult-ish and/or a bad religion. Signs following Let us now explore how Islam, Mohammad and the contemporary heroes of the Muslim world would fare if the plumb line of the warning signs of a cult were dropped on them. This list is the gist of the various experts main red flag indicators of a cult. 1. A charismatic founder/leader who claims revelations that override those of other recognized religions. - Mohammad and/or his successors proclaimed that Allah and the Archangel Gabriel/Holy Spirit gave him revelations that surpassed those of Christianity and Judaism. He espoused that his prophetic mantle and apostleship trumped that of all who came before him. Contemporary Islam is loaded with charismatic political-religious leaders who cite Mohammads revelations/sayings to captivate the masses and to extend their agendas. Hezbollahs Sayyed Nasrallah, al-Quedas Ben Laden, Iraqs al-Sader and Irans Ahmadinejad are examples. No other major religion has primary spokesmen who use the name of God and holy writ to invoke murder and mayhem. 2. The use of deception Blacks that are targeted for conversion are frequently told that Mohammad was black and that Islam originated in Africa. Of course, those statements are blatant lies. In the same vein they neglect to divulge that Mohammad owned black slaves. There is no mention of Islams founder making denigrating remarks about people of color; he referred to them as raisin heads. Every effort is made to hide the fact that the first level of the slave trade was primarily a Muslim enterprise. The Arabic word for a slave and the color black are identical, Abd. Were it not for Muslim slave traders purchasing the captives of African chieftains inner-tribal raids, 14 million plus hapless souls

would not have been crammed into European slave ships. Certain verses are drastically altered in Western translations of the Quran to disguise its barbarisms. Prospective converts are led to the verses that Mohammad penned while in Mecca. Those initial verses appear peaceful and conciliatory in regard to other religions. Wanna-be Muslims are not shown the later cruel verses that were written after the self-proclaimed prophet moved his headquarters to Medina. Furthermore, there is no mention of the Islamic principle that abrogates/nullifies the Mecca verses in lieu of the conflicting major portions of the Quran that were written in Medina. (Yes, the Bible has portions that have and do incite cruel and unusual views. The difference is, those portions of the Old Testament are abrogated by the grace-based doctrines of the New Testament. Unlike the Bible, the Quran got progressively more primitive rather than less so with its various installments). Islam is boasted as the worlds fastest growing religion. Such assertions are belied in that the Al Jazeera news network recently confided that Muslims are converting to Christianity at the alarming rate of 6 million per year. Muslim spiritual leaders can lie to non-Muslims with no pangs of conscience because of the Islamic principle called Al Takeyya. Among other motivations, it deems lying appropriate in any circumstance perceived to extend the purposes of Islam. More importantly, the holy books of Islam state that Allah himself is the arch-deceiver/trickster. That gives many Islamists license to lie; saying one thing to Western news agencies and diplomats and just the opposite behind closed doors to fellow Muslims. 3. Exclusivity and intolerance for other Faiths Jews and Christians are referred to as pigs and worse. There are Quranic verses that forbid cultivating friendships with them. The Khomeinis and Caliphs of Islamic nations strictly regulate the activities of Faiths other than their own. Bibles have to be smuggled into Iran to satisfy the needs of the huge numbers of

progressive minded Muslims who are converting to Christianity. Egyptian Christians cannot even repair a church without going through a complicated governmental licensing process; much less build a new one. Saudi Arabia forbids Christian meetings and nonMuslim women must comply with Sharia dress codes whenever in public. Generally speaking, Christians primarily use their houses of worship on Sundays, Jews on Saturdays and Muslims on Friday. Christians and Jews are known to permit the use of their facilities by other religious groups. One would be hard pressed to find a US mosque that would do so. Such is non-existent in any country where Islam is the major religion. During most any given week there are news clips of multiplied thousands of Muslims of this Islamic stronghold or that, bellowing frenzied chants of hatred for Jews and Christianized nations. In countries that are predominantly Buddhist, Hindu, or Christian, the respective spiritual leaders of those Faiths simply dont incite massive demonstrations of that character. Muslims are conditioned by their spiritual leaders to believe that all who dont believe in Allah, Mohammad as his prophet and the coming judgment day are infidels. 4. Obsession with conspiracy plots about the potential for those of other Faiths to target the group for religious-political persecutions. In reaction to such myths, cults commonly advocate the takeover of established governments via political clout and guerilla style insurrections - This point is a major component in fueling international Islamic terrorism. The news agencies of Westernized/Christianized nations frequently report the alarming numbers of militant Muslim groups and Mosques that are plotting the overthrow of democratic rule. In the UK, the USA and Australia the reported numbers of such exceeds tens of thousands. No one can deny that a major tenet of Mohammads Quran, his Hadiths, his successors and the religion that he spawned is Religious-State governments. Without question there

