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Cassie I hugged Caleb and he pressed play on the DVD remote.

I cuddled into his chest and he wrapped his arms around me. It was around 11 oclock and we were halfway through the second movie when the door bell rang. Caleb paused it and hesitantly opened the door. I quietly eavesdropped on the conversation. We are looking for a Mr. Caleb James Philys, have you seen him? A deep, gruff voice asked. That would be me. Caleb said looking confused. Then he turned around and the other person spoke again. You have to right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one, one will be appointed to you. Halfway through this I had stood up and walked to the door to see Caleb's hands being handcuffed behind his back by a large grufflooking police officer. He turned Caleb around to face him. Do you understand? Caleb nodded and they started to lead him out the door. Wait! What did he do? What is he being arrested for?! I yelled following them out the door. He was involved in a fight. He is being taken downtown for questioning. Well can I at least say goodbye? I asked and after glancing between us he nodded. I walked over to Caleb and hugged him. He did his best to show he was hugging back, considering his hands were confined. I looked at him and he looked away. I took his chin and made him look at me. Caleb, Im not mad, Im just worried. Your too much of a hothead. I said smiling, he smiled back at me. Can you call my mom? My phone's inside. He said and I nodded. -and Cassie? I love you. I love you, too. I said before I pulled his face to mine. One of the officers cleared their throat and we broke apart. They helped

Caleb into the back of the police car and I watched them drive away before I walked back into the house and picked his cell phone up off the coffee table. I dialed his mom's number and as it rang I started crying. Hello? Caleb, I told you not to call unless it was an emergency! Caleb got arrested. I sobbed. Cassie? Yeah? I asked quietly. Why did they arrest him? She asked too calmly for me to think that this was a new occurrence. He got in a fight, I was there. It was about three weeks ago, he was provoked. I said and she sighed. Not again. That statement startled me. Has this happened before? I asked, unsure if I wanted the answer. Twice. The first time he was just mistaken as the perpetrator. The second time he was in a minor fight at the high school. She said. Oh. I said and she sighed again. Well I have to go. Are you staying at the house? Yeah, I don't have a way home and my mom thinks I'm staying anyways. I said. Okay, I'll be back in a couple of hours. She said and I nodded. Bye. Bye. She hung up and I set Caleb's phone down on the couch before I slowly got up and climbed the stairs to Caleb's room. I pushed open the door and looked around the black and purple room. I walked over to the bed and laid down, slowly pulling his comforter around me. I turned the light off and buried my face in his pillow. It smells like him I thought to myself as I drifted off to sleep. Caleb's mother quietly opened the door a few hours later to see Cassie curled in a ball in the middle of Caleb's bed. She smiled and shut the door before she walked down the hall to her own room.

2 Weeks Later Today was the day of Caleb's trial. Since I was at the fight I have to testify. I thought back to that fight and I knew it truly was my fault. I walked out of the door that Caleb held open for me. He followed and took my hand. We had just left a really nice club. We walked down the street hand in hand talking about what had happened at the club. Then I heard a chorus of whistles. I looked around and saw a group of guys standing there looking at me and Caleb. A shorter boy with black hair stepped forward. "Hey pretty, you should ditch him and join us." He yelled at me. Caleb took a step in their direction and I squeezed his hand. "No Caleb, it's not worth it." I said and he just looked at me. "Fine." He turned to walk away but they weren't going to let that happen. "Awe is your boyfriend scared of me?" He yelled and Caleb froze. There was a series of snickers from behind us. Caleb turned around and started to walk back towards where the boys were standing. I followed him and grabbed his arm. "No Caleb. Calm down. It's not worth it. Stop." I said and he didn't look at me, just continued walking towards the small, halfdrunk group. "I can't sit back and let some guy make fun of you Cassie. I'm not going to let it happen." We reach the guy and his friends. "Oh someone wants a fight do they?" The short boy sneered. "Hey Dominic? Are you sure she's worth it? She's not as pretty close up." One of they guys said drunkenly. Yes Im sure she's worth it. He turned back to Caleb and beckoned him forward. He lunged towards Caleb and Caleb punched him in the face. They continued to brawl and I tried unsuccessfully to get them to stop. I watched as the short boy Dominic pushed Caleb hard against a brick wall. He slid down to the ground and sat there. I ran to his side. Oh my god! Caleb are you okay?! I asked him and he just

