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Hey, what’s up? ........................................................ 5 Preamble ................................................................10

Part 1: The Bigger Picture ..........................13
My story .................................................................13 What do I want out of this? .......................................17 Right and Wrong ......................................................18 Men v Women .........................................................23 Emotional Trigger Buttons .........................................25

Part 2: The Fundamentals About Attracting Women .........................................28
The Magnificent 7.....................................................28 Personality Traits That Attract Women ........................32 Why Women Bitch ....................................................38 Nice Guys Always Finish last ......................................40 The First Impression.................................................43 21st Century Women.................................................46 Just Be a Man ..........................................................48 Players Playing the Game ..........................................53 The Rich and Famous ...............................................54

Part3: Looking Through The LookingGlass The Other Way ....................................56
Everything Has a Reason...........................................56 Respect Yourself ......................................................56 How You View Yourself..............................................58 The Attitude ............................................................59 Changing your approach ...........................................62 Being Different From Everyone Else ............................64
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It’s All About Skill.....................................................65 Positive Thinking ......................................................66 Take Yourself to Your Happy Place..............................69 Attributes You DON’T Need........................................70

Part 4: The Techniques and Methods that Attract Women ......................................73
Hot Women Have Heard It Before...............................73 The Timeline ...........................................................75 Lead The Way..........................................................77 Women Test Men .....................................................79 Be a Man ................................................................82 Teasing Women .......................................................82 How to be Funny......................................................85 A Crash Course in Comedy ........................................86 “Let’s Just Be Friends” ..............................................88 More Tips................................................................90 Read My Body Language ...........................................92 What is Good Body Language? ...................................93 Reading Her Body Language ......................................95 Crash Course in Comebacks.......................................96 Don’t Be Predictable .................................................98 Be Persistent .........................................................100 Better Test Answers ...............................................100 Where to Find Women ............................................102 Predict Her Moves ..................................................105 An extra edge........................................................106

Part 5: Solving the Puzzle ........................108
Bringing It All Together ...........................................108 A Step-By-Step Plan To Approaching Women .............108 How To Get Her Number .........................................115 The Call ................................................................119 The First Date........................................................125 Where To Take Your Date........................................125
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.132 How To Take Her Home ....................................................................................4 -- ..............136 The End of the Beginning ..................When You Meet Up ..130 Let Her Chase You.................................................................129 Don’t Be Boring On a Date ........................................131 The Kiss.................................134 Sex or Friends ............................137 -.......................................................

Most of the lines or techniques that all these dating experts were teaching just seemed a little bit “off” and didn’t really work out there. -. One day I just couldn’t take it anymore and I had to do something about it. something that I can use RIGHT NOW. dating and relationships. Many years ago I was a real loser when it came to girls. There wasn’t really anything available in terms of bestpractice.5 -- . every book about that topic out there just tells you basic stuff like “be funny” or “take charge. That really sucked! But fact is I wasn’t alone. I would always have many “female friends”. But what should I do? I didn’t know where to look or what to do to get better with women. what’s up? Hi. women like that”. my name is Nick and I think I can teach you one thing or two about attracting women. There are millions of men out there who just don’t get it when it comes to meeting. Hey. I was one of them. go out and have immediate success with women. I couldn’t simply walk into a library and pick up a book about becoming more successful with women because … well to be honest.Hey. in the real world. get a date or a kiss. attracting and dating women. like getting a phone-number. but was always the guy who women referred to as “oh him? Yeah he’s nice. but I wouldn’t sleep with him”.

but what about the guys that are? What do they do? This got me thinking… There are some men out there who seem to get most of the women that are around. I wanted to kiss those girls. So I was thinking … I’m really not the only guy isn’t as successful with the whole women and dating thing. smart or gifted … I’m just a regular guy like you. while most men seem to get hardly anything or are just “friends” with women.What I wanted was something that actually HELPS me getting better. there will always be a solution … you just have to find it. Now I believe that everything can be explained if someone just sets his mind to it. have long-term relationships with beautiful women and basically just KNOW how I can make almost any woman attracted to me. NEEDED to find out what it really was women want in a man and what makes them attracted. If there is a problem. But I desperately wanted … no. then it’s going to be a lonely trip to the grave. because if I don’t help myself here. Now I wasn’t really keen on being “just another friend” or a “nice guy”. But what was it? -. … and I did! It took me many years to figure all this out. not leaving me even more clueless. and I wasn’t particularly talented.6 -- .

They KNEW how to act and behave around women. didn’t buy drinks and never invited anyone to dinner or to the movies. What if I was to do exactly the same as they did. That was really weird let me tell you. be at least over 6 foot tall. be tall. would I have the same success? The funny thing was that I expected every man who was really successful with women to be very good-looking or have a handsome baby-face. have good model-like looks and wear an expensive watch or something. -. So when it comes to courting a woman. these guys seemed to have it all figured out. the ones that always had at least 3 or 4 women on the go at the same time. None of these men had those traits.What if I was to model the very successful men out there. But you know what? Nobody was! Every guy I met who was really successful with women wasn’t tall. I really expected the real Playboys and Ladies-men to have a masculine body. they didn’t pay lots of compliments to women and they didn’t bring flowers. They were not nice.7 -- . rich or handsome … he was just a regular guy like you and me. But they did something different from me and all the other guys who always ended up getting rejected by women. drive a nice car and sort of wealthy.

While every guy out there was trying to be very nice, polite and friendly to a woman he was trying to court in hopes that eventually she will like him too … it never happened. He always ended up as being rejected with “well you know, let’s rather be friends, you’re such a nice guy” or “you are just too good for me, you will find somebody else”. … but really, I’m not too good for you, I like you and want you!! … that’s what I’m saying, I don’t deserve you. But you can still be my friend. Cya! Ever heard this one? :) There is something invisible out there that all these successful Playboys and Ladies-Men do to get the women they want. It is really hard to spot if nobody ever tells you what it is or you never did GET IT in the first place. So what is it? What is it that those lucky guys do to get all the women? It certainly isn’t good-looks, height or money … it is something else, something that is difficult to see if you don’t know what to look for. I did figure it out and I can fairly say that I have become even MORE successful than the guys I modeled and analyzed when I first started out. I know what works, what doesn’t work at all and how to improve almost every single aspect of this dating game so YOU can have the same success as me! But I don’t want to tell you right now what that secret thing is that seems to attract almost any woman … I am going to LEAD you to the answer throughout this book.
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This way, you will feel much more like you deserve it and you will also be able to look through the looking glass the other way. What you are about to read took me a lot of years of analyzing, testing and summarizing so YOU can enjoy the secrets of the dating game, become successful and finally get the woman (or women) you always wanted. There is no bullshit, no hype … simply what works! Welcome to StreetSmartDating!

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The idea of this book is to prepare you for attracting the kind of women you want and desire. I will show you all the fundamental methods, lines and techniques to be successful with the woman of the 21st century … because most of the stuff that is out there right now is either too old and doesn’t work anymore, or doesn’t really help you because most tips are crap. What I want to do is to get you up to speed within 24 hours so you can go out tonight, and see results INSTANTLY! No, I’m really not kidding. After you are done reading this dating manual, you will see the code of the matrix and have all the core essentials down to meet and attract women on a daily basis. This is why I want to give you something you can use and that will help you right now. Not in a months time, not next week … TODAY! Most other books about dating don’t have that edge and only tell you what works in general. I will go deeper and show you some of the biggest kept secrets of the dating underground. After you are done reading the StreetSmartDating guide, you should be able to have a good understanding of what women want and have a good idea of how to pick up women. That’s why this book only covers what you really need to know. It is almost like a crash-course or dating women in

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this isn’t the only book available. then I suggest you get my killer program called Advanced Dating Series or study my other programs available from my website. There is nothing in here that can’t be done even by the most socially challenged people. what to say to them. because there are a lot of ideas and principles in here that you need to understand if you want to become irresistible to women. -. If you want to know more about how to attract women. It doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve it. you will need to understand its predecessors if you want to get the most out of it. Hopefully. you will understand each section and then progress to the next. practicing and then progressing. I’ve tried to put everything into the right order. whilst others will need to spend time thinking. You will get far more out of it if you successfully complete this course. like I said this is the raw basics. just don’t think that you will get less out of it because you don’t like talking to people or you are very intimidated by girls. Of course.11 -- . but take your time.a nutshell. but trust me. It’s ideal for someone who doesn’t really know where they are with attracting women and wants to know where they should start. Some of you might lap this up like milk and have taken on all the challenges instantly. It shouldn’t take you very long to read through this book. I know its tempting to skip forward to a section that you really are intrigued by. But first you will need to make sure you understand the principles outlined in this book … otherwise the advanced programs won’t mean anything to you. Use this book as a journey. This is the perfect place. how to say it and so on.

then I’m sorry. but that doesn’t mean they can’t be done. So get reading.Most importantly. If you are too negative and too skeptical not to even give things a solid try.12 -- . it just means you will get more satisfaction at the end of it. you will be a master in no time! -. Things are hard work at times. If you think something is not worth trying then you are guaranteed never to understand the concepts or gain new skills. you need to make sure you are willing to succeed. but I can’t help you. If you find something hard to grasp.

13 -- . I would get women attracted to me because if you are nice to somebody. or would hang around girls as a “friend”. at first I went for being the nice guy and using my personality to show I was attentive and caring. But when it came to women and dating. I always thought that by being nice. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Was I getting anywhere? No! So you see. But I had to work for my success … I had to work very hard to get there! I never was the handsome type of guy and I wasn’t rich … heck. I always ended up getting rejected. I tried what probably ever other man had in mind as well. But I really believed that you either had to be tall and handsome … or have a lot of money to get a girl. I guess after a lot of trial and error I just realized what worked and didn’t work with women.Part 1: The Bigger Picture My story One thing that everybody asks me at some point is where and how I learned to approach women. generally … the other person is nice to you as well. just like most guys out there who don’t get it. I’m still far away as we speak. Since I wasn’t that handsome and wasn’t rich (like most men out there). I acted nice and polite when around girls. It -. I didn’t really “learn” it.

she should go out with me. because shouldn’t women be with a man that treats them well? Yes they should! … but in reality. Every guy who gets jealous when some arrogant schmuck dates the women he would like to be with.didn’t take long before I realized that women found nice guys boring. there is something else out there. It’s a bad idea asking a woman what she wants. But what was it? Certainly no women loves being treated like shit. they would get attracted to me?! But I didn’t want to become an arrogant jerk. act like perfect gentlemen and are really nice to them. -. while she ignores all the other guys who would treat her like a princess.14 -- . 99% of men don’t get that. Here. we have a beautiful woman going out with a jerk that treats her like shit. Otherwise they would date the guys who treat them well. I figured out that there must be something women find attractive in assholes and arrogant jerks. they are not! That got me thinking. he says to himself: “gosh what a jerk. otherwise they wouldn’t go out and sleep with them. They always seemed to fall for the jerk or asshole that treated them like dirt. That was very weird. that just seemed kinda wrong. So … if I acted just like a jerk or an asshole towards women. I would treat her so much better than him”. always look what she does and what really happens.

In fact. They always liked me for who I was. they will walk all over you if you act like that. but ONLY because I did what most other men didn’t do. but it paid off. unless you really stick it out. So pay attention to every detail I am revealing here because it can take up most of someone’s life just to get -. the more rewarding. If you were to “just be yourself” around women and didn’t get it yet … she would dump you or tell you to “let’s rather be friends”. you will just be another failure.15 -- . I was different. What I mean is. Women didn’t like being treated like a princess. and that made me special. I had the privilege of being myself because I already did what got women attracted. Everything takes time and usually the harder it is. They didn’t like someone “easy” or “nice … someone that acts like a wuss.I realized that I had to start looking at everything from a different perspective and pay attention to more detail. I had to work very hard at figuring all this out. There was no need to buy presents. offer to do everything for her or even take a girl out a lot. They didn’t like a guy who they can just get. One thing I always kept in mind when I was still working women out was this: To be good at something you have to get yourself over the hill. compliment her all the time. I knew I was on my way… Women liked me being bad and joking around with them. So I figured that I had to turn it around. flowers.

I have the core stuff together that can make anybody successful with women. After several years of trying almost EVERYTHING I could think of. I can teach you step-by-step what really works when you want a woman to think you are so sexy she will literally ask YOU for your phone-number. but to get really good and make your success with women shoot through the roof you just need to stick at it. The only reason why I got so good at attracting and seducing a lot of beautiful and intelligent women is because I tripped over my dick more times than all of you guys reading this manual together! Hey. piano. -. I’ve been there and I’ve basically rewritten the nono rules that get you rejected. you will need to put in some effort as well and learn and apply it. Fortunately. believe me when I tell you I know what doesn’t work.16 -- . ballet or whatever? How many of them gave up after just a few months? A lot I’ll bet. Once you have read this manual you will be so much better than before. Think of all the people you have known who did martial arts.the basics down. But on the other hand. It’s not looks and it’s not money … it’s something completely else and I will show you exactly what it is. you don’t have to because I have done all the hard work for you already. And I will bet they gave up because they didn’t make the same kind of progress that they did when they started. But to get the most out of this. But those who stuck it out probably became pretty darn good at it. I think I nailed it! Right now.

If you can choose what you want to do and actually be able • • • • -.17 -- . I want you to read through this book and be able to go out and get 4 phone numbers the very same day! Now let me tell you this: It is very simple! Being successful with women isn’t difficult … IF you know what really works! But if I got good at it. But what I am going to give you is choice! In my opinion. this is the most powerful tool to have. What do I want out of this? This is a very important question and a good place to start. that’s why I want to give you only the core fundamentals and concentrate on results. Are you looking to improve you sex-life? Do you want a girlfriend? Do you want to become a Player? Are you looking to meet your soul mate and get married? • All of the above? I am not going to tell you that you should sleep with at least 10 different women a month or that you should get one woman and stay with her for the rest of your life.I really do know what works and what doesn’t. so will you! So let’s get started.

