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Why Engro:

Compensation Organization and Executive Development Committee (COED): Management Profession and Technician:

Identification of need: The first step is to check whether there is a requirement for new selection. If there

is a new position to be developed then COED checks for that. If an already existing position has become vacant due to any reason, then the department notifies the Human Resource Department to place advertisement in the newspapers.

Job description: These are the listing of duties as well as desirable qualifications for a particular job e.g. the advertisement also specifies number of years worth of experience to apply for the job.

Job specifications: These are the characteristics and the abilities required from a person to work in that position such as leadership and teamwork qualities or command over English. Application Form\ Submission of Resume: Application forms enable the candidates to present a complete picture of their talents, interests and ambitions. It is the first stage of evaluation and the basic criteria for initial selection. The candidates must present a resume which makes the person stand out Evaluation of Resume: After the resumes of hopeful candidates have been received, the HR department checks all the resumes of the people who have applied. In its evaluation the HR department checks the experience and the qualities of the individual and matches them to the requirement of the job.

Short Listing: After the evaluation of the resumes the HR shortlists the candidates who have fulfilled the minimum requirement of the job description and specification.

Test: The test is conducted by the HR department. In the test the managers check the IQ level, English Composition and Logic. The duration of the test is exactly one hour. The test is checked manually and is done by the HR department.

Interview: The candidates who have successfully cleared the tests and have scored above than relevant mark are then called for interview. The interview is conducted by four

people, on executive and three managers. All the four interviewers should preferably be from within the department but often that is not the case. The purpose of the interviews is to check the persons subjective skills which are difficult to measure such as attitude, communication skills, abilities and personality. During the interview all four person mark the candidate individually and then put forward a cumulative mark. These are the marks against which different candidates are differentiated Recommendation to Human Resource Department: Following the interview the employee of the particular department goes to the HR and gives recommendation to the HR manager regarding the interview of the candidate. The HR then conducts an interview with the candidate where they decide the Grade scale of the candidate, the different benefits and the pay scale.

Medical: After the terms of contract is agreed upon, the candidate is asked to have a medical test.

Hiring: After the medical test, the candidate is referred back to the relevant department with the contract. If the department agrees upon it, then the candidate is hired.

Source: Engro's Official Website