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by Purple Crow from PurpleReptoidCrow Website recovered through BibalexWayBackMachine Website

Did you know that all the world s most ancient monuments line up with the star systems: Orion, Leo and Draco?

"Giza" The Egyptian pyramids are in the exact shape of the Orion constellation. (lumina nce reflected in the size of each pyramid) The central (once hidden and secret) shafts of the great pyramid all point to Orion, Sirius, Draco, Leo. You might th ink that the Sphinx is only 6000 some odd years old, but it s not.

Scientists now know that it s about 12,500 years old according to the physical wea r of the rocks themselves from thousands of years of heavy rain fall weathering. (Studies by John Anthony West and Prof. Robert Shock, Boston University) For th e last few thousands of years, Egypt has been DRY, so how did the rocks become S O heavily weathered by RAIN WATER? (Not wind erosion) If you go back to 10,500 B C, you have your answers. If you follow the precession of the Earth (the slow wobble of the Earth over tho usands of years around the North Star) you will notice that the Sphinx points ri ght to the constellation Leo on the SPRING EQUINOX of every year back around 12, 500 years ago (10,500 BC)

These ancient sites have been rebuilt MANY times, following the ancient blueprin t of the original creators of these monuments, so they are VERY ancient indeed. Today the Sphinx currently points to Taurus, the Bull, every spring equinox. So why is the Sphinx not a bull? Because it was most likely built in 10,500 BC, not 4-6000 years ago.

"Angkor" The ancient temples in Cambodia, have this exact same phenomena. They are built around an exact representation of the Draco constellation itself. Star for star - an exact representation of the heavens done with a precision that no Human on Earth today with all the technology we have can duplicate. And the temples all p

oint to this same constellation, Draco the dragon, on the equinoxes of about 12, 500 years ago, WHEN THEY WERE FIRST BUILT.

How many times have these ancient temples been rebuilt in order to maintain the "message for Humanity" which we are still uncovering? There is an underwater ancient monument in Japan which also links to this chain of 10,500 BC. And as we shall soon see, so will the recent discovery of the anci ent pyramids off the coast of Cuba. Orion, Sirius, Leo and Draco (the Dragon) - The cornerstones (corner-stars) of t he ancient world on Earth in 10,500 BC. No matter where you might look in the an cient world, you will come across this same strange "coincidence"... If you are still of the thinking that it was Roswell where the first contact was made - that s what I call media-think. It s easier to believe that project-bluebook and other military science projects have only had ET contact recently and are j ust covering that up in the last 50 or so years, which is clearly not the case. ET contact goes WAY back into the ancient world.

That s a mightily long time...

How did I end up on THIS strange site? Do you believe in "coincidence"? I don t, but I DO experience synchronicity consta ntly. I know you are here for a reason. Whether you came here by my handing you a card with this URL on it, or whether you happened to find me on your own, or w hether a friend directed you here, or if you heard me on a recent radio intervie w, this path is yours alone to accept truth or pretend that this "cannot possibl y be real".

Denial is not just a river on the Giza plateau, however. By whatever means you e nded up here on my page, it would be out of fear of the unknown that you would t urn back now. Please, friend, do not be afraid of what you find here. It s just in formation.

Follow your own reality and research to discover truth, but you will find out ev entually that I am correct anyway. I get e-mails all the time from those who onc e mocked me years ago, and they attempt to say they are so very sorry for such o ffences against my name and research - however, what s past has already been done. I mean you no harm, only to share with you as you re-discover yourself as I hav e re-discovered my own self.

Please let me explain what I mean...

Welcome to the outermost edge of the "Matrix"

The age that you are living in RIGHT NOW is the time that the ancient Mayans, Az tecs, Shaman and many other ancient cultures spoke of: 1987-2012 AD: the "Harmon ic Convergence". The end of "time" as we know it. This was taught to the Humans in that time by a "plumed Serpent" (REPTILIAN ENTITY?) named, "Quetzalcoatl".

One form of Reptilian species has been evolving right along side the Human race since recorded history, and they have been interbreeding with us on regular inte rvals ever since time began for the Human race. What would be their motivation for this behavior? Curiosity? Or perhaps a certain dependency on keeping Humans as captives for some y et misunderstood purpose? We shall see as we unravel this secret tale and expose it to the light of truth.

A segment of the Dead Sea Scrolls - from the Testament of Amram: "I saw Watchers in my vision... Two beings were fighting over me, saying... an d holding a great contest over me. I asked them, Who are you, that you are thus e mpowered over me? They answered me, We have been empowered and rule over all manki nd.

They said to me, Which of us do you choose to rule you? I raised my eyes and l ooked. One of them was terrifying in his appearance, like a serpent, his cloak m any-colored yet very dark... And I looked again, and... in his appearance, his v isage like a viper..."

It s all about DNA manipulation and spiritual vision This encounter that Amram speaks of sounds like more of an interdimensional cont act than a classic ET encounter. Since 1987 the vibratory rate (Earth s Schumann re sonance frequency of 7.83 Hz) has been on the rise after a very long period of st ability, and it s heading for a multidimensional PEAK around 2012. (14 Hz peak)

The Mayan calendar, with it s most incredible accuracy, pin points 2012 as the end of a grand cycle of energy for Humans and ALL life in this dimension. The veil lifts between our world and "their" world by 2012. Human DNA is RE-evolving back into it s original form against the will of those in power.