If you don’t like having 23 women on the go.18 -- .to do it. If you just want a girlfriend. especially when it comes to women and dating … so appreciate it because many men don’t have it. this my friend is like having a personal remotecontrol for your life! Maybe you want to sleep with a woman within a day of meeting her. What you will do with my techniques is entirely up to you … but once thing I can tell you right now. If you have been married already and would rather have a meaningful long-term relationship instead … do that instead. then weed out all the women you don’t want to be with and keep the one you like. It really is entirely up to you but nevertheless. then you don’t need to. I am going to show you how you will be able to do all of the above. So regard reading my material as a privilege … because I don’t teach them to just anyone! Right and Wrong You probably already have a rough idea of how someone in general “should” behave around women and how to treat them. Maybe you want to sleep with a woman within an hour of meeting her. The question is: does it work? -. Perhaps you want to get to know them before you sleep with them or maybe take each stage very slowly. whether you will decide to let one or 20 women be part of your life: The power of choice is something not many people have.

you would get a laugh out of the entire class. If you just won a sports tournament or a competition and you feel and act like the champ. Need a couple examples? • Being cocky or cheeky to somebody • Acting arrogant because you are better at something • Breaking certain rules If you make a cheeky or cocky comment towards your teacher. Not only because it is illegal. they got told “you can’t do that? Why? … because you just don’t”. but you would get detention. people would tell you to take it easy and come back down to earth. but also because you just don’t do that.Now I’m an not an arrogant jerk towards women (ok maybe sometimes ☺) but you need to realize that there is a huuuuuuuge difference between what works when it comes to attracting women. is something that many people regard as immoral and wrong. teachers. parents. their boss and society in general that if they stepped out of line or did something a little bit different than anybody else. a lot of stuff that gets women attracted. I know so many guys who had to listen to their friends. You see.19 -- . Remember those words: Because you just don’t do that. and what is generally perceived as good social behavior. Now you can’t just walk into a bank and shoot everybody just to get some cash. -.

there are so many questions that pop up in someone’s mind when he is attracted to a woman. get her phone-number. But what should you do to actually GET HER! You know. Basically. you aren’t particularly model-type handsome … you are just a regular guy. good manners and the right-behavior from when you were a little kid. kiss her and get physical with her. • Always say thank you • Be a good.20 -- . What can a regular guy do? -. you have been taught good ethics. • Do you just walk over to her and pay her a compliment? • Do you ask her if she wants to have a drink with you sometimes? • Do you invite her to the cinema? • Do you ask her if she just wants to “hang out?” • Do you tell her that you really like her and if she wanted go on a date with you? • Do you ask her for her phone-number? • Do you play it cool? • Do you wait until she looks at you? See. you brake ‘em but would get into trouble for doing so.If you didn’t see the point of certain rules. have a date. nice and polite towards others • Do what you have been told But what about when you wanted to date that special girl you had a crush on? How were you going to achieve that? Should you act like you always did around your friends? Should you do something different? You aren’t rich.

Maybe even you might some of my techniques not really “clean” or “honest” or “not how you should do things”. So just to get the record straight … you shouldn’t tell the wrong kind of people that you know this stuff. feminists and even deeply religious folk. somebody will lose power.21 -- . my stuff works like a charm.Now look: Most of the stuff that really works with women is NOT what you think it is. Especially don’t tell your female friends that you know how a woman’s brain works. I’m not talking about lying into someone’s face to get an advantage and I’m not talking about screwing people over here. In fact. ultimately. most of the stuff that women LOVE and get ATTRACTED to is morally wrong. I’m talking about the moral majority of this country. how to seduce them and basically that you can get almost any woman’s phone-number under 3 minutes. But. Why? Because they think what you are doing is morally wrong! Does it work though? Hell yes! But some people might not like it as much as you do. I’m talking about becoming a man … a real man! And a lot of folk don’t like me teaching you this stuff. Why? Because if I show you how to beat the system. -.

Maybe it’s time to change and become more of a man. HOW you are going to use my knowledge is entirely up to you. are you going to change your outlook on life because of what you’ve just read. she will see you as a friend. If you try to be like her.22 -- . -. she will look for that in a friend. Most people will tell you that having the same types of interests and being gentle and caring will attract you to a woman.It is highly advanced cutting edge material that I believe is the best in the world. The real question is. Remember. Perhaps that you are starting to realize that being nice and thoughtful won’t get you what you really want. or do you want to leave things as they were? But as I said before: I will give you the power of choice by teaching you what really works with women. Will you change YOUR goals or morals from reading my book? It all depends what you want personally. she might start to see you as a partner. But if you try to be a man.

let’s get this party started then… Men and women are two completely different human beings (well. Women might seem very complicated. sports (competition). sex & relationships (romance) Now I have generalized this to the max! I know there’s loads of other stuff but to get my point across. but it really isn’t. They don’t know how the female psyche works and how to effectively handle a woman.23 -- . her looks (attention). Ok. shopping and clothes (appearance). let’s very quickly go over the obvious differences: Your average guy will be interested in. If you fail to GET the how’s and why’s of female psychology. you just need to get the fundamentals right. then no wonder you are getting rejected all the time. it will do.Men v Women Allright. talking to girlfriends (gossip). Let me ask you one simple question: Why the difference? • Why are we men not interested in a movie about romance than women? -. beer (getting wasted). But most men can’t understand women at all. obviously. cars (performance. titties (sex) and hanging out with his buddies. styles). Your average female will be interested in: drama (emotion). d’oh ☺).

That’s why talking about sports stats. creates a need that most men don’t have! We men love the adrenaline and competing against each other to see who is better at something. who “looks” better because that is how they compete.24 -- . We men just kick each other’s ass to determine who is stronger or better. Cold facts don’t work here. you will see that women are emotional creatures! They need to be stimulated emotionally to do something with you. It all goes back to the animal kingdom. We compete to determine who is the dominant one. But long story short: Women and men have different needs! If you can press those buttons to GIVE her what she craves in a man. porn-magazines and car engines don’t really make you look sexy for women: They don’t really care! Why? Because if you put all the pieces together. the alpha male.• Why are women not as interested in a cars performance as guys? • Why we guys not as interested in gossip as girls? Just because we are men and they are women you say? Well. it’s all about driving her emotions nuts until they go wild. you are dead on the money. Women like to compete between other women in terms of who gets more attention. I think that’s obvious … but why? I tell you why: Because drama for instance. This is the key! -.

how much money you got or how big your biceps is…you have to be able to press her emotional trigger buttons that create attraction! Get it? So let’s talk about that for a second. you need to look beyond the phonenumber. Then what? Wouldn’t it be much more effective if I showed you how to create your own? Yes I do have some killer lines but I want you to grasp the CONCEPT of why women get attracted to whatever I say. Emotional Trigger Buttons Where are they? How do you press them? What’s it all about? Allright then … The biggest question you probably have right now is: “How do I approach a woman. Why does it work? -. you need to understand that to be successful in the dating game. what do I say and how do I get her number?” Now look.No point talking about what car you drive. There is also the date. etc.25 -- . how and when to kiss her. how to get her to your place. So let me ask you this: If I just gave you lots of lines that work … at some point you will run out of material.

26 -- . she gets attracted to you and thinks you are sexy. the ones that make any woman attracted to you within seconds! There is shitloads more to be successful in the dating game. I am the greatest” … then she would just make a “who’s that weirdo?” face at you. But. but make a joke out of it. I know WHERE her emotional trigger buttons are. they will giggle. In other words. It’s too arrogant and too dry. How does that look like? Let’s use the example from above. if you said • “Hey baby. but we have to get the fundamentals right first. add some humor to it and make it sound cheeky. here’s the killer secret: If you don’t take yourself too seriously.Because I figured out how the code looks like. funny and a “hot-guy”. and add some humor: • “Hey! You know I don’t wanna brag but … [pause] … I just am the greatest” *smile* Get it? Women LOVE that shit! In fact. you will press her sexual trigger button. There’s no chemistry going on here. smile and tell you how full of yourself you are but they just got attracted to you! -. For instance. So how do you press a woman’s emotional trigger button? How do you get her ATTRACTED to you within seconds? Simple… You have to be just a little bit too arrogant.

that you are so “mean” and “bad”. If she laughs.Remember that women never go for the nice guy. Don’t think just because she hasn’t told you anything yet that she isn’t attracted to you. Nice guys always finish last! Pay attention to what she does (such as dating a jerk or asshole) and not what she says (such as “I want a man who treats me like a princess”). If you pull this off right.27 -- . Keep doing what works! Allright. It doesn’t matter if she calls you mean. hits you on the arm and calls you a bad boy with a huge ego … she absolutely loves what you are doing so don’t stop it. But you can SEE if she likes you or not. that you have such a huge ego or that you are so full of yourself…just look at how she reacts to it. lets you kiss her. They never tell you that they like you when you are still dating her. now let’s get deeper into this. she will think you are hot and sexy. Always pay attention to her behavior and not what she actually says. This is key here! Everytime you create attraction or press her emotional trigger buttons. -. she plays her cards right. giggle and get shiny eyes. she will tell you that this is “harsh”. I know this sounds weird but that’s how a woman gets attracted to a guy. hit you on the arm but she will smile.

They also are attracted to the idea of never having to work or worry about money anymore. which is the last one. Same goes for -. But this need is purely a survival strategy and hasn’t changed over centuries. but even if you DO have money. If you look like a Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp. it doesn’t mean jack. Women do prefer rich guys over poor guys. 1) Wealth Meaning how much money you have and how much you earn. 2) Looks Most women say they want a guy that is cute and tall.Part 2: The Fundamentals About Attracting Women The Magnificent 7 There are seven basic things that attract women. women will get attracted to you instantly. Women wouldn’t mind having a partner who has lots of money because he would be the perfect provider. Now the problem here is that looks alone give you a lot of attention and is NOT really a crucial factor in how successful you are. you couldn’t be more off here. Anyhow. All but one are truly important. clothes and jewelry … or generally speaking. provide a better lifestyle. here are the seven basic things that attract most women on this planet. Does that mean you can’t get a beautiful woman if you are poor? Dude. The most common reason why women (or gold-diggers) like a wealthy man is pretty obvious: Because they can buy lots of stuff like hundreds of shoes.28 -- .

4) Fame Okay. 99. This is almost like the complete package of power and fame. this is a bit of a bummer.height: You don’t need to be tall to become a ladies-man. you are better than the average citizen. brings respect and shows you are not at the bottom of the food-chain.29 -- . If you are famous. not tall and don’t have model-looks. then people will recognize you on the street because they already know you. People think that if you are famous. If you have status then people will assume that you are somehow better than somebody who -. Why? Because it’s sexy. some of them I am close friends dress like shit and don’t even shower before going out.9% of men are not famous and can’t capitalize on this attractive trait. Why do you think most of the guys that are really successful Playboys or Ladies-Men are not rich. To be honest. Of course this is complete bullshit (look at Paris Hilton) but this is just the way it works in this world. But fact is that women find themselves naturally attracted to a guy who has lots of power. Nevertheless. the alpha-male. You don’t need to be a senator or a powerful business-man to qualify for this department. Unfortunately. 5) Status Men who have status have influence and power and usually money. women are attracted to guys who are famous. You really need to come off this trip that looks will give you a huge edge in this dating game because it’s just not true! 3) Power Power is a form of dominance and shows your leadership qualities…and women ALWAYS go for the leader of the pack.

It also means that if you have talent. But your personality is the KEY when it comes to meeting and dating beautiful women. and if they see other women being interested in you. -. you are being regarded as someone “special” which makes you unique and different. If it wasn’t for your personality. Get it? 6) Talent Men who have talent are seen as attractive because women feel they can provide for her. your status rises instantly in the eyes of ALL women. Your personality is the ONLY thing that you can tweak and improve in a short amount of time. Here’s another slick trick: If women see other women eyeballing you or trying to get your attention. then all the men out there who enjoy great success with women wouldn’t be where they are right now.30 -- . Having a special talent is a great turn on and automatically makes you stand out from the crowd… if you are GOOD at what you do and are enthusiastic about it. This is because women tend to follow. 7) Personality This is more important than any of the above. Your personality is your greatest weapon and tool when it comes to success in the dating game. I will show you how you can hone your personality into an irresistible powerhouse! … I’m not kidding. then you must be sexy for every woman.doesn’t have status. I mean you won’t get rich overnight and you certainly won’t grow two more inches if you are an adult.

it’s pretty much on auto-pilot right now ☺ -.31 -- . but we are the living proof that this stuff works. We have kept everything pretty quiet and underground. you will get ultimate success with women. None of the others can do that as intense as your personality. Look. The reason … in fact the ONLY reason why I am so successful at what I do is because I have perfected my personality to naturally attract women everywhere I go.Your personality decides whether or not a woman will ultimately want to be with you and love you. But once they have seen how incredible my techniques are. not tall and certainly don’t have modellooks. excited. the eyes open in astonishment and all they can say is “WOW!” Now listen. the jaw suddenly drops. happy. To be honest. intrigued and get that gut feeling called attracted. We are not rich. I have lots of player friends and I am good buddies with some of the best seducers and womanizers the world has never seen … fortunately. I have put a lot of effort in this and it nothing works better than my personality when I want to get a woman’s phone-number and get a date with her. Most guys don’t believe me when I tell them. It is your personality that makes a woman feel turned on. I don’t even have a car as I type this. I know you don’t really believe me here that just by tweaking someone’s personality.

-. So you see. not taller and not more handsome than I was before. I guess … this time. Yu will need to learn and ultimately acquire most of these traits so they become a part of you. and all I could do at this point was to fix and enhance my personality that it would attract women in the near future … and it worked! I’m not richer.-) Personality Traits That Attract Women In this chapter. Here are the fundamental tools you can use to attract a woman. and I am going to show you how YOU can become the same. whilst others can work well when you combine them. It’s difficult to change the way you look. but strangely enough the most important of all your characteristics you can change. Some of them are best on their own. the best thing about your personality is that you can change it for the better if you work on it. I am going to list the specific personality traits that give women that gut feeling called emotional attraction.32 -- . for once … we really got lucky! . Women have a pretty good idea of what a man should have and be like in order for them to consider you as boyfriend or lover material. but my personality is absolute killer! It’s the reason why I am such a chick-magnet right now. difficult to change your status and difficult to get richer.But I was a struggling nice guy like many of you guys reading this.

balls and some inner strength.33 -- . Be a little mysterious. giggle and laugh. walk up to her and do all the “dirty work”. you will have a problem! • Confidence – What you need is cohones.e. keep her on her toes and make keep her -. they always end up with the slightly arrogant jerk who is full of himself. where to go and what to do now on a date). but she will love it when you take control of situations and make the decisions (i. But don’t take yourself too seriously and play it down a notch. It will also make you an interesting and fun person to hang out with. If you can make women smile. They can’t give you attitude either because you lowered their guard since they are laughing.• Humor – Make a woman laugh and she will eat out of your hand. This doesn’t mean she wants to be locked up. you are being cheeky…and every woman will want to be around you because you they feel that gut-level emotion that magically attracts them to you. Women are the weak ones. • Be spontaneous and unpredictable – Don’t signal your intentions to her just like that. • Have a big ego – Make sure you are in love with yourself and have a big ego. • Dominance – Women love a man who takes charge and leads. so they need a strong counterpart…you! You have to make the decisions. Women naturally follow so if you don’t lead. So make sure you use what works and get that big ego! • Be cheeky – Now this is one of the most powerful tools you will ever learn. I know this sounds very arrogant but even though women SAY they want a nice guy. it will bypass their bitch-shield. By being slightly arrogant AND funny.

