Better to say your weak point will be advantageous for the company in other way like if some problem

is annoying you,then u work more to solve the problem etc...

Posted by: Pratap Dangeti

Contact Pratap Dangeti Say something, which does not relate to your current profile and the profile for which you came. For example: Bad Handwriting.

Posted by: Nikhil Rattan Bhardwaj

Contact Nikhil Rattan Bhardwaj The main weak point is that I will react to injustice.

Posted by: priyanka

Contact priyanka I m workaholic.

Posted by: mohit

Contact mohit the weak point should not be relate with your profile and your education by which you have come in the company for giving interview.

Posted by: akhilesh

Contact akhilesh My weakness is that I am too much focused on my world. So I need to get some time for developing my hobbies and my family.

Posted by: Deepa

Contact Deepa I am hardworking person.

Posted by: Pawan Pandey

Contact Pawan Pandey never say exactly what is your weak point rather use a term which will signifies your weak point but its potential in the company like being a workaholic, getting into the work and not coming out of it unless and until I'll finish that work.

Posted by: priyadarshini

Contact priyadarshini i am emotional.

Posted by: inder

Contact inder i'm too detail oriented trying hard to control that...


Contact K.RAGHUVARAN Since I am workaholic, getting into the work and not coming out of the department unless and until I will finish that work. Second main important thing is very soon I will react to injustice.

Posted by: Tejaswani

Contact Tejaswani I am a hard worker and result oriented person.. i am expecting same from my team members..

Posted by: Nisha

Contact Nisha Never say any single weak point which is related to your carrier nor to the interview you've come for. That may definitely effect your performance in the interview. Nevertheless, if you feel that you have any, try to overcome henceforth, provided you don reveal the same to any one.

Posted by: Kowsalya

Contact Kowsalya 1) lack of patience 2) cannot say no to anyone


Contact VAIBHAV MAHAJAN Say == which does not relate to your current profile and the profile for which you came. For example: no sing any song..

Posted by: Deep

Contact Deep I sometimes push my people too hard. I like to work with a sense of urgency and everyone is not always on the same wavelength.

If i have assigned a task to somebody and he/she produces a shoddy work then i loose my shirt forgetting that all humans are not alike and probably he/ she requires a little more time to learn things .Posted by: Nagajothi Contact Nagajothi my weakness is i can try to resolve my mistakes I strive hard to be a perfectionist and expect my team to be the same.

... Enjoying work comes with passion.I enjoy working in this(so and so)field. Enjoying work comes with passion.Because I am hard working & I think I have all necessary qualities that are required for this job. Posted by: murali Contact murali I may not be able say why should you hire me but could definitely say how I could strive for the better interests of the company... I believe everybody may be good at this... Give some example and all.and I can assure u that i can do it in best way.And also i am really good at getting habituated to new environments very fast.... Give some example and all. Posted by: Gulam Hameed Contact Gulam Hameed .. But the race is about how fast you do that. learning new things etc.. learning new things etc. I believe everybody may be good at this.And also i am really good at getting habituated to new environments very fast... But the race is about how fast you do that...I enjoy working in this(so and so)field.. Posted by: praveentiwari Contact praveentiwari Since I am a organized and self motivated person I can do my level best to improve your company?s standards without much supervision and also I have physical and mental fitness to face any stress condition. Posted by: Anne graciya Contact Anne graciya I may not be able say why should you hire me but could definitely say how I could strive for the better interests of the company..and I can assure u that i can do it in best way.

)& becoz i am fast learner. Posted by: white .because i enjoy challenges and always looking for creative solution to the problems. qualities & employer's desires. Actually my knowledge is fulfilling your requirement so you hire and your company is the only place where my ideas can shine and take concrete shape and it will be also helpful in the growth of your company. Posted by: Uma kandpal Contact Uma kandpal just evaluate yourself with the job profile & give Comparison that between your experience. Posted by: kaushal trivedi Contact kaushal trivedi just evaluate yourself with the job profile & give Comparison that between your experience.i know that there are many candidates who are eligible for this post but among all i have the qualities that are u looking for.values. Posted by: balamurugan Contact balamurugan I consider myself as a creative ideas and thoughts.i believe in good relationship and have a supportive family and friends. Posted by: Shobhit Tripathi Contact Shobhit Tripathi sir.)& becoz i am fast learner. (like u r asking for experienced person & this is only sector where i spent my 1 year or so..i have good eye for details. (like u r asking for experienced person & this is only sector where i spent my 1 year or so. qualities & employer's desires.i believe in character.

Posted by: Padmanaban Contact Padmanaban since i have experience in this field i can develop a better project with in short time period . I am best suitable to your company. (like u r asking for experienced person & this is only sector where i spent my 1 year or so. If you hire me i will deliver my hard work and try to lift and achieve the company position up to my power..Sundararajan Sir. Posted by: prakash Contact prakash I have all the qualities required for the job moreover you have shortlisted me.More over through this interview i will prove my technical ability.)& becoz i am fast learner. qualities & employer's desires.V. .so. Posted by: malay oza Contact malay oza I hope i have partially satisfied you are expectation through my C.Contact white just evaluate yourself with the job profile & give Comparison that between your experience. growth opportunity. Posted by: R. work culture . My skill and knowledge exactly match your requirement.Sundararajan Contact R.i think i am one of the best candidates you are looking for. Also I know about your company reputation .

my strong logic and my patience My greatest strength includes my honesty Posted by: himanshu bhatia Contact himanshu bhatia my greatest strength is helping who r not interested in working and make them to work hard and enjoy the work with sincere. My greatest strength includes my analytical approach.Posted by: Gayathri Contact Gayathri i think i have lots of positiveness and my hardworking nature will help u to improve your organization. Posted by: surekha .

. i can very well adjust with new situations and circumstances i consider my patience as my very big strength.patience.something in my life. delegate work and help them deliver and keep the team highly motivated.Contact surekha my greatest strength is my strong and positive thinking. Posted by: priyanka Contact priyanka I think my greatest strength includes my mental strength as well as my honesty. Posted by: amrita rai Contact amrita rai My greatest strength is my ability to lead a team. honesty is my policy and i am hardworking..confidence and adjusting capability. Posted by: Bhaskar Absalom Contact Bhaskar Absalom my strengths are i'm adaptable and flexible ..intelligence. I am hardworking and I have a will to walk the extra mile to achieve excellence in my life. . Posted by: ramyadev Contact ramyadev My greatest strength is my confidence..positive thinking & my passion to achieve ..

a)character b)courage c)consistent d)commitment e)cordination f)communication g)confidence Posted by: Rahul Sidhartha Contact Rahul Sidhartha as far my greatest strength is concerned it comprises of 7C's. Posted by: arun Contact arun as far my greatest strength is concerned it comprises of 7C's.Posted by: Ananya Dutta Contact Ananya Dutta my strength is self confidence .. a)character b)courage c)consistent d)commitment e)cordination f)communication g)confidence . easy going and friendly with others Posted by: yamuna Contact yamuna i have positive minded approach to all happenings.and understand others problem.

honesty and analyzing the situation and take a reaction on the behalf on firm with effective and efficient manner. I learn from my mistakes very quickly and soon realize that "the world is my oyster".positive thinking & my passion to achieve .something in my life.My greatest strength is my confidence.Posted by: Rahul Sidhartha Contact Rahul Sidhartha My greatest strength is determination & dedication towards my work. Posted by: sunil Contact sunil My strength my confidence. . Punctuality.positive thinking and mostly one is hard working Posted by: samba siva rao Contact samba siva rao My greatest strength includes my analytical approach. Posted by: Sweety Sharma Contact Sweety Sharma My greatest strength is Hard working. Posted by: Madhav Contact Madhav My greatest strength is i am hardworking and can change my self very easily according to situation.

Posted by: afsar hussain Contact afsar hussain i think my greatest strength is obedience . Posted by: sukhbir Contact sukhbir My greatest strength is i can motivate members in the group Posted by: tulika kundu Contact tulika kundu My strength is my flexibility to handle change. my patience. I was able to turn around a negative working environment and develop a very supportive team. and I am constantly working to improve them Posted by: shafeeq Contact shafeeq . my strong logic. giving respect to others .helping others& patience Posted by: vinothkumar Contact vinothkumar My greatest strength includes my strong and positive thinking. As customer service manager at my last job. As far as weaknesses. capability to work hard and to work very well in a team. I be ready to do work in any condition to achieve the target. I feel that my management skills could be stronger.

My greatest strength is my ability to learn quickly. Posted by: semsema Contact semsema my greatest strength is to take things with patience and with and utmost sincerity and will power.and work on that with honesty and positive attitude .and my ability to adapt with other team members in small time. .

It gives you a chance to highlight your best points as they relate to the position being discussed. I take it as an opportunity to get the best out of the team. I have the skill to attach myself emotionally with the goal.You should be anxious for this question. Posted by: Anup Kumar Contact Anup Kumar By getting with me my sincerity and hard work and my never say die attitude. I think I am one of the candidates who could be an asset to the organisation. Posted by: Nidhi Contact Nidhi . i am sure i would be an asset and would standby for the very purpose of the existence of the company ie: profit making. Posted by: shweta rathod Contact shweta rathod My anxiety to learn new things and not giving up in lifeare the two most important things which the organisation needs plus I have the basic technical knowledge that is needed for this job . So. Give a little advance thought to this relationship.

I have good communication skills. For example. I can deal with people diplomatically etc.i would be asset for organization by my honesty. Posted by: shilpa Contact shilpa Am hardworking. U deed to say that.i render my services to growth of organization. self motivated and committed person which I can tackle critical situation in ease of time together with my positive attitude towards anything makes me best in Industry. I have good Subject Knowledge. Posted by: Manjunatha K N . Candidate should depict the positive points which he consist and which can be practically possible. Posted by: Suneet Chaturvedi Contact Suneet Chaturvedi By using my knowledge and ability i will work hard sciencerly by taking challenges to give better out come to the organisation to become an asset to the organisation. Posted by: Muhammed Shabreen Contact Muhammed Shabreen In this Question. by my punctuality and hard work honestly Posted by: jagdeep singh Contact jagdeep singh i would like to contribute my skill to organization growth and as well as my career in this organization .

Gowtham I feel dat i have good commnication skills. i can give d best out of the team as i have an attitude to bind the people together.My positive i would be constantly improving my capacity and creativeness which could prove to be an asset to the company.. Posted by: vinay Contact vinay i feel that i have good knowledge about this field. self motivated and communication while dealing with other persons in critical situation .adapt creative techniques to improve the way of working environment Posted by: somasundaramm Contact somasundaramm Hardworking. along with good interest to do work even under stress . Posted by: prachi Contact prachi i hv high stress taking ability.Contact Manjunatha K N a challenging environment like in your company brings out the best in me because I know at a place like this for any idea that i bring to the table there is always a better idea from someone else and this again makes me think of a better idea .Gowtham Contact working and creative . cool behaviour positive attitude towards anything makes me best in organization. my hardword and my passion to learn new things wud make me an asset for ur company. Posted by: k.

. Besides. Posted by: Madhuri Uniyal Contact Madhuri Uniyal My fee that company is my own and put best efforts to bring the same idea in co staff also. i am very goal oriented person. Posted by: vschalla Contact vschalla I will try to give my full efforts for this firm with in the limitations to survive in the market. Posted by: Joyeeta Acharjee Contact Joyeeta Acharjee I am not leaving my courage in any situation and always says yes to any work. Confidence is based on Facts and Figures but over confidence is based on speculation.Posted by: swathi Contact swathi i will definitely be an asset of the organisation because of my dedication towards the work/jog which i'll be rendering to you.

Posted by: Anand Gaikwad Contact Anand Gaikwad when you know about something and say Yes I know the answer is 'Confidence' and when you don't know the answer and still try to answer the question is 'Over confidence'.SIVAKUMAR Confidence means when we perform the implementation of the any particular things(exam given.SIVAKUMAR Contact Er.M. Posted by: Tofik Khan Pathan Contact Tofik Khan Pathan There is a very quite difference Confidence is that i can do. overconfidence collapse the person Posted by: umamaheswari . If one has the confidence he can work with group or single. and more confidence makes person stand..M.etc)at first time we only know i can do this so. this is confidence.any interview.over confidence means we says to every body this things i & i can performed well than others this is over confidence. over confidence is that i only can do. Posted by: Sukhdeep Bhalla Contact Sukhdeep Bhalla Confidence is when you say "yes i can so this job" over confidence is i only can do this job" Posted by: Er.

Contact umamaheswari confidence means believe in yourself and if you make any mistake by skipping simple known rule/things it was over confidence. Posted by: sweta tambe . "Only I can do"is overconfidence. Posted by: RAMAN KUMAR CHOUDHARY Contact RAMAN KUMAR CHOUDHARY Yes I can is confidence Only I can others cant is over Confidence Posted by: Rajitha Contact Rajitha Confidence means I can do it & Over Confidence means ONLY I can do it. Posted by: brajesh Soni Contact brajesh Soni "Yes. A PERSON IS OVERCONFIDENCE WHEN HE THINK THAT HE KNOW THE FACTS BETTER THAN OTHERS.I can do"is confidence. Posted by: Tilat Rizvi Contact Tilat Rizvi A PERSON IS CONFIDENT WHEN HE KNOW THE FACT BETTER.

Contact sweta tambe Confidence is when we are aware of the procedure/details to perform a task & over confidence is even after knowing the SOP we end up making a blunder of it Posted by: Sandeep Kapoor Contact Sandeep Kapoor When u say "I can do it" it shows up ur confidence. but when u say "I only can do it" then it is nothing but over shows ur negative attitude towards anything Posted by: sakshi gupta Contact sakshi gupta "i can do any particular work well manner" is my confident when others says "i can only have a capable of do that particular work" is a over confidence Posted by: saravanan Contact saravanan . Posted by: hani Contact hani overconfidence causes a person to make silly mistakes unlike confidence. Posted by: DEBAJYOTI ROY CHOWDHURY Contact DEBAJYOTI ROY CHOWDHURY confidence is totally positive word while over confidence is negative one.

... its over-confidence.. Posted by: Rudra Mishra Contact Rudra Mishra There is very little difference between confidence and over confidence.. Had i prepared well for the same. Otherwise.over confidence means only u know the answers correctly Posted by: Roshan kumar Contact Roshan kumar confidence is when u r trying 2 show actually what u r... when we say that...Suppose i say that i will surely clear this interview. Posted by: kishan venugopal Contact kishan venugopal confidence have base but over confidence have no any base. Posted by: Astha Saluja Contact Astha Saluja ..a clear picture of u. "I can do this" it is called confidence but when we think and say that "I am the only one who can do this" this is over-confidence. Posted by: SANJAY SCHARMA Contact SANJAY SCHARMA confidence means that u know answers correctly v ery well mannered. it shows confidence... and over confidence is when u want 2 show actually what u r not.

Posted by: Sanjeev Kumar Contact Sanjeev Kumar confidence is calculation analysis. Posted by: raviraj yadav Contact raviraj yadav Confidence in clear self-understaning. Showing up without any idea and knowledge needs Over confidence. Posted by: vidhya . Overconfidence :..confidence is egoistic underestimating others.Confidence leads to a success..I can be the right person u r looking for is confidence N I am "only" the guy u r looking for is overconfidence Posted by: B L MADHUKUMAR Contact B L MADHUKUMAR Confidence comes when we know something and we keep knowledge on that.Key of confidence is knowledge. Posted by: sateswar Contact sateswar Confidence :. Over confidence never gives a expected result.. whereas over.I can perform better than the team.. rabbit-tortoise tale is an example..I can perform best in the team.over confidence is not.

. After five years i would find myself settled in an reputed organization like yours and serving it with my hard work.... knowledge and sincerity..Contact vidhya CONFIDENCE is i know this work so i can do that. only i can.. OVER CONFIDENCE is i am the one and no one like me.. where do u wanna c urslf aftr 5 yrs? I would gradually go to a top position in the company. q. Posted by: Ankit Bhatia Contact Ankit Bhatia .

knowledge and sincerity. Posted by: Aftr 5 yrs.S. PRESENT IS A FRUIT OF PAST .I should be capable of handling more than one project at a time. Posted by: harry Contact harry Sir.BUT ITS ALSO A SEED FOR FUTURE. Contact Aftr 5 yrs. I don't want to be overambitious. Posted by: Deepak Saxena Contact Deepak Saxena After five years i would find myself settled in an reputed organization like yours and serving it with my hard work.SO HOW GOOD WE ARE IN FUTURE DEPENDS ON HOW WELL WE PERFORM NOW.S. .more successful human being .my maturity in doing work will help me in seeing myself at a more secure.VENKITRAMAN Five years from now.I live in present and i believe that my hardworking nature..i never live in future. but of course.VENKITRAMAN Contact ARUN.BUT I CAN SAY AS AN AMBITION TAT IN NEXT FIVE YEARS I WOULD LIKE TO EXCEL IN WAT EVER FIELD I AM IN AND AS A RESULT OF MY HARDWORK I WOULD LIKE TO BE IN A COMFORTABLE AND LEADING POSITION IN NEXT FIVE YEARS Posted by: ARUN. i would like to be two or three levels above where i am now.

Posted by: maa_ki_laude Contact maa_ki_laude i see myself to serve in servicing sector related to my career Posted by: anil . But I should become technically strong and be in a position to guide my juniors. Posted by: shwetha Contact shwetha Aactually. Posted by: phani karthik kowloori Contact phani karthik kowloori would be sitting on a seat besides you Posted by: ankit Contact ankit After five years i would find myself settled in an reputed organization like yours and serving it with my hard work. knowledge and sincerity.Posted by: Anirudh Reddy Contact Anirudh Reddy I cannot think of future that too by 5 yrs.. Also I should become an individual contributor to the organization such that my present should be felt here. but defenetly I would like to see myself as a Project manager/Project Lead within 3-4 yrs ahead from now with the help of my leadership skills. I dont desire any particular position in five years.

Posted by: dr gopal bhat Contact dr gopal bhat after five yrs .i ensure that i ll prove to be an asset for ur comp Posted by: harsh kekre Contact harsh kekre . i will be grow in your company with more responsibility Posted by: Hariom Contact Hariom After 5 yrs down the line i will be a strong pillar of ur company by consistently achieving my targets. Posted by: Amit Contact Amit After five years.Contact anil I want to be in a good position which i would have gained by my hardwork. i want to be in a more responsible postion & work with colleages who r expert & more experience than me Posted by: muthusamy Contact muthusamy i believe in present.but of course after 5 years i would like to see myself as more experienced and settled in a reputed organization like u. sinciarity and experience.

I work for achieving this goal both in career & personal life. Posted by: Ankan Chowdhury Contact Ankan Chowdhury i believe that my hardworking nature and my sincerity.AFTER 5 YEARS I WOULD BE IN GOOD POSITION AND BE STRONG IN TECHNICAL AND READY TO SERVE A COMPANY IN BETTER WAY. Posted by: gaurav chauhan Contact gaurav chauhan . that gives everything after five years.. Posted by: vinodh kumar Contact vinodh kumar I would like to see myself in that position where i can use all the experience gained for banifit of company.. Posted by: uttam kumar das Contact uttam kumar das i think if m doing ma job at level best thn i will be at gud position as a project leader in your company to improve u at the top. Posted by: ravi Contact ravi Today should be better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today.

However it is hard to tell wat would be our future giving me a chance of your company as long as i enjoy working with you I am sure 5 years fr now i would still be here but of corse with a little bit higher positio compare before more pro and more confident than be4.. .In next 5-4 years I would set that parameters that everyone would like to have to follow that for a better system as well as a better person for becoming the best. responsible position along with a handsome package in an organisation of repute Posted by: Sushmita Contact Sushmita After five years i would find myself settled in an reputed organization like yours and serving it with my hard work.. Posted by: Jay Contact Jay I see myself in a more experienced.i would be strong in technical knowledge and sincerity. Posted by: Gaurav Dwivedi . knowledge and sincerity. Posted by: Gaurav Dwivedi Contact Gaurav Dwivedi After five years i would find myself settled in an reputed organization like yours and serving it with my hard work. Posted by: Simmi Jain Contact Simmi Jain Life is like a book that every year begins a new chapter.

if i would looking into the mirror i should be feel proud what i have done in the past for my organisation or for my family. Posted by: sree Contact sree For me success is not the money or the post. Posted by: Aarti Contact Aarti after five years i see myself as an idol for not only myself but for others too . Posted by: sonam Contact sonam After five years i want to be a key member to the organization and plays an important role in growing the organization wealth. Posted by: rjinvj Contact rjinvj after 5 years. The matter which i get must be with my satisfaction.. After 5 years..happy in whatever i m doing and may be taking interviews of freshers like u... .i would become HR and asked the questions to the interviewer like you.Contact Gaurav Dwivedi after five years i see myself as a well settled in reputed organisation as yours.. And for me good experience comes from hard work and deliverance .and i am not saying that i would have achieved wealth and fame but a wholesome experience.higher position than before.

