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YEAR-END STATUS (YES) REPORT Academic Year 2010-2011

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Life passes us by so quickly, so fleetingly. Most of us go through pulling off all-nighters, coursing Katipunan's traffic to get to class in time, acing a quiz, failing the next one, hanging out in our tambayans during breaks yet barely experiencing anything.

And then we go into another world. A world of

syringes, falling hair and the nauseating smell of antiseptic. a world of carefree laughter, shared dreams, simple wishes and courage. Courage, not only in the face of death but more so in fighting for life each day. In this world, we meet people to whom every morning is a miracle, each day a gift.

This is the world of

Kythe. This is our life.

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Table of Contents
ASPECTS OF DEVELOPMENT Vision and Mission Statements 1 Thrust for the school year1 Organization Chart1-2 Project Outcomes.......3-8 Financial Reports .....9 EVALUATION OF THE GOALS Organizational Development Leadership Development.....9-11 Membership Formation.11-13 Core Competencies Members Knowledge and practice of the Child Life Program........13-14 Advocating the Child Life Program....14-17 BEST EFFORTS FOR THE SCHOOLYEAR Organizational Development Effort...17-18 Core Competencies Effort.18-19 Synergy Effort ...19-20 FOLLOW-UP ACTIONS ON THE MIDYEAR RECOMMENDATIONS.....20-22 CONCLUSION.......22 SIGNATORIES.......22 APPENDICES A: Mid-year Advisory Letter..............24 B: Financial Reports a. Second Semester, SY 2009-2010..............25 b. First Semester, SY 2010-2011.26 C: Kythe Kamp IIs Transcription of Evaluation Forms.27-28 D: Visit Manual: Screen shots.29-30 E: Sample Processing Modules31 F: Individual Consultation Transcriptions32 G: Sample Individual Consultation Sheet and Rubrics for Evaluation..33-35 H: Breakdown of Retention Requirements per Year Level: First Semester....36 I: Into the Wilds Transcription of Evaluation Forms...37-38 J: Celebrate Life Parties Transcription of Evaluation Forms....39-40 K: Letters of Participation from Ateneo Organizations41-46 a. Ateneo Musicians Pool b. Youth for Christ-Ateneo c. Ateneo LEX d. Ateneo Blue Symphony e. Ateneo Mathematics Society, Environmental Science Society, Ateneo Musicians Pool

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I. ASPECTS OF DEVELOPMENT IN THE ORGANIZATION a. Vision and Mission Statements The primary vision of Kythe-Ateneo is to uplift the spirits of pediatric patients and their families through hospital volunteerism. Kythe-Ateneo also aims to promote awareness and advocacy of the Child Life Program in the Philippines and consequently, form its members into responsible and compassionate persons. Our primary mission is to provide direct (psycho-social) and indirect (financial) assistance to pediatric patients and their families in AFP Medical Center (found on V. Luna St.), National Kidney and Transplant Institute (found on East Avenue), Philippine Orthopedic Center (found on Ma. Clara St. corner Banawe St., Quezon City) and Quirino Memorial Medical Center (found on Katipunan Avenue); and in so doing, form its members into responsible and compassionate persons. Our secondary mission is to promote awareness of what the Kythe Child Life Program is through on and off campus advocacy activities. b. Direction/Thrust for the school year The past few years, Kythe-Ateneos members seemed to give more attention to managing and handling projects rather than visiting and interacting with the kids. They focused on making the projects more creative and extravagant in order to widen the reach of the organizations advocacy. In turn, this attitude used more of the members time and the organizations resources. We felt that this should not be the case; after all, Kythe is all about the kids and there are a lot more things that we could do to make our kids happy without spending so much time and resources on it. We feel this is best accomplished through hospital visits as this should be the core component most conscientiously developed in the formation of the Kythe experience. So this year, Kythe-Ateneo will be going for a back-to-basics approach--to focus on the betterment of relationships with pediatric patients/kids by moving members to become responsible, compassionate and competent Child Life Volunteers. c. Organization Chart This year, the executive board decided to make a few revisions to last years organizational structure in order to accommodate the thrust for this school year. The Hospital Heads were placed under both the hospitals and formations department because not only were they in charge of facilitating the actual hospital visits, but also the processing sessions to be done after each visit. This merited a change in name from Hospital Head to Training Head because they were meant to train Kyther volunteers to become Kyvigans, the ones who will also head visits and processing sessions, in addition to being the main liaison between Kythe-Ateneo and a specific Kytheaffiliated hospital. This group of training heads and Kyvigans was one main link to the Kythers. Consequently, the advocacy department lessened its amount of projects and therefore officers in order to give more time for the visits. Kythe Week was adopted as the internal relations project instead of having them separately. Lastly on a minor note, the finance department decided to specify the roles of each finance member. Each of the four members were assigned specific roles and these are Receipts and Disbursements Manager, External Relations Director, Internal Relations Director and, Centralized Database Administrator. (See Figure 1 for Organizational Chart)
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Figure 1
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d. Project Outcomes Date Implemented

(Indicate in Chronological Order)

Effort/Project/Activity Kythe Week 2010: Blood Drive

Description and Highlights This was held at the Colayco Pavilion during the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of Kythe Week. The project was able to garner a total of 95 blood donations, all of which donated to the National Childrens Hospital, a Kythe-affiliated hospital. Displayed at the Colayco Pavilion, the photo exhibit focused on the past events of the organization, including projects such as I Am Hope and Christmas Party as well as other past Kythe events as a way of commemorating and celebrating a school year of Kythe. In partnership with Aperture Society, Kythe organized a photo booth, which incorporated a campaign for the pediatric patients. Students posed with slogans such as Cancel Cancer or ICancervive and were given a copy of their photos as a souvenir. For every day of the week, the core team taught the participants how to make different toys. More than 15 toys were made each day, and all of these toys were equally divided and given to Kythe-affiliated hospitals. Kythe Picnic was organized in order to provide an avenue for members to bond beyond the Kythe room. More than 40 members were present at Cervini Field; outdoor games such as Chinese Garter and Twister were played and some members volunteered to perform. The contest focused on images that would depict a child in his or her happiest time. There were more than 10 entries submitted by students. Another part of the competition was voting for the cutest photo from five entries that were all pictures of faculty members such as Fr. Dacanay and university staff like Ate Alma. Kythe Week 2010, entitled Return to Neverland, focused on the idea of going back to our childhood by reliving experiences that we find pleasurable as a child. The activities of the week have been enumerated previously. With the help from the major sponsor Teleperformance, the project heads were able to
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January 25-29, 2010

January 25-29, 2010

Kythe Week 2010: Photo Exhibit

January 25-29, 2010

Kythe Week 2010: Photo Booth

January 25-29, 2010

Kythe Week 2010: Toy Workshop

January 27, 2010

Kythe Week 2010: Kythe Picnic

January 25-29, 2010

Kythe Week 2010: Photo Competition

January 25-29, 2010

Kythe Week 2010

January 30, 2010

Kythe Flying

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April 2010-May 2010

May 30-June 1, 2010

June 2010

June 21, 2010

June 28-July 2, 2010 July 4, 2010 July 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 12, 14 2010

July 5-17, 2010

July 19, 2010 July 2010-September

provide food, activities, kites, and the celebration of the Holy Mass for the kids and their guardians. Students from the LS Community were also welcome to participate and to fly kites with the Kythe kids. And in tradition, Kythe also requested for a fire truck that drove the kids around the school. Kyvigan Training Phase 1 Members who volunteered or were recommended by officers to head visits underwent Kyvigan training that included an orientation, distribution of visit manuals, and a visit and processing module. Planning and Formation The Planning Seminar and Formation Seminar Seminar took place in an officers house in Punta Fuego, Batangas. It facilitated bonding among the new set of officers and allowed them to establish their plans for the coming year. A highlight of the event is a part where each of the officers was asked to declare their commitment to the org in front of everyone. Launching of Kythe The Kythe Magazine and Website were meant Magazine and Kythe Website to be the main avenues for companies to discover the advocacy of the organization by featuring the major projects and activities of the year. EB-MB Meeting This first meeting served as a refresher course of the Child Life Program for the officers before the training seminars were conducted. The Rec Week plans were also discussed. RecWeek 2010 This week was for the initial recruitment of members. They also signed up for their training seminar schedules. EB Meeting The executive board deliberated on whether or not to accept more applicants on July 5. The final decision was no. Training Seminars Handled by the Hospitals Department, these seminars focused on introducing prospective members to the Child Life Program and organizational rules and principles, with a lecture portion and an activity portion. Interviews of Applicants Each applicant that attended the training seminar was interviewed by three officers in order to assess her/his dedication and emotional preparedness for the organizations activities. EB-MB Meeting The agenda included deliberations of applicants based on interview scores as well as plans for the first General Assembly. Hospital visits Visits are an essential part of Kythe-Ateneos
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2010; November 2010February 2011 July 2010-September 2010 Processing sessions

