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Payroll india before absence

Net hand: Rs.15,040. Casual leave quota: 12 days. Applying casual leave for 3 days in April, check the basic salary. Total absence working hours=16, and 8 hours off day. Quota is deducting to 10 days. Sick leave (Loss of pay): for 3 days, out of this 1 working day and 2 off days, for sick leave quota is not defined. Casual leave is paid leave. Sick leave is unpaid leave.

Result: basic is deducting for 3 days, including off day. Try to check pcr in factorizing.

Since inp1 pcr is deducting salary based on calendar day change it to working days. Pcr inp1 is changed to insu

Changed to

Rte = 30 working days. Rte- taau** = working days minus unpaid absence 30 1 = 29 Rte/tadivi= 29/30 Check /801 wage type.

Out put: check salary

V_T511 wage type characteristics V_512W_B and V_512W_D .. Valuation basses and processing classes. V_T549A Period parameters V_T549S_B Date identifiers T52EK . Symbolic Accounts. V_503_ALL. Employee groupings. V_001P_ALL. personnel groupings V_511_B permissibility of wage types. V_512W_T wage type text.