On 3rd Aug according to Nirayana System The Sun Entered onto Aslesa star[Sigma Hydrae star] 1 st pada

[3 degree 30 min].

I mentioned it https://www.facebook.com/notes?%2Findranil-ray%2Fvenusand-mars-w%3Fill-change-their-signs%2F245775095440762 Aslesa star is mercury's star.Mercury Became Retro From today. Mercury is in Magha star[Regulus14] at Leo.And Magha is now in Keu[South Node]'s star.Ketu's Colour is Black. Ketu is now Mrigashira Star [Orinis Star].Mrigashira is Mars's[Mangal ] star.Mars=Horse,mars is now in Gemini,Lord is Mercury .Mercury is Retro,so this horse is black and running without jockey .and playground stands for Mercury too. Due to mars connection this horse has Red Mane[horse's neck's hair ] and tail. All the mutual hard aspects,connections, place change of planets can be depicted easily by this picture. That's why I choose this picture,not randomly. And for this ,through out the World there are

violence,accidents ,secret enmity and all negativity are happening. and the Remedy I also gave "The wise men compare the non flickering, Lamp kept in a windless place, To the controlled mind of the yogi, Practicing yoga within his self." Remedy always does not mean wearing gems though gemstherapy is also good therapy. But mantra[May not be necessary in Sanskrit . always],japa,Dana[Donation],Taking proper planet related foods,Correct action,Good Karma etc are also remedy. Om Namaha Shivaya Indranil Ray https://www.facebook.com/ShivaAstrology copyright Indranil Ray
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Thursday at 8:00pm Taime Estrella thats pretty!

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Mihajlovic Vesna thank you Indranil, always something new to learn from you, refreshing and uplifring ...:) Thursday at 8:07pm · Unlike · 1 person


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Jayshree Dhamani Very informative....thanks for sharing!! Thursday at 8:15pm · Unlike · 1 person


Aroop Das Om Namaha Shivaya ... thanks for sharing ..interesting facts ..God Bless you brother. Thursday at 8:43pm · Unlike · 1 person


Effie Aghili Thank you dear Indrani for sharing this information with me....Love and blessings to us all..♥:) Thursday at 8:44pm · Unlike · 2 people


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Indranil Ray Rama (Healing Mantra): Om Apadamapa Hartaram Dataram Sarva Sampadam Loka Bhi Ramam Sri Rama Bhuyo Bhuyo Namamyaham This is the most powerful healing mantra . Near translation is, 'Om, Oh most compassionate Rama please send your healing energy right here to the earth, to the earth (twice for emphasis.)' chanting this Mantra with strong Faith , regularly at least 40 days continuously ,after taking bath shall surely, help in various way.

Thursday at 8:56pm · Mihajlovic Vesna thank you Indranil... may God bless you always :))

Thursday at 8:58pm Debra Thatcher Indranil the time has come that we all need to chant, pray, meditate for the world & all who depend upon her. Greed & ego are destroying our planet & everything on it.

Thursday at 9:23pm Shantanu Sanyal thanks a lot for valuable information - regards

Thursday at 10:06pm Yuiduanchai Somprasong That's black horse will fight the heat! One belongs to this Mars in Gemini should be patience and be good one and believe in good karma. Om Shanti

Thursday at 10:12pm Vaibhav Samant Thank You!

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Debjyoti Roy very informative post. Thank you

Yesterday at 12:42am Mickey Mair Good Morning Dada.. very informative ..TX..

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Ranjit Singh Bithu es jankari ke liye aapko bahut dhanyawad .... Tnx for tag.

Yesterday at 8:09am Indranil Ray Ranjit ji Thanks a lott....Jay Sri Krishna...

Yesterday at 2:06pm · Indranil Ray Vandana may Lord Shiva Bless Us All...

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Indranil Ray Debojyoti most Welcome Dear....

Yesterday at 2:08pm Indranil Ray Kim Hari Om Sri RamaKrishna

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Yesterday at 2:09pm Indranil Ray Debra Thatcher ,so nice....

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Indranil Ray Dharmendra Om Namaha Shivaya

Yesterday at 2:12pm Indranil Ray Taime Estrella thanks...

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Indranil Ray Aroop brother May Lord Shiva Bless us All.... Yesterday at 2:14pm ·


Indranil Ray Effie Aghili I repeat your excellent Mantra 3 times. Love and blessings to us all..♥:) Love and blessings to us all..♥:) Love and blessings to us all..♥:) Hari Om Namaha Shivaya

Yesterday at 2:15pm Indranil Ray Đurđica Mužić Welcome always....

Yesterday at 2:16pm · Indranil Ray Dear Friend Vesna Thanks you so very much ..... My favourite 2 mantras "Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark." and "Being walkers with the dawn and morning, Walkers with the sun and morning, We are not afraid of night, Nor days of gloom, Nor darkness-Being walkers with the sun and morning."

Yesterday at 2:22pm Indranil Ray Yuiduanchai thanks for your comment....Peace....

Yesterday at 4:29pm Indranil Ray Also Read My Blog http://indranilray.blogspot.com/

Astrology Useful Information indranilray.blogspot.com

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Indranil Ray Today at 12.39 noon IST Venus came at Aslesa star[Sigma Hydrae star] So The Sun and Venus are now being connected through Aslesa. The Sun=Top Boss,Father,[in western Astrology Husband also],Eye,Brain,Prime Minister,Party Head etc Venus=Female,Luxury,Good food,Relax,Precious Ornaments,Sour Foods,marriage etc etc Communication with Father /or the Sun Related matter through Daughter/.... ...

2 hours ago · Unlike Indranil Ray If The Sun and Venus are being afflicted[malefic Condition] you may heard deceased news of and top leader of any Countries,If in beneficial condition you may heard of any important[may be historical type] celebration Om Namaha Shivaya Mother to Son by Langston Hughes Well, son, I'll tell you: Life for me ain't been no crystal stair. It's had tacks in it, And splinters, And boards torn up, And places with no carpet on the floor Bare. But all the time I'se been a-climbin' on, And reachin' landin's, And turnin' corners, And sometimes goin' in the dark Where there ain't been no light. So, boy, don't you turn back. Don't you set down on the steps. 'Cause you finds it's kinder hard. Don't you fall now For I'se still goin', honey, I'se still climbin', And life for me ain't been no crystal stair.

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