July 22, 2010

EB-MB Meeting

July 23, 2010

First General Assembly

July 24, 2010

Celebrate Life Party 1

July 26-30, 2010

Tambay Week

July 28, 2010

EB Meeting

July 31, 2010

Kythers Family Day

August 6, 2010

I AM HOPE Campaign: Amazing Race General Assembly

August 7-8, 2010

Kythe Garage Sale

August 14, 2010

Celebrate Life Party 2

core competencies. Morning and afternoon schedules were made available to the members during different days of the week, in the respective Kythe-affiliated hospitals. Processing modules were been designed around relevant themes and points of reflection, helping members to develop deeper insight about their visit experiences and share more substantially with their visit groupmates or Kythekadas. Due to unforeseen events, an emergency meeting was called in order to adjust the first General Assembly plans and make sure everything will go well. Instead of having one big assembly, the Kythers were broken into their respective Kythekadas and specific officers handled the discussions instead. Project heads went around presenting their projects. This first one was exclusive to officers. It revolved around an Under the Sea theme, with a sea creature cutout hat activity. The partner organization was the Ateneo Musicians Pool. This week-long event served as an avenue for the Kythers to meet and bond with each other. All throughout the week there was a series of challenges that gave them a chance to develop their skills while having fun with their fellow Kythers. The officers were reminded to ask the Kythers to sign the waiver forms as well as to inform them of the start of the visits. Updates were also given. This event was the culmination of Tambay Week where the Kythers mingled and got to know each other better. It was also a way for the Kythers to show their talents through a series of performances. The IAMHOPE Campaign 2011 General Assembly served as the 1st meet-up of all the core team members. The project heads discussed all the things that needed to be accomplished. The members signed-up for the committee he or she wished to join and team heads were assigned. The Kythe Garage Sale is an informal event for the sale of used goods donated by Kythe members and others. All the proceeds of this sale go to the organizations general funding. The hospitals department and the Kyvigans
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- Leadership Formation through Organization Development -

August 16, 2010

Kythe Christmas Party (Candyland) Volunteers GA

August 20, 2010 August 20-September 24, 2010

EB Meeting 1st semester Individual Consultations

headed this. It revolved around an Outer Space theme, with an outer space connect-the-dots activity. The partner organization was Youth For Christ-Ateneo. In order to orient the volunteers about the tasks that needed to be accomplished for the Kythe Christmas, a short volunteers GA was conducted. After a short description of each committees respective responsibilities, members were allowed to sign up for whichever sub-group they wanted to belong. The plans for Kythe Kamp I were discussed as well as updates from the different departments and project heads. The members were distributed in groups of 6-7 per Kythe Officer, and IC Kits were handed out. The Kythe officers evaluated their members statuses in Kythe, their experiences so far and inquired about what we should improve. The first Kythe Kamp focused on team building. It consisted of different group dynamic activities, talks and testimonials, and different bonding activities that catered to the Kythers. The board was reminded of the things needed to be included in the YES report. The annual PlevSem was also discussed. This CLP was the first to utilize the members CLP Volunteer Team. It revolved around a Circus theme, with a clown hat and mask cutout activity. The partner organization was Ateneo LEX. ReSess served as an avenue for members to listen, share and reflect upon their own and others Kythe experiences. By putting emphasis this year on having mostly Kythe alumni as speakers, a two-way, interactive environment between the various speakers and audiences for each of the four h was achieved. The Kythe Officers were asked to anonymously evaluate the 1st semester performance of another randomly assigned officer. Consultations about improvements and organizational well-being were conducted afterwards by the Formations Department. The Kythe Rummage Sale was one of the profit generating activities of Kythe-Ateneo with the aim to collect items from the past and current
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August 28, 2010

Kythe Kamp I

September 8, 2010 September 11 2010

EB Meeting Celebrate Life Party 3

September 15, 20, 22, & 24, 2010

Kythe Reflection Session (ReSess) for the 1st Semester

September 16-30, 2010 (Evaluations); November 22-26, 2010 (Consultations)

Mid-Semester Officer Evaluations and Individual Consultations

October 6, 2010

Kythe Rummage Sale

- Leadership Formation through Organization Development -

October 21-23, 2010

Planning and Evaluation Seminar

November 2010

Kyvigan Training Phase 2

November 6, 2010 November 8, 2010

EB Meeting Sponsor-A-Bag

November 8, 2010

EB-MB Meeting

November 12, 2010 November 13, 2010

Stage Zero Into The Wild

November 15, 2010 November 20, 2010

Second General Assembly Celebrate Life Party 4

November 29, 2010 December 4, 2010

EB Meeting Christmas Party

members of the organization and sell it to the Ateneo community. The PlevSem was held in Fontana Clark, Pampanga. A SWOT analysis of each project in the 1st semester was done. Taking the results into consideration, adjustments and plans for the 2nd Semester were made. This included renewing visit heads and members who wished to volunteer, having completed retention requirements the previous semester, and undergoing Kyvigan training that included an orientation, distribution of visit manuals, and mentoring. The executive board set the day for the 2nd semester EB meetings and discussed the transition plans for next school year. The Sponsor-A-Bag project is a sub-project of the Christmas Party which encouraged even non-Kythers to spread a little Christmas cheer and to share their blessings by giving any amount they can to help sponsor Noche Buena packages for the children and their families (to be distributed on December 4). The first meeting of the semester included reminders about CIP, feedback for the departments from EB, visit schedules, waiver sign ups, Stage Zero, plans for the second GA and Into the Wild. Kythe-Ateneo was the beneficiary for this La Salle party held in the Fort. In a tie-up project with My Oranges Inc., Kythers and some volunteers spent a Saturday with the Kythe kids in Avilon Zoo in Rodriguez, Rizal for a fun-filled day with the animals. The project aimed to bring the kids out of their beds and let them play, learn and have fun. This Harry Potter themed GA was meant to reintroduce the 2nd semester projects. The CLP Volunteer Team organized this. It revolved around a Superheroes theme, with a superhero mask cutout activity. The partner organization for this CLP was Blue Symphony. The following executive board meetings were for accomplishing the YES report and providing updates per department. Themed as Candy Land, the Christmas Party was a way of bringing Christmas early to the kids. Lunch and merienda were served. There
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- Leadership Formation through Organization Development -

Deember 6, 2010 December 9, 2010

EB Meeting I Am Hope Campaign: Volunteers GA

December 13, 2010 December 16, 2010

EB Meeting I Am Hope Campaign: Participants GA

December 17, 2010 December 20, 2010

EB Meeting EB Discernment Talk

January 5-14, 2011 January 8-9, 2011

EB Applications Kythe Kamp II

January 10-14, 2011

Assorted: Kythe Bazaar

January 10-14, 2011

I Am Hope Campaign: Doghouse Promotions EB Application Interviews

January 12-21, 2011

were also game booths sponsored by different organizations as well as celebrity appearances from the Magalona family and Ella Guevara. The Noche Buena gift bags were also given away. See November 29, 2010 EB Meeting. All the I am Hope core members were gathered to be briefed by their respective core heads on the specific tasks they will be doing for the event. Details regarding the race were also finalized and each committee exchanged updates so everyone will be informed of what will happen come I am Hope: Amazing Race itself. Christmas party, with Tugon, ICs, YES Participating organizations outside Ateneo were asked to come for a general assembly and short briefing of what will happen during the event proper. They met some Kythe volunteers and were introduced to some of the core members who were present. See November 29, 2010 EB Meeting. This provided an avenue for the non-graduating officers and members to listen and ask the executive board about how they discerned for their respective positions. It was required for anyone wishing to apply for an EB position. Non-graduating officers submitted their certificates of candidacy to the executive board. Kythe Kamp II was an overnight seminar focusing on leadership and discernment. It was required for all intending to apply for a position as EB or MB. Assorted was a week-long bazaar held in Zen Garden with stalls selling food and garments. Proceeds would go to funding the projects of Kythe-Ateneo. This was in order to promote I Am Hope to fellow Ateneans, inviting them to come and join this event. Tickets, fans, desk calendars and shirts were being given away and sold. Hour-long interviews were held in order to assess each candidate. The outgoing EB was the panel.