If you can acquire that strong JamesBond charm that can sweep women off their feet. you instantly come off as different and special. All this will make you so much more interesting. don’t call her all the time. flowers of take her out to a candle-light dinner. • Be charming – This isn’t an easy one. make spontaneous decisions and don’t reveal everything about yourself early on. otherwise women will lose interest if they can get you without putting in some effort or having to chase and fight to actually get you. Play hard to get. • Be hard to get – You have to be a challenge. Every woman kinda knows how men behave or how her past dates went … so you have to show her that you are NOT like them. Make her chase YOU. You need to turn up the heat by creating attraction. unpredictable and a little mysterious.34 -- . But by any means. and being romantic kills everything early on! Most guys make this mistake so back off here! -. DO NOT be all cuddly and become a wimp by writing her poems. don’t respond text messages right away and make her know that just because she is beautiful doesn’t mean you will want to date her. you are dead on the money. and not the other way around. you will have to play your own thing here. but DON’T try to be romantic early on. And this is done by playing a little hard to get and by being busy sometimes. making you seem a hot and interesting man in a woman’s eyes. Don’t do everything for her whenever she wants to. Have a charming personality. It doesn’t mean you should be all romantic and a goody-goody two shoes. It doesn’t work like that. By being spontaneous. Say things she wouldn’t expect . giving her gifts.guessing.

Dating women shouldn’t be a big deal for you. Women won’t be interested in facts and statistics. Maybe I kiss her. make you different from the rest and therefore you come off as the sexy and interesting guy every woman wants to date. they want the rebels. So many guys take this dating game -. another woman wants a piece of me so let’s see what she’s got. rebellious and adventurous guy? She will try to tame you. but here’s my take on it: You just have to take it easy. Being clever and street-smart are both huge turn-ons for women so make sure people don’t perceive you as a dumb cracker-jack. so why should she want to go out with you? The reason why her past dates didn’t go any further was simply because every man wasn’t special. and that’s half the fun right there for every woman on this planet. but if you can show to a woman that you do have some brains she will find that very attractive. • Be original and different – Don’t do the same things like everyone else. the bad boys of the jungle! • Clever – Women tend to be attracted to a sharp and bright mind…as long as you are NOT a nerd or a geek. That’s why my attraction techniques works so perfectly here: it will make you stand out. you are boring and predictable. so have an attitude like this: Cool. Don’t say the same things like every other guy and don’t dress like every other guy.35 -- . you ARE like every other guy she has dated before. maybe I let her hang out with me if she is interesting … we’ll see. They don’t like the nicey-nice guys who they KNOW they can get anytime. • Be cool – This is a hard one to explain. unique or different from one another.• Be rebellious – If you follow all the rules. Rules are here to be broken…and which woman doesn’t love a wild. If you do.

The only type of women that WON’T respond to you that well if you have all those personality traits above are ugly women. she knows that she doesn’t stand a chance. Now look. obviously every woman is different.waaayyy to seriously. Those personality traits are what makes about 99% of women feel that gut level emotion called attraction towards you. A better. so she gets jealous and won’t respond that positively towards you. sexy and as a challenge. and if you have an amazing personality that naturally attracts women. But if you can acquire most of the personality traits that I just mentioned above. most women will not be able to resist you. Why? Because they know that most men don’t find them attractive. But that will be the least of you problems because what you want is an intelligent. The strongest one is if you can come off as slightly arrogant but still funny…called being cheeky! I haven’t found a beautiful woman who was not attracted to me when I was cheeky to her. You will come off so much more confident. play it by your own rules and do what YOU want.36 -- . more beautiful woman can just come along and be instantly attracted to you as well. cute and beautiful girl right? So why settle for what the unattractive guys go for? I just gave you CHOICE! -. No need! Just relax.

Every man she’s been out with wasn’t nice. Does she get what she wants? Does she go out with the guy she originally wanted? No! She goes out with the guy that makes her feel sexually attracted! And all those guys have at least half of the personality traits I mentioned above! -. the type of women me.37 -- . good-looking. polite or treated her like a princess. Being perfect in general is just plain boring…small differences and imperfections are exactly what makes someone or something interesting. treats them well (like a princess. you and probably every other guy wants to be with has NEVER dated a guy like that. obviously ☺) and plays the role of the perfect boyfriend. so I want you to go for the type of woman you always wanted! Another thing I want to mention here is that most women SAY they want a man who is nice. If you are the perfect boyfriend.You can now make almost EVERY woman get sexually attracted to you. Get it? But you now know how attraction works so never listen to what a woman says she wants … pay attention to what is happening for real. then you become boring. But in reality.

BUT…” -. they just won’t get it if you are reasonable and try to explain it with pure logic. That’s exactly why most guys can’t counter an argument with pure logic because it doesn’t sink into a woman’s brain.. you need to realize that women are emotional creatures. Do you know what’s going to happen? She will say. I’m going to teach you WHY they do it. and WHAT to do about it to effectively handle the situation. “Yeah. Buy why? Most men just don’t know what to do when your date or girlfriend acts like a complete bitch. Or in other word’s.That’s one of the many secrets of this dating game! I’m glad I taught you this just in time. So let’s continue… Why Women Bitch Women will give you some attitude and behave like a brat sometimes. First of all.38 -- . driven by emotions! …and the love drama! Their decisions are not based on pure logic but rather how they feel at that given moment.

And if you have needs to fulfill. So. Don’t ask me. “Look. I know women like to bitch sometimes but seriously…stop behaving like a brat” You need to be able to hold your ground when you deal with a real hottie because she WILL give you some attitude to see if you are up to the challenge. Get it? Another thing is. -. then you need something that feeds them right? In other words…DRAMA! Men don’t really have that need. but you will have to know how to handle a woman when she gets emotional. I’m supposed to follow”. what do you do when your woman or date is being all emotional. but how a man reacts to it. It’s just like when women get annoyed at you when you ASK a woman on a date “where do you want to go?” or “what do you want to do?”. but not you. YOU make the decisions.39 -- . then she will get annoyed because you LET her do it. If you can’t handle the situation and let her act like a brat. correctly translated to “Why are you asking me? You are the man. acts like a bitch and gives you a little attitude? You will have to let her know that she can do that with every other guy. I’m the woman.The problem here isn’t really the bitching itself. that women NEED emotions. Women will just say “I don’t know”. that’s what keeps them alive.

I want to dig a bit further down the spine and explain WHY exactly being nice to women is a very. But if you don’t. there is a pretty big chance that you might have been what women call a “nice guy” as well. their lives have taken a complete turn for the better. the type of man women like to hang out with.They test you. then she will accept it and respect your decision. she will walk all over you because you LET HER DO IT! Women don’t have any respect for nice guys that act like wimps. and how far she can go and what you tolerate and what not. About 90% of guys who read my books and other programs have been “just friends” with women and were being labeled as “nice guys” by women in their pasts. Fortunately. It’s all about respect anyway: if you let her know. it’s sayonara son! If you don’t put your foot down. And they do it all the time! You have to make sure that you let her know what your rules are. Now. VERY bad idea. You know. so behave like a man! Nice Guys Always Finish last Allright. I want you to think a bit as well here. can share all -.40 -- . they really do.

picking her up when she needed a lift and even talk to her for hours on the phone. Or the most common response: why do you want to ruin our relationship we have? If you try to kiss her. she will turn her head. she will NOT treat it as a date but like a get-together with one of her girlfriends where you chat about girlie stuff over a cup of coffee.their problems with (mostly relationships and men) and basically consider you as her personal girlfriend. …and you were still waiting for the right moment to kiss her and tell her how you really feel about her. Or maybe you even did.41 -- . So why did this happen? Why does she think of you as just a friend? -. Then you started her buying drinks. You wouldn’t mind to kiss or sleep with her … even if it was just to go on a real date with her but she just doesn’t feel the same way. she will be nice to you as well and like you in the end. and she just said that she needs some more space and needs to think about this. You thought that by being nice and polite to women. if you want to go on a date with her. The big question I always get is: How can I get her and what have I done wrong? The answer is actually pretty simple if you paid attention in my newsletters.

women don’t get attracted to nice. clingy. She has made up her mind about you already. then something else will happen. you are a nice guy. So let’s summarize once and for all: Women will NEVER sleep with a clingy and wimpy niceguy! They will ALWAYS date the bad boy. They will look at you and see that you are a “nice” guy indeed. but I just got out of a relationship … but we can still be friends”. needy and wimpy behavior … that’s a fact! If you were unable to press her emotional trigger buttons that make her feel that gut level emotion called attraction towards you. But it’s too late now. Now. then she will let you be friends with her.42 -- . It’s also a nice way of saying “I’m not really attracted to you but you are so sweet. … and you go like “but I don’t want to be friends. I want to date you” in your head. “You know. the guy that our society likes to call a menace. a bad influence and a jerk! -. But because women don’t tell you to fuck off if you didn’t behave like a complete jerk. but they just don’t feel sexually attracted to you.It all leads back to when you first met her because that’s when you lay out the ground rules and the foundation of the emotional connection between the two of you. You will send I WANT TO BE FRIENDS signals to her. NOT sexual mating indicators. I can’t possibly give you a rude rejection because you are so nice”.

43 -- . I just give you all the stuff that really works out there … the true secrets of womanizing and attracting women. it just doesn’t work! The First Impression Ok look… Everybody keeps talking about first impressions at shit right? But what’s really going on here? Why is a first impression so important? I want to reveal the real secrets right now and that will give you an incredible advantage. ditch everything what nice guys do and add the rest from StreetSmartDating … and you are made! See. Allright. you are literally screwed! See. Once a woman has made up her mind about you. StreetSmartDating doesn’t teach you to be a mean bastard or to become a jerk. But just to get this over one last time: Please. PLEASE don’t fall for the oldest trick in the book and believe that you should be NICE to women to become successful … in reality and on the street. I get so many emails from guys saying… -.Does that mean you have to become a jerk to get women? Hell no! You just need to take what works for jerks. think about this for a moment: Why is a good first impression so important? Simple: Because you can’t change it after a certain amount of time.

I hope you can understand that argument. But if you fuck up. etc … see above for more examples). there is nothing you can do about it because she has made up her mind. What can I do to win her over?” The answer is very cruel but it’s the truth: There is NOTHING you can do to win her over! If you blew it by being nice. is if you have top-notch game. being cheeky. dominant. -. you won’t screw up like this in the first place.“Hey Nick. You will have to start dating other women and get your skills up to speed. This is why most mistakes either happen within the first 30 seconds to 3 minutes … or at the date when you are trying to kiss her or get her to come to your place. It will only work if you displayed to a woman in the first few minutes of talking to her that you are different. NOT a wimpy nice-guy and have some of the qualities women are looking for in a guy (like humor.44 -- . And if you do have amazing skills. I even tried to kiss her but she always turned her face away. rebellious. I met this woman and I think I blew it by being nice and clingy and she said she only wanted to be friends. NEXT! … that’s all you can say here. you will have to move on. I have tried winning a woman over with some form of jealousy and I’m not even going to lie here … it does work! But the only way you can win a woman over AFTER you screwed up. wimpy and needy.

you instantly get attracted and want to meet her. she will get attracted to you just like that. But on the other hand. Rather. you can’t change it. if she make a good first impression. There is no choice here either. They don’t say to themselves: “he is so sexy. Doesn’t happen like that. If she sees you as a guy who is sweet but only girlfriend material … it will stay that way. as in you display to her that you have the qualities women are looking for . they will keep the option open and see what will happen next. cute and kinda sexy … I think it’s time to get attracted to him”. you have passed the “nice-guy” test as I call it (she sees you are not a nice guy). then she will keep her options open. and she will now keep her options open and will decide if you are boyfriend or lover material. he is funny. It happens instantly! Let me say it again: Attraction happens instantly! You see a beautiful woman walking down the street. If she gets attracted. -. I am sooo going to sleep with him”.That’s why you will have to make sure you get it right from now on … and from the start! Once she has this image of you planted in her head. If she gets attracted to you and sees you as a potential lover or boyfriend.. She doesn’t say “wow.45 -- .

she can’t follow and will therefore leave. You know. • If you are hungry for sex. she will get annoyed and reject you. That’s women for ya ☺ 21st Century Women A lot has changed in the past 50 years in the female mind and to women in our society. Everybody thinks that women have become more demanding. • If you act needy and clingy. they only say no or “I wanna see more…” … and in 99% of the cases. she will sleep with you and tell her girlfriends “we had sex last night … but it just happened”. -. she will NOT be nice to you. • If you don’t lead. To tell you the truth … NOTHING has changed! Women are attracted to the exact same things like they used to get attracted to 50 years ago … and their dislikes of men who behave a certain way haven’t changed either. and that the man has to show her that he is a good provider.They don’t really say yes. Women got their first taste of emancipation and they liked it. • If you are trying to be nice to her. you won’t get it.46 -- . like it was YOUR fault for letting her sleep with you because she wanted to see what is going to happen.

most women literally pity men who can’t stand up for themselves.Can you see where I am getting at here? Women don’t want to be in control as feminism and emancipation has suggested. In fact. Here’s a great example.47 -- . Not only do women like to hear a man taking control. If you let a woman push you around in a relationship it will simply end badly. But you can pay me back with an ice-cream ok?” The key of course is NOT to appear mean. Be light hearted about it. and then ask her what she will do for you in return. If she wants some money from you and all you can say is “yeah sure … here’s some extra”. This is just another way in which women subconsciously test men. Make a small joke about her trying to bleed you dry. There is just as fine a difference between mean and in control as there is between jerks and real ladies-men. She would really like to hear him stand up for himself and say: “Look. then she will think “oh that was easy … he’s not a wimp is he?” Sometimes it really is just a test for her to see what she can get away with and to check your rules. I’m not just going to give you money to spend. they also want to feel like he’s not tip toeing around her and telling her what she wants to hear just incase she leaves him. Let’s say she asks you for some money to … I dunno … buy some make-up or hand cream. You don’t have to be aggressive or -.

