1. Where can Google Adsensebe integrated into a WordPress blog? a. Only in the sidebar. b. Only in the header c.

Anywhere. d. Only in the content. 2. Contributor may change the timestamp on a post. a. Yes b. No 3. In the case of a free WordPress.com blog, the number of users that can be invited by a registered user is: a. 30 b. 35 c. 40 d. 45 e. Unlimited 4. What is the default path for the theme files in the WordPress.org version 2.5.1 deployment kit? a. <root directory>/wp_content/themes b. <root directory>/themes c. <root directory>/wordpress/themes d. <root directory>/wp-content/themes

5. In the WordPress.org version 2.5.1, there is a feature known as 'Update Services' which notifies site update services whenever a new post is published or whenever the blog is updated. Which of the following is the default update service in the WordPress.org version 2.5.1? a. http://ping.feedburner.com b. http://rpc.weblogs.com/RPC2 c. http://www.blogoole.com/ping/ d. http://rpc.pingomatic.com/ e. None of these
6. Suppose you have a WordPress.com blog named 'http://yourusername.wordpress.com' and you want to know its RSS feedsdetails. Which of the following URLs will you use to get details? a. b. http://your-username.wordpress.com/rssfeed http://your-username.wordpress.com/RSS

c. http://your-username.wordpress.com/feed d. http://your-username.wordpress.com/RSSfeeds

7. Which of the following constitutes 'Permalinks' structures in the WordPress.org version 2.5.1? a. Day and name b. Month and name c. Numeric d. Alphanumeric e. Custom Structure 8. What is the difference between include_once and require_once with regard to handling failure? a. include_once just produces a warning and require_once produces a fatal error b. include_once produces a fatal error and require_once just produces a warning c. include_once and require_once cannot handle failure a. include_once and require_once handle failure in a similar fashion 9. From which section in the WordPress Admin can you add a calendar to your WordPress site? a. Themes section a. Manage section b. Plugin section c. Widgets section d. None of the above 10. What is the main purpose of the Password Protect feature in the WordPress.org version 2.5.1? a. To protect the style sheet from editing b. To protect moderation of posts c. To protect insertion of posts d. To protect posts from being displayed to users who are not registered 11. What is Blogroll in WordPress?

It signifies that the given number of comments has been posted by the user.example. what can be the default status of a Post? a.com from the older WordPress. accepted b.1. http://www.example. published unpublished discarded scheduled 15. c. b. image dimensions can be set for the following image sizes: a.com/wp-admin/update.com/wp-admin/upgrade. c.5.example.php http://www. d. b. e.wordpress. c.php http://www.5. It signifies that the given number of comments is pending for the administrator's approval. which URL will have to be used? a. 13.wordpress. It is the categorization of blogs according to tags.com/wp-admin/install. If you want to upgrade your site http://www.a.php http://www. It is a collection of links to various blogs or news sites. e. Medium image size . In WordPress (version 2. It displays the long blogs using paging to avoid scrolling.com/wp-admin/upgrade. It shows the total number of comments posted in a given day. d. Thumbnail image size b. It archives the blogs according to the date of posting. d. c. It signifies that the given number of comments has been approved by the administrator. e.org version 2. d. b.org/wp-admin/upgrade.php Refer to the given image What does A signify? a.1).org version to a newer one.php http://www.example. None of these 12. 14. In the WordPress.

wp-index.org version 2. b. wp-config.Widgets b. It It It It is used to display the site in proper design.php d. is used to create a sitemap of the site. What is the function of widgets in WordPress? a.c.In the WordPress. the sidebar is used to display _____. Which of the following WordPress. c.User Profile d. General Tab .php e. None of these 16. Which of the following tabs will you select in order to apply comments moderation? a.None of these 19.5.1 components or modules is not activated by default? a. Akismet Avatar Display Comments Moderation All of these are activated by default 18. wp-index-sample.1. Refer to the given image You want to enable the moderation of the comments posted by users in WordPress. b.org version 2. wp-settings. In which file do you specify the database name in the WordPress.Plugins c.php c.php 20.5. a. d. c.1? a. d. helps in easy and fast searching.php b. wp-config-sample.5. Original image size d. is used to add additional components to the site. 17.org version 2.

