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April 25, 2011 TO: Jeffrey McAdams Veterans Service Center Manager Department of Veterans Affairs VA Regional Office

P. O. Box34790 Phoenix AZ, 85067-4790 From: David L. Ames 2024 E. FAWN DR PHOENIX, AZ 85042 RE: David L. Ames C 28 803-339 Mr. McAdams, I have receive your letter dated March 4, 2011 in reference to Claim regarding my health problems while in military service from 1968 to 1971 while serving in Vietnam for chronic peripheral neuropathy, diabetes and exposure to herbicides. The VA Medical Center in Phoenix does have all medical records to support the claim for my peripheral neuropathy nerve disease, how every I have enclosed Dr. Shareef DO, MPH study at the request of the VA for the disease. I have been board line diabetes for many years and with all the pain medication I am currently for Neuropathy and other medical problems it becomes too much to add another medication and dealing with all the pain I have 24/7. At this time I am in the dark on what has happen with my entire claim, I was told by the VA and DAV that I would be set for a Judge hearing the summer of 2010, which did not happen. In September of 2010 ask what happen to my hearing I was told that my claim was in rating again and would be clear up by the end of the year. January 4th, 2011 I ask for an update as to what happen with my claim and why was I told that is was in rating and would be clear up by years end. I did not receive a request to my January 4th. Again I filed another VA Form 21-4138 January 12, 2011 once again asking for status of claim. I requested a hearing and ask the person if he could find out who and what was going on, as I have receive various dispositions, this person went up stair to see if he could find out something, on his return he told me that my claim had been put back into the file cabinet and NO ONE was working my claim as they had receive over 9,000 new claims for ischemic heart disease that are now priority. February 28, 2011 I file another 21-4138 form requesting a hearing in regards to my ongoing appeal for the last 15 months, with NO reply. Attached is a print of the VACOLS Appeal screen showing from 06/30/2010 to 07/30/2001 with 395 days to complete my claim that is pending, I need to know when I will have an RO hearing on these matters and why I have been told that my case was in rating for the last several months. The VA has not keep me inform on my claim and are reasonable for all errors made in the handling of my claim.


Attached are the following: 1. 2. 3. 4. Consultation Notes for David Ames on 10/17/2008 Three (3) VA Form 21-4138, requesting a RO Hearing Two (2) screen prints of the VACOLS APPEAL Copy of the VA Health Trends V15.5 New Rule for Agent Orange where Veterans are presumed to have been exposed to herbicides. 5. Copy of Statement in Support of Agent Orange, VA FORM 21-4138 I have been confirming by the VA Medical Center in Phoenix January 20, 2009 of Atherosclerotic Disease which leads to Peripheral Neuropathy and Ischemic Heart Disease. I have asked the Department of Veterans Affairs to retrieve additional information on the Two Naval Officer that were with me in Vietnam will show proof that I was in the Republic of Vietnam and the VA has not done the work in support of my claim. In addition, I am requesting a full copy of my file 28 803 339, I further request a full waiver of fees associated with this request, the information I am requesting is material to my claim for benefits from the VA. If you deny this request, please cite the reason you feel justified for denial, and provide me with information I will need to for my Court Hearing on all the above matters.

David L. Ames 480-313-6064