Posted by: Bhimesh Contact Bhimesh It should have healthy environment to work with in a well established company. it can give a better platform to improve our skills and way of working which will be more effective for growth of the company and for our growth too.Posted by: peter Contact peter after 5 years i have 5 times knowledge from present so i will be done my work 5 times faster Q. Posted by: Sharad Contact Sharad it should be where u work comfortabley & where the main motive is not just to earn money for the work being given to u & also where u not feel that u r out of ur home Posted by: shilpa Contact shilpa It should be interesting. Posted by: indusharma Contact indusharma .challenging in a peacefull and friendlly enviornment in which one can freely share his/ her ideas for the betterment of the organisation and improve one's skills simultaneously that leads to the growth of the organisation. describe ur ideal job… It should have challenging environment to work with and which can give a platform to improve one's skills simultaneously that leads to the growth of the company.

prathap Contact muppala.idle job is that where our multi-management skills have chance to perform them and get enough satisfaction Posted by: sudheer Contact sudheer ya.challenging envirounment where we feel more confertable and where we use our ides. Of course money is also important. Posted by: varsha narain Contact varsha narain my idel job should we challenging and comfortable where i should feel cofertable to other employes and improve our skills which is more important for company groth.prathap My ideal job is to work in a healthy environment where i shud feel confortable wid other employees and my ideas and opinions will be entertained during decision making process..then job is related to contact all human beings. Posted by: prachi Contact prachi it should we healthy. More importantly i shud get a job satisfaction than money .... .skill which is more inmortant for conpany groth.. So overall i wud like to work der wer der is a better environment. Posted by: muppala..better job and better package. in this organzation environment is healthy relationship one to among....

I am looking for the best place to apply my abilities. I am.honesty Q. .Posted by: varsha narain Contact varsha narain i want to be in a good organisation at a good post which provide me satisfaction. Posted by: Rudra Narayan Mishra Contact Rudra Narayan Mishra most important to me is an atmosphere of company and attention to quality. and so far this place looks excellent. r u applying 4 other jobs? Of course.

ecil . rather than went on a recommendation from a friend. Posted by: prachi Contact prachi .Side note . & iam very happy that i attend this interview Posted by: muthusamy Contact muthusamy Yes. i applied for jobs including jindhal .I will switch to that job. Posted by: aditya Contact aditya yes. i m very glad to b here n being interviewd. Posted by: kunal Contact kunal yes of course . i did as soon as job suits me or i will be picked by any employer i will be doing the far i hav found ur org as an excellent source of exploring my skills.i have been in search of a very good organization wer my knowledge and skills will be highly appreciated. bhel ..if you sent the resume... yes sir. as i have been exporing in the market about my market value and wherever i feel the place suit my expertise and which may be a good lerning place to enhance my carrier with a satisfied monetary value. it would be obvious you sent it to other places as well.

Yes Sir,I have applied for the other companies too.But it is my dream company to work here, even if i got placed in the other company i will strive my level best to join again in ur company.

Posted by: chaithanya

Contact chaithanya how to tell that reasons for changing another company.pls mail me the answer

Posted by: suma

Contact suma ya .i applied for many organization... but i give first preferance for your company .. bcoz of i saw your website.. there briefly say about your organization. its there i am very much inspring that..

Posted by: vincent

Contact vincent hi friends whenever i attend the interview i will get one common question.but till now i could not find the correct answer.if u know please post me.the question is i have 83.5% in my 10th and 92.6% in my i have only 61.3%.they are asking why ur % scale decreased with high difference? Q. hard wrk vs smart work? Hard work is the idea we are implementing that we have inherited through what we have learnt but smart work is where we use our out of box skills.

Posted by: rajpreethi

Contact rajpreethi

Hard Working :- Hard Working comprise skills which are accomplished through physical capabilities Smart Working :- Smart Working requires mental capablities to get the work done

Posted by: Abid

Contact Abid Hardwork means when u dont use your brain & do the work in the traditional way as all hav done earlier putting all your efforts whereas smartwork includes creative approach ,some initial study over the work assigned,using new ideas or may be some shortcuts &achieving your goals.

Posted by: priyanka

Contact priyanka Hardwork :without thinking new ideas continue the work with old ideas Smartwork: Innovating new Ideas

Posted by: Rekha.R

Contact Rekha.R hardwork to me is interpreting everything step by step as it is told to you with out being smart working is gathering all info of tasks needed to be done and using your creative mind to process an approach to have the job done at a shorter time.

Posted by: gibbb gann

Contact gibbb gann hard work done with phical capability and smart work done with skills.

Posted by: ajay kumar sharma

Contact ajay kumar sharma Hard work mean dedication and smart work mean dedication with inner intelligence

Posted by: Neelam Ranjan

Contact Neelam Ranjan the difference is nothing but the effort which we put in to accomplish the task. The abscense of physical effort is the main advantage of doing a smart work. Also the amount of work which we do by smart work is always way ahead than doing hark work...

Posted by: prakash

Contact prakash 1.Hard work is the conventional way of performing a task which includes both physical as well as mental strain 2.Smart work is the work which is finished on time with less resources used but with a lot of creative thinking behind. It includes the love towards a job

Posted by: kamalesh

Contact kamalesh Hard Work never fails. The more harder u work the more luck u get. Requires lot of physical activity Smart Work sometimes fails. Requires lot of mental activity. But in another case the more harder u work the more smart one can become.

Posted by: Gary Malcolm Contact Gary Malcolm Hardwork means working but not getting desired output and Smartwork means working with some logic and skills to get best output. At this time he is ready to work to achieve his target with inadequate knowledge. These are my thoughts.It is the way in which I can give my max.WORKING AS ALPABETICAL ORDER A to Z (STEP BY STEP) SMART WORK :. Posted by: priya Contact priya Hard Working:. Posted by: madhur mandhan Contact madhur mandhan In hardworking. effort to achieve my predetermined goal.. Posted by: Amlan banerjee Contact Amlan banerjee Hardwork :... the person have the capacity work hard even if he is not capable for it.Z TO A (ARRIVE WITH RESULTS FIRST AND WORK ON THAT LATER) Posted by: Vinod . person apply his own skill which can help the organization to progress & feel the person unique for his abilities. Smart Working:-It is the way in which or when I can use my hard work potentiality to achieve my target. But in smartworking.