Other ETs who live amongst us right now are also mixing their DNA into our own t o resist this shift in paradigm as they fear losing control of Humans in general (after living here as a Human for so long, at times I understand their fears al l too well).

This planet is mid-shift right now!

The vibratory rate of our sun has changed incredibly since 1991 - it s magnetic po les have flipped over causing massive solar upheaval. "Time is speeding up", and the battle for the Human soul is on! This shift is completely natural and happe ns on a regular occurrence. Babies who are born with AIDS can now HEAL themselve s of this disease with their NEW super-immune systems due to these extra DNA str ands. It s incredible what these new-born Humans can do! They are more like ETs th an Humans.

Nikola Tesla said, "EVERYTHING in the universe RESONATES at it s own frequency, yet they all rela te on a harmonic scale to each other... Understanding my work means understandin g the key to the universe, RESONANCE." (Paraphrase) Universal existence is like a song, with rhythm and harmonics - and it s going UPW ARDS one octave right now. The darkest aspect of the Universe (aka: Satanic influence) has entered our real ity here on Earth and has been "running the show" for some time now (since the l ast precession cycle?) from WITHIN each end every individual who finds themselve s focusing on CHAOTIC CONTROL and destruction of others through fear. "Ordo Ab C haos". (Illuminati/Masonic phrase)

Whether it be for the death of free will or the death of the body, this dark THO UGHT-FORM comes from the same inner place called "fear". It has infested every a spect of our way of life - AND the life of OTHER-WORLDLY beings as well. It is a virus in the program , a Cancer if you will and DOES NOT represent the RACE, CULTURE or PHYSICAL BODIES of those who have become infected! Humanity is a hybrid ET r ace - compare their natural behaviors with that of natural animals of Earth.

Who s behaving more like a CANCER? The animals? Or the Humans who live in FEAR kil ling their own kind needlessly? The "NWO" is very real and has dark, sinister pl ots which go back as far as the ancient world and BEYOND to the stars and other dimensions where it began. It s key power is fear, sadly... How can this be so?

I ll answer that with the words of Janet Swerdlow... "How can a small group of beings gain control over a large group of beings w

ithout the large group even knowing that they are controlled? At first glance, t his sounds like an outlandish and preposterous idea that this even could be done , much less is done. But, take a look at this small, tight-knit group.

They have every physical need met. They do not have the outside distractions of the average human. They do not have to think or worry about food, shelter, i ncome, and/or family stability. The wealth stays in the hands of these self-sele cted few. Their wealth gives them the power to create. Their wealth gives them t he time to do it, as well as global access to all known resources." Now imagine this global collective of powerful beings having interdimensional af filiations with ET consciousness... Getting chills down your spine yet? You SHOU LD be! Add to the mix a fear based mindset and presto!... big problems.

The Draco are here and we re not going to be able to understand them with our addi tional fear of their physical appearance or their secret control. Just picture y ourself as a golden ancient warrior when you encounter any form of "ET", stand i n your truth of compassion and love, be fearless of the future, no matter what i t looks like.

You are looking directly in that moment at your own fate made manifest - best to make a new friend than a new enemy. Picture of a Masonic hall (click image to enlarge), inside and out. Rent the film "Eyes Wide Shut" if you want a good example of how this fear based type of situation plays out on a day to day basis. Could things really have turned out any different?...

Did you know that almost every single "elected" government official is a Freemason or "Skull and Bones" member?! Don t you find that just a little strange? Coincidence? Did you also know that MOST of the US presidents are related to TWO sing le ancient "Royal" bloodlines? Meaning that they might seem to have different last names, but EVERY SINGLE TIME it s the person with the MOST ROYAL GENES who gets elected! Think about it.

Elections are a scam - just look at G.W. Bush. If it were actually possible to v ote out secret society members it would be illegal to do so. This is NOT just a si tuation which operates in the USA, it s happening in EVERY country. They are lying

to us and we just sit back and eat it up as we watch the TV pumping our minds w ith a FAKE reality. Dare YOU to try to run for president and see what happens! Grave robbing is not the least of Skull & Bones crimes. Many may find it interest ing that initiates also drink wine/blood from a human skull. George W. Bush clai ms to be a born-again Christian, while John Kerry claims to be Roman Catholic, y et they will not answer any questions of their affiliation with this Order. Bush s conversion came years after his senior year at Yale (i.e. while he was livi ng in Midland, Texas in the mid 1980s). If his conversion is true, then why won t he publicly sever his ties with Skull & Bones? Instead, he gets nervous and anno yed when questioned about it. The American people (and in fact the whole world is affected by this secret soci ety THROUGH the right arm of the USA) have a right to know why this college frat ernity is so secret that both candidates for the U.S. presidency refuse to speak of it. Most importantly, does the oath to Skull & Bones supersede all previous and future oaths (as is common in occult organizations) such as the presidential oath of office? I think it would matter to most Americans if Bush or Kerry plac ed their hands on their Skull & Bones pin (over their heart) as they take the oa th as president. Which allegiance is stronger? Which comes first? To become a highest degree Freemason (Illuminated 33rd degree of the Scottish ri te lodge), you have to have FAMILY already in the lodge typically. A reference w ill only get you through the first three degrees (the "Blue" degrees) and then y ou stop or get side tracked along another path. If you are not a "family member" , then you cannot achieve the highest degrees.

