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Documents: Obama Admin. Walked Guns to Sinaloa Cartel, Allowed Cocaine into U.S.

Posted on August 5, 2011 by Jane Jamison

Blockbuster allegations filed in Chicago by attorneys for captured Sinaloa kingpin, Vicente Zambada Niebla The Obama administration, at the highest levels, and likely Attorney General Eric Holder and President Obama themselves, authorized the sale of at least 2,000 high-powered rifles and other sophisticated weapons to the Sinaloa Mexican drug cartel. As bad as that is, it doesnt stop there. It is now learned through sworn affidavits in U.S. District court that the U.S. government, at very high levels, negotiated to allow tons of Sinaloa cocaine into the country, supposedly in exchange for information about other drug gangs.

Sinaloa cartel's "unique" arrangement with U.S. government allowed cocaine into the country in exchange for "intel" on rival cartels This is a scandal much bigger than the penny-candy Watergate burglary of an office, which brought down the presidency of Richard Nixon. This is not a scandal to be wasted and covered-up by some impeachment-going-nowhere in the U.S. Congress. This is criminal racketeering, drug conspiracy, weapons trafficking, suborning of perjury, obstruction of justice, and gun trafficking. This is also a murder case because 2 federal agents, BP Agent Brian Terry and ICEs Jaime Zapata, were killed by some of the walked Fast and Furious weapons. Documents filed with the Chicago U.S. district court claim at least 3,000 Mexican citizens have been killed by the U.S.-provided weapons.

Anabel Hernandez author of Senores del Narco The information about the Obama administration cooperation with the murderous Sinaloa carteleros began to emerge last spring, through the efforts of Mexican journalist/author Anabel Hernandez. Her book, Lords Del Narco, claims that current Mexican president Felipe Calderon, is a puppet of Sinaloa: Robert Farago: Truth About Guns website Via [Google translation] published April 4, 2011: The security strategy deployed by the federal government in Mexico and particularly in Ciudad Jurez to fight drug trafficking is a lie because the government of Felipe Caldern protects the Sinaloa cartel and its leader, Joaquin El Chapo Guzman, claims Anabel Hernandez, Mexican journalist. The author of The Lords of Narco said the U.S. action in the midst of this war has not been very clear. Information is surfacing that indicates that Sinaloa Cartel operations in Mexico have the concurrence of bodies like the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). For the federal government priority is only the enemies of El Chapo and thats why we have the slaughter, so Ciudad Jurez is as it is, says the journalist from Italy, where she teaches a series of conferences on the issue of organized crime.

Anabel Hernndez has made quite the charge: the Sinaloa cartel has bought the Mexican government lock, stock and Calderon. Whats more, the DEA knows about the corruption and plays ball with Calderon to catch other cartels, giving the Sinaloas a pass. Which would account for Calderons lack of indignation on the whole Gunwalker deal. Hernandez: A few days ago I published a document in which the lawyers of Vicente Zambada Niebla, son of the Mayo Zambada [above], will argue as a defense to Chicago Federal Court alleged Sinaloa drug cartel had been operating with the approval of agencies like the DEA. That would open another chapter in history to finish to understand what is happening. I could document and the book is, is that the Department of State United States is quite clear that today the most powerful cartel in the United States, the criminal organization of drug sales more important, the Sinaloa Cartel, which is mapped by city, state, and is the one that has spread throughout the country. How did this happen under the noses of the United States government? One of two things: either it is one of his mistakes largest national security in recent years and is an issue of corruption also larger on that side of the border.