moaned in pain. I laid my hand on his chest and he flinched. Dominic strode over and towered over me and Caleb. Do you give up? You knew you couldn't win. He said and kicked Caleb in the stomach. I stood up and pushed him. Leave him alone! You already proved yourself! Its low to kick a man when he's down. I said and he just looked at me. His friend looked at him. Come on Dominic, she's too independent. You don't want her. He said and Dominic nodded. He walked away from us with his drunk group following. I crouched beside Caleb again. He had a cut over his left eye that was bleeding down his face. I carefully pulled his shirt up and his torso was covered in blossoming black and blue bruises. I pulled his shirt back down. Call... Zach... He mumbled out. I patted his pockets until I found his phone and pulled it out. I scrolled through his contacts until I found Zach's number. I pressed send. It rang and rand til he finally answered. Dude! I told you not to call me! I said I was... Um... Hanging out with Harley tonight! I didn't say anything, only sniffed. Cassie? Is that you? Caleb got in a fight, he told me to call you... Oh shit! How bad is he? He's black and blue and he's bleeding. I think he might have a concussion too. Okay. Im on my way. Where are you guys? Still near the club? Yeah. We're on a deserted street near the corner. Okay. Im on my way. Bye. Bye. I hit end and set his phone down on the sidewalk beside me. I pulled my jacket off and slowly wiped the blood off his face. I had him carefully lean forward. There was a diagonal cut spanning his back from his right shoulder to his left hip. One of Dominic's friends had handed him a switch blade before pinning Caleb to the ground. Oh my god. I said as I carefully pulled his shirt up. I had him

lay against my jacket. About twenty minutes later Zach's black F-250 pick up truck screeched around the corner. He left the keys in and jumped out. He crouched next to Caleb. Hey are you okay? Caleb just barely nodded his head. You do know that your an idiot right? Caleb started to smile but ended up grimacing in pain. Harley walked over and sat on the ground next to me. I looked at her and there were tears rolling down her face. Zach looked at her. Why are you crying? Because I never wanted to see any of my friends like this... She said and I took her hand. Zach didn't say anything but turned back to Caleb. Zach rolled him on his stomach and had him rest his head in my lap. Harley pulled gauze and medical tape out of her bag. Zach carefully covered the cut before he rolled him over and picked him up. I carefully climbed into the back of Zach's truck and he carefully laid Caleb across the backseat with his head in my lap. He shut the door and climbed into the front seat with Harley. I looked down at Caleb and started running my fingers through his hair. Every time we hit a pothole he would cringe in pain. Zach started to turn into the hospital parking lot. No! Take me to your house! Caleb yelled at Zach who slammed on the brakes. But, Caleb, you might have a concussion and I dont care! I can't go to the hospital. Caleb said and I carefully shushed him. Don't argue with him just take him to your house. I said and Zach pulled out of the parking lot and headed towards his house, shaking his head in silent protest the whole way. I shifted in my seat and Caleb grit his teeth. When we pulled up to Zach's, he got him out of the truck and laid him face-down on the couch. I held his hand as Zach carefully cleaned out the cut on his back. He wrapped it tightly and we laid Caleb on his back. I silently cleaned the dirt and dried blood off his face with a

warm washcloth. Zach looked over the rest of his body and cleaned the knife wound on his side. After awhile Caleb fell asleep and Zach carried me half asleep into his room and laid me on the bed where I fell asleep.
I testified when it was my turn and zoned back out when I was done. I don't know how much time had passed, but it was time for the ruling to be delivered. Everyone looked to the judge. We will start with the minority of the charges. Caleb James Philys, you are charged with the misdemeanor 1 st degree assault, and you are here-by found guilty. You are sentenced to four months in the Franklin County Juvenile Detention Center. I lowered my head, knowing I wasn't going to get to see him for a while. Dominic Edward Mathews, you are charged with the felony 5 th degree aggravated assault, you are here-by found guilty and sentenced to six months in the Pickaway Correctional Institution and one month of anger management counseling. The judge got up and walked out of the court room as the security guards walked with Caleb and Dominic out of the court room. I turned to Caleb's mother. I'm not going to get to see him for four months. I said and she nodded. I talked to him the other night. Im going to visit him weekly and I will keep you updated. I nodded and someone behind me tapped on my shoulder. I turned around to see a taller security guard. Are you Cassie Prince? He asked and I hesitantly nodded. Mr. Philys has requested to see you. Follow me. He turned and walked away and I shrugged at his mother before I followed him into the bowels of the court house. We walked down long corridors and turned many corners before we walked into a small room where Caleb was sitting at the end of a table with his hands handcuffed in front of him. He was wearing the standard orange jumpsuit of the JDC. I knew he was going there as soon as I was done talking to him. Mr. Philys, the person you requested to see is here. Caleb turned around and I saw a shine in his half-dead eyes. The officer

walked over and took the handcuffs off of him before he walked out the door and locked us in together. Caleb walked over and stood in front of me. I'm sorry. He said and I hugged him. Oh, its not your fault, baby. I said and he sighed. I don't think I can stand not seeing you for four months. The time will fly by, I promise. I said and he briefly touched his lips to mine. My mom has something to give you when you see her again. I would give it to you myself but they wouldn't let me have it during the trial. He said. I was sad that I wouldn't receive it from him. Then the guard walked in. Your time is up Mrs. Prince. He said and I nodded at him. I turned back to Caleb and gave him a hug and he gave me one last lingering kiss before I was lead out of the room by the guard. He lead me back to the court room where there were only a few miscellaneous people milling around. I walked outside and Mrs. Philys was waiting for me. She didn't say anything but we walked to her car and she drove me home. I was getting ready to get out of the car in front of my house when she put her hand on my arm. She handed me a small box. This is from Caleb. She said and I started to open it. Go. You don't have to open it in front of me, I already know what it is. I nodded and got out of the car. I walked into the house and up to my room, collapsing on the bed. I slowly sat up and opened the box. Inside was a bracelet. I turned it over and there was an engraving. Love is just a word until someone comes along and gives it meaning. You are my meaning to live. Caleb. I put my hand over my mouth as the events of the day finally dawned on me. I wasn't going to see Caleb for four months. I put the bracelet on and admired the little silver heart charm. There was a keyhole in the middle of it. I soon fell asleep. I slowly climbed off the bus and walked towards the corner of my street. There was a guy standing on the corner, and he looked a

lot like Caleb and it made my heart clench. It's been almost four months since he went to Juvie, he was supposed to be coming home soon, but his mom hasn't told me when. He was wearing a purple hoodie with the hood pulled over his head, and a pair of black and white pinstriped skinny jeans. He had on black and purple zebra print converse that looked suspiciously just like Caleb's. The figure turned around and it was somebody I hadn't seen in four months, I froze in my tracks and he held his arms out. "It's really me Cassie, I promise." He said. I paused a minute before I ran and tackled him in a hug, he swung me around and after he put me down he gave me a passionfilled kiss. He saw the bracelet on my right wrist, and his eyes lit up. He pulled a chain out from under his shirt with a little key on it, he took the key and put it in the keyhole on the heart charm and it sprung open. Je t'aimerai jusqu' ce que mon cur cesse de battre -Caleb . Was inscribed inside. "What does that say, Caleb?" I asked wondering when he learned French. "It says I'll love you until my heart stops beating." He said with a smile. "Awe!" I yelled hugging him with another passion-filled kiss. He closed the locket, took my hand and we started walking towards my house. Hey so I met someone new. His name is Kiyoshi. Caleb said as I unlocked my front door. I nodded as he continued to describe Kiyoshi and how they had met in Juvie. They had been roomed together and Kiyoshi had been there for about two months when Caleb got there. He got out the same day that Caleb did and they had plans to meet each other. Would you like to meet him? Caleb asked me and I thought about it for a second before I nodded. I had something I needed to tell Caleb and I didn't know how he was going to respond. Caleb I have something important I need to tell you. I said before I took his hand and led him upstairs and into my room. He sat

