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The Apollo/Saturn Volume Volume Volume Volume

V Fac,iIities


document consists of the following


I KSC Industrial Area and Remote Facilities Description II Launch Complex 39 Facility Description III KSC Provided Saturn V GSE System Description IV tiSC Apollo Spacecraft Facilities and GSE System Description established by the “KSC

This document is prepared in accordance with the requirement Apollo/Saturn V Document Tree”, dated October 25, 1966.

... III



1.2 II 2.1 2.1-P 2.2 KSC INDUSTRIAL
General KSC Descr@jon Indu$trial Area

l-l l-l
-------------------____c_ Facility Titles ---T--------------*_**+*+__ ---eee.-

2.2.1 2.2.2 2 2 -3 2 .? 2.3.1 2.32 2.?.3 2.4 2.4.1 2.4.2 2.4.3 2.5

Central TelephoneOffice ~~~-13~) ------------+---------Function _____.-.f_srlfre-em r__-------_____._____c_CCtFrqLacation - _C__rl-l----_________----------~~~~~~~--------Description I__________________C____f_C_____________----Corps of Engineers Building (Mb-3361 -------SC------------

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2.5.2 2.5*3 2.6 2.6.1
2.6.2 2.6.3 2.7

2.7.1 2.7.2 2.7.3 2.8
2.8.1 2 *8.2

2.8.3 2.9

$15 Base ~peratior,s 8"il~i~~~~$*33~~ _f__^-----------_--___~ Function __*_rrI---___________________I^Fr_______------Location _____________________p=___t_____________-----~~ ;:zj fj,saacription ______________________s_________________-=~~- 2-9 2-9 Central l~stru~ent~ti5n Facility (CIF) Wb-3421 f-+=e-------I---__-_______________l__l_fr__l______-----2-9 Function Location ______-__;___-_-________________________----*~* 2-9 &ascription ___a_l_ret-rr -_--_--------____________ _-lrst2-9 KSC Headquarters Building ~~4~~~~~ -*e-r---------------2-9 Function --+- fr_-_f-ll_rP_________-----------I---2-9 __-rC--*--______________________l_F_P_fr Location ------2-13 Description ----- __-l*--p--________________l_lll___ll____ 2-13 Base Support Building (Mb-&$) ssfw-- ------------c-+--2-13 ______-__---______________f____f_____r__-----2-13 Function Location +----------------2-13 ~e5cription ___________C_C__t_e__r__________________----2-13 Main Cafeteria (Mb-493) ______________F_ I--xL--pw -ewes-F 2-13 Function ________________________l_______________------2-13 CP_fCF-lffC_-_--_--__--------------------Location -----2-16 ~escr~pt~o~ __c__-_-____e__r___l____________________----2-16 (~~6~95) _____________ ___rr__________________ 2-16

_-ff-_l--l--_______________t___rPC______------Location f)esf--iption ___________-__1____14__r________________-*-~-

2-5 2-5 2-5 2-5




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2.9.1 2.9.2 2.9.3 2*10 2.10.1 2.102 2.10.3 2.11 2.11.1 2 -11.2 2.11.3 2.12 2.12.1 2.12.2 2.12.3 2.13 2.13.1 2.13.2 2.13.3 2 -14 2.14.1 2.14.2 2.14.3 2.15 2.15.1 2.15.2 2.16 2.16.1 2.16.2 2.16.3 2.17 2.17.1 2.17.2 2.17.3 2*18 2.18.1 2.18.2 2.18.3 2.3.9

----------_-_-lf-_-______________f______~-----Ftlnction -----------_--------_______________I____------~ Location Description __________-_____________________________----Security Patrol Building (Mb5899 -----------------------Function ________________________________________------Location -I-t_-___CC______C_I~-------------~----------~-[?espription -________-__c__c___c__c______c__________---~-

2-16 2-16 2-14 2-18 2,.18

Heating plant (Mb-5951 ______________I______I_________^_ gzunction __c__F__-_______i___c__I___Ic_II_cI____c--------_l--------_--l----____I_______I_______------LoGition Description _f_l___C____________l________________l__--~-Fire Station (Mb-695) ____l_f___ _1 ____I_____ - ______I____ Function ____I_______________ll__________l_______----------------------------------------------------Location Description ----_---f_--___-______llll______f__f__l_----Central Sqply Complex ---------------------------------Central Supply Building (M6-7449 -----------------------Supply Warehouse No L I (Mb-7949 ----------------------Supply Warehouse No, 2 ~~~-~~~9 ----------------------C~mmun~~at~~n$ Maintenance and Storage Facility(Mb-7919-Function __________________-_____________________----------------------------------------------------Location oe~~tiptjon ____p_rt_____l__l__r__ _____ f _______II________ Vehjcle Maintenance Facility _____________________________ GSA Seryice Facility fM$481) ___~ll-_e_r--r--~-f___fl__ Heavy Vehicle Maintenance Facility (Mb-5359 ------------Paint and Oil Storage Facility (M6-~949 -e-----------e---f?unction _________r________l______t______________------Location -----__-lf--_PI--I_I_----------tr------------------oe~~riptjon ___c__c__-________-__________r_l_r_c____-----

2-18 2-18 2-18

KSC l~dus~ial A~e~~ewage T~~a~e~t~y~t~rn(~b-895~ ---Fiinction rl-r___f__-_Xlt_r___r__C___r_______l_l__------Lo@ti** _________-____________________g_________----~-g=&ascrjptjon -------r-r-__l_ir___r----------------~--------KSC industrial Area Water System ~~$-~~$9 --------------r-_r_p-_l-t_____-________C_f___r__f__l__~-----Function Location __________-_____________________________------oe~~rj~tjDn ----_-----_-t_**_*rCl__r___________r____~---KSC Industrial Area Electrical Power System ---------------

2-22 2-22 2-22 2-22 2-22 2-2.2 2-22 2-23 2-23 2-23 2-23 2-23 2-23 2-23 2-23 2-24 2-24 2-24 2-24 2-24 2-24 2-24 2-24 2-25 2-25 2-25 2-25 2-25 2-25

TABLE SECTION 2.19.1 2.19.2 2.19.3 2.20 2.20.1 2.20.2 2.20.3 2.21 2.21.1 2.21.2 2.21.3


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__I______________cIc-~------------------------~~~ Location Description ____cI_________-II___-----------~------------Auditorium and Training Facility CM?‘-351) -----_----------If-------______________CrrCl_r_________ Function ------Location ______-_______________C___tC____________-----*Description _____c__c-___I_I_____------------------------Railroad System __c___________________cI_ c-c---I--------Function __-_------I__ _-________c_____---I__________lFI Location c_______________________c__iI__I________------Description _________IC_r_Ca.w- I -------____ .b ___- ----,.----KSC REMOTE FAC!LlTIES

3.1 3.1.1 3.2 3.2.1 3.2.2 12.3 3*3 3.3.1 3.3.2 3.3.3 3.4 3.4.1 3.4.2 3.4.3 1v 4.1 4.2 4.3

General Desc,riptiofJ _______________-r--_____________cI_ I-Remote Facilities _______ ______ __l__________l__ -_--P-----Trailer Maintenance Facility +__ +-------_______ .sr+--------f_l____________C__I_---~------,-----~-~~~-----Function Location ____________l__ff_______________re___l__------~ Description __C_CCCf__-l___l_____-----r---------~--------~-Propellant Systems Components Laboratory (H5-1634) -----Function _c_1__---_1____11__~_----------p------~~--~-----_-_____________cF________^_I___________ e--e---Location Description ______1-__________________II~___________----_____C_______p_____________if________ Cleaning Laboratory Materials Testing Building _________ __e c-----------------n _______________f____---------------Solvent Storage Area Propellant Transporter Cleaning Facility ------r--e--------Function I_ ----------------_r-Il---------_____l_--r------Locatjon ___c____I-_______________c__l_r_________------~e~cript~o~ -I--- __f________________l__frr_______________