Posted by: kalpesh devpura Contact kalpesh devpura Smart work is to know from where and how to get the work done rather than doing all the work.Contact Vinod You can answer this question by simply giving the example. Posted by: Chaitanya Contact Chaitanya Hardwork is physical work that do not use any new thing but smart working we should use mind & new idias. Posted by: mushtaq ahmad Contact mushtaq ahmad in my opinion hard is when we apply our full efforts and our full energy in our work whereas when we use our energy and when we apply our efforts on the right time on the right place is known as smart work. we think that every time is right. . in smart work we wait for the right time to use our efforts in the right way but in hard work we dont think this. Posted by: anupam rani Contact anupam rani Hard work is the hidden form of work on the other hand smart work is that type of work where we apply both internal mentality and techniques to achive accomplishment. where as a Designer's job is smart work with full of innovative ideas... A labour's work is hard work where there is only physical strain.

.they go hand in hand. on the other hand using large reservoir to preserve water is SMART WORK. but SMART WORK IS NOT SUBSTITUTE OF HARD WORK..Posted by: kirti Contact kirti take an same task is being done with better idea and effort. Posted by: saryu Contact saryu hard work is more based on mechanical word while smart work z mental activity Posted by: sakshi gupta Contact sakshi gupta hard work is more based on mechanical word while smart work z mental activity Posted by: sakshi gupta Contact sakshi gupta hard is mainly mechanical activity while smart wokr is mental activity Posted by: sakshi gupta it comprises more effort and time..using small buckets to harvest rain water is HARD WORK.

Lift can't work at the failure of electricity but stairs will always be workable. Doing the work without love is said to be Hard work.Contact sakshi gupta First we have to love the work what we do. Posted by: anbu Contact anbu In simple words Hard work is to go at the top storey with the help of stairs and smart work is with the help of lift. Doing the work with love is said to be smart work. with out loving work a small work also becomes a big and hard work. Posted by: Mohita Sharma Contact Mohita Sharma Smart work means saving Money Energy and time and working with new idea and other that working with this all thats means hard work .

i also think this organization is one of the leading companies in ... y did u choose dis career? According to me I can enhance my skill and knowledge in this career and I feel that I have more opportunities here to express myself. Posted by: MAYANK SURI . Posted by: anargatte girish s Contact anargatte girish s Right from my childhood days i was very much interested in correcting the things which are around..Therefore I choose this as i think it would be good for me if i become a part of this organization to groom myself in this field.. I have the passion to join the QA field in software and associate in getting a product bug free to the maximum extent Posted by: Mushtaq Contact Mushtaq I think this company & post which i applied for suits me & my career skills very much. field..q.

Posted by: ashwani guleria Contact ashwani guleria because here my skills are match to this field and i can also enhance my present skills and also this is the only field where i can so my skills better either choosing other fields..its only a cyclic turn up.. Posted by: N. trend them & how to put the human assets in a wright way.. Contact Madhuri S. i was interested in this career from my child hood and i prepare myself from those day.. Posted by: chinmayee Contact chinmayee I choose HR for Specilization coz I can make it out very soon the right & wrong Person for any position.Magalaxmi Contact N. Also I have seen there is a lack of awarenes in hiring the employees & manage them.Contact MAYANK SURI i choose the software line.. As managing human asset is the precious most inportant thing in life.bcoz i konw it never goes down.Magalaxmi This career prompt me with the knowledge and skills which I can use my throughout life. . Posted by: Madhuri S.But u ask what is the present situation?this situation is not permanent.

we have to take advantage of this for good future Posted by: darshan Contact darshan if u are interested in software u can go that line because its your career and its ur wish . u r of EE n u r choosing software.more effectively for better future Posted by: darshan Contact darshan software field has more number of opportunities compared to electrical . tahts'y to manage my expenses i joined in electrical field Posted by: Uma kandpal Contact Uma kandpal software field has more apportunities than electrical. then we have to use opportunities. Y??????? Yha i spent my few of years in electrial field as i was pursuing my software course & i had to do soemthing to manage my expenses thats'y that time i joined electrical filed it's not so easy to get the job in software filed without having require software knowledge.q.

world is changing makes us to think what s our future. Posted by: ruchit Contact ruchit You have published this vacancy for electrical engineers too. because every where we see its fully computerised.JAVA) to cop up with the prevailing market scenario. Posted by: chitti Contact chitti even though i am an electrical engineer. No doubt. As I'm looking for the best place where I can apply my skills and so far I found this place to be excellent .C+ +.there is tuff competition for jobs in software .Though development is possible through electrical jobs also but through Software the development is quick.Posted by: Biswaprakash jena Contact Biswaprakash jena b'coz i think that it is growing sector everyday new thinks come up so every day i learn new things.I'm electrical engineer but have also developed software skills(C. Posted by: vishnu varthan . Posted by: rahul gupta Contact rahul gupta Actually I have a great dream like i have to see India as a developed country.i am interested to work in software side . and i find beter future in this sector.but if we suceed we will reach a good position in life quickly that cant be achieved in electrical field in short period.

Nandhinidevi Contact Y. Posted by: karthickk Contact karthickk a person who really wanna develop his career in short time moves towards the software and software skills attracted me while persuing btech.Nandhinidevi It is a very important decision for me as all through my earlier experience i have been interacting with people related to software and it has developed great interest towards software in me over a period and this has given me the drive to make the choice Posted by: Rakesh Contact Rakesh because i felt that software is the fast growing technology and also it will change our future. i got interested in this field.Contact vishnu varthan our industry is running succesfully with the help of both electronics and software being an electronic engineer i am aware of electronics but now i am quiet interested to know about the software field thats why have i selected Posted by: i came to software sidw thogh i am elecrical student . so.

...Do your skills match this job or another job more closely? I would try to utilise my skills according to the job given to me...i will suite tis job q..i think the skills tat i hav wil more likly suite the company... nobody is perfect so i think work creat skills Posted by: rahul Contact rahul Being an IT professional... y shud I hire u? . And ability to learn new language for a project is quite easy for a person from same domain..

I can be able to replace the person. Posted by: Nikhil Rattan Bhardwaj Contact Nikhil Rattan Bhardwaj The company should hire me. wherein I can lead people. principles.I think I can work hard & strive for geting results. Posted by: hershie Contact hershie As I understand your needs. I could be an asset to the company because I am eager to learn. Posted by: AMOL ZAMBARE Contact AMOL ZAMBARE With respect to your posted job's desire skills and experience. . methods. because I am hardworking. This is where I?ve spent almost all of my career. I believe that I know the right contacts.also I am flexible at work that if ever there is some one in leave. so I?ve chalked up 2 years of experience exactly in this area. I also have a leadership characteristic traits. you are first and foremost looking for someone who can develop the software. My skills and experience met and justify with the respective position. As you?ve said you need someone with a strong background in Softwate development. and successful management techniques as well as any person can in our industry.

