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Persuasive Paragraph: Stay at the Ritz for your next vacation, and you get to enjoy the crme

de la crme or hotels that London has to offer. At the Ritz you get to indulge yourself in the old ways of true luxury, with five well-earned stars adorning our name, we are very proud of the entire hotel. With five beautiful dining rooms to choose from for all of your banqueting needs, and the most comfortable, and beautifully decorated rooms you will ever see, the Ritz makes people staying here feel like royalty. With royal class, and a warming atmosphere, the Ritz is the place to be when it comes to staying in London.

Factual Paragraph: Isabella Blow (November 19, 1958 - May 7, 2007), was an English magazine editor, and a must to many fashion designers, such as Philip Treacy. Born Isabella Delves Broughton, in Marylebone, England, she lived well-off all of her life, she was the daughter of her father's second wife, who divorced him when Isabella was only fourteen. As she grew, she eventually became the assistant of Anna Wintour, the fashion director of Vogue Italia, and then quickly moved to be the assistant of Andre Leon Talley, who is the editor-in-chief of American Vogue. On May 6th 2007, she was attending a large party in her honour, when she said that she was going shopping, she was later found passed out on her bathroom floor with a bottle of the weed killer Paraquat, she was rushed to a hospital, and died the following day.

Narrative Paragraph: