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CHAPTER ONE (Do you growl like that in bed? Because that is hot.

) Jaejoong flattened himself to the wall, glancing at Yoochun on the other side. He raised his eyebrows in an unspoken question; Yoochun nodded, and mouthed 3- 2- 1- They jumped around the corner at the same time, guns raised and aimed. FREEZE! Yoochun yelled. The four people in the alley stopped, motionless; Jaejoong and Yoochun facing against their target, who currently had a knife held to the throat of his latest victim, Junsu. Hyung, Junsu called weakly, eyes locked on Jaejoong. Jae felt his heart thump in his chest, seeing his younger brother restrained by those filthy murderers hands. Drop your weapon, Jaejoong barked coldly, eyes flicking from Junsu to their target. The man growled, his glance darting between Yoochun and Jaejoong, as though figuring out his chances of escape. A few seconds dragged on, and then he abruptly dropped the knife, throwing Junsu to the floor as he spun around and took off. Anger coursing through Jaejoongs veins, he took off after the man, jumping over Junsus bleeding body. Jae! Yoochun called out as their target began scaling the wall at the end of the alley. Jaejoong took a step back, taking aim. NO! Yoochun yelled. Jae, dont shoot! Jaejoong pulled the trigger. ----You should ease up on the alcohol, Yoochun said warily. Jaejoong ignored him and tipped back another tequila shot. Fuck that shit, he muttered. My brother nearly died, I shot a target in an uncalled for circumstance, boss is gonna own my ass tomorrow and I broke a god damn nail. Im going to drink. Yoochun rolled his eyes. Fair enough, but you dont need to get shattered. Personally I think a good fuck takes ones mind off troubles better than alcohol. Jaejoong laughed. Well unless youre planning on fucking me- No thanks. -I dont think theres anyone who will. So Ill just drink. Yoochun scoffed. Lets go dance, he suggested. Maybe someone will notice your sexy ass and take you home. Jaejoong shook his head, but followed Yoochun onto the dancefloor nevertheless. He hooked his arms around his partners neck and let Yoochun

grind against him. What do you think boss will do to you? Yoochun asked, having to yell to be heard over the music. I dont know, Jaejoong replied, swaying his hips within Yoochuns hold. You know he likes me, I probably wont get anything too bad. Extra paperwork duties? But you shot him, Jae, Yoochun said. Isnt paperwork duty a bit light? Jaejoong shrugged. Like I said though, Changmin has a weak spot for me. A weak spot, huh? Yoochun grinned. Is that why hes always hitting you? We show our love through our one-touches, Jaejoong argued. Sure, sure, Yoochun said. As long as I dont lose my partner, I dont care what happens. Psscht, dont worry about it. He wont split up the best team he has, Jaejoong told him with confidence. He better not, Yoochun muttered. He reached down to cup Jaes buttocks as Jaejoong rolled his body temptingly against Yoochuns. No wonder people get the wrong idea about us, Jaejoong laughed as he glanced down at their entwined bodies. Ew, Yoochun teased, poking his tongue out. No offence, but your brother has a much nicer ass. Yah! Jaejoong exclaimed, punching Yoochun in the shoulder. You stay away from Junsu, araseo? Yoochun grinned lewdly. And if I dont? Excuse me, a smooth, deep voice interrupted. Do you mind if I cut in? he asked, looking at Yoochun. Yoochun looked the guy up and down and then shot Jaejoong a smirk. No problems, he said, taking a step back. Hes all yours. So, pretty, whats your name? the guy asked as his arms snuck around Jaes waist, pulling their bodies flush together. Firstly, dont call me pretty, Jaejoong told him with a withering glare. Do I look like a girl to you? And secondly, why do you want to know? The man smirked. Feisty, I like it. And I want you to tell me your name so I know wholl be in my bed tonight. Jaejoong cocked an eyebrow. Cocky, arent you? Does it turn you on? he asked with a cheeky grin. My names Yunho, by the way. In case you want to scream it later on.

Jaejoong rolled his eyes. Ive heard that before. The difference between me and the other guys is I actually deliver, he murmured, thrusting his hips hard against Jaes. Jaejoong just surveyed him uninterestedly. Im sure you do, he said dryly. You dont sound convinced. Do I have to prove it to you? Yunho asked. His hands slid under the waistband of Jaejoongs jeans to grope his ass. Jaejoong jerked away from the stranger, scowling. Yknow, if it wasnt for that attitude, you mightve got into my pants, he sniffed before turning and pushing through the crowds of people. Hey! he heard Yunho call out. He ignored him, and kept pushing through the people. Hey, dont be mad, baby, Yunho called, reaching out and just managing to grab Jaes wrist. Jaejoong turned back to him with pursed lips. Its not my fault that youre so smoking I couldnt keep my hands off you. Aish, I hate perverts like you, Jaejoong told him before wrenching his arm out of Yunhos hold again. He made his way towards the bathroom, losing Yunho somewhere in the mass of sweaty bodies. Stupid, arrogant assholes, he muttered to himself as he pushed open the door of the bathroom, making his way to the sink. He splashed cold water on his face, the nightclub too stuffy for his liking. He was considering whether he should go home or not when he suddenly found himself pushed roughly backwards into one of the cubicles and pinned against the wall. Before he could say anything, lips were on his, rough and demanding. He opened his eyes to find himself face to face with none other than Yunho, who had his knee pressed firmly between Jaes thighs. Jaejoong moaned as Yunhos tongue slid down the back of his throat, and he let the guy pull his arms over his head, holding them against the wall. He hitched a leg around Yunhos waist, and whimpered, Yunho. Yunhos grip around his wrists loosened and Jaejoong took the chance to grab his arms, kneeing him in the groin and spinning him around forcefully, twisting his arms in a position that Jaejoong knew from experience to be excruciatingly painful. Fucking rapist, Jaejoong spat, twisting Yunhos arm harder. Youre pretty easy to trick. Hey, Im not a rapist! Yunho denied, looking genuinely offended. In three seconds flat, he broke from Jaes hold and pulled his legs out from under him, sending him sprawling. Jaejoong glared up at him from the floor as he said, And youre not stronger than me. Jaejoong kicked at Yunho and, as expected, he jumped to miss the hit; at the same time, Jae lashed out as Yunhos hips, knocking him to the side so he lost balance and tumbled to the floor beside Jae. You attempted a sexual act without consent, thats rape. And uh, sorry honey, but I think I am.

Yunho leered at Jae, bending forwards until there was barely half an inch between them. Tell me youre not attracted to me, he whispered, his hot breath washing against Jaes parted lips. I might be if your dick was between your legs instead of on your head, Jaejoong sneered. Damn, the more you talk, the more I like you, Yunho grinned. Come home with me, Jaejoong. Jaejoongs eyes widened. How do you know my name? I asked your friend. Stalker, Jaejoong muttered. And no, Im not coming home with you. Not now, not ever. With that, he got to his feet, dusting himself off and turning to open the cubicle. Yunho reached up just before he left and groped his ass again. Jaejoong turned around, baring his teeth in a very animalistic growl. Keep. Your. Hands. Off. Of. Me. Yunho smirked. Do you growl like that in bed? Because that is hot. Jaejoong slammed the door of the cubicle behind him. ----Changmin stared coldly at Jaejoong. Jaejoong stared back firmly, remembering a documentary hed watched about what to do if youre faced with a lion never look away. They will take it as a sign of weakness. Stand very still and hold their stare. Actually, maybe that was from Harry Potter with the hippogriffs Either way, he held Changmins gaze defiantly. You broke the rules, Changmin said slowly. Yes, sir. You shot a man without provocation. Yes, sir. There are consequences for your actions, Jaejoong. Yes, sir. I am removing you from your duties with Officer Park indefinitely. You will be given a level two case and a new partner. Yes, s- wait, what? You heard me, Changmin said, looking down at his papers.

But- but Changmin-! Its sir to you, Jaejoong, Changmin said firmly. Butlevel two? Sir, Im too qualified for that! Yoochun and I have lasted longer together than all your other units, I- His rant was interrupted by a knock on the door. Come in, Changmin called. Jaejoong didnt bother turning to see who it was, too busy staring open-mouthed at Changmin. I cant believe this. You called for me, sir? a voice that was oddly familiar said from behind Jaejoong. Ah, yes. Jaejoong, I want you to meet your new partner, Jung Yunho. Yunho? Jaejoong repeated. He whipped around to see the asshole from the nightclub leaning against the door frame. YOU! he shouted, jumping out of his seat, pointing at Yunho. So we meet again, pretty.

CHAPTER TWO (I swear to god, whatever ruling deity there is above woke up this morning and thought, hey! Lets fuck with Jaejoongs life, that sounds like fun!) I cant work with this- this moron, Jaejoong said, turning back to Changmin and crossing his arms over his chest. Aw baby, youre breaking my heart, Yunho crooned as he flopped into the chair beside Jaejoong. Changmin smirked. Thats mean, Jaejoong, apologise. You- what! Jaejoong gasped. Now youre siding with him? Changmin shrugged. Youre abusing one of my officers. I dont appreciate that. Jaejoong glared, and then leaned across the desk to whisper conspiratorially, Look, Changmin, I know that neither of us knows who the mysterious person is who leaves warm cookies on your desk every Tuesday morning. But just imagine for a moment how it would feel if those cookies were todisappear. How many times do I have to tell you, its sir, Changmin said, glaring at Jaejoong. Jaejoong sat back in his chair, a pout decorating his face. And you will work with Yunho in a cooperative manner, you hear me? Yes, sir, Jaejoong muttered, glaring at his feet. Just remember, Yunho said seriously, turning to face Jaejoong. Try to keep your hands off me during work hours. I take my job very seriously.

Jaejoongs jaw hit the floor. I should be the one saying that to you! he exclaimed. Mr-Im-going-to-pin-strangers-to-bathroom-walls-and-ravish-them. I so want to hear that story, Changmin said amusedly. Its our little love story, isnt it, Joongie? Yunho teased, draping his arm across Jaes shoulder. Get lost, asshole, Jaejoong snapped, jerking away from Yunho. Changmin stroked his chin thoughtfully as he watched the two. I think Yunho will be good for you, Jaejoong, he said. Yoochun pandered to your desires too much. Maybe Yunho can knock a little of the Princess out of you. I think thrusting might work better when it comes to that job, sir, Yunho corrected him, his face completely straight. I agree, Changmin nodded. Good thinking, Yunho. Jaejoong huffed and sprung to his feet. I hate you both! he cried, stomping to the door. He slammed it shut behind him so hard that a few of the pictures on the wall rattled. Hes got a stick a mile up his ass, Changmin whispered. Try to get it out, yeah? I HEARD THAT! came the shout from the other side of the door. Yunho gave Changmin a salute. Will do, sir. -----and now I have to work with that dickhead! Jaejoong ranted. Mm-hmm. I feel your pain, man, Yoochun replied dryly, eyes fixed on the documents in front of him. Do I detect a hint of sarcasm, Yoochun? Not at all, Jaejoong darling. What is it? Jaejoong demanded, taking the seat across from Yoochuns desk. Oh, come on Jaejoong, Yunho is hot! Yoochun exclaimed. And you get to work with him for god knows how long. Therell be plenty of chances for you two to, you know he trailed off, wiggling his eyebrows suggestively. Eugh! Jaejoong spat, disgusted. I dont want to do anything with that bastard. Arent you being a bit harsh? You only met him yesterday, Yoochun pointed out. And thats all the time it took for me to realise what kind of person he is, Jaejoong sniffed. Um, Yoochun-sshi, do you know where- oh, Jaejoong-sshi, hi!

Both Jaejoong and Yoochun turned around to face Changmins bitch (or, as the role was professionally called, personal assistant) Hankyung. Hey, Jaejoong greeted. Whats up? I came here looking for you when I couldnt find you in your office, Hankyung explained. Youre being called to conference room one for your briefing at eleven fifteen. Jaejoong sighed and glanced down at his watch, then did a double take. What! Its eleven fifteen now! he exclaimed, jumping to his feet. Aish! Yoochun Ill talk to you later! Bye! he yelled as he ran out of the office. ----Nice of you to show up, Yunho smirked when Jaejoong burst into the conference room five minutes late. Jaejoong scowled and straightened his suit jacket, coughing to cover his wheezing. Fashionably late, he muttered, taking his seat beside Yunho. Soooooo, he said slowly, dragging out the word to cover up his heavy exhale he wasnt unfit, but it also wasnt an easy task to run from Yoochuns office on the west wing, first floor to the conference room on the north-east wing, sixth floor. It didnt fool Yunho. You look a little out of breath, Jae, he noted. Doing something naughty in the bathroom before you came here? Jaejoongs lips twitched in irritation. I ran, he said simply. Youran? Yunho repeated dubiously. Yes, I ran. And that knocked the wind out of you? Yunho asked with raised eyebrows. Damn, your stamina need some work. I could help you with that. Jaejoong fixed Yunho with a glare that turned men into stone. Yunho just smiled goofily back. I took the stairs, he replied, as though that explained everything. Oh man, I would love to see you have to chase a crim, Yunho laughed. Youd probably fall to the floor in exhaustion after two minutes. Wheres the head of investigation? Jaejoong snapped. Arent we here to get our briefing? He had something come up, Yunho said. He told us or rather me, seeing as you were sofashionably late to go through the files ourselves. Its level two after all, Yunho added, were hardly going to need help. Oh? So youre not typically assigned level two cases? Jaejoong asked, unable to help his curiosity. Yunho snorted. Are you kidding me? Im generally level seven, eight. Jaejoong managed to hold his composure but internally his jaw dropped. Fuck,

hes higher ranked than me. Youre not level two either, are you? No, Jaejoong confirmed, Im not. What level? Yunho pressed. Like Im going to tell you. Ah, just a bit of this and that Yunho smirked. I outrank you, dont I? Of course not, Jaejoong denied indignantly. Haha, sure, Yunho smiled. So should we get started now? Youre the one wasting time! Jaejoong snapped. Youre the one who was late, Yunho pointed out. Jaejoong hated that he was so calm and collected, just watching him rage with a grin. Well Im here now so lets hurry this up, Jaejoong ground out, jerking the files from Yunhos hands. Ive got more important things to do than sit here and listen to your voice. Fine by me, Yunho agreed easily. He sidled over so that he was looking over Jaejoongs shoulder at the files in his hands. Jaejoong winced as his hot breath washed distractingly against his neck. Get away from me, Jaejoong instructed. Yunho pulled back slightly. How am I supposed to read now? Ill pass the pages to you when Im done, Jaejoong sniffed and buried himself in the files. Yunho sighed over-dramatically, flopping back in his chair. Jaejoong began speed-reading the files. The case seemed pretty simple; a rich art collector had his prize piece stolen from him, and upon the scene of the theft, a dead body had been found. Jaejoong didnt think this would be anything hard, and hopefully once it was dealt with, he and Yunho could go separate ways again. Jaejoong passed the last sheet to Yunho and then sat back, inspecting his nails. He waited a few moments before asking, You done yet? Yunho yawned. Yep. Jaejoong leant over and saw that Yunho was holding the first sheet of the brief, the others spread across the table. Yah! Have you even read the other sheets? No. I was waiting for you to finish and then fill me in on the details. Aish! And I have to work with a lazy ass like you? Jaejoong asked, hiding his face in his hands. This is bullshit, I swear, one day Im just going to grab Changmin by the balls and- Damn, hes lucky, Yunho interrupted.

Jaejoong seethed in anger. And twist them painfully until they pop. well, I mean, hes still going to have you touching him, Yunho argued. Jaejoong slammed his head on the table. He took a very, very deep breath and then turned to face Yunho. He smiled sweetly. Lets lay down some ground rules before I kill you, okay? Okay. Rule one, Jaejoong began, holding up a finger, No sexual innuendos or jokes made towards me or at my expense. But, Jae- Rule two! Jaejoong cut him off. No making moves on me at any time or in any situation. This means no saying weird stuff, no touching definitely no touching. But, Jae- Rule three. Im in charge here. You listen to what I say and you do what I tell you to. Even though Im higher ranked than you? Yunho teased. Jaejoong held up his fourth finger, but before he could quite say Rule four, Yunho said, Thats how many times Ill make you come in an hour. Jaejoongs mouth opened and shut and then opened again. I- you- rule number one for gods sake! But rules were made to be broken. Jaejoong got to his feet. I swear to god, whatever ruling deity there is above woke up this morning and thought, hey! Lets fuck with Jaejoongs life, that sounds like fun! He stormed out of the room, slamming his second door for the day (not bad considering it wasnt even noon yet). Yunho just smiled. Well, this is going to be the most excitement Ive had in a while.

CHAPTER THREE (Changmin poked his head around the corner. He took one look at Yunho pinning Jaejoong to the wall and said, Morning, guys, before heading off in the opposite direction.) Im home~! Jaejoong called as he walked through the front door of the apartment he shared with Junsu. Hey, hyung, Junsu greeted distractedly, eyes glued to the television screen. Jaejoong shook his head, marvelling at how well his somewhat sheltered younger brother had dealt with his kidnapping. He leant over and pressed a quick kiss to Junsus forehead on his way to the kitchen.

How was your day? he asked as he began collecting ingredients for dinner, his stomach rumbling. Junsu turned down the tv, spinning around to face Jaejoong. Boring. Yours? Jaejoong grunted. Dont even start. That bad? Junsu asked with a sympathetic smile. Min split me and Yoochun up. Junsu gasped. What! I know, Jaejoong muttered. The guy Im with now, Yunho, hes a royal prick. He cant be that bad, Junsu reasoned. Do you want help with dinner? He is! Jaejoong insisted, wondering why no one was on his side concerning Yunho. He molested me the other night at a club. And nonsense, youre recovering, dont you dare move an inch off that couch. Junsu sighed, lying back. Fine, fine, I wont. But hyung, he added cheekily, I thought you liked people molesting you. Jaejoong grabbed a block of cheese and pegged it at Junsu. The dolphin crossbreed squeaked and buried himself underneath a cushion, the flying missile narrowly missing his head. Yah! I wont make you any food, Jaejoong threatened. Junsu giggled. Okay, okay, sorry Joongie. He paused and then added, So is this Yunho hot? Junsu wasnt as lucky the second time round, and a whole lettuce hit him square in the face. ----Good morning, beautiful. Jaejoong shrugged off the arm that wrapped around his shoulders. Crawl back to the hole you came from, Yunho, he snapped. Funny you should mention holes, Yunho smirked crudely, and Jaejoong cringed, grabbing his hand as he made to grope the elders behind. Im warning you, he hissed softly, bending Yunhos arm back until the younger involuntarily whimpered. Dont tempt me into hurting you more than I am right now. Jaejoong let go of Yunhos arm, pushing him away in disgust. He took one step from Yunho before he found himself slammed face-first into the wall, his wrists caught in Yunhos vice grip behind his back. Fucker, Jaejoong muttered, arching helplessly in Yunhos hold. He tried kicking at Yunhos legs but the angle made it difficult, and Yunho had the upper hand as he pressed him into the wall roughly, their bodies crushed together disgustingly.

Jaejoong heard footsteps around the corner and yelled Help! Help me! Changmin poked his head around the corner. He took one look at Yunho pinning Jaejoong to the wall and then said, Morning, guys, before heading off in the opposite direction. Let me go, Jaejoong growled. I want to kick his ass. Just remember, Yunho whispered, lips against his ear, Picking a fight with me will always leave you second-best. Jaejoong was seething in rage as Yunho pulled away, readjusting his jacket. Yunho waved cheerily and headed off, whistling to himself. Jaejoong glared craters into his skull and wished hed spontaneously combust in front of his eyes. You wait, Jung Yunho. I will crush you, slowly and painfully. ----Im never making cookies for you ever again, Jaejoong declared as he barged into Changmins office and sat down. In fact Im very tempted to quit and transfer to a district that would appreciate me. Changmin snorted. You did the wrong thing, Jaejoong. Youre lucky I didnt suspend you. But Min! Jaejoong whined. Youre my friend. Yeah, outside of work I am, Changmin said. But here Im your boss and you need to listen to me. For gods sake, do you realise what would happen if I let this slide? Itd be, Oh, guess Jae slept with the boss to get off easy, and I dont need that kind of shit. Jaejoong couldnt help but snigger. Getting off easily literally. Changmin groaned. Grow up and get back to work. Jaejoong pouted. But Yunho keeps trying to rape me! Bullshit. You saw him this morning! Jaejoong exclaimed. Hes a pervert. Honestly, youre acting like Yunhos a fifty-something fat ass creep, Changmin scoffed. Jaejoong rolled his eyes. So what, if the perpetrators hot, its not rape? Changmin smirked. Did you just admit Yunho was hot? Yah! Dont make me tell Junsu about that crush you had on him two years ago. Changmins eyes narrowed. You wouldnt. I so would.

I know about that drunken night with Yoochun when you were nineteen, Changmin reminded him. Ill tellIll tell Who? Jaejoong sneered. Who will you tell? Ill tell Yunho! Ill tell him all about how you like being tied up and whipped and jerked around by a collar. Oh it is on! Jaejoong snapped. Before Changmin could react he reached across the table, punching him hard in the shoulder. Changmin winced but struck back just as fast. Jaejoong lunged at Changmin, grappling with him, growling every time he felt Changmins fist connect with his shoulder. The pen holder on Changmins desk went flying, and just when Changmin was half-lying across his desk in order to better punch Jaejoong, the door opened. Changmin-sshi, Ioh. This looks like fun, Yunho smirked. Can I join? No, Jaejoong snapped, flipping his hair out of his eyes. I was just leaving. Hey! Changmin exclaimed angrily. I havent finished beating you up yet! Jaejoong glared at his boss. Yes, you have. No, I havent! Yes, you Look, this is all lovely and great, Yunho interrupted. But Jaejoong, we need to go. Jaejoong looked up. Huh? Were meeting with the art collector in half and hour and the drives twenty minutes. So I suggest we hurry up. A look of outrage crossed the elders face. What? When did you organise this meeting? Yesterday. And why wasnt I consulted? Jaejoong demanded. Because you were probably too busy fixing your hair and so I made an executive decision. Its not like youre busy, anyway. Thats not the point. Im your partner, you should discuss this with me first. At least tell me in advance what youve planned! I have told you in advance. Thirty minutes in advance. Jaejoong groaned, turning to face Changmin, who just looked rather amused. This is what I have to deal with! Changmin waved a hand dismissively. I give you full rights to pull rank on him, Yunho, he grinned.

Hah! Yunho laughed. I knew I was higher than you. Jaejoong pouted. Fuck you. Its one level, okay? Thats nothing. But Yunhos younger than you, Changmin pointed out, and hes already achieved more than you have. See, Im older than him! Jaejoong exclaimed, trying to pick out the positives. Thats even more reason for him to consult me seeing as Im more experienced! Theres eleven days between you, Changmin grinned amusedly. Age changes nothing. Well, Jaejoong began. Well, fuck you! Fuck you? Happily, Yunho purred, winding an arm around his waist. Jaejoong spun around and punched him hard in the stomach. Yunho took a step back, trying to not look as gutted as he felt. Right. Lets go. ----Master will be down in a moment, the maid told them, bowing as she led them into a lavish waiting room, directing them towards a black loveseat. Jaejoong reluctantly took his place beside Yunho on the couch. Wow, nice place, isnt it? Yunho commented, glancing around and taking in the fireplace and the chandelier glistening with diamonds. Jaejoong snorted. Nothing special. Yunho grinned. And what do you live in? he asked. A three storey mansion on ten acres? Jaejoong sniffed. A two bedroom apartment. Yunho just laughed. At least my place isnt tacky, Jaejoong snapped. And this is? Jaejoong shrugged. Well its not exactly classy, is it? Dont let him hear you saying that, Yunho whispered as the door was pushed open and a short, stumpy man walked in. Yunho and Jaejoong both jumped to their feet. Dongwook-sshi? Jaejoong checked. Yes, lovely to meet you, Dongwook said, shaking Yunhos hand and then Jaejoongs as they introduced themselves. We understand that you were the one who first found the body, Jaejoong said.

Ah yes, I was, Dongwook confirmed. Come, come, Ill show you. They were lead up the stairs and down a hallway. Dongwook had to enter a string of passwords at the door at the end before he opened it and led them in. High security, Jaejoong noted. I take my safety seriously, Dongwook replied. Thats why I cant figure out how Jungmin was in here in the first place. So you knew the victim personally? Yunho asked as Dongwook opened another door to what seemed to be his study. Too personally if you ask me, Dongwook grumbled. He was one of our labour contractors and my daughters fianc. Jaejoong shot a look to Yunho before pausing and realising with annoyance that he wasnt working with Yoochun and his silent communication wouldnt work anymore. So when did you find Jungmin exactly? After work on Friday afternoon I headed out to a bar with some colleagues. I realised at around midnight Id left my phone in the office, so I came back in here. It was probably close to one when I got up here and found Jungmins body, Dongwook told them. He gestured to the patch of carpet beside the desk and added, His body was here. Yeah, we saw the crime scene photos, Yunho said. So there was nothing else unusual on that night? Dongwook shook his head. The only thing out of place was the fact that my painting was stolen, he said. He turned to face an empty patch of wall behind him. My prize piece And thats definitely all? Jaejoong checked. You dont have any security cameras around here? Dongwook snorted. Of course we do! But on that night, the whole system was shut down for electrical repairs. Just between you and me, I suspect Jungmin was trying to do something dodgy here on that Friday night. He was the one who organised the date for repairs, after all. You suspect he was attempting to steal your painting? Yunho asked. Exactly. Thank you for your time, Dongwook-sshi, Jaejoong said, dipping his head as they were lead back out of the room and towards the entrance hall. He handed Dongwook a business card and said, If you remember anything else, please contact us straight away. Well be in touch if we have any more questions for you, Yunho added. Dongwook thanked them and his butler opened the front doors for Yunho and Jaejoong. When they were back in the car, Jaejoong blew out a long breath. Well, that was weird.

Yunho shot him a glance. How was it weird? Oh, cmon, he hardly hid his dislike for Jungmin. He seemed more concerned about his painting than the fact that his son-in-law was dead. Technically, not his son-in-law yet, Yunho pointed out. Jaejoong rolled his eyes. Son-in-law-to-be, happy? Yep, Yunho grinned. And theres nothing odd about that. In-law relationships are some of the most tense. But dont worry, Im sure my mum would love you! It took Jaejoong a moment to work that out and then he leant over and pinched Yunhos ear hard. Yah! Whats your problem? Ow! I was just being nice! Yunho winced, batting Jaes arms away from him distractedly while trying to keep a steady hold on the wheel. Jesus, you have sharp nails. Stupid, stupid, stupid, Jaejoong huffed, crossing his arms over his chest. Yunho just smirked to himself, watching the pretty officer in amusement, admiring the way his plump lips curved into a pout. Youre cute when youre mad. And youll be hot when youre dead. Necrophilia! Oooh, thats a big word~ Jaejoong muttered, voice dripping with sarcasm. You know what else is big? Yunho leered. My pe- Dont! Jaejoong exclaimed. Oh my god, you pervert! Yunho blinked innocently. I was going to say my penguin plushie. I have a really big one that I got at the zoo two years ago. Jaejoong buried his head in his hands. I really hate guys like you. Yunho just smiled.

CHAPTER FOUR (I dont mind in the slightest if youd like to touch yourself in front of me.) The doorbell rang and Jaejoongs eyes darted up from the wok in front of him. Junsu? he called, Can you get that? Itll be Yoochun. Sure thing hyung, Junsu replied, jumping off the lounge. He skipped down the hall and opened the door with a cheery, Hey, Yoochun! Su, my favourite Kim brother, Yoochun laughed, pulling Junsu into a hug. Hows your arm? he asked as he leant back, looking Junsu up and down.

