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This is the chart of an Aghora Sadhaka who is the head of a group/organisation of the sadhakas in Himalayas.

I got these details from a person who is very close to this Swamy. I tried analysing the chart to see which combinations/factors in his chart led him into this path of Aghora Sadhana and i was very much surprised and excited on studying the chart. Birth time 02.05 AM at Kathmandu,Nepal on 13.10.1957. The following are my observations: The Four planets in the second house are Sun (Ascendant Lord),Jupiter ( 5 th and 8 th lord),Mercury (2nd and 11 th lord) and Mars ( 4 th and 9 th lord). For Leo Ascendant, Jupiter is a benefic planet and signifies Tantra Sadhana as both 5 th and 8 th houses are related.As he is with the Yoga karaka Mars the indication is enhanced. There is another important issue to be considered here.All the 4 planets are in Virgo which is an Earthly Sign His Nakshtra is Rohini which indicates affiliation to Mountains and Caves. His Atma Kaaraka is Sun who is the natural significator of Atma/Soul.He is one of the 4 planets aspecting the 8 th house in Raasi Chart. In Vimsamsa (D-20) ,Atma Karaka Sun is in Ascendant which is Capricorn ,which is again a Earthy Sign. In Vimsamsa Sun (AK) is the 8 th lord from D-20 Ascendant. In Shastyamsa ( D-60), again the Atma Karaka Sun is in Ascendant which is Capricorn a Earth Sign and here too the Sun ( AK) is the 8 th lord from D-60 Ascendant. In both the above cases it is worth mentioning that the Atmakaraka is in Saturn's house who is the significator of death.

Ketu in 9 th House significantly is in YAMA AMSA in D-60.

As we all know which ever house Ketu is , it gives unconventional results.In this context,as 9 th house is related to Deeksha and religious inclination,it has driven the native in this not normally/rarely treaded religious path. The native has a Parivrajya/Pravrajya Yoga and a Tapaswi Yoga which is formed by the aspect of Saturn.Here we can also see Saturn aspecting both the Chandra Lagna and also Janma Lagna. Saturn is the signifier of detachment. The planetary combination is in the 5 th house of Sadhana from Chandra Lagna. As per Saravali the result of the four planetary combination is as follows: These four planets together at birth indicate, that the subject will be brave, be a composer of Shastras, or a ruler of province, will lose his wife and money, be undesirable and will be wandering