Posted by: umamaheswari Contact umamaheswari i am having self confidence. Posted by: friends4ever Contact friends4ever AS PER MY QUALIFICATION I M A TOPPER.I M A 8 POINTER SO I CAN HANDLE ALL D WORKS REGARDING D STUDIES.i an work hard for our company. .so idefinetly try to get good result. who makes an outstanding match can be hired without fail. But according to what i heard about this position i could make an outstanding match.& A HARD WORKING GIRL WITH HAVING A STRONG DETERMINATION TOWARDS MY JOB.AND I CAN ADJUST BY EAISLY ENVIRONMENT.Posted by: Praveen Srivastava Contact Praveen Srivastava I can work comfortably under stress to meet the organizations expectations. Posted by: karthik Contact karthik i think no one is perfect.AND I CAN HANDLE ANY SITUTION.AS FAR MY ACHIEVEMENTS. Posted by: ROSALIN SAHOO Contact ROSALIN SAHOO I M HARDWORKING.I M SUITABLE FOR IT.

Posted by: BINDU KUMARI Contact BINDU KUMARI Focus On new Challenges Greater responsibilities & increased Learning Opportunities. which can lead to a good working environment. and successful management techniques as well as any person who makes an outstanding match can be hired without fail. methods. Posted by: Panguluri Anil kumar Contact Panguluri Anil kumar I am industrious. punctuality and my willingness to work hard with perseverance makes me an asset of the company. These qualities plus enthusiasm. persistence. innovative and willing to adapt to changes in work. I get along very well with people and can promote good team play.My skills and experience met and justify with the respective position.i can adopt the change and can lead the orgl needs . principles. Posted by: Panguluri Anil kumar Contact Panguluri Anil kumar first thing i am flexible in nature. Looking long term career If Career Progression & growth Opportunities are provided Posted by: Ashiq Bhat Contact Ashiq Bhat know the right contacts.

but wonderful .Personally : I have few .. friends . We meet at week ends and we make wonderfull journeies and hang outs .. ..q. tell me something about urself??? Proffessionally : Hard working . I appreciate serious and hardworking people and enjoy working (and learning ) from them . ampitious . do every thing I can 2 improve myself more ..

ur achievement . I have strong integrity and I'm honest. advanced knowledge of Microsoft Word.ur likes dislikes. education qualification. thorough. My recent experience includes handling incoming calls.firstly tell ur name . taking minutes. i like reading and am inquisitive about learning new things.but i believe to do work with smarter way it makes my work different from others. technical qualification if u have. Posted by: priyanka dutta Contact priyanka dutta I 've been an administrator for the last five years.hobbies.i think funda of management is also apply in life like planning . i think be happy and help others and give happiness to others. Posted by: iiu06 Contact iiu06 professionally:i am hard working. personally:iam sensitive and caring pearson. Posted by: ritu singh . i am determined to use my creativity and knowledge in the corporate world benefiting myself and moreover the organization i will be working for. I am a strong team player. what u r doing now. Excel and strong keyboard skills.i always try to learn from others bcz there is always a room for change. ur interest on other activities . Posted by: bla_bla Contact bla_bla i am hard working. I work well in a team on and on my own. and then go for ur parents description only if it is necessary. innovative. my strength is my patient adjustable attitude that keeps me working even in difficult situations.. I excellent written and spoken English.i always try to do best.

I did my graduation in _____. Posted by: Ramandev meshram Contact Ramandev meshram i have to know what r the questions asked by hr in pesonal interview...I stay with my family.ur likes dislikes.. ur achievement . Abt my education qualification .. Abt my personal info . and then go for ur parents description only if it is necessary. what u r doing now. technical qualification if u have. Prior to this company i was working with______. ... Posted by: Chintan Contact Chintan Proffessionally : Hard working . do every thing I can 2 improve myself more .Contact ritu singh Abt my proffesional Exp. but wonderful .. I like sports.. I love travelling. education qualification. she is doin her college.Personally : I have few .Currently i m working with______.hobbies. I been working in this company since_______ years.... I appreciate serious and hardworking people and enjoy working (and learning ) from them . I am a multilinguistic person. Posted by: ravikumar Contact ravikumar .. i can speak 4 languages.. I have one younger sister.I have completed my PG in ______.. ampitious . Posted by: arif Contact arif Answer = firstly tell ur name . friends . My father is ____.and i need the anwers for those questions. ur interest on other activities . We meet at week ends and we make wonderfull journeies and hang outs . chess & carom. i like playing table tennis.

Personally : I have few ...ambitious girl . Posted by: rajesh porwal Contact rajesh porwal I am Hardworking and always like to see the mother is a H. ampitious . i have five sibling.Personally : I have few . Posted by: madhur mandhan Contact madhur mandhan Answers: Proffessionally : Hard working .and want to achive which is playing imp role in my life Posted by: neha Contact neha Proffessionally : Hard working .talking about my family my father is a B. ampitious . We meet at week ends and we make wonderfull journeies and hang outs . I appreciate serious and hardworking people and enjoy working (and learning ) from them ..caring professional .personaly .man... which helps me in working as a team. &tech... do every thing I can 2 improve myself more . almost professional . do every thing I can 2 improve myself more .emotionaly lovable. friends . going in positive direction.. . but wonderful . I am very friendly in nature.wife.i am the youngest in my family. I appreciate serious and hardworking people and enjoy working (and learning ) from them . We meet at week ends and we make wonderfull journeies and hang outs . friends .currently i m pursuing mba from algol school of mgt. but wonderful . Posted by: sathiskumar Contact sathiskumar i m Post Graduate from punjabi university.

My Interests are all things computer specifically hardware and reasearching about the latest in the tech world I love making new friends and fancy collecting stamps and currency Posted by: vinay Contact vinay First when u r going attend the interview wish them. Also tell about your extra curricular activities .. i have one elder sister who is currently studying B. Posted by: Shylaja. I will be very very sincere to watever work given to me. Posted by: selvam Contact selvam first off my name is Vinay i graduated with a bachelors degree in computer science from VTU. im from bangalore.R Contact Shylaja...E..innovative and confident.Posted by: Harsimran kaur Contact Harsimran kaur My name is shylaja. my mother is a house wife. make ur self comfortable to that place.i excellant in languages and knowledge in my domain. Say about your current working company and also about the prior to this comopany were u where working tell about the graduation from which collage u did.i like to motivate the people. You should introduce your self to them about your educational qualification and about you technical knowledge to them.R i am good loooking person with hardworking. I am basically a hardworker. my strength is my patience and sincerity. my father is a business man.

Parvathisingh Answer like a a K I S S.Nair Myself(your name)..a keen opportunist and my endeavour is always towards doing new and different things .. Example: I am a software engineering student with fair Knowledge in C.C++ and Java. Consultant Contact Ravi chandran.M. Posted by: Rajeev HR Contact Rajeev HR im a software engineer very inquistive about emerging web technologies ... Posted by: which you r interested. i have done (your qualification) and i m working as(your designation and where you are working) then your total and relevant experience.. then your job profile and then your personal details. Answer a couple of lines.Nair Contact manu.. im very quality oriented person and headstrong to achieve my designed goals at all cost . Parvathisingh Contact M.. you must be fluent and confident during this course of time to introduce yourslf. . I am a friendly person and good team player. Consultant Dont give any answer so that you can able to finish your interview as soon as fast and you can reduce the stress level Posted by: manu..M. Posted by: Ravi chandran.. Keep it short and simple.

i m from puri.right now i am doing hand held device testing configiration. Posted by: jyoti hugar Contact jyoti hugar . i like strightforword perosns. now i persuing my mba with hr specialisation.i like and don't give the unrelated answers for a perticular question and maitain ur answer like a kiss(keep it short and smile) and also maitain ur body language. i have done my graduation in arts.iam currently pursuing my 2 nd year graduation in biotechnology in mercy college in palakkad.i done my BA arts.instalation. Posted by: sasmita rath Contact sasmita rath i am ravi.thomas.kerala state. my strength is my hardwork and positive thinking towards my job . iam interst in hard ware and networing . orissa.hearing music and palying badminton Posted by: manju Contact manju when u r going to attend the interview at that time first u have to wish them and make urself comfirtable to that place. Posted by: ravi Contact ravi myself is manju family comprises of me.Posted by: altanai bisht Contact altanai bisht i m sasmita .my parents and a younger sister.

