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Think Hard

Manchester Business School Full-time MBA Programme

Original Thinking Applied

The ManchesTer MBa is an incrediBle journey. you will push yourself Beyond your coMforT zone and achieve More Than you ThoughT possiBle. The experience will Be rigorous, inTense and life-changing. BuT you will Be reaping The rewards during The prograMMe and long afTer graduaTion.

Makes you think doesnt it?

Manchester Business School Full-time MBA Programme
Original Thinking Applied


18 months that change a lifetime

18 months


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18 months
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Ten reasons Manchester Learning by doing

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Welcome to Manchester Business School and to the MBA programme that will change your life. When I look back to my first day at MBS, I recall being amazed by the internationalism and the superb quality of my fellow students. I was not aware that this was only the beginning of an extraordinary experience. From day one of the programme you face rigorous academic challenges and deadlines, several projects and the constant feedback of your peers and professors. Learning at Manchester Business School is transformational; not only is excellence achieved

MBA colleagues
18 19

The programme

20 21 Pre-MBA 22 23 Not-for-Profit Project 24 25 Internships 26 27 International Exchange 28 29 International Business Project 30 31 32 33

through academic success, but also in the practice of collaboration and responsibility of teamwork. Every decision that you make impacts on your classmates and also the greater business community that you work with throughout the MBA. Ultimately, this programme is very challenging, but for every sacrifice there are definite rewards. Living in Manchester makes this adventure unique. The vibrancy and energy of the city is reflected in the many social and cultural activities that are organised in and out of the School. Team building at Brathay in the Lake

District, cultural nights and the MBA sporting competition in France are just a few of the many exciting opportunities to learn from your colleagues, build camaraderie and foster strong networks that will last forever. Our success relies on the fact that we know how to think, but more importantly, how to do business. This is why we came to Manchester. The Manchester Business School MBA is a journey that has inspired us to become better versions of ourselves. Who will you become? Alejandro Cruz Mexican, President MBA Class of 2011

Social life Entrepreneurship

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Career Management Services

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Alumni network Student support How to apply

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The last word


Ten reasons


Ten reasons to choose the Manchester MBA


If you have the stamina to take it on, the Manchester Business School MBA can help you transform your career and change your life in 18 months. The MBA is the first step of your journey; where you are at the end is up to you.

Transformational experience

Become part of an international alumni network of business leaders and entrepreneurs from prestigious companies across 140 countries, and increase your professional contacts through project work.

A network of opportunity

Benefit from nearly six months of hands-on project work including 600 hours of client contact during your programme. This ensures your career builds rather than loses momentum and your skills remain fresh.

Client contact

Stretch yourself to the limit. The Manchester Business School MBA is tough. You need to juggle rigorous academic and project work with CV-boosting extracurricular activities and your own personal commitments.

Your biggest challenge Clear rewards

Gain a thorough grounding in business theory, processes and techniques, which you can put into practice from day one using the acclaimed Manchester Method learning by doing.

Applied thinking

Boost your earning power. The average salary of last years graduates was 63,682, with earnings rising by an average of 91% within three years (according to FT Global MBA Rankings 2010).

Learn about different cultures by working alongside students and academics from across the globe, and travel internationally to complete projects with multinational companies.

International perspective Learn by experience

Be part of a close-knit, supportive community. A smaller intake means more support, better access to academics and a greater chance to make an impact.

Small is beautiful

Test the theories and your own team working and leadership skills with live consultancy projects with real companies, from international blue chips to not-for-profit organisations.

Find your perfect role. No-ones going to hand you a job at the end of your programme, but if you have the determination to build your own networks and develop your own career opportunities, we have the contacts, resources and expert guidance to help you achieve your goals.

Bespoke career management


Inspiring surroundings Manchester

Immerse yourself in one of the UKs most vibrant, cosmopolitan and exciting cities. A commercial and cultural hotbed for centuries, Manchester has a pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit that continues to this day.
The original modern city, Manchester is the birthplace of the industrial revolution, modern medicine, vegetarianism, professional football, the Trade Union movement and the Madchester music scene. Its where Rolls met Royce, Emmeline Pankhurst rallied the Suffragettes, Ernest Rutherford split the atom and Tony Wilson opened Factory Records and The Haienda Club.
We are one of the few schools worldwide to gain approval of all three accreditation bodies:



My journey
One of the reasons I chose Manchester Business School was the city of Manchester. I was drawn to its rich sporting and commercial heritage. Manchester is a very affordable and peaceful city with the sophistication of a modern and industrialised metropolis but without the congestion. The fact that the cost of living is significantly lower than London was also very attractive for me. Toyin Akinwuntan Nigerian, Class of 2011

Dynamic cultural scene

Where else can you see the worlds first railway station, watch two of the biggest football clubs on the planet or live in Europes tallest residential building? Discover Manchester and you may never want to leave.

Manchesters lively, compact city centre boasts some of the best theatres, museums, art galleries, restaurants, nightlife and shopping opportunities in the UK. There are also excellent sporting facilities, not to mention two Premiership football clubs, world-class rugby teams and an international cricket venue. If you want a break from the city, some of the most beautiful landscapes in the UK including the Lake District, Peak District, Yorkshire Dales and North Wales areas of outstanding natural beauty are only a couple of hours away.

Affordable and well connected

Manchester means business

Creativity and enterprise are at the heart of Manchesters thriving business culture. With growing expertise in areas such as finance, biomedicine and knowledge based industries, many of the worlds top companies now have a presence in the city. The creation of MediaCityUK, a unique development due for completion in 2011, makes Manchester the largest creative, new media and digital hub outside of London.

City living that wont break the bank. The cost of living in Manchester is significantly lower than London and many other major European capital cities. You are also perfectly located: London is just two hours away by train, and Manchester International Airport is a 15-minute drive, meaning that youre well connected to Europe and beyond. Living expenses for a single student including accommodation (for 18 months): 15,000 (approximately).