- Leadership Formation through Organization Development -

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e. Financial Reports for the 2nd Semester of previous year, summer, and 1st semester of the current year, including the Statement of Receipts and Disbursements With the collective thrust of emphasizing the value of actively interacting with the kids, the height of the combined efforts of the Finance and Marketing Department with the other departments and members at directly allowing the partners and sponsors to experience what it is like to interact and have fun with the kids was the Into the Wild Special Project with My Oranges Inc., Hard Rock Caf, and the Avilon Zoo as the primary sponsors. More importantly, these project benefactors look forward to taking part in the succeeding activities of the organization in the near future. Aside from these partners, Kythe-Ateneo also managed to establish good relationships with the SM Supermalls Corporation and the Toyz Bar Fort, together with the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) and the Mechanical Engineering Society (MES), two student organizations from De La Salle University, in spearheading a fundraiser for both the student-arm organization and the mother foundation. Moreover, the organization was able to muster support from ten different corporate entities for its different projects, paving the way for stronger partnership prospects in the future for the projects. Private individuals also played important roles in putting up support for the various activities of the organization within the hospitals, inside the campus and including the community at large. The likes of the Magalona Family have also joined in supporting the cause of the organization by participating in events and by promoting the advocacy to other people. Through many projectbased involvements, the organization and its private partners are able to exchange and share the impact that both have sought to achieve. (See Appendix B) II. EVALUATION OF THE GOALS Goal: Achieved: Yes No To develop leaders from members who wish to enrich and engage further their Kythe experience through formation workshops, training sessions, individual consultations, and talks. Success indicators 1. At least 6 people must be trained by the Hospitals and Formations departments to be Kyvigans/Visit Heads for each semester. 2. At least 35 people must attend the 2nd Kythe Kamp to be monitored by the Formations Department. 3. There must be at least 9 applicants for the next school years executive board positions by the first week of February and at least 26 applicants for the management board positions by the last week of February. Explanation Impact on participants Success indicator #1: The system of Kyvigan within a Kythekada 1. First semester: AJ Avanez, Mikee Garcia, Camille allowed active members who wanted to take Alcazar, Ellix Salvadora, John Valdes, Dianne greater roles of responsibility to contribute in Mangaoang their own way by heading the visit groups. 2. Second semester: Anjo Castelo, Serge Gabriel, The Hospitals Department first held training Jeanell Matthews, Deirdre Camba, Hannah sessions to educate the members who Perdigon, AJ Avanez, Ellix Salvadora volunteered to be Kyvigans before the start
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Success indicator #2: 1. There were 48 people who attended the 2nd Kythe Kamp. Success indicator #3: 1. There were 17 attendees for the Executive Board Discernment Talk. 2. There are 10 people who applied for the Executive Board for SY 2011-2012. From the first semester, it was obvious to us that there were people already willing to step up as leaders in the organization. The Kyvigans headed hospital visits and processing sessions every week. This really gave members the opportunity to become more involved in Kythe-Ateneo, as well as help other becomes become more participative as well. By the second semester, it was much clearer that more people were willing to step up. Seven members volunteered to be Kyvigans and out of those seven, four are new members. This is a very good indicator that people are driven to do more for the organization, whether its because of the advocacy that they are fighting for or the people they are working with. This follow through can also be seen in the attendance during Kythe Kamp and the EB discernment talk. Both were very good avenues for members to not only discern for leadership positions, but also evaluate their positions in the organization and what they have been and are still willing to contribute to Kythe. Lastly, the fact that 10 members and officers applied for executive board positions shows us that the organization really has been effective in encouraging its members to give more of themselves to our cause. Overall, we can say that this year was an increase in the number of people who wish to make a bigger difference in this organization.

of every semester. The training sessions consisted of guidelines on what to expect and prepare them on the necessities of being a visit head. Although we can never really know what will happen in a visit, the kyvigan tranings helped them prepare and at least know what to expect from the visits. The Kyvigans felt that the training sessions helped them become more equipped for the visits that they were about to lead. They were more confident knowing the different systems and structures in a visit and also adding skills that could help them in leading their own visit groups. The second Kythe Kamp served as an avenue for the non-graduating officers and members of Kythe to discern and share their future plans for the organization. It developed not only their own leadership, but they were reminded also that they are leaders among leaders within Kythe. The camp also focused on teambuilding and relationships. Furthermore, the senior officers had the chance of facilitating the activities and reflection and processing sessions. Based on the evaluations, the participants felt that this seminar was an avenue for them to really reflect and share their insights on what they were going to do. They also realized that the importance of a leader is not just based on what he/she did for the organization, but rather the members that he/she inspired to also take up the same challenge to become a leader. The Executive Board discernment talk provided a discussion between the senior EB officers and non-graduating officers and members on the specific jobs and experiences of the respective positions. The members were given a perspective of how to discern because they were guided by the stories shared with them. As a whole, those discerning for leadership felt this was beneficial to them because they found they were able to relate better with the current EB. At the same time, this gave them a framework for what kind of role they should
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- Leadership Formation through Organization Development -

take. Recommendations 1. As much as possible, officers should not be part of the core teams of each project. This is to encourage more members to be more active in the planning and executing part of the organization. 2. Individual consultations per department should be maintained in order for the vice presidents to facilitate the development of each officer. 3. The President should make himself accessible to everyone so that interested members who really want to step up can also consult with him/her. Goal: Achieved: Yes No To have committed members who consistently participate in hospital visits, projects and formation sessions for a maximized Kythe experience. Success indicators 1. 80% of all members should have participated in at least one formation project/activity (Kythers Family Day/Tambay Week, Kythe Camp, or formation session) per semester as monitored by the Training Heads/KyVigans and the Formations Department. 2. 80% of all members should have at least one individual consultation with an officer per semester as monitored by the Training Heads/KyVigans and the Formations Department. 3. The improved structure and procedure of the processing sessions should have at least an average effectiveness rating of 8.5 out of 10 from the members to be gathered through the IC's in the 2nd semester. 4. 80% of all members should have completed the visit requirement for each semester as monitored by the Hospitals Department. Explanation Impact on participants Success Indicator #1: As expressed during the ICs, there are those 1. For the 1st semester, 67.2% (148 people) participated who still feel like there is little growth for them in at least one formation activity. in terms of being a Kyther. They are still apprehensive and anxious about hospital visits. Success Indicator #2: They are adjusting slowly, and this is st 1. For the 1 semester, 89.5% (197 people) had an something that we as the officers of Kythe individual consultation with an officer. should have been more sensitive to, especially 2. For the 2nd semester, 77% (79 people) had an with regard to the first-time Kythers. During individual consultation with an officer. one particular IC, one of the Kythers mentioned that there was growth for her but at the same Success Indicator #3: time, kulang pa rin. Visits may help in drawing 1. The processing sessions received an average rating the members closer, but they were not always of 8.3 rating. enough to communicate the importance of what they do and establish that connection with the Success Indicator #4: children and the other Kythers. 1. For the 1st semester, 45.4% (100 people) completed On the other hand, there are many of those the visit requirements. retained members who expressed that during the 2nd semester, visiting has become almost easier The executive board recognized the fact that there were
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mistakes made and problems overlooked with regard to this goal. These problems can be classified as either projectrelated or member-related. By deciding to cut down on major advocacy projects, the executive board hoped that the Kythers would have more time to spend in visiting the hospitals and creating relationships with the kids. However, it was not foreseen that the organization would not be as visible or accessible to the Kythers for them to interact with each other. Also due to changes in schedules, some formations activities were crammed. Promotions came late and thus, people had already committed to other things ahead of time. Systemswise, not everyone was receiving the Kythe Online Bulletin for various reasons, be it the internet connection or they did not receive the invite. The member-related problems came as an effect of the project-related ones. Because they had less chances of bonding with each other, they did not feel a strong connection with each other that was a main factor in last years high visit rates. Also, the officers were not able to communicate properly their value as Kythers in promoting the organizations advocacy. However at the same time, there were external factors that the organization could not do anything about such as the changing schedules of the members and the Kythe coordinators and hospitals. The members also had other priorities, which they had to attend to. Since many are new members, it was also difficult for them to interact with those kids who really can be considered as slow to warm up. Therefore, some members were discouraged from visiting again.

for them for various reasons. Some say that visiting is something I want to do already. Others say that they owe it to the kids. And still others express how visiting is no longer an obligation like NSTP, but something I look forward to because of the Kythers I got close to as well. For the freshmen who did not have the chance to visit in the 1st semester, they say that the CLPs were crucial opportunities for them to interact with the children with the help of the upperclassmen Kythers. Overall, we agree with the members with regard to their self-assessment of their own growth, in their conduct and in their understanding and application of the Child Life Program, and more efforts on member formation should be made in this respect.

