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Seven Sardinian Sonata Studies

Matthew Lee Knowles

Dedicated to Adam de la Cour, Federico Reuben and Neil Luck These fragments were composed between July 31st and August 3rd 2011.


Trees tricking rounds entering, elasticated spoonerisms, splendiferously pontificating oratorially, oblongs, neverending ectoplasm resplendently ingratiating surreptitious mannerisms, salient, spraying anal liquefied insides everywhere, nullifying trapezes talons rigidly abstractifying parenthetically, entering zoology entertaining suspicion, speaking understatedly samba paled electrifying awardedly Kant introspective nodding grateful, godlike, ratifying absolute torture entwining fanciful undulations, latent lamentations, augmented tenths, enshrined thirds, thirty hemidemisemiquavers, inverted retrograde diminished sevenths, stranded evenly, viciously, emerald, neo-romantic, truncated horrors, shadowing, shopfitted autism, drugging orang-utans widening imperfect nuances groaning, gooseberry raping, ostracised arrogant Neptune, instantaneously nobbled, gabbling unperformed.


Take a mother and daughter. With a gun forcing itself up the vaginal canal of the little girl, force the restrained mother to eat one of her own fingers - to show even more explicitly your intention, with your free hand, squeeze a newly budding breast so roughly, the whole area of skin rips away - if the girl faints, immediately revive her with slapping and smelling salts. The mother will now be choking and bleeding heavily after losing her smallest finger. Warn her that at the count of six, all of her fingers on one hand must be severed and any choking sounds or delays will be punished by the burning of the girls remaining bump. Taking any fingers not eaten off the floor, remove the gun and fill up the newly broken hymen. Keep reviving them if they happen to black out. Unfasten the girl and lay her on the floor with your left foot on her chest, your toes facing toward her face. Playfully swing the left arm, which will be the arm closest to her mother and with a sudden energetic tug, rip off her arm from the shoulder. Use the detached limb to slap the mother, with both ends. Repeat sequentially your actions with the remaining arm, left and right legs. Finally, crush in the girls face and skull with several crushing stamps of your foot. Pull out the mothers labia until they stretch and snap, keep her legs apart and fill the cunt with her daughters torso, as best you can. Enjoy the flesh of her body until she expires and gorge yourself on copious Kit Kats.


Judith went walking, out late at night, Bumping into an old friend, to her utter delight. Their conversation was slippery, mundane and absurdist, But people of this type, tend so, to prefer this. A gentleman was close, he was hidden and waiting, This was his night and hed soon be defecating, Parts of their bodies, vaginas and mammary glands, Eye-balls and sphincters, toenails, feet and hands. Approaching them slowly, tapping periodically, Provided a generic statement, warm mannered and peacefully. With a slice of the air, the bitches were slaughtered, Our hero got busy, till his appetite was watered.


A dangerous proportion of visible disfigurement, Etched for now in ornamental oak, Connected in agreement, Indian totem poles. Eroded and varnished, once three times the thickness, Historical weathering stilts ignored by passers through. She pauses indefinitely, appreciated by the minority, Directly in the golden section.


When one feels divine, In shining dress, Miles from where the sun exerts, A strangers kiss resolves the internal fight. A smouldering has-been, no longer in prime, Residing in plentiful mess, No time for mastery, now that death lurks, Now the shadows recede, loss of height.


Percy Poppity Plucked His Pubes, In A Privatised Professional Place.


Simon says you should sex your sister, Simon says you should sneeze on a sausage, Simon says you should stretch your sandwich, Simon says you should suck on a Sardinian.

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