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Students may choose 20 or more activities from this list. A minimum of 10 of any of these activities should be completed in the first semester (August-December) and 10 in the second semester (January-May). The student may also choose to use a discarded textbook to create an autobiographical altered book. I will be checking your sketchbooks regularly for progress but your sketchbook renderings will not be assessed fully until the end of each semester (December and May). Show rich details, experimentation and risk taking. Use the whole paper
SUGGESTED ACTIVITIES 1. Take out a library book on any artist of your choosing and duplicate their artwork. Include a visual reference of the artists work. 2. Design a tattoo for someone particular - a celebrity; teacher; etc. 3. Try several studies of DRAPERY - a towel, shirt, or blanket draped around or on another object to create lots of wrinkles; focusing on shapes of folds and creases and the shadows that are created by them or try the same exercise with a patterned cloth in color. 4. Illustrate a favorite story of yours told by a grandparent; uncle, or other relative. 5. Design a CD cover for a musical group (no unoriginal, sexual or violent imagery) 6. Transform an object from a realistic view to a Cubist representation (using several different viewpoints within the same frame) in a progression of 4 steps. 7. Cut a shape of a keyhole in one page of your sketchbook and in the following page draw what you would see through the key hole. 8. Illustrate your favorite poem (include poem as part of your imagery). 9. Study your feet and shoes. Draw them in different positions and from different angles and views. 10. Draw a manmade object in your hand. Holding the same object in your hand, change the composition/view four times and draw each different one.

11. Draw/paint a landscape from observation. Remember to show foreground, middle ground, and background. Record the forms, shapes, lines, textures and colors. 12. Arrange a still life and draw it with shading. 13. Use color and contrast to express your feelings. 14. Choose an art movement (Fauve, Impressionism, Abstraction, Dada, Surrealism, Op Art, Pop Art Etc) and draw/paint recreating the characteristics of that style. 15. Create a fantasy building and landscape. 16. Lie on the floor, draw what is eye level. 17. Put Mona Lisa in a contemporary setting. 18. Make a collage, poster, painting or drawing that says something about the environment, the world situation, or a propaganda about any issue you feel strongly about. 19. Change the size relationship (scale) of an object (i.e. insect) and something else (i.e. building, ships, cars)

Yourself using a strong light on one side or angle of your face, focusing on the shapes Something that is completely impossible Your greatest fear; your biggest hope; or your dream for your future. A series of an interesting subject to you. Concentrate in composition and design. Using 2 point perspective. Bottles and cans (can be crunched up) or trash. Contents of a trash can. Dishes in a drainer, before they are washed with shading. Anything from your imagination with as much rich detail as possible.

Your reflection in any shiny surfaced object. Family members with things that they cherish. A self-portrait. This can be full body view or face only. Gesture drawings of people, things, or animals in motion. Several studies of your eyes, nose, and mouth in a variety of positions and poses. An object with a surface texture. A grouping of leaves or natural elements (scale and proximity). Your favorite snack food The contents of your desk drawer, refrigerator, medicine chest, garage, purse or closet A pile of laundry waiting to get washed