Junsu rolled his eyes. I wish people would stop making a big fuss of it, Im fine. Well normal people wouldnt just bounce back from a near-death experience, Yoochun mused. But Im not normal! Junsu grinned. Yoochun just shook his head in amusement. True fact. Yah, what are you doing? Jaejoong asked, poking his head around the corner. Are you coming in or not? Yes, umma, Junsu sighed heavily, ushering Yoochun inside and shutting the door behind him. They filed into the dining room where Jaejoong had already finished preparing the food and set the table. So hows Yunho? Yoochun asked as he took his seat beside Jae. Dont even get me started, Jaejoong grumbled as he speared a chunk of chicken viciously with his chopsticks. Junsu just laughed. Cmon, man, Im the one who should be angry, Yoochun reasoned. I didnt do anything wrong and Im still being punished for your actions. Jaejoong frowned, a wave of guilt washing over him. Im sorry. Yoochun laughed, patting him on the back. Its okay. I would be pissed at you, but I think you got the short end of the stick anyway. Jaes frown quickly turned to a pout. No shit, he muttered. Who are you working with now? Yoochun shrugged. Min hasnt assigned me a specific partner yet. Ive done a few shifts with Siwon and I filled in for Taec the other day. Jaejoong growled. Why couldnt I work with Siwon?! Youd enjoy it too much, Yoochun smirked. Mmm, Jae all but moaned, Tell me about it. We could train together and get all hot and sweaty, and then hed have to take his shirt off Hyung! Junsu squeaked. Stop being slutty at the dinner table! Yoochun laughed. Yeah, stop it hyung~! Yah, are you teasing me? Junsu exclaimed, pouting adorably. His pout had more of an effect on Yoochun than Jaejoongs ever had, and the elder leant across the table, cooing as he pinched Junsus cheeks. Of course not, Su! Why would I tease my adorable little dolphin? I wont hesitate to kick you out, Jaejoong said warningly, and Yoochun half-

heartedly pulled away from Junsu. Junsu huffed and crossed his arms over his chest. So Im not even allowed to have friends now? Oh dont even try to bring this back up again! Jaejoong snapped. I was looking out for you, okay? That guys no good. Well thats for me to decide, isnt it? Yoochun blinked. Am I missing something? Hes ruining my life! Junsu cried exasperatedly, pointing accusingly at Jaejoong. Im looking out for you, Su! I know what men are like, alright? What happened? Yoochun asked, looking confusedly between the two Kim brothers. He met a guy at a club, they went on a few dates, the guy asked him to spend the night with him and Junsu wanted to say yes. He grounded me! Junsu exclaimed, banging his fists on the table. How old am I? Ten? Yoochun bit down on his bottom lip to keep from laughing. And youyou let him ground you? He didnt have a choice, Jaejoong sniffed. I stole his house keys and locked all the doors and windows. He even took the spark plugs out of my car just in case! Yoochun couldnt help it anymore and burst into laughter, clutching at his stomach. You guys are insane! Absolutely crazy! Were not! they both denied angrily. Look, look Jaejoong, Su is old enough to make his own decisions about who he wants to fuck. And Junsu, you shouldnt let Jae boss you around. You couldve called the guy and asked him to pick you up and unscrewed the hinges on the front door. Thats smart, Junsu commented in awe. Why didnt I do that? Jaejoong scowled. I dont want you seeing that guy anymore. You dont want me seeing anyone, Junsu muttered, rolling his eyes. If you had it your way, Id be single for the rest of my life. Yes you would. Now hurry up and eat your food before it gets cold. ----Aaah, Friday at last! Jaejoong murmured happily, leaning back in his chair and stretching his arms over his head. He exhaled slowly, closing his eyes as he

arched his back, thinking of the two days of freedom only hours away. He felt his shirt riding up his chest and splayed his hands across his bare abdomen, feeling more content than he had in days. Do you often feel yourself up at work? Aaaaand there goes the relaxation. Jaejoong scowled, swiftly jerking his shirt back down and sitting up in his chair. What do you want? he snapped. You, Yunho smirked. But Id also like to talk about the case. Then start talking, Jaejoong replied, crossing his arms over his chest and looking expectantly at Yunho. Yunho strutted over and took the seat across from Jaejoongs desk. Please, dont feel like you have to stop on my account, he said. I dont mind in the slightest if youd like to touch yourself in front of me. Jaejoongs eyes narrowed. I thought you wanted to talk about the case. Oh, I do. Just making sure youre comfortable. Yunho! Mm, Jae, my name sounds so good when you say it like that. Jaejoong huffed angrily and sunk lower in his chair, covering his eyes with his hands. Get on with it, he demanded. Okay, okay, Yunho agreed. So I was thinking about the painting some more after we visited Dongwook. Go on. Well that piece is worth a lot. Like, a lot. If someone wanted to steal it, they wouldnt hesitate to kill for it. So Jungmin was killed in the process of someone stealing the artwork, Jaejoong said, bored. I thought wed already assumed as much. But I was thinking, Yunho continued. If someone had taken it, they would most likely have wanted to sell it for the money, right? Jaejoong leant forwards, eyebrows furrowed. Theres a chance that there were other art collectors who were jealous and wanted it for there own collections, he suggested. Yes, but the art collectors are mostly rich aristocrats, so- So theyre not going to want blood on their hands. Exactly. So were looking at people who stole it for the cash. And the only place youd get money for stolen goods is- The black market. Bingo.

That was actually a good idea, Jaejoong muttered, pulling out a pad and scribbling down some notes. Ive got a connection in the underworld, hes pretty reliable. Ill put a word in, see if he hears anything about the painting. Hopefully, well be able to trace it back to the original seller. Okay, good, Jaejoong murmured, still scribbling down in his notepad. After a few minutes he paused and glanced up at Yunho, one eyebrow cocked. What are you still doing here? Did I say I was leaving? Jaejoong just stared at him. If that was all you needed Well, Yunho said slowly, There is something else. Jaejoong leant up. What is it? he asked. I was wondering if you were free tonight. Jaejoong paused, blinking. So its not about the case? No. Then Im not interested, Jaejoong said, waving his hand in a clear dismissal as he looked back down at his notes. Cmon, Jaejoong, Yunho groaned. Dont be like that. Youre breathing my air, Jaejoong sniffed. Get out. Go out with me, Yunho said. Ill take you somewhere nice, I promise. I dont want to. One date, would it really kill you? It really would. Yunho reached across the table, grabbing Jaejoong by the chin and jerking his face up. He leant in until there was barely an inch between them. Ill make it good, he breathed hotly against Jaes lips. He winced when a palm connected sharply with his cheek. I wouldnt go on a date with you to save my life, Jaejoong growled. Now out! With a disappointed sigh, Yunho trudged out of Jaes office. He shot one last wistful look over his shoulder, raking his eyes over Jaejoongs beautiful form. You wait, Jaejoong. Youll be mine eventually.

CHAPTER FIVE (Changmin, Jaejoong said desperately, leaning across the table, Minnie. Were going to be sharing a hotel room and a bathroom and there will be periods of time when I will be naked with him in the same building. I will get raped.) Good morning Minnie, Yoochun greeted as he strutted into his bosss office. Hey Chun, Changmin replied distractedly, flipping through the paperwork in front of him. Whats up? Eh, nothing, Yoochun sighed, flopping down in the chair. Just wondering when Im going to be getting some work. Changmin glanced up apologetically. Im trying, Yoochun, its just Yeah, I know, Yoochun muttered. No openings. Changmin winced. I already broke up my best unit. I cant afford to break up another. Yoochun sighed. Whyd you have to break us up? he asked, pouting childishly. Weve been together since we were trainees. I know, Changmin groaned. But Jae needs to learn a lesson in discipline. Yoochun frowned. Yeah, yeah. But Im so bored, Min. Changmin smirked. Dont complain, or Ill put you on bitch duties. Yoochun grinned. What, Hankyung isnt doing a good enough job? He is, but he keeps getting distracted by the new trainee, you know the girlylooking one? Yoochuns eyebrows furrowed. Heechul? Yeah, thats the one. I think hes taken an interest in Hankyung. Yoochun grinned. Well dont be too hard on the poor guy. Who wouldnt be distracted by Heechul? Hes damn fine. Changmin scoffed. God, you have weird taste in men. I think youre pretty hot, too, Yoochun smirked. Is that weird? Changmin rolled his eyes. Flattery wont get you anywhere with me, he replied dryly. Its not flattery, its called honesty, Yoochun said innocently. Then come and prove it, Changmin challenged. Prove what? Prove youre attracted to me.

Yoochuns eyebrows rose. Are you serious? Changmin only nodded and so he leant over the desk, gently cupping Changmins cheek. Min, he whispered, leaning closer. Pabo, Changmin grinned, pushing Yoochun roughly away from me. I was kidding. Yoochun grinned. Sure you were. Changmin sighed as Yoochun sat back down. Youre not going to leave me alone until I give you work, are you? Pretty much. Ugh, fine, Changmin muttered. He flipped through some files and handed Yoochun one. That trainee Heechul is going to a crime scene for the first round of obs in five minutes. If you hurry up, you can act as supervisor. Yoochun flashed Changmin a smile. Thanks Minnie~ Its sir, Changmin grumbled half-heartedly. Now out. ----The elevator doors slid open and Jaejoong stepped into the already packed compartment. He smiled sheepishly and murmured apologies as he squashed in and leant over to press the button for his floor. He clasped his hands in front of him and then waited patiently as the elevator began its ascent. He felt a hand brush briefly against his ass, but he shrugged it off as an accidental touch because of the lack of space. But it happened again, just for a second, and he cocked an eyebrow. When that hand groped his ass slowly and deliberately, he spun around, eyes narrowed angrily only to find himself face to face with none other than Yunho. I shouldve known, he muttered. Yunho smirked. You dont sound very happy to see me, Jae baby. Jaejoong rolled his eyes. Why would I? Um, because Im sexy and you want me? Jaejoong blushed as the people around them stared at him. You delusional idiot, he muttered. Shut up. Yunho grinned wolfishly. Admit it, you love it when I grope your ass. Jaejoongs retort was cut off as the elevator lurched, and he stumbled forwards into Yunho. Yunho grabbed his hips, holding him steady against his chest. Jaejoong winced as he found himself crushed against Yunhos body. Thanks, he muttered a little unwillingly. No problem, Yunho replied. Jaejoong tried to pull away and Yunho held on,

his grip on his hips tightening. I take my thank you back, Jaejoong snarled, his lips curling as Yunho tugged his hips closer, all but grinding against him. Jae tried to pull away only to find himself boxed in on every side by people. Aw, dont be like that. Jaejoong spun away, turning his back to Yunho, still scowling. He growled softly when the youngers hands returned to his hips, pulling Jaes ass back and thrusting gently but firmly against him. Stop it, he hissed, glancing back at Yunho. Yunho leant forwards until he was breathing in Jaes ear. Tell me you dont like it, He murmured, his hands gliding down Jaes thighs. Jaejoong took a deep breath to calm himself. The elevator doors opened on his level and, relieved, he pushed his way out of the elevator. Yunho followed him out. Well, that was- Jaejoong cut Yunho off as he spun around, grabbing Yunho by the shoulders and kneeing him in the groin. Yunho groaned lowly, clutching at his crotch as Jaejoong pulled back. Thats for sexually assaulting me. He spun around and marched down the hall into his office. Yunho followed him, limping a little and massaging his balls. Jaejoong took a little pity on him and left the door open. Yunho hobbled in and sat himself down across from Jae. So what do you want? Jaejoong asked. Its about the case, Yunho said quickly. So dont hit me. Jaejoong grinned. Wheres your suave attitude gone now? Yunho flinched. Itll come back when the ache in my balls subsides. Sorry, Jaejoong apologised with a grin like a Cheshire cat. Sure you are, Yunho muttered. Anyway, I talked to my friend, remember I was telling you about the connection I had? Has he heard anything? Yeah, it was sold recently at a private auction, Yunho told him. I couldnt trace it back to the seller, but I found the buyer, he added, pulling a business card from his pocket and sliding it across the table. Jaejoong picked it up and read Akanishi Jin; the Tokyo Touch massage parlour manager. So hes Japanese, huh? Yeah. It says- Im quite fluent in Japanese, thank you very much, Jaejoong cut him off. So he owns a brothel, I take it? he asked, laying the card down and tapping the

words massage parlour. Yes, from what I can gather. He bought the painting two days after Jungmins murder while he was here on holiday. Is he still in Korea? Yunho shook his head. We just missed him. He took a flight back to Japan yesterday morning. Damn, Jaejoong muttered. He glanced back up at Yunho and said, You dont waste time, do you? Yunho grinned. Are you impressed? Jaejoong shrugged. Its more than I expected from a guy like you. Jaejoong sighed, getting to his feet. Well, we cant do much more if the guys in Japan. Lets go see Changmin. ----And youve got absolutely no other leads? Changmin checked. Hes our only one so far, Jaejoong said. There wasnt any traceable evidence left at the crime scene, so Looks like you two are going to Japan, then. There was a moment of silence as Jaejoongs jaw hit the floor. Then he exclaimed, What?! Its a murder case. If it was only a case of theft, we could leave it here, but its not. But but this is a level two case! We shouldnt be expected to do this! Jaejoong protested. And youre not a level two officer, Changmin pointed out. The case is being upgraded, its not an issue. Japans out of our jurisdiction! When has that ever stopped you before? I dont want to go with him! he yelled, pointing at Yunho. Changmin smirked. Ah, now we reach the root of the problem. Ill be a good boy, Yunho promised, leering at Jaejoong. Hes going to rape me! Jaejoong cried, flapping his arms. Im sure of it! Changmin fought to stifle his laughter and keep his serious face on. Wear a chastity belt. With all due respect, sir, if I wanted to rape him, that wouldnt stop me.

See! Jaejoong exclaimed, bouncing in his seat. Hes dangerous! Hes a trained officer, Jaejoong, Changmin said flatly. How much safer do you want to get? Changmin, Jaejoong said desperately, leaning across the table, Minnie. Were going to be sharing a hotel room and a bathroom and there will be periods of time when I will be naked with him in the same building. I will get raped. For gods sake, Yunho wont rape you! Much, Yunho added with a smirk. Changmin couldnt help it anymore and burst into a fit of laughter. Jaejoong glared angrily at both of them. You know what, Changmin, when I come back and my ass has been brutally exploited by that cock over there, well, you can just know that you are to blame. Its not like youre a virgin, Jae, Changmin scoffed. Get over it. Youd probably like it anyway. This is what I keep telling him! Yunho insisted, grinning. Honestly, Id be doing him a favour if I raped him. I hate you all, Jaejoong snarled. He got to his feet and stomped out of Changmins office. Remember to pack warm clothes! Yunho called out. Japans cold this time of the year! An angry FUCK YOU! sounded from the corridor.

CHAPTER SIX (Oh, kinky. Maybe Id like it if you hurt me, Yunho smirked. He leant closer till his lips were against Jaes ear and murmured huskily, Squeeze my balls tighter, baby.) No! I refuse! Cmon hyung, Junsu tried desperately. You need to get ready! Your flights tomorrow. I wont go! Jaejoong cried angrily, kicking his arms and legs, flailing facedown on the bed like a five year old. Junsu sighed, pulling out his mobile and hitting the fifth speed dial. Yeah, hey. I need back-up here. ----Sup bitch, Chun greeted, stepping past Junsu into Jaejoongs bedroom. Go away.

Yoochun began whistling cheerily as he opened Jaes wardrobe and pulled out a suitcase. Have you eaten? Dont want to, Jaejoong muttered. Save me. Save you from what? Yoochun asked as he pulled out a pair of long sleeve shirts. Crimson or blue? Yunho, Jaejoong grunted. and crimson, the blue makes me look fat. Yoochun scoffed. Youre just working with him, you wont have any problems, he assured him. But hell be living with me! Ill have to deal with him twenty-four seven! Jaejoong stressed. Pack me a jacket. Itll be good for you, Yoochun insisted, rifling through the drawers to pick out a few jackets. Maybe youll actually become friends with him. Jaejoong snorted, flopping onto his back. Unlikely. Yoochun rolled his eyes. Just have a positive attitude and youll be fine. Black or blue? he added, holding up two pairs of skinny jeans. Jae bit his lip. Hard question. Well, the blue ones make your legs look longer but your ass looks sexier in the black ones. Jaejoong scowled. Blue, then. Yunho doesnt need any encouragement. Yoochun grinned. Ill pack the black ones just in case. Jaejoong groaned. Yoochun! I really, really dont like him! Seriously, Jae, Yoochun said, sitting down on the edge of his bed. Whats so bad about him? Hes loud and obnoxious and perverted and sleazy and strong and I cant even tease him about being ugly! So you admit hes hot? Yoochun smirked. Hes not hot, hes just not ugly, Jaejoong grumbled. Yoochun just shook his head. Cmon, get your ass out of bed and Ill make you something to eat. ----The next morning found Jaejoong at the airport at quarter to six with a beanie pulled over his eyes as he sat in the waiting lobby. He was tired and pissed off. Hey sexy. And Yunho was a lot harder to deal with in the morning.

Do you have to start being an asshole before we even get to Japan? Jaejoong grumbled as Yunho reached over and pulled his beanie up, revealing his eyes. Im not an ass, Yunho denied. But speaking of which, yours looks rather fine today. Jaejoong just glared at him. I hate you. Me thinks the lady doth protest too much, Yunho murmured, blowing a gust of warm air into his ear. Here, take this. Jaejoong was surprised when a warm paper cup was thrust into his hands. Whats this? he asked suspiciously, sniffing at it to try to detect anything dodgy underneath the sweet aroma of coffee. Cappuccino. Skim, half-strength, one sugar. Jaejoong cocked an eyebrow. And how did you know how I like my coffee? I called Yoochun and asked him. Howd you know Yoochuns number? I hacked Changmins database. Bullshit. Yunho rolled his eyes. Okay, so maybe I got a little help from a friend. Jaejoong shook his head. God, youre an idiot. He took a sip of his cappuccino, the caffeine immediately making him feel more awake. Thank you, he grumbled. Omo! Yunho exclaimed, clapping a hand to his mouth. Is this the second thank you Ive gotten in two days? Jaejoongs lip twitched in irritation. Shut up, loser. Yunho just grinned and took a sip of his own coffee, eyes never leaving Jaejoong. They drank their coffees in silence and by the time their cups were empty, their flights were being called for boarding. Ladies first, Yunho said, waving Jae forwards with a smile that was all teeth. Jaejoong stomped forwards and Yunho quickened his steps to keep up with him. Jaejoong stopped abruptly, and when Yunhos chest collided hard with his back, he reached blindly behind him and cupped the crotch of Yunhos pants. He squeezed Yunhos package, drawing a low moan from the younger male, and then tightened his grip until the moan trailed off into a pained groan. Lets make this clear, Jaejoong hissed softly as he began walking slowly, tugging Yunho forwards by the balls. If you do or say anything more to insult me, flatter me, deceive me, hit on me, anything I will not hesitate to hurt you. Oh, kinky. Maybe Id like it if you hurt me, Yunho smirked. He leant closer till his lips were against Jaes ear and murmured huskily, Squeeze my balls tighter, baby.

Jaejoong scowled, jerking his hand away from Yunho and marching down the tunnel, muttering something about fucking egotistical asshole. It took them a few minutes to get onto the plane and to find their seats. Jaejoong made sure to get the window seat, so at least hed have something to stare at while he was trying to fight the ever-present need to kill Yunho. For the first half of the flight, Yunho tried to talk to Jaejoong, but he just plugged his earphones in and turned them up until the music drowned out his partners voice. When Jaejoong finally pulled his earphones out, Yunho grinned. Decided to talk to me, again? I knew you couldnt resist forever. Jaejoong rolled his eyes. You wish. I need to go to the toilet. He unbuckled his seat and got to his feet, arching his stiff back muscles a little before pushing past Yunho. Yunhos hand deliberately brushed against his ass, and Jaejoong didnt know if he even had the energy to feel offended anymore. He rubbed a hand across his forehead and pushed his way down the aisle, heading into the toilet cubicle. He turned to close the door, but before he could, Yunho appeared seemingly out of nowhere and pushed him backwards, pinning him against the wall of the cubicle as he kicked the door shut with his foot. Seems familiar, huh? Yunho asked softly, leering as he pressed his body against Jaes, holding the elders hands firmly above his head. Fuck off! Jaejoong exclaimed, bucking in Yunhos hold. He let out a strangled cry of frustration as Yunho began grinding against him. Just let me kiss you, Yunho whispered, mouth ghosting along Jaes neck. Youve already kissed me once too many times, Jaejoong growled, grabbing two handfuls of Yunhos hair and pulling hard, trying to get him to let go. That kiss shouldnt count, Yunho said dismissively. I like you a lot more now than I did then. Jaejoong scoffed. Is this some kind of sick game to you? The more I resist, the harder you try? If you were genuinely resisting, Id give up, Yunho said. But I know you want this. Look, he added, tracing a feathery line down Jaes side, smirking when Jaes hips bucked. Your body responds to me. You fucking pervert! Jaejoong all but yelled. Thats my body trying to get you off me! Yunho cupped Jaes ass and hoisted him up onto the small sink. Cmon, just say yes, he murmured, hands settling on his hips. Why do you want my consent? Jaejoong sneered. Clearly you dont object to rape, so why bother? Just take what you want, asshole! Yunho paused, pulling back to look Jae in the eyes. I would never support the idea of rape, he said seriously. I may joke, but Im not that kind ofof animal. Jaejoong rolled his eyes, using Yunhos lapse in concentration to his advantage as he shoved Yunho away from him, sliding off the counter. Your actions say

otherwise. Oh, come on Jaejoong! Give me a break! he pleaded. Give you a break? Jaejoong repeated incredulously. Give you a break? Yunho blinked. Yeah! Oh, that is it! Before Yunho could duck, Jaejoong punched him square in the face. Yunhos counter-attack came only moments later as he lashed out at Jaejoong, getting him in the shoulder and then again in the stomach. Bitch! Jaejoong cursed, kicking at Yunho. Yunho grabbed his leg and pulled it up, dumping him on the floor. Dont think Ill hesitate to hit you just cause youre pretty. Good! Jaejoong yelled, pulling himself up to normal height. We can fight like men! He landed a painful hit to Yunhos collarbone and managed to dodge the retaliative upper-cut that came his way. For a few minutes more they continued to tussle, until they were both in heaving, breathless piles on the floor. Youre good, Yunho panted, with your fists. Not too bad yourself, Jaejoong grunted back, eyes closed as he leaned heavily against the wall. His eyes snapped open when he felt a hand closing around his. Im not going to force you into anything, Yunho promised, squeezing his hand. Dont think of me like that. Jaejoong snorted, snatching his hand away. Youve forced me against the wall of a toilet cubicle twice now. Your words mean little. Nah, this is me trying to make you realise you want me, Yunho argued. Theres a difference between that and rape. Oh, and youll test that boundary, wont you? Yunho just laughed before getting to his feet. He pulled Jaejoong up gently, and said, Lets go. They stumbled out of the bathroom, Jaejoong raking a hand through his ruffled hair and Yunho fixing up his shirt. They looked up to find the wide eyes of every single passenger on them, and Jaejoong blushed. Uh, this- this is not what it looks like!


(You were looking at his dick in the showers? Wow, so youve always been a pervert.) God youre an idiot, Jaejoong ranted for the umpteenth time as they headed towards the baggage carousel. Did you see how everyone was looking at us? I know, Yunho grinned. They were all thinking, damn, what a sexy couple. Youre not even remotely funny, Jaejoong replied flatly, scanning the revolving belt for his luggage. Yunho just kept grinning. You know you want to laugh. Ooh, theres mine! He darted forwards to grab his suit case. Jaejoong spotted his own and pulled it off the carousel at the same time as Yunho. Right, are we ready to go? Jaejoong shook his head. I need to get the rest of my bags. Yunho paused. How many do you have? Oh, not many, Jaejoong replied airily. There they are~ Yunho watched as Jaejoong pulled one suitcase off the belt, then another, and then another. Youre kidding me, right? Four? Jaejoong looked at him and said, What? Fours not that many. A slow smirk spread across Yunhos face as they headed for the exit, Jaejoong struggling with all of his bags. Oh, I see, you were so worried about looking good for me that you over-packed. Thats sweet, Joongie. Jaejoongs eyes narrowed. Yeah, you nailed that one Yunho. Know what else I want to nail? Jaejoong smacked the hand that made to grope his buttocks, consequently dropping two of his bags. Itll never happen, he told Yunho dismissively as he tried to pick the bags back up. I happen to have standards. I am the standard, baby, he smirked. Jaejoong huffed and stomped forwards, his bags falling over again. Fucking stupid bags, he cursed. Yunho rolled his eyes. Honestly. Here, let me help, he offered, making to take two of the bags. I can handle it myself! Jaejoong snapped, rearranging his grip on the handles. Yunho grabbed hold of the handles himself and jerked backwards. Jaejoong growled and tugged harder on his end. Youre so immature, Yunho muttered, and with a sharp pull, the bags went flying out of Jaes hands as he fell backwards, landing on his ass with a sharp Oof! Yunho! he hissed angrily, jumping back to his feet and brushing himself off, bright as a tomato.

Im trying to help! Yunho said innocently. He picked all of the bags up in succession and then said, Right, you take these two, theyre lighter. What, I cant handle the heavy bags? Shut up and take the bags, Yunho groaned, walking ahead of Jae with his own bag and two of Jaejoongs trailing behind him. Bastard, Jaejoong muttered sulkily as he took off after Yunho. ----After a gruelling taxi ride during which Yunho insisted on trying to grope Jaes thigh, they finally arrived at the hotel. Jaejoong approached the cashier desk, Yunho struggling behind him with the bags. Could I book a room, please? Jaejoong asked, smiling charmingly at the girl. Dont you mean could we book a room, please? Yunho corrected. The girl glanced between them. Uhwhat kind of room did you want? A double, please, Jaejoong said. Double bed? No, no, Jaejoong said, blushing. As in, two separate beds. Yunho just watched on, an amused smile on his face. Sorry, we dont have any two-bed rooms left, the girl said. Two single rooms? Jaejoong asked desperately. Sorry, the girl said again, shaking her head. We have the penthouse deluxe suite or couple rooms, but thats all. Whats the penthouse deluxe suite like? Yunho asked. Jaejoong nudged him in his side. Changmins paying for this, not you, he said with a frown. Do you want the couple room? the girl at the counter asked. Jaejoong opened his mouth to say No, but before he could get the word out, Yunho said, Sure, well take it. What! Jaejoong hissed, turning to Yunho as the girl grabbed a room key. We dont mind sleeping together, do we, Boojae? Yunho asked with a wolfish grin as he slung his arm over the elders shoulder. Jaejoong hid his head in his hands, refusing to meet the eyes of the girl behind the counter. Great, sleeping with this guy. What a dream come true. By the time they finished the booking-in procedures, headed up to their room and unpacked, it was a bit past twelve.

Dyou want to go get lunch? Yunho offered. Not with you, no, Jaejoong sniffed. Im going to have a shower. Yunho sighed, leaning back onto the bed as Jaejoong disappeared into the bathroom. The elder fretted for a moment, wondering if Yunho would try anything. He locked the door and then hesitantly slipped off his shirt, glancing at the door as though expecting to see Yunho peeking under the edge. Jaejoong heard the door of their hotel room close and sighed in relief, figuring Yunho mustve gone out for lunch without him. He stripped off the rest of his clothes and stepped into the shower, letting his muscles relax under the stream of hot water. He ran his hands through his hair gently, letting out a breath of relief. Hed survived the first several hours with Yunho he could somehow survive the rest. Fifteen minutes later when he was stepping out of the shower, he thought he heard the door open again. Cocking an eyebrow, he dried himself off and then wrapped the towel around his waist. He heard an unfamiliar voice coming from the other room and hesitantly opened the bathroom door. Yunho and a guy he didnt recognise were sitting on the bed, and both of them looked up at Jae. Yunhos eyes drunk in the sight of Jaejoong in only a towel, and his friend said, Wow, Yunho, you didnt tell me you had such a sexy partner. Yunho growled and smacked the guy up the back of the head. Yah, eyes off. Jaejoong smirked, figuring if making Yunho jealous was the best kind of revenge he could get, hed take it. I dont believe weve met, Jae said, taking deliberate steps towards the bed, ruffling his wet hair up a little. Im Seunghyun, the guy grinned, holding his hand out. Jaejoong took it and Seunghyun jerked him close, a little too close for a normal handshake. Nice to meet you. The pleasures all mine, Jaejoong replied, letting his tongue slide along his bottom lip not-so-innocently. With a grunt, Yunho got to his feet and pushed his way between them. Anyway, Jaejoong, Seunghyun is the contact I was telling you about. He and I are going out for lunch to discuss more about Jin. Why dont you come with us? Seunghyun offered. Nah, he wouldnt want Sure, it sounds lovely, Jaejoong grinned, cutting Yunho off. Just let me get some clothes on. Im sure no one would protest to you going out like that, Seunghyun smirked. Jaejoong headed towards the cupboard, shooting a smile at Seunghyun over his shoulder. You sure about that? Actually, it was a lie, Seunghyun said frankly. Im pretty sure everyone would complain about the existence of the towel.