Manchester aims high: Beetham Tower is the tallest residential building in Europe.

1653 1761 1783

Manchester a city of firsts

First free public library

First artificial waterway, the Bridgewater Canal

1919 1948

First scheduled airline service

First stored programme computer, The Baby, developed at The University of Manchester

First steam powered mill


First British nuclear free city

The MosT recenT uK ciTies MoniTor naMed ManchesTer as The BesT regional locaTion for Business.


Transformational experiences Learning by doing

We dont teach you to pass exams or produce good essays. Everything you learn during your MBA can be applied in the real world, from day one. Thats the Manchester Method.
We ensure you get a thorough grounding in business theory, then give you the opportunities to put it into practice with international projects, live consultancy work and internships with high profile, international companies. Our unique, hands-on approach to learning gives you more client-facing hours than almost any other MBA course nearly six months worth so you can test theories immediately in real world situations and wont feel completely removed from the commercial environment.

Learning by doing


My journey
Before starting my MBA I worked as a project manager in the automotive industry. I was also a keen investor in the markets and wanted to make the transition into the City. I chose MBS as the School offered so many hands on opportunities to develop the skills I needed to change career. For example, I learned to prepare and deliver a pitch through the AT Kearney Case Competition, while the IB project helped develop my entrepreneurial and marketing skills in an international context. Immediately after graduating I started working at Merrill Lynch as an Equity Analyst and, today, I am a Director in Equity Research at UBS. The MBA definitely helped me achieve my goal of working in the markets and I still use what I learned everyday. Arnaud Giblat, French Director in Equity Research, UBS Investment Bank, Class of 2006

Sharing our expertise

Transforming Management is a dynamic online portal which brings the academic research of our experts to life by linking cutting edge theory with real world practice. Through instigating debate via social media, the site is raising our profile in thoughtleadership, and attracting comment from the global business community. Find out why:

Original Thinking Applied

Intense learning combines with realistic group projects from the very beginning of the course. Our unique and innovative approach to learning was pioneered at Manchester Business School and has shaped MBA education around the world. Develop skills toolkit and essential knowledge: Build confidence with first projects Work on increasingly complex and demanding projects with real clients Bid against other teams or proactively source your own International Business Project The next step of your journey is up to you.

Learn from the best

Knowledge based in the real world

Our MBA programme is taught by people who know what theyre talking about. They are leaders in their field but not ivory tower academics; most have a commercial background in industry and all are actively involved in consultancy work for organisations such as IBM, BNFL, Tesco, the NHS and the UK government. They are also regularly called upon by worldwide media agencies to give expert advice and opinion on current affairs.

Recent guest speakers at our thoughtprovoking Vital Topics lecture series: David Gill, Chief executive, Manchester United FC. Andy Hornby, Group chief executive, Alliance Boots Geoff Muirhead, Group chief executive, Manchester Airport Group Michael Steep, Chief of operations, Microsoft Innovation Team Caroline Thompson, Chief operating officer, BBC

MBs was ranKed 1sT in The uK for research power in Business and ManageMenT and finance and accounTing in The laTesT research assessMenT exercise.


Outstanding peers Your MBA colleagues

Our students are committed, focused, driven and talented. They know how to lead, but also how to be part of a team. They are adept at juggling priorities and meeting deadlines. Above all, they are prepared to push themselves to the limit to succeed.
What are we looking for?
All of our students need to fulfil the following requirements: Typically, a minimum of three years postgraduate work experience with strong career progression Leadership/management experience or potential A good GMAT score the average for entry in 2009 was 625 A good undergraduate degree (although we will consider candidates without degrees if they have significant work experience) An English language qualification (TOEFL/IELTS/Cambridge Prof) unless your first degree was taught in English. However, entry to the MBA is based on much more than minimum requirements. Entry is competitive. Our students are handpicked to ensure the cohort will learn as much from each other as possible. We are always looking for exceptional candidates who can break the mould. What you can bring to the course is as vital as what you will get out of it. If you are accepted on to our MBA programme, you will become part of an elite group of high achievers from some of the worlds most prestigious companies. You will be surrounded by people with impressive CVs, and even more impressive ambitions. Many are at the top of their game and ready for the next challenge. Are you?

MBA colleagues


Our students and what they think:

Maxi Benndorf German
Years of experience 5 Position on entry Assistant Manager, Professional Services, KPMG Target industry Consulting Student involvement Member, Consulting and Women in Business clubs; Vice President, Administration, Student Council Reason for choosing MBS The opportunity to do both an internship and an exchange set MBS apart from the other schools I looked at. Biggest challenge Keeping track of all the deadlines, goals and deliverables when you are working on several projects with different multicultural teams all at the same time. What you have learned on your journey so far How important it is to trust your colleagues and to share the workload and how to work effectively in teams that are truly multicultural.

Sergey Logunov Russian

Years of experience 7 Position on entry Purchasing Director, FMCG Target industry FMCG Student involvement Vice President, Academics, Student Council Reason for choosing MBS To interact with a wide range of brilliant individuals from all the main economic centres of the world. Biggest challenge Fitting everything in. There is so much available outside the curriculum that is just as useful to your career as your studies. What you have learned on your journey so far Hard work reaps rewards.

Class of 2011

Class size 145 Average age 29 years Age range 24 41 Average work experience 6 years Work experience range 3 16 years Percentage of female students 29% Number of nationalities 36 You can check whether the Manchester MBA is the right choice for you with our online profile checker. Submit your details and well get back to you with informal feedback on your profile.