That’s why women get so frustrated.angry with her if she constantly asks you to do things for her. The women of today aren’t really more demanding or harder to handle. So what’s the problem? -. just laugh about it and be cool. Above all. Seriously … Women just want a man! That’s it. But how come so many guys have problems with women and dating? They are men for sure (I sure hope so lol). But on the other hand. Just Be a Man The most important underlying principle and driver of success with women and dating is to be a man. taking control of a woman shows you are different from the other men she has dated and never had a relationship with. The reason why most women complain that there aren’t any real men out there who are single is simply because 9 out of 10 men are wimps. Most guys try the nice and caring approach because they think that she will leave them and they couldn’t cope with that. If you show that you don’t follow the same patterns as the rest of the male population then she will see that you are sexy and different. there is almost zero competition for you out there once you know all the secret know-how about how to attract and date women.48 -- .

You will have to SHOW her that you are not like all the others. A man that has most of the attractive qualities women are looking for to brand you as sexy. The real reason why there are way too many wussbags. C’mon dude.Simple: They are not REAL MEN! Women don’t just want any type of guy. You know. you are a man so act like one. wimps and nice-guys but so few real men out there these days is simply because our society has changed. Society has -. she might even think you are gay if you act all nicey-nice at the same time. Guys aren’t allowed to be macho. if you see a beautiful woman you get attracted and wouldn’t mind kiss or sleep with her … so don’t deny it! Be a man! They know that we think about sex all the time. masculine and so stereotypical in their role as men anymore. she will wonder why? Heck. they want a real man. It’s not the same like it used to be. for instance: Don’t act needy or clingy because that’s your death-wish right there. I think sex before marriage is wrong. But don’t deny what you are either: You do have to show her that you are not hungry for sex and not just say “well. Do you now how to do that? So. they know that men can be dirty pigs … BUT … if you try to be all nice and DENY that you are not like all the other guys out there. unless you find the right woman”.49 -- .

religion. Over time. magazines and even your mom who told you that you need to be “nice” to a woman because they need to be treated like princesses. write nice cards and literally “court” a woman to get her. And the bad boy jerk and macho will ALWAYS lose to the girl because it’s the nice. And guess what.changed and created a lot of men that aren’t attractive to women because of their new-age behavior. morals.50 -- . ethics. somebody who listens to all her problems they have with men and They want a shoulder to lean on. polite and feminine guy that deserves to get the woman because he really does care about her and listens to all her problems. our society has changed and made everyone believe that men aren’t allowed to act as real men anymore (because of equal rights. But even though it should be the nice and moral thing to do. you will need to bring flowers. TV. most guys believe that crap! They forgot what women really want! They don’t want another friend. it just doesn’t work! This is one of the key factor or drivers of failure in the dating game: society has been conditioning men to THINK that in order to be a chick-magnet. etc). strong arms to hug them and a man that is sure of himself and knows where he is going in life. -. emancipation. Blame movies.

there will be the Alpha-Male. If it was. and what is really EFFECTIVE when it comes to women and dating. It isn’t natural. In the animal kingdom. But to speak from an evolutionary point of view: Men are designed to pick and choose which women they find suitable to mother their offspring. It’s attraction that counts! This is why it is so important for you to go back to the roots of being a man! Okay… I want to give yourself another perspective here to get the “just be a man” ideology across so you are able to look through the looking glass the other way. it makes no sense at all because you have already been conditioned. You really have to differentiate here between what is being PERCEIVED as the right way. it is NOT what the society has been telling you. the boss and leader of the pack.But women really WANT a real man. When you think about it.51 -- . That’s why most people don’t think being a classical or stereotypical man is wrong or unattractive. The other -. that’s why they hang out with the guys they shouldn’t really be with. He will have several different families and father many different children. And in most cases. then there wouldn’t be so many guys out there who still don’t get it and always fail with women. Men simply aren’t designed to stick to the first woman they have sex with.

We may all at some point in our lives decide to stick to one woman. Women like a man who doesn’t cling to one woman for instance. But one of the reasons for so many marriages breaking down is from people marrying too young before they’ve made up their mind. You see. Although we are now civilized. If you want to be happy it’s far better to at least test the water before committing yourself to marriage. the factor of being successful as a male in the animal kingdom is simply force and strength. and the rest don’t get anywhere. just like in the animal kingdom. But this isn’t really the most important point here.52 -- . there really isn’t much difference between that scenario and human life today. women are more demanding than simply going for the strongest guy.males will all have to wait in line behind him and the females will all fight to ensure he fathers their offspring. but ultimately it all goes back to being the man you should be. who gets more women? Jerks right? And what is far better than being a jerk? A real man! A jerk will literally treat a woman like dirt when it comes to sex. Thinking back to nice guys and jerks. there are a few men out there who get all the women. Attraction has become more complex. lie -. Survival of the fittest remember? But today. Now. He’d have more than one girlfriend at a time.

politeness etc like you have been told by society) … here they are again in a short version: • Strength: confidence. The creep might get told to get lost within 20 seconds of talking to a girl. On the other hand. she just says: -. The woman of today wants a real man with certain qualities to feel attracted to (remember. aggressiveness • Attractive: humor. wit • Charming: calmness. sure of himself. being a badboy • Interesting: being different.53 -- . arrogance. persistence. it isn’t just strength like in the animal kingdom or good-looks. the nice guy might talk to her for 10-20 minutes and then instead of her telling him where to go. that is. Let’s set aside the creepy overweight old men and focus on the average nice guy. money. cheekyness. sexy bodylanguage and voice. leading The most important part that you will have to implement in your daily approach and confrontations with women is to not only ACT like the man women want … but to ultimately BECOME the man women want.about where he was and generally treat her mean. Like the wise man said: Fake it till you make it! Players Playing the Game You may wonder why women complain about certain guys trying to attract them. ego. A real man. stories to tell.

Remember that women love to play social games like bitch queen? Well that’s exactly how women play it with meeting men.” You may have wondered why most women complain about nice guys talking to them.54 -- . and by now you should be aware that whatever TV and the internet tells you about attraction is wrong. anyone. You’re a really nice guy you’ll meet someone who’s perfect for you soon. she uses the opportunity to show that she is attractive to other guys. So instead of grasping the opportunity to be seen with a guy that she doesn’t find that attractive. This is compensation for the fact that the nice looking guy preferred the slim. A girl may not have the greatest looks. that men have been after them and its so hard to get them to leave her alone. they’re PLAYING. The truth is they’re not COMPLAINING. The Rich and Famous It is a general misconception that women find money and fame attractive. Women play games when it comes to dating so they can get a kick out of it. this is something that society has told us is true. They want to tell their friends. You can learn how to change this around so you will be playing games with her. feel slightly insecure and get jealous when most guys pass her by.“Awww that’s so sweet of you to say so. but I’m seeing someone. Again. pretty faced girl across the bar and she was stuck with the nerd who didn’t know his fly was undone. -. guys they like. It is almost like an ego boosting exercise.

these ideas stick strongly in her mind and start to form pictures of her perfect man. Films. It will take her a lot of disappointment for her to realize that this is not true and the reason it will take her so long is because it has been embedded in her sub conscious so deeply. good natured. They are not interested in the wealth or fame that comes from wealthy men. healthy. -. For women. Most of my best buddies are broke or very nearly broke. Poor people are portrayed as scruffy. How many attractive. she assumes that rich men can fulfill her desires. well mannered. This is the image we have been given from a very young age. interesting and generous.The reason for this is pretty obvious. cool rich people do you know? In my experience money makes you boring and difficult to socialize with. Generally speaking. And yet they seem to get all the interesting women. evil. they are interested in the experiences and emotions that he will offer. funny. TV. aggressive and cold hearted.55 -- . rich people are portrayed as attractive. Because of Disney and all the other false influences in her life. You may be thinking that this means that women will always go for rich and powerful men. unhealthy. as long as you make them FEEL the way they thought a rich and powerful man would. books and all the rest tell you that rich people are good and poor people are bad. This is completely untrue. You can get women to flock to you as well. untrustworthy.

In all these tests and games both men and women are looking for the same thing. Women want sex from the same man who can be faithful and loyal to her. Take time to analyze your appearance. not by a long way. they all have a motive and a reason for doing so. Its not just for the sake of it. bitch about each other and test you. It may seem pretty hard trying to attracting someone that wants something different from yourself. Respect Yourself Appearance isn’t as important as your charm. Sex.Part3: Looking Through The Looking-Glass The Other Way Everything Has a Reason Just as you learned why women shoot men down. This might seem difficult to beat at first. but you simply have to work on giving them what they want rather than what you think they want.56 -- . Men on the other hand want many different partners and don’t want to be tied to any particular woman. What do you want to change about your body? There’s no point in saying -. But it can give you a head start and it can improve you’re game.

One of the worst things you can do is dress like everyone else. you are letting women slip through your fingers. What about all that extra body weight? Lose it. but to show you have your own style and you look good in it. but being obese will. Get some new shoes. Get rid of the grubby sweatpants. The reason you want to make sure that you don’t dress too smart is so that you show a woman you’re not trying too hard. Now to your style: This is important. If you weigh that much. You weigh 250Ibs and all of it is fat. You wear tracksuits and sneakers all the time. For example. Wash every day. think hard about each factor of your body. not only is it bad for your health. But there are things you can change. Try and get clothes online. you are in the worst case scenario. Make sure you buy clothes that are slightly different from everyone else. Keep it short and wash it at least once every 2 days. What do you need to change? Well you wont suddenly grow to 6 foot and then shed off all that extra weight. Keep away from baggy clothes and try to steer clear of clothing that makes you look as though you’re trying to hard. Wear clothes that compliment your body. Of course if you have a few extra pounds then this shouldn’t pose any real problem. Dressing differently shows you have originality -. Not to look fashionable as such. Sort out your hair. You are 5’ 4”. Your hair is a mess.57 -- .you want to change it all and look like Johnny Depp. Not only are they cheaper but you can make yourself look more stylish. Start by exercising everyday and reducing what and the amount you eat gradually.

Not a good look. what makes a woman immediately interested in you from the first thing you say -. Nothing is worse than something that smells too strong. The real magic comes from the charm. This can also be stopped with mouthwash. If they’re not very white make sure u brush three times a day and use baking soda with your toothpaste to help bring out those pearly whites. Long nails not only scratch but they make men look feminine. Keep the scent down to a minimum. If you don’t like antiperspirant then use a roll on or spray deodorant. it also shows a woman that you are trying far too hard to impress her. Keep the fragrance low so that she can only smell it when she is a few inches away from you Remember that these image enhancers wont get you a woman. Brush your tongue to get rid of bacteria that causes bad breath. Not only is it choking. Clean your teeth at least twice a day. Keep your toenails short and your fingernails shorter. they just assist you. Use antiperspirant to get rid of sweat patches. Get a subtle and mild smelling aftershave.58 -- . What gives you great charm and confidence when you walk up to a woman and start talking to her.and women will assume you’re different and more interesting that everyone else simply because you dress differently. How You View Yourself This will be the foundations for your success.

59 -- . You don’t have a relaxed. You don’t say it with a smile. The Attitude So how do you fake that initial confidence so you can jump start your progress to becoming a professional player with women? You don’t want to just walk up to a woman and start talking. This was all caused because you just didn’t think or believe in yourself. You try to say to her that her dress looks like the lower half is missing. There really is no stopping someone who has a good selfimage. make sure you work on it. but it comes out all wrong.to her and what prevents you from feeling to down if you get rejected is self-image. Imagine you feel very nervous and worried as you approach a woman. Your confidence is your foundation. I bet you think these kind of things: • What if she has a boyfriend and he gets really angry that I’m talking to her? • What if she thinks I’m a loser and tells me to get lost? • What if she turns around and tries to ignore me? -. That comes with experience and you get experience from persistence. If there was one part of the book that had more importance than any other. it would be this. that’s just way too scary. laid-back tone that shows her your just kidding around so it sounds insulting and above all you sound too nervous.

say something like “Okay girl. I’ll see you around or something” and walk away. doesn’t really say much or worse tells you she doesn’t want anything to do with you? You laugh. And I doubt they will ever happen to you. They may joke around ant talk to you and say it was really nice to meet you.60 -- . Lets say you talk to 10 women. If you are worried about any of the situations above then simply talk to 10 women. That is what a player can do. then: • • • • • 1 1 1 1 5 of of of of of them them them them them will will will will will be married have a boyfriend be a lesbian be nervous and shy be wanting to meet someone The trick is. to speak to as many women as possible. -.• What if she says something and I cant think of an answer? • What if people see me talking to her and think I’m desperate? • What if she laughs at me and then goes and tells her friends that some loser tried to talk to her? I have thought similar things when I was starting to try to meet women. If this is a magical average place you’re in. So what happens if a woman is cold towards you. Don’t worry about the ones that aren’t. The chances are you will meet at least 5 who will be interested in you. Even if you do come across women who are married/engaged/lesbians/unsociable it doesn’t always mean they will scream at you or insult you for speaking to them. None of those things have ever happened.

she says something like: “Look. This will show her that you’re a player. You can leave this situation feeling more confident. First. this situation has shown you that its not all that bad and your worst thoughts never even came close. Its far worse than being ignored or being told she has a boyfriend. I don’t talk to losers” Hit back with this: “Aw you’re so cute. You will probably get an apology as she realizes you’re not to be messed around: -. You are just like my little bratty sister … you have about the same eye color” Don’t be confrontational about it.61 -- . you can make her see that she has just turned down a hot payer. Don’t worry that she will be terrified of you. Second. Even if you do feel slightly insulted. which will make her very frustrated. You need to show that you’re not some chump that gets all emotional just because some girl isn’t interested in you. If you stay relaxed and light hearted. Far too many people do this and its counter productive. Laugh at any insults you get and be relaxed. What happens if you get a really harsh response? The one of your worst nightmares. she will react well to it even if you don’t leave with her number. by just keeping your relaxed and chilled attitude. Women might get a little annoyed when a nervous nice guy or a drunk approaches them.Never take it personally. but its not like guys walking up to them in the street and talking to them is anything they haven’t experienced before.

