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Q.103 - How to Make an Invoice in Tally?

Sales voucher as Sales Invoice

In this system Tally permits you to issue sales invoice through computers instead of manual. Tally provides a Button As Invoice on right side of voucher entry screen to shift from Accounting Voucher to Sales invoice and vice versa. If you have activated every option in Tally either in features or in configures, you will get the following screen of Sales invoice:-

Sales No.:- Enter here the serial number of your sales bills either automatic or manual. Ref:- Give any reference for bill-wise detail. If you leave it blank, voucher number will be used for bill-wise detail. Date:- Enter date of invoice. Partys A/c Name:- Select it from the pop-up. For cash sales, select cash or bank account. For credit sales, select the name of party. If not available in pop-up, create it by Alt + C. Dispatch Details:- cursor moves to sub-screen asking for other details of invoice. Like as

Delivery note:- If you are using delivery note for supply and tracking number is on, select the delivery note from pop-up. Otherwise write New Number for further tracking or not applicable not to be used anywhere.. Dispatch Doc. NO.:- if the goods are being delivered through Transport, write here Goods Receipt No. issued by transporter. Dispatch Through:- specify Name of Transpor or Vehicles Number Destination: - Name of place where goods are being delivered. Order Number:- If Sales order is being processed, select the order number from pop-up. Otherwise write New Number for further tracking or not applicable not be used anywhere.. Terms of delivery:- Credit days allowed to buyer are written here. Other References:- Write any reference or notes for a party or product. Terms of delivery:- if any terms are settled, write here. Consignees address:- if the goods have to be delivered other than the buyer, write the name and address of consignee Buyers Address:- if you have entered the name and address of the buyer under mailing address at the time of creation of ledger. Tally displays the same here. However you may modify it. Sales Tax Number:- Tally displays here the sales tax registration number written in the master. If not written there, write here. Excise details:- Write the serial number of PLA/RG-23 register, date & time of making invoice and date & time of removal of goods, if you follow the excise rules. If unit is not excisable, set No to this option at F12: configure. Export details:- If you are exporter, the following queries are for you: Place of receipt by shipper Vessel/Flight No. Port of loading

Port of discharge Country to If you are not exporter, set No to this option at F12: configure. Price Level:- If you have fixed a price level under the heading Price level applicable in ledger masters, Tally picks the price list applicable to the party selected in this invoice. Otherwise, select it from pop-up. Turnover:- Auto displayed by Tally Current Balance:- Auto displayed by Tally. Sales ledger:- select the accounting sales ledger from the pop-up to be credited in sales account. This field is available only if you set yes to use common ledger for item allocation in F12: configure. Otherwise you are asked for accounting ledger after every entry of item in invoice. Now Tally enters in the item screen and asking for:Name of item:- Select the name of item being sold from the pop-up list of items. If item is not available, create by pressing Alt + C. Description for items:- if you like to print any other specification other than the name of item, use this field. Details written here will be printed on invoice. Tracking number:- Already explained in F11:company features. If tracking is on, specify the number to be tracked later on. How to track will be explained in inventory vouchers. Order no.:- Auto displayed, if sales orders are processed. Otherwise write manually. Godown:- Mention the name of godown from where the goods are being issued or delivered. Quantities: Actual:- Enter actual quantities supplied for which inventory moves Billed:- Enter quantities for which accounting ledger is debited and credited Already explained in F11: company features: Rate:- if the price list is applicable, tally auto prints the rate of an item. Otherwise write the rate for an item. However Tally displays the selling rate entered in last invoice. Per:- Specify the unit on which the rate is applicable. You may write any unit of item, if you use more than one unit [alternate unit or compound unit] for such item. Disc%: - If you have specified discount level in price list, Tally calculate discount, as per price list and you may not modify this field. However you may enter % of discount here, if not defined in price list. Amount:- auto calculated by Tally. However. Modification is allowed here. Marks & number of packages:- Any marks on the packing is placed under Marks and number of Packages or Nug is written in the field of number of packages. Tally repeats the loops until last salable item is entered in invoice. Select End of list to come out from the items master screen and to go in accounting ledger screen

This portion of invoice is meant for entry transaction in accounting ledger. Such as Excise duty, sales tax, discount, packing & forwarding charges etc.are selected here from pop-up or created new by pressing Alt + C. Amount calculated or mentioned here is posted to the related selected ledger. Note: - By default Tally calculates taxes, discount etc. on item rate. If you want to calculate these on every sub-total, set Yes To Calculate Tax on Current Sub-total under f12: configure. Narration:- Narrate the details of invoice, if you like Accept: - say Yes to save invoice or No to edit it How to print an Invoice? Print: -You may print the invoice before saving by pressing Alt +P or set Yes to Print after saving voucher permanently at sales voucher type at accounts info. menu. How to cancel an Invoice? Cancel: -You may Cancel any invoice by pressing Alt + X, if you like to reserve the invoice number, if you opt for auto numbering. Cancelled invoice may be used later on for new invoice of old date. How to delete an Invoice? Delete:- you may delete any invoice by pressing Alt +D on selected invoice, but your auto numbering will be disturbed. So think before to delete.

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