You have to have a certain strand of DNA in your body, the SAME strand (which co nnects all the way back to the ancient world) which ensures your position of pow er over the rest of Humanity. Why? Only chosen bloodlines get this privilege. Wh ich ones, you ask? The ones which have the "Reptilian" DNA encoding.

"Dragon blood lines", also known as the "Anunnaki" in the Sumerian texts. This i s their duty on the Earth, to "manage Humanity" until the return of their gods f rom other star-systems or dimensions.

Their bloodlines go beyond Atlantis and ancient Egypt back in time to whole othe r worlds.

How to control anyone at anytime This is how directed mind/media control is managed. "The Hegelian Dialectic is a technique commonly used to bring about a desire d result. It is a three step process as follows... Thesis - A problem is intentionally created Antithesis - Opposition to the problem is created

Synthesis - The desired result is brought in as a solution "An example of this was in Germany when Adolph Hitler wanted to pass anti-ter rorist legislation. Hitler wanted the power to detain people without question and hold them in custody without a court hearing. The people of Germany wanted no s uch thing. So Hitler had the Reichtag building burned to the ground. He then bla med terrorists for this terrible crime.

The media portrayed the event as a danger to society and people s welfare. The people demanded something be done so Hitler introduced his new anti-terrorist l egislation with the people s consent. I hope this method sounds familiar to you be cause it is used in all aspects and at all levels of society.

Pay attention to the anti-terrorist legislation being passed due to terroris t incidents which are occurring today. The people who do not understand these th ings are simply being deceived and yet know it not." (quoted from a friend of mine) What s happening to your rights and freedoms right now? The Patriot act! REMEMBER TH IS before you turn on CNN and watch the World Trade Center reactionists persuade your thoughts on this matter. Before you decide what the real cause of the shut tle disaster is, remember everything you ve learned here.

The 9/11 event is not what it seems - from what we can tell a select group used a remote control system called "Global Hawk" to take over and steer the jets ele ctronically on that terrible day, then they used Tesla s HAARP (in Alaska) to puls e Scalar waves at the buildings turning the steel to jello.


To create fear and to enslave more NWO idealism into our world once again. Steel CANNOT MELT at the temperatures that jet fuel burns at, PERIOD! (A difference o f more than 800 degrees!)

That s a truth that should keep you awake at night - do your research!

Reptile wars Different groups, cults, secret societies, legions, collectives, and even indivi duals are fighting over the right to run this planet "their way". This is happen ing on EVERY LEVEL - Battle of the bloodlines...

If this were not true then we wouldn t hear of this from both sides in their attem pt to expose the other side as "evil".

The Draco races which run one nation are against the Draco bloodlines of another nation, and so on, and so on... There s never a good reason for war. It s obvious t hat the so-called "control of the Human slave race" is not working all that well as we have learned so much from our "controllers" mistakes. I truly wish things could be different. Only when ALL species decide to come together and make peace will there be true peace on this planet! There IS NO OTHER WAY! If Humans and Reptoids continue to ig nore this fact, both races will possibly die out during this shift in interdimen sional frequency.

Now is the time to realize that we are all ONE relation and not aliens to each o ther s genetic history. We are all mixed blood to varying degrees. Not to mention that souls travel from one side to the other in this great karmic cycle. To kill off the Draco is to kill of your own brothers and sisters as well, and vise ver sa. Stalemate.

Then there are the Ancient Ones (not the Anunnaki) who are supposed to return to Earth shortly, the full blood Reptilians who are feared by the Anunnaki Draco r aces of Earth... It seems as if Humans are being held hostage by the Draco - the y are attempting to stop all OPEN CONTACT with the positive ETs who have already arrived on Earth and are here to HELP Humanity. What a mess!

Don t you just love all this unnecessary fighting?

The following quote comes from a Reptilian soul contact of mine who lives as a H uman on Earth presently as well - this message is SO CRUCIAL for you to understa nd in your quest for a balanced truth - there are more than one race of Reptilia ns involved in this war on Earth - don t be fooled by single-mindedness: The Sumerian texts confirm that the "Elder gods" or "Anunnaki" were, in fact , not the first "gods" on Earth - a race or races known as the "Ancient Ones" pr e-dated the arrival of the "Elder gods/Anunnaki". The Ancient Ones had come from the stars many eons earlier and had established an extremely advanced culture.

The Anunnaki, although initially accepted, and very technologically advanced themselves, subsequently caused immense problems after their arrival to Earth a nd a war broke out. It seems this was no small battle, indeed, it changed the en

tire face of the Earth and irrevocably altered the course of life thereon.

(Note: The planet, Tiamat (Tia-MAAT), was destroyed in this war, which we no w call the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter. Mars began to lose it s atmosph ere, which affected everything on it s surface eventually, in this war between the Anunnaki and the Ancient Ones.)