down on my bed and pulled me down onto his lap. Whats wrong? He asked and I looked away for a second before I stood up and pulled my baggy hoodie off. I turned to look at Caleb and I saw his eyes get wide. Oh Cassie. He said and I broke down, collapsing to the floor. I'm sorry I didn't mean for this to happen. We'll get rid of it okay? I said and he got up and sat down next to me. He pulled me against his chest and I breathed in his calming scent. We aren't going to get rid of it. Were going to take care of it and nurture it. Okay. I said and he continued to hold me. One question. Yes? I asked turning to look at him. Why didnt you tell me you were pregnant? Because I had just found out before the trial and I didn't get a chance to tell you. How far are you? Seven and a half months. I said and he nodded. Does anyone else know? Just Harley, Zach, and your mom. Okay. I sat there for a few more minutes before I got up and crawled to the bed. I laid down and Caleb got up and laid down behind me. He pulled me against his chest and laid his hand on my stomach. A second later the baby kicked against his hand. I turned to look at him and he had a huge grin on his face. I forgot to tell you, I live here now. Wait. Why? My mom kicked me out... Why? To quote her 'your have a spawn with that delinquent kid who managed to land himself in Juvie at age sixteen'. I said and Caleb looking like he was going to shoot her. I took a hold of his chin and kissed him. We laid down and he placed his hand on my growing tummy. I knew he was going to stay beside me through this. I smiled to myself as I drifted off to sleep.

1 Month Later I tried not to double over in pain as another contraction ripped through me. I screamed after a minute and a second later I saw Caleb running down the steps. He ran to my side and I saw the horror on his face. Cassie whats wrong?! He asked putting his hand on my back. My water broke. I said and a second later he was picking me up and carrying me out to his white truck. He got into the driver's side and broke multiple laws getting me to the hospital. When they had gotten me into a room and situated, Caleb called Zach. Hey, Cassie's in the hospital. He paused for a minute. Yeah she's having the baby. He paused again. Yeah you can come down if you want and can you bring Harley with you? He paused one last time. Thanks, bye. He put his phone in his pocket and sat down next to me and took my hand. Twenty minutes later Harley and Zach walked through the door holding hands. Caleb stood up and gave Zach a man hug while Harley came over and gave me a half hug. Hey Harley will you stay with me when I have the baby? I asked and she smiled. Of course I will, Hun. She said taking my hand. Zach walked around the bed and hugged me before he kissed Harley. He was going to come back in the morning. He gave me a hug before he left for the night. Push! The doctor yelled. I screamed out in pain and squeezed Harley and Calebs hands. I looked up at Harley and she looked so happy for me. I looked up at Caleb and he looked beyond panicked. Between pushing I yanked on his arm and he looked down at me. I gave him a kiss-me look and he did. He seemed to calm down a bit when he saw I was okay. The baby finally came out after hours of pushing. I heard a baby

crying and turned to look up at Caleb. He leaned down and gave me a passionate kiss. I turned to look at Harley and she hugged me to her. They wrapped the baby up and handed it to us. Congratulations on your new baby boy. What is his name? The nurse asked and me and Caleb looked at each other. Drake Micheal Philys. We both said at the same time. She handed me a red bundle and I held it to my chest. Caleb climbed into the bed next to me and I carefully laid my head on his chest. I handed him our son and he smiled at me. I'm a daddy. He whispered. Hi Drake. Im your daddy. He said and Drake started to cuddle against him. I slowly drifted off to sleep knowing we were a family. I smiled at Zach and Harley as they walked in the door to my hospital room. I handed drake to Harley and she held him for a while before she handed him to Zach and came over and sat next to me. Guess what? She said. What? I said. She looked at Zach before she answered. Im pregnant. she said and we both started squealing. She hugged me again and Zach handed me Drake. We were all growing up. And we had survived together.

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