3-1 3-a 3-4 3-4 3-4 3-4 3-4 3-4 3-4 3-4 3-4 3-6 ;::: 3-6 ;:;

Qqeral ~es~rjptjo~ ____ _..._.+.. --I------__________i-------r RF Systems _________I_--c__--__________________ AFETR Telemetry Station (Tel Wf ------------------------


4-l 4-l 4-1

TABLE SECTION 4.3.1 4.3 *2 4.4 4.4.1 4.4 -2 4 -4.3 Y 5.1 5.2 5.2.1 5.3
Function Description


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Frequency Control and Analysis System ------------------Function --- ----c----__E__c__c___-i---p-------~----------Description ___________lcl_r_-l-_--------------------~---_--p-----__________l____lr______________--Capabilities REFERENCE
(--ontents Facilities

MATERIAL 5-1 5-l 5-1 5-l

_-----------_____c___il_________________~----Reference Material .~_--...-______ c-------------I-


of Columrl








Y Specification

Tree -----------------------

LIST FiGURE 6 l-l 2-l 2-2 2-3 2-4 2-5 2-6 2-7 2-8 2-9 2-10 2-11 2-12 2-13 2-14 2-15 2-16 2-17 2:; 4-1 4-2
J&n KSC Central C,orps Base Centrai C[F KSC Base of F. Kenned, ~rea Space

Center -_____________________________ _ --__

PAGE 1-2 $1;

[ndustrjai Tejpphone Engineers

- __________p____________________fr_ Office _-__________________________________

Building--------------------------------Building _---------_----------------------Facjlity-----.------------------------Building _______________________________I_ ------_

Operations [iistrumentatjon Antenna Headqua&rs Suppofi Field

Building----------------------------~ Building ____________-_________________________

--_1__-_____1-________________I_________Main Cafeteria---Djspensary-----------------------------------------------Security Patrol Building -----------e--s-Xc-1_____-_. c__c_--_ Heafjgig Plant---------------------------------------------Fire Station -- ---_-_--__-_____________________________----paint and oil Storage Facility ________________-______________ Sewage Treatment Plant _c______c___________________________ water storage plant -----p--------f_--------I I---- _--” -_--_ Auditorium and Training Facility _____________________________ Launch Complex 39 Assembly Area -------------------------Propellants Systems Coaponents Laboratory------------------Basic Tel iv System ____-_-____-__f--_-_------------------Typical Telemcivg and Ground Station Block Diagrams ----------

$1; 2-10 2-11 2-I.2 2-14 2-15 2-17 2-19 2-20 2-21 2-26 2-27 2-28 2-?O 3-5 3-7 4-Z 4-3

LIST OF TABLES TABLE 2-l 3-l 4-l 5-l TITLE KSC fn&j*triaj Apa C----------------q--_------------------~-Remote Facilities ___________________________________ ____-__ FCA Capabjjitjes ________________________________________-Facilities Reference Material _______-________________________ PAGE 2-l 3-l 4-4




This volume provides a reference handbook of the John F. Kennedy Space Center (KSC) facilities required to support the Apollo/Saturn V Program. Genera! information is provided and sources of detailed information are identified.


and support facilities in the KSC and Air Force Eastern Test Range

This volume describes the administrative, engineering, Industrial Area, (Figure l-1) KSC Remote Facilities, (AFETR) Systems.



2 .l



The KSC Industrial Area is located on Merritt lsiand, southeast of the intersection of Kennedy Parkway South and NASA Parkway East. This area is subdivided into the Administrative, Engineering, and Support Areas, and the Spacecraft Operations Area, Facilities a, at the Administrative, Headquarters Building Engineering, and Support Areas include the following: center for spaceport operations,

- administrative

I?. Central Instrumentation Facility (CIF) - nucleus of the Center’s instrumentation and data operations _ Instrumentation is provided to receive, monitor, process, display, and record signals and information received from space vehicles during prelaunch, launch, and flight activities. c. Other support facilities, such as medical, security, communications, supply, fire fighting, water, power, maintenance, and like functions. The Spacecraft Operations Area is discussed in Volume IV of this document, storage,

2.1.1 KSC INDUSTRIAL Industrial Area are specified Figure Z-1.

AREA FACILITY TITLES The facilities located in the KSC in Table 2-1. The location of these facilities is shown in

Table 2-1. Facility Title

KSC Industrial

Area Facility Number

I Shed Parking Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Plant Work Center Central Telephone Office Corps of Engineers Building Ease Operations Euilding Central Instrumentation Facility KSC Headquarters Ease Support Main Cafeteria M6-38 M6-88 M6-138 M6-336 M6-339 M6-342 M6-399 Mb-486 M6-493


Table 2 -1. Facility Title

KSC Industrial

Area (Continued) Facility Number

Dispensary Yeavy Vehicle Maintenance Facility Loading Dock Salvage Office Heavy Equipment Maintenance Shop Security Patrol Heating Plant Fuel Oil Storage Tank Automotive Maintenance and Service Fueling Facility Fire Station Supply Warehouse No. 2 Central Supply Building Communications Maintenance and Storage Loading Dock Supply Warehouse No. 1 Paint and Oil Storage Sewage Plant Office Sewage Lift Station No. 5 Sewage Treatment Plant Water Storage Plant Elevated Water Storage Tank Ground Water Storage Tank Power Station Auditorium and Training Facility Manned Spacecraft Operations Building Flight Crew Support Building Sewage Lift Station No. 1 Supply, Shipping and Receiving Building Banana River Repeater Station Operations POL Buildings Vehicle Loading/Unloading Ramp Parachute Building Radar Boresight Range, Tower Radar Boresight Range, Control Building Environmental Systems Test Building No. 2 Environmental Systems Test Building No. 1 Fluid Test Support Building

Mb-495 M6-535 Mb-535A Mb-537 Mb-587 Mb-589 Mb-595 Mb-595A Mb-688 Mb-689 Mb-b95 Mb-698 M6-744 M6-791 M6-791A Mb-794 Mb-894 Mb-895 Mb-895A Mb-895B Mb-896 M b-89bA M6-89bB Mb-996 M7-351 M7-355 M7-409 M7-451 M 7-505 M7-531 M 7-554 M7-651 M7-657 M 7-843

M7-960 M7-961 M7-I.061


Table 2-l. facility Title

KSC Industrial I

Area (Continued) Facility Number

Sewage Treatment Sub-Station Hypergolic Test Building No. 2 Hypergolic Test Building No. 1 Hypergolic Test Building No. 3 Cryogenic Test Building No, 2 Cryogenic Test Building No. 1 Cryogenic Test Building No, 3 Ordnance Laboratory Pyrotechnic installation Ordnance Storage Facility Cryogenic Test Laboratory No. 2 Cryogenic Test Laboratory No. 1 Cryogenic Test Laboratory No. 3

M7-1162 M7-1210 M7-1212 M7-121% M7-1410 M7-1412 M7-1413 M7-1417 1117-1469 M7-1472 M7-15ao M7-1511 M7-1512









2.2. I FUNCTION amplifier equipment, board, and interface Company.

~ The Central Telephone Office (Figure 2-2) houses wideband administrative telephone switching equipment, telephone switchequipment between NASA and Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph

This office is being enlarged to expand existing equipment and add the Test and Switching Center. The center, to be operational by August 1967, wilf contain equipment for monitoring and switclling functions for voice, data, and video circuits passing through the Central Telephone Office. To minimize loss of test and operational communications, the center will provide control to assure maintainance of transmission quality levels and maximum circuit availability. 2.2.2 LOCATION. Parkway East. The facility is located in the KSC Industrial Area, north of NASA

2.2.3 DESCRIPTION. The facility consists of a one-story building providing approximately 20,500 square feet of floor space. it is partitioned into operational support offices, switchboard room, switching equipment room, wideband room, carrier room, battery room, mechanical equipment room, and restrooms. 2.3 CORPS OF ENGINEERS BUILDING (M6-3361

2.3.1 FUNCTION, The Corps of Engineers Building (Figure 2-3) serves as the Resi-, dent Office on matters of construction at KSC for the Corps of Engineers, Canaveral District Office. 2.3.2 LOCATION. The building is located in the KSG industrial of First Street and immediately east of A Avenue. Area on a site south

2-3.3 DESCRIPTICN. The buiiding is a one-story concrete block structure providing approximately 9,500 square feet of air-conditioned floor space. Power is supplied to the building at 13.2 kv and water is supplied through a~3-inch main. 2.4 BASE OPERATIONS BUlLDiNG (M6-339) Z-41 is used by support administrative, and tech-

2.4.1 FUNCTION. The Base Operations Building [Figure facilities and contractors to perform operations, maintenance, nical management functions. 2.4.2 LOCATION+ The building Avenue and north of Second Street.

is located in the KSC Industrial

Area, west of B





2.4.3 DESCRIPTION. This building is a rectangular two-story structure constructed of reinforced concrete and provides 2 0,000 sql:are feet of floor space. The ground floor is rei.lforced concrete on compacted fill. This facility is air-conditioned and contains general of:ices, special offices, conference rooms, services, a 434 square foot mechanical room, and an air handling room of 210 square feet. Room height, floor to ceiling, is nine feet for each floor. 2.5 CENTRAL lNS?RUMENTAl’lON FACILITY (CIFI (M6-3421

2.5.1 FUNCTION, The CIF (Figure 2-5) accommodates electronic equipment (computer, telemetry, etc .I, laboratories I shops, offices I data analysis and display areas, antennas, and other functions required for operation and support of the Apollo,Gaturn V Program. 2.5.2 LQCATlON s The CIF comprises two buildings. The main buiiding is located in the KSC Industrial Area on First Street. The CIF Antenna Field Building (L7-1557) (Figure 2-6) is located about one mile north of the industrial Area in radio frequency (RF) quiet zone to minimize RF interference from equipment in the KSC Industria! Area. 2.5.3 DESCRIPTION. The main building is a tinree-story structure providing approximately 134,000 square feet of floor space. Air-conditioning, humidity controi 7 elevated false floors, and suspended acoustic tile ceilings are provided. The primary power for this facility is supplied by a 13.2-kv industrial feeder and a 13.2kv ins~umentation feeder. The industrial feeder is stepped down to 120/208 Y and fed to distribution panels for lights and miscellaneous power ioads. A separate line, off the industrial feeder, is stepped down to 277/480 v to operate air-conditioning equipment, and the motor generator sets that supply the test panels throughout the building with 28 vdc and 120 vat, 400 cycles. The instrumentation feeder is stepped down and distributed at 12 O/z 08 v . High-gain parabolic antennas are located near the CIF Antenna Field Building and signals received are relayed to the CIF through the C4F Ani,nna Field Buiiding. Flight tel?vision signals are recorded and processed at the CIF Antenna Field Building, When i.he ambient RF noise level in the Industrial Area can be tolerated, antennas on top of tne CIF are used to acquire RF signals transmitted from the space vehicle. 2.6 KSC HEADQUARTERS BUILDING tM6-3991

2.6.1 FUNCTION. The KSC Headquarters Building (Figure 2-7) is the administrative center for spaceport operations s The Director of KSC maintains dffices an the top floor. Program Management, Engineering, Legal, Procurement, Security, Safety, Personnel, Photographic, Reproduction, Duplication and other support functions occupy lower floors,




2.6.2 LOCATION. and 0 Avenues.

The buildiny

is located adjacent

to the NASA Parkway between C

2 .6.3 DESCRIPTION ~ The building is a multi-story facility providing approximately 320,000 square feet of floor area with complete heating and air-conditioning facilities. Construction is reinForced concrete frame, pan-joist floors, precast concrete panel exterior walls, and gypsum roof decks. The facility was designed to accommodate 3,140 people engaged in administrative, engineeriny and research work. Parking facilities are provided in back of the building. 2.7 BASE SUPPORT BUILDING fM6-486)

2.7.1 FUNCTION ~ The Ease Support Building (Figure 2-8) is used as a central shop for the dispatching of facilities maintenance crews e The facility incorporates the FGIIGwing shops: roads and grounds, sheet metal, welding, machine and millwrights, plumbers, parts and tool crib, air-conditioning and refrigeration, electrical, high voltage, painters, carpenters, and mascns. Facilities for janitors, offices, locker and washrooms, storage, and salvage areas are also provided ~ 2.7.2 LOCATION ~ The building and south of Second Street. is located in the KSC Industrial Area east of A Avenue

2.7.3 DESCRIPTION, The building is “L” shaped and provides 60,000 square feet of floor space; 52,000 square feet for shop maintenance area and 8,000 square feet for offices and services. Construction is steel frame and concrete block with concrete flGGr. Minimum shop clearance, floor to ceiling joist, is 17 feet. The building is serviced by roll-up dGGrS, 14 Feet wide by 14 feet high. High-pressure air is available for lifts, air hoists, etc. at a capacity of 100 cfm at 125 psig operating pressure. In addition, the facility will have a 19,125-square foot storage and salvage yard, paved and enclosed by a Six-fGOt chain link fence, and including a storage and salvage office (120 square feet). 2.8 MAIN CAFETERIA (M6-493)

2.8 .l FUNCTION. The Main Cafeteria (Figure 2-9) provides required Food serviceand seating space for 320 people. Provision is made for future expansion to accommodate 595 people. Necessary fGGd preparation facilities are provided to support remote serving Facities at the following locations. a. b. c. Spacecraft Operations Building - 200 seats. KSC Headquarters Building - 500 seats. Launch Control Center - 550 seats.




2.8.2 LOCATION. in the KSC Industrial

This facility Area.

faces north


Second Street between 6 and C Avenues

2.8.3 DESCRIPTION ., The Main Cafeteria is completely air-conditioned, and has the capability of preparing 7,380 meals that can be served in this facility during a two-hour serving period. Snack service, on a 24-hour basis is provided in all cafeteria serving facilities noted in paragraph 2.8 . I ~ These facilities are operated on a three-shift basis V The Main Cafeteria is a standard Type “N” masonry construction facility of approximately 15,000 gross square feet. Major functional areas that make up this facility include: dining area, kitchen area, baking area, scullery area, office, dry storage area, walk-in refrigerators, scramble service area, meat and vegetable preparation area, mechanical equipment room, trash area, restrooms, locker room T and loading docks. Permanent standby generators provide emergency operation of the refrigeration units. Adjacent paved parking areas are provided for food transporting vehicles, delivery trucks, and approximately 100 personnel vehicles = All water sewage, power, communications, hot water, roads and drainage utility connections, and extensions are part of the existing KSC Industrial Area utility system. 2.9 DISPENSARY CM64951 The Dispensary (Figure 2-10) It supports outlying dispensaries, the center. serves as the main dispensary for first aid stations, and other medical

2.9.1 FUNCTION. the Industrial Area. facilities throughout

2 .9.2 LOCATION L The Main Dispensary is located in the KSC Industrial southwest corner of the intersection of Second Street and C Avenue.