Overall, more member interaction could have a significant effect in establishing comfort zones for members and more motivation for them to share Kythes advocacy in solidarity with other members. Given the goals that were set, it is clear that there is need for stronger bonds to be established, however not enough avenues to strengthen those bonds were given. Recommendations 1. From the start of the school year, establish the IC groups and maintain it the whole year instead of focusing on Kythekada bonding. This is because IC groups are not only more intimate and easier to handle, but these are constant throughout the year while Kythekadas change depending on the semester. It also provides the opportunity for all the officers to get to know better the members instead of leaving it to the hands of the Kyvigans. 2. Processing modules should be followed as guidelines for the processing sessions. The Kyvigans should
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be sensitive enough to adapt the modules to what happened during the visit. The theme for the month should be followed unless not applicable to that particular visit. 3. Add more bonding activities like in the previous years that do not require much planning on the part of the officers. The Kythekada groups may opt to join each other in order to form bigger groups so that the Kythers may get to know more members as well. Hopefully, this would help in establishing stronger bonds so that the Kythers feel compelled to attend visits with others who they now see as friends. 4. Skills training activities may also be done for the Kythers to practice what to do in different situations in the hospitals. Situationers may be given and the members may be asked to act out what they would do. At the same time, they may also be asked to put themselves in the shoes of the children so as to understand why they act the way they do. 5. More initiative should be taken by the older members, Kyvigans and officers to make the members confident enough to reach out to the kids from the onset, so that the first few experiences can have a stronger impact with regard to the members enjoyment of kids and fellow members. Goal: Achieved: Yes No To bring Kythers closer to the core of the Child Life Program by improving the quality of hospital visits and activities and fostering better relationships and experiences between the Kythe members and the Kythe kids. Success indicators 1. All Kyvigan training modules, visit manuals, processing modules and pre-visit training sessions should be accomplished before the start of the members' application period. 2. 75% of all members eligible should have visited at least twice in the 1st semester, 75% of all retained members should have visited at least twice for the 2nd semester, and 75% of all members should have attended at least 1 CLP per year. 3. Visits and Kyvigan performance should have an average rating of 8 out of 10 that is to be gathered during the IC's in the 2nd semester. Explanation Impact on participants Success Indicator #1: During the ICs, many of the Kythers said By the beginning of summer, all materials relevant to that they did not fully remember the Child training the Kyvigans and providing easier reference for Life Program from the training seminars. st how to facilitate visits were ready for the 1 semester. However upon asking how they interact with the children and what principles they Success Indicator #2: apply when interacting with them, the 1. For the first semester, 85.9% (189 people) were officers realize that they are familiar with the able to visit at least twice Child Life Program. She thinks they're 2. Currently for the second semester, 27% (28 people) aware of it in the sense that it guides what have already visited at least twice. they do--they know what exactly they're 3. Attendance for 1 CLP averages from around 50-60 giving their time for and they're more people. sensitive to the kids and their needs, said one officer of a member she interviewed. Success Indicator #3: From this it can be seen that although the 1. Visits received an average rating of 8.2. exact words have not been memorized, they 2. Kyvigans received an average rating of 7.3. are using the model in their visits.
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In general, the structures were improved and their foundations were made clearer in terms of Kyvigan responsibilities, and reminders onset how to conduct the visit group with regard to the different etiquettes of the hospitals were made clear early in the year. The Hospitals and Formations Departments undertook a special initiative to make the visit experiences more open to the gathering of personal insights and more relevant to their daily lives as students of different disciplines and different vocations through the processing sessions, and more grounded through the clarification of the different rules and principles of the hospitals. As such, the introductory visits and the CLPs were to be the first exposure of the members to the execution of the Child Life Program. Most members successfully took the first step to integrating themselves into the most basic facets of the program, and the CLPs were particularly effective in leaving an impact to the members and strongly articulating the goals of the Child Life Program.

Most also admitted that in the first semester, they had a difficult time during the hospital visits. They were apprehensive to approach the child or the parent and they felt awkward while they were doing the structured activities or just even talking to the children. It was a learning process for them such that come second semester, hospital visits were no longer intimidating to them. The executive boards decision to institutionalize the structured activities every hospital visit gave the Kythers something to do with the children, especially when they dont know how to begin playing with them. It gave them a starting point from which conversations and bonds could flow from and be strengthened by.

In the end, we feel that it is hard to measure the awareness and knowledge of the Child Life Program given that the members already had some form of inclination to interact with the kids, but we also feel that we have provided stepping-stones leading to a deeper understanding of Kythes overall vision. We feel that there is a need to incorporate the Child Life Program more deeply and concretely into the consciousness of the Kythers. Recommendations 1. Supplementary talks to the processing sessions could be given throughout the duration of each semester, instead of just one series of talks at the end (ReSess). It could also be like a training seminar aside from the processing. 2. Continue the practice of the structured activities and maybe try to improve it by having members suggest the next activity for the visit. That would allow for more membership participation and initiative, as well as chances for them to apply their knowledge of the Child Life Program concretely. 3. Be more strict with regard to visit schedules. Cross-visiting should be allowed only during the last 2 weeks to make it easier for the Kyvigans since they are accountable for their own Kythekadas. Goal: Achieved: Yes No To increase the awareness of the organizations and communities inside and outside of the Ateneo regarding the Child Life Program by having more opportunities to actively participate in the organization's activities. Success indicators 1. At least 5 Ateneo-based organizations must be actively involved in the planning and execution phase of the internal and external advocacy projects and must be supervised by the VP for Advocacy.
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2. At least one sponsor for each project under the Advocacy department must be actively involved in the execution phase of the project and the interaction with the patients.
3. Each CLP must have a partner organization to help in the planning and execution of the party.

Explanation Success indicator #1: 1. Kythe Week 2010: Return to Neverland Aperture Society documented Kythe Flying, provided the equipment and took pictures for Kythe Week Photobooth. Youth For Christ-Ateneo (YFC-A) promoted Kythe Flying during the YFC Week Culminating Night. Ateneo Economics Association (AEA) sponsored a game booth during Kythe Flying. Ateneo Campus Ministry Group (ACMG) facilitated the celebration of the Holy Mass and organized a choir group for the mass. 2. Kythe Christmas Party Ateneo Mathematics Society (AMS) sponsored a game booth for Christmas Party. Environmental Science Society (ESS) sponsored a game booth for Christmas Party. Ateneo Musicians Pool (AMP) rendered songs during the program of the Christmas party. Success indicator #2: 1. Kythe Week 2010: Return to Neverland Teleperformance agreed to be the major sponsor of Kythe Flying and provided Php 26,000 worth of donations for the project. During Kythe Flying, employees from the company set up their own game booth and played with the kids and gave them prizes. 2. Kythe Christmas Party Jollibee, as one of the sponsors of Christmas Party, gave 5% discount for the lunch that the project heads provided for the kids and their guardians. Jollibee crew was present during the event and helped out in distributing food and drinks to the patients. Del Monte was one of the major sponsors of Kythe Christmas Party. The company donated Noche Buena packages for the family which included items such as pasta, tomato sauce, canned goods, etc. Success indicator #3:

Impact on participants This school year, we wanted to align our advocacy with the thrust of making the Kythe experience more immersive and closer to the fundamental value of fostering relationships between Ateneans and sponsoring volunteers and the pediatric patients in the Kythe-affiliated hospitals. This was duly achieved through the Kythe Week 2010, monthly Celebrate Life Parties, Into the Wild and the Kythe Christmas Party. For Kythe Week 2010, we invited different organizations to sponsor game booths for Kythe Flying and to be involved in the activities for Kythe Week. Aperture Society is unaccredited organization which specializes in photography; the project heads felt that by partnering with Aperture Society, we can promote their organization and at the same time, increase the awareness of Kythe. Moreover, Christmas Party planned for the same course of action of inviting Ateneo-based organizations to organize game booths for the party. By sponsoring game booths, not only are the participants involved in the projects, but also, they are able to interact and play with the Kythe kids. As for the sponsors, we talked to them and informed them that it would be more beneficial for both parties if the sponsoring companies can also interact with the Kythe kids, so they can have a better idea of the purpose of their helping out the organization. Companies such as Teleperformance have been very willing to spend time with the kids by arranging for a game booth catered for the Kythe kids. The companys employees spent the afternoon with the kids during Kythe Flying. Aside from the financial assistance
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1. CLP#1 Ateneo Musicians Pool (AMP) joined the CLP and performed song numbers for the pediatric patients. The members of the org also helped out in distributing food and goodie bags to the patients. 2. CLP#2 Youth For Christ-Ateneo (YFC-A) delegated their volunteers to join Kythe-Ateneo members in interacting with the patients. The said partner organization also prepared a structured activity for that afternoons CLP. 3. CLP#3 Ateneo Lex (A Lex) joined the CLP and prepared a structured activity for the party. Their members also interacted with the patients and their families. 4. CLP#4 Blue Symphony agreed to partner with KytheAteneo for the 4th CLP, but due to unforeseen circumstances, Blue Symphony backed out at 12 midnight on the day of the CLP. The aforementioned organization was planning to perform for the patients at POC. Others: 1. Special Project: Into the Wild My Oranges, Inc. was the major sponsor of Into The Wild and sponsored the entrance tickets of the patients and their lunch meals for the said event. Members of the company were also present during the event and toured with the kids around Avilon Zoo in Montalban, Rizal. Korean Students Federation of the Philippines delegated their students with Kythe-Ateneo members and Kythe kids individually. As a group, they toured around Avilon Zoo and ate lunch with the patients. JGSOM Sanggunian officers participated in the event by sending volunteers who also interacted with the Kythe kids who attended Into The Wild. 2. Celebrities: Marc Nelson was present during Kythe Flying and interacted with the patients and students from Kythe. Magalona Family and Ella Guevarra were invited to Kythe Christmas Party and were there to interact with the patients and their families. The Magalona Family took pictures with the kids and

that the companies have given, we feel that it is also important that their help can go beyond monetary assistance. Aside from the Advocacy projects, we have also opted that for this year, each CLP should have a partner organization. By doing this, we are increasing the awareness of the larger community of what Child Life Program and how KytheAteneo applies this core competency through the projects and through the CLPs. Moreover, by tying up with different organizations, Kythe-Ateneo is also providing opportunities to learn from these organizations and perhaps, to teach the organizations how volunteerism in the hospital setting functions. The organization is lucky enough to be introduced to My Oranges, Inc. and to Korean Students Federation of the Philippines. With the help of these groups, we are able to organize Into The Wild, a field trip for the patients and their guardians to Avilon Zoo in Montalban, Rizal. Aside from sponsoring the tickets and the meals, members of these groups also joined and walked around the zoo with the Kythe kids. Through this project, Kythe-Ateneo has been able to extend itself to wider communities beyond the Loyola Schools. In doing so, KytheAteneo is also opening opportunities for more partnerships with different companies and organizations.

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gave them a message, while Ella Guevarra helped in handing out Noche Buena packages and goodie bags for the patients. Recommendations 1. Prepare MOA with the student organizations and even the performers to avoid last minute backouts, and to have just compensation when that happens. 2. Have an official representative of the organization when meeting with external organizations or companies. III. BEST EFFORTS FOR THE SCHOOLYEAR Organization Development Effort
Name of the Effort

Individual consultations with the members

The Individual Consultations implemented a newer, more efficient way of communicating with the members, whether for the purpose of information dissemination or member feedback regarding certain projects and processes of the organization. The activity paired each member of the orgs Executive and Management Board with 6-7 of the members, and they were tasked to interview, evaluate and get firsthand feedback Description of from them. Members were asked to give their expectations, describe their level of the Effort commitment to the organization, and the officers to facilitate member formation. In addition to this, it was emphasized to the officers that whoever were assigned to them would be their buddies for the entire year, which meant basically that they were the members go-to person. This meant that any form of feedback from the member would be coursed through the assigned officer, and alternatively, the officer would disseminate information to them if needed. To facilitate dialogue and interaction between the members of Kythe-Ateneo through a more efficient and thorough system of communication

To put into place a buddy system wherein (1) information will get disseminated better and in a more personal manner and (2) gather firsthand feedback from the members

The individual consultation group isnt an innovation as it was in place already last year. However this year, the executive board saw that it is a great asset to the organization as it allows each officer to extend a friendly hand to each member and personally ask them about what they feel and how theyre doing in Kythe. Consequently, this allowed us to better fulfill three of the four goals this year.
Results and Evaluation

Questions such as what is your vision for the organization and do you see yourself as a part of that vision gave the members the opportunity to think about and voice out their ideas for the next year. Granted the fact that many said they see Kythe-Ateneo doing the same thing, there were still those who expressed their hope for more active members, more visits and activities and still a better system that can be implemented. When asked how they see themselves in that vision, they replied that they want to be more active, possibly heading a project or being part of core teams, in order to address the shortcomings of the organization. This is a very good indicator that there is a pool of
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members willing to succeed the outgoing officers. Members were also asked to evaluate present structures in the organization (visits, processing modules, etc.) quantitatively on a scale of 1-10 and then qualify their ratings. The officers were able to gather feedback from the members and directly ask them for their suggestions for improvements. The common reactions were that visits were fun and interactive due to the structured activities and that processing sessions were helpful to the members in broadening their perspectives of how they see the visits in reference to the purpose of the organization. Kyvigans were also rated and generally, the members felt that they were helpful in disseminating information as well as in facilitating visits, especially for members visiting for the first time. As stated previously in the goals section, the individual consultations were also used to assess the members knowledge of the Child Life Program. In general, the members felt that this model was useful to them in the hospitals. However, it is difficult to be aware of it at all times and it was often mentioned that their use of the Child Life Program came naturally to them. It was a pleasant surprise to the organization that the individual consultations became a very effective avenue of not only information dissemination and project/system evaluation but also of establishing tighter bonds between members and officers. The members felt compelled to attend and reply to the officers because they know each other on a more personal level already. Core Competencies Effort
Name of the Effort

Into the Wild

For this project, Kythe-Ateneo, with the help of My Oranges Inc., brought the children from National Childrens Hospital, National Kidney and Transplant Institute and Quirino Memorial Medical Center to Avilon Zoo, Rodriguez, Rizal. Along with the 24 Kythers that Description of attended, there were around 20 Koreans from the Korean Student Federation of the the Effort Philippines who joined the project. With 35 kids present, it was almost a 1:1:1 ratio so there was more interaction with the kids. There was a 2 hour guided walking tour around the zoo and then lunch was provided for by Kythe-Ateneo. To bring the kids out of the hospital and make them experience stuff they would not have the chance to.

Results and Evaluation

To provide alternative avenues for Kythers to concretize the Child Life Program by interacting with the children outside the hospital and share the experience with the kids. The project was very successful. It received a perfect 10 rating based on the evaluations done. A lot of Kythers said that they really had a fun filled day with the kids. What they liked most was the fact that they each had a kid to interact with and share the experience with. Not only was the tour enjoyable but the trip to the zoo was educational and insightful for all the participants. It was inspiring to see our kids exploring and enjoying the trip throughout the zoo since were accustomed to seeing them lethargic and lying on their beds for the whole day. Some of our members were even amazed by the energy our kids showed.
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The projects strong link to our advocacy of the Child Life Program centered on its adherence to the second prong of the programs thrust: addressing the need for our children to develop normally in their educational and psychosocial aspects. Into the Wild was a resourceful and engaging effort to help the kids rest from the strains of the hospital and enjoy themselves in an environment rich in discovery. With regard to the volunteers understanding and corresponding action to their knowledge of the Child Life Program and their initiative to immerse themselves more deeply in our thrust of bettering the relationships between kids and Kythers and encouraging member-based initiative, members were situated comfortably with the kids and were given enough quality time and opportunity to bond with and take care of the kids. Overall, the sustainability of endeavors similar to last school years Make a Splash and this years Into the Wild depends on the capability of future project heads to obtain external sponsorship and solicitation, especially for the expenses pertaining to transportation, venue fees and food. This year we were able to contact My Oranges Inc. and wish to continue our partnership in the next few years, and we intend to provide supplementing materials such as portfolios and marketing packages. Synergy Effort
Name of the Effort

