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Those That Make It And Those That Make It Big C.O.


This study aims at revealing 4 Basic secrets that individuals, organizations and industries apply, that gives them the created aura f success wherever they go. This is articles acts as the prologues to the series Screts of Great Men.

The 4 Laws


In all history and the future history, those that could and will make it, are those that are able to get back up when life (or even themselves; selfimposed problems) knocks them down, those that can make the best from changes and trials. After several studies on trials, conflicts, both intra-organizational and personal, I have discovered one infamous truth The Aim of trials is to compress you until your strong enough to Just think about it, look at the past trials youve faced, read about the experiences of other people, and yourll always find out that, trials dont last forever, in fact, they dont have a particular duration, when they come, they last until you are able to understand their basis which is usually based on an mis-understood idea, or a bad habit once your able to find this root, and are able to tackle it two things happens: #1. You Become Stronger: You have become a better person because the basis of the trial (a series of consequential events) which is YOU has been tackled and won, so one bad aspect of your life has been cured. Thus, as long as you remain imperfect expect to face trials. #2. The Trials end: This is where we face the hard truth, Trials arent Magical or some sort of wind that happens to blow in your direction, nothing in this world happens like that, trials also are not specific or unique to Christians, rather everyone faces them because they are earthly principles. The root of trials is still based on the root of cycles. Trials are consequential events of previous actions, and until you start doing things right, youll get the same result, if just like taking to much fat into your body and expecting to slim down your already fat body (the trial), the effects of the trial (i.e. being fat) will continue to exist, until you start watching what

you eat and start doing some exercise which in the long run would end up making your stronger. Trials dont stop until you stop them, becausewell you started them. Your past, and even present actions, start trials, so, your curative actions (according to the law of Source and Sustenance) would be the instrument to be used in stopping the trials. Several other trials include Bankruptcy (trial) Divorce/Marital Problems Extravagancy (habit) Lack of Marital Communication etc.

Losing In Trials This is the most common result in trials than its contrasting event winning. This is what makes people typically live in trials, this is what gives the purposefully good trials, a bad name. People spend their life living in one trial (Note: Usually after a trial comes another one, with some sort of time interval this is due to some specific action and events that happen within one trial, and also depends on the amount of time taken in one trial), i.e. fighting one battle, and soon, another trial comes, then another until the individual is drowned in the multitude of trials, unfair? Absolutely not, trials are principles, this means, they dont respect people or their status (can happen to anyone who applies them), this also means that, when they are applied, they give a particular result, irrespective of the nature of this result of the gender of the concerned, also they wont go until their appropriate curative laws (here) are applied. So, say, a person has these 2 imperfect habits: smoking and high sugar intake, the first trial he might likely face is the diabetes trial, and if he is not able to win this trial which automatically increases the duration of the trial then he is likely to be hit with the trial of lung cancer even in his already-present trial of diabetes, thats if hes still

alive anyway then he blames God for his misfortunes, how pathetic. Trials are Principles, God doesnt send trials (are are the negative aspects of results), He already placed them in the world, as the governing force of the world, to reward the actions of man. Rewards, is one of the way God balances His Creation The World, here as if everyman smoked and none had lung cancer, then also, people would shoot and none will die, then all men would live their full 120 years life expectancy, and then the world would be overpopulated because no force is rewarding the negative actions of people, or infact, if this law was not in place, people would work and there wont be a harvest, because the law of harvest/Reward/Consequence is absent. So, God placed this law, strategically, to reward everyone his actions, what God now does (ONLY to His Children, because those are the only ones that have the ability to access this power) is to give them the power (wisdom to discover and wisdom to recover) to win these trials, in some cases, He even by-passes this law to deliver His Children Miracles.

The ability for you to recover from trials enables you to make it big because, you have become stronger check outw hat can happen to your life, if you shed out the habits of overeating, self-indulgence, worldly pleasures etc as a result of your success in these trials, then youve already made it BIG.