Jaejoong laughed. Flattery will get you everywhere. Will it get me into your pants? OI! Yunho yelled, shoving Seunghyun hard. I told you, back off! ----Youre not gonna get any help from the Japanese police, Im telling you that right now, Seunghyun said with a shrug. When it comes to Jin, they wont touch him. But why not? Jaejoong said, leaning forwards. If hes linked to a murder case- They wont, Seunghyun insisted. Look, Jins a pretty good guy overall. Isnt involved in the drug trade, doesnt kill people. But hes well-known in the underworld, and he gives police the information they ask for. So if hes ratting people out, why hasnt he been assassinated yet? Because the only people who know about his involvement with the cops are me and his toy. His toy? Yunho repeated with a raised eyebrow. Seunghyun snorted. Yeah. A childhood friend of his. Theyve been together for as long as anyone can remember. So the police arent going to help us, Jaejoong said, eyebrows furrowing. Still, there must be some way we can get information from him. I think youre gonna find it pretty hard to get anything out of Jin, Seunghyun said, reaching over Yunho to grab a plate off the revolving sushi belt. He never trades information without getting something in return, and to be honest, I dont think you two have much hed be interested in. Nothing at all? Jaejoong asked desperately. Hes our only lead. Well, theres one thing, Seunghyun began hesitantly, eyeing Yunho warily before turning back to look at Jaejoong. He likes pretty people. No way, Yunho said firmly. Not happening. Jaejoongs eyes narrowed. Who are you to decide that? This is our job, Yunho, sometimes we have to make personal sacrifices. No, Yunho repeated, shaking his head. Not under my watch. Jaejoongs glare intensified. Well talk more about this later, he said stiffly. So theres nothing else, Seunghyun? Seunghyun shrugged, biting into his sushi. I can tell you guys where hes staying, give you the blueprints of the placeother than that, theres nothing. Yunho nodded, clapping Seunghyun on the back. Thanks, man.

No problems, Yunho, Seunghyun smiled. He leered at Jaejoong and added, Always happy to help you two with anything you need. Really, Jaejoongsshi." He leant closer, his lips ghosting against the other's ear. "Anything." ----That night, Jaejoong refused to sleep in the same bed as Yunho. He grabbed some spare linen from the cupboard and spread it out on the floor, curling himself up in his makeshift sleeping bed. Oh, for gods sake, Jaejoong! Just get in bed! Yunho exclaimed angrily. No, Jaejoong snapped. Im quite happy down here, thank you. I dont want you getting a sore back, come on! Yunho groaned. You think Im going to start humping you while youre asleep? I wouldnt put it past you, Jaejoong muttered. Fine, suit yourself, Yunho sighed. If youre going to be that idiotic, then you deserve to sleep on the cold floor. They fell into silence, and Jaejoong was just about to drift into slumber when Yunhos voice pulled him back to full awareness. What was with all that flirting with Seunghyun today? Jaejoong sighed. Im trying to go to sleep. Answer my question. Its flirting, Yunho, what do you want me to say? If theres a hot guy who shows interest in me, of course Ill flirt. So what, you dont think Im hot? Yunho asked, trying but failing to hide the wounded tone in his voice. Jaejoong smiled to himself just a little. Pabo. Go to sleep. But Im hotter than Seunghyun! he cried. And Ive shown a lot of interest in you, too! Mm-hmm, Jaejoong hummed. Why dont you flirt with me? Yunho pouted. Because I dont like you. So you like Seunghyun? Dont know. Maybe, Jaejoong lied, smile widening as he could just feel the jealousy emanating from Yunho. You know, Seunghyuns not good for you. Hes got a girlfriend, actually, but hes having an affair with this guy, Jiyong or something. Hes a notorious player, you could never trust him.

I dont mind sharing. Hes- hes got a small dick! I saw it in the showers when we were at school together! You were looking at his dick in the showers? Wow, so youve always been a pervert. Jae! Yunho whined. Jaejoong laughed quietly. Just go to sleep, Yunho. Fine, Yunho grumbled, and they fell into silence once more. It didnt take Jaejoong long to fall asleep, although the floor was hard and uncomfortable even under all the blankets piled around him, and it was colder than he would like. But when he woke up in the morning, he found himself tucked snugly into the double bed, Yunho sprawled across the floor where Jaejoong had been before.

CHAPTER EIGHT (The bathroom door opened and Yunho stepped out, absolutely and completely naked.) By the time Yunho woke up, Jae had already had a shower and dressed for the day. Morning, Jaejoong greeted cheerily. Hey, Yunho grumbled as he got to his feet, stretching out his back. Sleep well? Very. You? Oh, it was excellent, Yunho muttered sarcastically. Jaejoong felt a twinge of guilt but he brushed it off. So what are we doing today? Im still waiting on Seunghyun to get back to me with the blueprints, so theres not much we can do until then. Mm, okay. Im going shopping, then. Yunho began laughing, and then trailed off awkwardly as Jae only rose an eyebrow. Wait, youre serious? Quite. But Jae, you you have four suitcases already! Do you really need more clothes? I really do, Jaejoong replied flatly, grabbing his phone and wallet from the bedside table. Ill grab breakfast on my way out. See you later.

Wait, Yunho said, grabbing Jaejoongs arm as he made to turn away. Do you want me to come with you? Ill be fine on my own. But surely youll need a slave to carry all your bags around, Yunho said with a hopeful expression. Jaejoong rolled his eyes. Im going. Bye. Yunho sighed, slumping on the bed as the door shut behind Jaejoong. Why wont he give me a chance? ----Yoochun groaned as his phone rang, jerking him awake. He reached over, fumbling for his phone on the night stand. Where are you going, hyung? the guy next to him murmured, clinging to his shoulders and trying to pull him back. Yoochun answered his phone with a groggy, Hello? Chunnie! Jaejoong exclaimed. Ive missed you! J-Jaejoong! Yoochun stuttered, shooting up in bed. Jae? the person next to him repeated. Yoochun held a finger to his lips, signalling Junsu to be quiet. It feels like forever since Ive spoken to you, Jaejoong raved. Uh, its only been, what, two days? Exactly, forever, Jaejoong grinned. So hows the case going? Yoochun asked, throwing his feet out of bed and trying to ignore Junsu as he flattened his tempting body against his back, wrapping his arms around Chuns shoulders. Eh, we havent gotten very far yet. And Yunho? Yoochun added, smacking Junsus hand lightly as it crept down his chest. Junsu giggled. Hesnot bad, Jaejoong grudgingly admitted. Hes still as perverted as ever, but he slept on the floor and gave me the bed." Dear me, Joongie, youre not warming to him, are y- ooh, Yoochun trailed off in a moan as Junsu grabbed his cock and bit sharply at his neck simultaneously. Are you alright? Jae asked, concern heavy in his voice. Junsus body shook with laughter as he buried his face in Yoochuns back. Yeah, Im just a bit, uh, sick, Yoochun lied, coughing feebly. Really, Jaejoong said, sceptical.

Yeah. I know what your fake cough sounds like, Chun. Might work on Changmin not on me, baby. Uh- well, would you look at the time?! I have to go, bye Jae! Yoochun hung up and Junsu burst into laughter, rolling around on the bed. So subtle! Yah, shut up duckbutt! Yoochun muttered. I couldve told him what we did last night. How would you like that, huh? Hed be mad at you for corrupting his innocent dongsaeng, not me. Yoochun cursed under his breath. Why are you always right? Junsu just grinned. Seriously, though, Yoochun suddenly said, turning to face Junsu. Whatre we going to do? He wont be in Japan forever. Well deal with that later. Later when? Yoochun pressed, forehead creasing in worry. Like a few hours before his plane arrives," Junsu said dismissively. "For now, I can think of better things to do. Cant you? Yoochun took in Junsus wicked smirk and shook his head. God, youre bad. ----Jaejoong dragged his shopping out for as long as possible, but eventually hed been into every shop multiple times and he had no choice but to head back to the hotel. His arms were shaking under the weight of the bags when he finally stumbled into the room, dumping his purchases on the bed. He glanced around the room and idly wondered where Yunho had gotten to. He didnt get very long to ponder that the bathroom door opened and Yunho stepped out, absolutely and completely naked. Jaejoong tried to speak, something along the lines of Put some clothes on, you sick bastard! but a lump formed in his throat. He couldnt stop his eyes from flickering down Yunhos bare body, taking in his deliciously toned abdomen, the snail trail leading from his navel down to his Take your time, Yunho smirked, holding his arms out, flexing his biceps. Jaejoongs eyes narrowed. P-put some clothes on! Why are you naked?! For your pleasure, of course, Yunho replied, his smirk widening. He puffed out his chest unnecessarily, drawing Jaes attention again to his undeniably well-built body.

Well its not very pleasing, Jae muttered, unconsciously reaching up to scratch behind his ear as he turned away. There! Yunho suddenly exclaimed, clicking his fingers. Youre lying. What? Jaejoong said, spinning back around to face Yunho and then immediately regretting his decision and turning away once more. He could feel heat rising in his cheeks unwillingly. Scratching your ear. You do it whenever you lie, Yunho stated, smugness clear in his tone. I- what? I do not! You do too. Ive been watching you. What are you, a stalker? Jaejoong cried as he grabbed some of the new clothes hed bought and threw them at Yunho. Just get them on!" Yunho shrugged. Whatever you say, Jae, he murmured airily, pushing past the elder. His body not so casually brushed against Jaes, a fleeting moment in which Jaejoong could feel every god damn line of his abs pressed flat against his back before he continued towards the dresser. Jaejoong could only bite his tongue. I- you- Im going to the toilet. ----Later that night, after Jaejoong having a semi-breakdown in the bathroom over the fact that Yunho was hot, so fucking hot mildly attractive and a surprisingly peaceful dinner with Yunho, Jaejoong pulled on his pajamas and crawled into bed. He watched guiltily as Yunho sighed and curled himself in a ball on the floor. Yunho Good night, Jae, Yunho murmured, and Jaejoong heard him rolling over under his sheets, trying to find a comfortable patch of carpet. Jaejoong groaned. Get in bed, pabo. Yunhos head shot up, and Jae could just see him over the foot of the bed. What? I feel bad, Jaejoong muttered, So get in bed. Yunho grinned and jumped on the bed, sprawling starfish across the covers. Jaejoong rolled his eyes. Dont touch me, stay on your side of the bed at all times, dont go doing anything dodgy under the covers, sleep clothed at all times and dont be a blanket hog. I need my warmth. Is that all, sir? Yes, Jaejoong sniffed. Stick to those rules and we should be fine.

So, just checking the rules here - if I happen to have a naughty dream about you, would you forgive me for sleep-raping you? Yunho teased. Jaejoong shot him a flat glare. Do that, and youll wake up to find Ive cut your dick off. Goodnight, he said, and then rolled over, turning his back to Yunho. I got the blueprints today, Yunho said conversationally as he pulled the covers up to his chin. What! Jaejoong exclaimed, rolling over again. Why didnt you tell me sooner? Well you seemed a bitdistracted earlier, Yunho smirked. Jaejoong glared at him. So whats our plan? Yunho shrugged. I dont know. Its not exactly feasible to break into a place like his. We need to get in there though, Jae argued. We need to get evidence against him. I know, Yunho sighed. But theres no chance of us breaking in unnoticed. Well, theres something else we can do, Jaejoong said slowly, giving Yunho a pointed look. No! Yunho said firmly. No, I wont let you. Yunho, this is something we have to do for the case! No its not. Changmin wouldnt want you to- to sell your body for information. Changmin wants this case solved, though, Jae countered, At all costs. No, Yunho said again, shaking his head. I will not let you do this to yourself. Its sexual exploitation. Its wrong, and its dangerous, and its disgusting. Youre not a prostitute. This is our last chance! Jaejoong exclaimed. Then let me do it, Yunho said desperately. Ill do it, okay? What, so you can do it and I cant? Jaejoong challenged. Im just as capable as you are. Its not about that, Jae! Yunho yelled in frustration, and he grabbed Jaes cheek. Jaejoong flinched away from the touch, but Yunho inched closer and said quietly, I refuse to let you give your body away like that. Its mine, idiot, Jaejoong muttered. Ill do what I want with it. And stay on your side of the bed, he reminded him with a scowl. Okay, its settled then, Yunho said, nodding and moving back to his side. Ill go undercover tomorrow night and-

It wont work, Jaejoong said straight away. Jin likes pretty things aka, bottoms. Youre hardly bottom material. Yunho frowned. So what, now youre putting stereotypes on gays? Jaejoong shrugged. Im just saying. Yunho sighed. Fine, neither of our plans are going to work. Lets just go to sleep and figure something out in the morning. Jaejoongs eyes narrowed but he murmured his consent. Theres nothing wrong with my plan, he thought to himself angrily. That same thought kept replaying, even until the sound of Yunhos soft snores filled the room. It would work. I could do it. Jaejoong shot the very asleep Yunho a glance, his eyes darting from his partner to the hotel room key on the bedside table.

CHAPTER NINE (And if a few of my friends decide after Ive finished that theyd like to have a go, then youll lie there and take it like a good little whore.) Jae held his breath as he slipped his legs out of bed and got up, cringing as the mattress creaked underneath him. He checked Yunho was still soundly asleep before grabbing some clothes from the wardrobe and creeping into the bathroom. He hurriedly changed, half-formed plans racing through his mind. The door clicked deafeningly as it opened and he peeked at the bed, relieved to see a lump under the covers where Yunho was. He tip-toed over to where Yunhos bag was thrown on the floor and began rummaging through, smiling when he found the blueprints of Jins place. He tucked them into his jacket and crept towards the door. He nearly had a heart-attack when he opened it to find Yunho standing on the other side, arms crossed over his chest as he asked angrily, Just where do you think youre going? Jaejoong took a shuddery breath, clutching at his chest. You scared the shit out of me! he accused. I thought you were in bed. The old pillow-under-the-quilt trick, Yunho shrugged. You havent answered my question. Look, my plan will work, Jaejoong said exasperatedly. Im sure of it. Bullshit! You havent even looked at the blueprints yet. Ill look at them in the cab ride over. Thats hardly enough time. Ill think on my feet. Yunho shook his head. This is madness, Jaejoong. Your idea is dangerous in

the first place, and to rush into it without proper planning is a suicide mission. Its my prerogative. Whatre you doing up anyway? Get back in bed. You think I didnt realise youd pull a stunt like this? I know you better than you give me credit for. Then you should know I can do this. I wont go with you, Yunho said coldly, and Jaejoong had never seen him look more serious. I wont participate in this insanity. I dont need you. Youre making the most basic mistake, Yunho reminded him as he pushed past Yunho into the hallway. You never do things like this without your partner. Well youre not exactly giving me a choice, are you? Jaejoong asked, rolling his eyes. Im only asking you to think, Jae! Dont go making rash decisions that will get you killed. I thought Seunghyun said Jin doesnt murder people. Doesnt mean his thugs wont beat you within an inch of your life if youre trying to steal billions from them! Just go back to sleep, Jaejoong said tiredly. Ill be back before you wake up. He began walking down the hall towards the elevator, and was halfway there when Yunhos voice broke the silence. Dont go, Jae, he said quietly. Dont do this. Im begging you. Jaejoong hesitated mid-step briefly. The space of a heartbeat passed and then he took another step away, not looking back. ----By the time the taxi pulled up a few streets away from Jins place, Jae knew the blueprints inside out. His heart was racing just a little as he began walking the rest of the way to Jins from the drop-off point. Too soon for his liking, he found himself facing the driveway of Jins headquarters. He took a deep, steadying breath, and then headed towards the front door. Getting in wasnt the hard part it was getting out. He checked his pockets, making sure one last time that he had all his materials Hed stopped in at Seunghyuns on the way to Jins and once hed made it clear that his late-night call had nothing to do with pleasure, Seunghyun had been a lot of help although the kinds of things he had just laying around his apartment was kind of worrying. Jaejoong schooled his features as he got to the front door. There were glass panels on either side of the door and Jaejoong could see people wandering around through the house. Even from outside he could hear the

blaring music, and he guessed there must be a party going on. He cautiously twisted the doorknob, the lack of security surprising him as he let himself in. He glanced around, and the only people nearby were a few scantily clad women and an Italian-looking guy who Jaejoong was fairly sure he could take down if necessary. Taking advantage of the situation, he grabbed the small explosive device from his pocket and attached it to the wall subtly, just below the fire alarm. He yet again checked his pocket for the remote, and satisfied, headed towards where the stream of people seemed to be coming from. Finally, he was stopped by a hand on his shoulder. He turned to find himself facing a bulky guy in a black suit and aviators. Where do you think youre going? I want to see Jin, Jaejoong said. Do you know where I can find him? Jaejoong couldnt see through the glasses, but he assumed the guys eyes narrowed. And what business do you have with Jin? Jaejoong fluttered his eyelashes, his tongue snaking along his bottom lip. Thats for him to know and you to guess. The guy looked Jaejoong up and down and then grunted. Follow me. Jaejoong wondered how many whores must come knocking at Jins door if that was how easily he got through security. The thug led Jae down a hall and past the room where the main party was, if the mass of people and sheer number of beer bottles were anything to go by. They went through a few doors and Jae found himself in a mildly quieter living room. Akanishi Jin was sitting on a long leather lounge between two more guys in suits, and he looked quite different to the picture Jaejoong had seen of him. Different hair, nicer clothes. This guy wanted to see you, boss. Jin turned his eyes away from the girls that were dancing around a pole on the stage in front of him and looked Jae up and down, a slow smile spreading across his face. Really. Jaejoong strolled forwards, holding out his hand. Park Junsu, he said, taking a mix of the first two names he thought of. A pleasure to meet you. Jin took Jaes hand, and that was when Jae noticed the chain in Jins other hand. His eyes followed the length and he spotted a man kneeling in the corner in only a pair of short black hotpants, a thick collar around his neck that connected to the chain. Jae took in the weights hanging from clamps on his nipples and thought to himself, this must be the toy Seunghyun was talking about. Oh, so youve noticed him? Jin asked amusedly. He jerked on the chain and commanded, Say hi, baby. Hello, the boy said, bowing his head. Im Kazuya. Jaejoong didnt know if he was supposed to respond so he turned his attention back to Jin. The guy was surveying him with interested eyes, measuring him up,

and Jae held his tongue. I dont usually get ones as pretty as you, Jin commented. Why are you here? Jaejoong seated himself on one of the lounges across from Jin. Isnt that obvious? he asked with a seductive grin, leaning forwards and giving Jin a peek down the front of his shirt. And whats in it for you? Jin asked. Its pretty obvious you want something more than sex, he added before Jae could reply. Jaejoong decided honesty was the best policy, and his heart jumped excitedly in his chest as he realised if he played his cards right, he wouldnt have to sleep with Jin at all. You have something I want, and if Im not mistaken, I have something you want too. Jin rose an eyebrow. What do you want from me? Technically, I dont even want anything from you, Jaejoong said slowly. I want to see it. Just a viewing and Ill be satisfied. Jin stroked his chin, thinking for a moment. The painting, he finally said. Thats it, isnt it? Im an art fanatic, Jaejoong said. A few minutes to look at it would be more than enough. Then you buy my silence as to who owns it, and you get my body. He leant back and undid the next two buttons on his shirt, glancing up at Jin from underneath his eyelashes. Its a good deal for you, right? Jin was still looking at Jae thoughtfully. Here are my conditions, he said after a moment of silence. I take you right here, now, in any way I like. And if a few of my friends decide after Ive finished that theyd like to have a go, then youll lie there and take it like a good little whore. If you do that, Ill show you the painting. Fair? Jaejoong swallowed. Show me the painting first, he said. Jin cocked an eyebrow, looking suspicious, and Jae continued, If Ive been fucked multiple times, Im hardly going to have the energy to properly admire the painting, am I? Jin grinned wickedly. Deal, he said. He clicked his fingers and one of the guys on his left jumped up. Get the painting, he instructed, eyes never leaving Jaejoong. When the guy left the room, Jin leaned forwards and asked, So, Junsu, what do you think of doubling up? Jaejoong began to realise why Yunho had never wanted him to do this. He calmed himself with the thought that he wasnt going to have to go through with his end of the bargain though, and purred, Im up for it if you are. Jin clicked his fingers again and said, Come here. Jaejoong realised Jin was talking to him and swung his hips more than necessary as he crossed the short distance between them. Jin grabbed the belt loops of his jeans and jerked him forwards, Jae having to grab the back of the lounge to stabilize himself. He was bent awkwardly over Jin as the guys hands crept down the back of his pants, groping his ass. Jin tilted his head back, ripping the bottom of Jaes shirt open with his teeth and then letting his tongue trace a wet path up his chest, briefly

playing at his navel. Jaes arms shook. Think of something nice, think of Yoochun, think of that nice nailpolish you bought today, think of Yunho nakwhat? The sound of a door opening broke him from his thoughts and he pulled back to find one of the men in suits shuffling back into the room with a large frame covered by a velvet sheet. Jaejoong smiled, jittery with excitement at being so close to getting away from this place. He sat back down on the lounge and the guy pushed the frame into his hands. Jaejoong sat it in front of him and pulled the sheet from it, a soft noise of amazement slipping past his lips as he realised this was really the painting, he had actually found it. Its beautiful, he said softly, faux awe in his voice as he leant back and pretended to get a better look at it. Isnt it? Jin said. I might not seem like the type, but Ive always loved art myself. What person wouldnt want this in their collection? Jaejoong agreed, fingers tracing along the edge of the frame, searching for where the ridges where. If you dont mind me asking, who sold this to you? Why does it interest you? Jin asked, and again there was a suspicious look on his face. If he had more paintings of this calibre that he was selling Jaejoong began. Well, Im not exactly rich, but Im sure Id have enough. I got this at an anonymous auction, Jin said with a shrug. A man like you, though, Jaejoong grinned, A man like you would do his research. Jin mirrored his grin. I like the way you think. I have his details, if youd like them. Id love them, Jaejoong said, as Jin pulled a business card from his pocket. He held out his hand and in two seconds, one of his men had whipped out a pen and handed it to him. He scribbled down a name and handed the card to Jae. Thank you, Jaejoong replied, sliding the card into his pocket. In the same movement, he pressed the button, interrupting his own sentence of Ill be interested to as deafening alarm bells went off. Jin and his thugs jumped to their feet around him, and he looked curiously over his shoulder. Whats going on? Stay here, Jin muttered, I dont know. He spun his back to Jaejoong as he and his thugs pulled open a panel in the wall revealing a high tech computer system with security cameras and things Jaejoong didnt really know the purpose of. Half of him wanted to stay and get a closer look at their technology, but he knew it was a matter of time before they realised there was no threat. While two of the men went running back into the main room and the other two as well as Jin fussed over the computer, Jaejoong quickly and silently ripped the back of the

frame away and jerked the painting out. He had it rolled in his hands as he fled from the room before Jin could even get past the first string of passwords on his computer. Jaejoongs heart was clashing hard against his ribcage as he darted through a series of doors and rooms, the blueprints from earlier clear in his mind. He navigated his way through a few empty rooms at the back of the house, everyone having rushed to the front lawn in the panic. He ended up exactly where he needed to be and smashed his way through the biggest window, crawling out onto the back lawn of Jins mansion. He had blood all over his hand and splattered on his clothes, but he ignored the steady throbbing in his knuckles and tried to pretend he couldnt see the protruding shards of glass as he sprinted along the edge of Jins pool towards his high security fences. He heard shouts echoing from inside, probably as Jin realised everything had been a set-up. He scaled the fence in a rush, and his half-open shirt caught on one of the spikes at the top. With an impatient growl he jumped for the ground, his shirt ripping apart and hanging on the fence like a flag as he got back to his feet and ran shirtless across the nature strip. He glanced back to see one of the guards running through the room hed just been in. The man looked out across the garden, and Jaejoong was fairly sure hed been spotted. He darted off, hoping the darkness would disguise him. He was panting by the time he reached one of the back lanes near Jins house, but he knew he couldnt stop. The front of Jins house was just around the corner, and hed be caught in no time if he stayed here. Just as that thought crossed his mind, headlights whipped around the corner, the sound of a speeding car reaching his ears. Fuck me, he muttered, breathing ragged as he began running as hard as he could, feet beating an angry rhythm against the bitumen. The car only sped up, tyres squealing as the roar of the engine grew closer and closer. This is it, Jaejoong thought to himself as his legs began growing tired underneath him, his body sinking closer to the ground like he was in quicksand. Its all over. Yunho was right, I cant do this. The car fishtailed around in front of him, and he saw a flash of bright yellow panels just as his wobbling legs finally gave out underneath him, face meeting the road with a harsh smack. He tasted blood in his mouth and grimaced, fingers still clutched uselessly around the painting as he heard the car door opening and fast footsteps coming for him. You fucking idiot, a familiar voice muttered close to his ear. Jaes eyes shot open at the same time he felt his body being lifted into strong arms. Yunho looked down at him with a scowl, shaking his head as he jogged back to the car, dumping Jaejoong in the passenger seat before getting in the other side. Y-Yunho? Jaejoong said weakly, leaning back in the seat as Yunho pushed the pedal to the floor, roaring off down the street. Yunho kept looking in the rearview mirrors anxiously. Who else? he replied sarcastically. God, Jae.

I got the painting, Jaejoong said, waving it around. Yeah, and nearly damn killed yourself in the process! Yunho raged. I thought you werent going to come. Yunho rolled his eyes. Well I couldnt exactly let you go and get yourself raped, could I? I had to come rescue you. Jaejoong just watched Yunho for a moment. Thank you, he finally said. Without you, I might not have made it, he admitted. Just remember that next time you think youre fucking superman or something, Yunho muttered, Or well end up in another car chase. Car chase? Well you didnt think theyd let us get away that easily, did you? Yunho asked with another roll of his eyes as he jerked his thumb out the back of the car. Jaejoong turned and saw three cars a few metres back, hot on their tail. Im sorry, Jaejoong said with a slight grin. Yunho took a glance at him and then scoffed, Sure you are. He tried to look angry but couldnt help it as he veered back into the main stream of traffic and asked, Is your hand okay? Its fine, Jaejoong grinned. A-okay. Just hold on till we get back to the hotel, he grimaced. Ill fix you up there. I can live until then. Howd you get the car? Jae asked. He surveyed the dashboard, where the taximeter was. I doubt the cab driver let you borrow it. Hijacked it, Yunho said with a shrug. He has insurance, hell be fine. Thank god these guys are bad drivers, he added, as he glanced back to find hed already lost one of the cars. He swerved in between a few more cars. Jaejoong just grinned. Maybe Yunho isnt as bad as I thought after all. ----Ouch! That hurts! Jaejoong whined, lying on the bed with his toes curling as Yunho held his palm flat against the sheets, tweezers in his hand. Yeah, well you shouldve thought about that before you went and smashed a window with your bare hand, shouldnt you? Yunho lectured as he unceremoniously plucked another piece of glass from Jaes hand. There, I think thats all of it. Thank god, Jaejoong groaned. He reached over and grabbed the bandage from the bedside table, but Yunho plucked it from his grip. Youll never get it on with one hand, pabo, he said. He gingerly took Jaejoongs hand and held it up, frowning. Wait, Ill put antiseptic on first. The last thing I need is this getting infected.

Jaejoong snorted as Yunho grabbed the tube of cream. How would it affect you if my hand was infected? Yunho blinked innocently. Whod jerk me off then? Jaejoong scowled. Id hit you but my best slapping hand is sliced open. Yunho grinned. Ill take full advantage of your incapacitation, then. Jaejoong huffed as Yunho rubbed the cream along his cuts. To his credit, he was incredibly gentle, and Jaejoong couldnt help but feel overwhelmingly grateful. When his hand was finally bandaged up, Yunho reached over and turned the lights off before pulling the covers over both of them. Jaejoong, he said softly after a few moments. Jaejoong turned his head to face Yunho. Hm? he prompted. You Yunho coughed, and began again. Did youdo it? Did I do what? Did you, you know, with Jin? No. Yunho reached over and clasped his okay hand. Good. And Jaejoong fell asleep with Yunhos fingers still twined with his.

CHAPTER TEN (How did I ruin anything? Youre the one who got all bitchy and didnt want to have incredibly hot morning sex with me.) Jaejoong could feel himself being pulled from unconscious. He tried to resist for as long as possible, wanting to fall back asleep, but it proved impossible. When Jaejoong finally opened his eyes, he found himself inches away from Yunhos face. What the fuck! he screeched, violently jumping. It was then he realized his hands were rendered immobile above his head, handcuffed to the headboard. Yunho! Morning, sexy, he greeted, leaning closer. Jaejoongs legs had been hooked around Yunhos waist, and as the younger moved in, their hips brushed against each other. You pervert! Jaejoong cried, pulling uselessly on his bindings, and then wincing as his sore hand banged against the board of the bed. What the hell do you think this is? Yunho grinned. Dont you like it?