Celebrate Life Parties Held once every active month of the semester (excluding December) in the Philippine Orthopedic Center, the Celebrate Life Parties were an effort on behalf of the Hospitals Department to further engage members in the core competency of the Child Life Program. With the addition of the CLP Volunteer Team handling the different aspects of the parties, such as Programs, Food, Structured Activities, Logistics, Liaisons and Transportation, the projects also made for a more efficient delegation of tasks, and encouraged members to take initiative in helping to make the visit experience joyful for themselves and for the kids. All Celebrate Life Parties featured the participation of partner organizations who contributed either sponsorship or manpower, and the flow of the programs included entertaining dance, song and storytelling numbers, bedside activities, party food lunches and the distribution of loot bags. To provide dimension to the Kythe members experience of the Child Life Program (most especially the freshmen, who mainly experience the visit component of retention requirements through the Celebrate Life Parties), encourage member leadership and initiative, and concretely develop a joyous, uplifting atmosphere in order to foster strong relationships between the Kythers and the Kythe kids. This year, attendance and participation for the events has reached its optimum, with an average attendance rate of 50 members per CLP (relative to the CLPs in July, August, September and November), and the achievement of a 1:1 ratio of volunteers per patient, meaning that almost none of the children in the ward were left out of the activities. CLP attendance also accounted for the high retention rate of the freshman members. The functions of the CLP Volunteer Team, supervised by the VP for Hospitals, the respective CLP project heads and the Hospital Affairs Head, also ensured maximum quality for the activities and efficient management of volunteers, especially with regard to attendance confirmation, correspondence with partner organization members, and allocation for
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Description of the Effort


Results and Evaluation

transportation to the Philippine Orthopedic Center. Overall, the numerical evaluation results are 9.17 for the four CLPs that have taken place at this time. This series of activities has fulfilled significant parts of Kythe-Ateneos Core Competency and Organizational Development goals by strengthening the member base, giving members initiative to participate more actively in the undertaking of the events and understanding how to concretize the principles of the Child Life Program. IV. FOLLOW-UP ACTIONS ON THE MIDYEAR RECOMMENDATIONS
1. Streamline the training and development plan for project heads for the next semester. Focus on transference of skills that are needed in specific Executive Board positions such that it would be easier for them to shift from having a project-based perspective to a macro view of the organization as a whole should they decide to run for a leadership position next school year.

Status and Follow-Up Action

For the second semester, each vice president of the executive board conducted individual consultations with the members of her/his respective departments. This was to allow the officers to evaluate themselves, their respective vice presidents, their departments and the organization as a whole, as well as to gather recommendations for the following year. The nongraduating officers were also asked about their plans for the next school year. As stated earlier, there were two avenues held for discernment: one talk specifically for executive board positions and Kythe Kamp II. Both were ways for the officers and members to understand better the job description of each executive board position while listening to the way the current EB discerned for their respective positions. Lastly, the executive board is planning a transition seminar with the incoming executive board to pass on information they feel is necessary in planning their thrust, goals and activities for the next year. This was incorporated in the processing modules of the Kyvigans to be conducted after every visit. Values such as responsibility and compassion were discussed and each member was asked to relate these to their growth as a Kyther and as a person. Questions such as, What does Kythe mean to you? and How have you grown as a Kyther? have been included in the individual consultations with the members as well. These questions allowed the members to reflect on their position and purpose in the organization. For the next school year, activities by the Formations department may be held in order to further supplement the present procedures. These activities could be as simple as Kythekada or IC group discussions and

2. Ensure member participation in activities that ground them to the ideals and vision of the organization. Make sure that the members who participate in specific projects see the bigger picture of why the project is vital in achieving the organizations goal for this year.

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3. Maintain the practice of early planning of projects and activities. Also, foster the creativity of members to sustain innovative ideas for the organizational projects and endeavors. The adaptability and innovativeness of the project heads in their respective projects are commendable.

4. Assess the feasibility of coming up with an evaluative tool to measure if the members knowledge of the Child Life Program is effectively applied.

reminders of the thrust of Kythe and the connection of each activity to the goals set. The executive board maintained the practice of early project planning. They made sure to check up on the respective activities of their projects while still giving the heads free reign of what to do. EB-MB meetings were also held where all the officers were updated of the status of each upcoming activity and gave feedback or suggestions for each finished one. Each department also had their own meetings where their respective vice presidents closely monitored the status of each project. To make sure that the projects were fresh and creative, the project heads gave responsibilities to those new members whom they felt had innovative ideas. Not only did this improve the member participation, but it also allowed these members to get closer to the already active members of the organization. This year, the officers asked the members to evaluate or assess the importance of the Child Life Program in the hospitals through the ICs. Most of them saw the need of the Child Life Program in the hospital, however the officers felt that it was difficult to truly assess the knowledge and expertise of a Kyther based on her/his answer alone. Many Kythers expressed that they eventually ended up using it, however they were either unaware that they were or they said, it just came naturally. For the next year, the executive board recommends that more behavioral and concrete questions be used for assessment. Giving certain situations and asking how the member would deal with it might be a more appropriate question. However, it is important to take into consideration that the knowledge of the Child Life Program seems to be something very personal and difficult to concretize, therefore evaluate accurately. Partnerships with other organizations, whether Ateneobased or not, have been ongoing. Each CLP has had a partner organization. Members who were part of project core teams have also helped in contacting the other organizations that they are part of. It has been a priority to get other Ateneo-based organizations to man booths and perform for projects so as to increase awareness in the Ateneo community. For the upcoming I Am Hope, the focus is acquiring sponsors outside the Ateneo community as this is an external advocacy project. For the upcoming Kythe Flying, the project heads are targeting at least four other

5. Nurture the organizations partnership with other organizations/institutions for upcoming advocacy projects in the 2nd semester.

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Ateneo organizations, with ASEC being the major partnership. The theme of Kythe Week and Kythe Flying is around the world, therefore ASECs involvement would be ideal. V. CONCLUSION For the Kids. These three words served as the battle cry for Kythe-Ateneo this year. We improved our systems and structures, held-fundraisers, talks, training sessions and executed significant projects all for the kids. Our activities promoted the interaction among the members, the kids and the partner organizations. The organizations improved structure of the visits made it easier for our members to interact with the patients. Despite the unfortunate decrease in the participation of the members, the organization was still able to accomplish what it set out to do. Looking back, this year was an awakening for the organization. It opened our eyes to the real strengths and weaknesses of Kythe-Ateneo, which we intend to pass on to the next year. In the end, we continue to hope for more growth and development still because in the end, everything is for the kids. VI. SIGNATORIES

________________________________________ Jose Generoso S. Roo President

________________________________________ Joanne Valle Moderator

________________________________________ Joshua Frederick P. Alarkon Finance Officer

________________________________________ Isabella S. Ocampo Secretary-General

________________________________________ Nina Andrea S. Unlay Documentations and Publications Head

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A. Mid-Year Advisory Letter B. Financial Reports a. Second Semester, SY 2009-2010 b. First Semester, SY 2010-2011 C. Kythe Kamp IIs Transcription of Evaluation Forms D. Visit Manual: Screen shots of important parts E. Sample Processing Modules F. Individual Consultation Transcriptions G. Sample Individual Consultation Sheet and Rubrics for Evaluation H. Breakdown of Retention Requirements per Year Level: First Semester I. Into the Wilds Transcription of Evaluation Forms J. Celebrate Life Parties Transcription of Evaluation Forms K. Letters of Participation from Ateneo Organizations a. Ateneo Musicians Pool b. Youth for Christ-Ateneo c. Ateneo LEX d. Ateneo Blue Symphony e. Ateneo Mathematics Society, Environmental Science Society, Ateneo Musicians Pool

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APPENDIX A: See attached letter

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APPENDIX B: Second Semester, SY 2009-2010


Kythe-Ateneo Statement of Receipts and Disbursements Second semester, SY 2009 - 2010 DCB Fund Report as of January 14, 2010
DCB Fund Beginning Balance, as of September 19, 2009 Cash Receipts: (Inflows: Sponsorships, sales, donations, fees collected, etc) Operational Budget from AdMU Other Receipts Donation for Kythe Week Donation for CLP Donation TOTAL CASH RECEIPTS Cash Disbursements: (Outflows) Operating Expenses First Semester Second Semester Evaluation Seminar Expenses Project Expenses 1 I Am Hope 2 Family Day 3 Celebrate Life Parties (in transit) 4 Christmas Party 5 Kythe Week (in transit) Sub-total: Project Expenses TOTAL CASH DISBURSEMENTS Excess (Deficiency) of Receipts over Disbursements Fund Ending Balance, as of January 14, 2010 Prepared by: Noted by: 152,001.40 (22,001.40) 277,612.68 299614.08

15,000.00 115,000.00 100,000 10,000 5,000 130,000.00

17,900.67 11,230.97 6,669.70 12,983.43 121,117.30 72,150.00 1,371.00 809.30 26,087.00 20,700.00

Regina Rodriguez Finance Officer

Santiago Aquino III President

Jovi Valle Moderator

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First Semester, SY 2010-2011