Area on the

2.9.3 DESCRIPTIQN~. This facility is a single-story structure, 44 feet by 104 feet, of concrete block construction, equipped with heating and air-conditioning facilities. 16 Average patient load factor is persons normally occupy the building as staff personnel. 30 for which the building was designed. This structure provides facilities to accommodate the following dispensary areas: a. b. c. d. e. f. IF i. j. Offices. Instruction rooms. Locker rooms n Bedrooms. Pharmacy, Laboratory. Darkroom. Treatment room X-ray room . Nurse’s station.



k. I. ni . n. o. p.

Medical supply room. Administration room. Emergency room. Eye examination room. Audio room. Physia examination room.

Provisions were made in the design to easily expand this facility as needed. Illuminated paved parking areas are provided at front and rear for patient and staff personnel, respectively. An Ambulance and Service Road from C Avenue serves the rear parking area and the covered ambLrlance entrance. 2.10 2.10.1 istrative SECURITY PATROL BUlLDlNG (M6-589) (Figure 2-11) serves as the adminpoint for KSC Security Police.

FUNCTION. The Security Patrol Building center for police matters and the dispatching

2.10.2 LOCATION. The Building is located in the KSC Industrial Area on the northwest corner at the junction of B Avenue and Third Street, facing B Avenue. 2.10.3 DESCRIPTION. The building, of concrete block masonry construction, encloses an air-conditioned office area of 2,500 square feet. The structure is designed to accommodate 20 personne! with future expansion designed to accommodate 90 personnel. This structure houses the following functional areas: administrative office; chief’s office; operations, investigation,and interrogation office; police radio base station room; dispatching point area; weapons room; and conference and training room. The last room is equipped for audio-visual instruction of security personnel. Communications room and adjacent terminal equipment area are equipped with a false floor of removable sections. The finished elevation of this floor is the same as the corridor. This floor faciiitates installation of main distribution frame, relay mounting racks, terminal equipmerit, etc and routing of system cabling for telephones, paging, countdown and control, and operational intercommunication. A paved parking area segregated into separate parking for security personnel vehicles, visitor .vehicles, police vehicies, and police emergency vehicles is provided. 2.11 HEATING PLANT 1M6-595) high temperature,hot

2.11.1 FUNCTION. The Heating Plant (Figure Z-12) furnishes water heating to most of the KSC Industrial Area buildings. 2.11.2 LOCATION. The Heating Plant occupies the northwest and C Avenue in the KSC Industrial Area.

corner of Third Street





2.11.3 DESCRIPTION. This facility is composed of three structures: (1) Heating Plant; (2) Operational Oil Storage Tank; and (31 Bulk Oil Storage Tank. The Heating Plant is equipped with two 40,000,000Btu./hr,oiI-fired boiler,hot water generators. The hot water is circulated to the KSC Industrial Area buildings at a pressure of 250 psig and a temperature of 400° F. Heat exchangers in each building furnish heat ta closed loop systems as required. No. 6 Oil storage is provided by the Operational Storage Tank (10,300 gallons) and the Bulk Oil Storage Tank (173,000 gallons). Plant design provides fQr the future addition of a third hot water generator. 2.12 FIRE STATION (M6-6951 (Figure 2-13) serves as the Central Fire

2.12.1 FUNCTION. The Fire Station Station for the KSC Launch Area. 2.12.2 Avenue LOCATION. The Central in the KSC Industrial Area.

Fire St&ion

is located on Third Street and C

2.12.3 DESCRIPTION. This building is single stQry of concrete block COnstWCtiQtI, providing 9,743 square feet of floor space. It houses three line-type fire trucks, two base-type fire trucks, the Central Fire Alarm Headquarters, and quarters for approximately 4C personnel, This building is heated by the facilities of the Heating Plant. Air conditioning is provided only for the offices, Alarm Watch Room, Personnel quarters, dining roQml and classroom. A water and foam platform buiit at truck-bed height and protected by wooden bumpers is located on the exterior of the building, adjacent to the base fire truck door. This platform is equipped with an overhead valved 4-inch water outlet for quick filling of fire truck water tanks, A central automatic alarm system is This system is coupled through alarm transmission located in the Alarm Watch RQQm. systems to automatic detection systems installed in other KSC buildings. Flashing stop lights with alarm be!ls are installed at the fire buck entrances to Third Street and C Avenue. 2.13 CENTRAL StJPPLY COMPLEX warehousing and distribution of material received

The Central Supply Complex provides at the KSC Industrial Area.

2.13.1 CENTRAL SUPPLY BULLYING fM6-7441. Reception, Qf general suppiy items and spare parts are handled in this building. KSC Industrial Area adjacent to the Merritt Island Railroad, The fill, area will area buiiding is constructed approximately 94,030 of 20,000 square feet be stored in a homidity is general warehousing

stQrage, and issue It is located in the

of prefabricated metal frame with a concrete floor on compa- .sd square feet of floor space is provided. An air-conditioned wiil provide consolidated office space. Electronic spares controlled area of 5,000 square feet. The remainder of the space.


2.13.2 SUPPLY WAREHOUSE NO. 1 (l1l6-794). All range cable, electronic, and optical items are stored in this warehouse. KSC Industrial Area adjacent to the Merritt Island Railroad. It is a single-story building of masonry construction and provides feet of storage space for hardware and small nonelectrical items.


items except It is located in the

about 70,000


This warehouse provides for the 2.1?.3 SUPPLY WAREHOUSE NO. 2 fM6-698). reception, storage, and supply of general supply items. It is located at the southeast corner of the intersection of C Avenue and Third Street next to the Merritt Island Railroad. This building, of concrete block construction, provides about 35,000 square feet of floor space. Approximately 3,000 square feet is air-conditioned office space. Water for sanitary and fire systems is supplied. Power is supplied to the building at 13.2 kv, then transformed down to 277/480 v three phase and 120/240 v single phase. 2.14 C~M~~UNI~ATICNS MAINTENANCE AND STORAGE FACILITY fMh-791)

2.14.1 FUNCTION. The Communications Maintenance and Storage Facility serves as a maintenance shop and 3O-day supply area for checkout and repair of communication equipment, 2-14.2 LOCATION. Thecommunications Maintenance and Storage Faci!ity, an integral part of the Central Supply Complex, is located east of f3 Avenue and north of Fourth Street, and is sited next to the railroad that serves the KSC Industrial Area. 2.14-3 DESCRIPTION. This facility is a one-story concrete frame building with concrete masonry walls. The total area measures 28,420 square feet of which 4,000 square feet are dehumidified for electronic spares storage and 800 square feet are air-conditioned for offices, This facility also provides for receiving, inspection, maintenance, and repair of cable and communication equipment, including end instruments and terminal equipment. 2.15 VEHICLE Maintenance FAClLiTY