God can help you through these trials, Hell not only give you the power, but He will also be there with you, when you need a shoulder to cry on, a friend to rely on and a a counselor to talk to at every step in your path of Victory. Pray this Prayer to invite Him in

Lord, I recognize that theres no me without You, no victory without Your Presence, I accept You as my Lord and personal Saviour, I accept Your Sovereign rule over my life and situation, come into my Life, Lord, and take ALL OF ME, through Jesus Christ I pray, Amen.


The ability to learn, and to use what we have learnt into productive use is one of the major difference between us and the rhesus monkeys, seriously, a man living below this inherent potential, is living as useful as an African Gorilla can get. Man has a greater ability to learn and a greater ability to put into practice his knowledge. All great men, from the Michael Faradays to the illiterate billionaires have one thing in common, they learnt. Learning has a wide scoped coverage, from books to people, from people to experiences, and actually, the major and best form of learning is through experiences because, al other form of learning bears their roots to someones experience somewhere. Most people say, Experience is the Best Teacher But Ill like to chip in one very important phrase that makes this law totally complete, Historical Experience and or Experimental Experience, is the Best Teacher Because, imagine having to get electrocuted before learning that a naked Major Power Line electrocutes, or getting to have cancer, before, your experience teaches you that BlackBerry phone have high radiation levels, thus more liable to cause cancers, all those experiences are unnecessary especially, when we have people who have gone through the exact type of experience, and mostly, whose experiences are recorded for the education of others. Thats right, the best teacher is history, but not all historians, if any at all, make it big no offence (well get to that shortly). The ability to learn differentiates your from your age grade, your net worth is based on your knowledge capacity and value, this is the reason why, 10 people, of the same age group, apply for a job and one gets it, is because,

there is something the person knows and does that the others dont, this differentiates them. The nature of the becoming-a-success probability in this world, is measeured, based on two things Knowledge
(what you know)


(what you do)

The more you know and learn (through researches, investigations etc) increases your probability of success. The Nature of what you know (and can do) determines the nature of your success, I mean: a. The Depth of your knowledge: the deeper you knowledge about what your concerned about, the greater your level of success, so to go further, go deeper. b. The Scope of your knowledge determines the scope of your success, if you have great financial knowledge but little marital knowledge, youll succeed greatly (correspondingly) financially but lose martially its a balancing act.

Learn to learn because without it, you cannot learn to make it BIG. Books contain the vastest form of experiences


Another major difference between us and animals lie in our ability to think. Animals are generally reaction-based creatures, that is, the react instantly, without consideration of the possible consequences, no wonder the die early. Man was made with a more developed mind, a thinking mind, a mind that is able to control his actions and align them for maximum use. Thinking is a wonderful process, which involves projecting an already acquired knowledge into the midst of various forms of information, you have been exposed to, this projection leads to a bombardment of the exposed information on your knowledge (the basis of your thinking), the one that fits or can work alongside this knowledge forms what we call, an idea which in reality, is a mixture of your knowledge and your exposure. Ideas are the spices of life, they are the instruments of greatness/attaining significance. Ideas are the source of wealth, I mean, serious wealth. This is because, Ideas are naturally solutions to problems, and once you ca solve a problem, on a fee, you can make money, and better still, if your solution affects a wide range of people, the more they come, the more you offer and the more you gain, thats simply the law of money, and its all as a product of thinking. The mind is like an antenna, constantly tuning for the signals of ideas, and most interestingly, ideas, is the worlds most abundant resource and yet, amongst the worlds least exploited resource, with those disciplined enough to tap into and extract these ideas, making it big seriously big. Ideas are Wisdoms the practical knowledge, knowledge is useless if it cannot form or produce a problem-solving idea or wisdom and thinking is the process through which this transformation occurs. Every project on earth, irrespective of its gigantic structural form, is a product of a little (and a bit complex) seed called an Idea.

