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Interested participants can register any number of times for the event.


Speak Your Mind Out For all you orators, we have this exciting extempore speech and debate competition.

Every participant has to pick up one slip. Each slip has three topics to speak on. Participant has to speak on each topic for one minute. A bell rings after every minute reminding the speaker to move to the next topic.

Content Good Speaking skills Body language Confidence

Participant should speak only in English.


Qui Maximum 2 teams are allowed from a college Each team comprises of 2 members. Written test will be conducted if number of teams is more than 5. The Questions will be from the basics of technical subjects.

Elimination Round: A written elimination round will be conducted to select five teams for the Stage Round. The written round comprises of 25 objective type questions. Stage Round: The final of round will be conducted on stage and will consist of five teams.

3. BOTTLE NECK :JAM (Just A Minute)

A topic to fiddle, A minute to sizzle Let your grammatical excellence take over, let your inclination for the language come to the fore, let sense prevail in your talk on utter ridiculousness, Steer your command in the language to the doorsteps of victory. Let a minute be a revolution! RULES : 3. Maximum of 5-6 participants in each Kick start session. The topics in the JAM are under sole discretion of the JAM master. Topic for the JAM will be announced during the event only. Both merits and demerits of the topic must be spoken.

Repetitive words will carry negative points.

4. AD ZAP :
Build your market with your creativeness. Ad zap is an event for all those who have the ability to cast a spell on buyers. It is easy to speak but hard to convince. If you are better at the latter, this is the place for you. Expose your creativity in the field of advertising, to redefine use of various common items all with a gentle touch of humor. EVENT FORMAT : The event will be conducted in TWO rounds. ROUND ONE :

The presenting team can choose any product that they wish. The team that takes minimal time for effective advertising their product to the audience will be given high scores. The team can bring the necessary materials to create / devise their advertisement.

The team with highest score is qualified to move on ROUND TWO. ROUND TWO :
Products will be given to the team and they should present it with more humour, creative ideas. RULES : Each team comprises of a maximum of 5 members and minimum of three members.

The participating team should decide their product to be advertised in round one. They should bring the materials needed to exhibit their advertisement in round one.

A product will be provided to the team in round two. Teams will be given 10 min to prepare & then sell the product. Different forms of expression like a short skit, jingles, slogans, banners or any other innovative form (care to be taken that they are not offensive or vulgar). You will have a maximum of 3 min to present, followed by a questionnaire round. More weightage will be given to humour, creativity and marketing skills.

Think upto the core. Fish the words from the ocean. Fushi tarazu is a game for all the mind readers and a challenge for team work. Crack the word using the segments given as a clue.

A team can contain 2 participants from a college. A technical word will be revealed to a member of the team. The word should be cracked by the partner accompanied not exceeding 3 clues for a single word. Minimum of 5 words should be cracked in a minute.

Chance to prove your real quality in high definition. A person who can present their ideas innovatively is like a fountain in the desert, likewise here is a platform to nurture your talents.

Food crisis Pesticides a slow poison Pollution control towards a green world Other topics related to biotechnology and environment!

Time limit : Presentation 7 mins Query 3 mins Output : avi format The soft copy should be submitted in CD before the event commences.

Department of Biotechnology Adhiyamaan College of Engineering (Autonomous) Hosur-635 109, Krishnagiri Dist, Tamil Nadu National Seminar on


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