Yohann Renault French

Years of experience 5 Position on entry Bank Manager, BNP Paribas Target industry Social Business Student involvement President, CSR Club Reason for choosing MBS MBS gave me the opportunity to have meaningful and insightful exchanges with current students and alumni even before my enrolment. This helped me decide that Manchester was right for me. Biggest challenge We have an extremely diverse class with 36 nationalities represented. Im now more aware of the challenges involved in international multicultural projects, and the exceptional source of enrichment diversity offers. What you have learned on your journey so far I have a better understanding of the business world and am benefitting greatly from this rare learning experience.

Catalina Rendon Colombian

Years of experience 5 Position on entry Project Manager and founder, Prediction Markets Exchange Target industry Finance Student involvement Vice President, Diversity, Banking and Finance Club; member, Entrepreneurship Club. Reason for choosing MBS The mix of practice and theory and the chance to gain real business experience. Biggest challenge Adapting to a big shift in my career and leaving my business, friends and family behind in Colombia. What you have learned on your journey so far I dont just have 145 friends in my class; I have 145 new people in my business network. Today I am learning with them, tomorrow I might do business with them.


MBA colleagues


Where our students come from. Business professionals come from across the globe to study the Manchester MBA. The diversity of cultures, languages and backgrounds adds to their rich experience.
Rebecca Parks
American Class of 2010

Levan Shavkatsishvili
Georgian Class of 2010

1 2 3 4

Karen Brewer
British Class of 2011

Sergey Logunov
Russian Class of 2011

6 7 8 9

Western Europe 10% Eastern Europe 10% North America 6% Latin America and Caribbean 19% Africa 3% Middle East 6% South Asia 23% South East Asia 5% East Asia 18%




9 2 3 1

Keita Nishiwaki
Japanese Class of 2010

6 7

Kate Son


South Korean Class of 2011

5% Rodrigo Mora
Colombian Class of 2011
4 8

3% 6% Toyin Akinwuntan
Nigerian Class of 2011


Adel Alrashidi
Kuwaiti Class of 2011

Suvajyoti Ghosh

Trang Dang
Vietnamese Class of 2010

Indian Class of 2011


The programme


Programme structure (18 months)

Stage 1 Analysing business problems
Mid Aug Mid Sept Pre MBA Introductory lectures Mid Sept Dec Jan Mar Strategy Operations Management Designing Internationally Competitive Enterprises Apr Jun Management Information Systems

Stage 2 Tailoring your journey

Jun Aug Assessed internship Sep Dec International Exchange Programme

Jan Jan Mar Mar July

Economics Marketing Accounting (Financial & Management) Corporate Finance

Personal Project & x1 specialist elective

Entrepreneurship Project & x3 specialist electives


International Business Project

Military Leadership Workshop

x2 specialist electives UK Consultancy Project Dissertation

x4 specialist electives

Skills for Successful Management


Not-for-Profit Project

Mergers & Acquisitions Project


Personal Project & x3 specialist electives

One-to-one meetings with careers advisor Companies on campus Career Safari CV preparation Applications and covering letters reviewed by careers advisor Student club events Internships and job openings advertised Career advice workshops Brathay, Lake District Class elections MBA Ball MBAT international team networking Cultural nights MBA Business Summit Alumni Ball MBA Ball Cultural nights Student Council handover Student Council handover Networking applications interviewing



Welcome party and cultural nights

Electives that have been offered to Class of 2011 (Summer and Autumn term)1
Advanced Strategic Management Behavioural Decision Making in Finance Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility Business Intelligence Business Models, Strategy and Shareholder Value Business to Business Marketing Consumer Market Trends Derivative Securities Entrepreneurship Project Family Business Management Financial Engineering and Risk Management Financial Innovation, Crisis and the Future of Banking Global Marketing Management Global Supply Chain Management International Financial Management International Marketing Managing Diversity Management of Projects Marketing Communications and Branding Marketing Management in Technology Led Environments New Media Marketing Portfolio Investment Risk Management Strategic Business Development Strategic Retail Management Strategy and Leadership Strategy Implementation The Principles and Practice of Entrepreneurship
This is the typical MBA programme structure. Some elements, eg MBAT, attract additional fees, and electives run subject to demand.

These are examples of electives offered in the current academic year and are subject to change and a minimum participation of students.


Building confidence Pre-MBA and Brathay

Your first challenge takes place at the Brathay Trust in the beautiful wilderness of the Lake District during the pre-MBA stage. But this is no gentle weekend away to relax and get to know your fellow students. At MBS we dont believe in breaking you in gently.
For three days you will be working closely with your new classmates to tackle a series of exciting and stimulating challenges. Activities range from building bridges and abseiling down trees, to creating theatrical performances. These are intended to test your physical, creative and mental agility and improve your problem solving, decision-making and, most importantly, team working skills. They also provide an excellent opportunity for you to get to know your fellow MBA classmates.




My journey
When you put 145 driven MBA candidates in a challenging environment of personal development like Brathay there are bound to be both social and individual breakthroughs. For some people it is wallclimbing blind folded, aerial obstacle courses or leading a group in a strategic scavenger hunt. Some of us have no problem flying through the air in a harness, but have other, more grounded issues. When prompted to discuss fears one day, I shared my fear of public speaking with our group leader, Dan, who gave brilliant advice on exercises to train your mind to focus under pressure. That one conversation with Dan has helped me to conquer the first year and countless presentations. Jocelyn Twitty American, Class of 2011


All of the activities at Brathay are designed to help you understand more about yourself and the way you work with others, so self-reflection plays a key role. During the event you will learn more about the impact of your behaviour in different contexts, how to give and receive feedback effectively, and how to approach problem solving, task achievement and decision taking in groups. It is also your opportunity to explore and test your own leadership style in a trusting, supportive, nonassessed environment. The Brathay experience is the final part of our month-long pre-MBA programme. It lays the foundations for the Skills for Successful Management component of the MBA, which continues throughout your firstyear, and focuses on developing self-awareness, team-working and leadership skills that are fundamental to business success.

you will worK wiTh pracTically every one of your fellow sTudenTs in up To 20 differenT groups during your MBa, so excellenT TeaM worK sKills are viTal.