The Sumerian texts go on to say that the "Elder gods/Anunnaki" produced/crea ted mankind as a slave/workforce for them to own and control as a prize for thei r winning this war. (That s you and me...) Were these Anunnaki the legendary dragons as some have suggested, or do the legends of these magical creatures and their nebulous world, refer to the ancien t race that existed prior to the arrival of the Anunnaki? Were they eradicated/m odified by this invasion/rebellion? There are many who view the Anunnaki genetic modifications on this planet as an upgrade to the race of beings existing on Earth at the time, but considering the overweening arrogance and warlike behavior of the Anunnaki themselves and o f some of our world leaders (who claim to be their descendants through their aff iliations with various secret societies such as the "Freemasonic lodge members") , it makes one wonder.

As a species, man has more genetic defects/diseases than any other.

Was the Anunnaki gene manipulation an upgrade... Or was it in fact a downgra de?

Strangely, it clearly states in the Sumerian texts that the genes of the com mander of the army of the Ancient Ones combined with ANUNNAKI genes were used to "create" man... Sounds like evidence for the true story behind the "fall from p aradise" in the Bible? It may be seen as odd that the Anunnaki would combine the ir own genes with that of their ancient enemy , however it seems that they viewed t his as some type of punishment or binding of the spirit of the Ancient Ones. According to Sumerian sacred texts, the "Elder gods" (the Anunnaki), battled with and destroyed the Ancient Ones, and specifically Tiamat, their queen, the ancient of days, who is described as a "great wicked serpent" or "mighty dragon" . Also described are her many strange allies - serpent men, dragons, sphinxes (l ionmen), centaurs, dogmen and scorpion men. The titanic battle raged for ten yea rs or more, laying waste to the Earth and its inhabitants... The Anunnaki eventually won the battle and they divided up parts of the Eart h between them. It is only after this that Humankind was "created" as a slave ra ce. The Anunnaki were a race of warlords, for they often fought amongst themselv es and involved Humans in their endless power struggles and petty jealousies.

(Note: Jealousy is a dead give-away as for the obvious differences between t

he different Reptoid races) It has been said that the "myths" of centaurs, satyrs, unicorns, dragons, el ves etc were the results of early genetic experiments of the Anunnaki, but the S umerian texts state the creatures/monsters were allies of Tiamat. Were the original dragons/elves/fairyfolk, in fact, the Ancient Ones spo ken of in the texts? Did the Anunnaki destroy a civilization, the mythical "land before time" (before "common reported time"), and by tampering with genetic codes, attempt g enocide on a global scale and deliberately conceal any memory of or reference to this civilization? Did they teach mankind wonders or did they just twist and pervert ancien t wisdom? (Note: Some clues are contained in the Vatican secret archives.) No doubt there were "runaway slaves" hidden in the caverns of the Earth and also other survivors who had escaped the unwelcome attentions of the Anunnaki an d their captive breeding programs. The texts tell us that there were renegade An unnaki as well, and it speculated that Enki himself may have returned to the und erworld. From these came the myths of hollow Earth, shamballah, agartha... and l egends of great treasures and mines guarded by the gnomes.

Elves and Others, may have taken refuge in the mountains and forests and "de solate places", giving rise to their own "myths". As the world came more and mor e under the influence of the Anunnaki, many of these too, may have fled below th e surface. It is well documented that there are vast networks of tunnels and hug e caverns beneath the Earth, some caused by volcanic activity and some artificia l in origin. (Note: Many military bases connect with these deep inner world syst ems)

Many strange "cults" sprang from these stories, many of which persist to thi s very day, which in itself has caused much mischief. It appears these Elder gods/Anunnaki, were terrified of the Ancient Ones and dreaded their foretold return, fearing that they would reclaim the Earth and ta ke revenge on them.

(Note: But we have been treated so well by our leaders, whatever gave them a nything to fear?)

For this reason they devised many "magical" and other occult diverse means t o prevent this from occurring.

(Note: Also military projects such as HAARP - A Global Tesla shield around t he planet)

After all, this would mean that the "slave race" that the Anunnaki had "crea ted", and who contained the genetic codes of the "Ancient Ones" might awaken aft er global contact with the Ancient Ones and seek their freedom. One can see why this would cause the Anunnaki overlords to be terror stricken to lose their cont rol over us and would necessitate stringent control measures be imposed on Human ity. Thus was born religion and other hierarchical structures of control, suppre ssion and subjugation.

(Note: Science, paranormal organizations, and even New Age authors) And what of Humans, the odd genetic consequence of all this meddling? Is thi s the reason why Humanity seems to be suffering from collective post traumatic s tress disorder? As it says in the Sumerian texts: "Man is born of sadness, for he is of the Blood of the Ancient Ones, but has the Spirit of the Elder gods breathed into him. And his heart goes to the A ncient Ones, but his mind is turned towards the Elder gods, and this is the war which shall be always fought, unto the last generation of man; for the world is unnatural." pted ? Is age ,000 y). Does this not imply that the previously understood "natural order" was disru in some fundamental way when the civilization of the Ancients was destroyed the famous "cradle of civilization", in reality a coffin of a bygone golden lost in the mists of time? We are told that civilization abruptly emerged 6 to 8,000 years ago in ancient Sumer, (Note: Now known as Iraq, interestingl

Could it be that at that time everything was altered by belligerent beings w ith dubious intent and ruthless methods?