More than a year ago, even the liberal news organization NPR was finding corruption in the supposed war on drugs: [Mexican president Felipe] Calderon has deployed 45,000 federal troops and police to combat the drug gangs. Yet in the midst of this crackdown, the Sinaloa cartel the largest, oldest and richest in Mexico appears to be flourishing. An NPR News investigation has found strong evidence of collusion between elements of the Mexican army and the Sinaloa cartel in the violent border city of Juarez. Dozens of interviews with current and former law enforcement agents, organized crime experts, elected representatives, and victims of violence suggest that the Sinaloans depend on bribes to top government officials to help their leader, Joaquin El Chapo Guzman, elude capture, expand his empire and keep his operatives out of jail. I work in the police and because of this I know the government is protecting Chapo Guzman. Its hitting all the cartels but Chapo, said Luis Arturo Perez Torres, 25, until recently a federal police officer stationed in a suburb of Mexico City.

This NPR series was reported in collaboration with investigative producer Bruce Livesey. You can find Liveseys reporting from Juarez at CBC Dispatches, CBC Radios weekly foreign affairs program. Guzman is the worlds most wanted drug lord. His home base is the Pacific coastal state of Sinaloa, known as Mexicos Sicily. Its the premier narcostate, with a long coastline for smuggling cocaine from South America, and rugged mountains to hide cannabis crops. Manuel Clouthier, a congressman from Sinaloa state and a member of Calderons political party, is deeply frustrated by his countrys drug war. He says drug-related murders average 200 a month in his state. We Should Be Tearing It Out By The Roots The Calderon government has been fighting organized crime in many parts of the republic, but has not touched Sinaloa, said Clouthier. I know this. Im Sinaloan. My family lives in Sinaloa. It is like were trimming the branches of a tree, when we should be tearing it out by the roots. Diana Washington Valdez of the El Paso Times broke the story this week when the documents were filed in Chicago. There is this update from Fox News. A special prosecutor needs to be appointed. Barack Obama and Eric Holder are drug dealers and gun traffickers whose reckless operations using federal agencies have caused the deaths of thousands of Mexican citizens and two American agents. Based on documents, interviews, and links below, the facts that should lead to a special prosecutor and indictment of Barack Obama administration officials are:

The Mexican Sinaloa cartel has been the beneficiary of the walked guns which were ordered to be sold through American gun dealers (over their protests and the protests of low-ranking ATF field agents) to straw men operating in behalf of Sinaloa. Sinaloa, and only Sinaloa had its cocaine business protected by the U.S. government.

Sinaloa cartel is protecting, and protected by, Mexican president Felipe Calderon. Two federal American agents, and at least 3,000 Mexicans have been killed by walked guns. The Obama administration was motivated to walk guns to the Sinaloa cartel to give the American public the impression that American gun dealers on the border need to have more rules and controls. The president has recently instituted tighter gun controls by executive order along the border. Gun groups have gone to court to stop it. It is not known what motivation there was for the U.S. government to enable cocaine trafficking, however there are court settlements on record to show that major U.S. banks, such as Wachovia, have been laundering money for the cartels for years. Sinaloa cartel is now considered so well-armed with the ill-gotten U.S. armaments that it is capable of waging a war. Sources: Here is the court document filed in U.S. District court in Chicago. NPR: May 19, 2010: Sinaloa seems to be getting favorable treatment from Mexican government Foreign Policy Blog: Can Mexico Fix Its Image Problem?i El Paso Times: Documents show U.S. Feds Allowed Sinaloa Cocaine to Enter U.S. in Exchange for Information Previously on Los Angeles Times Series on the Sinaloa Drug Cartel Fast and Furious: Report Says Sinaloa Cartel Has Enough U.S. Guns to be an Army Fast and Furious: Drug Cartel Plot to Overthrow Mexican Govt Using American Guns Fast and Furious Victim: Mexican Attorney Mario Gonzalez Rodriguez Torture, Murder [Graphic] Fast and Furious Guns Killed Mexican Attorney, Showing Up in Arizona Crimes Bankers, the Mexican and U.S. Governments, Drug Wars and 40,000 Dead [graphic] How a Big US Bank Laundered Billions for Mexicos Murderous Drug Gangs Murders in Mexicos Drug Wars Murder/ Beheadings in Acapulco, 1-8-11 (Warning: Graphic)

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