He was serving for DAT .i always try to learn new things. Sector .my hobbies are listening music. Chandravadan Govind Sailor is retired Govt. My elder sister is serving @ SBI as a clerk.i am passionate. Posted by: vishnu varthan Contact vishnu varthan i am frienddly in nature.myself vishnu varthan doing my finalyear EEE. Posted by: ravi Contact ravi Start with ease: I am Dhaval Sailor I have done my Post Graduation in Master of Business father is farmer and my mother is house wife.2 computer courses from C-DAC Computer Centre. i am from family of 6. Surat. i belongs from delhi. Affiliated with Veer Narmad South Gujarat University. Vesu. Gandhinagar. my parents.i am ambitious. my age is 24 years. We are 2 siblings among us i am the youngest.20.i have completed .i like to talk to the people. Affiliated with Gujarat University.i am a quick learner. 2 elder sisters and 1 elder brother.comitted and confident person.i can work even under course. Specialization in Marketing from Bhagwan Mahavir College of Management.i believe in human relations. they all got married. I am very much . Employee/ Servant. Done ADMCP & Tally 7. Also done Graduation in Bachelor of Commerce from Government Commerce College. Nirmala Chandravadan Sailor is House wife/ Home maker. i am a commerce graduate from du. My mother strength is self confidence and i will be dedicated to work.i did my schoolings in NAMMHSS cumbum.i can adopt any kind of environment Posted by: althaf Contact althaf myself ravinder singh lingwal.playing cricket. My father Mr.Department of Accounts & Treasury.

I have two daughters..home town. I am a multilinguistic person.and my pre university from. extrovert..strength...I have completed my PG in MBA.. Posted by: Dhaval Chandravadan Sailor Contact Dhaval Chandravadan Sailor well hi my name's .Well this is the basic and professional way to introduce yourself if asked tell me about yourself... Abt my personal info .. I did my graduation in Commerce.Currently i m working with______..mention if your a fresher as well...i'm from bangalore and i'm .. ... Posted by: daniel Contact daniel name.. employee. i can speak 5 languages.and end the talk. I love travelling.add on the details if persued any PG cources. years of age. eleder one finished her B.. Abt my education qualification ..attentive to detail. My husband is a Central background... and the younger one is doing her school.and my favourite pass time or hobbies would be ...... coming to my work experience. I have been working in this company since 11 and i passed my degree from.. hardworker.. Nice interpersonal Skills....weakness with solution.E..and lastly my family consists of.. .... Posted by: kavita dudhe Contact kavita dudhe Abt my proffesional Exp...i've completed my schoolling from. Prior to this company i was working with Chartered Accountant Office.I stay with my family..... Good communicator...nd thanaks....etc.. the number people present in the family and their current work status...

i will take this pressure as a pleasure. Posted by: raja Contact raja Under pressure I am a perfectionist.q.Pressure force me to do my best. Posted by: haja Kuthbudeen Contact haja Kuthbudeen i love to work under pressure.Sometimes Under pressure it becomes necessary to take a break and take a deep breath to restart afresh.i feel this is the time to show my ability more. . when the pressure is high we can control the pressure through medicine easily but when the pressure is low its very difficult to handle. tell me about ur ability 2 work under pressure???? i have always enjoyed working under pressure it is like a tonic which boosts me but i always keep it under contorl so it does not take a a toll on me. Under pressure of work is required because we can control the job and follow properly the job like BP patients.

.. in working under the presscure situvations. fatiguing delays. i've learnt to cope with these and still bring about the best. but if company face pressure then it gives a pressure to our empoloyees so on that time we should do our work as like this company is mine not others Posted by: savita chanyal Contact savita chanyal well i've handeled pressure situations in the past and it brings out the best in me helps me to explore my talent more and more. avoiding pressure by meeting timely goals and planning is the best route.. Again.. however under unavoidable circumstances..) Posted by: daniel Contact daniel Its a real time to prove ourself...Posted by: kaya Contact kaya Iam always try to support my company in everywhere. Posted by: suri Contact suri External pressure due to missing deadlines. mortifying insults have been a part of the environment in my project. Posted by: Nikhil . Although I understand innovation is tough to bring about under pressure. it brings out the best in us.. we have been able to do so.(If your a fresher u can talk about your expereience during the time of exams or project works..

It is obvious for some people the motivation is required but for some others their confidence is sufficient. if an employee has a fear. what motivates u 2 do good job????? I feel that good job means where you find good culture and good working environment & which you do satisfactorily.i. he is more likely to dedicate himself to work and is likely to commit less mistakes.Contact Nikhil I think Fear and Under pressure are the major things which ensure our consistent performance. Posted by: Anjali Dubey Contact Anjali Dubey .Therefore I would like to state that I am highly motivated by my confidence to excel in my life. Posted by: Sweety Chuadhary Contact Sweety Chuadhary Appreciation I thnk its one main ingredient for motivation but it should be genuine Posted by: marilyn charles Contact marilyn charles Appreciation and good environment has motivated the employee in the organization. q. enthusiastically and confidently with high spirit of excellency.e they are self starters and I believe that I am a self starter to do a good job.

my country & to mativate others so that they can also do like this.suggestions regarding the work .own identity. we need to maintain moral in the work we does which gives us mental satisfaction inturn that makes us feel good in doing our work.My confidence is sufficient for me to motivate. Posted by: mitalisingh Contact mitalisingh we feel enthusiastic to do the job if we are welcomed to express our opinions.If something else need except selfconfidence that is good or cool environment for highly motivate me. Posted by: akash deep Contact akash deep identity and appreciation can highly motivate the employee .to serve for my family. Posted by: meghana vattipalli Contact meghana vattipalli Appreciation.

unless and until i ll apply that somewhere .and the way to gain more and more knowledge day by day... Whatever i have learned. Posted by: abhishek srivastava Contact abhishek srivastava Industry is the field where u can fulfill your dreams whatever wanted to be. intelligence and application..... Posted by: Nitzz Contact Nitzz According to me success is an outcome of knowledge..q.... y do u wanna join dis industry??? Answers: Industries provides us good exposure to apply our skills practically and provide us a chance to have hands on experience in the chosen field. Industries provides our good experience and bright future and success because its our dream. So i think a firm or an industry is such a place where my skills and knowledge will be appreciated which would ultimately lead to the growth of an organization and that is the reason why i want to join industry..... Posted by: Prachi Contact Prachi intustry is used to developing an pratical depents upon the experience .i am not going to get succeed....

briefly describe ur ideal job… .And also i want to be used as a skill source using which both the organization and me would be benefitted. q.Posted by: suresh kumar Contact suresh kumar I would like to use all potential of me in the development of the organization.