You can stretch the story out and give everyone a really good laugh. Don’t worry about women like this. There are some women who are very picky and set in their ways. you’re not their type.62 -- . Think about women’s love for bitching. just stick with a style you’re comfortable with. By persevering with what works. Try to think about the things that don’t really make any sense. I’ve had a hard day and some jerk was bugging me in the mall earlier” etc etc. You might even tell it to a girlfriend or on a date that this bitch insulted you and then you hit back with a sharp comeback. Changing your approach Perhaps you know a woman that you really like. -. have seen her around or just heard about her. Try to think what she would find attractive. but what SHE finds attractive. you can gradually begin to understand what attracts women. its not what you find attractive. Remember. Don’t change your style or image for the woman. In the short time you meet them you might not be able to convince them that you are the man of their dreams as they may assume because you dress a certain way.“Look I’m sorry I didn’t mean to snap at you. You might know her well. Attracting this girl might not make any logical sense and that is why you have to grasp this new approach to attracting her. Tell your friends and other people that you meet about the bad experiences if there are any. If you have the opportunity to speak to them over a longer period of time you will probably be able to prove them wrong. Keep doing what works and ditch what doesn’t work.

Try something that is not only original. To attract a woman with words. display bright colors and sound a strong mating call. depending on how angry you make her. Try to think in your mind when you see a nice girl: -. males will want to mate with the best looking females. a male will decide what kind of woman he wants. Why do you think the attractive girls get all the attention and the fat ugly ones spend all their time on the shelf? Because as in nature.Going back to the male way of thinking. You must have seen those natures programs where they fight off ugly males? The same is true in our society today. the rejection happens in lots of different forms. but the female will also decline any unsuitable males. but you might get a fake number or she may tell you she has a boyfriend. Joking around with her and teasing her are the best ways to get her attention. Because we are very different to animals. These are the root of all evil. there are many more ways in which we can communicate. so will females in human society. Men choose women and women reject the ones they don’t want. Of course. You want to show her you’re confident. Giving her a rehearsed line that has been used by every chump in the country is not going to show her you’re different. but at the same time you’re good fun and not arrogant. of course the male will initiate mating in the animal kingdom. you need to show her you are different from other guys.63 -- . In the same way that in nature a female will grow attractive feathers. This is also true of females. Yes. For decades people have wasted the power of words and come up with things like “chat up lines”. You might not get scratching or biting. but funny and light hearted.

What she is attracted to by a higher power and cant do anything to change it. the woman you’re trying to pick up will automatically assume that you are just a regular guy. Farmers used to brand their cattle with a hot iron to mark and distinguish them from other cattle.What does everybody else say to her? What is would she find interesting/funny that she least expects right now? To successfully change your approach you have to look at yourself from a female perspective. talk. Branding is a very important part of marketing. act and dance just like every other average guy out there. People wont want to buy something that they think is similar to what they already have or similar to something that they have decided they don’t want. You promote yourself towards a particular type of woman and you sell yourself to her. INTERESTING. This is really all branding is. walk.64 -- . To help you gain confidence and experience you must always stick to what works and ditch what doesn’t. Being Different From Everyone Else Marketing is very similar to attracting women. Showing that whatever you are trying to sell is different from everyone else. Does that make you SPECIAL. Many people don’t realize just how important branding is. If you dress. EXCITING in a woman’s eyes? Of course not! I’m going to show you now what women find attractive in men. These are like attributes but -. with your new understanding of women.

these are more like tools. In these games your character has a basic set of spells or whatever. You don’t have to start thinking that there is something wrong with you and you need to get yourself some new -. your game is just a set of skills that you have and use when you meet women. It’s All About Skill People automatically assume that when things don’t work out with a woman it was because they have something that’s just not right with them. To put it another way. then you will be able to attract almost any woman. As you play and take part in challenges you earn more spells and moves that help you defeat different players. This is just the same as learning skills with women Perhaps you are good at walking up to a woman and getting her number within just a few minutes of talking to her. Final Fantasy or even World of Warcraft. Some of these attributes will attract 90% of women.65 -- . You must have played or heard of a game like Pokemon. You choose what attributes you want to display to a woman to attract her. That could be because you don’t have the same kind of attraction when you speak on the phone and that is a skill that you need. Maybe when you text or call her she looses interest quickly and doesn’t reply or speak to you. Some might only be attractive to 30%.because different women are attracted to different attributes. If you can use these tools effectively and in the right combination. This isn’t true. It was because you didn’t have the right charm or game.

Despite what all -. If at any point in talking to a woman you struggle with interesting or funny things to say. This had a snowballing effect. Throughout this relationship she thought that she was unattractive. Positive Thinking There are ways of creating a positive image about yourself to help you get new skills and improve your game. then you need to gain a new skill.clothes to impress her or gain 20lbs by working out in the gym. You never get out of it because you always think about what could go wrong or something catastrophic that might happen to them if they try something to sort themselves out. If you find yourself being challenged. then that is a sign that you need to learn a new skill. Most people will dismiss positive thinking because they think its another way to kid yourself and you will never succeed until you have genuine confidence. To give you an example I will talk briefly about a friend of mine who had recently split up with her boyfriend.66 -- . dull and generally a poor girlfriend. It built up until it was a problem and her boyfriend genuinely didn’t find her attractive anymore. I disagree with this. I don’t have time to go into great detail but basic positive thinking has immeasurable benefits. After breaking up with him she went online simply because she didn’t have the confidence to meet people face to face. you just have to learn a new skill. Negative thinking is like a rut. Obviously it was frustrating for her boyfriend who frequently told her otherwise and she was less attractive because of her low self-esteem.

Whatever the factors are. I relax. Nothing that bad will happen. has thinking about something negatively all the time got you what you wanted? No. It might be that because you think positively you use the “higher energy” to your advantage. Have you ever actually taken time to really think hard about what successes you could have and how you could achieve them? I doubt it. Not only do they not give themselves enough confidence to succeed. simply because you didn’t want to tempt fate and seem arrogant. People you think negatively throughout their lives are guaranteed to fail. There are so many factors that are involved in success and positive thinking. It might be because you appear relaxed and confident that women believe in the image you give to them of yourself. So don’t ignore positive thinking. they think of the most unrealistic consequences. I ask myself some questions about it but most importantly I will make sure that the answers are also things that I want. but you probably didn’t want to think that these things would really happen. -.67 -- . The reality is if you think of all the negative things that will happen to you. There are many ways you can use positive thinking. they work. You may have fantasized about these kind of things. Well. but I’m going to stick to just the one that I use.her friends told her she insisted that things would never work out for her and trying would only result in failure. close my eyes and picture myself as a success. then you will forget to think of the positive successes you can have from sticking through something. That kind of thinking is almost impossible to break. People that do realize the power of positive thinking do succeed. but it wont work if you keep focusing on those things.

68 -- . I cant help you if you want to be negative and try nothing positive. You could even picture a short movie as you go and talk to her and maybe at first she is cold towards you. then she is head over heels for you as successfully turn things around. There’s no point in life if all you want to do is be negative. Try applying the scene you picture in your head to a situation with a woman. negative people are never happy or relaxed because they keep thinking about all the bad things and what might happen. Even if by some chance you get what you want. Look at all the fine details they have and picture what kind of details would be in your life when you have what you want. Maybe it’s a girl you pass sometimes in the street and you want to think what it would be like to go and talk to her. If you don’t want to try any of this and you think that its far better to be negative there is something you can do.• • • • • • • • • What clothes will I be wearing? What will I be doing? What job will I have? Will I be smiling? What will my posture be? How will I talk? Who am I with? Where am I? What is the weather like? You are almost trying to picture a postcard style image or a snapshot of the life and success you want. -. Look at really cheesy adverts for holiday homes and even alcoholic drinks. Stop reading this book and just give up on life. noone can. What will her expression be like? How will she laugh? Remember these are all positive things that will happen.

If you find the song that gave you that feeling at that time. then you can use it as a trigger to bring back those feelings you had.Take Yourself to Your Happy Place No this has nothing to do with being high. What was the feeling like? If you don’t really remember it. What was the last really happy memory you had? You might have been at the beach. Find the piece of music that brings those feelings back and play it to yourself in the morning with your eyes closed. If you can think of them then you can “load” the feeling of your choice. These are basically called “triggers” and they are just what you need when you want to feel good instantly.69 -- . What are some of the happiest memories you have? Everyone must have some happy memories. You might have the best memories when you were at school. went on a good holiday. maybe when you passed your driving test. Maybe the best holiday you’ve been on there was a song that was number one that summer in every country and you heard it all the time. This is about using your happy experiences to promote positive thinking. out with a friend or maybe watching something funny on TV. try and think of things that would bring back the memory. These are usually subtle things that where happening at the time or in the background that your memory has used to “file” these experiences under. Let the song form pictures and images -. Maybe there was a song you heard for the first time. no matter how bad your life has been. had your first kiss.

Don’t be insecure. These people are too shy for you. Perhaps the air freshener in the examiners car when you passed your driving test. If you stick with people who are confident and sociable then women will assume that you are like your friends. When you find the things that made you feel good. look for others. Insecurity shows that you aren’t confident with yourself. That brings back a great feeling for me.of the first time you heard it. Worse are people who don’t like meeting real people and prefer to stick to dating websites. Women want a man who knows who is. Then use that positive feeling to walk up to women with confidence. Attributes You DON’T Need Some characteristics are very unattractive to almost every woman on the planet. likes himself and doesn’t constantly worry about what other people think about him. nerds and social outcasts aren’t much fun anyway. most guys have one or all of these characteristics. Maybe it was a scent that you associate with a good experience.70 -- . And lets face it. These characteristics are VERY destructive. I can remember the smell of wax crayons from when I passed my driving test. -. If you find a song that makes you feel upbeat. Sadly. Just one of them can turn a woman right off. Try to stop hanging around people who think negatively. savor it and listen to it before you get on the bus to work so you feel good about approaching a woman.

• Don’t do or say things to get attention. Don’t ask her if she is okay with this that and the other all the time. Equally. • Not taking control and making decisions. Of course. Don’t go on about your outstanding performances or greatest moments. • Talking negatively about things. Always asking a woman where she wants to go and what she wants to do shows you have no control and wont excite her. • Don’t try to change someone’s opinion on something. It shows you are insecure and looking for attention. like you cant say to a woman that you’re confident and sexy. Holding her hand all the time when you’re walking. Here are the most common: • Crowding a woman. Tell her you are both going to X tonight because they’ve got a great atmosphere there and she’ll like the place. Touching her too much in the early stages of a relationship. showing her that you are needy and weak happens in certain ways.Don’t show her that you’re needy. Saying your past relationships have all been disastrous and women treat you like dirt. avoid saying anything negative about women and their faithfulness unless it is meant in a light hearted and fun way. This is frustrating and unattractive.71 -- . Show that you are relaxed and laid back by only making occasional light contact with her. If you argue with someone about their opinion it will -. A woman wont want a man who worships the ground she walks on and has to have her with him or talking to him all the time. Don’t talk about how much money you make or how difficult your job is.

show a woman that you are insecure about your own opinions and you’re not at ease with other people having different views than your own. -.72 -- .

or maybe just that month. how nice her hair is and how great you think she is. They also know that when a man compliments them. To attract a rich bitch or sleep with a famous and beautiful woman. confident and hold back on any kind of compliment. Even if the compliment comes from a nice guy. Rather than telling her how good she looks. had their ass pinched and told they look beautiful perhaps a hundred times in their life. they don’t only think “This guy is a wimp” they also think “He’s trying to sleep with me”. they know and expect it from some men. there are new skills that you need to learn. try approaching her by being funny. They have probably been whistled at.73 -- . but hot women have had more compliments than they have had ass grabs. she’s pretty darn sick of it. they have probably been through every embarrassing attempt there is when it comes to trying to pick up a woman so you need to think differently. Women might like compliments. In her head she fantasizes about her perfect partner just as much as -. How does this work? Well as I’ve already said she isn’t just used to being complimented. its because they’re after something.Part 4: The Techniques and Methods that Attract Women Hot Women Have Heard It Before Attractive women have been approached many times before. They have probably heard every single cheesy pick up line.

They don’t want more money. she gets far less of what she really wants in a partner than everyone else. You are walking past a restaurant on a sunny day and seated outside at a table is a beautiful girl with one of her friends. I’m not going to be pushed around. She dresses well.everyone else does. put their foot down when they ask for something they want. If you have ever watched anything like nanny 911 or driving mum and dad mad. and a way to also show that you are light hearted and funny is to tease her about herself. Sadly for her. tease her about being such a little bitch and toy with her about it. I can keep you under control and there’s nothing you can do about it”. Spoiled kids are exactly the same. looks rich and has loads of shopping with her. A far more effective way. “This kid doesn’t get the attention they want and that is why they misbehave”.74 -- . If you meet a girl who looks like a spoilt and beautiful rich kid. perfume or shoes. don’t backhand her across the face and tell her to shut up. Her real wish is to meet someone that will take control of her. This wont work. If you approach her and the first thing she says to you is a request. you’ll notice what the psychological coach will say to the parents. This is just as true about spoiled little rich girls. Set the scene. You go and say hi to her and she says something like: “Can you pass me that pepper shaker?” You reply: “And what’s wrong with your arms? Are they tired from buying all that stuff you don’t really need?” -. they want a man to take control of her and say “NO. it’s probably a test.