Jaejoong tried to pull his legs away but Yunho grabbed his thigh, pushing it firmly back into place. Nuh-uh-uh, he teased, leering. Youre staying right where you are, Jae baby. Uncuff me now, Jaejoong demanded, arching his body in a desperate attempt to throw Yunho off him. It had the opposite effect and Yunho moaned, pressing his body to Jaes, his hands running up his captives sides and inching the fabric of his shirt upwards. Jaejoong squawked, thrashing helplessly under Yunho. Stop undressing me! Stop it! Yunho smirked, deliberately sliding his shirt up until his nipples were exposed to the cool air. Yunho glanced down, and arched an eyebrow. Wouldnt have picked you as one to have a piercing, he commented with a grin, dipping his head to lick at the bud. Jaejoong hissed, holding back a shuddering breath as Yunho teased his nipple for a moment and then wrapped his lips around the piercing, sucking on it gently. Fuck off, he muttered, throwing his head to the side and trying to twist out of Yunhos reach. Give in to me, Yunho murmured, pressing soft kisses up Jaejoongs chest, towards his collarbone. No! Jaejoong yelled, bucking his hips in protest and only succeeding in rubbing himself against Yunhos bulging crotch. What happened to not being a rapist, huh? Dont lie to me, Yunho whispered, pulling back to look Jaejoong in the eyes. I saw the way you looked at me the other day when I came out of the shower. Jaejoong felt heat rise in his cheeks. Youre insane! I- I wasnt looking at you! Yunho smirked. Then why are you blushing? He laid his chest flush against Jaes, making sure Jaejoong could feel every line of his abs. Asshole, Jaejoong spat viciously, glaring hard at Yunho. Get off me. Say it like you mean it, Yunho grinned, and then before Jaejoong could say anything else, his lips descended to Jaes neck. He littered kisses up and down the pale expanse of skin, and bit down hard at the junction. Jaejoong grunted, involuntarily tipping his head back, exposing himself to Yunhos lips. Yunho bit at the same spot again, sucking the skin until a dull purple blossomed there. He licked at the wound, moving upwards to bite at another spot. As Yunho began sucking at a particularly sensitive spot, Jaejoong couldnt help but moan. You like it here? Yunho asked, biting harder at the same spot. Jaejoong hated the way his arms slackened in the handcuffs, his body betraying him. He whimpered, biting furiously on his tongue to stop the noises, not wanting to give Yunho any kind of satisfaction. I know what you want, Yunho murmured huskily, one hand sliding between their bodies to tweak Jaes hardened nipple. Let me give it to you.

Jaejoong wanted to kick his ass, wanted to spit back some witty response, wanted to fight and scream and punch but he had a fucking hot half-naked guy rubbing against him, playing with his nipples and abusing the shit out of his erogenous zone, and his body was trembling. Yunho, he said, glad his voice stayed steady. Stop. Yunho paused, pulling back again to look down at Jaejoong. Jaejoong had to turn his face away, trying to hide himself. Stop, he repeated. Yunho heaved a sigh and then reached up to undo the handcuffs a little reluctantly. The minute they fell open, Jaejoong wrenched himself away from Yunho, almost tripping in his haste to get off the bed. He sprinted for the bathroom, the door slamming behind him. Yunho gave him a few moments, and then crossed the room, trying the bathroom door experimentally. It was unlocked, and he walked in to find Jaejoong splashing water across his face. You cant resist me forever, Yunho said, leaning against the wall. Especially now I know your weakness. Jaejoongs lips twitched into a scowl, rage seeping through him now that the arousal wasnt clouding his mind. He marched forwards, slapping Yunho furiously across the cheek. Bastard, he muttered. Just when I was beginning to think you were decent. I thought you said you could only slap with your other hand, Yunho said, rubbing his hand across his reddened cheek. Jaejoong rolled his eyes. I slap harder with the other. Doesnt mean you can get away with whatever you feel like because Ive got an injury. Aw, admit it, Yunho grinned, tailing after Jaejoong as he began pulling clothes from his bags. You loved having me all over you, necking you. Jaejoong turned hard eyes to Yunho. In. Your. Dreams. I bet you let Akanishi do it to you, didnt you? Yunho said challengingly. I bet you wouldve let him kiss you and grope you to his hearts content. Because I wouldve had to, Jaejoong replied, rolling his eyes. Honestly, Yunho, you always have to ruin something good, dont you? How did I ruin anything? Youre the one who got all bitchy and didnt want to have incredibly hot morning sex with me. You know, I was actually thinking last night, wow, Yunhos a pretty good guy. I was thinking maybe I had you all wrong, Jaejoong said. And the second I wake up this morning, you prove to me that I should stick with my first instincts. Yunho groaned. For gods sake, Jaejoong! he exclaimed, stomping his foot like a five-year-old. Im sick of fighting with you all the time. The only reason were fighting is because of all this sexual tension, anyway. Ha! Maybe for you! Jaejoong yelled. The only problem I have is the fact that Im stuck with an idiot who cant get it through his thick skull that I dont want

him! Yunho took a deep breath. I dont want to start the day with us yelling at each other, he said calmly, so lets just both relax. Jaejoong snorted but held his tongue as he turned back to his bags and resumed picking out clothes. There was a moment or two of tense silence and then Jae sighed softly, turning back to Yunho. Im sorry. I dont want to fight either. Yunho grinned. Friends? Jaejoong sniffed. something like that, I suppose. ----You sure this is the place? Yunho asked for the umpteenth time as they looked up at the faded sign above the shop. This is the name Jin gave me, Jaejoong replied unsurely. I guess well have to trust him. Yunho scoffed, swinging his bag over his shoulder. Yeah, trust a criminal mastermind, thats a good idea. You got any other ideas, genius boy? Nope. Right, lets go then, Jaejoong said, pushing open the door. A bell rang somewhere within the shop and they stepped over the threshold. It was much nicer inside than out, with paintings hanging along the walls and a canvas off to the left. Hello? Yunho called out. Anywhere here? Coming! a voice called back. After a few moments of shuffling, guy appeared from the back of the shop, smiling. Welcome! How can I help you? We were just taking a peek through the area, Jaejoong smiled. Are these for sale? he added, gesturing to the paintings on the wall. Oh no, no, the man said, shaking his head. I dont sell those pieces. I do portraits for people. Do you think you could do a portrait of my Jae? Yunho asked, wrapping an arm around Jaes waist. Yunho, Jaejoong hissed, What are you doing? Sure, I could do something, the guy said. How much time do I have? How much do you need? Yunho countered. The guy shrugged. Twenty, thirty minutes.

Sure, sounds good, Yunho grinned. He nudged Jaejoong forwards. Just over here, the guy directed, waving towards a chair near the spare canvas. What, Jaejoong said again, Are you doing? Come on baby, Yunho cooed, leaning in to peck Jaejoong on the cheek. Jaejoong realised this was part of their cover and tried not to wince away from the kiss. Wouldnt a portrait be a nice way to remember our honeymoon? So Im playing the part of the moody newly-wed wife? Fucking great. With a huff, Jaejoong followed the artist and sat down on the stool, an irritated scowl decorating his face. Yunho trailed behind the artist with an all too amused grin on his face. Sorry, I missed your name, the artist said as he sat down opposite Jae, grabbing a palette and a brush. Jaejoong, he answered, trying his best to smile. Nice to meet you. So how long have you guys been married for? the artist asked, glancing over his shoulder to look at Yunho. Only five days now, Yunho grinned. But the nights have been the best part, if you get my drift. Jaejoong felt fury boiling in his stomach. Oh my god, I am so going to kill him. The painter laughed flatly and looked up at Jaejoong as he began painting. Congratulations. Behind the painter, Yunho pointed towards the back of the store, and Jae got the message; he was going to go snoop around. Hey, wheres the toilet? Yunho asked. I really need to take a leak. The artist didnt look up from his canvas. Oh, just head out the back there and to the left. Thanks, Yunho said, patting the artist on the shoulder as he headed out the back. Take good care of my baby! Jaejoong watched him go and then turned back to the artist, who had a slight scowl on his lips. Whyd you marry a guy like that? the artist muttered, swiping his brush across the canvas. Jaejoong opened his mouth to say, I have no idea, and then realised that that definitely wasnt the attitude a newlywed would have. Hes a good guy under everything else, Jaejoong said. The guy grunted, clearly sceptical. Whered you two get hitched anyway? Its not legal many places, is it? We took a trip to Canada, Jaejoong replied, thinking on his feet. Nice, the guy said, glancing up at Jaejoong again.

Mmhmm, he hummed, shifting awkwardly in his chair. They fell into silence, the artist still working on the canvas, and Jaejoong found himself tapping his fingers impatiently, wondering when Yunho was coming back. It seemed the artist was wondering the same thing; he glanced towards where Yunho had gone and commented, Does he usually take this long? Uh, well, I guess, Jaejoong laughed, trying to appear natural. He could tell the artist was getting suspicious. Aw, crap, the guy muttered. Im out of blue. Hold on, Im going to go grab another tube. Jaejoong nodded as he jumped off the stool and headed out the back. Nearly as soon as he left, Jae felt the hair prickling at the back of his neck. Somethings definitely weird here, he thought, having learned over the years to trust his instincts. He hesitantly got to his feet, and the palette caught his eye. He was not out of blue. Thanking god hed let Yoochun convince him years ago to carry his gun wherever he went, he slid it from his pocket and crept towards the back of the shop, hesitant. He strained to hear any noise, but it was quiet. The back opened up into two hallways, and he wasnt sure which way he should head. He again trusted his first instincts and went right. There was only one door at the end and he nudged it open, peering in. There was a closet on the left side and the door was open, the artist standing in the doorway with his back to Jaejoong. -go on, then, shoot, he heard Yunho saying. He inched further into the room and just saw over the guys shoulder. Yunho was standing in the closet with his hands clutched around the frame of a painting, and the artist had a rifle aimed at his head. Freeze! Jaejoong yelled, flicking the safety on his pistol off. The artist spun around, eyes wide, and cursed. ----So youre a forger? Yunho said, hoping hed understood right. The guy nodded, head in his hands. Yeah. People commission copies, I do it. Its not really illegal, right? I mean, its not like Im passing them off as genuine. And plus, I always add something little that would make it obvious to any art critic that its a fake. Like what? Jaejoong asked. He tapped the painting lying on the table it was a copy of Jins painting that Yunho had found in the closet. Whats in this? Well this was a sixteenth century artwork, the guy said. And if you look closely right here, he said, pointing to a spot in the far left corner, See? Theres a television antenna there. Hardly sixteenth century technology, Jaejoong said dryly.

Exactly. Yunho had been quiet, and then suddenly he swung his bag off his shoulder, unzipping it. He pulled out the painting Jaejoong had stolen from Jin (hed insisted it wasnt safe to leave it in the hotel) and unrolled it. This, he said, words leaving his tongue in a rush. Is this yours? Is it fake? The guys eyebrows furrowed and he leant closer. Yeah, definitely mine, he said after a moment. Yunhos eyes narrowed. You nearly got yourself killed for a fake, he snapped at Jaejoong. Jaejoong held up his hands. Hey, not my fault! I didnt know it was a fake. And you know whats interesting? Neither did Jin. Yunho turned back to the artist. We have it under our belief that you sold this painting on the black market. Is this correct? What? the guy exclaimed. No! Of course not. Like I said, people commission my work. I dont try selling them as genuine! Who commissioned this, then? I dont know. She didnt give details and she was willing to pay enough that I didnt mind not asking, he said. But she was definitely foreign, her Japanese was really bad. So if you didnt get her details, how did you get the work to her? She said she had friends who were picking it up for her. She told me where to leave it, and I dropped it off there. And before you ask, no, I didnt see anyone suspicious there. Where did she have you drop it off? It was some park thing a little way out of town. Doubt thered be any security cameras close enough to have caught anything, Jaejoong said to Yunho. Probably not. Yunho heaved a sigh and then said, I was kind of looking forwards to a level two case, get to relax a little. This is bullshit. Tell me about it, Jaejoong muttered. He got to his feet and turned to say to the artist briefly, Well be in touch if we need anything before heading for the door, Yunho by his side. W-wait! the guy stuttered. Youre notIm not being charged for forging this? Yunho turned to look at him and scoffed. We have more important things to worry about than you copying a few paintings, dont worry. The artist looked relieved as they headed out of his shop, and Jaejoong was

drawn into his own thoughts. Yunho hailed a cab and only when they got in did Jaejoong finally speak. So if the painting Jin bought was a fake, he said slowly, Then the painting sold on the black market was a fake. Yunho blinked. Did you really need to take time to work that out? Jaejoong ignored the jibe. And if the painting sold on the black market was the painting that was stolen from Dongwook, then Yunhos eyebrows furrowed. But he thought that painting was genuine, he said, Or else he wouldnt have been so riled up about it. Exactly. So what the hell is going on here? Yunho groaned, rubbing his forehead. I have no fucking idea.

CHAPTER ELEVEN (Your mood swings are giving me whiplash.) Jaejoong and Yunho were quiet on the drive back to the hotel, both absorbed in their own thoughts. The twist with the case had thrown them completely off, and Jaejoong was trying to think of anything logical to explain what had happened. Hey Yunho suddenly said, trailing off. Jaejoong turned to look at him expectantly. What? Is your hand okay? Jaejoong blinked. Yeah, its fine. Why wouldnt it be? Just, this morning, yknow, Yunho said. I guess I didnt really think about your hand when I was tying you up. Sorry. The cabdriver shot them a weird look in the rear vision mirror. Jaejoong rolled his eyes. Can you stop changing between caring and perverted? Your mood swings are giving me whiplash. Which one would be more likely to get me into your pants? Yunho asked with a smirk. Jaejoong sighed. Back to perverted. Okay, okay, Yunho said. Ill drop it. Sure you will, Jaejoong muttered disbelievingly. The taxi pulled up at the curb outside their hotel and they got out, Jaejoong limping slightly on his way to the door. Whats wrong with your leg? Yunho asked.

Eh, nothing really, Jaejoong shrugged. I think I just strained myself a bit the other night. Yunho muttered something under his breath and shot Jaejoong a dark look that screamed I told you so. Jaejoong just grinned. So what do you think is going on with this case? Jaejoong asked, lowering his voice as they stepped into the hotel lobby. Im not sure, but it seems like something dodgy has gone on back in Korea before Jin bought that fake, Yunho said. His eyes narrowed as he glanced around the lobby and he leant closer till his lips were pressed against Jaes ear and whispered, Does that guy look familiar to you? Jaejoong glanced around subtly and located the man Yunho was talking about. He was in a nondescript jean and button-up combo with aviators perched on his nose and a mobile phone pressed to his ear. Should he? I dont know, Yunho hedged. Justsomething feels wrong here, dont you think? Yunho and Jaejoong passed the lounge where the guy was sitting. The guys eyes followed them for a moment and Yunho glanced over his shoulder when he and Jaejoong were at the elevator to see him muttering something into the phone. I think youre paranoid, Jaejoong laughed as they stepped into the elevator. Yunho shook his head slightly. Im not, he murmured. Theres something weird here. Jaejoong just snorted and got out as the elevator stopped at their floor. Sure, sure. We should go call Changmin, let him know how were going. I dont know if theres much more we can do here anymore. Yunho didnt respond, and his steps were slow and measured as he walked down the hall. Jaejoong reached their door and began rummaging for their key in his bag when Yunho put a hand on his shoulder, stopping him. Did you hear that? he hissed. Hear what? Jaejoong asked, perplexed. Yunho, seriously, calm down. He slid the key into the slot and twisted it, the door making a resounding click noise as it unlocked. Jaejoong reached for the doorknob and was again stopped by Yunho. Oh for gods sake, what is it this time? Jaejoong asked, looking more than a little irritated. Its better to be safe than sorry, isnt it? Yunho said. He held an arm in front of Jaejoong, shielding him behind his body. We look like idiots, Jaejoong muttered, and they kind of did, standing by the side of their door. Ssh, Yunho said. He reached forwards and slowly turned the doorknob. He nudged the door open with his foot and then jerked back, standing away to the side.

The door finally fell open, and just as Jaejoong was about to walk into the room, a bullet shot from inside and lodged itself firmly in the wall across from their door. Jaejoong and Yunho stood still for a moment, shock rooting them to the spot, and then Yunho yelled RUN! Jaejoong didnt need to be told twice; he turned on his heel and sprinted back down the hall, mind still catching up with the situation. Yunho was hot on his heels, so close Jaejoong could almost feel him breathing down his neck. Shit, Yunho cursed, and Jaejoong glanced over his shoulder to see four bulky guys running down the hall after them, their size unfortunately not slowing them down. Jaejoong realised that he would have absolutely no chance of fighting one of them off if they got their over-muscled arms around him, and he somehow forced his legs faster, feeling his thighs ache in protest. The elevator was looming closer, and if they could just get in, they could get to the lobby and make a dash, thenThe elevator doors slid open and another two guys came out, one being the one Yunho had spotted in the lobby. Jaejoong and Yunho veered left down another corridor at the same time. Faster, Jae! Yunho yelled, as he began to inch forwards, overtaking Jae. Jaejoong was already panting, and he thought maybe Yunho had been right when hed suggested that he had low stamina. Y-Yunho, Jaejoong breathed, hair falling in his face. He impatiently brushed it out and tried to block out the sound of twelve thudding footsteps close behind them. The stairs, Yunho said, and he sped up, heading towards a door on the right. Jaejoong followed him through, the emergency stairs sign swinging on the door as they slammed it hard. The air in the stairwell was cold, and the walls were narrow. They began running down the stairs, both of them jumping two at a time in their haste. They reached the landing, turned left and then continued down. Quicker, quicker, Yunho chanted, his legs speeding up impossibly. Jaejoong gasped, not sure if his legs could physically go any faster. Cmon Jae! Theyll beat us down! Jaejoong wasnt sure how Yunho still had enough breath to form proper sentences, but he heeded his words and pushed his body further. They turned another sharp corner at the landing, and then Jaejoong let out a noise of panic and frustration as they saw two more men thundering up the stairs towards them. How many fucking henchmen does Jin have! Yunho groaned. He spun around, half considering running all the way back up, but then he saw three of the guys from the group that had been chasing them coming down. What do we do! Jaejoong snapped, his heart thumping erratically in his chest. Fuck! Yunho took a calming breath. We stay still, he said in an undertone to Jae. Just stand right here. He grabbed hold of the banister, and Jaejoong wasnt sure what Yunho was planning, so he copied his movement.

Stand still? Thats your genius plan? he said, voice rising in pitch. Follow my lead, Yunho whispered into his ear. He glanced up the stairs, and then down; the guys coming from the top were still a while away, but the ones coming from the bottom were getting closer. And then, just as the guys reached the landing ten steps down from them, just as Jaejoongs heart felt ready to explode Yunho hissed Jump! and launched himself up and over the stair banister. Jaejoong was again frozen in shock for a moment, but then hands were reaching for him and he launched himself up and into the air. It was the most bizarre, stomach-dropping sensation; free-falling through the air, wanting to shut his eyes but unable to, watching the colours blur as they sped past him. And then he could see Yunhos body rushing up to meet him and he fell on him hard. Yunho grunted underneath him, cushioning his body on the stairs. Up, Yunho muttered, shoving Jaejoong off his lap. No time, again. Jaejoong didnt quite get the meaning until Yunho launched himself over the banister yet again, skipping down another flight of stairs. With a groan Jae followed, his head feeling dizzy and the joints in his left leg grinding angrily. He almost felt like he was going to throw up, and he couldnt open his eyes as he fell to the ground. The impact wasnt what hed expected it to be, and his eyes fluttered open to find himself wrapped in Yunhos arms, the younger having somehow grabbed him before he hit the ground, cushioning him once more. Were nearly at the bottom, Yunho whispered encouragingly, and Jaejoong had no fucking idea how close the men following them were, so he didnt even bother waiting for Yunho to jump, just flung himself over the last barrister between him and freedom. JAEJOONG! Yunho yelled, cursing before following him over. He watched on in sickened captivation as Jaejoongs body hurtled towards the bottom of the staircase and hit it with a bone-crunching thud. Yunho threw himself down and landed much more gracefully on all fours, scrambling down to where Jaejoong was lying, eyes shut and groaning awkwardly on the stairs. Fuck, Jaejoong, he muttered, Get up! Jaejoong grunted and tried to stand up. He stumbled, his ankle twisting beneath him and he slammed into the wall before falling to his knees. He tried to speak, to say something, but the second he opened his mouth, vomit was spilling out. Aw, gross, Yunho groaned, his stomach churning at the sight. Jaejoong let out a pathetic whimper and fell to the side, thankfully not landing in his own pool of spew. Yunhos head snapped up, but the thugs were still a few floors above, their stair-jumping having given them quite an advantage. Dont give up on me now, Joongie, Yunho encouraged, patting his back. We can do this, lets go. He grabbed Jaejoong under the armpits and heaved him up, trying to get him on his feet. Jaejoongs eyes fluttered open, his head still spinning from all the jumping. He staggered upright, and Yunho breathed a sigh

of relief that he hadnt cracked his spine or anything. Can you walk? Jaejoong nodded and took a shaky step forwards. His ankle rolled underneath him again and he only stayed upright because Yunho caught him. Jaejoong shook his head. Cmon, Ill carry you. Jaejoong shook his head again. Go, he said softly. Go on without me. Yunho cocked an eyebrow. Dont be so dramatic, Jae. You twisted your ankle, you didnt get shot in the head. He grabbed Jaejoong around the waist and threw him over his shoulder like he was a bag of potatoes, Jaejoongs legs whacking against his chest and his chin hitting Yunhos back. Yah! Jaejoong muttered weakly as Yunho pushed his way past the bottom stair door, finally getting out into the lobby. Dont. Be quiet, Yunho instructed as he began running across the lobby, slowed down slightly thanks to Jaes weight. There were gasps around the lobby as he and Jae crossed it, but he ignored the stares and ran faster when staff began coming for them. He heard the stair door open again as the thugs made it to the lobby, and he pushed himself faster. The door was nearly there, looming closerAnother of Jins men ran in from the opposite direction, blocking the door. Yunho hesitated, wondering what he should do, but then Jaejoong said Keep going! Run! He didnt need to think about whether he should trust Jaes judgement; he ran straight forwards, speeding up as he approached the guy. And then, just as there was an inch between them, Jaejoong kicked his leg out, hitting the guy square in the face. Yunho laughed victoriously and jumped over the mans slumped body. As they finally made it out onto the street, he could feel Jaes chest vibrating with laughter against his back. He ran across the busy road, ignoring the cars beeping at them, and pulled open the door of a taxi waiting. Just drive, he instructed as he threw Jae into the backseat and slid in beside him. ----Youre an idiot, Jaejoong groaned, lying on the bed of a shitty motel on the outskirts of the red-light district. Yeah, lets jump the stairs, thats a great idea! You were doing fine until you decided to jump before me, Yunho scoffed. You shouldve waited, I wouldve caught you. Sure you wouldve, he muttered. Did I not catch you on the other jumps? Yunho challenged, flopping down on the bed beside Jaejoong. Valid point, Jae accepted a little reluctantly. It was pretty smart, he

admitted. You froze up, Yunho commented. When we were running away, you were totally freaked out. Why? Jaejoong sighed. Im not good in situations like that. Yoochun and I, well, we usually dont have gangs of thugs chasing us, he laughed weakly. Yunho grinned. And this is why Im a rank higher than you. Jaejoong rolled his eyes. Thank you, anyway. For, you know, saving me. Again. No problems. Just dont go making too much of a habit of being the damsel in distress, okay? Im not cut out fore this much hard work, he smiled. No smugness or sleaziness, not even the hint of a smirk. Jaejoong felt himself smiling in return. Is your stomach still upset? Yunho asked. Not dizzy now? I think Ive got some painkillers somewhere if you want them. Nah, Im okay, Jaejoong said, waving his hand dismissively. But we should call Changmin. Ah, yeah, thats right. Hold on, Ill go call him now, Yunho said, grabbing his phone as he got to his feet. Why cant you call him here? Jaejoong asked, raising an eyebrow. Just relax, Yunho insisted. Its bad enough that I made you jump down three flights of stairs, made you vomit and twist your ankle. Jaejoong rolled his eyes but didnt protest, just laid back and closed his eyes. He didnt want to think about that bullet that shouldve lodged itself in his head instead of the wall, didnt want to think about how many bones he couldve broken. He pressed his hands to his eyes, and somewhere along the way he mustve drifted off, because the next thing he knew, Yunho was hovering over him, tucking him in. Whats the news? he murmured sleepily, rolling over, still half-unconscious. Well be on a plane out of here in a week, Yunho told him. Until then, we lay low. Now go to sleep. Kay, Jaejoong groaned, sleep already creeping up on him. And he thought maybe before his eyes slid shut, Yunho leant down and pressed a soft kiss to his forehead but by the time he realised that, he was already asleep.

CHAPTER TWELVE (So, Yunho asked as he flopped himself down on Jaes bed. In the mood for that morning sex today?) When Jaejoong woke up in the morning, the bed felt unusually cold. He rolled over to find the other side empty, and he shot up, wondering where Yunho was.

Yunho? he called, sliding out of bed. He checked the bathroom but that too was empty. He couldnt help but wonder if something had happened, if Jins men had caught up them and taken Yunho during the night. He hesitantly pushed the door open and shuffled into the corridor, peering out. Yunho? he called again. The door next to Jaes opened and Yunho stuck his head out. Oh? Youre awake already? Jaes eyebrows furrowed. Why are you in there? Well, I presumed youd want to sleep in separate rooms, so I booked two. Oh, Jaejoong said. Yeah. Right. Yunho smirked. Why, are you lonely without me? Jaejoong rolled his eyes. How did you know? He turned back into his room but didnt stop Yunho as he followed him in, still in the clothes hed worn last night. So, Yunho asked as he flopped himself down on Jaes bed. In the mood for that morning sex today? Nope, Jaejoong replied easily, deciding it was best to just ignore Yunhos teasing. He played with the band of his jeans, glancing around and then realising, Fuck! All our stuff is at the other hotel! You just noticed? Yunho asked wryly. But- but I had thousands of dollars worth of clothes! Jaejoong stressed. Aigo~ It was hardly like we couldve walked in and packed our suitcases, Yunho said, rolling his eyes. Dont worry. Im sure Changmin will refund you for everything you lost. Jaejoong looked at him blankly and then said, Are you kidding me? He would never do that. Hes done that for me before, Yunho shrugged. Someones playing favourites, Jaejoong muttered. Anyway, what am I supposed to do? I dont have any clothes to wear now! Eh, there must be somewhere nearby we can buy some clothes from, Yunho said. Do we even have anything to buy them with? Jaejoong asked sceptically. Of course. I still had my bag with me before we went to the hotel, so I have my phone, wallet and the painting. The painting! Oh god, I nearly forgot that, Jaejoong said, slapping a hand to his forehead.

Doesnt matter, seeing as its a fake anyway, Yunho pointed out. Yeah, I still dont get that, Jaejoong said, sitting down beside Yunho. I mean, Im nearly one hundred percent sure Dongwook had the original. But how did Jin end up with his hands on the fake one? Maybe Dongwook is smarter than were giving him credit for, Yunho suggested. Maybe he had a fake made and put on display in case anyone tried to steal it. I dont know, he seems too vain to do something like that. Plus he would've told us not to bother recovering it, Jaejoong murmured, stroking his chin thoughtfully. Unless Unless what? Unless its all a diversion, Jaejoong said, eyebrows furrowing as he tried to sort out his own thoughts. Someone stole the original and then sold the fake to lead us on a goose chase. Who would do that, though? Yunho asked. God, I hate having no suspects. Other than Jungmin, potentially, Jaejoong reminded him. I dont believe Dongwook, Yunho said firmly. I dont think Jungmin was involved. We havent really looked into his claims, though, Jaejoong pointed out. Yunho shook his head. Its not him. Well then, who? Jaejoong asked, exasperated. "It would've had to be someone close to Dongwook," Yunho said, "To be able to get past all his security systems and passwords." Maybe thats how Jungmin was involved, Jaejoong suggested. Maybe he was blackmailed into helping the thief get in. But then why was he killed? Yunho asked. Wouldnt the thief have just threatened him into keeping his mouth shut instead of drawing unnecessary attention to the case by murdering him? The thief might not have had any intention to go through with the blackmail, Jaejoong replied. If the threat was something against Jungmins wife, well, he might not have method nor means to get to her. In the heat of the moment, killing him might have seemed worth the risk, Yunho agreed, nodding slightly. They sat in silence for a moment and then Jaejoong sighed, Were still no closer to finding the thief than we were when we left Korea. Sure we are, Yunho said encouragingly. We know its not Jin, we know the painting sold was a fake and that the original is still out there somewhere, and we knowuh

Jaejoong just grinned smugly, and Yunho exclaimed, Hey, its better than nothing, isnt it? Yeah, yeah, sure. Now what are we going to do about clothes? ----Yunho rolled over in bed, wondering what he should do tomorrow. He had a whole week to annoy the crap of out Jae, and there was nowhere the other could escape to. He'd had plenty of fun that day, going shopping with Jae and forcing him to try on slutty outfits for his personal enjoyment "research purposes", and pointing out all the dodgy love-motels with suggestive winks. He briefly contemplated if Jaejoong would have sex with him out of sheer boredom, but dismissed that as wishful thinking. He was in the middle of considering the consequences of sneaking in while Jae was in the shower when there was an impatient knocking at his door and it was pushed open. Yunho shot up in bed, just managing to make out Jaes silhouette in the doorway. Jaejoong? Yunho, he said softly, his voice breaking. Yunho reached over and switched on the lamp, eyebrows furrowing. Jaejoong looked on the verge of tears. Jaejoong? he said again. Whats wrong? I he began. Yoochun, he, he tried, but broke off, throat closing around the words. Come here, Yunho said, holding out his arms in invitation, half-expecting Jaejoong to refuse. To his surprise, Jae closed the door behind him and flung himself into Yunhos arms. Hang on, Yunho muttered. He shifted over and pulled Jaejoong into bed, under the covers. Now, he said, pulling back to look Jae in the eyes. Tell me whats wrong. Jaejoong shook his head and buried himself in Yunhos chest, hiding away from the question. Just shut up and hug me. Yunho was worried about Jaejoong, but he couldnt help the way his heart jumped in his chest at the thought that he was the one Jaejoong came running to. Only because youre the only one he knows in the entire country, a voice in the back of his mind whispered. He ignored it and wrapped his arms protectively around Jaejoong's shoulders. After a few moments, Jae whispered, Yoochuns in hospital. He was pushed from a balcony while he was working with Siwon. Oh, crap, Yunho muttered. Iswill he be okay? They dont know. Jae, I- I dont know what to say, Yunho hedged.

