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U2 Pharm D Program Interview Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Updated 8/01/2011 Who is affected by this new rule?

All U2 Doctor of Pharmacy Students (class of 2016, catalog year 2010), starting in fall 2011, and all subsequent classes of U2 Doctor of Pharmacy students must successfully complete an interview for progression into the professional years of the pharmacy program.

Why now?
The Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE) sets the standards (requirements) for Doctor of Pharmacy Programs throughout the US. This body also evaluates how well those programs meet the standards theyve set forth in light of best practices in the profession. Graduation from an accredited Doctor of Pharmacy Program is required to be eligible for licensure as a pharmacist. One of the standards established by ACPE requires interviews of all Doctor of Pharmacy students prior to entry into the professional years of the program, as a means to assess their understanding of and dedication to the profession as well as their ability to communicate effectively. ACPE recently notified us that we must implement the required interview during the next academic year (2011-12) in order to maintain our fully accredited status. Thus, plans for a gradual inclusion of interviews into the transition from the pre-professional years into the professional years of the pharmacy program have now been accelerated. We will institute interviews of all U2 Pharm D students starting in fall 2011. More information about accreditation of pharmacy programs can be found on the ACPE website,

What does the interview entail?

The interview essentially will be a conversation (about 30 minutes) between you and two faculty or staff from PCP about the profession of pharmacy. During the interview, your verbal communication skills and your understanding of the profession will be assessed independently by the interviewers. You will also have the opportunity to address any concerns you may have about the program, what will be expected of you as a student pharmacist, and how best to optimize your success. You will be informed of your interview date and location at the beginning of the fall semester by university email. All interviews for rising U2 students will be completed by December 1st of the fall U2 semester. Notification of successful interview completion will be made by letter to students as soon as possible after the interview. Successful completion of the interview (based on the evaluation of the two interviewers), plus

meeting all other requirements of the Pharm D program, will ensure automatic progression into the professional years of the pharmacy program. The details and schedules for this process are still under development; more detailed information will be available for you at the beginning of the fall semester and will be communicated via university email, postings on the PCP Central Repository (on Angel), and through class meetings/information sessions.

What happens if the interview does not go well?

If you are unsuccessful in the interview process (i.e. after a second round), you will not be able to progress into the professional years of the pharmacy program, even if you have met the other requirements for progression (cum gpa >3.00, natural science/math gpa > 2.50, all required pre-professional coursework completed at USciences). At the end of the spring 2012 semester, you will be administratively withdrawn from the Doctor of Pharmacy program, with an option to apply to other programs or colleges within the university as an internal change of major. [If your cum gpa is > 2.70, you will be reviewed for readmission into P1 of the program on a competitive basis, space permitting. If not readmitted, you will have the option to apply to other programs and/or colleges within the university.]

Is there any opportunity for a re-interview if I am unsuccessful the first time?

Students who are not successful in the interview process during the fall semester will be advised on how they may improve their deficiencies and these students will be granted an additional opportunity to interview during the spring semester. No further opportunities will be available after the second interview.

Can I be exempted from the interview requirement?

No. Interviewing students is an accreditation requirement. All students must successfully complete the interview to progress to the professional years of the pharmacy program.

What can I do to prepare?

You may not realize that you have already been preparing for this interview during your first college year by being an engaged student who is committed, caring, and accountable in your studies and who is open to being involved and active in the professional and extracurricular activities on campus. A good nights sleep prior to your scheduled interview plus a good understanding of the expectations for the pharmacy profession and the willingness and wherewithal to discuss your perspectives on the profession will help your presentation. Thus, your best preparation for the interview are the knowledge, skills, and self-confidence youve built in your college career so far, and an awareness of the attributes, skills and values associated with the profession of pharmacy.

The Career Center has information on preparing for interviews. You can access some of their posted materials directly from the USciences website, or contact them directly for interview-related workshops or for an appointment.

Where do I go if I still have questions?

Please bring your questions or concerns about the rationale, process, or nature of the new interview requirement to the PCP Deans Office (GH 2016; 215-596-8870), to Assistant Deans Mandos or Morel (;, or be sure to raise them during the class meeting(s)/information sessions that will be scheduled early in the fall.