5. Discussion Tab Privacy Tab Miscellaneous Tab 21. d.org and WordPress.org version 2.Subscriber b. c. d. True b.Editor d. 3000 Megabytes c. Unlimited storage 22. which of the following settings is possible? a. a.com blog.com? . False 23. you can _____. What kind a.What is the amount of free space available in a free WordPress. Which of the following are the differences between WordPress.b. b. b. add third party 'widgets' add third party 'plugins' import Posts from different blog websites export Posts to different WordPress blogs. 2000 Megabytes b. You You You You can can can can make your make your limit the make your blog visible/invisible to search engines.5. 24.1? a.com. In the WordPress. of information do cookies store in WordPress? about about about about the logged in user Comments New Posts Pages visited recently Information Information Information Information 25. b. 26. c. users that can see your blog.Moderato e. c. 1000 Megabytes d. a. Under the online version of WordPress Privacy Settings. c. you can add third party plugins to your blog. Which of the following User Roles are defined in the WordPress.Contributor 27. d.org version 2.In WordPress. for storing uploaded files and images? a.1.Administrator c. blog visible/invisible to the archivers. blog visible/invisible to the advertisers. d.

. you can alter the code file of the Theme Template but in WordPress. In WordPress. When a new user registers e. When a month changes 30. having URL 'http://www.com. you can upload themes and plugins but in WordPress. through post. 1.org.jpg c. you cannot upload themes and plugins. In WordPress. When a theme is changed c. Which of the following statements are correct with reference to the Permalinks Structure? a. Structure of Permalinks can be changed by using the admin section. Structure of Permalinks can be changed programmatically. When a post is published b. What will be the URL to link the audio file? . Which type of media files can be uploaded to WordPress. automatic software upgrades and backups are available. You want to Podcast an mp3 file named 'abc. In WordPress. c. When a page is displayed d. you cannot upload themes and plugins. you can upload themes and plugins but in WordPress.wma b. you have to manually upgrade the software and take backups whereas in WordPress.org. d.com. Structure of Permalinks can't be changed.odt d. b. When are Actions triggered in the WordPress.org version 2. .com'. d.org version 2.mp3' on your WordPress. In WordPress. .doc 29. 28. you can alter the CSS code file only. b. .org.xyz.1? a.com.1 site.5.a.org.com? a.5. Structure of Permalinks can't be changed programmatically. c.com.

com? a.xyz. 35.xyz. <a href="http://www. <a href="http://www.a.mp3">Podcast File</a> b. Anyone can get himself/herself registered. Users must get themselves registered and logged in to comment.org version 2. <a href= "abc.mp3">Podcast File</a> d.5. <a href="http://www.com/wp-content/uploads/abc. Users cannot get themselves registered. subscriber d.org version 2.com/wp-content/abc. Click theme in the design section and select the new theme c. You want to apply a new theme to your WordPress.com/abc.1 site. Select the new theme in Plugins 33. Click widget in the design section and select the new theme d. a. It is a method by which you can apply Domain Maps of your WordPress blog by a paid upgrade. d. editor 34. It is a method by which you can increase the domain reach of your free WordPress.xyz.com blog by a paid upgrade.1. What will be the right method? a. Which of the following options are provided in the User Membership settings of the WordPress.org version 2.mp3">Podcast File</a> c.5. c.5. Membership invitations can be sent to other WordPress Users. author of that post c. What is Domain Mapping in the case of WordPress. In the WordPress. a private post created by the administrator is also visible to the: a. contributor b. b.1. b.mp3">Podcast File</a> 2. Click theme editor in the design section and then edit b. Delete the old theme in the settings and select the new theme e. .