What if he dies? Jaejoong asked emptily. What if he dies and I never even get to say goodbye? Relax, Yunho said. Go to sleep, and Ill take care of it all, okay? Jaejoong snorted. Theres nothing you can do. Just sleep, Yunho insisted. Jaejoong sighed softly. Whatever. Yunho made to get out of bed but Jae grabbed his arm. I came in here because I didnt want to sleep alone, pabo. Yunho grinned and settled in beside Jaejoong. Jae's arms were wound tight around his shoulders, refusing to let go, and Yunho wondered if someone had come and taken the real Jaejoong, switched him for this complacent, needy one. Yunho hesitantly stroked Jaejoong's hair, his other arm lying limp, scared that if he touched Jae he'd be slapped. But when he felt Jaejoong's chest begin to shake as the first tears finally fell, he couldn't help it, and his arms slid around the elder's waist, hugging him close. He waited until Jae fell asleep before getting out and grabbing his phone. Yah, hyung, I need to ask a big favour. ----Jaejoong was pulled awake by hands rattling his shoulders. He groaned and glanced over to the alarm clock. What the hell Yunho? Its two a.m. Ive already got our things, lets go, Yunho murmured. Go where? Jaejoong asked sleepily, rubbing his eyes. The airport. Our plane leaves in an hour. What? Jaejoong asked, more alert as he sat up. I thought Changmin couldnt get us a flight for another six days? Well, I pulled some strings. So are you coming or not?

CHAPTER THIRTEEN (Well I thought if you were in need of a little comfort you might go and try to find said comfort in Yunhos pants.) As soon as the plane touched down in Korea, Yunho and Jaejoong headed for the hospital Yoochun was at. You dont have to come, Jaejoong said to Yunho as he got into one of the cabs waiting in the ranks. You should go home. Nonsense, Yunho said briskly, nudging Jae into the taxi and sliding in beside him. Ill go too.

Really, Jaejoong said, rolling his eyes, Theres no need. If it wasnt for me, you wouldve died twice in the last few days. I think theres definitely need, Yunho reminded him. Thugs arent going to attack me in the hospital lobby, Jaejoong grinned, glad that Yunho distracted him from thinking of Yoochun. Better to be safe than sorry, Yunho said, with a tone of finality. ----When they got to the hospital, it took a few minutes to find Yoochuns room. Jaejoong walked in, with Yunho still by his side, and was surprised when he found Junsu sitting in a chair by his bed. Su? Whatre you doing here? Junsus head snapped up to meet Jaes eyes. Hy-hyung! he stuttered, lurching to his feet, and Yunho supposed that this was Jaejoongs younger brother. I thought you werent coming back until next week! We got an earlier flight as soon as Changmin rang and told me about the accident, Jaejoong said. He pulled his brother into a hug, sighing into his shoulder. I missed you. Junsu patted Jaejoong on the back hesitantly, making frantic eyes at Yunho over his shoulder. Yunho quirked an eyebrow, confused. I, uh, missed you too, Joongie. Jaejoong pulled back from Junsu to look at Yoochun. He was unconscious, drips running into his arm and a monitor watching over his steady heartbeat. God, Chunnie, he murmured, walking over to where Junsu had been sitting and running a hand down Yoochun's cheek. The doctors said hell be okay, Junsu said with a reassuring smile. "He just needs a bit of sleep." Jaejoong nodded tersely, and Yunho could tell from the determined set of his brow that he wouldnt take anyones word for it until Yoochun opened his eyes. Jaejoong paused, turning from Yoochun to look at Junsu as he asked, Whatre you doing here anyway, dongsaeng? Um, you know, justhanging out, haha, Junsu laughed awkwardly, rubbing the back of his neck. Jaejoong tilted his head to the side, suspicious. How did you find out about this, anyway? Changmin wouldnt have rung you, would he? Oh, see, the thing is Junsu began hesitantly. He shot a look at Yunho out of the corner of his eyes and, well, Yunho always had been a sucker for those desperate help me looks. Ah, the games up Su, Yunho said with a pitying shake of his head, copying the nickname Jaejoong had used. Theres no point lying now. Jaejoong crossed his arms over his chest and turned to face Yunho

challengingly. Whats this? Yunho sighed heavily, kneading his forehead. Look, its justyou were so worried the other night and I didnt know what to do, so I rang Su and asked him to come in and look after Yoochun until we got here. Jaejoongs eyes softened. Aw, you didnt have to do that, he murmured, turning to look at Junsu. Junsu laughed. Its nothing, hyung, dont worry. Jaejoong smiled thankfully before turning to Yoochun, another sigh escaping his lips. He sat down in the seat Junsu had been previously occupying and took Yoochuns hand. Junsu sidled over to Yunho. Thanks, he whispered into his ear, low enough that Jaejoong didnt hear them. No problem, Yunho replied. Sorry, I missed your name. Oh, Im Junsu, he grinned. And I supposed youre the infamous Jung Yunho? My reputation precedes me, Yunho smirked. Its nice to meet you. You, too, Junsu returned. And, uh, just between usdid you and Jae, you know? Junsu wiggled his eyebrows. Yunho snorted quietly. Well I guess thats all the answer I need, Junsu muttered. Anyway, Yunho said, wanting to change the subject, Wanna tell me whats going on with you and Yoochun? Junsu blushed lightly. You know what they say. When the cats away Yunho laughed, and Jaejoong glanced over his shoulder at the pair. Yah, Yunho, are you corrupting my brother? Hah! Yunho exclaimed. Your brother is far from inn-mmf. Junsu laughed, high-pitched and nervous, as he clapped a hand to Yunhos mouth. Hes been telling me all about the fun you two had in Japan. Jaejoongs eyes narrowed. Tch. Dont listen to anything he says, Su, hes delusional. He turned back around, and Junsu released Yunhos mouth with a self-satisfied smirk. Youre a pretty cool guy, Junsu, Yunho grinned. Likewise, Yunho. -----

A few hours later, the door opened and Changmin and Siwon came through. Changmin paused, looking slowly between Yunho and Jaejoong. Whatre you two doing here? You didnt tell him? Jaejoong asked Yunho with narrowed eyes. Yunho scratched the back of his head. Well, uhyou know, I was kinda busy, what with trying to get us on a last minute plane and all Jaejoong opened his mouth to retort, but Junsu cut him off as he whined, Cut him some slack, hyung, he did you a huge favour. Jaejoong pursed his lips but turned away silently nonetheless. Changmin grinned. Hes not snapping back anyway? Wow, Yunho, youve trained him well. Its amazing what a good spanking now and then can do, Yunho nodded sagely. He watched on in utter enjoyment as Jaejoongs cheeks flushed with colour, his lips twitching into a sneer. Aw, dont tease him guys, a smooth voice said, and Jaejoong glanced over his shoulder to find Siwon smiling at him. He smiled back, his scowl dissipating from his face immediately. Hey Siwon. Jae, Siwon greeted with a nod. Howre you? Id be better if I wasnt practically joined at the hip to this guy, he muttered, jerking his thumb towards Yunho. You? Siwon smiled. Yeah, Im pretty okay. His smile suddenly fell and he added, Really, Im so sorry about what happened to Yoochun. Its not your fault, Jaejoong said dismissively. Yeah, but if he had been working with you, I bet this never would have happened. Jaejoong shrugged. It couldve, though. Su says he'll be fine, anyway. He will be, Jae, Junsu said. He broke his arm, and had a slight concussion, but it wasnt anything serious. Jaejoongs eyebrows crept towards his hairline. Really? The injuries were that light? Well, what do you expect? You cant get that seriously hurt falling off a second-floor balcony, Junsu laughed. Junsus laughter trailed off awkwardly and silence descended upon the room as Jaejoong blinked very, very slowly. Hehe fell of a second-floor balcony? he repeated flatly. Uhyes?

I was freaking out and thinking he was going to dieand he fell off a secondfloor balcony? Ahwell, I suppose you could think of it like that. YOU! Jaejoong yelled, getting to his feet and turning to point accusingly at Changmin. Why didnt you tell me it was such a minor injury? You never asked, Changmin argued. And I hardly thought you were going to fly back here just because Chun hurt himself. Youre not his mother. Aish! he exclaimed, exasperated. But you said, and I quote the doctors arent sure if hell make it. What. The. Hell? Well I thought if you were in need of a little comfort you might go and try to find said comfort in Yunhos pants, Changmin replied evenly, as though his logic was perfect. Jaejoong slapped a hand to his forehead. Get out. All of you. Just get out. Changmin rolled his eyes and muttered something under his breath that sounded awfully like princess before turning and walking from the room. Junsu followed unsurely, and Yunho lingered at the door, not quite wanting to leave. Dont stress, Jae, Siwon said, and he pulled Jaejoong into a hug. You know what Mins like. Jaejoong sighed heavily and returned the hug. Thanks. Anytime, Siwon said, squeezing Jae before letting go. He brushed past Yunho as he headed out into the corridor and Yunhos eyes narrowed, jealousy rushing through him. So what, Siwon swans in here and says a few nice words and hes a hero? I fucking saved Jaes ass twice and caught him when he was jumping down stairs and got him a plane back here and all I get is snarky words. What the fuck? Jaejoong glanced up to see Yunho still standing by the door. Whatre you Im going, so save it, Yunho snapped, balling his fists as he stormed from the room. ----In the early hours of the next morning when it was still dark outside, Jaejoong woke up from where hed fallen asleep in the chair by Yoochuns bed. He was confused when he opened his eyes and found his face against a brown leather. He pulled black slightly, recognising it as Yunhos jacket. His eyebrows furrowed as he wondered when Yunho had put that over him. A light snore interrupted his thoughts and he glanced down to find Yunho slumped against the leg of his chair, sound asleep. Pabo, he muttered, unconsciously reaching down to stroke his fingers through Yunhos hair. Why didn't you go home?" He remembered Yunho's angry words from earlier, and wondered if it was his fault somehow. He worried his

bottom lip as he strained to think of anything he'd done which would've pissed him off. When he realised that he was carressing Yunho's hair still, he snatched his hand away. Aish, whats wrong with me

CHAPTER FOURTEEN (Youre a half-decent guy, Yunho, somewhere underneath all that grease.) The doctors kept Yoochun in hospital for a while, making sure there were no after-effects of the hard hit to his head, and so it wasnt until two days later when Yoochun was discharged that Jaejoong finally went home. He hadnt had a decent meal since hed left Japan, but nor had he really had a proper nights sleep, curled up in the hospital chairs. His bed seemed more inviting than the instant ramen packs in the pantry so he collapsed under the covers as soon as he got home. When he was pulled from unconsciousness the next morning, it seemed much too early. Five more minutes, Yunho, he muttered, rolling over and burying his head in the pillow. But then his ears finally registered the beeping noise coming from his alarm and he sat up, rubbing at his eyes as he remembered he was at home and Yunho was most definitely not in bed with him. Sighing, he slammed the snooze button on his alarm not that hed be able to get back to sleep now, anyway. He flopped back against his pillow, shielding his eyes from the bright morning sun filtering through his window. I wonder if Yunho got a good nights sleep, he wondered. Yunho had stayed with him at the hospital for the whole two days, despite Jaejoong telling him he should go home. And hed definitely got the short end of the stick, because although the chair by Chuns bed wasnt much, it was certainly better than Yunhos makeshift bed against Jaes legs. Psscht. Idiot shouldnt have stayed with me. Jaejoong couldnt for the life of him fathom why Yunho hadnt gone home, but he was thankful for it. Yunho had kept him as entertained as he possibly could be in a hospital room. It was pretty nice of him, he grudgingly admitted. But then when he really thought about it, Yunho had done a lot of nice things for him. Because as much as Jaejoong might like to whinge and bitch and deny it, Yunho had undoubtedly saved his life twice. Hed told him to jump and then caught him and clearly subconsciously, he realised, he already trusted Yunho then, because it wasnt every day someone told him to jump over a banister and he did it without hesitation. And then it was the small things, like giving up the bed for him and fixing his hand, not to mention pulling off a miracle and getting them an earlier flight. And if he was being honest, his jealousy of Seunghyun had been kind of cute. Shit. Have I been too harsh on him? He bit into his bottom lip as he rolled onto his side, staring blankly at the wall as though it would provide him with answers.

He didnt like to think of himself as a mean person; he was never purposely bitchy to someone unless he had reason to be. And the thought that maybe hed misjudged Yunho completely and been unwilling to look past his first impression had him nervous. No, no, he tried to convince himself, Yunhos a pervert. Hes flirtatious and dirty and forces himself on me. Its not like he should expect me to like him. But Yoochun flirts with you, Yoochun gropes you, a voice in the back of his mind whispered. You dont seem to have a problem with that, do you? Thats different. Hes my friend. Yunho cant be your friend? That thought stumped him. Why couldnt he be friends with Yunho? The younger had already used that word to describe them once before. It was no big deal, right? He could be Yunhos friend and still be allowed to hate certain parts of him, couldnt he? Even if Yunho wanted to be more than friends (although Jaejoong doubted whether Yunho genuinely wanted anything more than a quick fuck from him), that didnt mean it had to be an all-or-nothing scenario. Jaejoong could be nice to him without having to bend over for him. And then he thought of Yunhos arms warm around him when all hed really needed was a hug, and he nodded to himself resolutely. Ill be his friend. Thats the least I can do. ----Yunho was heading for his office when he spotted Jaes back retreating down the corridor, going in the opposite direction. He immediately back-tracked and ran to catch up to him. Morning, sexy, he leered as he fell into place beside Jaejoong. Hey, Yunho, Jaejoong replied. Miss me in bed last night? he teased, preparing himself for the eye roll and the pursed lips. But Jaejoong laughed actually laughed and Yunhos step faltered. Did hedid he really just do what I think he did? Yunho jogged towards Jae, covering the gap that had appeared between them. Is that a mirror in your pocket? he asked, testing Jae's reaction. Because I can see myself in your pants. Youre so lame, Jaejoong grinned. Youreyoure smiling! Yunho exclaimed, eyes wide in absolute shock. Its not like you havent seen me smile before, Jaejoong pointed out amusedly. No, seriously, Yunho said, planting himself firmly in front of Jaejoong and preventing him from walking any further. Who are you?

Jaejoong blinked. Um, me? Nuh-uh, Yunho said, shaking his head. The Jaejoong I know would never laugh when I hit on him. Never. Well maybe you just didnt know that Jaejoong very well, Jae suggested, sidestepping past Yunho. Oh my god, is this for real? Yunho asked. Are youare you being nice to me? With an exasperated sigh, Jaejoong turned to face Yunho. Look, Im sorry. I may have been a little harsh on you. Joongie, Yunho said seriously, The first of April was a long time ago. Youve missed your cue completely. Jaejoong just smiled. Youre a half-decent guy, Yunho, somewhere underneath all that grease. And then Yunho smiled the biggest, goofiest smile Jaejoong had ever seen. Jae laughed and continued walking. Well, I guess I half-thank you, Yunho replied, with a certain spring in his step that he was sure no one was going to take away from him all day. In his bravery, he groped Jaes ass something he hadnt done in a while. He missed the feeling of that softness beneath his fingertips. Aigo, Jaejoong groaned, elbowing Yunho away from him with narrowed eyes. Dont push it. ----Junsu groaned as his back finally hit the mattress, his chest rising and falling heavily. I thought the doctor said no physically strenuous exercise, Junsu said as Yoochun fell down beside him, skin shining with sweat. Yoochun grinned wolfishly, his left arm still in a sling. No has never been a word thats stopped me before. Junsu rolled his eyes. Rebel. You love it, he grinned. Junsu cuddled into his side and they were silent for a moment before he asked, When are we telling Jae? Junsu sighed. Lets not talk about Jaejoong. We have to, Su, Yoochun insisted. Im fucking my best friends off-limits brother, we cant not talk about it. Hes hardly going to be supportive of us, Junsu said, rolling away from Yoochun. I know. We need to break it to him in the most delicate way possible. If we pick it when his mood is right then he might Junsu snorted, cutting Yoochun off. That wont make a difference. Theres only

one way to go about this. And that is? Blackmail, Junsu said seriously. And I think I know just how to do it

CHAPTER FIFTEEN (Take me home, Jaejoong murmured, and for a moment, Yunhos heart stopped.) When Jaejoong got home, he threw his bag down and headed for the bedroom before Junsu could even say hello. Why the rush, hyung? Junsu asked, following him. Going out, Jaejoong said as he quickly stripped off, throwing his clothes across the room. With who? Junsu asked, wiggling his eyebrows. Yunho? No, Jaejoong scoffed, before correcting, Well, yes, actually. Changmins taking our department out for drinks. Oh, okay. I suppose Yoochuns going? Junsu asked casually. Jaejoong cocked an eyebrow. Yeah. Why? No reason, just wondering, Junsu replied airily. Jaejoong hummed under his breath as he picked up his black jeans and his blue, caught with the same decision as when hed left for Japan. He hesitated only briefly before pulling on the black ones, pairing them with a low v-neck striped shirt. Do I look good? he asked Junsu, spinning around. Of course, hyung. Trying to impress someone? Junsu asked innocently, coughing Yunho under his breath. Jaejoong rolled his eyes. Honestly, Su. There was the sound of a car beeping from the driveway and Jaejoong pressed a swift kiss to Sus cheek. Thatll be Changmin. Ive got to go, bye. ----Yunhos eyes widened when Changmin and Jaejoong approached the bar, joining the other guys. Jaejoongs jeans hugged his body like a second skin, and his ass looked even better than usual. His shirt was a low cut, and Yunho could too vividly recall what those abs had felt like under his fingertips, the way his nipples had hardened under his touch. Jae smiled at Yunho, waving. Yunho slid along the bar, closer to Jae. You look hot, he whispered against his ear.

Jaejoong cocked an eyebrow. Dont I always? Yunho grinned. Should I rephrase that? You always look hot, but right now you look downright fuckable. Sorry babe, Jaejoong smirked, and for a moment Yunho was stunned into silence that Jae had called him babe. But you and me wont be happening now or ever. Yunho laughed and draped an arm around his shoulders, quietly celebrating that Jaejoong didnt shrug the touch off. By the end of the night youll be begging me to take you home. You know, Im getting this sense of dj vu, Jaejoong said. I seem to recall us in a club before, but I dont remember us going home together. Ouch, Yunho said, holding a hand to his heart. That hurt. Jaejoong smiled. Buy me a drink, he demanded. Yunho rolled his eyes but slid some cash across the counter and ordered two beers. He grabbd the drinks and followed Jae into a booth where Siwon, Changmin and Heechul were already sitting. Hey, Jae, Siwon greeted. Jae sidled onto the bench across from him, Yunho close by his side. Hey. Howre you? Siwon shrugged. Same old. You? Im good. He turned to Changmin and asked, Wheres Chunnie? I think hes off dancing, Changmin said. Youd think a sling would slow him down a bit. Jaejoong scoffed, flipping his hair out of his eyes. Chunnie, slow down? Never. What shampoo do you use? Heechul suddenly asked, leaning forwards. Your hairs nice. Not as lovely as mine, he added, But nice. Everything about you looks nice tonight, Siwon complimented, and Yunho didnt like the look in his eye one bit. He does, doesnt he? Yunho agreed, clasping Jaes hand in his and shooting Siwon a warning look. Jaejoong arched an eyebrow, glancing deliberately from Yunho to their linked hands and back up again, wondering why he was acting like some alpha male protecting their property. He decided to let it go. But Wonnie, Heechul purred, leaning into his side and running a manicured hand up his chest. I look better, dont I? Siwon seemed a little red in the cheeks and glanced awkwardly at Jae, who muffled his laughter behind his hand. U-uh, of course, Heechul-sshi.

The redhead leaned even closer and whispered something in Siwons ear. At the same moment, Hankyung approached their table, eyes fiery. Heechul? Heechul looked up, blinking innocently. Hankyung~! he exclaimed happily. Do you want to come dancing? he asked, and Siwon was on the receiving end of yet another predatory glare. Sure, Heechul agreed, crawling over Siwons lap to get out. Wanna join us, Wonnie? As an awkward Siwon was dragged onto the dance floor by an angry Hankyung and a leering Heechul, Changmin could only chuckle. That kids gonna cause hell in our department. I dont mind it if it means Siwons out of the picture, Yunho muttered, his hand tightening around Jaes. Ooh, someones getting protective, Changmin smirked, and Jaejoong finally pulled his hand out of Yunhos grip. So, we managed to find Jin, Jaejoong began, wanting to change the topic. Save it for tomorrow, Changmin cut him off. I dont want to talk business tonight. Jaejoong sighed. Fine, what would you like to talk about, your highness? Id like to know what this is I hear about you being handcuffed to the bed while Yunho necked you. Jaejoong gasped, turning to hit Yunho in the arm. You told him about that? Yunho grinned unapologetically. Hey, that was a fond memory of mine. He leant closer and breathed in his ear, Dont pretend you didnt like it. Jaejoong had to lean back and take a deep breath, reminding himself that Yunho was his friend now and bashing his head against the table would only make him feel guilty in the long run. Aw, Im sorry, Joongie, Yunho apologised, seeing the anger etched across the elders face. Let me make it up to you. He got up and held his hand out. Jaejoong looked at him sceptically. Whatre you going to do? Cmon, just trust me. Jaejoong sighed heavily before taking his hand and letting Yunho pull him into the crowd, mouthing help me to Changmin over his shoulder. The second Jae was gone, Yoochun took his place. Hey, Min. Changmin cocked an eyebrow. Whereve you been? Avoiding Jaejoong, he admitted.

Why? Yoochun looked torn. I Cmon, you can tell me. Yoochun sighed. While he was in Japan, wellme and Junsu kind of His sentence trailed off and Changmins mouth fell open. Youre fucking Junsu, he said, eyes wide. Nice! He held his hand out for a high five. Yoochun laughed and slapped their palms together. But Jaes gonna kill me. He doesnt know yet. Yeah, youre dead meat, Changmin agreed sagely. But who cares! Have you seen his ass? Speaking of ass, Yunho seems to have broken Jae a little, Yoochun noted. Changmin grinned. About time. How long do you think till he gives in? Not long. I mean, look at them! Yoochun exclaimed, gesturing to the dance floor where Yunho and Jae were rocking to the beat. Jae had his arms on Yunhos shoulders, keeping them a distance apart, but Yunho still managed to grab his hips and it didnt bother Jae too much if his half-smile was anything to go by. Worst case of sexual tension Ive seen, Changmin agreed with a nod. Jae needs to stop being a bitch and just get fucked. I know, right? Yoochun said. They watched as Yunho leant in and whispered something in Jaes ear. Jaejoong laughed and his arms relaxed around Yunhos shoulders, Yunho taking advantage of that as he jerked him closer. Are they still watching? Jaejoong asked lowly. Yunho glanced over to Yoochun and Changmin and grinned. Yep. Should we step up the game? Jaejoong snickered. Hell yes, this is hilarious. He tightened his arms around Yunhos neck, pressing their bodies together as the youngers hands crept down to his rear, groping him as he thrust hard against him. Are they falling for it? Jaejoong questioned. Yunho peeked to see Yoochun and Changmin watching them with smirks that said I told you so. Hook, line and sinker. More, Jaejoong whispered, and god, if he took that out of context, it was the hottest thing Yunho had heard all night. He leant into the crook of Jaejoongs neck and there was nothing fake about the way his lips trailed up and down the familiar expanse of skin. He found that spot that he knew made Jaes knees weak and bit into it harshly, tongue quick to soothe the pain. And maybe it was wishful thinking, but he didnt think there was anything fake

about the way Jaejoong whimpered either. Yunho abused his neck for a moment more, satisfied to hear Jae purring under his touch, and then he leaned up, grabbing the side of his face roughly. Jaes eyes went wide as Yunhos lips came a hairs breadth away from him, his hand conveniently hiding their mouths. Pretend were making out, Yunho instructed, forcing Jaejoongs head back and putting on a show of devouring his mouth. He had to suppress the burning desire to actually kiss him. Jaejoong began getting into it. He clung to Yunhos back and shut his eyes, moaning throatily, his warm breath ghosting against Yunhos lips. Yunho felt his heart and his cock ache simultaneously with utter want. The want for this to be real, the want to have Jaejoong actually cling to him, need him. Why cant you understand? he wanted to scream. Why cant you see how badly I want you? Take me home, Jaejoong murmured, and for a moment, Yunhos heart stopped. But then he added, Well, pretend to. Another glance at Yoochun and Changmin showed them staring at the pair, their jaws on the floor. Yunho took Jaes hand and lead him to the door. They burst into the carpark, both laughing. God, did you see their faces? I cant believe they thought that was for real. Yunho laughed. Tomorrow theyre going to be begging you for details. Jaejoong grinned. Oh man, its going to be so fun leading them on. Silence fell between them and Jaejoong glanced down at his feet awkwardly. Well, I guess I should go home, Yunho said. Yeahyeah, me too, Jaejoong nodded, wringing his hands together. Do you want a ride home? Yunho asked. Its fine, Ill catch a cab. Goodnight, then, Yunho said a little reluctantly. He went to turn around at the same time Jae leaned in for a hug, and they both paused. Jaejoong blushed. Right. Bye. Hey, Yunho grinned, grabbing his wrist as he made to pull away. If you want a hug, all you have to do is ask. Jaejoong pouted as Yunho pulled him into his arms, squeezing him tightly. See you tomorrow, Yunho murmured, ruffling his hair before turning towards his car. Jaejoong watched him go, a soft smile pulling at the corners of his lips.

CHAPTER SIXTEEN (He could feel Yunho between his legs and he spread them further wantonly, needing the younger in him now.) Yunhos hands were all over him, trailing paths of heat across his body. His nerve endings were alight, electricity pumping through his veins where Yunhos tanned skin touched his. Yunho, he breathed, eyes fluttering shut. God, more, more. He could feel Yunho between his legs and he spread them further wantonly, needing the younger in him now. Yunho growled, grabbing him under the knees and hauling his legs over his shoulders, pressing him back into the bed. Beg me for it, he murmured hotly into Jaes ear, and his cock was thrusting between Jaes ass cheeks, the friction only making him more desperate. A strangled whine slipped past Jaes lips and he shook his head in a sharp refusal, even as Yunhos finger slid down and traced teasingly around the edge of his hole. Fuck, he hissed, back arching as that single digit slid in barely an inch. Spasms rocked his body from that tiny movement, his senses so heightened that the smallest touch sent him spinning. Yunho, god. Jaejoong, he groaned, his lips falling to his neck and expertly seeking out his favourite spot. He was relentless and far from gentle as he bit into the skin, breaking it easily and drawing a long moan from Jaejoong. Stop it, Jaejoong gasped. I cant- cant- Let me fuck you, Yunho hissed into his ear, voice husky and tempting. Thats what you want, isnt it? To feel my thick cock slamming into you? Ah! Y-Yun! Jaejoong exclaimed, hips bucking into Yunhos touch. Just ask for it, babe, Yunho whispered. Just ask me for it and Ill fuck you so good you wont remember your name. Jaejoong didnt doubt that at all, and his body was shaking with anticipation. He couldnt bring himself to care about his pride anymore, and begged, Please! Fuck me, god, just fuck me! And then in a second Yunho was sliding into him, filling him, sending absolute blinding pleasure racing through his body. His eyes slid shut, his breath came in pants, and he couldnt think, couldnt move, couldnt do anything but feel, feel the way Yunhos cock was pushing him open. He was moaning, groaning, flailing underneath the youngers amazing body, and Yunho was thrusting, ramming into him, the bed rocking, his hips bucking, the whole world spinning with the absolute perfection of the moment. Yunho! Hyung? Oh god, y-yes, right there, he moaned.