TheVehicle Maintenance Facility provides for the lubrication, motor tuneup and minor repairs of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) vehicles, This faciiity is composed of the GSA Service Faciiity and Heavy Equipment Shop. 2.15.1 GSA SERVICE FACILITY fM6-881). This facility conducts motor pool operations, fueling, preventive maintenance, and repair of all light vehicles assigned to NASA and controlled by GSA (cars, taxis, buses, iight trucks, etc). It is located on Fifth Street. The facility consists of a two-story building which is Flanked on both sides by one-story service buildings, encompassinga total area of 17,500 square feet. The two-story 2-23

center structure is 66 feet wide and 70 feet deep, of reinforced concrete frame and concrete block construction. Office areas are air-conditioned. It contains a dispatch office, driver ready room, locker room, tool room, supply room, battery room, tire room, and general office area. Each of the wings that flank two sides of the center structure is 70 feet wide by 59 feet deep, of concrete block construction with opeli web steel joists and built-up roofing. Four service bays per wing are each equipped with overhead service doors 10 feet wide by 14 feet high. 2.15.2 HEAVY VEHICLE MAINTENANCE FACILITY (M6-535). The Heavy Vehicle Maintenance Facility is used for the perfortnance of preventive maintenance and repair of heavy equipment (roadscrapers, bulldozers, mobile cranes, forklifts, ground power units, searchlight trailers, etc). The Heavy Equipment Shop is located in the KSC Industrial Area east of A Avenue and south of Second Street. The building, 100 by 60 feet, is constructed of steel framing with concrete block curtain walls. An area of approximately ltOOO square feet is assigned for office space; the remaining 5,000 square Feet for maintenance and repair. The maintenance area is equipped with heavy-duty hydraulic lifts and air hoses to operate maintenance tools. Three sides of the maintenance and repair area of the building are equipped with overhead service doors 10 feet bv 14 feet high. The clear height of the repair area, floor to bottom of ceiling joists, 1s Lb feet. 2.16 PAINT AND OIL STORAGE FACILITY W6-894)~

2.16.1 FUNCTION. The Paint and Oil Storage Facility (Figure Z-14) provides for storage of paints, oil, lubricants, and other flammabie and hazardous materials, exciudiny fuclear products, 2.16.2 LOCATION. This building is located in the KSC Industrial Area in the CPntral Supply Complex, between B and C Avenues and Fourth and Fifth Streets. 2.16.3 DESCRIPTION. This building is a reinforced concrete block structure of approximately 10,000 square feet in area. The building is in an isolated area for fire and explosion damage control _ 2.17 KSC INDUSTRiAL AREA SEWAGE TREATMENT SYSTEM (M6-895)

2.17.X FUNCTION. The Sewage Treatment Plant receives waste from most of ‘he buildings at KSC Industrial Area. 2.17 _2 LCCATION. The Sewage Treatment Plant (Figure Fourth Street and C Avenue in the KSC Industrial Area.

and treats sewage and


is located at


2.17.3 DESCRIPT!ON. This facility consists of the Sewage Treatment Plant, lift stations, and a network of underground collection pipes, The underground system consists of both gravity and force mains. These mains converge at I ift station No. 5, located adjacent to the Sewage Treatment Plant for pumping into the plant. The Sewage Treatment Plant provides primary treatment with a sludge gas burner and is designed to treat 0.37 million gallons per day. 2 -18 KSC INRUSTRIAL AREA WATER SYSTEM (Mb-8961

2.18 -1 FUNCTION ~ The KSC Industrial Area Water System, consisting of water treatment, storage, and distribution lines provides industrial water, fire control water, and potable water to facilities located in the KSC Industrial Area. LOCATION. The Water Storage 2 .L8.2 Street and east of C Avenue. Plant (Figure 2-16) is located south of Fourth

2.18.3 DESCRIPTION. Water for the KSC industrial Area is obtained from the city of Cocoa, Florida. A 24-inch main is located on the east side of the Kennedy Road that borders the west side of KSC Industrial Area. The KSG lndustriai Area Water System originates from the 24-inch main at the intersection of Kennedy Parkway South and Fifth Street. A 14-inch main runs from this point to the water storage area. This area is located on the east side of C Avenue between Fourth Street and Fifth Street ~ There are two water storage tanks located in the storage area. One is a 250,000-gallon elevated tank. The bottom of this tank is 100 feet above the existing ground elevation. This tank floats on the main and is filled through an altitude valve. The other tank is a 1,000 ,OOO-gallon ground reservoir and is filled by a float control. Located at the storage tank area is a pump house with four gasoline engine-driven fire water pumps. The pumps are rated 1,000 gpm at 75 psi. Two of the pumps are manual start, and two are automatic start which are actuated upon drop in pressure. These pumps are supplied from the l,OOO,OOO-gallon ground reservoir. There are provisions to chlorinate all water coming from the reservoir. This system is capable of pumping water from the reservoir back through the 24-inch main to feed Launch Complex 39. During this period the KSC Industrial Area is fed from the 250,000-gallon elevated tank. A looped system of underground pipes distributes water throughout the KSC Industrial Area. 2.19 KSC INDUSTRIAL AREA ELECTRICAL POWER SYSTEM Power System provides Area _ indus-

2.19.1 FUNCTION. trial and instrumentation

The KSC Industrial Area Electrical power for the entire KSC Industrial




Paint and Oil Storage Facility



2 -19.2 LOCATION east of G Avenue.

f The Power Station (M6-996)

is located south of Fifth

Street and

2 .19.3 DESCRlPTlON. Power enters the main substation on the KSC Industrial Area from the west on a Florida Power and Light Company 69-kv line. In the main substation, there are two transformers with a total capacity of 20,000 kva for industrial use and two 2,50D-kwa transformers for use with instrumentation equipment, Provisions were incorporated into the design and construrtion of the substation so that air-circulating fans may be installed on the transformers _ This will increase the substation capacity to 25,000 kva industrial and 4,250 kva instrumentation. Provisions were also incorporated for the future addition of two transformers, each rated at 10,000 kva. Secondary distribution to substations within KSC Industrial Area is by X3.2-kv lines. The main switching station is located adjacent to the main substation area. This single source serves the industrial and instrumentation requirements. 2.20 A!JDlTtlRIUM AND TRAINING FACILITY (M7-351)

2.20.1 FUNCTION for large conferences, 2 -20.2 LOCATION. and Second Streets.

~ The Auditorium and Training Facility (Figure 2-17) provides space lectures anti presentations involving 25 to 30 people. briefings, This facility is iocated on the west side of D Avenue between First

2 .20.3 DESCRIPTION, This facility consists of a reinforced concrete rrame structure, with precast concrete panel curtain walls and concrete floor slab, containing approximately 9,000 square feet. It is air-conditioned and heated and equipped with theatre-type seats, screen, motion and still projectors, and stage and sound systems. Paved drives and parking areas are provided adjacent to the building. 2.21 RAILROAD SYSTEM

2.21 .l FUNCTION. The Railroad System provides support for the KSC heavy construction program with rail delivery of construction materials and for logistics support. The Railroad System ‘also serves other Government agencies. 2.21.2 LOCATION, The railroad is located on Merritt Island. It extends from the Marshalling Yard, which is west of Kennedy Parkway and north of Beach Road, through LC-39 to the KSC industrial Area. 2.21.3 logistics D~S~RIPTIDN support. ~ This is a standard railroad system used to haul and provide






This Section describes facilities ai KSC that are geographicalty remote from the KSC Industrial Area and Launch Complex 39. They are the Trailer Maintenance Facility, Propellant Systems Component Laboratory and Propellant Transporter Cleaning Facility. The Universal Camera Sites are discussed in Volume II, 3.1.1 REMOTE FACILITIES The remote facilities are specified tion of these facilities is shown in Figures 2-1, and 3-l. in T,abte 3-1. The ioca-

