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he WI Recall Task Force PAC needs money and volunteers over these last 3 days before the election.

We are finishing the door to door distribution of our 8 page paper to the last cities in the district. In the email I sent to you last night, I neglected to explain where you can send donations. This email does that, updates the newspaper drop locations & talks about faith in the American voter. Final draft of newspaper is attached in Adobe. It prints small from your printer but is actually printed on very large paper like a weekly paper. 1. EXPENSE SUMMARY: Total expenses for the newspaper project will be a bit over $8,000. We have borrowed about $2,000 to pay all bills so far. We still have $1,000 or so to reimburse our lit drop leaders for gas. They have driven thousands of miles because senate district 14 is so big and a good distance from Madison. Thus we still need about $3,000 more in contributions to finish the newspaper project in the black and help Clark win by 10 or 100 votes or more. Any amount you can donate will be greatly appreciated!!! Please make a check out to WI Recall Task Force "newspaper" and mail it to me at: Buzz Davis, 1021 Riverview Dr., Stoughton, WI 53589. Or you may go to our website and donate online: Pls. send me an email with your pledge amount to help us keep track. Thank you very much! VOLUNTEER INSTRUCTIONS FOR SAT., SUN. & MON. WI RECALL TASK FORCE NEWSPAPER LIT DROP Senate District 14 (Fred Clark candidate!) Aug. 5 - 8 DAY/DATE LOCATION FRIDAY locations to drop 608-220-0139 WYOWEGA & CLINTONVILLE today (Fri.) SATURDAY: RIPON Davis, (608)239-5354 SUNDAY: RIPON Timm: 608-220-0139 TEAM LEADERS Adam Grabski-(608)632-2141 Nate Timm Call Adam or Nate to catch up with them Marcia Riquelme (608)446-1446 Buzz Marcia Riquelme(608) 446-1446 Nate Buzz Davis

MONDAY: CLEAN UP lit drop - location to be determined 608-239-5354 DAILY MEETING TIMES & PLACES FROM MAD. AREA

TIME: 9:30AM FRI., AUG. 5 PLACE: Meet at the Highway 19 & I90/94 McDonalds Parking Lot just off the Interstate.

BACKUP CONTACT: Marcia Riquelme 608-446-1446 TIME: 8:30am Sat., Aug. 6th and Sun., Aug. 7th PLACE: Sun Prairie McDonalds' parking lot at Hwy. 19 and Hwy 151 intersection. Drive to Ripon takes about 1 hr.+ TIME: 8:30am Monday, Aug. 8th Location to be decided later based on what has been done. Call Buzz Davis 608-239-5354 Note: If you cannot help until later in a day or want to meet us in a city, call a team leader and explain situation. Then drive to city and contact the leader when you arrive. She/he will meet with you, give you instructions, newspapers and your map of target area. Please notify Marcia if additional volunteers join you, she will need their phone numbers for their safety and our way of making sure all check in at beginning & end of their volunteer time. WEAR cool clothes, shorts(?), light colors, sturdy shoes, hat, sun screen, shirt that can get dirty (ink comes off the papers). Bring a bag if you want to put papers in that. We have a good time but it has been HHHHHHOOOOTTTTTTT! Thank You! THE BIG BOYS ARE BLOWING LOTS OF MONEY! $20 to $30 million may be spent on the recall races and almost NO issues are discussed in depth. Groups on all sides are pushing "hot buttons" seeking instantaneous emotional responses. Millions of conservative, corporate and progressive dollars are being spent on TV (with all that revenue going to the TV owners who are mostly conservative.) We progressives are shooting ourselves in the foot. The more campaigns cost - the more progressives donate and spend, the richer the conservative media conglomerates become. (We need public financing of political campaigns - period. And we need all the independent groups outlawed, free use of radio and TV and all the volunteers can help the candidates' campaigns. As you probably know, Walker's budget, approved by the legislative rubber stamps, killed the public finance law in WI.) WE BELIEVE IN THE COMMON SENSE OF THE AMERICAN VOTER. At WI Recall Task Force we took a radical approach: We said people want to know what the issues are, what is going on and why, and where we are going as a state. We give them ideas and facts. The experts' view is: People have an attention span of 30 seconds. That is BS. All of us who have talked with voters at their doors, know that people are interested in political ideas and like to talk and ask questions about politics.

The fact is: People read attractive, well written political newspapers. We wrote the 8 page newspaper (attached) to help people understand the questions and some of the answers. Our point: Things are going from bad to worse. To protect your family and your community you must FIGHT BACK! 1. Go vote. 2. Vote for Clark. 3. Organize a grass roots group in your community to FIGHT BACK in the years ahead. We printed more than 36,000 copies of the paper, have dropped 13,000+ at doors, bulk mailed 14,000+ and are now finishing dropping another 8,500. We need help finishing the lit drop & we need money to pay the bills. Please do what you can! Thank you! Buzz Davis, WI Recall Task Force PAC, 608-239-5354