Hyung! Fuck me harder, Yunho, aah! Hyung, WAKE UP! Jaejoongs back arched at the same moment his eyes shot open, and he found himself face to face with Junsu, his erection making a very obvious tent underneath the covers. OMO! he squealed, ducking underneath the sheets, his face burning red with shame. His heart was pounding against his rib cage. It was a dream? I was dreaming that? His sweat-slick skin and his aching cock were irrefutable pieces of evidence. Oh my god, I was dreaming that about Yunho! Sounds like you were having an interesting dream, hyung, Junsu noted amusedly. Jaejoong blushed even darker as he wondered, how much of that did I say aloud? I didnt think youd dream of Yunho like that, Junsu added, and Jaejoong felt his heart stop. W-what?! I wasnt dreaming about Yunho, he lied through his teeth. Junsu laughed. Dont lie, Joongie~! I heard you moaning oooh, fuck me harder, Yunnie, ooooh, right there! Jaejoongs fists balled at the imitation, and he threw the covers off his head. Look, I cant help it, okay? Its not like I asked to dream about him. It justhappened. It doesnt mean anything! Junsu sat down on the edge of his bed and arched an eyebrow with a crooked smile. Really? Because, uh, I dont have dreams like that about random people. Youre not a teenager with uncontrollable hormones anymore, he added. Jaejoong blushed. Okay, well, its probably just because we were dancing together last night. Yeah. It was just because of that. Junsu got to his feet. Oh, okay. If it doesnt mean anything, then I might go tell Yunho what I just heard. Jaejoong scrabbled forwards and grabbed his arm. NO! he exclaimed. No, no way Su, you cant. But I thought it didnt mean anything? Su teased. It doesnt! Just- just dont tell him, okay? Jaejoong pleaded. Junsu grinned. You know what, hyung? Im willing to make a deal with you. okay, Jaejoong said slowly. What is it? Junsu sat back down on the bed, crossing his legs. I have a secret, and I need to tell you what it is. In normal circumstances, this secret would make you angry and youd try to put an end to what Im doing. Jaejoongs eyes narrowed. Su, what are you hiding from me?

Nuh-uh, youre not the one calling the shots this time, hyung, Junsu said with a satisfied smile. This is the deal. I tell you my secret and you do absolutely nothing to interfere with it and I wont tell Yunho what I just heard. Jaejoong growled. Or? Well, lets just say that if you do try to interfere with my personal lifethe fact that you had a naughty dream about Yunho might just slip out, Junsu smirked. And I cant promise who Id be with when it slipped out. Maybe just Yoochun, or Changmin. Yunho. Siwon. He shrugged. The possibilities are endless. Jaejoong glowered. He couldnt let anyone know about what had just happened; it was something he would take to his grave. Fine, he muttered. Fine, fine, I wont interfere. Now tell me what this secret is. I am dating someone, Junsu said slowly. Jaejoong took a breath. Okay. Fine. I can deal with that. Its someone you know, Junsu added. Jaejoongs eyes hardened. Who? he asked, as though he was afraid of the answer. Yoochun. Oh my-! Jaejoong began, eyes wide. He slid out of bed and turned away from Junsu, pacing across the room. Junsu could see him getting angrier by the second. Mm, Yunho! Junsu moaned as a reminder. Jaejoong took another deep breath. Fine. Fine. JustI have one thing to ask of you. What is it? Dont have sex with him. Please, Jaejoong said. Its too weird for me knowing all the people hes had sex with and then to add you to the list Junsu blushed a little. Hyung, its too late for me to make a promise like that. Jaejoong looked at him for a moment and then groaned when he realised what he was saying. Great. Just great. My best friends fucking my baby brother. Im not a baby anymore, Junsu said. Get used to it. He got to his feet and with a pointed look to Jaejoongs hard-on, said, Anyway, Ill leave you totake care of business. ----When Jaejoong arrived at the office later that morning, Yoochun and Changmin were waiting for him in the lobby. Are you kidding me? Theyre so desperate they actually waited here for me? Morning, Jae, Yoochun greeted with a greasy smile as the three of them stepped into the elevator.

Have a nice night? Changmin asked. Jaejoong just smiled. Yeah, it was good. So, uh, where did you go last night? Changmin asked innocently. When I was leaving, I tried to find you to see if you needed a lift home but you werent there. Yunho took me home, Jaejoong said, giving away nothing as he kept his poker-face and stared at the wall. Really? That was nice of him, Yoochun said. I bet you didnt even say thank you, did you? Changmin added, and their efforts were so unsubtle it was hard for Jaejoong not to laugh. I invited him in for a drink, Jaejoong said with a shrug. Thats like saying thank you isnt it? Oh, cool. But coffees a bit weird after alcohol, isnt it? Jaejoong blinked, turning to look at Changmin. I never said we had coffee. We were drinking soju. Yoochuns grin widened. Oh. I hope you guys didnt have much, Yunho wouldnt have been able to drive safely. We went through a few bottles, Jaejoong said indifferently. He ended up staying the night. From the corner of his eye, he could see Changmin and Yoochun smirking at each other. You know, Changmin began, I saw you guys dancing last night. You seemed pretty close. Yeah. From where we were, it looked like you guys were making out. Really? Jaejoong asked flatly. Thats interesting. Aww, come on Joongie! Yoochun whined, grabbing onto his sleeve. Tell us about what happened! Jaejoong shot Yoochun a glance, and in the back of his mind, a voice whispered, hes had his cock up your brothers ass. He winced and looked away. I dont kiss and tell. Are you admitting that something happened, then? Changmin asked. Huh? Did you two get it on? At that moment the elevator doors slid open, revealing Yunho standing on the other side. Hey guys, he greeted as he got in. Hey, Yunnie, Jaejoong said. We were just getting out. Yoochun and Changmin reluctantly stepped out, still looking suspiciously at Yunho and Jaejoong for any kind of sign of what had gone on between them.

Oh, Jae, youll have to come with me. Ive organised a meeting with Dongwook, Yunho said, grabbing Jaes wrist. Sure, Jaejoong agreed easily. He stepped back in, and waved goodbye to Yoochun and Changmin with a cheeky grin. As soon as the elevator doors slid shut, Jae doubled over with laughter. Oh my god, you shouldve seen them! Yunho grinned, leaning against the wall. Told you it would be fun. Haha, you were so right. They were begging me to tell them about last night. You do realize that this means theyll think were actually fucking, Yunho pointed out. Yeah, I know, Jaejoong grinned. Ill tell them the truth later today. Or tomorrow. I dont know, this is really fun. Yunho pressed his lips to Jaes ear and whispered, Yknow, we could fuck for real and then the fun would never have to end. Jaejoong rolled his eyes and pushed Yunho away from him. The visions from his dream flashed behind his eyes and heat rose in his cheeks. You wish. then how come Im the one dreaming about it? ----When they were let into Dongwooks office, a younger girl was there who Jae could only presume was his daughter. Good morning, Dongwook-sshi, Jaejoong greeted, bowing. Yunho followed suit. Ah, good morning, Dongwook replied. Its been a while since Ive heard from you. We were following leads abroad, Yunho told him. Theres some questions we have to ask you, is now a good time? Sure, Dongwook said. Oh, this is my daughter Junghwa. Pleased to meet you, she murmured quietly, bowing. Yunho smiled in greeting as Jaejoong said, The painting you bought, that was the original wasnt it? Of course it was! Dongwook exclaimed indignantly. Do you think Id buy a fake? Were not insinuating that, Yunho assured him. The thing is, we traced what we thought was your painting to Japan but discovered that it was a fake. But Dongwook began, eyebrows creasing. What- how would that happen?

Thats what were trying to figure out. We believe someone stole the original and sold the fake as a diversion, Jaejoong explained. Where did you buy your painting? Yunho asked. Any information, even if it seems trivial, will help right now. Well, I didnt buy it personally, Dongwook said. I have an art critic who handles my buying and selling for me. Could we see that person? Yunho asked. Sure, sure. He pressed a button on his intercom and called for the art critic. Interesting development, Yunho muttered into Jaes ear, barely audible. God, this is unbelievable, Dongwook said as he leant back in his chair, folding his hands under his chin. Do you think youre any closer to finding the thief? Yunho began to reply but was cut off as the door opened and a forty-something woman stepped in. You called me? she said. Ah yes. Yunho-sshi, Jaejoong-sshi, this is Jiyoung, my art collector. Jiyoung, these men are with the KNPA. She didnt say anything, just walked and stood by Dongwooks desk on the opposite side of Junghwa. Jaejoong surveyed her, analysing her. Jiyoung-sshi, we were just after some details of where you bought the painting, Yunho said. It was an auction run by one of the local art galleries. We have a certificate of authenticity. And there was definitely no way that the original could have been swapped with a fake before the murder? Jaejoong checked. Not at all! Dongwook exclaimed before Jiyoung could respond. We have high security for starters, and Jiyoung has a very trained eye. She would know if the fake was swapped. This whole situation is Jungmins fault. Appa- Junghwa began. No! No, I know you think hes perfect, but you need to hear this, Dongwook said firmly, looking at his daughter with narrowed eyes. That- that scumbag seduced you for your money, and the second I gave him a job here, he was plotting to steal my artwork for me. And he stuffed up and got killed in the process. He didnt- He did. And you know what? He deserved what he got, Dongwook said, turning away from his daughter. Junghwas eyes were filling with tears and Yunho felt his stomach twist. Youre better off without someone like that. With all due respect, sir, Yunho said, his fists balling. You have no grounds on which to make assumptions like that.

Yunho, Jaejoong said lowly, putting a hand on his wrist in an effort to hold him back. Yunho shook his hand off. You have a daughter there who has just lost her fianc, Yunho said, and Jaejoong could tell he was trying to reign in his anger, but it wasnt quite working. And instead of comforting her like a good father, all youre worrying about is your money and your painting and your feelings. Why, you-! Im not finished, Yunho said firmly. We have no reason thus far to suspect that Jungmin was the one who stole your painting, and we are a tad more qualified than you, Dongwook-sshi. Let us do our job, and maybe you should try to do your job instead. You have a daughter there who needs her father right now- Yunho, Jaejoong said again. -and if you loved her more than you loved your money, youd try seeing this from her perspective and being a little more sympathetic about Jungmins death. How dare you speak to me like that? Dongwook hissed, getting to his feet. Were leaving now, Jaejoong said quickly, pushing Yunho towards the door, physically blocking him from getting to Dongwook. Well be in touch. ----God, youre an idiot, Jaejoong groaned as he stormed into his office, Yunho trailing behind him. What made you think confronting him like that would be a good idea? We didn't even get to ask any of the questions we were going to! Well, she was about to cry! Yunho protested in his defence. He has no right to treat his daughter like that. I know, okay? But seriously, try to get a hold of yourself, Jaejoong huffed. The last thing I need is you and Dongwook getting into a fist fight. Aw, would you try to protect me? Yunho cooed. If anyone attacked you, Id try to protect you, Jaejoong said with a roll of his eyes. Thats what a partner does. Yunho grinned. No offence, Joongie, but if I couldnt protect myself, I doubt theres much you could do. Yah! Jaejoong exclaimed, hitting him in the shoulder. Im totally capable of slapping some bitches down. Hah, Im sure you are, Yunho nodded, reaching over and ruffling Jaejoongs hair. Anyway, I should go. Yeah, okay, Jaejoong said, walking with Yunho to the door and opening it for him. We have a meeting with Changmin at four, so Ill see you then, I guess. Yeah, Yunho replied. He hesitated just outside of his door, and Jaejoong leant on the frame, cocking an eyebrow in a silent question: what?

Yunho leant forwards, his hand coming up to cup his cheek. Jaejoong froze, his hands hanging limply by his side as Yunho bent closer, his other arm falling on Jaes hip. He was moving nearer by the second, his lips barely an inch away, and Jaejoongs mind was in lockdown. He could see it all playing out in front of him; a kiss, and then a grope, and then before he knew it, his morning dream would be a reality. Oh my god oh my god oh my god hes going to kiss me. But then at the last millisecond, when Yunhos breath was mingling with Jaes, Jaejoong broke out of his daze and jerked away, stumbling back and hitting the wall. A brief look of despair crossed Yunhos face but it was gone so quickly that Jae wondered if he had imagined it as he laughed jovially before turning and walking away. Aish! What's gotten into me? Pabo, pabo, pabo!

CHAPTER SEVENTEEN (Oh, this? he replied uninterestedly. This is a twelve-inch vibrator that I intend to shove into your ass before I chain you to my desk and leave you there to suffer in sexual agony.) Su? Whats up? Yoochun asked as he opened his front door to find Junsu standing there. Junsu threw his arms around Yoochuns neck and kissed him, half-moaning when Yoochuns tongue slid past his lips. Ive missed you, he murmured. Me too, Yoochun chuckled, moving back to let Junsu in. He glanced at his watch and then said, Isnt Jae home by now? Yeah, he is. Yoochun paused. Did you tell him where you were going? Yes, I did. Another pause. Does that mean he knows? Junsu nodded. I told him this morning. Oh my god! Yoochun exclaimed. How am I not dead? I told you, Junsu grinned. Blackmail. No way, Yoochun murmured in awe. What did you threaten him with? Well technically youre not supposed to know. He never has to know I know.

Okay, okay, Junsu gave in. I caught him having a naughty dream about Yunho. Yoochuns eyes widened. This is too good! he smirked. Was he moaning in his sleep? Junsu groaned. Yes. Its so disturbing listening to my own brother moan. He was all oh, Yunho, harder! It was justwrong. So wrong. I knew it. Jaejoong totally has the hots for Yunho. Junsu scoffed. Tell me about it. ----The next day, Jaejoong was heading down the corridor to Mins office when Yunho caught his arm, a tube in his other hand. Whatre you doing? Jaejoong asked, glancing at the tube. And whats that? Oh, this? he replied uninterestedly. This is a twelve inch vibrator that I intend to shove into your ass before I chain you to my desk and leave you there to suffer in sexual agony. Jaejoong rolled his eyes. No, really, what is it? Yunho blinked. I just told you. Jaejoong snatched the tube and opened it, surprised when he peeked inside to find the forged painting. Whyd you bring this in? I think I know who our perpetrator is. I have a plan, Yunho added. Lets go, Ill tell you on the drive over there. Over where? Yunho turned to look at Jae. To Dongwooks. ----When Jaejoong and Yunho stepped into Dongwooks office, he didnt look very pleased to see them. Dongwook-sshi, Jaejoong greeted, bowing even lower than usual. Yunho didnt dip down very far at all, his eyes staying level with Dongwooks. Jae shifted closer to him, smacking him hard on the ass and with a grunt Yunho bowed lower. Concerning yesterday Dongwook began. We completely apologise. Yunhos conduct was inappropriate, and he is incredibly remorseful. Arent you, Yunho? Yes, I am, Yunho said, with a charming smile but Jaejoong could tell it was forced from the lines at the edges of his eyes. I hope we can move past the incidence and return to our professional relationship.

That would be pleasant, Dongwook agreed, nodding. Now what can I do for you? Well, Yunho said, We believe we have found your painting. Dongwook clapped a hand to his mouth. Really? Where, let me see it! Here, Jaejoong said, taking the tube from his bag. He slid the painting out and unrolled it slowly, Yunho helping him hold the other side out so Dongwook could see it. Is this really it? he asked softly. I never thought Id get it back. Please dont get your hopes up yet, Yunho said warningly. This could be another fake. We would like to talk to Jiyoung-sshi and get her professional opinion on this. You said she would be able to identify the authentic copy. Oh yes, definitely! Dongwook nodded enthusiastically. He reached over to his intercom and called, Quick! Get me Jiyoung right now. Jiyoung must have moved like lightening, because it was only a few minutes later when the door pushed open and she stepped in. Dongwook-sshi? You called? she asked a little breathlessly. Yes, yes! Oh my, Jiyoung, this is so exciting! he exclaimed, getting to his feet and clapping his hands together. Come here, he beckoned her over. Yunho laid the painting down on Dongwooks desk. She gasped when she saw it, and Jaejoong watched her with critical eyes. Now, Jiyoung-sshi, Yunho said. We need you to have a very close look at this and tell us whether this is the fake or the original. Do you think you could do that? Yes, definitely, Jiyoung agreed, almost a little too quickly. Are you sure? Yunho checked. We need your guarantee that you are one hundred percent sure you have the ability to look at this and distinguish whether its a fake or the original. I would definitely be able to tell the difference, she assured him, moving closer to the desk to have a look. Take your time, Yunho told her, leaning casually against the desk to set both her and Dongwook at ease while Jaejoong lurked just behind him, analysing Jiyoungs every move with sharp eyes. For a moment it felt like he was still working with Yoochun; this had been one of their signature moves. Lure the suspect into a false sense of security and then watch them like a hawk because they would slip up. It seems to be authentic, Jiyoung said, still carefully surveying the painting. Jaejoong and Yunho had spent ages in the car ride over searching for the clue that the forger from Japan had said would give the painting away as a copy, and theyd found it after a long, hard search a set of traffic lights in the background. Jaejoong watched Jiyoung carefully, and noticed when her eyes lingered over the traffic lights before turning back to Yunho. This is definitely the original, she said firmly. I have no doubt in my mind.

Are you sure? Yunho asked. Please understand, this is very serious. Do you want to take another look? I dont need to, she said confidently. I would swear on my life that this is the original. Have you found the thief? she asked, and neither Yunho nor Jaejoong missed the subtle attempt to move the focus off herself. You know, its interesting that you should say this is the original, Yunho said slowly, glancing down at the painting, and there was a brief flash of fear in her eyes. Because its our understanding that this was a commissioned copy. In other words, a fake. I w-what? she stuttered, looking unsure of what to do. She shot Dongwook a pleading look, but he looked even more confused than her. Would you like to do some explaining? Yunho asked, his eyes hardening and his words becoming icy; good cop to bad cop. Jaejoong slithered, still unnoticed, around the other side of the desk and put a gentle hand on Dongwooks shoulder, drawing his attention away from the conflict playing out in front of him. This is all an act, he whispered softly in his ear. Dont interrupt, just play along. Dongwook looked at him and then hesitantly nodded, turning back to Yunho and Jiyoung just as she exclaimed, I dont know what youre talking about! Then shall I break it down for you? Yunho asked slowly as Jaejoong stepped to his side. You stole Dongwooks original painting. You had full access to his office and his paintings, giving you easy access and little suspicion. You contacted a forger in Japan to make you a copy, thinking we wouldnt discover it was a fake because you outsourced to an overseas dealer. No! Youve got it all wrong! Yunho ignored her. Then you planned to switch the paintings around on the night when you knew Jungmin had organised for the camera system to be down. But he suspected you, didnt he? Saw you sneaking in and followed you up here. And you couldnt have him ruin your plan just like that. So you killed him. Yunho glanced around the office, spreading his arms. What did you use? Did you grab one of these statues? Bash him over the head a few times? I would- would never! she gasped, but her lie was feeble, and Jaejoong could see through it. Then you sold the painting on the black market under the forgers name, so not only would you have the original in your possession, but youd make a quick buck out of the whole thing, too. And it worked out fabulously for you that Dongwook disliked Jungmin so much, didnt it? I swear, she said pleadingly, looking on the verge of tears as she backed away from Yunho, pressing herself against the wall. I didnt do it! Jaejoong glanced back at Dongwook. He was watching the situation with wide eyes but his lips were pursed, staying out of it like Jae had asked him to. Yunho stalked forwards, his face twisted into an expression of utter fury, and Jae had to admit, if he was on the receiving end of that look, hed be scared as

hell. Why did you do it? Why did you steal the painting? Just needed that bit of extra cash? Or was it the injustice of having to buy paintings for Dongwook when he would never appreciate them, never really understand art like you did? No, she whispered as Yunho stepped even closer, till he was all but nose to nose with her. Is that why you killed him? Is that why you did it? I didnt! she said again, bordering on hysterical. Jaejoong grabbed Yunhos arm, made a show of trying to pull him back. Yunho threw him off and raised his arm back like he was about to punch Jiyoung. DID YOU DO IT? he yelled, and Jaejoong winced away from him. DID YOU KILL HIM? YES! she screamed, cowering away from Yunho and covering her face with her hands. Yes, okay, yes, I did it! Yunho pulled back, a smile sliding back onto his face. Good job, Jae, he complimented, high-fiving his partner. Jiyoung glanced up between her fingers. W-what? Dongwook was pale. It was you? he asked lowly. It was you all along? Tears were streaming down Jiyoungs cheeks. Im sorry! Im sorry. All that time, I was saying it was Jungmin, he said slowly, turning away from her and sinking back into his chair. Oh my god, Junghwawhat have I been doing? She probably hates me. Yunho laid a hand on his shoulder. Its not too late to be there for her. Dongwook looked up at him, and clasped his hand. Thank you, he said, shaking it vigorously. Thank you. Yunho grinned. Its our job. And you, he added, turning back to Jiyoung as Jae handcuffed her hands together. Youre coming with us. ----We did so good, Jaejoong grinned, and he knocked his eighth glass of wine to Yunhos in a toast before tipping it back, skulling it at once and then slamming the empty cup down on the bar top. Aah, I know, Yunho agreed, leaning his head onto Jaes shoulder. It was fun. Youre so smart, Jaejoong told him, flicking him on the forehead. Its all thanks to you we solved the case anyway. Nuh-uh! Yunho denied. I wouldnt have been able to do it without you. Jaejoong giggled and Yunho, who had slightly higher alcohol tolerance, noted how cute Jae was when he was drunk. Cheesy, Jae said, leaning his head on top of Yunhos as he signalled for another drink.

I talked to Changmin earlier, Yunho suddenly said. He told me youd go back to working with Yoochun tomorrow. Really? Jaejoong said, though he didnt sound as pleased as Yunho had expected him to. Aw, Im gonna miss you~ Yunho laughed. You dont like me anyway, remember? he reminded him. Yes I do, Jaejoong pouted. I like you a lot! Sure you do, Yunho nodded patronizingly. Yah! Jaejoong whined. Dont act like that, I do. You saved my life. More than once. And even when I was a bitch you were there for me. Yunho sat up straighter and turned to look at Jae, unable to believe that he was hearing those words even if Jae was drunk. Thank you, Jaejoong said sincerely, with only the hint of a slur to his words. For everything. Thats o-mmf. Yunho found his sentence cut off as Jaejoong lurched forwards unexpectedly, unprompted, and pressed their lips together. Yunhos eyes widened and for a split second he was frozen in shock. But then he realised this might be the only chance hed ever have to kiss Jaejoong like this, and he wrapped his hand firmly around the back of the elders head, angling his face to the side as he pried his lips open and twined their tongues together. Jaejoong moaned into the kiss, his hands grabbing at Yunhos hair. Yunnie, he breathed against his lips as they broke apart for air. Can I tell you a secret? Sure, what is it? Yunho asked distractedly, wanting Jaejoong to shut up so he could kiss him again. Jaejoong leant closer and whispered, I had a wet dream about you. Yunho groaned and crashed their lips together again, their teeth clashing as they fought to reach deeper. Jaejoong tasted strongly of alcohol, and Yunho wished that he could taste Jaes natural flavour. Hed thought about what Jaejoong would taste like; vanilla and cinnamon with just a hint of coffee, thats what hed imagined it to be. Jaejoong pulled away from the kiss, smiling goofily, and he hid his face in Yunhos chest, his breath evening out. When Yunho pulled him back to look at his face, he found his eyes closed and mouth hanging open in a snore, fast asleep. Aish, are you kidding me? he muttered, sighing heavily. Just my luck


(Do you know how long Ive put up with your shit? How long Ive waited for you to realise all I want is you to look at me like a normal human being?) When Jaejoong woke up in the morning, his head was aching and he didnt quite remember how he got into his bed. He dragged himself to his feet and into the bathroom, feeling a good splash of water was in order. And as he walked flashes of the night before came back to him. He and Yunho going out to the pub for celebratory drinks, one glass, two glass, and then seven; Yunho leaning on his shoulder, him giggling, something about Yoochun and OMO! he exclaimed aloud as one particular memory returned to him, sending blood rushing to his cheeks. He clutched the edge of the bathroom sink firmly, looking at his reflection in the mirror. No, no, it cant be, he told himself firmly. Im imagining things. Yeah. Why would I kiss Yunho? Exactly, I wouldnt, not in a million years. then why didnt he believe his own words? Snap out of it, he instructed himself. You did not kiss Yunho. No way in hell. Nope. He pressed his fingers to his lips, like he would somehow find evidence that Yunhos tongue had touched them. No. Definitely not. Junsu poked his head into the bathroom. Oh, hyung, youre up. Hows the headache? Hell, Jaejoong muttered. Hey, how did I get home last night? Yunho called me to come get you, Junsu said. He didnt want to drive you back when he was drunk too. Oh, right, Jaejoong said. II dont suppose you know what happened? Junsu cocked an eyebrow. Whatre you talking about? Aigo~ Jaejoong groaned, his blush worsening. Deciding it was best to come straight out and ask the question, he said, Do you know whether or not I kissed Yunho? Junsu blinked. What? You kissed him? I dont know! Jaejoong exclaimed, exasperated. I vaguely recall kissing him, but my memory is bad and I cant trust myself! I meanI wouldnt kiss him. No way. If I was sober I never would. ButI was drunk, and Junsu openly laughed at him. If it bothers you so much, hyung, just call Yunho and ask him. Jaejoong clapped a hand to his mouth. What?! No way! If I did kiss him, then I hardly want to talk about it with him. And if I didnt, well, then hell just think Im a pervert. Just stand here and panic about it then, Junsu replied sarcastically. Thatll help.

Jaejoong stuck his tongue out at him and he scoffed before turning away. Jaejoong turned back to his reflection, sighing deeply. Yah, Joongie, whats wrong with you? he asked his reflection angrily. First you start being to nice to him, then youre having weird dreams about him and now youre kissing him? Youre definitely giving him the wrong impression. If you kissed him. Did you kiss him? Aigooooo~ ----When Jaejoong arrived at work later that morning, lucky for him, he found himself in the elevator with Yunho. Soooooooo, Jaejoong said slowly, drawing it out for longer than necessary. Were you alright last night? Yunho asked, forehead creased with worry. Oh, yeah, Jaejoong nodded, glad they were sticking to safe topics of conversation. I was fine. The hangovers not too bad, at least. Good, Yunho said. He leant closer to Jaejoong and whispered in his ear suggestively, No more interesting dreams? Jaejoongs head snapped around and he took a step away from Yunho, putting some distance between them. He bit down hard on his bottom lip, alarm bells going off in his brain. Did you tell him about that dream? No way, you wouldnt have told him about that dream. ExceptAnd then he remembered it clearly, so clearly that it was impossible to deny it had ever happened: him throwing himself at Yunho, lips colliding, tongues twisting together, and then whispering heatedly I had a wet dream about you. We kissed, Jaejoong whispered, his hands covering his mouth. Oh my god. We kissed. Yunho smirked, looking all too amused. Indeed we did. Glad to see you remember. And that dream and- oh my god, he stuttered, his hands sliding up his face to cover his eyes as well. Aw, youre so cute when you blush, Yunho cooed, reaching over and brushing Jaes hands from his face to pinch his bright red cheeks. Jaejoongs lips curled into a scowl and he slapped Yunhos arm away from him roughly. Yunho looked surprised, retracting his arm uncertainly. Lets get some things straight, Jaejoong snapped. That dream was no indication whatsoever of some kind of hidden attraction for you. I do not in any kind of sick way want you fucking me, so get that thought out of your head right now. Yunho blinked slowly, unable to fathom why Jaejoong was so furious. I never said I was thinking that.