Thought-provoking experiences Not-for-Profit Project

Its not all about multinational conglomerates and blue chip companies at MBS. We want your MBA to broaden your perspective, open your eyes to different ways of working, take you out of your comfort zone and put you in new and challenging situations.
One of your first tasks will be a live consultancy project with a local, not-for-profit organisation. Whether you are working with an amateur boxing club, a community cafe or a cancer support group, this unique project will have a big impact on your thinking and could make a real difference to peoples lives. This is your chance to use your skills to give something back to your community.

Not-for-Profit Project


Case Study Making Manchester proud

Client Make Manchester Proud Background Make Manchester Proud, part of Irish charity the Niall Mellon Township Trust, aims to relieve hardship in the shanty towns of South Africa. To date more than 5,000 volunteers have built 12,000 homes for impoverished and homeless South Africans. The Trust has also created 2,000 full-time positions for locals in South Africa. Objective To provide a series of recommendations regarding market segmentation, positioning and brand awareness and funding options, focusing on use of the website, blogs and events. Challenges Working with no budget; conflicting cultural norms within the team; time constraints. Benefits to client As well as 300 hours of free consultancy, the client had access to MBAs wide network of contacts and gained a fresh, business-oriented perspective on its strategy. Benefits to MBA team Improved understanding of other cultures and ways of working, and the opportunity to work on a life-changing and inspiring charity project. Client view The MBA students brought clarity to the Make Manchester Proud campaign; their professional and enthusiastic approach made them a pleasure to work with. Patrick Marmion, UK Coordinator Niall Mellon Township Trust

Case Study Becoming part of history

Client Victoria Baths, Manchester Background Stunning example of Edwardian municipal architecture. Since it was last used as a pubic bath in 1993, Victoria Baths Trust along with Friends of Victoria Baths has been working towards the restoration of the building, and its re-opening to public use. Objective To identify and to develop ways to make Victoria Baths self-sustainable. Challenges Dealing with multiple stakeholders; working within a limited budget. Benefits to client Increased understanding of responsible business practice. The project also helped Victoria Baths in developing a new perspective of looking at revenue streaming from the heritage monument and also making it popular amongst the local community. Benefits to MBA team Improved team working, influencing and negotiating skills; appreciation of team diversity. Student view The Not-for-Profit Project helped the team members to understand each others strengths and weaknesses and use them to best advantage. The diversity in the team also gave an insight into other cultures and helped us develop a holistic view of the project. Overall, the project has left a lifelong impression on all of us. Victoria Baths team


Proving yourself Internships

Marketing in Milan? Strategy in Strasbourg? Networking in New York? A paid, 10-week internship will help you finalise your career plans and test yourself in the business world. Now is your chance to start reaping the first rewards of your MBA. You could find yourself anywhere in the world and it might even lead to that all-important job offer.
You will be supported by an academic and company sponsor, and the internship is assessed through a portfolio of reflective reports, developed with your peers and facilitated by MBS faculty or selected alumni. So, whether you are 100% clear about your future plans or want to try a different sector or role, the internship will give you invaluable experience that will stay with you throughout your career. Developed a marketing plan for a public sector magazine and presented a business case for running the production as a social enterprise Performed market research, gathering and analysing data in Colombia to provide recommendations for the launch of a new healthcare product Analysed the sales performance of a major oil corporation in India to establish the possible reasons for a fall in market share, and presented a future strategy for pricing and product offering.
Catalina Rendon, Colombian, Class of 2011



84% of The class of 2010 underTooK an inTernship projecT.

My journey
I got an amazing internship with LOreal in New York City working in a brand marketing team. If the internship works out well, I may be offered a full-time position. Id be working for the biggest cosmetic company in the world and one of the top 100 largest companies in the world! Im very excited, while at the same time very nervous. I never thought I would have such an opportunity when I applied just a year ago. If it doesnt work out with LOreal, just having that experience on my CV will open up so many doors for me. Plus, since I am starting my own mens skincare line, working at LOreal will teach me so much about the industry and how to be successful on my own. If it wasnt for the efforts of our career services team, I wouldnt have got this internship. Will Hadjigeorgalis American, Class of 2011

Worked as Relationship Manager for a multinational investment bank in the Treasury and Trade Solutions Department, using knowledge of international markets Researched the commercial business case for a new childrens food product as part of the expansion of a business line of fresh meals and drinks for a UK manufacturer Analysed the Mexican local trading area and retail outlet strategy for a major electronics brand, developing in-store marketing guidelines to better promote products and maximise return on sales

Examples of internships carried out by previous students


Broadening horizons International Exchange

Take your international experience up a level with one of the strongest and largest international exchange programmes in the world.
Spending 12-15 weeks at a major overseas business school will not just give you an amazing learning experience with courses that complement those at MBS, and the chance to sample life in a different culture. It also gives you access to an even greater international network of contacts. To view a full list of our exchange partners please refer to our website: Our exchange partners include: Australian Graduate School of Management, Sydney, Australia CEIBS, Shanghai, China Cornell University, Johnson Graduate School of Management, New York, USA Emory University, Goizueta Business School, Georgia, USA ESADE, Barcelona, Spain HEC, Paris, France HKUST, Hong Kong Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad, India Rotterdam School of Management, Rotterdam, Netherlands SDA Bocconi, Milan, Italy University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management, Toronto, Canada University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

International Exchange


My journey
Going on an international exchange to one of the top business schools partnered with MBS can provide a number of personal and professional opportunities. The application process is really competitive so I was delighted to be offered an exchange place at ESADE Business School in Spain. I have a strong interest in social business initiatives and ESADE offer a range of relevant elective choices for me. The exchange will give me additional international exposure so I will get a different perspective on business issues. Ill also get the chance to polish my Spanish skills, delve into a new culture and even make new friends! Yohann Renault French, Class of 2011

MBs is ranKed 1sT in The uK and 7Th in The world for inTernaTional experience By The fT gloBal MBa ranKings 2010.

