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tcgarou: Rules:Character Creation: Kinfolk

Thes e ins tructions , to be followed in no particular order, des cribe how you can create a new Kinfolk character. Werewolf character creation is a different beas t.

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Come up with a concept. Choos e a name. Choos e Nature and Demeanor. Record three s tarting Willpower. Choos e Phys ical, Social and Mental Traits : six in one category, four in another and three in the las t. Choos e zero to five Negative Traits . Choos e five Abilities . Choos e five Backgrounds . Choos e Merits -- up to s even points ' worth. Choos e Flaws -- up to s even points ' worth. Spend fifteen Freebie Traits . Spend any Experience Points you have received (by ST backs tory award, or from a previous character). Check your math: your Freebie Traits , Flaws , Negative Traits and Experience Points mus t pay for all Merits and additional purchas es . 13. Give a paper copy of the character s heet to the bookkeeper, or e-mail the character to the XP lis t at TCGarouXP@yahoogroups .com. 14. The three-game rule: You can adjus t your character creation between games for your firs t three games of play (and prior to the fourth).

Consider your Concept

Cons ider the kind of character you'd like to play. Kinfolk are uniquely challenging to play becaus e s o much of Werewolf exis tence excludes them. Be s ure to create a concept who will have s trong s ocial reas ons to interact with the Garou. You s hould always dis cus s your concept early on with the Storytellers , s ince they mus t approve every character that enters play.

Choose a Name
Come up with a name for the character. This will probably be a typical human name, or nickname. Kinfolk do not have deed names like Garou do.

Choose a Nature and Demeanor

Your Nature is who you truly are, the es s ence of your s elf. Your Demeanor is how you pres ent yours elf to others . Read the full des criptions of thes e archetypes if you like, then choos e one to be your Nature and one to be your Demeanor. Architect Competitor Fanatic Optimis t Traditionalis t Autis t Confidant Gallant Penitent Vis ionary Autocrat Conformis t Jes ter Perfectionis t Avant-Garde Conniver Jobs worth Poltroon Bon Vivant Critic Judge Rebel Bravo Curmudgeon Loner Scientis t Caregiver Deviant Martyr Survivor Child Director Mas ochis t Sycophant

Record your Willpower

Willpower is your drive to accomplis h your goals . Kinfolk s tart with three. Kinfolk do not have Rage or Gnos is .

Choose Physical, Social and Mental Traits

Phys ical, Social, and Mental are three categories of Traits that des cribe your character. Choos e one of thes e categories to be Primary -- your bes t area. You will choos e six Traits in that category. Choos e another to be Secondary. That category gets four Traits . The las t category is Tertiary, your wors t area. That category gets three Traits . The categories of Traits are thes e: Physical Traits: Quick, Strong, and Tough. Social Traits: Charismatic, Impressive and Manipulative. Mental Traits: Intelligent, Perceptive and Wily. (So if you choos e to make your Social Traits primary, for example, you'd take s ix Traits from the three lis ted above: Charismatic x3, Impressive x2 and Manipulative x1, or s ome other mix.) You may choos e alternate s ynonyms for thes e Traits , but thes e rules us e the above names as the s tandard.

Choose Negative Traits

This is an optional s tep. You may choos e up to five Negative Traits for your character, each in the Phys ical, Social, or Mental categories . Thes e traits can be us ed agains t you in Challenges , but they als o earn you more points to s pend on your character in the beginning. You may choos e to have multiples of any given Negative Trait: taking Callous means you're ins ens itive to others ' feelings , while taking Callous x2 indicates you're a s ociopath. Negative Physical Traits: Clums y, Cowardly, Decrepit, Delicate, Docile, Flabby, Lame, Lethargic, Puny, Sickly Negative Social Traits: Bes tial, Callous , Condes cending, Dull, Feral, Nave, Obnoxious , Repugnant, Shy, Tactles s , Untrus tworthy Negative Mental Traits: Forgetful, Gullible, Ignorant, Impatient, Oblivious , Predictable, Submis s ive, Violent, Witles s

Choose Abilities
Ability traits des cribe your character's s kills . Choos e five from the lis t below, or from the complete lis t. You may have multiple levels in an Ability. Academics Drive Law Occult Stealth Animal Ken Empathy Leaders hip Performance Streetwis e Athletics Eitquette Linguis tics Politics Subterfuge Awarenes s Expres s ion Lore: Garou Repair Survival Brawl Finance Lore: Spirit Rituals Computer Firearms Medicine Science Crafts Intimidation Meditation Security Dodge Inves tigation Melee Scrounge

You may focus the Abilities Academics , Crafts , Lore, Performance, and Science into s pecific areas of expertis e (as is reflected in the lis ting of "Lore: Garou" and "Lore: Spirit" above). Each level of Linguis tics is another language you s peak.

Choose Backgrounds
Backgrounds des cribe advantages your character has as they come into play. Choos e five. You may have multiple levels in a Background. You can't have Backgrounds like Ances tors that are s pecific to a fully Garou nature. Allies: Us eful human friends , aides and underlings . Contacts: Sources of reliable information. Forbidden to Get of Fenris and Wendigo. Influence: Sway over the ins titutions of human s ociety in any number of areas . Choos e from the s pecific Influences available. Starting influence at levels higher than two is restricted by the Storytellers . Kinfolk: Human or wolf relatives who are not werewolves . Mentor: An older or more experienced ins tructor or patron. Pure Breed: Your lineage and pedigree. Pure Breed at levels higher than three is currently restricted by the

Storytellers -- talk to them if you want an exception. Resources: Material wealth and acces s to readily available cas h.

Choose Merits
Choos e up to seven points' worth of Merits. You will have to account for the cos t of thes e Merits with Freebie Points , Negative Traits and Flaws at the "Spend Freebie Points " s tep, below. You may not choos e any Merit s pecifically tied to having a Werewolf nature, like Metamorph.

Choose Flaws
Choos e up to seven points' worth of Flaws. Technically, you can choos e more than s even points ' worth, but that's all you'll get credit for later. You may not choos e any Flaw s pecifically tied to having a Werewolf nature, like Banned Transformation.

Spend Freebie Points

You have five Freebie Points to s pend. You als o gain one Freebie Point from each Negative Trait you took (up to five). You als o get Freebie Points equal to the value of the Flaws you took (up to s even). You may purchas e the following with Freebie Points : Merits -- you mus t account for the cos ts of any any Merits you took, above, out of your Freebie Point total now. More Physical, Social and Mental Traits cos t 1 Freebie Point each. Your total in each category is limited to ten. More Ability Traits and Backgrounds cos t 1 Freebie Point each. You may not have more than 5 in any Ability or Background. Ability Specializations can be purchas ed for any Ability in which you have at leas t three levels . Thes e cos t 1 Freebie point each.

Spend Experience Points

If this is your next character after a prior character died or was permanently s helved, you may trans fer up to 25 Experience Points from that character onto this one. You may als o s ubmit a backs tory to the Storytellers , who may or may not choos e to award you additional XP for it. Spend Experience Points received in this way according to the s tandard Experience Point cos ts .

File a Copy of the Character Sheet

Either turn in a paper copy of the character s heet at your firs t game, or e-mail a copy to TCGarouXP@yahoogroups .com before your s econd game.

The Three-Game Rule

During your firs t three games -- and prior to your fourth -- you may adjus t your character s heet according to thes e creation rules to better fit the feel of your character as it develops on the game floor. But once the fourth game begins , your character s heet is locked in -- future changes can be made only by s pending experience.