In the texts the Anunnaki demonstrate their fear and hatred of the Ancient O nes, by describing them as "crawling chaos" and blaming them for all manner of h ideous horror. But the texts also reveal the Anunnaki themselves, as a fierce, l ustful, incestuous, bloodthirsty, deceitful, jealous and conquering race, with a vested interest in keeping their "creations" ignorant about their true origins. (Note: Oh yeah? Where s the proof?)

That being the case, we can speculate that the ways of the Ancient Ones were diametrically opposed to those of the Anunnaki. Were the Ancient Ones aware of and did they utilize chaos theory and the fractal nature of consciousness in the creation of their forgotten world? And Humanity, blissfully unaware of all this for the most part, still strugg les on living the lies and bearing the terrible karmic burden of these unspeakab le deeds. In conclusion it is also written in the very same Sumerian texts... "Know that Tiamat seeks ever to rise to the stars, and when the Upper is united to the Lower, then a new Age will come of Earth, and the Serpent shall b e made whole, and the Waters will be as One"

Source: "Draco S" (name withheld for reasons of privacy)

I can tell you from first hand experience that Reptilian researchers are battlin g it out right now in this arena. This truly is REPTILE WARS . It seems that many if not ALL Reptilian researchers are under some kind of influence in their behavior and attitudes towards each other. (Is this evidence of a higher force toying wi th Humanity?)

This really makes me angry. Why?

Because nothing can be accomplished as long as there is this massive amount of i nfighting and personal slander going on, which means all this research is in vai n and quite probably somewhat controlled. Unfortunately I have been dragged righ t into the center of this mess due to my openness about my identity as a multidi mensional being. I came here to make a difference for the POSITIVE! My motives a re open for all to see. I act on peace, not warmongering.

Warmongers don t preach peace - they blame others for their problems as "the enemy to destroy"! General frustrations with Humanity from those who are awake are NO RMAL, but not to the point where suggestions to kill off entire species are the suggested answer.

Its completely arrogant to suggest such a thing. Be aware that extreme amounts o f trickery exist in this field, and many Reptilian researchers will do their bes t to slander each other behind their backs.

Before the fall of Humanity A whole other world was once here on Earth, long ago, which today would be compl etely unrecognizable. It used to be more like "Star Wars" back in the days of At lantis, but that time is long gone, yet may soon return. One method was to rule for control of sex, money and the physical pleasures and entertainment - pure indulgence. (Sound familiar? CIA and the PORN industry preying upon a sexually STARVED culture out of balance within itself.)

The other was to rule by spiritual enlightenment and higher understanding pr imarily. This was written down in Sumerian text as the battle between Enki and Enlil - tw

o Reptilian brothers. The final battle which tore a hole in space-time, permanen tly damaging human DNA, happened back in Atlantis. (Read Edgar Casey for the det ails)

The "Sons of Belial" (physical pleasures) seem to have been running the show eve r since, while the survivors of "The law of One" have been attempting to regain control by calling upon their ET contacts for help this whole time - and once ag ain these laws of "non-interference" have gotten in the way of assistance for Hu manity, and here we are as a result.

Many diverse cultures survived this great catastrophe and global upheaval, but o nly just barely. Most of this ancient world is now long forgot as we marvel over the "wonders of the world"... In Africa and in other surviving cultures they have always had knowledge of the star Sirius "B", a star that we couldn t even SEE until the advent of very powerfu l TELESCOPES!

How did they know of this world, and why were they so influenced by this invisib le star?

They also speak of the planet "Tiamat" that was DESTROYED which we now call "the asteroid belt" (between Mars and Jupiter)

They also say that Mars once had life on it which was transplanted on Earth. (Th e blond hair, blue eyed form in particular) Don t believe that one? Science has sa id life on Mars was possible due to the evidence of massive amounts of MAGNETITE ( organic brain component) presently discovered on Mars as well as the massive amo unts of evidence for ancient oceans! Who lived there? Where did they go?

Evidence of a previous catastrophe would be the PLANET WIDE surface crack severa l times larger than the Grand Canyon (Valles Marineris) and the volcano, Olympus Mons, larger than Mt. Everest by SEVERAL TIMES over!

Science seems to be discovering that this was not from the planet s formation, but an event which happened later on, more recently.

Valles Marineris Olympus Mons

(Not to mention the FACE and pyramids on Mars of the Cydonia region of Richard H oagland fame)

Q: How could this happen? A: One possibility is "Planet X", Nibiru or Nemisis, which is a dark star (B rown dwarf or "black sun") which orbits between deep space (well past Pluto) and Mars, that returns here about every 3,600 to 30,000 years or so, causing massiv e "flooding" (the effects of magnetism and gravity on the ocean and eco systems) and global weather changes. Little is known about Nibiru except for what s written in, once again, the Sum erian texts... some cultures have survived with this ancient knowledge intact. I magine if you will a planet as dense and large as Jupiter swinging around the Ea rth faster than anything known to us currently. YES! 200 foot high waves would now seem very probable, and indeed the MANY ancie nt texts speak of exactly this fact. Noah and the great flood for instance. The SU N is also severely affected by this massive sun sized giant and it s massive magne tic field, which we have been witnessing since about 1991 as our sun has complet ely changed.