false). 38. ?> b.org version 2. The shopping feature can be added via widget.wordpress. <?phpakismet_spam_totals(). The shopping feature can be added by plugging-in for shopping. None of these.c. define('WP_DEBUG'. How can notices be turned on in the WordPress.1 index. d. define('WP_NOTICE'.wordpress.com' name with your own domain name via paid upgrade. define('WP_NOTICE'.org version 2. false).. define('WP_DEBUG'. m. b. ?> d. 37. ?> c. c. true). b. mobile.com b. WordPress charges to enable the shopping feature.wordpress. d. d. ?> 39. It is a method by which you can replace the 'WordPress.1? a. <?phpakismet_spam_count (). The shopping feature can't be embedded to the site.com d. You want to browse your WordPress. mobileweb. true).com c.web.5. c. You want to show the number of spam comments that have been caught by the 'Akismet'? Which of the following code is used to display the statistics in the WordPress. . Which of the following URLs will you use? a.1 site? a.com e.php page. Which of the following statements is correct with regard to adding the shopping feature in your WordPress. mobile.5. <?phpakismet_submit_spam_comment (). <?phpakismet_counter().org version 2.com blog on your mobile or PDA.5. programmatically? a. None of these 36.wordpress.

closed to general visitors d.5.5. 43.Dreamweaver 41. by default. Only Posts can be commented on. Which of the following things are required for the installation of the WordPress.5. After the installation of the WordPress.use a built-in tool b.use a widget d.org version 2.1? a. e.org version 2. the general membership is __________. use a plug-in c. restricted to the first 1000 visitors the rest can be members only if invited by any of the already registered 1000 members c.Web Server b.None of the above 44. d. Links and Posts can be commented on. Only Links can be commented on. Posts and Pages can be commented on. c.Web Browser d.1? a. a. allowed to general visitors b. A possible way to collect real-time statistics about traffic to a WordPress site is to _______________.org version 2. 40. Which of the following statements is/are correct with reference to Comments in the WordPress.manually install language package or translate as necessary .e. A possible way to install WordPress in your language is to ________________. b.Text Editor c. The shopping feature can be added by adding a theme for shopping. a. not required for general visitors 42.1. Only Pages can be commented on. a.

True . Which of the following methods can be used to eliminate spam? a.Using the "wp-captcha-free" plug-in.True b.b.Using a plug-in.Pagination cannot be added to WordPress sites. a. b.None of the above 47.Setting the feature in the admin settings. Edit posts 3. d. Create new posts 2. State whether True or False: WordPress supports all of the following: 1. c.It helps in spam control.Using a widget. What is the main functionality of Akismet plug-in? a. b.Neither: WordPress cannot be installed in languages other than English. Schedule posts for future publishing.False 46. c. a.enable the desired language in admin settings c.It is used for generating automated posts. c.It is used for spell check. b. A plug-in must be used in order to allow users to post flash or multimedia files. 48.Using the "askimet" plug-in. d. d.It creates themes.Using a widget. Which of the following methods can be used to add Pagination to a WordPress site? a. 45. 49.

c.Installing the wp-emailpost plug-in.Using a widget. a.This feature is not available in WordPress. c. "Shortcodes" can be defined in WordPress.Disable cache c.False 50. True b.php b.All of the above 53) _________________ is a good way to improve the performance of a WordPress blog.index.Widget is an object dervied from a plugin and can be added to the sidebar. d. 52.Widgets are always plugins. a.php c. b.functions.Plugin is a software script used to add function to blog.404. Which of the following methods can be used to enable posting via e-mail? a. Which of the following statements are true regarding widgets and plug-ins in wordpress? a. b.Installing the "wp super cache" plug-in 54) Which of the following theme files can be used to customize the "page not found error" error page? a.php .b.False 51.Disabling image upload b. d. Configuring the feature in admin settings.

b.page.change the source code 56) One way to get posts from a specific day is to ____________________.post.page. 57) Which of the following files needs to be edited in order to create the function for the shortcode? a. d.drag the desired widget to the side bar c. b.php b.php 58) Which of the following actions performed before upgrading WordPress? a. a. use the query_posts loop in the source code d.add the desired widget to the post d.php d.All of the above .functions.php 55) In order to display a widget. use the query_day loop in the source code c.Enable FTP on the site. Neither: WordPress does not allow this action.set the "show property" of the desired widget to "true" b.d.Back up the site. c.php c. the user must _________________.Disable plugins.index.