Most men try to be nice guys by assuming that a woman will want a man who is openly faithful and ready to -. she might say something like this: “I’m hardly in your league” Respond with: “Quite the opposite. you’re not trying to insult her or make her angry just tease her. Yes.Be relaxed and funny about it.75 -- . women like to toy with men but they don’t toy with the ones they are attracted to incase they lose them. Women basically have a set of dislikes and likes programmed into them long before birth. Because of these factors they are very powerful and impossible for her to control. That’s why if you know what they are you can use them to your advantage. As long as you show you’re not phased by her tests or surprised with her responses then she will see that you are the type of guy she’s been looking for. I love their little tantrums when they don’t get what they want! I bet you look so cute when you’re angry”. If you were to tell her to give you her number and you still haven’t had a chance to work your magic. She will probably open her mouth and gasp and then laugh. The Timeline Women go with men who attract them. which means she likes what you said. These are out with their control. not men who chase after them. They are subconscious. I love spoiled little rich girls.

Let’s be Friends: Interested in friendship but nothing more. WRONG. A guy cant go from being a friend in a girl’s eyes to being someone she is sexually interested in. Dislike: No chance of any kind of relationship. Its important to understand that these aren’t stages or phases that you pass through when getting to know a woman. Not interested: Nothing other than a civil relationship. Women put men into categories of like and dislike. Sexually Interested: Wants sex as soon as possible but possibly a long-term relationship. They are 5 rough categories that a woman will put men into. She will put you into this category and it is unlikely you will move. The reason most men who are good looking or fun to be around just go into the “Long Term” category is because -. Too many guys make this mistake when they try to attract a woman.76 -- .commit. Interested in Long-Term: Would like a relationship but will wait for the right time for sex.

they don’t push the right buttons to turn a woman on. Attract her to you by showing that you’re sexy. This is why some very attractive men don’t ever get anywhere other than friendship. dating and sex she wants you to be in control. Women will have a long-term relationship with someone their sleeping with. but when it comes to romance. but they wont always sleep with a man who shows he wants a long-term relationship. Don’t show a woman that you are trying to get her into a long-term relationship by courting her. they want an attractive guy IN a long-term relationship. They assume that acting like they are around for the long haul will show a woman they are the right kind of guy for them. I don’t meet a lot of guys like him.” Taking a woman to dinner. Lead The Way Women like to be controlled and they also like to have some control themselves. Maybe they didn’t show they were confident enough. To put a stop to all this is very simple. Women don’t want long-term relationships. Whatever it is it makes a woman think: “This guy is pretty attractive. but you must make sure that most of the things you do for a woman are initiated by yourself. confident and funny.77 -- . This doesn’t mean that you focus everything towards yourself. Maybe if I stick with him I might find him sexually attractive. Maybe they aren’t funny or cheeky enough. buying her fancy gifts and flowers are just some of the things that men do when they are trying to pick up women. Don’t do -.

what to eat. Men settle for less attractive women and women settle for boring men. its much easier to manage. don’t tell her that its okay and you can do something another night. If a woman tries to test you or play games with you. say “Haha. surprise her and turn it around. then it will be 100 times easier than follow all hers. don’t go along with it. She might of course try things like saying she has to look over things for work tomorrow or go shopping because she hasn’t got anything to eat. what tricks you’ll pull. what games you’ll play with her. it’s the oldest excuse in the book.78 -- . If you know what you’re going to do on a date. she wouldn’t be any fun anyway. c’mon go play hairstylist and I’ll meet you at my place in an hour”. just like with a spoilt and bitchy woman don’t let her push you around by giving her all the things she asks and hints for. when to have sex. If you think about taking control for women as looks and fitness are for men. She could wash her hair anytime. her father has just died or she has glandular fever. women wash their hair all the time. Take control of the situation. Spot all the little tricks she tries to pull. Make sure that you decide where to go. Don’t ask or give in to all her demands. A woman wants a man who takes control but very few men do that. you know you almost had me for a minute. Now you can see that just as -.everything that a woman asks. so don’t let her make you think its something you have to give way to. for example. If she says that she’s washing her hair. If she has to rush to hospital. This is not just more attractive. A man wants an attractive woman but there are very few. then its easier to understand. don’t expect her to rush over to your place. These are tests and you need to show they haven’t worked on you.

And they want a man who is in control.much as you want an attractive woman. These women will have had male attention from a young age. Not just able to control her and her “give me what I want because I’m beautiful” attitude. They might not get very many guys they are attracted to in their lives. But of course. Being funny and confident and not playing up to a woman will frustrate her and make her think about you all the time. perhaps as young as 13 or 14. But almost all hot women test men at various stages of a relationship. This is why they have seen and heard pretty much every pick up line there is. the woman you are trying to attract wants a confident in control man. Women Test Men All women test men at least once or twice.79 -- . Most of them learn at some point to use this to their advantage. the situation and even himself. But if you were a hot girl and you wanted to find out if this man is going to be able to control you and stop you -. which is why they test and manipulate men. She will find you funny and smart and eventually even the bitchiest and most cold hearted of women will open up and tell you how much they like you. Some of them aren’t even aware that they’re doing it. these hot women are women all the same. They realize that men will try various different things to attract them and sleep with them. but also in control of his emotions. but they are still women with needs. Hot women go through an experience in their lives that makes them think differently about men.

not what you tell them. They want the truth. If she wants a new pair of shoes.from throwing tantrums. This will have lost all the respect she had for you. to be nice to a woman. But if its her birthday. This is the same when women test you. Most men will panic and screw up when a woman throws a tantrum because she cant get what she wants. It is important. Call her up another time and tell her you’re taking her out. or they will just become meaningless. how would you go about it? Would you ask him directly? Of course you wouldn’t. -. This way she will actually believe you that you wont put up with her moods. If they cant give in to what she demands. get her a different pair of shoes as a surprise.80 -- . Don’t use them too often either. Wait for a woman to actually test you. It isn’t a fair trial if you ask a criminal “Did you steal this car?” and then accept their answer. They will apologize and tell her that they are really sorry. but you give and do nice things for her in your own way. You would make sure you were as subtle as possible so that you could make sure you got a valid answer. then they give her a compromise and apologize another 100 times. You must make sure you use your skills at the right time. Don’t tell her randomly at some point that you would never put up with tantrums or moods when she tries to get what she wants. however. If she says she wants to go out that night tell her you cant at such short notice because your busy. This doesn’t mean that you give her what she wants. laugh and tell her there’s no way. Spot the times when she is actually asking for something and teasingly say no.

don’t come across as arrogant and unhappy. Never give a hot woman what she wants right away. 3. Instead of just saying “I’m sorry I wont do that again” say to her “Well. Women will always try to get you to obey them and do whatever they want. Mix things up. Remember that very hot women can get anything they want. 2. I like doing that.If a hot girl tries to kiss you first. say “Hey. not right now. As soon as you do that they will either marry you or ditch you. jokingly let her know that you wont stop doing it. Here are some basic rules you can follow: 1. 4. Be unpredictable and don’t kiss her every time she comes close to you. That is why you have to challenge them more than other women because they are so used to getting anything their bratty heart desires. You are allowed to just say “NO”. If she wants you to go to her house tell her you’ll be over later because you’re busy right now. tell her you need to keep making out for a while longer before you’re ready. Never say just “YES” to a woman. you’ve got something in your teeth” Being smooth is vital here. -. If she tells you that she wants you to have sex with her. If a woman says she dislikes something about you. so you better start moving if you want to avoid it”. tease her about it and then shortly afterwards you go to kiss her.81 -- .

he doesn’t get physical. relaxed around women and above all you have a good sense of humor. you can communicate that in a walk. he doesn’t get dirty. sensitive. -.82 -- . Colin Farrell stars in action movies. but it is far better to be masculine than feminine. A woman wants a masculine guy that doesn’t take himself too seriously and believe it or not. but why do you think so many women prefer guys like Colin Farrell than guys like Bill Gates? Bill Gates wears boring clothes. You can walk like a man and just end up looking like a prick. Whilst they might like to be treated well and have fun with a man women always prefer masculine men over feminine men. stick your chest out and above all stay relaxed. Teasing Women Teasing is the best way to show you are confident. daring and even if he was poor women would much rather sleep with him than poor old Bill. If you at any point show you’re shy or timid then a woman will start to see you as feminine. he doesn’t like thrills. Think of all the badboys and real men out there. You don’t want to show that you’re so masculine you would slap a woman and then demand she sleeps with you.Be a Man Don’t let anyone tell you that women like kind. emotional and caring men. he’s rough. You need to make sure that you walk tall. he sits in an office all day. Why do they get so many women? If they are rich and famous that is usually a side issue.

Here is a way you might tease a girl on a date. I like it” You have obviously just teased her by telling her that she’s weird. This way she will be really stuck. because she hasn’t got any moves left! Messing up a woman’s mind is another good way of teasing her. you’re giving the message that you know all her little games and you wont fall for them. kiss her good night and then tell her: “You know you’re not like all my other friends.83 -- . Tell her that you think she’s cute when she tries to test you out. but you have also confused her and given her a panic attack by telling her you think of her as a friend. I mean we go out and we kiss and I really like him. then take it away and tell her: “You cant hold my hand just yet! I don’t know you well enough. In her head she will think: “Wait a minute here. you’re a little different. Trying to work out a woman very early on is a good way you can tease her. But now he just said I was his friend? What does this mean? Don’t tell me that he’s not interested in me. This totally messes with a girls ideas about you and she will find it pretty funny. weirder. this guy likes me. I dunno. do it. Basically. For example. When you are walking take her hand for a few minutes. If you ever get the chance to let her think she’s now just a friend. that wouldn’t be fair! I really like this guy!” -.” This implies she was the one that started holding your hand as you were walking and she was the one that was being to forward.

Of course she will know that you like her deep down but the doubt will toy with her mind so you can tease her constantly with this method and not have to actually be there. Try and go for a woman’s insecurities. As always, you want to be light hearted about it because you don’t want to end up insulting her. Maybe when you go out and she always gets a light drink or doesn’t have dessert. Tease her about her weight. Try tickling her belly at some point and say: “So, you’re trying to get rid of your little friend then? Is he ticklish?” This is most likely just another test if a woman ever asks what you think about her weight. She expects you to say that she looks wonderful and even if she did put on weight, she would still look beautiful. Please, don’t tell me at this stage of reading you’d still try something like that. When it comes to fat, less is more. Small, toned and flexible people make for much better sex. Don’t let anyone on Jerry Springer or any other daytime show tell you they are happy with being overweight or that fat people are attractive. To 99% of the world’s population, fat women are ugly. She knows this damn well so there’s no point in lying to her. On a final note about fat, what do you do if she asks you if you would still love her if she was fat? “Heck no! I’d leave you like a shot. Actually, I would sell or you’re clothes and then leave you.”

-- 84 --

How to be Funny
This is the biggest and most powerful tool of attraction. It will always beat fame, money, power etc and you can change your humor unlike the others. It doesn’t matter what you look like, if you’re a man and you can talk, then you will be able to make a woman laugh. The idea is to make her feel happy and good by making her laugh. It doesn’t always have to be belly shaking laughter like you’re the funniest person she’s ever met, she might even give you an unimpressed look but have a grin on her face like she’s trying not to laugh. The main thing is laughter makes her feel good and shows that you are clever. In adult life, we laugh only about 10% compared to when we were infants. She has probably had a difficult day with boring people that cant even be mildly interesting. Having a guy making her laugh will certainly draw her attention to you. The key to being funny has very little to do with what jokes you use. It’s the whole persona that you have when talking to a woman. Just as picking up women is about your personality and confidence rather than giving her words and phrases to attract her, the same can be said for humor. Don’t say humor, BE humor. Women want the funny personality. If you want to see someone that has a funny personality think of Jim Carey. He might be goofy but he is a good example of what a funny personality is. You don’t want to be like him of course, you want to be smart and confident, but it’s a good example because he uses a personality and doesn’t just copy routines or say funny phrases.

-- 85 --

Men who try to say funny things without having a humorous personality will just come across as jerks. TV personalities are notorious for doing this. Think of award ceremonies and the like, where celebrities like Madonna, Paris Hilton, Mick Jagger and the rest, will all have jokes written for them that they reel out. How often have you felt like telling them to just shut the hell up? Now compare that with people like Eddie Murphy, Billy Connolly and so on. They are funny because they know how to actually BE funny, not just say jokes. Learn to develop a plan for when you meet a girl that you like. If she likes what you do initially and seems to be into you think how you will develop that. You can try: • • • • • • Teasing her at every opportunity Make fun of her Show her you wont be pushed around Get her interested in you sexually Accuse her of coming on too strong Reject her kisses and then go back for more

If you don’t have a plan, the chances are you will slip into the same old routine. You might keep the funny act up for a while but you will let her down when it really counts and she will lose interest quickly.

A Crash Course in Comedy
Anyone can become a funny person. You just have to make sure you can deliver, engage and get into the groove of being quick witted. One of the best ways of doing this is to watch comedy shows and stand up routines. My best advice is to keep away from sitcoms like Friends, The Simpsons and so on and go for more intellectual quick-witted humor. Some of the best to watch are stand up comedians like Peter Kaye, Eddy
-- 86 --

Murphy and Chris Rock. The first is to pick up on things that she says have a double meaning. I like that. The second way is to put words out of context. For example. try and make out that you were responsible and then back track: “Oh that bank robbery was nothing. Try watching sitcoms that have been written by comedians and cult comedy series. Here are some tips for making good humor: • Tease a woman when she shows she has strong views about something. if a woman says to you that she doesn’t like people who cut in line. if she mentions something about a bank robbery for instance. Friends is just a little too feminine to be good humor and everyone watches The Simpsons so you need something original. Look a little confused and say: -. if she said she has to go to Toys r Us try to make out that she is a bit old to be buying toys for herself. For example. don’t just agree with her. We should do it sometime. There are two ways you can do this. even if you know she is buying a present for a nephew etc. For example. I mean when I rob banks I aim for at least… er yeah you’re right it was terrible”. Try saying “Aww do the nasty people keep pushing in front of you because you’re too small and cute?” • Try to make it look like you are digging yourself out of a difficult situation and that you said something embarrassing. The Office and Extras by Ricky Gervais are two of the funniest shows on the planet. For example. • Deliberately misread what a woman is saying. If a woman says “Yeah. tease her.87 -- .

