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Personal Information Name Address for Correspondence Permanent Address Telephone Email Id Date of Birth Sex Marital Status Educational Background Degree Engineering Institute University Class Year of Passing Intermediate Class X : Bachelor of Technology(INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY). : Kuppam engineering college, kuppam, Dist.: Chittoor (Andhra Pradesh). : J.N.T.U, Ananthapur (Andhra Pradesh). : First class with Distinction, Percentage: 62.3% : July 2009. : June 2005, Percentage: 67.3%. : June 2003, Percentage: 69.92%. : BALAJI.R :

c/o narayana,near road,banglore.




: Dasanampalli, Muttukur(post),

Peddapanjani(mandal), Chittoor (DT) AP

: Mobile: + 91 7259816768. : : Jun 10, 1988. : MALE. : Single.

Present Employment Information Name of Organization : TCS, BANGALORE

Duration of Employment

June 18,2009 to till date.

Professional Experience

Career Summary

: Software Engineer with around 2 years of experience in System Analysis, Design, Coding & Testing of Software on IBM Mainframes.

My main area of experience has been in the development, Enhancement and maintenance projects of various sizes. I have worked in the domain of Finance. My technological forte is Mainframe and expertise in COBOL, JCL and DB2. I have good experience in software application development, maintenance and testing with proven analysis, design, development, testing and support skills.


: Cobol and JCL

Mainframe Tools

Expeditor, File Aid, endeavour

Access Methods




Operating Systems

: MVS/ESA, OS/390,Z/OS

Job Functions

: Requirement Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing, Documentation, Maintenance, Application Support, Project management

Project : Project Name Client Duration Environment : CLAIM FACTS

: GUARDIAN LIFE INSURANCE : : June 18, 2009 to till date.

COBOL, JCL, VSAM, DB2, Expeditor, File Aid, Endeavour

Team size Description

: 18

: GUARDIAN LIFE INSURANCE is one of the biggest insurance company in USA. It offers a full range of worldwide health insurance plans and also provides for individual, family, group or company cover plans. They have an international medical insurance plan to suit for clients requirements. CRS stands for Claim Reporting System. The claim processing System is used to validate the claim made by any member or a provider. The main output of claim systems is the amount that has to be paid for the claim. The Claim Reporting System (CRS) is used for funding (paying) the claims and generate the reports on a regular basis.
: Design, analysis and coding of Business Requirements. Preparation of Technical Specification documents. Testing & Code Review Coordinated in System testing. Quality Coordinator Configuration Coordinator.



Team Member


Yours sincerely
(Balaji R)