LOYOLA SCHOOLS - OFFICE OF STUDENT ACTIVITIES ATENEO DE MANILA UNIVERSITY KYTHE-ATENEO Statement of Receipts and Disbursements 1st semester, SY 2010 - 2011 DCB Fund Report as of 22 September 2010 DCB Fund Beginning Balance, as of April 1, 2010 Subsidy from ADMU Operational Budget OSA Project Grant Seminar Less: Expenses from Operations Printing and Photocopying Food and Beverages Project Grant/s Family Day Kythe Kamp Seminar Planning Seminar Excess (Deficit) from ADMU Subsisdy 15,000.00 15,750.00 15,313.00 186,908.30


xxx xxx 9,450.00 6,300.00 15,313.00 31,063.00 15,000.00

Cash Receipts: (Inflows: Sponsorships, sales, donations, fees collected, etc) Garage Sale Rummage Sale Recruitment Week TOTAL CASH RECEIPTS Cash Disbursements: (Outflows) Garage Sale Rummage Sale Recruitment Week Bond Recruitment Week Planning Seminar Reimbursement Maintenance TOTAL CASH DISBURSEMENTS

8,366.00 xxx 42,559.00 50,925.00 1,836.00 xxx 500.00 12,989.00 2,928.95 384.62 18,638.57

Excess (Deficiency) of Receipts over Disbursements Fund Ending Balance, as of 22 September 2010 Prepared by: Joshua Frederick Alarkon Finance Officer 09266719923 Verified by: Jose Generoso Roo President 09165685404
- Leadership Formation through Organization Development -

32,286.43 234,194.73 Noted by: Joanne Valle Moderator 09285021006

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Name of Organization: Kythe-Ateneo Name of Activity: Kythe Kamp 2 Type of Activity (Please put an [x] mark) Date of Activity: January 8-9, 2011 Venue: John Pollock Renewal Center Organization Development Core Competencies Rating 8 10 10 9.48 9 10 9 10 9 10 I would rate this project a 0 - 10 (10 as the highest) 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 9 10

RAW DATA: Encode the raw data: I like this project/activity/event because the speakers and activities were good It helped the younger officers discern whether or nt they should step up I was able to take time, reflect, and discern what I want to do, what the org needs I was able to think about the direction I want to take with Kythe it made me realize why I am in Kythe it was very helpful in reexamining myself in relation to Kythe. It was also a very fun bonding session with my fellow Kythers I learned a lot about leadership and I got to meet a lot of other Kythers it gave us the opportunity to share our insights and to discern galing speakers, good food, nagkachance to bond and get to know more passionate peepz.. Ganda din activities it taught me a lot and really made me think about what I was going to do it's fun and I got to hear others' reason why they want and can be leaders I was able to reflect on what more can I do for Kythe members and officers were able to bond and discern together This project/activity/event would have been more successful if more people came? It was just a wonerful experience and I just wish that others were able to share in that experience if the place had signal and may aircon and bigger I could've stayed lover :( HAHA maybe shortened JQ's talk (pretty long) it was a 3 day activity
- Leadership Formation through Organization Development LS-OSA PMS YES Format 111511 Page 30 of 44

there were more activities and schedule was followed by the speaker there was more time for an open forum(?) I stayed overnight more participants stayed longer

My most significant learning in this project/activity/event is that everyone has something in them to be a leader in their own way to step up and be more active leadership is in everyone/ don't be afraid I am not alone. I have a suppport system in Kythe :) discernment is a very important process in leadership. A good leader takes in the challenge of honing his/her weakness that Kythe has a cause worth fighting for that the measure of a good leader is when the next generation of leaders mentored by them become greater and achieve more of what they have done Listen. Speak. your greatest fear is not that you are inadequate; you are powerful beyond measure LUNDAG(to always jumpoff the cliff) and LIBOG(have the passion for the kids) Other comments: Go Paula! I really had fun :) Fun and organized leadership seminar. Good and very inspring talks! :) great project head! Good job, Pau! galing ng proj head Good job! It was really fun to learn and bond with my fellow Kythers Good job. Paula! :) (I hate this pen:l) scary nung venue til next time!

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APPENDIX E: SecondSemesterProcessingSessions Thethemesfortheprocessingsessionsforthesecondsemestervisitsarelistedbelow.Forevery week,youcanuseonefromthefollowingquestions.Butyouhaveanoptionofusingtwooreven alloftheminonevisitprocessing.Rememberthattheprocessingsessionsareallaboutsharing. Thethemesserveasaguideforthedirectionofthegroupsprocessing;youarefreetoaddmore questionstodeepenthediscussion. Enjoyment(December) 1. Giventhehecticscheduleeachofushasincollege,whatdoyoudotoenjoyyourself? Wheredoyoufindenjoyment? 2. Doyouenjoygoingtovisits?Foryou,whatexactlyallowsforthisenjoyment? 3. Whatforyoudeterminestrueenjoymentinthepartofthekids? 4. ReflectuponthefactthatdeathissadlyaninevitablepartofourexperienceinKythe. WhatforyoudifferentiatesenjoymentinthecontextofKytheasopposedtonormal enjoyment? BeingProactive(January) 1. Doyouseeyourselfasproactive(asopposedtoreactive)wheninteractingwiththekids duringvisits?Whyorwhynot? 2. Whatallows/preventsyoufrombeingproactivewhenitcomestodealingwiththekids? 3. Whyisbeingproactiveimportantforyouwhenitcomestovisits?Toyourinvolvementin Kytheasawhole?Toyourownpersonhood? Sincerity(1st&2ndweekofFebruary) 1. WhatwereyourinitialreasonsforjoiningKythe?(Giveatleast23reasons.) 2. Didthesereasonschangeovertime?Howandwhy? 3. Reflectuponthevisittoday.Whatdoyouthinkqualifiesasthemostsincereactionor gesturethatyouundertookinthesession?Sharewiththegroup. Leadership(3rd&4thweekofFebruary) 1. Kytheaimstoformresponsibleandcompassionatepersonsinitsmembers.Whatforyou arethequalitiesthatembodyagoodleaderinKythe? 2. HowdoyouexemplifyleadershipinyourjourneywithKythe? 3. Whatiscalledfortodayisservantleadership,andmoresowithserviceoriented activitiessuchasthosefoundinorganizationssuchasKythe.Whatdoesitmeantobea servantleader? Empathy(March) 1. Duringvisits,howdoyougettoknowthekidsyounewlymeet?Whatexactlydoyoudo? 2. Doyouattempttointeractwiththerelativesofthekid?Whatdoyoutalkabout? 3. Imagineyourselfastheparentaccompanyingthechildatthehospital.Whatwouldbe yourinitialthoughtsuponseeingKythersdoingtheirvolunteerwork? 4. Whatistheimportanceoftalkingwiththerelativesofthekid?

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Common Themes Kyvigan Effectiveness Constant communication (via text, yahoogroups) Attitude towards Kythekada members (understanding, patient, accommodating) Friendliness outside the visits (nangangamusta palagi) Common Themes (Officers IC) How have you grown as a Kyther? Increase in sensitivity towards others needs Changes in personal attitudes (less shy, more extroverted, less afraid) Growth in relationships (with the kids, among the officers and with Kythers) Awareness of responsibility and importance of the advocacy that Kythe-Ateneo fights for What does Kythe mean to you? For the Kids A family outside the family Organization that pushed the boundaries of comfort zones A place where passions and dreams are realized Visit Effectiveness Fun factor of the visits themselves (I had fun and the kids had fun) Processing Sessions Insights and perspectives shared and gained Knowledge of Child Life Program Yes: Create atmosphere of warmth and fun to take kids away from usual hospital atmosphere I dont remember but after explaining, yes: Not consciously applying the Child Life Program of its inevitability

Sense of fulfillment after visits are done

Themes give them something to discuss

Organization and structure in terms of structured activities

Tendency to be Importance in repetitive and fulfilling purpose of unrelated to what the organization happened during visits

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A. CatchingUp/PersonalQuestions Dontletthispartbetoostructured.Gowithyourowninstincts.Supposedly,youknoweachother already.Talkabouthow He/sheissofar.WhathasbeengoingoneversinceyoulastICd? Name YearLevel/Course Kamustahan B. EvaluationofPresentInvolvement(SOFAR) Howaretheyperformingontheircommitmentsofar?NotethatitisEARLYintothesecondsemester forvisitsand Activities,sothatmightaffecttheanswersofthemembers.*Usetheprovidedrubricforevaluation. Rateyourinvolvementintheorgfrom 110. Wouldyousaythisisactive?Inactive? Doesitdifferfromtheratingyougave lastsemester?(A) Howmanyvisitshaveyoujoined? Doesthisdifferfromthelast semester?Howhasyourexperience thissemesterbeendifferentorthe same? Haveyoubeenpartoftheproject committees? Haveyousignedupforanyofthe projects?Haveyouattendedany projects/activities? Inwhatwayshaveyouparticipated sinceyourlastIC? Doyouknowyour... Kyvigansthissemester? KytheKadasmembersthis semester? (Listthosementioned.) RatetheeffectivenessofyourKyvigan duringthesecondsemesterfrom1 10(B) Ratetheeffectivenessofthevisits youveparticipatedinduringthis semestersofarfrom110.*Whydo youthinkthisisso?(C) Pleaseratetheeffectivenessofthe processingsessionsaftereachvisit from110.*Whydoyouthinkthisis so?(D) DoyouremembertheChildLife Program?Doyouseeitsimportance? duringhospitalvisits?Expound.