A job where I love the work. Posted by: shailu Contact shailu . Posted by: devojit Contact devojit Best Answer A job that allows me to grow in the organization A job where i can make a positive contribution to the growth of the firm A job where i am comfortable with my coworkers A job that pays a decent salary A job that is so interesting that i am motivated to continue educating myself to be the best that i can be in the field Posted by: bharti sharma Contact bharti sharma My ideal job a place where I can apply my knowledge and learn something new everytime I enter the place.Ideal job for me if a person is earning money and respect to the company and the promotion are based on the performance i would love to be a part of this organization.i would like to work in a fun and warm environment with individuals working independently towards team goals or individual goals. contributing to the organization and getting work as well as love people around me. Posted by: Rohan Joijode Contact Rohan Joijode ideally.

my country and to see me at good position so i can say myself that i have never wasted my life.I have done a great job. q. Hence you should ask questions to show keen interest to join the company. do u hv any qstns 4 me???? Usually Employer asks this question to test your interest in the company. . Posted by: akash deep Contact akash deep My ideal is that where i can work accordindg to my effeciency and where every one can work individualy and in a team. i found my self comfortable with the environment. Posted by: sandhya khanduri Contact sandhya khanduri An ideal job is the job that will help me to explore my inherent talent fully and at every instant.My ideal goal is to become a great person to serve for my people.

. What do you expect from the prospective employees in this job?.e. Do you provide any training. tell for what reason i was not selected..i will improve for the next interview. What is the criterion for growth in this company? etc.g.. if I am employed?. Since only genuine questions have to be asked you may ask something related to this in a very polite manner: "Since i am living in a world of rapid changes where technology has never been new for a week so will i get the required framework in the area of my employment" Posted by: Kanishka Sharma Contact Kanishka Sharma may i know about the company history Posted by: Payel Mukherjee Contact Payel Mukherjee first I will Check The Working of the Company and i would like to meat the chairman of the company after that i will take any decisen Posted by: surendra pavaiya Contact surendra pavaiya if i was not selected. the question should be genuine and inquisitive. Posted by: selva Contact selva . Remember that dont ask too many questions and whatever you ask.

can you just explain me what will be my role if iam selected Posted by: Prithiviraj Contact Prithiviraj if i selected than i will do great try to achive the organizational goal and if i don't selected in your organization i will improve my self and ready to next challenges. Posted by: Mamta Singh Contact Mamta Singh What attracted you to this organization? Can I have your feedback so that I can learn the pros and cons about my performance and hence improve myself? Posted by: Jeevitha Contact Jeevitha how you are feel when time spending with me? Posted by: saravanan Contact saravanan When did u are going to hire me? . Posted by: pankaj chaudhari Contact pankaj chaudhari May I know the company profile. so that it gives help to me for understand to my work.

what sort of answer should i give? ur answer should contain ur name. When asked the question tell me about yourself.. dislikes.etc. weakness. strength. if any). likes. den go describing about ur family background. where u graduated from.. ur . ur achievements.? q. education background (ur degree. Posted by: Akhila S S Contact Akhila S S U can start with your name. interests. hobbies.ur studies.Posted by: Ajith Contact Ajith May i know my weak points along to your thoughts of interviewing me.

ur talent. etc but it should not be a repetition of resume. If he has no resume in hand.area of interest.interests. ur abilities to do the job if u tell ur weakness then u say how to handling ur weakness and also have how to organise the team this will help u lot Posted by: purushoth Contact purushoth Well start your ans the way that it should include everything about u like ur education.educational background. Instead he can talk about his attitude. If he has resume in his hand then one need not repeat name age and all. and accomplishments in breif. what r u doing currently. then name background so that nothing is left to ask u. strengths. . Ideally you should be able to give a summary of your resume through this answer Posted by: Ronak Contact Ronak ur name .skills.about u? Posted by: Deepika bhardwaj Contact Deepika bhardwaj it varies as per the interview and whether the interviewer is surfing your resume. but the facts should be put in impressive way.

. from your mental ?Board of Directors? ? Leaders in your industry. I have my own ways either to avoid answering or to avoid that person. I will behave so normally that no one suspects or even imagine that I have such data/matter is with me. from history or anyone else who has been your mentor. I have full confidence on my communication skills. even if anybody knows by chance also.. q…who ha sinspired u in ur lyf???? Have a few heroes in mind.q.How will you handle confidential company matters?. ..

. i too trying to be lik him. q. Your best answer will focus on your positive feelings. meaning good old reliable hard work and a . im seeing him like a hero because he have all the capabilities to do any work in a smarter way. Winning the lottery would make it more fun because it would mean having more flexibility...Be prepared to give examples of how their words.. productive life. If u won 10$ lottry. then all rich people would be all happy. As always. my father has inspired me very much. so.. and I think I?d always want to be involved in my career in some fashion. and that?s not true. ?I love the work I do. After all. more options. I think I would still hold my basic belief that achievement and purposeful work are essential to a happy. prepare an answer which highlights qualities that would be highly valuable in the position you are seeking. Example: ?After I floated down from cloud nine.. if money alone bought happiness. since I can?t count on winning.. I?d just as soon create my own destiny by sticking with what?s worked for me. actions or teachings have helped inspire your achievements.who knows?? ?Of course.would u still work??????? This type of question is aimed at getting at your bedrock attitude about work and how you feel about what you do. because from my childhood onwards.

Therefore I would like to state that I am highly motivated by my confidence to excel in my life. I think those qualities have built many more fortunes that all the lotteries put together. It is obvious for some people the motivation is required but for some others their confidence is sufficient. as am not working only for the money. : I feel that good job means where you find good culture and good working environment & which you do satisfactorily. q.desire to achieve. enthusiastically and confidently with high spirit of Excellency.e they are self starters and I believe that I am a self starter to do a good job .? ya definitely. Give an example. If you need praise or excitement or deadlines. i choosen this type of job is to create something innovative with my ideas and to reveal my name to the society with my effort.i. not all jobs offer these. what motivates ur best work??? Consider the job.

But above all. .q. such as serving on the board of a popular charity.wat r ur outside interests???? Try to gauge how this company?s culture would look upon your favorite outside activities and be guided accordingly. yourself or outside organizations. remember that your employer is hiring your for what you can do for him. If you?re young. mention an activity that connotes wisdom and institutional trust. describe your activities that demonstrate physical stamina. for example. You can also use this question to shatter any stereotypes that could limit your chances. no matter how admirable those activities may be. not your family. If you?re over 50.