When shall Nibiru return? No one has seen it yet, but it s effect seem to be happe ning right now all around us and are increasing every day. Whitley Streiber and Art Bell s "The coming global superstorm" is a great book on this subject. Too muc h to be true? How about a scientific study report on the subject for now?

It would seem that we, at the very least, LOST an INNER BATTLE to some very dark astral entities who enslaved us on Earth, and we are the "survivors" of that an cient war. ("Atlantis" in power over Humans is a common corporate theme in their secret symbology and logos)

These "aliens" have been hiding in the 4th dimension (lower astral) ever since, ("The pit" or Hell in the Bible) manipulating us with fake religions and limited science so they can maximize their time playing with our spiritual limitations and muck about with our DNA (through alien abductions) and the grid energies of the planet even further and milk Human energy for all it s worth - just like in th e movie "They Live".

They steal our true history from us and hide it in their "Vatican archives". By now you ve watched the movie "Matrix", so you already have some idea what we are u p against here. I also hope some of you remember the TV mini series called "V". All good and varied examples of near probable futures we ll have to face sooner or later. As our planet increases it s vibrational frequency these (often Reptilian looking) entities are finding it almost impossible to maintain their alternate Human for m. This entire struggle is being watched VERY closely right now by many diverse beings, worlds and entities beyond our current ability to "sense" them.

Other beings, sometimes referred to as the "ancient astronauts" are returning to Earth also, but not before we PROVE ourselves worthy... that we can rid this wo

rld of certain evil, hateful behaviors from within ourselves (such as passive-ag gressive carelessness about our fellow people, Neo-Nazism against our own people and fear based reactions to the truth, etc.) We must rid our planet of the dark shadow beings which now inhabit every aspect of power in both government and se cret societies.

This is how the secret controllers of this planet have gotten away with their da stardly deeds and high-level secrets (black projects like Area 51, Dulce secret underground base, the Philadelphia experiments, Montauk, HAARP, etc...) for SO l ong.

Many of these people in power aren t even "Human" by our civilian terms, but are m ore "aliens" in nature. They have deep interdimensional connections. We see only their PHYSICAL BODY rather than their true form! Well, not for much longer, I c an assure you. More and more Humans are waking up to the fact that Reptilian entities are being witnessed by hundreds of people, far and wide, in positions of power or influen ce in this world, and that these beings can shimmer between forms at will. (And I m not talking just about the research that David Icke has exposed either)

It s getting harder and harder with the Earth s raising vibrational frequency for th ese "aliens" to maintain Human form, and they are being seen more and more every day. After all, they can t control a people who discover that they have NOT truly been "free" for over 12,500 years or longer, but rather have been used by "psyc hic energy vampires" as "live-stock".


Not all Reptilians act this way, just a ROGUE GROUP of beings who are here among st us, and not even all of them agree with this plan for total control. In fact many Reptilians ARE doing something about this right now. We are all individuals , Human or otherwise.


However "spiritual possession" is still a problem and can turn entire leagues of beings into zombified "hive minded" oppressors - this is the toughest part. It s this particular "Reptilian DNA" code that many secret societies desire to keep i n power in order to maintain contact with these interdimensional (4th dimension) entities, who donated their Reptilian DNA to Humanity eons ago.

Please note: "Group mind" is like a communal collective of consenting individuals, al most telepathic in nature. "Hive mind" is more like ONE mind controlling the entire lot, often with a secret agenda. Gifted psychics can see us ET incarnate souls easily. There is no such thing as "death", there never was. Energy never dies, it just changes form. Look at all t he cases of near death (NDE/OBE) encounters from all over the world and you will see that this is so. Look into the writings of Danion Brinkley or Edgar Cayce a nd you will see this truth.

Many "alien" souls have reincarnated as Human to assist in this shift in conscio usness. We have sought each other out after going within and listening to our inner ligh t, which reminded us of our destiny. We are a collective of individuals from all over and beyond who share a common love... LOVE and FREE WILL. We come and go a s we please from form to form, planet to planet, dimension to dimension.

I must say that of all the worlds I have rested upon, this one, this time is by far the most frustrating and confusing. To be born here, blinded by birth is no comfortable start to this life, as I m sure you well know. Going within, DEEP insi de your soul, you too have found answers to your path this life, and your OWN un ique lessons and choices.

Once again I say that this Human body is merely my vessel and is NOT "me". If I could go back and change my mind about incarnating as Human believe me I would n ever have come here, it s far worse than I had thought, indeed I was ill prepared for the reality of being hated by one s own people (Humans) for an entire lifetime , perpetually - It hurts me greatly, and I hurt every single day of my life for speaking out about who I truly am.

Once I chose to begin there was no turning back as I d be failing MYSELF if I did. I can be so terribly lonely for my home at times that I cry for hours to depart from this self-destructive and hate filled world.