Every problem is solved, once somebody is ready to sit down and think up a solution, either soberly or prayerfully, yes, ideas have 2 modes of transmission the manual mode; where you have to manually tune up your mind to the idea frequencies available all over the world, and, the automatic mode; this is where the experience of the reality of God come into place, Archbishop Benson Idahosa (Of Blessed Memory) once said: whenever I Pray, I get up and answer my prayers Weird, isnt it? I mean, it totally contradicts our perception of prayer, as not only being a monologue where we get to sit/kneel and tell God what we want Him to do for us but also, to ascribe all responsibility of answering and fulfilling our incessant complaints to God, though this prayer attitude actually works, but we must take note of the presence of hindering spirits we call the princes of Persia, which make our answers take a longer time than necessary thus influencing us to abandon our faith. But when we take and begin to see prayer as a dialogue, we begin to fully tap into the full and immediate riches of God, as, when we relay our problem to God, He relays the corresponding idea/wisdom back to us with the sufficient Grace to accomplish it, therefore, delegating the power to see what we want The Power of DOMINION God wants us to remain in our position as the dominions of the Earth, and He enforces this through Ideas mixed with Grace. Shockingly, the Earth belongs to God but God, does not have the ability to act in the affairs of the Earth, because, immediately after He created man, He gave man the Earth i.e. abandoning the Earth to mans ruler ship, alone, can be likened to a Father, sharing his wealth amongst His sons, once Hes done that, all of these shared wealth, no longer becomes His so everything that occurs on earth, occurs because man allowed it, either directly or indirectly, because the Earth is mans. The 2 instruments of dominion, are Vision/Wisdom/an Idea and A Mantle/Rod/Grace - Both are made available in the realm of prayer.


Bam! A new mind-blowing financial-flooding idea has been gotten by Mr. Smith, He takes his time, he forms the content and procedure of the idea (NOTE: Ideas come as compressed files, they reveal what can be done, you MUST take your time to draw out, how it can be done, this is the first step of idea realization), but, you know him, the procrastination-type, he keeps on procrastinating this project until he finally forgets no actually, until he loses interest- this is the concise story of most of us, we get an idea, we lose it to procrastination. We must understand that, ideas is like a baked bread received immediately it exits the oven, the longer it stays, the colder it becomes, until a time reached, its so hard that you become afraid of heating it one way or the other, then you just throw it away. Two things (2) must occur with the entrance of an idea: 1. Draw up your plan 2. Act IMMEDIATELY failure to do so is dangerous.

There are 3 types of action one can take on ideas, and each has a different level of profit, dedication and recognition/significance that goes with it, they include: a. The Direct Action: Here, the recipient acts directly and personally on the idea, this requires a great deal of sensitivity and discipline as immediate action and a welldrawn up plan is essential. On the success of such projects (which would definitely involve other people in its process), the profits are high and the recognition is yours e.g Microsoft. A direct action of Bill Gates etc.

b. The Subtle Action: The recipient(s) do not act directly or personally on their ideas, most at times, the ideas are bigger than they are financially, mostly so, they rather sell these ideas and receive a behind-the-scene patentee recognition. Such people and institutions include the Aerospace Corporation, a think tank which consults for the U.S Air Force and thus a major participant in most of the Military policies of U.S.A, but whose the one getting the recognition? The Presidential Administration, who directly acts on the ideas from these Think tanks (although they also make good money). This actually is weird to me, because, I mean, it is relatively easier to get funds than to get ideas, there are like a 101 ways of getting funds, including power secrets, partnerships etc. But, these people are not interested in acting on the project, they devote themselves solely to thinking, they mostly make relatively less money (when they can actually make more, even without being the ones making the direct action a simple trick!) As long as you have a body, you can do anything Conclusively, the Recognition goes to the one making the direct effort. All Ideas pay off, only when acted upon, it follows the same law of seedand-planting, there is always a harvest from every seed planted, and properly nurtured.