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C. EvaluationoftheMembersRoleintheFutureoftheOrg LookingtowardsKythesfutureandhowthememberseeshis/herroleinit. Howmanyvisitsdoyouthink youcanstilldo? Whichprojectsareyoumost interestedin?Anyquestions aboutit?Plansfor involvement? Whatareyourfuture expectationsfortheorg? Whatisyourvisionforthe orgsfuture? Doyouseeyourselfinthat future?How?

Anysuggestionsforthe furtherimprovementof Kythe? D. KytheonaPersonalContext Howhashe/shegrownasaKyther?Howwashe/sheformed? HowhasKytheaffectedyourlife sofar?Hasitchangedtheway youlookatyourownlife? Have you grown as a Kyther? How do you think you have progressed comparing the first time you joined, the first time you visited, the first time you participated,etc.? WhatdoesKythemeantoyou?

Whatsyourmostsignificant experiencewiththechildren? Whywasthissignificant?What wereyourinsights? WiththeKythers?Whywasthis significant?Whatwereyour insights? E. LastRemindersandQuestions

(1)Thankthemfortheirtimeandremindthemtopassbytheroom,gotoKytheevents, etc. (2)GIVETHEKYTHEFLYER,encouragethemtojoinprojectsandvisit. (3)Answeranyotherquestions!

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I dont even know who my Kyvigan is. I have not received any form of communication from him/her. I do not know my visit schedules and I am not contacted for any activities. I know who my Kyvigan is, but he/she texts only sporadically. The texts are usually lacking in detail and do not make me want to visit or join projects at all. There is no structure, guidance and leadership during our visits. I do not feel comfortable around him/her. I do not think he/she is trying to build a congenial relationship with me. I know who my Kyvigan is, I know my visit schedule , but he/she is not visible. I do feel he/she is trying to build a relationship with me, but I still think he/she can improve in effectivity. He/she provides structure and leadership during our visits, but there is a lot to be improved. She/he is only somewhat part of my Kythe life. I know who my Kyvigan is and he/she texts fairly regularly. He/she provides structure, guidance leadership during our visits, but there are still some things to be improved. We have already built a friendly relationship and I am comfortable around him/her, but I still think he/she could be more visible and improve on information dissemination.

2 3

I did not like all the visits I went to so far, and I do not see is as a fulfilment of what I think is my personal advocacy is as a Kyther. It did not have meaning or significance for me at all. There was no structure to the visit at all. 2 3 I see the importance of visits with regard to the fulfilment of our advocacy as Kythers, but the visits have very little meaning and significance for me. The structure was present, but it was very ineffective, and I didnt like my visit experiences. The visits were somewhat enjoyable, and it contributed some meaning to my experience as a Kyther. The structure is okay, but there is still a lot to be improved. Visiting helped me somewhat in my growth as a Kyther, and I see that it contributes to the fulfilment of my personal advocacy, more or less. The visits were effective for me, and I see the meaning that it gives to my Kythe experience. Being with the kids helps me fulfill what I think it means to be a Kyther, and I enjoy the routine of visiting the hospitals every week. I know the rationale behind the visits, but I think the structure can still be improved, as well as the activities.

4 5

4 5

6 7

6 7

8 9 10

I know who my Kyvigan is and he/she texts regularly, is very encouraging to go on visits, and we have developed a very friendly and comfortable relationship with each other. She/he is an effective leader during visits, providing structure and guidance for us and I feel that he/she is trying to reach out to me and create a bond outside of our hospital visits and activities.

8 9 10

The visits have been an integral part of fulfilling what I think it means to be a Kyther. My visits have been the heart of the experience of Kythe, and it contributes the most meaning to it. The structure is very good, the activites are appropriate and enjoyable.

Rubrics for Kyvigan effectiveness

Rubrics for personal involvement

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FIRST SEMESTER Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors

Completed Visit Requirements (4 visits) 26/35 23/66 14/50 8/37

Attendance to Formation Activities 29/35 41/66 21/50 17/37

Individual Consultation 33/35 58/66 33/50 28/37

Project Involvement 34/35 41/66 31/50 20/37

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Name of Organization: Kythe-Ateneo Name of Activity: Into the Wild Type of Activity (Please put an [x] mark) x Rating 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10.00 I would rate this project a 0 - 10 (10 as the highest) 10 10 10 10 10 Date of Activity: 13-Nov-10 Venue: Avilon Zoo Organization Development Core Competencies

RAW DATA: Encode the raw data: I like this project/activity/event because Being with the kid was so fun, everything was organized, zoo was nice! It was fun going back to the zoo! Haven't been to a zoo in a long time. It was fun! The animals are cool and it was something new for the kids. Natuwa sila super. It was an opportunity to go out with the kids I like interacting with children, plus the opportunity to take them to the zoo is very very fun! I was able to spend time with the kids at the zoo and at the same time interact with koreans The kids really enjoyed the tour and they learned something It's fun and I met new people We get to bring the kids out Really a 1:1 ration for Kythers and the kids, lots to talk about because you're experiencing together This project/activity/event would have been more successful if Nothing More kids to even out the large turn out More people came Mas matagal! Although mapapagod kids ata nun. N/a Nothing N/a Nothing

My most significant learning in this project/activity/event is

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Morning to afternoon is just enough time Animals are cute but kids are cuter! When we wet around and my kid was so happy by what she saw :) Benta ang zoo sa bata! There are always big brothers who are willing to help out the litle ones even through little ways. Even the simplest things like the zoo animals and tehir new discoveries make kids happy Fish likes meat and the kids enjoy it when the fish grab the chicken To have fun anywhere Kids are more active outside the hospital Di alintana ang pagod basta nakakapagpasaya ko ng bata Other comments: Do something similar next year, sana establish a relationship with the same sponsor so it'll be an annual event Great activity!

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Name of Organization: Kythe-Ateneo Name of Activity: Celebrate Life Parties Type of Activity (Please put an [x] mark) x Rating 9 9 9 8 9.17 9 9 7 10 9 10 10 9 9 9 9 9 I would rate this project a 0 - 10 (10 as the highest) 10 10 10 10 9 10 9 7 9 9 10 10 8 10 9 10 9 10 9 8 9 10 10 8 9 9 9 10 9 9 10 Date of Activity: Venue: POC Hospital Organization Development Core Competencies

RAW DATA: Encode the raw data: I like this project/activity/event because It's so fun! A lot of members enjoyed :) Of the superhero theme We made the kids happy! The theme was cool and the activities were fun, especially for the kids It was well-organized and eciting It was creative, gave people a reason to dress up, and was un. It was another chance for me to play and have fun with the kids It was a very new experience for me A lot of people came and everyone was very eager to play with the kids It was a different kind of experience mingling with kids and their families I was able to meet the kids and get to know them This project/activity/event would have been more successful if More members were in costumes :) Blue Symphony was there More people came The activities went more smoothly We had more time to process There was a more organized program There was better program management More "intermission" numbers

My most significant learning in this project/activity/event is

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It's important for a Kyther and a kid to have close interaction. Mas naappreciate nilang dalawa. We should be a source of hope for the kids It's okay to be silly to put a smile on a kid's face Patience It is always worthwhile Every moment spent with the Kythe kids is a moment well spent :) That you can serve and help in the most little ways possible To have more patience Kids in hospitals should be like normal kids and enjoy their childhood Kythe is a family Other comments: Good job, Kythe! Great job! Good job, Kythe. Great experience Thank you Kythe :) Worth every minute It was a really great experience for me Bring it on! Fun! Fun! Fun! Ganda ng presentations! It was fun!

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APPENDIX K: f. g. h. i. j. Ateneo Musicians Pool Youth for Christ-Ateneo Ateneo LEX Ateneo Blue Symphony Ateneo Mathematics Society, Environmental Science Society, Ateneo Musicians Pool

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