Table 3-l. Facility Title

Retnote Facilities Facility Number

Centrat Telemetry Sewage Treatment Plant Sewage Pumping Station Antenna Base No. l Boresite Tower Antenna Base No. 5 Antenna TAA-2A Pedestal Frequency Control & Analysis Preamplifier No. 1 Preamplifier No, 2 FCA Mobile Site No. 1 FCA Mobile Site No. 2 CIF Antenna Field Building Antenna No. 1 Antenna No. 2 RF Bores ite Propellants Systems Components Laboratory Propellants Operations Building Unified S Band Network Operations Building Power Building Transmitter Building Cottimation Tower Equipment Building

N6-2296 N6-229&A Nb-2296B Ni52296C N6-2296D Nb-2292E Nb-2292F L5-683 L5 -734

17-2242 56-1725 L7-1557 L7-1557A L7-15575 L7-17616 H5-1634 J8-1465 M5-1494 M5-1444 M5-1544 M5-791


Table 3-l Facility Title

s Remote Facilities

(Continued) Facility Number

TPQ-18 Station TPQ-18 Boresite Tower South Repeater Station Banana River Repeater Station Titusville - Cocoa ODOP Tracking Facility Merritt Island ODOP Tracking Facility Taylor Creek UDOP Tracking Facility Water Pump Station Rechforinarion Building Banana River Pumping Station Warehouse Roads and Maintenance Facility Corps of Engineers’ Resident Office Communications Office Pistol Range Pass and ID Building, Gate 2 Pass and ID Building, Gate 3 Gate House 2 Gate House 3 Gate House 4 Temporary Gate 5 Banana River Bridge Indian River Bridge NASA-Kennedy Parkway lnterehanqe Bridge Universal Camera Pad No. 1 Universal Camera Pad No. 2 Uiiiversal Camera Pad No. 3 Universal Camera Pad No. 4 Universal Camera Pad No. 5 Universal Camera Pad No. 6 Universal Camera Pad No _ 7 Universal Camera Pad No. 8 Universal Camera Pad No. 9 Universal Camera Pad No, 10 Universal Camera Pad No. 11 Universal Camera Pad No. I.2 Universal Camera P-J No. 13 Universal Camera Pad No. 14

46-82 46484 N6-1118 M7-531 TC-I Ml-l CR-1 N6-1007 M 7-433 M7-1098 J8-T&18 H5-1632 Jb-2337 M5-120 N6-1009 M?-2 N6-959 M3-1 53-223 F4-727 M7-1150 M3-3 M6-232 N6-2245 M7-284

H7-1986 H6-1629 FUTURE J8 -754 CAPE H7-163 Fb-2325 G5-1011 58-2228 H4-1725 55-1241


Table 3-l. Facility Titie

Remote Facilities

(Continued) Facility Number

Universal Camera Pad No. 15 Universal Camera Pad No. 16 Universal Camera Pad No. 17 Universal Camera Pad No. 18 High Resolution Tracker No. 1 Antenna Btiilding High Resolution Tracker No. 1 Equipment Shelter High Resolution Tracker No. 2 Temporary TV - ELSSE TV/‘ELSSE “A” TV/ELSSE “B” TV,‘ELSSE “C” TV,‘=ELSSE “3” TV/ELSSE “E” TV/‘ELSSE “F” 500’ Weather Tower 1 Equipment Building 500’ Weather Tower 1 60’ Tower 204’ Weather Tower 1 204’ Weather Tower 2 54’ Weather Tower 1 54’ Weather Tower 2 54’ Weather Tower 3 54’ Weather Tower 4 54’ Weather Tower 5 54’ Weather Tower 6 54’ Weather Tower 7 54’ Weather Tower 8 54’ Weather Tower 9 54’ Weather Tower 10 54l Weather -Tower 11 54’ Weather Tower 12 Weather Substation “W

K8-1403 J4-393 J7-2 162 K&2498 J6-407 Jb-306 D3-2 019 L7-1445 Mb-93 K6-1746 57-2112 Jb-964 H5-2098 H5-485 56-490 Jb-49DA Jf;-49OB CAPE CAPE L7-988 M7-335 CAPE CAPE N&2274 L6-75 37-2111 56-1869 H4-1723 K5-585 G5-941 G4-1318 36-553






3.2.3 FUNCTION I The Trailer Maintenance Facility provides For exterior maintenance and repair of fuel trans~porter trailers (gasoline, RP-1, liquid cryogenics, UDMH, N204, etc.). This facility is a functional part oi the Vehicle Maintenance Activity of the KSC Industrial Area. 3.2.2 LOCATiON. The site has not been determined.

3.2.3 DESCRIPTION s This facility is comprised of the main structure, paved apron area and an exterior wash rack area. The structure is of concrete black construction with open-web, steel-joist bridging and built-up roof. The structure measures approximately 80 feet by 60 feet. An area 20 feet by 60 Feet will be utilized For offices, storage, and utilities. Three ZO-foot by 60-foot bays are devoted to repair activities. Each bay is equipped with a lo-foot wide by 14-foot high access door. In the repair area, the clear height, floor to bottom of ceiling joists, is 16 feet. The repair area is equipped with lubrication equipment and compressed air. Preventive maintenance and repair to the fuel transporter will be restricted to the running gear (brakes, tires, light, fifth wheel, and exterior washing). A paved vehicle apron is common to this facility and the Propellant Systems and Components Laboratory _ 3.3. PROPELLANT SYSTEMS COMPONENTS LABORATORY

3.3.1 FUNCTION. The Propellant Systems Component Laboratory (Figure 3-2) provides four major support services; precision cleaning of GSE and flight hardware and systems; field cleaning of non-mobile systems; analysis and sampling of gases, liquids, cryogenics and hypergo!ics; and leak detection _ LD~~T~ON, The Propellant Systems Components Laboratory is located five miles 3.3.2 north of the Vehicle Assembly Bui!ding FVAB), just west of the intersection of Beach Road and the Kslnedy Parkway f 3.3.3 DZSCRIPTiCN. This facility analysis, and leak detection laboratory. comprises a cleaning laboratory and a sampling,

3.3.3 .I Ana!yticai Laboratories ~ A 3,500-square foot area, Building H5-994, houses the Gas Analysis Group. Equipment is available to perform analyses on all gases presently used ,at KSC. The Liquid Analysis Laboratory and sampling equipment are !ocated Building H5-995. Equipment and facilities for analyzing the purity of liquids and For sampling gases, liquids, cryogenics 7 and hypergolics are located in this 1,200-square foot structure. Building H5-992 is utilized to store and maintain residual gas analysis and leak detection equipment _




3 -3.3.2 Cleaning and Testing Laboratory. The Cleaning and Testing Laboratory is utilized for repair, cleaning, and pressure testing of fluid systems hardware. Two Class 100 (Fed. Std. 209) LIean rooms, comprising 1,700 square feet are supported by a component disassembly and repair shop, a preliminarv cleaning area, verification laboratories, office space, and storage. 111 addition to 5,500 square feet of enclosed area and 2,400 square feet of shed-type area that are utilized for these functions = 3.4 PROPELLANT TRANSPORTER CLEANING FACILITY

3.4 .l FUNCTION. The Propellant Transporter Cleaning Facility is used for inside purging and cleaning of the propellant trailer/transporter tanks and for removal, repait , and replacement of propellant piping and piping equipment. 3 .4.2 LOCATION. The site has not been determined.