Adel Alrashidi, Kuwaiti, Class of 2011


Going global International Business Project

You are entering the final, exciting stages of your MBA journey. Its time to bring together everything youve learned for the highlight of the course the International Business Project. But its not as simple as that. You have to use what you know about your fellow students to build the best team, choose from a list of exciting project briefs from major global companies, then pitch your ideas not just against other MBA teams, but potentially against external consultancy firms.
The International Business Project goes beyond any academic project; this is a genuine piece of professional consultancy. Clients expect real results. If your bid is successful, your team will travel internationally and undertake more than 2,000 hours of collective consultancy work that will give you unprecedented access to senior figures at some of the worlds most prestigious companies. Forget CVs and interviews, this is the kind of experience that gets you noticed by the people that matter and can even secure you a job offer when you graduate. The International Business Project is your chance to prove yourself in a high-pressure, high-risk, real business situation. The perfect preparation for a career in international business.

International Business Project


Case Study Road trip for the future

Client Marks & Spencer Background Marks & Spencer, a FTSE 100 listed British retailer, are renowned in the UK for their groundbreaking and highly innovative corporate social responsibility programme of commitments, Plan A. Objective With a growing number of international stores, Marks & Spencer engaged with a team of MBA students in order to analyse the effectiveness of, and create a holistic strategy for, driving Plan A in to new regions. Challenges The team recognised that there would be a number of challenges along the way. These ranged from tangible issues such as how best to allocate finite time, manpower and financial resources, through to softer issues of how to best overcome potential resistance by partners who could perceive the MBA team as auditors from HQ and thereby a potential threat. Benefits to client This successful project provided impartial, valuable insights into the organisation and a robust roadmap for future action at a fraction of the cost of other consulting companies. The client was able to work with an ambitious and driven MBA team and this helped reinforce the positive relationship between Marks & Spencer and Manchester Business School. Benefits to MBA team It was an excellent learning experience. As a team we had the opportunity to present recommendations to a board member of a FTSE 100 listed company whilst obtaining practical consulting experience. Team members were required to travel to Bahrain, China, Czech Republic, Dubai, Hong Kong and Turkey. Not only did we obtain invaluable insights into new sectors including corporate social responsibility and retail, but also acquired invaluable insights in relation to the nuances of doing business in a spectrum of cultures. Andrew Rzepa, British, Class of 2010

Case Study High-risk market entry

Client AstraZeneca Background AstraZeneca were seeking to develop a presence in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, countries that are considered high-political risk. Objective We required a fresh and detailed market analysis which contained competitive intelligence and realistic actionable recommendations to support our decision on business entry strategy. Challenges Language (only one member of the team spoke Russian) and logistics (some of these countries are closed to foreigners). Benefits to client We received excellent output from the MBA team. They covered specific pharmaceutical sector market information and provided us with an overview of the general economic situation with an exceptional level of depth that enabled us to estimate the long-term outcome from investing in the region today. The MBA teams ability to develop a strong project brief and strategic vision, even though they lacked pharma-expertise, was very impressive. We have taken the recommendations very seriously. Benefits to MBA team The team were able to apply everything learned during the MBA programme, from corporate finance techniques to operations management models. Nenad Pavletic, General Manager AstraZeneca, Balkan/Baltics/CIS region

You could be working with:


Playing hard Social life

At Manchester Business School we expect you to think hard. But we also expect you to play hard. There are limitless opportunities to get involved in student-led activities outside of the formal programme, from student clubs to sports to social events. They are a chance to have fun, relax and make friends for life plus they give you excellent opportunities to boost your CV and build your contacts. So, even when youre not studying, youre still reaping the rewards of the Manchester MBA.
Here are just a few examples of how you can add value to your MBA experience:

Social life


My journey
Every one of the students in my class has forgone a year and a half of their jobs and lives to come to MBS to better themselves, both personally and professionally. Class work is important, projects even more so. But social events allow for memories and connections that will last forever. Akhil Dharwadkar Indian, Class of 2011

Student clubs

Student Council

Your chance to speak up for your fellow students, help shape the MBA programme while honing your leadership, communication and negotiation skills. As one of ten elected members, you set your own goals and work with academics, university administration, alumni and each other to achieve them.

Prove your commitment and dedication to your chosen field by becoming a member of one of our MBA clubs, created and managed by students for students. With speaker events featuring renowned industry experts and academics, company visits and targeted feedback sessions, clubs offer unique opportunities to meet prominent figures within your area of interest and build valuable industry contacts. You are also free to create your own club with like-minded colleagues, to suit your particular needs and interests. Examples of current clubs include: Banking and Finance Business Technology Consulting Corporate Social Responsibility Energy Entrepreneurship Marketing and Retail Media, Entertainment and Sports Women Leading in Business


Compete with MBA students from across the world in international business competitions, set by prestigious companies. As well as the kudos of winning, competitions can enhance your CV, your skills, your contact book, and even your bank balance. Whether the reward is financial or, like the competition organised by Danone, the promise of a job, competitions give you the chance to learn some valuable business lessons, while making your CV stand out from the crowd.

During the competition I developed a practical marketing framework, which I will use in my future career, met the Dutch Minister of Foreign Affairs, who presented me with the award, and won 10,000 and an internship with Tata Consultancy in India. Even if you dont win, competitions give you great knowledge and networking contacts for the future. Sergey Logunov, Russian, Class of 2011, winner of the Global Sourcing and Innovation Awards


Harness your competitive spirit by taking part in the MBA Tournament (MBAT). Now in its 20th year, MBAT is Europes largest annual gathering of MBA students, bringing together more than 2,000 participants from 70 countries for three days of sports and festivities. One of the highlights of the MBA calendar, the event not only allows students to show off their sporting prowess, but offers fantastic opportunities for cultural exchange, teamwork, friendship and the development of leadership skills.

Social events

Whether you want to organise one, or just enjoy yourself, social events are a big part of student life. As well as the usual pub and club nights, last years students held cultural evenings including a Latin Party, Diwali Night, Chinese New Year Celebrations and a European Night. The social calendar culminates in the sumptuous MBA Ball, where everyone can let their hair down and relax after a tough but rewarding 18 months.

Students at the MBA Ball


Nurturing innovation Entrepreneurship

Tap into the entrepreneurial spirit that made Manchester the worlds first industrial city, and make your MBA the foundation of your budding business empire. If you have a great idea, plus the determination and drive to take it forward, MBS has the academic and practical resources to make it happen.
Combine access to MBSs renowned Enterprise Centre with a personal entrepreneurship project and a specialist enterprise elective, and your MBA could be the vital launch pad for your new venture. Any MBA student can make use of the MECs free advice, support and network of professional contacts to help them further their business idea. You could also work with the MEC on consultancy projects for emerging businesses as part of your MBA, or as a graduate, to develop and hone your entrepreneurial skills and network with other business owners.



Embedding enterprise

Manchester Enterprise Centre

All students have access to the Manchester Enterprise Centre (MEC) which aims to connect enterprise education, research and practice across the whole University. As part of the Universitys commitment to embedding enterprise and entrepreneurship teaching across the institution, the MEC provides training programmes, workshops and mentoring to MBA students, with the aim of developing enterprising individuals and enabling them to contribute to the growth of dynamic organisations.

Scholarship for Entrepreneurs

If you can demonstrate achievement and exceptional entrepreneurial flair in creating and running a successful or growing business venture, you can apply for a scholarship plus mentoring from the MEC, to help get your idea off the ground. Other scholarships are available see page 42 for details.

Even if you dont have a specific business idea, you will still benefit from MECs expertise during your course. Before your MBA starts, you will learn about the process of idea creation and pitching through a fun competition where teams compete against one another to generate and pitch one business idea to their peers. The winning four ideas are then pitched to a panel of companies.

Case Study Ahmed Wagih, Class of 2011

Business idea Natural, chemical-free, environmentally friendly jojoba oil products. USP Jojoba uniquely grown in the Egyptian desert away from pollution resulting in pure oil. New to European cosmetics markets. As a prospect company, I worked with the team to produce a strong business case for my idea. Since then, I have been working with the team to develop the business plan and contact companies, suppliers and distributors. Its an experience that has probably doubled the return on my investment in the MBA. Some of the guys around the School think I may end up being the next Al-Fayed, but I would prefer to be the first Al-Wagih! Ahmed Wagih Egyptian, Class of 2011


Shaping futures Career Management Services

Manchester Business School has a team dedicated to supporting your career development. They offer you one-to-one meetings to help you identify, outline and execute your internship and job search strategy. Tailored workshops are offered alongside the meetings to sharpen your job application skills.
The Careers Service starts working with you from the very beginning of the MBA and continues throughout the programme and beyond. Our workshops run alongside the formal MBA programme, so that career planning is an integral part of your learning from day one. Whether you want to brush up your interview technique, make contact with specific companies or just want advice on the right career options for you, our dedicated Career Management Service has the resources to help. Our strength is in building personal relationships with students, supporting their career and search strategies. This is underpinned by a series of specifically tailored workshops. Our services include: One-to-one consultancy CV and cover letter reviews Access to online career assessment tool, CareerLeader Manchester Gold Mentoring programme CV distribution online and as a printed book presented to 400 recruiters Career Forum and industry insight panels

Career Management Services


My journey
At MBS, it was not a Career Management Service, more a fantastic set of people that helped me to understand what my value is, what my strengths and weaknesses are and where I wanted to go. The greatest benefit is that those relationships still continue today, and more than two years after graduating, I am proud to say that the individuals within CMS are still people I turn to for advice. That, to me, is real value beyond the average MBA. Siobhan Clarke, Irish Customer Solution Manager, Cisco, Class of 2008

Companies who hire our graduates include:


Career Management Services


MBs is ranKed 11Th in The world for career progression By The financial TiMes gloBal MBa ranKings 2010

Class of 2009: Average salary

* Based on exchange rate 5 July 2010.

Pounds Sterling 63,682

US Dollars $96,160

Euros 77,055

Job location Average salary by industry:

% Class of 2009 Pounds Sterling

30% UK, London 11% UK, Manchester 11% UK, Other 21% East Asia 9% Central Asia 8% Western Europe (excl. UK) 6% North America 2% Middle East 2% South America

US Dollars


Industry choices
39% Finance 16% Other

% Class of 2009

13% Consulting 11% Pharmaceuticals/Chemicals 9% Telecommunications/Hi Tech 4% Manufacturing and Engineering 4% Retail/Consumer Goods 4% Petroleum/Energy


Creating communities Your alumni network

A Manchester Business School alumnus is not something you become on graduation, it is something you are from the minute you begin the MBA course. You are part of a huge and supportive community, which is proud to be associated with the School and dedicated to improving the MBA for current and future students.
You will get a lot from being an MBS alumnus but we also expect you to contribute, to give something back, to help the next generation of students as you were helped by the generation before you, and to leave the School a little bit better than you found it. Your MBA is for 18 months; your connection with the School is for life.

Alumni network


What we give you

Networking 27,000+ MBS alumni from across the globe. Events a worldwide programme including high profile speakers, seminars and social events. Discounts and offers through our partnerships we can offer alumni discounts on accommodation, professional services, entertainment and more. Communication our monthly e-Newsletter brings you the latest thought leadership from our academics as well as MBS news, events and services. Career management we continue to support your career after you graduate with online help and tools.

What you can give back

There are many ways to get involved in the life of the School, both during and after your studies. Supportive from offering advice to a candidate from your home country to acting as a Gold Mentor once youve graduated, your first hand knowledge of the MBA could be invaluable to another student. Practical encouraging your company to use MBA students for consultancy work or internships. Financial one off gifts, regular donations or legacies help the School provide world class facilities for generations to come.

Alex Dymock British

Year of graduation 2008 Background prior to MBA Estate agent by way of pharmaceutical rep. Goal/objective of taking course To make myself attractive to an investment bank with an atypical CV and no undergraduate education. Current role Advisor, Credit Suisse, Manchester What I learned on my journey The programme at MBS is not for people who want things handed to them on a platter. You can work closely with the Careers Service but dont expect to get a job without serious effort. You have to create your own opportunities! My advice to future students Dont get caught up in academic pursuit and grade chasing and miss the bigger picture of personal and career development.

Luis Felipe Baca Peruvian

Year of graduation 2006 Background prior to MBA Finance Manager at DFID UK Goal/objective of taking course To change my career and acquire international experience, both of which were achieved beyond my expectations. Current role Senior Associate, Corporate Banking, JP Morgan, London What I learned on my journey With hands-on work experience and a lot of determination and support, you can successfully change your career path and land a top job doing something that excites you. My advice to future students Meet as many people as you can and learn from them.

Danny Gray British

Year of graduation 2008 Background prior to MBA Commercial Director, Definitude Ltd; native Mancunian who has lived and worked all over the UK, Germany and USA. Goal/objective of taking course To secure an exciting role with a leading media or technology company. Current role Manager, Rich Media Services, Google, New York What I learned on my journey Knowledge and expertise in formal business disciplines are not enough. The softer skills, such as influencing and collaborating, are just as vital to succeed in todays leading global organisations. My advice to future students Remember to have fun! You will make lifelong friends from all over the world.


A helping hand Student support

A smaller cohort of students means you get personal support when you need it, right from day one. Our experienced team is on hand to help you from the moment you choose to apply.
When you apply
We guarantee a quick response to your application and will keep you informed at every stage of the process. We can also help you understand changing visa regulations, offer advice on finances and funding and give you details of scholarships and bursaries that you may be able to apply for. We can put you in touch with current students or alumni from similar backgrounds if you need some first hand advice about the programme. Whether you want to live in university accommodation or find your own place in the city, our support team can help you. University accommodation is guaranteed for full-time, international students coming to the UK alone, and there are also a limited number of double rooms and flats available for families and students bringing partners.

Student support


My journey
Bringing my family to a new country was a big challenge, particularly with a one and a half year old daughter. However, thanks to attentive support from current students, MBA admissions and the International Society we settled into our new life very smoothly, and quickly built up an extensive network. Advice from people who knew the city helped us choose a good nursery for our daughter. I have been impressed by the education system in Manchester and the quality of healthcare, both very important for families. There are lots of parks and museums to visit and lots of family friendly activities in the city centre, especially at Christmas and New Year. We are very happy here. Motohide Okuda Japanese, Class of 2011

When you arrive

Family support

While youre here

Before you arrive

Access to our online applicant community puts you in touch with the current class and alumni to hear first hand what the experience is like. Throughout the application process youll get ongoing support from the admissions team.

Part of your MBA experience is being part of a close-knit team that learns together and supports each other. Smaller staff-student ratios mean you will build up good, personal relationships with your tutors. Finally, there are 27,000 MBS alumni who can guide you along your MBA journey and throughout your future career.

Moving your family to another country is a major change. Adjusting to a new culture and a new way of life can seem daunting, which is why at MBS we offer support not just to students, but to their partners and families as well. Our Partner Club gives students partners a place to meet, socialise and get advice on everything from childcare and accommodation to the best places to shop, eat and visit. We can also put you in touch with other partners from your home country before you arrive. All partners are provided with membership of the University of Manchesters International Society which arranges classes and social events throughout the year.

The Manchester Gold Mentoring programme

Bid against other students to be mentored by senior industry professionals around the world. If you are successful, this innovative mentoring scheme, launched by The University of Manchester in 2001, gives you invaluable access to personal coaching, career advice, business contacts and industry insights. You dont get that from a textbook.

Moving forward How to apply

Youve read the brochure. Youve seen what we have to offer. Youve heard from our current and past students. What do you do next?
If you think youve got what it takes to join our next cohort of MBAs, complete our simple online application form and who knows where you could be in 18 months time.


How to apply


Helen Dowd MBA Admissions Director

Fees and finance

35,600 $53,756 43,076

Tuition fees for the 2011 Full-time MBA are:


Making your application

The application process is competitive so dont leave it too late. You can apply at any application stage but we recommend applying as early as possible to avoid disappointment. If your initial application is successful we will contact you to arrange an interview. It is free to apply to MBS, and we offer free, personal support and guidance throughout the process.

Manchester Business School offers financial aid in the form of meritbased scholarships for British, EEA and international candidates, as well as for candidates with specific industry backgrounds. These include: Armed forces Entrepreneurs Marketing Professional services We also believe there is an essential need to invest in and develop young British talent who can rise to the future challenges of the global business environment. Our Young Potential Leaders initiative offers a limited number of very talented high-flyers the opportunity and often financial support to complete the Full-time MBA Programme. Certain scholarships may require a separate application and all scholarships have specific eligibility criteria. Find out more about all our scholarships at: ft/scholarships

(based on exchange rate 5 July 2010) These fees are for the total tuition cost of the programme and include a laptop for the duration of the programme and year one core module textbooks. Living expenses are additional. Manchester Loyalty Bursary holders of undergraduate or postgraduate degrees from The University of Manchester, UMIST or Victoria Universities are eligible for a 20% fee discount.

