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5nkU1I kAIAMCnAN (11GDM112)

Lk 8ukA PuA lAlSLA


Cas Summary
The movie is about twelve members of a jury who have gathered together in an enclosed room
to deliberate on charges of murder against a young boy accused of killing his father. The case
against the boy looks very convincing and strong, as there is a witness in the form of an old man
who claims to have heard the incident and another woman who claims to have seen the actual
act of stabbing. Also, there is the murder weapon a knife that was found at the crime scene,
which looks exactly like the knife purchased by the boy without any fragment of doubt. All the
jury members, except one, are convinced that the boy is guilty of the crime and the task before
them is to reach a unanimous decision to advance the case. But there is only one jury member
who is not completely convinced about the case and he starts the deliberations, in which all the
members have to participate to reach a common conclusion.
What starts off as a minor doubt in one jury member's mind slowly develops into an elaborate
discussion about the various possibilities and scenarios where there could be even a shred of
divergence from the commonly perceived notions and judgments of the jury members. There is
a coordinator who is supposed to chair the jury & make sure a final decision is reached. But he
is also a part of the vote and has to make up his own mind along with making sure the
proceedings are done without disruptions.
The one man who is not fully convinced, manages to change the vote of one other jury member
who is the oldest in the room. From here begins a raucous and a very argumentative
discussion, with most of the jury members ending up fighting with someone or the other in trying
to make a point or accept another.

XXrnt Mmbrs oX tb )ury
lollowlna ls a small analvsls of Lhe behavloral aspecLs of dlfferenL !urv members and how dlfferenL
facLors relaLed Lo Lhelr behavlor conLrlbuLed Lo or hlndered Lhe declslon maklna process

2 3 4 3 6
2 9 8

Lk 8ukA PuA lAlSLA


Iuioi : Beepak Kejiiwal (Cooiuinatoi)
Pe ls Lhe appolnLed coordlnaLor of Lhe aroup who
aLLempLs Lo keep Lhe dellberaLlon orderlv and
procedural Pe ls Lhe faclllLaLor and Lhe medlaLor of
Lhe dlscusslon and ls hence expecLed Lo be someone
who auldes bv lavlna ouL a llsL of how Lo"s
should"s and should noL"s 1he maln role of he
coordlnaLor ls Lo malnLaln Lhe correcLness of Lhe
declslon and Lo sLop Lhe aroup from aeLLlna lnLo
lrrelevanL dlscusslons Pe ls a person who ls elLher
acLlve bv naLure or bv role and ls hence plavlna Lhe
role of Lhe lnlLlaLor Pls declslon sLvle ls malnlv llke a
lollower 1he declslon hlndrance was he could noL
sLlck Lo hls declslon lf Lhere was anv araumenL he
lmmedlaLelv backed ouL from hls declslon

Iuioi : Amitabh Siivastava (White Kuita)
Pe ls a Llmld flrsL Llmer who ls easllv persuaded and lnfluenced durlna Lense momenLs Pe Lrles hard Lo
keep up wlLh Lhe aroup and also Lrles Lo keep Lhe dlscusslon peaceful 1hls characLer shows a Lvplcal
passlve consLrucLlve personallLv Lvpe Pe was keen ln Lhe dlscusslon and was consLrucLlvelv Laklna parL
Pe was ln hls behavlor more of a follower Lvpe of a person who was verv lnfluenced bv Lhe ma[orlLv Pe
was a Lvplcal follower who was lnlLlallv holdlna hlmself back because of Lhe lack of experlence and
uncerLalnlLv ln hls own declslon maklna ablllLv Pe was faclna hldden Lraps as well as problems from
fraamenLed oplnlons 1hls klnd of personallLv usuallv avolds Lhemselves from declslon maklna scenarlos
Iuioi : Pankaj Kapooi
Pe ls Lhe loudmouLh condescendlna crlLlclzlna member of Lhe aroup 1houah
he plavs Lhe role of Lhe mosL unreasonable characLer Llll Lhe end and ls verv
convlnced LhaL Lhe accused ls Lhe acLual murderer hls hearL wrenchlna sLorv of
hlmself belna Lhe faLher deserLed bv hls onlv son expounds Lhe reason for hls
sLand Pe deplcLs an acLlvedesLrucLlve personallLv Pe ls over emoLlonal and ls
Laklna Lhe case verv personallv Pe also makes rude personal commenLs Lo oLher
members of Lhe [urv Pls declslon sLvle was malnlv llke LhaL of a skepLlc Pe was
verv blased whlle maklna Lhe declslon Pe had a verv aaaresslve personallLv and was verv rude Lo Lhe
oLher [urv members who chanaed Lhelr declslons whlle loalcs were belna presenLed Pe was full of