• Use current events and culture in your humor.“Right here? You know kids might see us if we do. it just makes you seem arrogant. If she says that she something about wanting to go to bed it back with: “You want to go to bed with me right now? You know I don’t like this being too forward thing. If it’s the Olympics that summer try and make a joke about her winning the gold medal for shopping and spending money. why cant we take things a little slower?” • Over exaggerate things every now and then. There are loads of different jokes you can make about current affairs and you can even steal jokes from political shows and news quizzes. • Don’t laugh at your own jokes. If you try and make out your serious about ridiculous things it makes them seem even funnier. I think we should wait a while. It has nothing to do with a -. If she wants to know how your day was say that it was awful and you had to speak to a million customers today. If gas prices are rising tell her that you had to sell your car to pay for gas. If she asks you how much money you make say $8bn a month.” • Try to make out that she uses too much innuendo and she has a one track sex mind. “Let’s Just Be Friends” As a man you never want to hear the phrase “I think we should just be friends”.88 -- . at least until we are alone.

Instead. If you have made sure that you have been funny.89 -- . you may also need to do something else. try saying: “You know I didn’t realize it.woman actually wanting to be your friend. this doesn’t mean that you can have negative attention. I just thought you were sexy and simple” NOTE: Don’t try this with VERY hot women who you need to break down gradually. It means she just doesn’t want anything to do with you. daring and exciting then she will probably like you. But to make sure that you completely avoid ending up as her friend. but you’re pretty funny. To avoid the “let’s be friends” situation you need to make sure that you have her attention. This wont just help you avoid ending up as her friend but it will also help you if she is your girlfriend already. If she thinks that you just want to be friends she will be unsure how to act if you both become physical. For example. They already have a good idea that you’re attracted to them. so toy with -. but a woman isn’t going to tell you that straight. Let her know that you intend to be involved with her sexually. if you are on a date with this girl and you have finished toying with her about whether or not you like her. try and say something cheeky that will be related to sex and attraction. There is nothing more frustrating for both of you than an uncertainty about where the relationship is going. you need her to be thinking about you in a positive way. Of course. confident. Telling her she is beautiful and anything like that will just undo the all the hard work you’ve been putting in.

If a woman tries to accuse you of not liking her. It lets her see that you want to be a challenge and she is a lot more interested in him than he is her. She will wonder why this guy doesn’t want to talk to her right in the middle of having so much fun.90 -- .them a lot more and avoid giving any signals that you find them attractive. It says that this guy is not the clingy type. -. 1. but in fact women love it when men do this to them. A woman will read two things from a guy that ends a conversation first. More Tips Make sure that you end phone and text conversations first.” This might sound as though she will be hurt and angry that you don’t want to see her. She will see that he is the one with all the control and as you know. but I have to go now. you know I like you and we’re having a good time. It leaves them thinking. women really like that. She wont have to worry about being constantly harassed with messages and calls and she wont feel like she’s being stalked. Call me tomorrow and we can fix something up for another day. He isn’t going to come across all wussy and needy. simply tell her that: “Yeah. Even if things seem to be going really well. guessing and fantasizing about what you really think of her. 2.

Try to do things that contradict each other. So it doesn’t matter if she wonders if you like her or not. a man that buys a woman a necklace or a diamond ring or a bunch of flowers isn’t going to win her over. Women like it when you act confident and funny. She might have a new bracelet so say something about it that shows you like it. Don’t give her something every time or every second time you see her. If you are aggressive and funny then she will find that attractive. This means you pick up on very small details that she has gone to a lot of trouble for. Give a woman gifts sparingly. we seem to get on really well. Do things that show you have paid attention to a woman. anyway. If she tries teasing you. For example. I have already said this briefly but its very important.“I really like him. Instead.91 -- . then why isn’t he calling me all the time and wanting to spend a lot of time with me?” Women like it when a man is in control. Her hair might have been done so tell her it looks sexy. What about getting her neat looking plectrum if she plays the guitar? What about if she likes rabbits getting her a small cuddly rabbit? This will only work if you get her gifts rarely. He has gone for material things that are vague and probably have little value to her. This is one of the reasons women like confident and funny men. they will lose meaning very quickly. Confidence shows that you are proud of yourself but being funny means you don’t take yourself too seriously. A gift says a lot about you and what you think of her. because she likes you and the way you don’t seem to want to let her know. then you could say: -. get her something that she likes that would make her laugh or show that you know what she likes.

92 -- . Here is how you do it. them I’m going to have to hurt you. you have to show it. She likes the fact you can be strong and authoritative. but you’re not a brute and you like to be playful. I mean really hurt you. What I tell them is that no lines or words can really be used on their own to attract women. its not what you say. but how you say it. Psychologists and analysts all agree. The other 75% is all about how you deliver those words. And anyway. only around 5% of communication is actually verbal. you cant say that you are confident and sexy to a woman. I’m talking about tickling you.” If you act all tough and serious when you say this a woman will love it. -. and so they invent the other 95% of the person they imagine and fill in for themselves. The other 95% will communicate far more effectively. Read My Body Language People always ask me what lines and trick phrases win women over. The actual words maybe only make up around 25% of what will attract a woman. And I don’t mean just rough you up or be rough.“If you don’t give me what you want. In other words. Why do you think people fall in love on line? They never see or hear the person face to face.

Facial Expression -. Don’t bring your arms or hands above your head or start flailing them around. Women are very perceptive to body language and can pick up on small details. don’t stand too far apart so that you look like you have back pain. This is helped by having a good posture and in turn also helps you to have good posture. Many people stoop and slouch which makes them look shy and afraid. Show off your masculine and firm pecks. Walk with good posture and a woman will be able to see you are confident. If you have large shoulders. The things you should focus on most are: 1. Hand Movements Keep hand movements smooth and simple. 2.93 -- . 3. this is a sign of nervousness. This will also help you to walk tall and it makes you appear taller. Posture Keep your back up and straight so that your head is up.What is Good Body Language? Ask a female friend of yours how someone is feeling by looking at their body language. 5. Allow them to be just less than shoulder width apart. Chest Put your chest out slightly. This is another way to hit something or someone and look like a complete moron. Don’t tap your feet or raise your heels. You will be amazed at just how much a woman can tell you about someone from just their stance and posture. 4. Feet Don’t stand with your feet too close together.

-. Give gentle and cheeky grins when you say funny and rude things to her to show her you’re not arrogant. Its because of these small details that women become so strongly attracted to men. You cant decide or choose who you are attracted to. Look at any masculine hero from the movies or fantasy world. Leaning forward can make you seem needy or too desperate. Does he roar his head off with a geeky laugh when someone says something clever? No. he grins and nods his head. As with your hands keep movement to a minimum and make any movement slow. Try to be like James Bond. we don’t realize we are communicating. Lean back slightly when you talk and draw her in. Arms Keep your arms unfolded. Personal Space Don’t invade her own personal space. not the killing. you will never find him laughing or goofing around. You have to pay very close attention to small details. Try to keep your facial expression cool and calm. The body language and the sex. He is the epitome of suave and cool.Look happy and relaxed. That is good body language. That’s why nonverbal communication is so powerful. Folded arms usually means someone is feeling threatened. This will make you look open and relaxed. 7. it will also make the woman more interested if you take time and add a sense of mystery to what you are saying. If you watch every James Bond film ever made. This doesn’t only tie in with the idea of being cool and sexy. small and subtle. If someone tries to convince you to be attracted to them. don’t look too excited or amazed. Pause and take whatever you are saying slowly. 6. you cant do it.94 -- .

Of course. but it’s similar to the way you can tell if she finds you sexually attractive. Is she licking her lips? We usually associate this with food. just look for a few seconds into her pupils.95 -- .Reading Her Body Language If a woman is interested she wont be able to hid her body language from you. If a woman starts to lean her chest towards you then this is a sign. Obviously if she is facing you this doesn’t always count. I have looked for all these -. If she twirls the ends of her hair round her fingers its usually a way of saying she is aroused and in turn she is try to arouse you. her body will help you to understand what she’s really meaning. or just wants sex. If they start to swell this is a sign. If you find she is in your personal space and thrusting her breasts at you. If a woman plays with her hair it’s a sign that she finds you attractive. Look into a woman’s eyes when you are talking to her at some point. though women will lick their lips as a reaction to the swelling as this can be very difficult to spot. No matter what she says. these things don’t always work. Have you ever thought why women wear lipstick? Its to show that they are ready for sex. But watch if she moves herself and her chest and pushes it towards you. Don’t try to stare her out or interrogate her. By that I mean if you don’t see those signs it doesn’t always mean that she is not attracted to you. this is a sign that she really likes you. Do you see them get slightly bigger? If you do it’s a sign she is becoming aroused shown by her dilated pupils.

get her number as soon as possible. A great comeback doesn’t have to be that funny. If a woman is having a good time with you on a date.96 -- . hows it going? Her: (A little moody) Look. you’re razor sharp. take it up a level. I’m just waiting for my friends to get back from the bar. I think I better just give you some examples of conversations where women try to catch men out. But then I quickly found out that they were in fact VERY. So here we go: You: Hey. The chances are if she is acting friendly towards you. Are you worried I might try and steal them from you? You: That’s a nice dress. if its going well. You just have to show that if a woman tries to phase you or catch you out. then she probably likes you. Crash Course in Comebacks Comebacks with women have nothing to do with insults. Unfortunately most men don’t understand that this means that you should move up a gear and progress on to the next stage. You don’t want to insult someone you are trying to attract you just want to tease them. Keep smiling and grinning if you ever get hit with a tricky put down. You: Aww. VERY attracted to me. You get the idea? Don’t wait for her to do it.signs in several women and when I didn’t see them I was pretty disappointed. If a woman is laughing and enjoying your company. where’s the rest of it? -. then kiss her. If a woman is making out with you at her place then take her to the bedroom.

that is a crazy dress you have there. What do you think I am? A nerd? See ya around. Her: Wait. And I’ve seen some REALLY short skirts. I love it. how you doing? Her: Look. I was just kidding. Her: What’s wrong with it? You: Nothing.97 -- . You: You mean you’re a drug dealer?! Her: Why do you keep staring at me?! You: Me?! You were staring at me! Look. I have a boyfriend okay. if you like me why don’t you just talk to me? -. I’ve never said that to any girl. You: Girl.Her: (Shocked and trying not to laugh) Do you say that to every girl you meet? You: Nope. you can help me with my homework Her: You’re crazy. I think its crazy! Where did you get it? Her: Actually why don’t you give me your number instead? You: Haha. You know. How old are you really? You: What do you do for a living? Her: I’m studying pharmacology. Her: And how old are you? You: I’m 17. You: I didn’t ask you that. here you go. you would make a good politician. Her: Do you often see a girl as beautiful as me? You: And who said modesty is out of fashion?! You: Hey. I’m not interested. Her: Yeah sure. You: No really.

but also a sign that she enjoys talking about sex. don’t always hug her when she wants to be hugged. They are safe. tease her about it and accuse her of having a one track mind. -. You can always be too unpredictable just like you can be too confident. She will find this funny especially if you already know her and the conversation is naturally heading towards sex.And there are many more that you can probably come up with. Don’t always kiss her when you’re saying goodbye. Just have lots of fun. not insane. They might not get much pleasure. You want to show you are unpredictable. tease her about it no end. If she says anything that carries any kind of innuendo. keep her guessing what and when you will do something. Make sure that you show you’re not embarrassed by it as well as teasing her about it. fun or excitement out of it but at least they know they are safe. If a woman ever brings up anything about sex. Don’t Be Predictable Women want to marry predictable men. Try telling her that you are not the type of guy that just sleeps with anyone and joke about her trying to get you into bed. Don’t scare a woman by driving down the wrong way of a highway or kidnapping her. secure and very boring. This is usually just another test.98 -- . And anyway who needs that when you have alcohol and a dryer for pleasure? Hit a woman with something unexpected when she least expects it.

Don’t keep touch her all the time. if -. Mix it up and use your skills sparingly. If you are unpredictable then you will keep her guessing. Women love to wonder about things like “does this guy like me?” and so on. Don’t try to skip words and skip the annunciation of others. Even if your voice is high and naturally fast. Anybody can improve their voice. you can work on slowing it down. especially when you’re getting to know her. You just have to make sure that you speak slowly and deeply. but it is also predictable. An ideal voice is: • • • • Low Slow Calm Distinct Make sure that you finish every word your saying.99 -- . Talking quickly and at a high pitch will just make her think that you are feminine and weak. Being unpredictable is a lot like being mysterious. She will start thinking: “I wonder if he will text me today” “Will he kiss me when I next see him?” “What will he say to me?” “What is he going to do?” It’s All in the Voice Making a woman think you are confident and sexy comes from the tone and speed of your voice. An attractive girl will expect this from most men so surprise her.Needy is bad.

Better Test Answers When a woman tests you it doesn’t mean that you have to just say no.” I have had this happen to me on several occasions. Then get practicing! Be Persistent When you are kissing a woman and she says “Look. I just said that was okay and kept kissing her. I don’t want sex tonight” it actually means. “I want sex and I want good sex right now. Don’t give up when She says “No”. you can attract women with the power of your voice. What will it be?” The key is simple. Simply by practicing saying words and making sure you sound sure of yourself. just keep persisting and she will soon say yes. No does not mean “No” it just means “Not right now”. Just a few minutes later she was asking me to make love to her.100 -- . then you will sound like you’re nervous and that is bad when talking to a woman. because you just heard me say I didn’t want it.you do. There are loads of voice training books and manuals out there so go and read some of them. Tease me and tempt me until I beg you for it. so the ball is in your court. It’s also a way for her to say subtly: “Its now up to you if you want to have sex. -. ask through your actions. There are many ways that you can tease her. Just don’t keep ASKING.

Her: So you think I’ve put on weight? You: No. Her: Have you ever been in love? You: Other than with myself you mean? Her: What did you get up to yesterday? You: Well I thought about you for a while and then I decided to hire some hot strippers because you didn’t call me.101 -- . but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t lose a few pounds. I dream about it. Another man. We’re not counting supermodels and strippers are we? Her: Are you seeing another woman? You: No. Her: Would you like me better if I had bigger breasts? You: I can always feel other people’s if you don’t think yours are big enough? -. why not? Her: Do you ever think about getting married? You: Yeah.Have you had a lot of girlfriends? Just a few. I think its called a nightmare. Her: Do you want children? You: As long as I don’t have to pay for them or see them.