Full-time MBA Application Deadlines

Stage 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Apply by 19th October 2010 16th November 2010 11th January 2011 8th February 2011 8th March 2011 5th April 2011 10th May 2011 1st June 2011* 5th July 2011 Interview notification 19th November 2010 17th December 2010 11th February 2011 11th March 2011 8th April 2011 6th May 2011 3rd June 2011 17th June 2011 22nd July 2011

*Final deadline for international non-European Union applicants Final deadline for UK and European Union applicants


The last word

The last word


The Manchester MBA offers an intense MBA experience. We are highly selective and we pride ourselves on recruiting an international cohort from a diverse range of industry sectors. Working collaboratively is a major part of the Manchester learning process so the first month, our pre-MBA, is particularly exciting as we concentrate on team building and ensuring that the individual MBAs develop a class identity. Following on from the pre-MBA the first part of the programme concentrates on developing a sound foundation upon which you can build. So the initial courses, delivered by our internationally renowned faculty, focus on core subjects and developing skills based on a rigorous analytical approach. This is the time when you start to build your future networks, both with your peer group and our worldwide alumni community. The Manchester MBA adopts a practicebased approach to management education. From very early on you will be working with clients on real world business problems. In fact, throughout

the programme you will have up to 600 hours of interaction with commercial clients. Our challenging projects, which include working with a range of clients from not-for-profit organisations to international blue chips, continually give you the opportunity to put what you learn into practice. The last cohort has been working on projects around the globe including Canada, Australia, Tajikistan and India these really are opportunities for MBAs to genuinely apply the skills they have developed. Successful applicants already have outstanding interpersonal skills when they join us. However, we recognise that to succeed in challenging economic times with rapidly changing market conditions requires highly tuned leadership and negotiation skills. With this in mind we have increased the proportion of the MBA that deals with general management and leadership skills. We have new courses in resilience training and conflict resolution, weve increased the consultancy skills training on the programme and introduced negotiation skills as part of the core content of the MBA.

Weve also been focusing on providing a more tailored approach. As part of the programme, Manchester MBAs already have the opportunity to undertake an internship and international exchange but we are now broadening the range of electives on offer and extending our Gold Mentoring programme so that more MBAs can be offered alumni mentoring. I am especially pleased to see that the range of social events continues to develop. We now offer all our MBAs the opportunity to participate in the MBAT experience, we have a range of social events embedded in the MBA calendar, including the alumni and MBA balls, and we have extended the time spent in the UKs Lake District as part of the pre-MBA. The Manchester MBA is the experience of a lifetime. I hope youll join us.

Professor Elaine Ferneley Director, MBA Programme


Full-time MBA Programme

Manchester Business School Booth Street West Manchester M15 6PB United Kingdom Full-time MBA enquiries Tel: +44 (0)161 275 6414 Email:


Manchester Business School is part of the Faculty of Humanities at The University of Manchester, and offers Undergraduate, Postgraduate, Research, MBA, short and Executive programmes on a full-time, part-time and distance-learning basis. Important information This brochure is prepared well in advance of the entry dates it relates to and all information is accurate at the time of going to press. However, the MBA is a dynamic programme, constantly changing as a result of new learning innovations, developments in the business world and feedback from students and alumni. The School therefore reserves the right to make variations to its MBA programme in line with its commitment to continuous improvement. When you accept a place at Manchester Business School, you agree to comply with the rules and regulations of The University of Manchester. Those which are most relevant will be communicated to you in the programme materials you receive before, and on, joining the School. If the University makes an offer of a place, it is essential that you are aware of the current terms on which the offer is based. If you are in any doubt, please feel free to ask for confirmation of the precise position for the year in question before you accept the offer. A full listing of the Universitys Charter, Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations is available on request or at www.manchester. The University of Manchester is committed to providing a positive working and learning environment free from discrimination, harassment, or victimisation on the grounds of gender, race, disability, spent criminal convictions (where there is no exemption from the legal provisions in place), sexual orientation, religion and beliefs, socioeconomic background or age, where all staff and students are treated with respect and dignity.

Places on exchange programmes are competitive and not guaranteed. Exchange places are also dependent on successful completion of examinations. Partnership in International Management (PIM) Manchester Business School, a member of the Partnership in International Management (PIM)university network, has more than 16 postgraduate partner institutions worldwide and offers about 40 exchange places per year across its range of programmes. About 20% of the graduates in International Business and Management have academic experience abroad, and between 40 and 60% of the students on our programmes come from outside the United Kingdom. PIM is an international consortium of business schools founded in 1973. Each member institution represents the highest degree of excellence in the fields of business and management, demonstrates leadership in their geographic region and delivers an MSc, MBA or graduate-equivalent degree in management. PIM facilitates the international exchange of MSc, MBA or masters degree-equivalent students among its member institutions, encourages cooperation among faculty members and researchers, and facilitates the development of joint ventures.

Find out more

We provide many opportunities for you to meet with us at various events worldwide and here on campus. Visit our website to find out if we are visiting a city near you or to book your place at a campus event: Follow us on Twitter: ManchesterMBA Access the MBA Blog: MBS YouTube Channel: mbsoriginalthinking

Global MBA Programmes

Manchester Business School also offer Global (part-time) MBA programmes.

Manchester Global MBA

There are two intakes per year for the Manchester Global MBA, commencing in July and January. Choose from the following learning pathways: General Finance Engineering Construction Sports and major events

Manchester Global MBA (Accelerated)

There is one intake per year for the Manchester Global MBA (Accelerated) which commences in September. Visit our website for more information about any of our Global MBA programmes:

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