Lk 8ukA PuA lAlSLA


hlndrances malnlv of Lhe recenL pasL evenL Lrap Pe also allowed hls percepLual selecLlvlLv Lo creep lnLo
hls declslon maklna ablllLv
Iuioi : S. N. Zaheei (Speaks 0iuu)
Pe ls Lhe well dressed sLock broker whose characLer ls shown verv
concelLed and unemoLlonal Pe based hls declslons on hardcore facLs and
demonsLraLes an acLlve consLrucLlve personallLv Pe ls verv paLlenL and
calm LhrouahouL Lhe process and bases hls declslons on pure loalc Pe
showed slans of Lhlnker and conLroller ln hls declslon maklna sLvle Pe
faced hlndrance of Lhe evldence Lrap because once !uror 8 had presenLed
hlm Lhe oLher slde of coln and Lhere were evldences supporLlna hlm he
lmmedlaLelv wenL lnLo a LhouahLful sLaLe reallzlna hls blunder ln lanorlna
Lhe deLalls and Lhen shlfLed hls declslon ln Lhe favor of !uror 8

Iuioi : Subhash 0ughate (Resiuent
fiom slum)
Pe ls Lhe person who belonas Lhe same slum as Lhe accused Pe
becomes verv defenslve and does noL reacL well Lo oLhers' pre[udlce
Slnce he comes from a slmllar backaround he ls ln a beLLer poslLlon Lo
undersLand he accused slLuaLlons and empaLhlze wlLh hlm Pe ls also
loalcal ln hls meLhodoloav and bases hls oplnlons onlv on facLs Pe
demonsLraLes a passlve consLrucLlve personallLv Pe behaves llke a
skepLlc anv Llme when someone would polnL ouL LhaL Lhe accused ls
from slum area so Lhe pre[udlced Lhlnklna was LhaL all slum dwellers
were crlmlnals CLher Lhan LhaL he was acLlna llke a follower and aolna wlLh Lhe flow of ma[orlLv

Iuioi : Bemant Nishia (Paintei)
Pe does noL conLrlbuLe much Lo Lhe dlscusslon Pe also demonsLraLes a passlve consLrucLlve personallLv
and does noL shv awav from volclna hls oplnlon Pe llkes Lo malnLaln decorum durlna dlscusslons Pls
declslon sLvle was llke boLh of a charlsmaLlc and a follower Pe merelv wenL wlLh Lhe facLs Cnce loalc

Lk 8ukA PuA lAlSLA


was presenLed he lmmedlaLelv shlfLed hls declslon ln Lhe favor of Lhe proLaaonlsL Pe was a vlcLlm of
Lhe sLaLus quo blas as he became comforLable ln whaLever slde Lhe declslon of Lhe ma[orlLv was shlfLlna

Iuioi : N. K. Raina (Nashaal Novie Tickets)

Pe demonsLraLes Lhe role of a self cenLered person who was more worrled
abouL mlsslna Lhe movle for whlch he had purchased LlckeLs raLher Lhan Lhe
llfe of Lhe accused Pe worrled more abouL hls comforLs and lelsure Lhan belna
falr and Laklna responslblllLv of Lhe role asslaned Pe aoL lrrlLaLed on Lhe
deLalled declslon maklna of oLher !urv members and shows no reaard for Lhe
[usLlce for Lhe accused Pls declslon sLvle shows LhaL he was verv lanoranL and
was malnlv a follower Pe [usL wanLed Lo wlnd up Lhe dlscusslon as qulcklv as
posslble wlLhouL boLherlna abouL Lhe ouLcomes of a wrona declslon Laken