And secondly, I did not mean to kiss you, Jaejoong continued. If I wasnt drunk, I would never in a million years kiss you. You understand? And you shouldnt have taken advantage of me like that, I didnt think youd stoop so low. Now Jaejoong wasnt the only one angry. What?! Take advantage of you? Ive never done anything even close to taking advantage of you! Yunho yelled, his eyes narrowed. You want to see me taking advantage of you? Jaejoong could do nothing in his defence as Yunho grabbed him by the shoulders and slammed him hard against the elevator wall, their bodies crushed together. If I took advantage of you, youd fucking know about it, Yunho hissed, grinding hard against him. Jaejoong turned his head away, eyes fluttering shut as Yunho forced the elders legs around his own waist, pinning him between the wall and his body. Let me go, Jaejoong spat, struggling in Yunhos hold. No, Yunho hissed. Do you know how long Ive put up with your shit? How long Ive waited for you to realise all I want is you to look at me like a normal human being? Fuck off, Jaejoong snarled, not wanting to listen to the things that somewhere deep inside he knew were true. No, fuck you, Yunho growled, pulling Jae an inch off the wall only to slam him harshly back against it, his head hitting it rather painfully. Because if I was taking advantage of you, I really would fuck you. Stop it! Jaejoong screamed, kicking and thrusting and flailing with every part of his body he could. He could see the muscles in Yunhos arms flexing as he held him tight against the wall, unwilling to let him go. The only thing he managed to do was rub against Yunhos crotch. The elevator doors slid open, and Heechul cocked an eyebrow at the scene in front of him. No sex in the elevators, he drawled, strolling in and looking rather unfazed. Yunho finally stood back and released Jaejoong. Jaejoong glared at him one final time before he stepped out into the corridor, even though it was the wrong floor. He waited until the elevator doors closed again behind him before he collapsed to his knees, hiding his head in his hands. What the hell am I doing? ----When Yoochun walked into Jaejoongs office with balloons and poppers, ready to celebrate their reunion, he knew straight away that something was wrong. Jaejoong was spinning idly on his chair, his eyes unfocused as he spun his pen between his fingers. Yoochun sighed and sat down, not surprised when he received no greeting. Whats wrong? There were a few moments of silence, and then Jaes eyes slid back into focus, like hed just noticed he had company. Yunho, he said heavily.

Yoochun cocked an eyebrow, feeling right now would be the wrong time to make inappropriate Yunjae jokes at his expense. What happened? Jaejoong groaned and crossed his arms on his desk. I was a total bitch to him. Well that would be unusual, wouldnt it? Yoochun replied sarcastically. This is serious, Yoochun, Jaejoong said, hiding his head in his arms. I accused him of doing all this stuff hes never done andI dont know. Whyd you do it? Yoochun asked. You mustve been pretty mad to do that. I mean, youve been nice to him lately, havent you? Ive screwed up whatever friendship we had now, though, Jaejoong said. Igod, I wasnt even mad at him, really! None of it was his fault, he cried exasperatedly, banging his head on the desk. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Yoochun just leant back in the chair, not understanding the situation at all. I was mad at myself, Jaejoong finally said, looking up at him. I was angry because Im confused and Im making weird decisions lately and Im justgod, Im so confused, and I hate it. I see, Yoochun lied. And it wasnt fair on him, Jaejoong continued, looking pretty happy to just vent. Its not his fault at all, and yet I blamed everything on him. And nownow he hates me. You dont know that, Yoochun argued. He does, Jaejoong insisted. You shouldve seen him, Chunnie. He was so fucking furious and he- he yelled at me and He trailed off, wanting to keep the rest of what had happened just between him and Yunho. And Heechul, he supposed. Apologise, Yoochun suggested. If youre so cut up about this, then just go apologise. Yunhos a reasonable guy, hell forgive you. He didnt mention the fact that Yunho had a weak spot for Jae the size of Russia, and that hed probably assist Jae in murder if he asked him. You know what, Jaejoong said, getting to his feet. Youre right. Im going to go apologise right now. It took Jaejoong a while to find Yunho. He wasnt in his office, and Jae wandered around the corridors for ages trying to find him. When hed just about given up, he found him walking away from Changmins office. Yunho was walking towards Jaejoong, and Jae smiled, feeling a weight off his shoulders knowing that hed be able to set things right. Yunho, he called. Yunho didnt even look at him let alone greet him. He got closer and Jaejoong waved. When he received no response again, the smile slid off his face. Yunho walked straight by, their shoulders only just brushing as he passed him.

Yunho! Jaejoong called again as he spun around to look at Yunhos retreating back. Im sorry! The younger just kept walking. ----Jaejoong was trudging home, kicking pebbles angrily as he dragged his feet along the sidewalk. What a great day. I manage to ruin my friendship with Yunho, get caught in a compromising position, my car breaks down and- oh look, fabulous, its starting to rain. He passed the strip of shops near his house, a scowl decorating his face. All he could think of was Yunhos back walking away from him. He let out a frustrated groan and tried to think of something else. A flash of a familiar face in his peripheral vision caught his attention. He turned, looking through the front window of a pub to see Yunho sitting at the bar next to Heechul. Questions were racing through his mind: what the hell was Yunho doing with Heechul? Were they together? But what killed him most was that Yunho was smiling at Heechul, laughing with him miles away from the stony-faced Yunho that hadnt even spared him a glance. He turned and kept walking, not sure why his chest felt oddly tight.

CHAPTER NINETEEN (You know what? I dont give a shit whether you two want to bash the hell out of each other or just get over your denial and fuck each others brains out, but do it in your own god damn time!) Jaejoong crossed his arms over his chest and stared defiantly back at Changmin. He had no idea why his boss had called him into his office but nor did he really care. Yoochuns worried about your mental state, Changmin finally said, breaking the silence. And as your employer it is my duty to make sure you are okay. Oh yes, Im sinking into depression, please help me sir, Jaejoong replied flatly with a roll of his eyes. Im fine. Then why arent you happy? I wouldve thought youd be delighted to return to work with Yoochun. I am happy, Jaejoong insisted, even though he couldnt be bothered forcing a smile. Changmin sighed. Okay, screw this. Talk to me, Jae. There was a pause, and then Jaejoong mumbled, Yunhos ignoring me. and thats it? Changmin checked, confused. But, I thought

Yeah, well, I thought a lot of things too, Jaejoong snapped. And theyre not always right. Changmin arched an eyebrow. Is that some kind of twisted confession? No, Jaejoong groaned. Im justno. So whys he ignoring you? Changmin asked. You mustve done something. We got into a fight. But I apologised! he added in his defence. I did the right thing! And he still didnt say anything? Changmin asked disbelievingly. When Jaejoong nodded, he said, Thats odd. And now him and Heechul are all cosy, Jaejoong spat, and even he could hear the jealous tinge to his words. Yes, of course, Changmin replied. Theyre partners now. What? Jaejoong said, head shooting up. Changmin rolled his eyes. Well I had to give him a partner, and Heechul was available. Plus Yunho seems to deal well with the princess types. And seeing as Heechul actually likes him, they might make a better team than you two did. We made a great team! Jaejoong protested, slamming his fist down on the table. We werewe Changmin sighed. Aish, youre so hopeless. Go fix things with Yunho. I dont care how you do it, just make him listen to you. ----Jaejoong went straight from Changmins office to Yunhos, determined this time to apologise. He didnt give himself time to think or reassess, because he knew hed probably change his mind. He knocked on the door once and then pushed it open. He noticed Heechul sitting on the other side of Yunhos desk, but he didnt care. Yunho glanced up at him with cold, appraising eyes as he said in a rush, Yunho, Im sorry. I was wrong, and I didnt mean any of what I said. Please forgive me. Yunho held his gaze for a moment and then deliberately looked back down at his desk, lips pursed. Jaejoong waited tensely, unwilling to leave. Heechul looked at Yunho, who almost imperceptibly shook his head, and then back at Jaejoong. He cleared his throat and said, Were kind of in the middle of something here, sweetie. Jaejoongs eyes narrowed. Im talking to Yunho, not you. Then I wont bother being subtle, Heechul replied. Yunho doesnt want to see you. Shoo. Jaejoong could only stare for a moment and then the reality of his words sunk in and he turned and walked away. His footsteps felt heavier and heavier

with each step he took away from Yunhos office, and he didnt know whether to feel absolutely shattered or absolutely furious. When he got back to his own office, he locked the door and unhooked the phone, determined to sit and just think. He sat down in his chair and spun around, his emotions simmering. It was hardly fair that Yunho wouldnt accept his apology. Yes, hed been the one who started the fight, and yes, hed been the one who was wrong. But hed said sorry. Twice now. The least Yunho couldve done was look at him. And he wonders why I never wanted to sleep with him! This is what I knew would happen. The case finishes, he moves on to his next target. Pfft. Him and Heechul are probably fucking on his desk right now. He grabbed a pen and slammed it into the desk, needing to vent his frustration. All that shit about him not just wanting a quick fuck, all that crap I actually started to believe. Hah, I thought maybe he genuinely liked me. Obviously not, if as soon as he has a new partner he wont even look at me. As soon as he realizes I wont sleep with him, he doesnt want anything to do with me! It wasnt fair. It was stupid and it was childish and he deserved better. He deserved someone who would talk to him and hear him out fuck, if Yunho wasnt going to accept his apology, then he should at least have the decency to say no instead of just ignoring him! I exist. He cant just act like I dont! I wont let him. Fuck this shit. He shot out of his chair and stormed from his office. ----Yunho was heading down the corridor towards the elevator, intending to go out for a late lunch. His footsteps paused as he heard an angry shout behind him of, Yah! Jung Yunho! He recognized the voice and toyed with the idea of not turning around at all. But then another shout came Dont you dare fucking walk away from me! and with a sigh, he turned back. What do you want? he asked tiredly. Jaejoongs eyebrows crept towards his hairline as he stopped a few feet away from Yunho. What? Youre talking to me now? he asked incredulously. Yunho rolled his eyes and made to turn away. No! Jaejoong yelled. Youre not just going to leave things hanging this time! Nothings hanging, Yunho said flatly. Our friendship is over. No, its not! Jaejoong protested, stomping his foot. Im not going to let one fight ruin it! Theres not much to save, is there? Yunho asked dryly. You havent liked me from the beginning.

You know thats not true, Jaejoong replied, eyes narrowing. For fucks sake, Im trying to say sorry and make things right, and you just wont listen! Because Im sick of listening, Jae, alright? Yunho said exasperatedly. Im tired of putting up with your mood swings. He turned and took a step away before Jaejoong grabbed his arm and pulled him back. You cant do this, Jae snarled in his face. You cant walk away. You dont like me, and I dont like you, Yunho said simply. Lets just leave it that way. I dont hate you! Jaejoong yelled, and he noticed more than a few people coming out of the elevator at the end of the corridor and watching them curiously. Shit, Yunho, do you think I kiss people I hate?! So what, you love me? Yunho asked challengingly, raising an eyebrow. No! Jaejoong yelled, frustration seeping into his voice. I like you! Why cant we just be friends? Because we were never supposed to be just friends! Yunho argued. You want me just as much as I want you but youre in denial! Whatre you saying? Jaejoong asked. That if I dont sleep with you, we cant be friends? Yes! Yunho growled. Because you dont know what its like to want someone so bad that all you can think about every time you see them is what it would feel like to fuck them. You dont know what its like to have someone lead you on, tease you, hug and kiss you, and then turn around and fuckingfucking say its nothing! I dont- You do! Yunho yelled. You kiss me and then you deny that it means anything when it so obviously does! You dont understanding anything, Jaejoong muttered and then he pulled his fist back and punched Yunho square in the mouth. Yunho wasnt going to take that lying down, and he laid an open-palm smack against his cheek. Jae hissed, his cheek stinging red, but didnt hesitate to grab Yunho by the upper-arms and knee him hard in the groin. Fuck you, Yunho hissed, clutching at his balls. Im sor- Jae began, but before he could get the rest of his apology out, Yunho had launched at him again and elbowed him in the stomach. He groaned in pain and half-heartedly swung at Yunho, catching him just under his jaw. Before the younger could recover, Jaejoong grabbed him and hurled him sideways, towards the wall. He smashed into it with a thud, leaving a hole in the plastering at the bottom of the wall. Yunho growled and launched at Jae, slamming him across the corridor into the opposite wall. A painting hanging a few metres away shook precariously, and as Yunho held Jae firm against the wall and

punched him hard in the face, the painting fell to the floor and smashed. Jaejoong kicked at Yunho, forcing him off him. He wiped his hand across his face, blood streaming from his nose. I hate you, Jaejoong muttered as Yunho spun to the side and aimed a kick for his stomach. Jae let out a moan of pain and stumbled back, hands rubbing his stomach. I hate you more, Yunho snapped back. Jae grabbed a handful of Yunhos hair, jerking at it roughly at the same time he lashed out at Yunhos knee with his leg, forcing him to the floor. Yunho grabbed Jaejoong by the waist as he fell and pulled him down with him, both of them tumbling to the ground in a tangle of limbs. Yunho rolled over, pinning Jaejoongs lithe body underneath him as he bent forwards and whispered in his ear, And you know what pisses me off? The fact that, really, I dont hate you at all. Jaejoong grunted and bucked his hips, managing to roll out from under the younger. He forced Yunho over and onto his back before climbing on top of him and seating himself comfortably in his lap. Yunho tossed underneath him, trying to throw him off, but Jae held tight to the front of his shirt as he punched Yunho in the stomach repeatedly, throwing his fist back and forth against his abs. God, Yunho groaned lowly, pain lacing his voice. He thrust his hips, trying to unseat Jae, but his thighs were clenched tight around him, keeping him in place. Settling for a different tactic, Yunho grabbed hold of Jaejoongs hips, angling him downwards as he thrust against him. Their groins collided, the denim of their jeans chaffing together. Jaejoong let out a strangled whimper. His arm was already raised to punch Yunho again but he paused, hand trembling. Yunho took advantage of his hesitation and rocked their hips together, setting up a rhythm of quick, firm thrusts. Yunho, Jaejoong muttered, his arm falling to Yunhos chest, clutching at his shirt. His eyelids fluttered shut as Yunho continued to grind relentlessly against him, the friction both wrong and delicious. "Why do you fight so hard?" Yunho asked gruffly. Jaejoong's back arched and then he slumped forwards on Yunho's chest, hiding his face in the younger's shirt. Yunho couldnt help but feel smug when Jaejoong rolled his hips, grinding with him of his own volition. Im sorry, Jaejoong murmured, moving up so his lips were against Yunhos ear. Im sorry for everything. I know, Yunho bit out, eyes rolling in their sockets at the sensation of Jaejoong all but humping him, rocking up and down in his lap. Forgive me, please, he begged, and when he felt Yunho hardening under him, he didnt know whether to feel disgusted or pleased. Yunho didnt respond, just canted his hips into Jae, sending waves ofsomething shooting down his spine. Yunho, Jaejoong tried again. Please, aah- s-say something.

I forgive you, Yunho told him, his grip tightening on Jaes hips as his thrusts sped up, moving against him harder, faster. But I cant be friends with you. Why? Jaejoong asked furiously, exasperatedly, pulling back up to look at Yunho again. He could feel tears of frustration threatening to seep from his eyes and he blinked them back, biting down on his tongue. There was nothing he could say that would make Yunho understand nothing and so he slapped him hard across the face, wanting to make him hurt. And then there was a gasp from the end of the hallway and a voice thundering, WHAT THE HELL HAVE YOU TWO DONE? Firm arms wrapped around Jaejoongs waist, forcefully pulling him off of Yunho. Yunho looked like he was about to protest, but then he was being pulled to his feet as well. They turned around to face the angry stare of Changmin. Just what has gotten into you two? he demanded, glaring at both of them with a look that could kill. Youve destroyed my corridor! Only when Jaejoong looked around did he really see the damage. A massive hole in the wall that Yunho had left, a dent where Jaes head had hit not to mention the smashed frame of the painting, and blood splattered across the carpet from Jaes nose. And now that he looked, Yunho was bleeding too, his lip split, and a dark bruise forming across his left cheek. You know what? I dont give a shit whether you two want to bash the hell out of each other or just get over your denial and fuck each others brains out, but do it in your own god damn time! Changmin yelled. The small crowd that had gathered watched on in utter silence. Changmin, I- Jae began. And you! Dont say anything. Most of this is your fault anyway, Changmin cut him off. For gods sake, Im telling you right now, fix this darned sexual tension between you two before it starts affecting your work. I mean, come on, this is pathetic. You were practically dry-humping each other in the middle of the corridor! He turned and walked away, but called over his shoulder, And the cost for the damages will be coming from your salaries!

CHAPTER TWENTY (Heechul giggled like a girl and flipped his hair pointlessly, irking Jaejoong to no end. He wanted to reach over and smack that smile off his pretty little face.) Jaejoong woke up the next morning sweaty, his pajama pants creamed, visions of Yunho lingering behind his eyelids again. He groaned, trying to erase the images of Yunho fucking him hard and angry in the middle of the corridor. He threw his fists against his pillow in anger, not understanding why he was dreaming for a second time of sleeping with Yunho. Glancing at the clock, he realised hed slept in too late and jumped out of bed, changing his pants in a rush. He headed down the hall and knocked on his brothers door. Su? Are you up?

He opened the door and then groaned when he saw Yoochun curled up behind his brother, naked under the sheets. Morning, Junsu mumbled, sitting up and rubbing his eyes. Okay, Im going to ignore the fact that you two are naked and obviously sexed up because Im having a crisis here, Jaejoong said as he began pacing back and forth across the room. Su, remember thatthing that happened the other day? he asked. The thing that happened when I woke up? he added upon seeing Junsus clueless look. Oh, yeah. Well it happened again, Jaejoong said, looking distressed. Junsu blinked. and the problem is? Yoochun rolled over. Whatre you guys talking about? Jae had another wet dream about Yunho, Junsu told him. Su! Jae admonished. Junsu shrugged. Im not equipped to deal with your denial. Maybe Yoochun will have more luck. Im not in denial about anything, Jaejoong insisted, but even to his own ears it sounded feeble. Jaejoongie, admit it, Yoochun murmured sleepily. You want Yunho. I dont, Jaejoong denied. He paused and then asked, Do I? You think hes hot, Junsu said, You had two erotic dreams about him, and you kissed him. Plus I heard about the incident in the hallway yesterday, when you two were humping each other, Yoochun added. I daresay you want him, Junsu concluded. But Jae began, struggling to think of anything he could say. Jae, why do you think you were so upset the other day when he started ignoring you? Yoochun asked. Its because you have hidden feelings for him and you hate the idea of him getting over you. Jaejoong glowered. You guys are no help at all. Im going to work. But even at work he couldnt avoid the glowing neon signs that said Kim Jaejoong, you want Yunho. He walked into the elevator and found himself next to Heechul and Yunho. Yunho cocked an eyebrow at him for a moment before turning away; that was all the recognition Jaejoong got. Jaejoong tried to ignore the pair, but it was rather impossible. Yunho leant over to Heechul and whispered something in his ear. Heechul giggled like a girl and flipped his hair pointlessly, irking Jaejoong to no end. He wanted to reach over

and smack that smile off his pretty little face. And Jaejoong couldnt help but remember a time when hed been the one Yunho had harassed in the elevator, when he was the one Yunho had wanted to grope and whisper dirty things to. God, it pissed him off. The minute the elevator opened on his floor, he got out. He flashed a look over his shoulder at Yunho, but he had his lips against Heechuls ear, so close they were touching, and he didnt even glance up as Jaejoong walked away. When he got back to his office, he plonked himself down at his desk and tried to sort out his emotions. He was confused and he hated being confused. He needed to reach a decision about Yunho now and he needed to stick to it. But no matter how many times the questions ran through his mind, he could only seem to reach the same answers. Hed kissed Yunho because he wanted to. He couldnt blame it on the alcohol, no matter how much easier it would make everything. Hed come close to kissing Yunho when he was sober, so the wine was no excuse. Hed wanted to kiss Yunho fuck, hed initiated it. And the reason he was jealous of Heechul was because he wanted Yunho to himself. Heechul was thin and pretty and flirtatious and all the kinds of things that complimented Yunhos own personality. He was competition. Jaejoong hated that. Maybemaybe Yunho was right all along. Maybe we cant be friends. Have I been in denial all this time? Really? He tried thinking about what hed feel if Heechul and Yunho got together. He felt his heart jump into his throat at the mere thought of that, and realised no, I definitely dont want that. But then, really, he wouldnt be happy if Yunho got together with anyone else. Does that mean I want to be with Yunho, then? Igod, this is so weird. The sensation was so foreign, trying to sort out his emotions. Hed become so accustomed to telling himself that he didnt want Yunho that the thought that maybe he had been wrong all along was unsettling. But this doesnt necessarily mean I want him, Jaejoong rationalized. Just because I have an emotional attachment doesnt mean that. It could just be that I dont like the idea of being replaced by Heechul as a partner and as a friend. There might be nothing physical to it. But there was only one way to determine that he closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and then tried to imagine having sex with Yunho. It was easy enough to imagine; excluding his dreams, he had a lot of material to work with. There were too many times theyd been in sexual situations, he realised. Handcuffed to the bed, pushed against more than one wall. All but riding Yunho on the floor. And he knew what Yunhos body looked like, felt like. Hed had it pressed against him. God, those abs. His lips and teeth, tongue lapping at his neck. Yunho

knew what he was doing; hed had Jaejoong moaning in seconds just by touching his neck. Thinking about Yunho fucking him, thinking about them hot and sweaty between the sheetsit sent strange shivers down Jaejoongs spine. He took another breath and tried to imagine what it would be like. Yunhos skin clammy against his, their tongues entwining. Yunho would be aggressive, throwing him down and forcing his legs back, splaying him open. Skilful fingers roaming across him, in him, god Jaejoong didnt notice he was horny until he was cupping the bulge in his pants, head thrown back. He rubbed his palm against his half-hard cock, hissing as he tried to return to his daydream, Yunho completely possessing him, taking him, making him his. But then he realised he was trying to think of Yunho fucking him, realised the thought of them together had made him hard, and the reality of the situation crashed down on him. I want Yunho. Oh my fucking god, I want Yunho. Jaejoong took a deep breath. Right. Calm down. This is not a disaster, he told himself slowly. And then he began laughing, borderline hysterical, as he thought fuck, I really am slow, arent I? It shouldve been an indication when we were grinding in the hallway yesterday. He got to his feet and paced around his desk, not sure what to do. He felt a burning desire to go see Yunho that very instant (although that might have just been the heat emanating from his cock), but at the same time he was hesitant. Walking into Yunhos office would be basically offering himself up on a silver platter, and all the shock of his epiphany had numbed his brain. Besides, he thought with a scowl, hes probably with Heechul. Guh. But thinking about the interest Yunho had taken in Heechul, about the way he was almost replacing Jae, only made him more determined. For Yunho to think that he could just replace Jaejoong with Heechul was laughable. Jaejoong knew Yunho better than Heechul, and he knew Yunho trusted him just as much as he did the younger. For Heechul to just barge on in and think he could take Jae's spot as ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous. As anger flashed behind his eyes, he set his jaw, fists balling. He stormed from his office. That asshole thinks I can be replaced so easily? Ill show him.

CHAPTER TWENTY ONE (Oh, Jung Yunho is telling me not to perform sexual acts upon him? Jaejoong asked, highly amused. My, my, weve reached a milestone.) Each step he took towards Yunhos office got quicker and quicker, and his anger grew. He couldnt even pinpoint who he was angry at Yunho, for not forgiving him, for ignoring him. For somehow thinking he could replace Jaejoong with someone else. Heechul, for simply existing.

And himself, for not realising sooner what he felt for Yunho. For being so blind. For treating him like an asshole. For even wanting someone like Yunho in the first place. Really, he couldve ignored this whole thing. If Yunho hadnt pushed him to this point, then he might never have even realized he wanted Yunho. But it was too late for the what-ifs now. He skipped the elevator, knowing that being still for that long would be hard for him. He ran down the stairs, taking them two at a time, thanking god he didnt trip. When he finally came out on Yunhos floor, his quick steps turned into an easy jog. And then as he turned the corner, he stepped it up to a run. By the time Yunhos door was in sight, he was flat out sprinting. He didnt slow down even slightly as he grabbed the doorknob and twisted it, throwing the door open. He watched as Yunhos eyes widened, his lips parting in the beginning of a word what word exactly, Jaejoong would never know, because before Yunho could say anything, he launched himself over the desk, ending up sprawled awkwardly across Yunhos keyboard, and smashed their mouths together. Jaejoong swallowed the muffled noise of surprise that left Yunhos lips with his own. Yunhos hands tentatively came to rest on his hips, and Jaejoong grunted, feeling the keyboard digging into his knee rather uncomfortably. He shifted, his feet sending stacks of paper and stationary flying. Yunho had to half-stand out of his chair to grab the back of Jaejoongs head and pull him down, moaning into his mouth. Jaejoong was cinnamon and coffee like hed expected but there was no vanilla; instead, something darker, more seductive. Like dark chocolate. Yunho grabbed Jae by the hips and jerked him off the desk and onto his lap, the elders thighs spread around him. His desk was completely trashed, but he couldnt bring himself to care as Jaejoong impatiently sought out his lips again, mauling his mouth. Yunho lost himself in the kiss, their tongues battling against each other. God, hed wanted this for so long, and to have it all in the palm of his hand or more precisely, his lap was sending him spinning. The delirium only worsened when Jaejoong pulled away, groaning impatiently as he began fiddling with the buttons on his own shirt for a moment before giving up and jerking it over his head, struggling a little. Fuck, Yunho, he groaned, and then flattened himself against Yunho in all his half-naked glory, trying to get to his lips again. Yunho brought a finger to Jaes mouth, stopping the kiss. You he began, trying to regain his wits. What are you doing? Isnt that obvious? Jaejoong replied with a cocked eyebrow, pushing Yunhos hand away, trying to get to his lips. Yunho stopped him again with a smirk. I thought you didnt want me? Turns out you were right, Jaejoong said. We cant be friends.

That was all that was said; Jaejoong finally managed to seal their lips together again, moaning when Yunho took control of the kiss completely, exploring every inch of Jaes mouth. But it wasnt enough, nowhere near, and Jaejoong began working on Yunhos shirt, determined to get it off. Woah, woah, Yunho said, grabbing Jaes wrists and pulling them away. Now whatre you doing? Are you fucking blind? Jaejoong spat. Im trying to get you naked. And why would we need to be naked? Yunho asked with a smirk that indicated that all he really wanted was for Jaejoong to say those words. I want, Jaejoong whispered, pressing his lips to Yunhos ear, you, grabbing at his crotch and squeezing, to fuck me. Rather drastic change of mind youve had there, Yunho noted, his eyes sliding shut as he bucked into Jaejoongs touch. I know, was all Jaejoong said. Do you really think its smart to do this in my office? Yunho asked shallowly. Does the idea of getting caught turn you on? Jaejoong asked, lips twitching into a leer. Yes, Yunho admitted. But not by Changmin. Lets go. He heaved Jae off his lap and grabbed his hand, pulling him towards the door. Yah, I dont have my shirt! Jaejoong exclaimed as Yunho tugged him out into the corridor. Dont care, Yunho muttered as he took off down the corridor, hand still clasped around Jaes. Your clothes are only coming off later anyway. He ran past the elevator and towards the stairs just as Jae had done, and then they were running down them. Jaejoong couldnt help but remember the last time theyd run down stairs like this. Lets not jump the banisters this time, he suggested. Yunho just chuckled, and when theyd reached the landing, he spun Jae around and slammed him against the wall, kissing him again. Impatient, huh? Jaejoong managed to breathe against his lips before Yunhos tongue was down his throat. He hooked his arms around the youngers neck and then his legs were being hoisted up, hitched around Yunhos waist. Fuck, has anyone ever told you how hot you are? Yunho said, grinding his hips against Jaes. Jaejoong gasped, feeling Yunhos pants bulging, and clung to him tighter. Yunho, god, if you dont hurry up- Jaejoong began, but before he could quite finish his threat, Yunho had pulled him off the wall a little more than unwillingly and took off down the rest of the stairs. They finally reached the end of the stairwell and there were more than a few odd looks as they sprinted across the lobby for the front door. Cat-calls sounded behind them and Jaejoong felt a blush rising to his cheeks. Someone yelled out

Getting lucky today, Yunho! and then the door swung shut behind them as they reached the car park. Yunho grabbed Jaejoongs hand again and pulled him towards his car. Jaejoong made for the passenger side, but before he could, Yunho threw him down on the bonnet of the car, hovering over him and then kissing a path from his lips down to his collarbone. Wed probably get to the fucking quicker if you just hurried up, Jaejoong muttered, toes curling as Yunhos wet tongue slid along his shoulder before retracing the path, back up his neck, carefully avoiding Jaes erogenous spot. Wed probably have already fucked if you werent such an idiot, Yunho countered, nibbling the lobe of Jaes ear as his hand snuck downwards and into the back of Jaes pants, cupping his ass. It was a lovely change when Jaejoong didnt push him away but rather arched into him, a low whine slipping from his lips. God, just do me here, Jaejoong groaned, and his legs involuntarily spread wider, a testament to how much he wanted Yunho. Yunho snickered, squeezing his behind as he pressed a chaste kiss to Jae. His eyes drunk in the sight of Jae splayed across his car before he pulled away. Get in the car. Im not giving everyone else the pleasure of seeing you naked. With a huff, Jaejoong jumped off the bonnet and got into Yunhos car. He slammed the door a little harder than necessary, his body thrumming with the need to just do something. He didnt want to have time to think about what he was doing, to think of the possibility hed regret this or to remember that Yunho was only going to drop him after it was over. He didnt want to have time to analyse what the beating in his heart was when Yunho looked at him like that, the beating that had positively nothing to do with his arousal. So he leant over and forced his lips on Yunhos again, thinking of nothing but how utterly right their kiss felt. Yunhos lips quirked into a smile against his. Awfully eager for someone who didnt want me yesterday, he commented in an off-hand tone as he jammed his key into the ignition. Jaejoong growled and kissed him again, harder. Fuck you, he murmured into his mouth before pulling Yunhos tongue between his teeth and nipping at it. Get off me, Yunho murmured, nudging Jae away gently. I need to drive. Im not stopping you, Jaejoong said, not bothering with his seatbelt as Yunho clipped his own up and started the car. He dragged himself closer to Yunho, legs uncomfortably pressed against the drink holder in the middle as he placed kisses up and down the youngers neck, biting here and there. Yunhos breath came in a sharp intake. Jaejoong, he said warningly as he pulled into the stream of traffic. What? Jaejoong asked innocently, lips against his ear. His tongue flicked out, playing around the rim. Can you not? Yunho hissed, jerking away. Jaejoong pouted and pressed

closer, his hand coming to rest conveniently between Yunhos legs to hold himself up. Yunhos eyes narrowed as Jaes hand (accidentally, of course) slid higher, just touching his crotch. Oh, Jung Yunho is telling me not to perform sexual acts upon him? Jaejoong asked, highly amused. My, my, weve reached a milestone. Yunhos eyes flicked towards Jae in irritation. Ill punish you for this later, he told him, lips almost twitching into a smile. Trust me, Jaejoong whispered, and it would be a lie if Yunho said that voice wasnt enough to have him shifting uncomfortably, his pants tightening. Ill look forwards to it. Yunho pulled up at the traffic lights when they turned red, and wasted no time in grabbing Jaejoong by the neck and kissing him frenziedly. His other hand fell to the elders waist, tracing circles on his bare skin with his thumb. Fuck, god, Jae, Yunho muttered incoherently, pulling on his waist, jerking him closer. Jaejoong didnt seem to mind at all and threw one leg over Yunhos lap, straddling him in the seat. He threw his head back and moaned when their erections rubbed together. And then he glanced over, noticing the people in the car next to them staring open-mouthed. He brought his hand up and waved with a smirk; the man raised his hand to wave back but his wife slapped his arm away. The lights turned green again, and Yunho cursed, pressing down on the pedal and trying to look past Jaes body to see where the hell he was going. Fuck, Jae, move, he groaned, trying to nudge Jae off him while keeping his hands on the wheel. Jaejoong sighed impatiently and threw himself back into the passenger seat, pouting. You shouldve told me how far away your house was. Id rather have fucked in your office. Yunho laughed, though it was strained. Its all part of my plan to make you wait longer. Get you all eager and needy. Bitch, he muttered. He reached over again, trying to rub Yunhos crotch, but his hand was pushed away. Fine, he pouted, Ill just take things into my own hands. What-? Yunho began, glancing over to see Jaejoong deftly unbuckling his belt. He lifted his hips off the seat with a smug smile in Yunhos direction as he slowly pushed them down his legs. When they were pooled at his ankles, he worked on his boxers. They came off much slower than the pants had, and Jaejoong bit his lip, eyes lidded. Fuck, Yunho hissed, eyes flittering between Jaejoong stripping and the road, not sure which was more important. He unintentionally pressed harder on the accelerator, the car lurching forwards. An angry car horn sounded in front of them. Are you trying to kill me? Jaejoong didnt say anything, just kept grinning. He propped his left leg up on the dashboard, spreading his right out as far as he could, giving Yunho a rather nice view of his creamy thighs and hard cock.

Yunho, he purred as he wrapped his hand around the base of his erection, squeezing gently. He threw his head back as he began slowly jerking himself off, his touch no where near enough. Kim Jaejoong, Yunho said slowly. Ooh, full name, youre angry now, Jae teased. Stop. Jaejoong whimpered and thrust his hips, propelling his dick into his fist. Make me. They pulled up at another set of traffic lights and Yunho launched at him. He only made it halfway out of his seat before the seat belt tightened and pulled him back. Growling angrily, he unclipped the seatbelt with jerky movements and then jumped at Jae again, pushing him roughly against the side of the car as he mashed their lips together. I want to fuck you so bad right now, Yunho muttered, reaching down and replacing Jaes hand with his own, his grip tighter and more erratic. An erotic gasp left Jaejoongs lips at the fire that raced through his veins from Yunho just touching him. The traffic light turned green but Yunho made no move to return to the drivers seat to the contrary, he only pressed closer to Jae, his hand moving faster. Car horns beeped all around them, and Yunho let out a furious whine, pulling reluctantly away from Jaejoong and putting the car into motion again. Tell me were nearly there, Jaejoong breathed shakily, his legs quivering. Yunhos touch was still ghosting across his skin; he needed more. We are, thank god, Yunho told him tersely, and he could barely take his eyes off Jaes naked body as he pressed the pedal to the floor, going way over the speed limit as he raced down the street, spun around the corner and pulled roughly into his driveway, skidding into it sideways. Yes, yes, yes, Jaejoong chanted, throwing the car door open. He paused and asked Yunho, Your neighbours wouldnt mind if I streaked across your lawn would they? Theyd probably thank me, Yunho corrected with a grin. Jaejoong jumped out of the car, running up the driveway and across the front lawn to Yunhos front steps, Yunho hot on his heels. Jaejoong leant against the wall next to the door, arching his back seductively and calling Yunhos name all too indecently as the younger struggled to get the key into the lock. He dropped it in his haste, his whole body shaking with anticipation. Before he could bend to get the key, Jaejoong had swiped it off the floor, his ass swaying temptingly in front of Yunho. He rose slowly, smirking at Yunho over his shoulder as he squeezed his way between the youngers body and the door, rubbing back against him as he managed to successfully unlock the door. Yunho grabbed his hips, grinding his tenting pants against his ass. Jaejoong pushed the door open, holding onto the frame for support as Yunho thrust against him again earnestly.

Yunho grabbed Jae and threw him inside, closing the door behind him. Jaejoong forced him against the wall, lips claiming his again, and the feel of his naked body flush against his was enough to have Yunho panting for breath. You dont know how much I want you, Yunho groaned, grabbing two firm handfuls of Jaes ass. Jaejoong seemed to take that as an invitation, and he jumped up a little, swinging his legs up around Yunhos waist, hooking them there. Oh, I do, Jaejoong said hotly into his ear, wrapping his arms around Yunhos neck, clinging to him as he tried to rock his hips against Yunho. Yunho walked forwards, ramming Jae against the opposite wall and biting at his neck sharply. Baby, you have no idea. Jaejoong undulated his hips, and his tongue peeked out from the corner of his mouth, leaving a glistening wet path in its wake across his plump bottom lip. Show me, then. Yunho groaned and, still carrying Jae, the elders limbs wrapped around him like a koala, set off down the hallway, stumbling slightly. It wasnt like Jaes weight was too much for him hed carried much bigger loads no, it had much more to do with the fact that Jaes hands were clawing at his back, his lips sliding up and down his neck, his hips pressed tight against his, his desire obvious as it pressed into his stomach. He was nearly there when he was completely distracted by fingers playing with the buttons of his shirt. Yunho, off- take it off, Jaejoong said disjointedly, failing to undo the buttons. Yunho let go of Jae, who reluctantly unfurled his body from the younger to give him room as he made quick work of his shirt and shrugged it off his shoulders. In a second, Jaes hands were back on him, tracing the lines of his abs, feeling the hard muscles rippling under his skin. God, youre beautiful, Jaejoong murmured appreciatively, leaning up to kiss Yunho for what must be their millionth time. He couldnt keep his lips off Yunhos, drawn in by that talented tongue and that elusive taste. He couldnt quite put words to it; it was something light, playful, kind of like strawberries but not exactly. He was determined to keep kissing him until hed pinpointed the taste, even if it took all night. or day, he corrected, as he noted the sunlight streaming through the windows in the kitchen. Is beautiful the right word? Yunho asked as they broke apart. Jaejoong began pressing kisses along his collarbone, getting lower with every quick press of lips. Wouldnt handsome be more appropriate? No, Jaejoong said with a small shake of his head. He kissed Yunhos nipple and then drew it between his teeth, playing with it for only a moment before dropping to his knees and continuing his kisses down Yunhos abdomen. Definitely beautiful. Ill take what I can get, Yunho replied jokingly, hands curling in Jaes hair as his kisses got lower and lower. Yunho couldnt help but wonder if Jae was about to do what he thought he was about to.

Jaejoong unzipped his jeans, and Yunho congratulated himself for being right. His jeans came down, and then Jaejoong teased him for a moment, running his fingertips along the inside of his thigh. He pushed the edge of his boxers down to press a kiss to his pelvic bone, smirking against the skin when he heard Yunhos pathetic whimper. Something you want from me, Yunho-sshi? Jae asked innocently. The boxers came off and Yunho let out a hum of thankfulness. What do you think? he replied challengingly as Jae kisses headed south, following his snail trail and ending at a patch of skin just above the base of Yunhos cock. Jaejoong laughed, the breath brushing against Yunhos hardened flesh, and he groaned, his hips twitching. And then Jaejoong pressed a barely-there kiss to the head of Yunhos penis. Yunho moaned from that simple touch, his hips involuntarily canting forwards. Jaejoong smiled and pressed another kiss there, his mouth lingering this time, lips parting to take in the head. Fuck, Jae, more, Yunho pleaded, pulling on Jaes hair. Jaejoong hummed noncommittally as he bobbed up and down, only just taking the head past his lips each time. He reached up to trace a digit teasingly along Yunhos balls, and he felt Yunhos legs tremble as the younger moaned. Do you think Heechul could do this better than me? Jaejoong asked conversationally, cocking his head to the side. Yunho looked confused. Heechul? What the fuck does he have to do with anything? Right answer, Jaejoong grinned, and then he slid Yunhos cock between his lips. Yunho groaned, throwing his head back against the wall as he felt Jaejoongs plump lips brush against the dark hair at the base of his cock. His fingernails dug into Jaejoongs scalp, unconsciously jerking him closer. Jaes mouth was so wet, his tongue sending heat coursing through him as it traced up the underside of his dick, following the thick vein there. Jaejoong hummed around him, smirking when he felt Yunhos flesh jumping in his mouth. He leant back, letting Yunhos cock fall from his lips with an obnoxious popping sound, and resumed his teasing, soft kisses up and down his erection. Fuck, fuck, Yunho cursed, and his hands tightened until Jaejoong was hissing in pain. Yunho let go reluctantly, and Jaejoong punished him with a nip to the inside of his thigh. Play nice, he suggested, but before the younger could reply, he drew one of Yunhos balls into his mouth and sucked sharply. Yunho gasped, eyes sliding shut as his stomach twisted violently. Please, Jae, please, he murmured under his breath, his hips thrusting forwards with

uncontrollable need, his cock nudging Jaes face. Jaejoong grinned and acquiesced, taking Yunhos cock in again, relaxing his throat muscles. Yunho let out an indistinguishable cry as at the sensation of being deep-throated, his balls tightening as his body shook with the force of his impending orgasm. Jaejoong sucked again, hard and fast, bringing Yunho higher with every motion he made. Yunho could barely open his eyes, and when he managed to, the sight of Jaejoong on his knees in front of him, eyes shut blissfully, had his mind fogging up. His hand moved down to secure itself at the back of Jaes neck as he took over, thrusting his hips in quick motions and fucking the elders throat. He could feel himself losing control as he jerked his hips harder, his stomach coiling, and Jaejoong felt it too; he pulled back, not wanting Yunho to come yet. But it was too late, and just as his lips left Yunhos cock, the younger was coming, streams of thick liquid shooting out and splattering against Jaes face. Jaejoong groaned, tipping his head back and catching some of it on the bottom of his lips. God, Yunho groaned, falling to the floor between the wall and Jae, their legs in an awkward pile. Jaejoong swiped his tongue around his lips, catching some of Yunhos tongue, and the erotic sight spurred Yunho on as he caught his lips in a rough kiss. The taste of himself lingered in Jaejoongs mouth. I wanted you to come in me, Jaejoong pouted when they broke apart. Yunho grinned wolfishly, leaning in to lick Jaejoongs cheek, wiping off his semen. Dont worry, Joongie, I will, Yunho assured him, reaching down to massage his ass cheeks. Their chests collided, hot flesh against hot flesh, and Yunho could already feel arousal running through his sated body. Jaejoong pulled them backwards onto the floor, Yunho on top of him. He navigated his feet down to Yunhos and helped push off the youngers pants, freeing him from his clothes. Yunhos mouth had already sought out his nipples and he was attacking them vigorously, playing with the hardened buds. Jaejoongs spine crawled as he hooked his legs around Yunho, his heels digging into his ex-partners back. I cant wait any longer, he whispered, rubbing against Yunhos leg desperately like a dog in heat, his cock hard and leaking and Yunho hadnt even touched him yet. Fuck, I know, Yunho grunted, and his hand slid down between their bodies to curl around the others dick. Jaejoong arched into his touch appreciatively, legs fighting to wrap tighter around his body. It probably wouldnt be very comfortable to fuck on the floor, Yunho commented as his hand sped up, nowhere near enough to bring him to release but just enough to tease him. Jaejoong seemed to know his intentions and whined, rolling his body and trying to tempt Yunho into giving in. But Yunho just grinned. He twined his arms around Jaes waist and, struggling just a little, managed to heave him up and carry him towards his bedroom. Youre such an asshole, Jaejoong complained as he was carried into the bedroom and dumped unceremoniously on the bed.

And you love me, Yunho teased, crawling over him and capturing his lips, their mouths blending together perfectly, seamlessly. It felt like theyd been kissing since forever, their lips already trained to fit the shape of each others. You wish, Jaejoong muttered, rolling his eyes as he nipped on Yunhos bottom lip. Yunho grinned, moving down Jaes body, his lips coming close to the elders cock. Dont, Jaejoong said, trying to brush him away. God, dont blow me, just get on with it. I never said I was going to blow you, Yunho breathed against his skin, continuing lower. Jaejoong got the general gist of things when Yunho grabbed his hips and held him up, pulling a patch of his ass between his teeth and sucking hard until a hickey bloomed there. Jaejoong hissed, throwing his hands over his eyes as Yunho let go of his hips. Jaejoong managed to hold himself off the bed, keeping his ass raised so Yunho could spread his butt cheeks, his hair tickling Jaes balls. Jaejoong was waiting with bated breath as Yunho ducked closer and lapped at the edge of his hole with his tongue. He took a shaky breath and nearly fell back to the bed, only just managing to prop himself up. Yunho, he said quietly, letting his eyes fall shut as Yunho repeated the motion, teasing his rim. And then his tongue slid in, only half an inch, but enough to have Jaejoong trembling. Yunho, he repeated, his voice taking on a breathless edge. He tried to push down on Yunhos tongue, needing it deeper, further, harder, but then Yunho pulled back, leaving him hanging. He whined, pushing his hips up higher, and Yunhos tongue returned. He heard Yunho rattling around with something, and the thought crossed his mind that maybe he should lean up and take a look, but that was quickly forgotten as Yunhos tongue pushed deeper, fighting against the resistance of his inner walls. Yunhos tongue slithered around for a moment more, twisting, thrusting into him, and Jaejoong cried out, unable to help it. His heart was racing, the actions provoking too many thoughts of what Yunhos cock would feel like inside him. And then he was distracted from that thought as a slick finger pressed in beside Yunhos tongue. Fuck, more, more, he demanded, pushing his ass against Yunhos finger, trying to impale himself further. Yunho just clucked his tongue disapprovingly, drawing his digit from Jaes body. His fingers returned after a moment, two of them poking at Jaes puckered entrance. He scoffed at the slow pace Yunho was keeping and pushed down again, trying to hurry him up. Im not a virgin, yknow, he muttered. Ssh, Yunho hushed. I dont even want to think about that. Jaejoong thought it was kind of cute that Yunho was jealous over even the guys in his past, and when he realised he was smiling goofily up at the ceiling he wiped

a hand over his face, trying to remove the idiotic look. It didnt matter anyway; Yunhos third finger slipped in beside the other two and Jaejoongs face contorted into pleasure as a moan forced its way past his lips. God, Jae, Yunho groaned, the elders erotic voice weakening his knees. Yunho began pressing feverish kisses along the inside of his right thigh as he pumped his fingers slowly, teasingly, in and out of Jaejoongs body. The kisses turned rougher when Jaes body reacted to him, nipping and biting and marking the skin. Hurry up, Jaejoong demanded, his body shaking underneath Yunho. Yunhos fingers alone were pushing him to the limit, his cock aching and his head spinning. He needed more, needed Yunho to just fuck him already. But Yunho was quite content with his pace. His digits pressed deeper, searching, scissoring and twisting and pushing into every inch of Jaejoong. He grinned in victory when Jaejoongs body buckled. Jae drew in a gasping breath, the pressure on his prostate insanely good. Again, he commanded. Fuck, again. Yunho was happy to comply, thrusting his fingers in at a sharp angle, slamming against Jaejoongs prostate. He trembled, sweat gathering at the nape of his neck, need overwhelming him. Jaejoong, is- is it enough? Yunho asked, clenching his eyes shut. They had both reached their limit, patience having run out, and Jaejoong practically yelled, Yes, yes! Yunho didnt waste any time; he grabbed the abandoned tube of lube and slickened up his dick with jerky movements. Jaejoong took a few deep breaths, his breathing already laboured and they hadnt even gotten to the good part yet. Tell me if you want me to stop, Yunho told him gruffly, grabbing Jaes legs and hooking them over his shoulders, splaying the elders body open for him. Jaejoong laughed. I told you, Im not a virgin, he reminded him, readjusting his legs around Yunhos shoulders. It had been too long since hed been bent like this, and he wasnt as flexible as he remembered being. Yunho grunted in clear dismissal and grabbed hold of his cock, positioning it at Jaes entrance. He smeared the leaking head around the rim, teasing Jaejoongs strung-out body unnecessarily. Please, please, Jaejoong crooned, bucking his hips up in a useless attempt to rush Yunho. Yunho cupped Jaes cheek and sealed their lips together in a slow, passionate kiss. He inched forwards, leisurely sinking into Jaejoongs depths. Jaejoong let out a strangled sob when Yunho paused barely two inches in. Just fuck me, Yunho! he exclaimed, frustration warring with arousal. Yunho groaned, not wanting to give in so easily. Hed been waiting for this for so long, and he wanted it to last, wanted to really feel it. He drew out, delighting in Jaejoongs pained whine, and then pushed back in a little further. Why are you so tight? he muttered. Why are you so god damn slow?! Jaejoong retaliated, grabbing hold of the

sheets as Yunhos cock slid deeper. A gasp that was half relief half pleasure left his lips when Yunho finally, finally, sunk in to the hilt, and Jaejoong could feel his balls nestled against his ass. Happy now? Yunho grunted, shifting inside Jaejoong and sending tremors down his spine. Id be happier if youd move, Jaejoong grumbled, still rocking his hips against Yunho in a useless attempt to lure him into action. All in good time, baby, Yunho murmured, smirking. He bent forwards to lick at Jaejoongs nipple as he pulled out, inch by painstaking inch, and then drove back in just as slowly. Jaejoong cried out as Yunho bit harshly into his nipple, stretching it between his teeth. Yunho, Yunho, Yunho, he chanted, grabbing a handful of the youngers hair. Nothing worked; Yunhos thrusts were still slow and steady, and Jaejoong was on the edge, his body so desperately close to plummeting into toe-curling pleasure, but not quite there yet. He jerked Yunhos head up, kissing him hard on the lips, biting on his tongue none too gently. Fuck me now, he hissed. Aye aye, sir, Yunho replied amusedly; he drew out and then slammed back in, pulling out again before Jaejoong had time to celebrate the fact that Yunho had finally gave in. Aah, Jaejoong moaned, and his hips bucked against Yunho as he threw his head back. Yunho was finally giving him what he wanted, slamming into him ruthlessly, his thrusts quicker than the beating of Jaes heart. Is this what you wanted? Yunho managed to ask between heavy breaths, putting all his power behind his thrusts. Jaejoongs hole was clutching around him desperately, like it was trying to pull him in and keep him there. Yes, Jaejoong purred, fingers tightening in the sheets. Please, yes, god, more. Insatiable, arent you? Yunho asked lowly, leaning forwards to capture his lips. Their chests slid against one anothers and Jaejoong groaned, pushing his chest up, craving more of Yunhos slickened skin on his. The feeling only seemed to drive Yunho madder, and his pace quickened, slamming into Jaejoong. Dont see you complaining, Jaejoong managed to bite out, his eyes flickering open only to fall shut a few seconds later when Yunhos cock hit dangerously close to his prostate. He felt like he should be looking, watching Yunho, drinking in every sight he could, but it just wasnt possible to stay alert when pleasure was shaking his limbs. It was so much easier to close his eyes and float in the darkness, being assaulted, unseen, by Yunhos hands and lips. Fuck, Yunho groaned lowly in his ear as Jaes muscles erratically tightened around him, jerking him one step closer to his peak. He grabbed Jaes hip with one hand, shifting him as he searched for that little bundle of nerves that he knew would make Jaejoong see stars. When Jaejoongs back arched off the bed with a loud cry of Yunhos name, he knew hed succeeded.

Again, Jaejoong breathed, the minute his back hit the bed. Yunho smirked and aimed for that same spot, ramming into it repeatedly, giving Jaejoongs body no break from the waves of ecstasy. His arms flailed uselessly by his sides, needing something to grab to, and he eventually settled for Yunhos shoulders, the nails biting into the skin. Yunhos back crawled when Jaejoong moaned, sinful, his luscious lips parting, eyes shut, hair damp with sweat, and he was so god damn beautiful. Yunhos mouth latched to Jaejoongs neck as his hips sped up, propelling him in faster. He needed to make Jaejoong really feel, feel all the anger and frustration and impatience and lust that had been building up until now. Jaejoong was panting, every second exhale coming out as a whimper. Spasms shook his legs and they threatened to slip from Yunhos shoulders, clammy as they were. Every thrust of Yunhos hit his prostate dread-on, and he just needed something, something more And then Yunhos teeth expertly found out that certain spot on his neck and bit down. Haah! Jaejoong cried, and his hands slid lower down Yunhos back, his nails scraping lines into the tanned skin. He could feel his dick leaking, smearing precum across his stomach, and he didnt know how much more his body could take. As Yunho began sucking fervently, he could feel his stomach tightening, his orgasm growing ever closer. Yunhos thrusts slowed down, and Jaejoong was on the edge of complaining. Yunho leant up before he could, pressing their foreheads together and looking into Jaejoongs eyes. Jaejoong could see all the things he wasnt saying in his eyes, and he had to look away from the intense gaze, biting on his lip. Yunho nudged their noses together, like a puppy wagging its tail for attention, and Jae responded with a chaste kiss. Somehow he felt like he was getting into more than just sex now. Before he could contemplate that, though, Yunho had sped up again, his rhythm breaking down into an erratic, mindless mess. Yunho seemed torn between Jaes neck and his lips, moving back and forth between them, and Jaejoong clutched with one hand to his back and with the other tangled in his hair. Close, Jaejoong whimpered, Y-Yunnie, god, so close And then there was a rough hand closing around his cock, jerking him off with fast movements. Jaejoongs entire body shook with the effort it took to not fall apart and when Yunho began grinding earnestly against his prostate, he couldnt help it anymore; he near on screamed Yunhos name as his orgasm tore through him, splattering Yunhos chest and his own. He fell back to the bed, exhausted, and Yunho grabbed his hips, holding him up and fucking his loosened hole, his movements picking up pace. The random contractions around Yunhos dick were enough to bring him to his peak and he shuddered as he spilled his seed inside Jaejoong. He dropped to the side of Jaejoong, his arm draped across the petite mans side. Both of their chests rose and fell with their heavy breaths. Jaejoong couldnt think, couldnt move; he was much more content to lie beside Yunho, sweaty and messy.

He knew one of them was bound to say something at any moment, something that would kill the moment. And then it came, as predicted Yunhos soft whisper against his ear of, Youre perfect, Jaejoong. Jaejoong leant up on his elbows slightly. He knew he had a choice to leave now, and end this cleanly, or stay and end up in god knows what. It was so tempting to just walk away from it, to not have to worry about the strings and the hassles. But then he remembered the look on Yunhos face as he walked past him, looking through him like he hadnt existed. With a resigned sigh, he rolled into Yunhos open arms, permitting Yunho to hold him. Yunho looked down at him with an amused grin as he wrapped his arms around the elder. What does this make us now? Jaejoong asked after a few moments. I dont know. Youre the boss here, Yunho grinned. Jaejoong pouted. Past experience shows Im bad at making decisions concerning us. Yeah, well, my decisions might not have been the best either, Yunho allowed. Still. At least you didnt take a million years to realise what you wanted, Jaejoong argued. Youre a bit of an idiot, Yunho agreed sagely. Yah, youre supposed to defend my honour, Jaejoong grumbled, whacking him half-heartedly on the chest. Sorry, Yunho smiled, all teeth. There was a moment of silence and then he said, We could start with dating. Dating? Jaejoong repeated, eyebrows furrowing. I suppose so Is that a yes or a no? Yunho checked. Youre being rather ambiguous. Its a yes, Jaejoong said, But theres rules. Should I be taking notes? Yunho asked cheekily. No flirting with Heechul, Jaejoong said firmly. No touching or- or whatever it is you do. Thats mine. Aw, was my Joongie jealous of Heechul? Yunho cooed, and his arms tightened around the elders shoulders. And secondly, theres no need to go raving about our relationship. If Changmin and Yoochun dont ask specifically if we are involved, then there is no need to tell them about it. Dont tell anyone Im fucking the hottest guy in the department, Yunho said

with a quick nod. Got it. Jaejoong blushed slightly. Dont say things like that. But its true, Yunho insisted, his hand curling lightly around Jaes hip. And that simple touch, his fingertips sinking into Jaes waist, was all it took for Jaejoong to roll over and pin Yunho under him, initiating their second round. ----The next day, after spending all of the previous afternoon and night going at it like rabbits, Jae arrived at the department. He insisted on taking a cab from Yunhos rather than them travelling together, choosing to ignore the fact that heaps of people had seen them taking off together yesterday. He ran a hand through his slightly ruffled hair as he made his way across the lobby towards the elevator, hoping no one would notice that he was wearing Yunhos clothes. He stepped into the elevator, blushing slightly when he noticed Yunho already in there. As soon as the doors slid shut, leaving them alone, Yunho slid closer and began littering his already bruised neck with kisses. Yunho, Jaejoong hissed, pushing him away. Dont. Am I not allowed to kiss my boyfriend? Yunho asked innocently. New rule, Jaejoong stated. No kissing at work. But Jae, Yunho whined. A whole day without kissing you? Youve lasted for a long time without kissing me so far, Jaejoong replied in a clipped tone. Im sure you can continue to do so. Yunho glared moodily at the wall. So even when youre dating me, youre holding back. I shouldnt have expected you to give me everything. Jaejoong lurched forwards, grabbing Yunhos arm. I- I didnt mean- Yunhos face broke into a grin. Haha, you shouldve seen your expression just then, you totally fell for it! Jaejoong could only stare at Yunho, flabbergasted. Wellwell of course Id be worried! he finally said indignantly. I dont want you mad at me again. You know, I wasnt really that mad at you, Yunho explained with a shrug. I mean, initially I was pissed off, but I got over it pretty quick. Heechul was the one who suggested I keep up the act. You know that saying? Treat em mean, keep em keen? Seemed to work, huh? he smirked. Now Jaejoong was glaring, and he hit Yunho on the arm. Thats not fair! Do you know how worried I was? Doesnt matter now anyway, does it? Yunho pointed out. He leant closer and whispered against Jaejoongs lips, Cmon. Just one kiss. With a sigh, Jaejoong allowed him the kiss. When he pulled back, Yunho murmured, I like you a lot Jae. And he had that look in his eye that hed had yesterday, the look that said it was a little bit more than just like. He knew

better than to say it out loud, knew Jaejoong could only take small steps at a time. I like you too, Jaejoong grudgingly admitted, still scowling slightly. Yunho stole another kiss before Jae could stop him, looking extremely pleased with himself. The elevator pulled to a stop on Yunhos floor and he got out, spanking Jaes ass on his way with a wink over his shoulder. No matter how much changed, some things would always stay the same.