3.4.3 DESCRIPTION. The-Propellant Transporter Cleaning Facility is constructed of concrete block with open-web steel joist bridging and a built-up roof. The total area within the building is 4,800 square feet with a clear height, floor to bottom of ceiling joists, of 16 feet. There are four trailer/transporter bays, each equipped with lo-foot by 14-foot exterior doors. The cleaning facility contains 400 square feet of office space, 600 square feet of storage and utilities space, and 3,800 square feet of work space.




4 .I



This Section describes the AFETR systems which interface with KSC operations and are located on Merritt Island. These systems consist of the RF system, AFETR Telemetry Station (Tet IV), and the Frequency Control and Analysis System. There are other Eastern Test Range (ETR) Systems which support KSC operations but they are not covered vfithin this document. 4.2 RF SYSTEMS

The AN/TPQ-18 (C-Band) radar will derive position tracking data which will be transThe Impact Prediction Computer uses the mitted to the ETR Impact Prediction Computer. KSC located radar data and other ETR radar data to derive trajectory information. Trajectory data and/or raw radar data can be transmitted by cable from the Impact Prediction Computer to the CIF _ 4.3 AFETR TELEMETRY STATION (TEL IV) and

4 -3.1 FUNCTlDN launch phases.

_ Receive,

record and transmit data to the CIF during prelaunch

4.3.2 DESCRIPTION. five t!roups of equipment a~ b. c. d+ e.

The basic ETR telemetry as Follows:

station (Figure


is composed of

Antennas I Receive and record a Data separation. Data processing. Display and records.

Figu:e 4-2 shows the inter-relationships between individual equipment and equipment groups * All the equipment is connected or patched through either video, analog or digital patching equipment. The station has the capabitity to: a. Receive electromagnetic ization diversity techniques. b. Rxord and reproduce energy in the I.30 to 2300 mc, band, using polar-

the received

data in predetected




I --------------

J ______I___ GRWRD mm IPUlPILNT ------

Figure 4-2.



and Ground Station

Block Diagrams 4-3



the FM carrier using conventional

and phaselock


d. Demuitiplex a large variety of frequency division multiplex (FDMI and time division multiplex ITDM) signals. A common digital language output is derived from all the TDM equipment. e. f. 4.4 Convert Visually demultiplexed display information from an analog to a digital form or vice versa.

and/or record either analog or digital



4.4.1 FUNCTION. The aims of Frequency Control and Analysis (FCA) at AFETR are to ensure iilterference-free operations, to supply information on possible interfering transmitting sources, and to give the operating characteristics of missile and ground support transmitters, Certain frequency bands are monitored to prevent interference to test operations and to check whether or not AFETR operational frequency assignments and schedules are maintained within their limits* 4.4.2 DESCRIPTION. and semi-mobiie vans. The FCA facilities at ETR co;lsist of Fixed stations, mobile, The means to bench check radar beacons have recently been added. in operation. The vans intensities and fix and, on short notice, or trace interference

Two mobile vans are operational and a third is expected to be put are equipped to monitor, direction-find 6DF), analyze, obtain field operating frequencies. They are used on the pads during launches may be driven to any mainland site to make spectal measurements, sources _

Two of the mobile vans contain identical instrumentation. The third has improved mentation, including complete beacon checkout for final go/no go determination. 4.4.3 4-l. CAPABIL!TIES I The FCA facilities have the capabilities as specified


in Table

Table 4-1.

FCA CapabilitIes

Capabilities Monitor Direction

Fixed Station at KSC 15 kc to 16 gc 2 to 200 mc 200 mc to 16 gc 15 ?c to 16 gc 15 ICCto 16 gc 15 kc to 16 gc

Mobile Vans 500 kc to 16 gc 2mcto 16gc 500 I.50 750 kc to 16 gc kc to 16 gc kc to 16 g!z


Signal Spectrum Analysis Field Intenqity !.Jeasurements Frequency Measurements



5 .l

CONTENTS pertinent to facilities and systems

This Section furnishes scurces of detailed information described in the four volumes of this document. 5,2 FACILITIES REFERENCE MATERfAt.

Table 5 -1 suppi ies the drawing numbers, facilities at KSC _ 5.2 .L EXPLANATION Column Name: Project Al0 .: Design Criteria: OF COLUMN


etc s , used to construct



. The following


Explanation Self-explanatory. The NASA/KSC Funding project number.

T!le number and date (if available) of the criteria prepared either by or far NASA e The procurement contract issued by the Carps of Engineers (NASA 10 or ENG 36) or by NASA/KSC Procurement (NASIO0716).


No .:


Spec . No .: No, :

Self-explanatory. Seif-explanatory. The permanent number assigned to the facility ,

Constrt~c~io~l f&g Building No .:





The KSC Apollo/Saturn V Specification Tree (Refer to Apoifo/Saturn Configuration Management Plan, K-AM-03.) is the Master Apolfo/Saturn Specification Tree produced in conformance with NASA OMSF Document MPC 500-l Apollo Configuration Management Manual. This tree delineates specifications required for the A~ilo/Saturn V systems and facilities, specification numbers, titles and the NASA group responsible for the specification.


Ta,ble 5-l.




-Criteria _._^--_ D?llC 7620 7620 7620 7620 7620 7620 7625 7620 7620 7620 7620 0569, 0694, 0695 0686 0569, 0694, 0695 ____ __----_ -_-_ FA057 ____

1 O/2 2/b2 1 O/22/62


63-44 63-41 64-13 b3-,l8 63-43 64-13 64-13 64-13 64-9 b4,-13

D0203-28, 00203-22, 00203-28, 00207-27, UO203-28, 00203-28, DO2 03-28, DO203-28, 00203-28, 00203-102 00203-28, 297 340 297 297 936 274 3OD 297 297 297 Kb-900 Kb-947 K6-792 s-1705 IKb-996

9/5/62 ---.____ 10/22/62 10/22/62 1 l/lb/b2
12/?9/62 11/1b/b2





1 Material


Project NO. --_7648 7620 7620 7620 ~762 0 7620 7620 7620

--_I 2529 0867 _---I-_ NO. Date --.~. 2/4/64 10/13/63 ____ ,__.._ t WASlO-071.6 NASlO-1101 NASA3 -.-No. NASA144 NASAL63 0569, 0694,, 0695 ---G379 11/16/62 ---9;:/42, 10/19/62, 4/1/6X g/11/63, 5/13/63 9/11/63 6/3.3/63 11/16/62 1 NASIO-1477 NAS48 1560 NASA131 1559 2569, 0694, 0695 NASA48 NASAbl


Constrw!ion SIXC. No.

00203-232 D0203-198 75M05120 75M0512 i DO203-23, 300 ~ 75M05760 00203-102 thru 75Rl05772 274 & 203, 2X

Buildiny NO. K6-1247 K7-506

65-19 65-28 t.oc39-001 LOC31-002








ul &

High Prcssurc Gas Facility CCF Builtling VAB Gas Stcragc structt1rc

7620 7620

64-r, 64-13

00203-102 00201-22.


lK7-468 K7-%5X

Table 5-1.