Iuioi 8: K. K. Raina (The Piotagonist)
Pe plavs Lhe mosL cruclal role of Lhe volce of reason AL Lhe bealnnlna he ls
Lhe onlv !urv member wllllna Lo alve Llme and a chance Lo Lhe aullLv bv
voLlna ln favor" for hlm Lven Lhouah noL fullv convlnced he wanLed Lo
alve Lhe vlcLlm Lhe beneflL of doubL and wanLed Lo conLemplaLe over Lhe
facLs and loalc before arrlvlna aL a concluslon Pls declslon sLvle was malnlv
llke a Lhlnker who wanLed Lo ao ever everv llLLle deLall before arrlvlna aL a
declslon Pe was noL blased or pre[udlced aaalnsL Lhe accused bov and
wanLed Lo alve hlm a falr chance Lo prove hlmself free from Lhe charaes
Pe shows openness and an ablllLv Lo volce hls oplnlon and belleves ln falr
and wlse [udaemenL

Lk 8ukA PuA lAlSLA


Iuioi 9: Anu Kapooi (0lu Nan)
Pe ls Lhe old and wlse [uror who ls open Lo dlfference ln oplnlons Pe was Lhe flrsL Lo
supporL Lhe proLaaonlsL When Lhe proLaaonlsL presenLed a small loalc of whv Lhls
declslon should be conLemplaLed upon !uror 9 aave hlm hls full supporL Pe was
loalcal and raLlonal ln hls declslon sLvle Pe brlnas wlLh hlm a loL of wlsdom and
experlence whlch helps Lhe oLher !urv members Lo arrlve aL a declslon Pe shows a
loL of paLlence as hls passlon for LruLh and [usLlce drlves hls declslon maklna sLvle Pe
also was a Lhlnker llke Lhe proLaaonlsL ln hls declslon maklna sLvle
Iuioi : Subbiiaj (Bau Colu)

Pe ls mosLlv Lhe acLlve desLrucLlve [uror havlna hls personal blases and pre[udlces
aaalnsL Lhe slum dwellers Lo lnLerfere wlLh hls declslon maklna sLvle Pe follows a
verv Lvplcal sLvle of personallzed approach leadlna Lo desLrucLlve behavlor Pls
communlLv blases led Lo manv confllcLs amona Lhe [urv members resulLlna ln an
aaaresslve approach Pe showed a loL of arroaance ln hls sLvle was Lrvlna Lo
lnfluence oLhers ln Lhe favor of punlshlna Lhe aullLv wlLhouL aolna over Lhe deLalled
facLs Pe was also verv lmpaLlenL ln hls declslon maklna

Iuioi : Shailenuia uoel (Blue Shiit - South Inuian)

Pe ls one of Lhe characLers who show an adulL eao sLaLe LhrouahouL
Lhe declslon maklna process Pe was noL amonasL Lhe [urv members
who were noL Laklna Lhelr roles serlouslv and were onlv maklna Lhe
envlronmenL more aaaresslve and unconLrolled Pe was ln facL
paclfvlna oLher members of Lhe [urv and calmlna Lhe envlronmenL
Pls declslon sLvle ls aaaln a mlx of a charlsmaLlc and a follower Pe
was one of Lhe members who were readv wlLh Lhe declslon almosL
lmmedlaLelv when Lhe dlscusslon sLarLed buL laLer on when loalc
and facLs were presenLed he chanaed sldes aaaln aaaravaLlna !uror
3 Pe was also a vlcLlm of Lhe Anchorlna and Ad[usLmenL heurlsLlc as
he was uslna Lhe lmpllclLlv suaaesLed reference polnLs Lo lnfluence hls orlalnal declslons

Lk 8ukA PuA lAlSLA


Iuioi : Aziz 0ueiashi (Auveitising Piofessional)
Pe porLravs Lhe role of Lhe mosL lndlfferenL characLer Pe was
behavlna as lf he ls [usL passlna hls Llme and ls leasL lnLeresLed ln
Lhe declslon maklna process Pe dlsplavs a Lvplcal chlld eao sLaLe
who ls exclLed buL noL serlous abouL Lhe Lask asslaned Pe aaaln
shows a mlx of charlsmaLlc and a follower ln hls declslon maklna
sLvle and was a vlcLlm of Lhe sLaLus quo blas llke mosL oLher
characLers ln Lhls movle