a. Quicktags c. Permalinks e.Using a widget.a and b 62) Which of the following methods can be used to display the time in every post? a.Creating your own page.59) Which of the following methods can be used to display featured posts? a. Shortcodes d. d.in the admin settings d.All of the above 60) Which of the following keywords can be defined as "Those useful 'one-click' buttons that insert code for you"? b.directly in the posts b. Excerpts 61) Image size limits can be set _______________.Changing the config file.Using a plug-in.in the wp-imageresize plug-in c. c. . b.

a.Updating the database. All of the above 64) The date/time format of a WordPress site can be changed in __________________.enable it in the admin settings c. the config file 65) To manually make the sidebar widget-ready. the database e. You can manage multiple sites from one WordPress installation. the theme's source code c.php file. d. the user must ______________.php file b.b. Support for shortlinks e. admin settings d. d. c. c. A WordPress blog can be used as a Content Management System (CMS).change the index.8? b.php file . a. 63) Which of the following features are not supported by WordPress 2.modify the sidebar.Setting the feature in the admin settings.Changing the index.

. it will always be available for anyone to read. Optional Parameters).66) Once a post is published on a WordPress blog.True b. f. False 67) A theme's source code must be changed manually in order to customize the admin login page. True c. a.Plug-ins can be used to eliminate spam b. e. False 68) Which of the following options are true regarding Plug-ins in Wordpress? a. Plug-ins can be used to integrate Twitter with a WordPress blog. WordPress function.Plug-ins can be used to integrate a Wordpress blog with a forum d. Plug-ins can be used to embed javascript in a WordPress blog. b. All of the above 69) Which of the following are true about Template Tags? a.The template tag comprises of three tags (PHP code tag.

boolean).$code d. Add a favicon icon link to the theme's header file or update the existing favicon icon link to the new one.A theme's font cannot be changed. The favicon icon cannot be changed. Upload a favicon icon to your site.A template tag is code that instructs WordPress to do or get something.$content c.All of the above 72) Which of the following tasks must be performed to add a favicon icon to your site? a. 71) Which of the following arguments are accepted in shortcode handler function while using shortcode API? a. Change the favicon icon in admin settings.All of the above 70) How can the font be changed on a WordPress theme? a. d. d.By changing to a theme that already has the desired font.There are only two types of parameters that are supported by WordPress template tags (String.By changing the CSS files. 73) . c. b. b. c. c.b.$atts b.

a.Level_10 c. a and b e. 74) Which of the following role levels has the highest privilege? a. adding them to the header.Depends on your settings. Adding the feature in the admin settings. d. using plug-ins b. a and c 76) Meta tags can be added to WordPress pages by ___________. d. b and c 77) . a. a and b e. Using a plug-in.One way to get posts from one category is to ________________. use the query_category loop in the source code c. 75) In which of the following ways can a redirect feature be added to a permalink? a. Neither of the above. Changing the config file.Level_0 b. updating the database d.php file c.Every role level has the same privilege. use the query_posts loop in the source code b. c. b.

a. 81. Which of the following url is used for WordPress built-in RSS 2. Pages are not associated with a date/time like posts. <?phpbloginfo('atom_url').Only for calculation d. b.By enabling the feature in the config file. How can a logo be placed on a WordPress header? a. <?phpbloginfo('rss_url'). d. How can author information be displayed on posts on a multi-author blog? a. The WordPress loop can be used ____________________.All of the above 79. In which of the following ways can a user add a dropdown menu to a WordPress site? . c. b.Upload a new logo in admin settings. <?phpbloginfo('rss2_url').By changing the theme's source code.Displaying each post c. <?phpbloginfo('rdf_url'). c.0 feed? a. Pages are listed in reverse chronological order.Update the logo path in the config file. c. Pages can be static.Which of the following are true regarding Pages in WordPress? a. ?> b. ?> d.Retrieving any data in WordPress b.By enabling the feature in admin settings. ?> 82. 80. b. Pages can be found in Categories.Manually add the logo to the source code. 78. ?> c.