are fringe, wacko Christian groups in the USA with members from other Faith backgrounds. But, there are distinctions between such groups and those of Islam. Though Americas population of 290 million predominantly consists of people of Christian heritage; such produce only a minuscule number of aberrant Christian groups in comparison to the number Islam fosters. The US population of Muslims is only around 8 million and it produces, harbors and funds thousands of individuals who are involved in militant-religious/terrorist organizations. This numeric phenomenon is present in every democratic country that has welcomed Muslim immigrants. In a disproportionate manner, fewer Muslims consistently produce more religion inspired militants than greater numbers of Christians produce. Such realties heavily indicate that there is something inherent with Islam that inclines its adherents to cultivate more aberrational groups than any other major religion. 5. Drastic changes in such things as behavior, attitudes and dress that alienate new members from their friends and families - I submit beards, burkas, hijab head coverings, 5 mandatory daily prayer sessions in Arabic, fasting during Ramadan and acute condemnation of anyone who does not embrace the Quran. 6. Easy-to-join-hard-to-get-out policies All it takes to become a Muslim is to publicly recite the Shahada 3 times. Leaving Islam for another religion and/or aiding and abetting a Muslim in doing so carries one penalty, death. Islams holy writings are manuals for exemplary Muslim life and attitudes. From those volumes, Arabic scholars list 35,213 references to such things as fighting, murder, bloodshed, the use of weapons and so forth. America has Hatecrime legislation. Should it be applied to those who advocate the inflammatory portions of Islams manuals; significant percentages of visa holding Islamic students, clerics and activists; and many second generation American Muslims might risk incarceration. At

this writing, 8,000 of such are being tracked in the UK by counterterrorism agencies. 7. Documented reports from ex-members and televised documentaries about brainwashing, physical abuse and hostile conspiracies against established governments - Beginning post 9/11/2001, such reports have escalated every year. The books, magazine articles and radio interviews that verify such things abound throughout civilized nations. The evidence is so compelling that even TV networks that prefer PC posturing in regard to Islam are airing documentaries about the prevalence of brainwashing. Insanely hateful indoctrinations begin during childrens nursery school years and continue into adulthood in Muslim fundamentalists regimes, mosques, madrasses and organizations. There is a secular website that features the testimonies and assessments of ex-Muslims about Islam. Intellectuals write most of the articles and what they say about Islam makes everything in this article seem pale. Such are exiting Islam by the droves. The views stated by these brave ex-Muslims carry a unique challenge. If any party can prove any of their assertions/complaints about Islam false, they will remove the entire website from the Internet. Curiously, the website is blocked in Islamic nations. Imagine Lets fast forward Mohammad into the 21rst Century. Well call him Rev. Moh who has founded a splinter group from Evangelical Christianity. Then take all the facts known about the life and exploits of 7th Century Mohammad and his successors and throw that into the mix. Add in any of the cited warning signs of a cult that you think are applicable to Islam. Now imagine that one of the journalists or politicians who has defamed Pastor Dozier for

calling Islam a cult has an adult-child. Suppose that loved one joined our imaginary sect. What would be the parental reaction? Calling 911, the FBI and arranging a kidnapping by a cultdeprogramming unit would be heavy favorites under consideration. Concluding Q & A Western democracies have multiple governmental and private agencies that aid families in rescuing and deprogramming relatives from cults and their counterproductive doctrines. Most of the deprogrammers use the basic tenets of Judea-Christian values to rectify deranged thinking. Im not aware of Islam having corresponding agencies that utilize the basic doctrines of the Quran to similarly deprogram members of their aberrant organizations. Why? Could it be that knowledgeable Muslims know something that pluralistic-minded Americans are unwilling to admit? Religious intolerance, gender bias, cruel and unusual punishments, emotional and physical abuse and advocating a world takeover are representative of the real Islam. The academics are likely fully aware that the entirety of what the Quran and the Hadiths state and what the life of Mohammad mirrored, will inevitably spawn significant numbers of people who defy 21rst Century human rights sensitivities. Provided even half of what ex-Muslims report and what the documentaries depict about Islam are accurate, it has and does produce far more cultish organizations than all other religions combined.

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