Design Criteria Project No. 7620 7620 Propellant Facilities Operations St,lplxxt Buildirly Flame Deflector Azimuth Aliyl?rnent Builcliny 7620 76213 7620 7620 7620 Instrumentation Building 7620 7620 7620 7620 7620 NO. 1686 1686 16B FR64F, lb8 ____ 068 068 2361 ____ Date 12/19/62 1.2/19/62 12/19/62 -___ -___ 12/19/62 12/19/62 10/30/63 6/10/63 ---NASA48 NASA48 NASA110 NASA115 es contract. NASA280 NASA61 65-62 64-13 D0203-320 D0203-28, 297 K6-994995-945 f
CLwract NO. -

Construction Spec. No. 64-9 64-9 64-9 65081 ____ 64-9 64-9 64-54 NEGb4-1

Construction Drawiuy No. DO203,-102 00203-102 00203-102 D0203-336

Buildiny NO. J&-1709 J8-1708 --__ J8-1503, J8-1614 ----


D0203-102 D0203-102 00203-181 D0203-302.203-306 ____ K7-15s57 ----

r)peratianal lntercoln LC39 System Installation Operatiolxd Payilly LC39 System Installation Operational Television System lllstallation Water Syste111 VAB Area LC3

Installed S part of faci ____ b/1 O/63 11/16/62

0569, 0694, 0695

Table 5-l.


Re,ference Material


NtlllE Pad Booster Pumps Pad lrhstrial Water Colltrols (Pad) Electrical Power Systertl 69KV Substation VAB VA6 Area Distribution Pad Area Disl?ibution Fire Alarln System Area Waving System

Project NO. 7620 7620 7620 7624 7620 7620 7620 7620 7620 Systen 7620 7620 7620 7620 7620 762 0 7620


Design Criteria NO. Date


contract NO.

C~gUCt~ . 64-9 64-44


Construction Orawintl No. D0203-102 D0203-123 NASA64-K-F-363 D0203-112 D0203-28, DD203-112

Buildiny NO. J7-1388 ____ ____

0379 9/S/62 FROb8t , b/l O/63 --__ 6/7/63 ---0569, 0694, 0695 0379, 0686 Installed 0686 --__

NASA48 NASA76 NASw410 NASA51 NASAbl NASA48 ie5 contract. NASA48 NASIO-113 ---_

ll/lb/b2 9/5/62, 12/19/62

64-18 64-13 64-9


Kb-1141 ---_ ---_

‘a5 part of faci

64-9 75MO4873 _______

00203-102 75M04870

Pneumatics Systems Hazards Monitorhg

High Intensity Lightiny System Compressed Air Systelns Pad MSS Pad Water Station Utility Annex RP-1 Foanl




058h 0560 3.379 ____ 0686

12/19/62 e/11/63 9/S/h2 10/22/62 12/19/62


64-9 65-1 64-9 a-13 64-9

D0203-102 DO203-208 00203-102 D0203-28, D0203-102


J8-1659 -___ --__ ____ JZ-1564

Table 5-1.





Design Criteria. Pro jcct NO. Propellant Systems RP-1 LHZ LOX PTCS Manned Spacecraft Opw tions Building 7620 7620 7620 7620 No. ! Date Contract NO. NASlO-1138 NASlO-1138 NASlO-1138 NASw410 Construction Spec. No. 75M05867 75MO5752 75MO5869 75M13588 Construction Drawing No. 75M05432 75M05734 75M05868 75MI.3607 Bltilding NO. 58-1563 ----

75M13 75M13 101 083 __--

76 and !1 g/25/63 10/15/63 -------

7623 7623 7649 7660


63-5 64-21 64-47 64-56

D0203-27, D0203-28, D0203-159 D0203-195

811 134

M7-355 ----

Spacecraft, Spares & Equipment Supply, Shipping and Receiving Supply and GSE Parachute Building RF Systems Test Ordnance Field Test Laboratory

7623 7622 7637 7637 7637

1398 045 0938 1254 1253

S/5/62 12/30/62 5/2/b3 3/4/b4 5/7/63


63-4Q 64-19 64-17 64-l 64-12

D0203-28, D0203-110 00203-28, D0203-28,


M7-504 ____ M7-505 M7-657 M7-863 M7-867 M7-1417

362/3 399







Table 5-1.



Material: (Continued)

Design Criteria ‘reject 40. Ordnance Storage Buildiny Pyrotechnic Installation Building Flight Crew Training Buildings Life Support Test Building 7623 7623 ---b4F15 ---_ -_-.--Date


contract No. NASA5 0 NASA1446 NASA14 NASA159 NASA1970 NASA137 NASA1970 NASA127 NASA1970 NASA127 NASA1970 NASA24

Construction Spec. No. 64-17 63-5 63-5 65-27 63-35 65..13 63-35 63-28 63-35 64-38 63-35 64-6

Construction Drawing No. DO203-110 00203-28, D020,3-28, D0203-252 D0203-28, 00203-203 D0203-28, D0203-116 D0203-28, 00203-116 D0203-154 D0203-155 155 155 155 343 343

Bklding NO. M7-1472 M7-146 ----

L/lb/b3 .--____

7660 7623 ---_

64F19 0938/ 0939 _--_

M7-409 M7-961 ----

Ll/lb/bZ .---

Hyperyolic Test Btlildiflys No. 1 No. 2 Cryogenic Test Buildinys No. 1 No. 2 Fluid Test Support Buildins

7623 7649 7623 7626 7623 7649 zsi 2381 0938/ 0939 2382 0936/ 0937 009

11/5/62 3/19/63 1.1/16/62 3/l/63 11/5/62 10/14/63

M7-1212 M7-1210 M7-1412 M7-1410 M7-1061

Table 5-l.





Desiw NZlM Prolxlsion Test Facilily 7646 7624, 7641 7657 7647 7634 7642 7624 ----NO.

Criteria Date ----


Contract No. NASA176 NASA67 NASA1751 NASA158 NASA2 12 NASA212 NASA2 NASA114 NASA1759 NASA1759 NASA4 NASA154 NASA1759 NASA17

Cowtruction Spec. No. 65-37 b4-22 63-28 65-25 65-55 65-55 63-39 64-61 63-29 63-29 63-42 65-22 63-29 63-4

Construction Drawincl No. 00201-278 D0203-106 90203-28, D0203-216 D0203-264 00203-264 DO203-28, D0203-173 D0203-28, 00203-28, D0203-28, 00203-218 D0203-28, D0203-28, 176 094 094 232 085

Building NO. LC16XKAFS Mb-342 M6-138

Central Instuwwltation Facility Central Telephone Office Vehicle Maintenance Facility GSA Vehicle Facility Heavy Eqtfipment Shop Plant Maintenance Facility KSC Heat Plaut

1194 64F135 64F135 FR2 182 FR2182 __-1952 ---____ ____ ____ ____ ____

5/13/63 -“-____ ---------l/l O/64 ---------____ ---____

Mb-688 Mb-587 iulb-4% ---_ Mb-595 Mb-895 Mb-896 ----

IKSC Sewage Treatment Platlt 7624 KSC water System Power 7624 7640 7624 7641

KSC Electrical System

094 312

Mb-996 Mb-,695

KSC Fire Station

Table 5-1.


Reference Matevial (Cmtinuecll

Design Criteria NEW? Railroad Systenr Project NO. ---. 7638 7641 Universal CaInera Sites 7654 :A019 12/26/63 ~R1120 Date l/10/63

Trailer Rllaintemnce Facility ProtIellarlt Systelrls Cornpa tlEll1 Laboratory Propellant Trmsparter Clealiny Facility 3884 FR64F14i ----



Contract NO.

Comtrocticn Stm. No. 64 -4 64-53 65-30 64-23

Construction Drawing No. D0203-28, 00203-153 00203-241 DD203-179 339


Building NO. ____ ---_



J8,-2Z28 H4-1725 K8-1403 K6-2498


NASA54 ~ ----

64-28 ----

00203-117 ----




( ,’ > ,_


> I .,



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