None of the above tasks should be performed.install. b. use custom fields c.Dropdown menus cannot be added to WordPress sites. d. wp-admin/install. a. use the wp-addinfor plug-in b. Verify whether the widget directory is in "write mode". 86. Status of the Post published via e-mail is always public and it cannot be marked as private. use a widget . If the specified tags do not exist in your blog then new tags will be automatically created.installation. c. Verify that your WordPress theme is widget-ready.By changing the config file.php d.None of the above 84. Which of the following is true regarding publishing posts on your blog by an e-mail? a. c. Which of the following files must be deleted after installing WordPress? a. d. Image attachments are retained as attachments in the post. b.By using a plug-in. 85. b. d. Verify that plug-ins can be installed on your version of WordPress. A possible way to add additional information to a WordPress blog post is to _________________. Which of the following tasks should be performed before installing any widget? a.a. c.All of the above 83.php b.php c. When specifying a category that category must exist on your blog.

5.php d.php c. Plugins d.php e. If the WordPress. None of the above 91.com/wp-admin/config.com. Which of the following is not a valid permalink setting in WordPress? a. It provides the ranking of the posts in terms of page views. d.example.87. a.com/blog/2010/07/18/sample-post/ c. http://www.com/blog/2010/07/sample-post/ d.com/wp-admin/install. http://www.com/wp-admin/home. Akismet falls under the category of _____.5. b.com/blog/archives/123 e. It provides the list of the links (referral URLs) from which the people have visited your blog. which path is to be visited to install the WordPress.com/root/wp-admin/install. 90. Themes b.example.example.1 directory is placed in the root directory.org version 2. Widgets c. Pages Widget . In WordPress. http://example.example. Permalinks e. a.com? a.php 89. http://example. http://example. It provides the total number of page views of the blog. None of the above 88. c. http://www.com? a.php b. http://www.1 script in the website http://www. What is the function of Blog Stats in WordPress. In WordPress.com/blog/?p=123 b. http://example.example.example. configurable numbers of random links are shown using _________. http://www.com/root/wp-admin/config.orgversion 2. It provides the list of posts which have received the most traffic.

There is no feature to change the language of WordPress 93. Posts can't be arranged alphabetically as they are in the chronological order b. define ('WPLANG'.th').5.1. State whether the following statement is true or false. You want to change the Header Image of the Wordpress. Which one of the followingstatements can fulfill the condition? a. you can change the setting of the order of the posts c.thai'). .5. Blogroll Widget d. define ('WPLANG'. By editing style.in order to perform the desired operation? a. Meta Widget c. Flickr Widget 92.5. define ('WPLANG'. You want to arrange your posts in the alphabetical order in the WordPress. ''). By adding Plug-in.org version 2.css. By coding in the category.b.1 theme. In the admin section. Design Section-->Themes d.1. Design Section-->Theme Editor b. define ('WPLANG'. Design Section-->Theme Widgets 95. Which of the following sections would you go to. Filter functions can't be created programmatically in the WordPress.1 language to thai(th). You want to change the WordPress.php page. 'th'. c. you can arrange the posts alphabetically d.php file? a.org version 2. b. 'th').org version 2. Design Section-->Header Image and Color c. you can arrange the posts alphabetically e. e. What change has to be made in the wp-config. d. 'thai'.5. you can arrange the posts alphabetically 94.org version 2.

b. What are OpenIDs in the case of WordPress.a. To show the 'Admin' page link d. [priority]. c. What is the purpose of the 'Meta' widget in WordPress? a.1? a. None of the above . b.com? a.[accepted_args]). add_action ('your_function_name'. None of these 97.Commenting 99.[priority]. To show the 'Log In' and 'Logout' menus c.5. These are registered users blog names which can be used to login to different sites. d.org version 2. To show Meta-Tag information about the website b.1 for posts? a.'hook_name'. These are IDs given for free login to WordPress.5. Which of the following features is not available in the basic WordPress. 'your_function_name'. False 96. add_action ('hook_name'.Rating d. True b. New functions can't be hooked d.RSS Feed c.Tagging b. To handle RSS Feeds 98. [accepted_args]). How can you "hook" a new function into the WordPress.org version 2. c. These are free ID's given by WordPress as open invitations.

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