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The World Of Automation

When it comes to the components that secure your automation systems success, no one offers more sizes and styles of top-quality clamps, grippers, cylinders, shuttles, lifts, and robotic tooling components than De-Sta-Co Industries Automation Group. De-Sta-Cos component breadth and selection is especially important today. Not only do we offer you more automation design flexibility and faster deliveries, we can assure you of truer system compatibility, longer wear, increased reliability, and greater productivity. With manufacturing facilities in the U.S., Europe and the Pacific Rim, and a worldwide network of sales and service representatives, De-Sta-Co Automation markets products throughout the world with consistent quality and outstanding service. Quality. Selection. Innovation. Value. Proven global applications and far-reaching support. Thats the world of automation from De-Sta-Co Industries. Clamps: De-Sta-Cos air and hydraulic actuated clamps are built tough for todays real-world environments. Our product line ranges from heavy-duty clamps for high-volume, high-load applications to lighter, compact designs for constricted spaces and lean manufacturing. We also offer fully enclosed and shielded clamps with wide ranging arm motions and clamp force ranges. Cylinders: With 50 years of cylinder technology experience, De-Sta-Co has the industrys best and broadest selection of heavy-duty air and hydraulic cylinders. Youll also find gas springs for die/stamping or other precision, high-volume production needs. Grippers: De-Sta-Cos line of grippers includes high-precision models with unique cam action and heavy-duty units with low-profile actuation. Or choose from Robohands line of mini-grippers for parallel or angular transport of smaller parts. Shuttles, Slides & Lifts: The selection continues with De-Sta-Cos pneumatic shuttles for vertical, horizontal, and low angle transfers. All shuttles offer precise, controlled acceleration/deceleration and bore sizes to handle various needs. De-Sta-Cos two-post and four-post lifts and Robohands mini-lift tables are available in a range of table top sizes and load capacities. Robotic Tooling Components: Robohand and EOAs tool changers, load limiters, and compliance wrists provide reliable control and protection for any interchangeable tooling manufacturing application. These robotic tooling products are known for their ease of use and durability. Plus, the adaptability of De-Sta-Cos modular end effectors brings greater efficiency and reduces system downtime. The products featured in The World Of Automation are only a brief overview of De-Sta-Cos automation components. For technical data or more detailed information on De-Sta-Co products, consult your sales representative or refer to our automation brochures.

The World Of Automation

Power Clamps
SERIES 82G World Clamp (Metric only) s On-center, side arm, or dual arm availability. s World standard mounting and arm styles. s Cylinder bore size ranges from 32 mm to 80 mm. s Narrow profile, oval cylinder design. s Integrated, single cable sensing. s Manual handle assist option. SERIES 960; 990; 1090 s Side arm or dual arm availability. s Wide variety of sensing and mounting options. s Cylinder bore size ranges from 2" and 50 mm to 3.25" and 80 mm. s Air or hydraulic cylinder options. s Metric or inch versions. s Rugged, tried-and-true design.


(For Shielded and Standard Power Toggle Clamps)
s Pressure Clevis (PC)

provides a gripping motion, or may be used for retracting back-up tooling.

s Advancing Arm (AA)

for manual handle attachment.

s Pull Back (J) for


SERIES 865B; 897; 1005B s On-center arm with specialty arm motions available. s Cylinder bore size ranges from 2" and 50 mm to 3.25" and 80 mm. s Air or hydraulic cylinder options. s Full rigid metal shielding for harsh environments.

clamping back toward the clamp and down ward at the same time. This clamp is often used for reaching up through access holes.
s Locator (L)- a non-


STANDARD SERIES 865; 875; 1005 s Economical, non-shielded version on-center arm clamps. s Cylinder bore size ranges from 2" and 50 mm to 3.25" and 80 mm. s Series 875 features a cam action locking mechanism for clamping over a variable work height.

locking straight line motion clamp for actuating locating pins, etc.

Manual Clamps
SERIES 500 s Variety of mounting and hold-down options. s Five sizes of basic linkage allow complete design flexibility for base, clamp arm and handle position. SERIES 600 s Variety of handle and mounting options with long or short plunger availability. s Adjustable collet-type bushing minimizes plunger end movement after long, repeated usage. Note: Consult factory for clamp accessories and availability of metric models.

The World Of Automation

Stroking Actuator Units
A SERIES s Available with Single, Double or Triple guide rod actuation. s Travel strokes available in 2" to 42". s Gripping action can be activated at any point during travel stroke. s Use with Full and 3/4 grippers.

Locating Pins
82P SERIES s Single clamping element performs double function of centering and clamping sheet metal. s Enclosed lightweight aluminum body. s Cylinder sizes available in 35 mm and 50 mm. 86P SERIES s Ideal for positioning and centering sheet metal in fixtures and handling systems. s Compact design with integrated wiper ring for removal of weld spatter on piston rod.

Cylinders & Gas Springs

Note: Cylinders meet specifications for VDMA, NAAMS, ISO, NFPA & Automotive. A SERIES s Pre-lubricated service. s Heavy-duty pneumatic service. s Improved seal design for longer life. s Hard bearing surface on piston rods to resist external damage. H SERIES s Heavy-duty hydraulic service. s Unparalleled accuracy, consistency, and durability. s Operates with petroleumbased water soluble fluids. M10 SERIES s Interchangeable-type metric cylinders work with air or inert gas. s Especially designed for global applications.

SPECIAL CYLINDERS s Modification from standard cylinders to meet your specifications. s Produced in steel, aluminum, or bronze with any bore or stroke size.

RA SERIES s Heavy-duty springs available as charged or pre-charged system. s Patented high pressure check and safety exhaust valves for charging. Note: Consult factory for cylinder accessories. TO SERIES s Will operate in any position and can be used as drop in springs to replace coil springs. s Relatively small in size, but provide a lot of force.