I hate to feel this pain and suffer so much while living here and being so power less to help others who are so hate-filled towards myself and others like me - b ut I can only do my BEST to continue. I really hope you feel this deep within yo ur heart and understand what I say to you right now. I am a peaceful soul, of th at there is no doubt. Let me give you an easy example of how these interdimensional beings operate: Im agine being a radio, (try to anyway) LOCKED onto only ONE signal due to years of genetic (hardware) manipulation from long ago, blind to the existence of other

"stations or signals", yet they are just as REAL, just as physical! All you are aware of is ONE reality (the visual one), and anything outside of that reality j ust "doesn t exist", period.

It s easy to STAY in power with abilities that simply "Do not exist" to us, that s eem like "science-fiction" and "conspiracy theory". You can t see "radio waves", y et you are told they exist, and have accepted this as your reality through years of working with these energies utilizing tools such as radio and TV receivers.

Very simple.

It s very easy to DISMISS something that someone says is "real" when the listener (i.e.: You) does not even KNOW about such things. You might think these stories "Out of this world" at first until you become educated in otherworldly affairs a nd the SCIENCE which proves the existence of other dimensions. (Cosmic string th eory is OLD news to interdimensional beings)

These interdimensional controllers and their "great work" appears like magick to us because we don t know any better. ("Natives dazzled by a simple match-stick")

Take UFOs for instance: Are they truly from another star system? Or are they fro m somewhere much closer - a parallel dimension? To the interdimensional beings i t s a simple science of control. ALL THAT is about to change though.

Scientists have admitted that the appearance of "physical" density is just an il lusion, and in fact we are all living, evolving patterns of energy. Now at last science is catching up to what the remaining NATIVE SHAMAN always knew!.

We are actually 90% empty space and use only 10% of our genetic code as well as our brains. What if the rest of our DNA was "SWITCHED BACK ON"? We d suddenly see/ feel and LIVE with the rest of the beings that also inhabit the SAME SPACE as us right now.

By the law of energy movement - the remaining 90% of "us" could carry the other 10% (our physical selves) to other levels (or states) of being/resonance, includ ing travel to other worlds.

Ever hear the description of a UFOs interior? "...There was a complete lack of knobs or physical controls... Only a centra l core which could hold some unknown type of energy was even visible..."

(Think about that one a minute) Hmmmmm... No knobs or controls? Who needs them i f your MIND takes you where you want to go, right?

"PROJECT BlueBeam"

For years this rogue black budget team has been perfecting the projection of HOL OGRAM technology in the form of UFO sightings. Some of these sightings are repor ted on UFO witness programs to "catalogue and monitor" the public s readiness for a STAGED "ALIEN INVASION". (Remember, some ships -UFOs- are SHOT DOWN by the mil itary using HAARP)

They use the MASSIVE amount of particulates in the atmosphere to bounce lasers o ff of which in turn draw a UFO in the air itself. Mexico city has been the hotbe d of sightings due to it s high level of useable particulates within this hologram technology.

Now the CHEM-TRAILS have reduced visibility to 1/5th the former level on a WORLD WIDE SCALE! (The stage has been set now for GLOBAL use)

"Project BlueBeam" can make these objects appear SOLID and many are drawn during the day to enhance the effectiveness of public reaction. If these object become a "threat", the planned reaction is to band the planet s people together under ON E WORLD GOVERNMENT to "fight off" the alien invaders.

Remember that this plan goes WAY back, long before RONALD REGAN S big speech at a TELEVISED UNITED NATIONS MEETING, "I often wonder... if our differences, WORLDWIDE, would vanish if we were fa ced with an ALIEN threat from outside this world. And I ask you now... IS NOT AN ALIEN FORCE ALREADY AMONG US?" Remember that one? Think about it. It s part of a global agenda. Of COURSE these " officials" talk about all this stuff, constantly! Clinton, Bush... you name it, they deal with it.

They engineered many black budget organizations to deal with these subjects. (NS A, CIA...)

"Global warming" affects our entire solar system?

(planets not to scale) Sun More activity since 1940 than in previous 1150 years. Expected solar cycles out of synch. More coronal mass ejections with far greater intensity. Outermost reac hes of magnetic field demonstrates that our entire solar system is entering some kind of active plasma particle cloud. Mercury Unexpected polar ice discovered, along with a surprisingly strong magnetic field . Venus 2500% increase in auroral brightness, and substantive global atmosphere changes in less than 30 years. Earth New Van Allen radiation belt, May 1998. Magnetic field displays increased instab ility Mars Unexpected "Global warming", huge storms, disappearance of polar icecaps Jupiter Over 200% increase in brightness of surrounding plasma clouds Saturn Major decrease in equatorial jet stream velocities in only 20 years, accompanied by surprising surge of X-rays from equator Uranus Massive changes in brightness, increased cloud activity Neptune 40% increase in atmospheric brightness Pluto 300% increase in atmospheric pressure, even as Pluto recedes farther from the Su n Source: NASA and other space observatories world wide.

. More Information: Planetophysical State of The Earth and Life All of these atmospheric and auroral changes are caused by magnetic changes from within each planet - which is triggered by our own Sun s recent changes.

"Global warming" is not limited to the Earth presently - and we know that our le vels of pollution here on Earth are obviously not affecting Pluto s magnetic field or orbital path, so this whole blame game on Human pollution as the cause just doesn t add up.

Crop Circles: "Appono Astos" Recently a Crop Circle Researcher decided to go so far as to carve out the words , "TALK TO US", in a near-by field where many "agriglyphs" are formed on a regul ar basis near Stonehenge in England.

The "response" was staggering!

A crop circle appeared which was in the form of ANCIENT FREEMASONIC SECRET TEXT - and it read, "APPONO ASTOS". Translation of this 800 year old secret Masonic text is: WE ARE OPPOSED TO CUNNING AND DECEIT. How s THAT for strange?

Another appeared shortly after that one which read, "THIS IS THE PLACE OF THE SERPENT ". What do you think they are attempting to tell Humanity? About the same time ther e were a series of Agriglyphs which were an exact match of the designs of Nikola TESLA s research patents. What do you think these messages mean?

Time to wake up, dear sleeper, and put the pieces together. ALL of the pieces!

A council for peace has been established for contact day: (COHRA - The Council O n Human-Reptilian Allegiance). Those of us who have collected together within th is group know that not all Reptilians are evil, rather BOTH good and evil exists

in ALL BEINGS, Human and non-Human. We have worked on realistic solutions to th ese global problems BEFORE this becomes another war.

We are prepared and awaiting contact day now with hopeful hearts so that COHRA c an fulfill it s destiny. Knowledge is power, ignorance can be fatal bliss. I have written a book (still being compiled and edited) about my personal experi ences in the above subjects, including my own REPTILIAN CONTACT STORY, which sta rted me on my journey so long ago. (And I m just getting started still) I have als o created many groups, organizations and lists where many of YOU have shared you r own adventures with me in a collective effort to regain what we once had.

This site has seen MANY different phases of my research. Many of you have also s hared with me your own re-awakening stories, to which I am very thankful. It s nic e to see so many awake spirits on Earth right now, because at times there are so FEW truly enlightened people at all, it s damned depressing for me to wake up mos t days. Silence is not the answer to change one s reality. ACTION is the true path of the spiritual warrior. Action is your sword of truth and love is your ship to carry you forward.

BE BRAVE - PASS THIS PAGE ON to those who you feel are able to deal with this in formation and who can RESPECT others, and mostly THEMSELVES enough to not just r ead this, but who can bypass their "ridicule" programming and understand what is really going on and to act like a mature adult, a mentally balanced spiritually activated species. It s never easy to express ones inner self with any great ease, so I will use anoth er analogy: Please rent the movie "Final Fantasy" if you desire to see an exampl e of what I m attempting to communicate with you.

It s about spirit, hope, peace and inner strength to face the future under some am azing circumstances, but MOST of all it s about waking up to a new paradigm from w ithin each and every one of us - a new world begins.

Constant danger Why do I sacrifice myself thusly, giving up a more "normal" life for one of personal danger, great risk and many sleepless nights? Why bother to remember anything about my spiritual past? Why observe these patterns and changes in the world? Why bother to HELP any of you with what I know? Good question!

The thing is I m DOING IT - not sitting around and "discussing" or "debunking" wha t others are DOING! Plus it s a KNOWN FACT that the more I share this type of info rmation with you, the better chances we all have of making global contact with m y people or any positive ET race out there somewhere.

I can t wait for the day when massive ships fill the skies and I can SHOW YOU what we have all been speaking of for years now - but until that day happens, I m stuc k here living as one of you whether I like it or not.

Get used to me, I m a terribly verbal punk lizard and I m rather proud about my pers onal liberations in ALL avenues of life, and I m even MORE proud of my spiritual c onnections to my home-world. NOTHING can come between myself and my people, NOTH ING. Please don t engage their wrath if you chose to attack us in any way. I ve witn essed people vanish or worse for attacking me openly, even verbally.

We protect our love for each other by whatever means we chose - be warned. I struggle with many unseen things daily. I am up against the Illuminati themsel ves, and am harassed at almost every turn in various ways, sometimes daily - yet I SURVIVE, because my heart is pure and my path is true. I feel no need to atta ck those who do not attack myself of my people. I don t trust easily, even though I WANT to trust. I consider us ALL connected to the source/creator or "God" at the highest level of existence, so as I am helpin g you, I am also helping MYSELF. This is called: The Law of ONE, which goes all the way back to Atlantis, before the great "fall" of man. I am ALL THINGS, as ar e YOU. I am my own ET contact back in the "past" and SHE is ME now, today. I have been beaten physically, emotionally and yes, even spiritually, at times b y people I formerly trusted, in their attempt to silence my work. (I have learne d to keep my distance from many strangers as a result of abused trust, yet I per sist on my spiritual path.)

Earth Humans are very dangerous, that s the bottom line. Opinions can ruin someone s life, like they have mine, because Humanity still childishly behaves like a bra t that might as well deserve the "spanking" that it s about to receive.

Humanity THRIVES on being cruel towards others at times... they are no different than the Draco Reptilians for the most part, although don t say that to a Human s f ace... My very existence threatens many right here in Vancouver Canada to the po int where they are constantly making death threats towards myself and my friends .

How pathetic can they get!

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