• Check out the mall. Some of them might be busy so pick the ones that look like they’re taking their time and relaxing. They are full of women.Her: Do you look at other women? You: Only when you cant see me. but I know that you are looking for a certain type of woman…right? So where do you find beautiful. You get the idea. Try going to the Yoga class where there’s more women than guys. If it’s a nice day try going early afternoon and catch girls sitting outside having lunch. Where to Find Women Okay… Let’s go through the best places to find women. -. cute. • Cafes and sandwich bars.102 -- . This may look like a very easy one to answer since women can be found everywhere. Women love to shop at the weekends. intelligent yet feminine women? Here are the best hot-spots: • Go to your gym and talk to the women filling up their water bottles or whilst you’re in the steam room. heck they shop anytime.

They assume that their techniques are better. you will be surprised. what women want and how to act around women. -. But what kind of women will you meet there? • DECIDE what kind of woman you want to meet • LEARN how to become attractive to women • VISIT the places you are most likely to find those kinds of women • APPROACH them and attract them People who fail with women don’t always decide to do what they are told. Competition from other guys will be almost zero! You could probably have thought of these places yourself. Most guys really don’t know about this one. single and looking for a guy. • The library: Don’t assume that only geeks and bookworms visit libraries. Women that go out with girlfriends are generally speaking. despite the fact they have failed on many previous occasions. You now have a choice. You will do one or the other. You can decide at this point you don’t want to approach women because its all too new to your or you can grasp the challenge and become a player. These are probably the easiest places to meet women. this should be easy. If you can approach a woman on the street.• Bars and clubs.103 -- . This is what you have been building up to. you might just find one in a library that also has the brains to hold a stimulating conversation without mentioning the words pink and shopping every second. This is why you need to understand what women like. so give it a shot. I guarantee it. If you are into classy and smart women.

Women go to the city so they can meet the man of their dreams. there a 1000 times more people in the city. then you might want to think about moving. you might meet a woman who is also a beginner.104 -- . -. What if you like women who know how to dance? Head down to dance classes. Do you like attractive little rich girls? Then go to an expensive bar or sandwich shop. At university I know people who live in towns about an hours train ride from here. Tennis players.So where can you find these hot women? Slow down. women in their mid 20’s head to places where there are lots of rich men. and driving to the nearest city on a regular basis is too far. so do you. even in the suburbs. Do you like attractive. swimmers even bowlers. Its just like with nature. You have something in common and by the end of it you both should be able to dance. animals head to certain breeding grounds. Do you like women who are into sport and keeping in shape? Get a gym membership and hang around there a few days each week. Go out into your local mall or head into town and start looking around for what type of women hang around in different areas. so they decided to live here. As she learns to dance. You might like where you live. If you live in the back of beyond. first you need to think what type of women you want to meet. If you are a beginner at dancing. but think about it. Apply this to almost anything you like about women. I live just a few minutes walk from the city and there’s always loads of young women shopping late night on weekdays or in the afternoon at the weekend. cute and straightforward women with no real interests? Go to a coffee shop or an average bar where they hang out.

I do know women who think a house that is slightly messy is a good excuse for her to say she’s coming over to tidy. and then ends up having sex.105 -- . On the other hand. have an untidy home themselves. I’ve been to loads of places like these and there’s always a good few nice looking women around. • Have a selection of drinks and neat things to offer guests when they come round. New York. This is all about taking control. • Make sure your room is tidy and has a clean bed. Keep your bedroom looking presentable so she will want to spend as much time as possible there. Showing a woman you are a better host than she is will impress her as women love these kinds of things. think about a large town with a population of around 50. -. especially young women.simply so they could stay in town till 4am and not have to worry about paying a months salary for a taxi home. Women love tidy and clean. Women wont get into something that looks like another woman has been there before her. then you will be able to make the right finish touches so you can control what will happen. Predict Her Moves If you can guess roughly what will happen when you meet on a date with a woman. This is why keeping neat and tidy will impress her. though a lot of women.000 population. or she is coming over to your house. and women love that remember. Los Angeles. Even if you don’t live near a huge city like London. • Make sure your house is tidy.

Is it clean? Will it get you both home without breaking down? An extra edge Women will be drawn to certain things in your home. because you are so used to your own home. Get some interesting and original paintings in your house. Make sure that your house is ready to have a woman over. One thing I noticed was that a lot of new homes in my area have the same kind of square plates and square bowls. so now I always make sure I have a backup. but she will. Even focus down to details such as the condition of your car.106 -- .• Make sure you always have at least two condoms in the house that HAVENT been used. -. Don’t decorate your house in the typical modern style. she won’t have anything she can really ask you about. This is why making your own original style is so important. If you fill your home with the same fragrances. pictures and furniture as everyone else. If a trend has already set in go for something similar but slightly different to show you are ahead of fashion. You can pick some original oil paintings up for next to nothing at antiques stores and yard sales. Is there anything that might put her off slightly or that might prevent you from sleeping with her? Pay attention to small details. You might not notice things yourself. then she will not only assume you are like everybody else. I have ripped one on one occasion.

I’m so great. Try to learn some magic tricks. then she will really be interested. This can be an absolute bore for younger women listening to music they don’t really like. then go! Even just a photograph of a famous landmark you have visited or maybe a picture of somewhere you would like to go. Have some souvenirs of places you have been. Really you are saying “Wow. If she sees your photo of you receiving your award for salesman of the year. If you haven’t been anywhere interesting. There is nothing more boring. Whilst she is watching the trick she will be wondering what will happen next. just like you would hold back on mentioning your achievements when you meet a girl.Get interesting books on your bookshelf. Put something up there that will intrigue her and make her ask lots of questions. -. Don’t have romance novels and books about macroeconomics. Magic tricks are again all about delivery. what would you do if a woman started playing music or singing? Would you dance. simply because you never mentioned it. Think about it. Presenting a magic trick to a woman can show her you are interesting and can hold her suspense. annoying and unattractive than listening to someone bragging about their achievements and how great they are. tell me I’m great!” Not comfortable for the lady.107 -- . get something interesting. say you thought it was great? It’s a really awkward and unpleasant situation to be in. Keep all your sports trophies and awards out of sight in a glass cabinet. Go and find some simple card tricks on the internet. clap. Avoid playing musical instruments. Keep them tucked away. Why not have a book on how to be a great lover or something dark and masculine like The Football Factory. almost hanging on your every word. or maybe something you can do with a stuffed rabbit.

In the next part of the StreetSmartDating book.Part 5: Solving the Puzzle Bringing It All Together You have learnt a lot today. In fact. It will be as easy as ABC … and I’m not kidding. I want to focus entirely on bringing all the various puzzle-pieces together and form them into an action plan. -. So let’s break it down… A Step-By-Step Plan To Approaching Women Most people think there is some magical line you can just say to a woman and she will fall head over heels for you. If I am honest … this is true to some extent. it will take you another 24hrs to absorb all the knowledge properly and you may even have to re-read certain chapters of this book. I have narrowed it down to the core essentials so you will only be equipped with what you really need to get a woman to like you and be attracted to you so she gives you her phone-number.108 -- . It will only have one purpose: To give you a ready-to-use tool so you can get an unlimited amount of phone-numbers from almost any woman you want to meet and date.

so is it okay if I was to like talk to you? • Hey there … can I offer you a drink or something? • Hi. do you know what time it is? Oh ok … so how are you? -. So let’s talk about the initial approach: The best approaches and ice breakers are structured very simple. why don’t you give me your number. talk to her differently and even leave her differently than every other man does. and …ehm … I noticed you were on your own. can you help me. The key point to remember here is that you should not “hit” on women like every other guy does like “Hey baby. I was just hanging around. The simpler.But it’s not one single line … one line just gets her hooked. THEN the magic happens: she gets attracted. This means you need to approach her differently. Attraction isn’t a choice here remember? She will get attracted to you instantly if you do it right. And as you already know the most important attraction is your personality.109 -- . the more effective they are. you are really pretty. Have you ever tried or seen this kind of approach: • Hey. so there really is no choice. What’s your name? • Hey. but rather suck her into a stimulating conversation that is spiked with sentences that create attraction. If you string more of them same kind together though.

These are all terrible lines. There was a cute girl next to me. forget her. it doesn’t matter what -.110 -- . Look at ways that you can turn the conversation around and tease the girl you are trying to pick up. Her: Tehehe. If she is a little cold and withdrawn at first and accuses you of trying to pick her up. Can you tell me why it’s impossible for women to put eyeliner on without opening their mouths? Her: (laughing) Yeah. I’ve never really thought about that. you are as lame as your line sounds like: AWFUL! The best way of breaking the ice without looking like you are hitting on her is to ask for her female opinion about something. maybe. accuse her of approaching you and saying indecent things. … it was on like Donkey Kong! What you need to learn is how to make interesting conversation about everyday dull things. Me: I bet you’re one of those girls that are spending hours in front of the mirror. It’s been used a thousand times. For example. As long as you avoid chat up lines. so I approached her: Me: Hey … what’s up? Listen I need a female perspective on this. If she’s still cold and unsociable after that. ready made conversation openers and so on. I was on the subway the other day heading to a lecture. If you are going to ask a woman for help or offering them drinks.

Don’t act nervous and start with anything formal or serious.you say. When you do it and do it right there’s no way. Don’t worry about being nervous when you approach women. just how you say it. You will start feeling REALLY nervous. even if you’re not attracted to her. just start talking to every woman you meet. Look calm and sexy. I was doing some late night shopping in the supermarket at 1 am. It doesn’t matter if you get one or two who ignore you or just aren’t interested. I was nervous when I started approaching women. If you cant talk to women you find attractive in the street. All I had to do was make a couple of comments while she was putting my card in the pin machine and in just a few seconds of chat I’d boosted my confidence and improved my skill. it was all a matter of experience.111 -- . I can guess how you will feel. nobody cares and you probably wont ever see them again. Interesting men are literally one in a thousand. The girl at the till was about 10-15 years older than me and just average looks. Remember your voice tone. But I still had a quick chat with her just to get that bit extra experience. The key is to just do it. relax it passes. that she wont want to at least talk to you. No ear to ear smiles like you are trying to sell her something. Since it was late I just said: “How can you be so happy at 1am?!” She smiled and said she enjoyed this time of night and couldn’t sleep anyway. Be clear. slow and distinct. -. Make sure that you either have a serious and relaxed approach or if you are being confident and cheeky you are relaxed and funny about it. so don’t think she wont be keen to at least chat. unless she had a personality bypass. Say it with a little grin.

112 -- . The worst that will happen is a few girls might not respond very well to you. aren’t very interesting. forget them and move on. find out if he’s got a personality. You see a senior citizen at the bus stop talk to them. you have to get your butt over there and start with a line. even if you think it will. Most people who have friends like to make new ones. Okay.Keep talking to everyone. The first step now is to go to places that are crowded with women which shouldn’t be too hard. -. If you are on the train and there’s a guy across from you. If you are too nervous to approach women. The only way you will ever become good at it and become instantly attractive is if you keep practicing. The problem here is that once a guy spots a beautiful woman and is about to walk over … he stalls. Now. you see a very attractive woman just a couple yards away from you that you really want to meet. then work on everybody else. just go right on in there and talk to attractive women. then by all means. What do you do? Yes. And remember. All those puzzle pieces I have revealed for you are about to come together. If you talk to people it will help you prepare for the jump of moving from just seeing women and then actually approaching them to talk. I’ve found the ones that don’t. If you feel just a little nervous. nothing terrible is going to happen to you. let’s put everything you have learned so far into a system you can use right off the bat.

His feet just don’t want to move. he gets nervous and just stands there until the opportunity is gone. Okay… So here’s what I want you to do when you see a beautiful woman: -. It’s because you don’t know what will happen! You just don’t have a clue how she will react. that shitty feeling in your stomach will go away! So here’s what I want you to do: Whenever you see a woman and you can’t think of nothing cheeky to say to create attraction. So in other words. His stomach starts to tense. Why do you get nervous? The real reason isn’t because you aren’t confident. you do not have the experience to calmly walk over there and say a line that you have used in the past with great success. in most cases asking for her opinion about something. You will also avoid the boring “Yes” or “No” answers and suck her into a stimulating conversation. don’t know what to say or that you are afraid you will get rejected and make a fool out of yourself. use a default line. A default line is. If you have used one line at least 10 times with women already and KNOW how a woman will respond once you say it. This way you are just talking and it doesn’t look like you are hitting on her.113 -- .

Here are two more examples of killer default lines I use almost every time: -. say “Hi…” …wait another 1-2 seconds to let your bodylanguage do some magic here (using pauses in sentences helps big time). that woman can only put on mascara … when their mouth is open. Now she is hooked but wait for her response and heat up the attraction immediately with… 6. by giving you a killer line like this that I have tested already and is guaranteed to work for almost anybody to break the ice. Wait for her to look you in the eyes. ever!) 3. Walk over and plant yourself next to her 2. wait for 2 seconds.114 -- . I know it works. Say “HEY” to make her turn around and to get your attention. Say: Listen … I’ve heard. there is nothing that can stop you. Just keep teasing.1. 4. and once you see that it works so incredibly well. so you can use it today and get 9 out of 10 women hooked right away. [pause] Is that true? *cheeky smile* 5. The mascara line is one of the most effective ones I ever came up with. You see. So what about you? Are you a real girlie girl and you spend what … how many hours in front of the mirror? 7. busting her balls and create attraction until she asks for your name. (don’t tap her on the shoulder. I will take away all your fear of approaching.

tell ya what … let’s swap number …” -. but we should continue this conversation. all you need to do is keep pressing her emotional trigger buttons. See… [pause] would you ever get some guys name tattooed on your body? Get this … my little sister met this dude who is like 30 years older than her … • Hey. Then you cut the conversation short and tell her you need to run. I need your opinion about something … does moisturizing as a man make gay or just metrosexual? After you broke the ice. teasing her. Here. What is the best way to get a woman’s phone number? I’ll show you: What you need to do first is pushed her Emotional Trigger Buttons for about 3-5 minutes (rough estimate with mediocre-good skills) by creating attraction. Then after only 2-3 minutes. she will be ready to give you her number. Example: “Hey listen.115 -- . the phone-number. I really need to run and get this sorted out before the mall closes. busting her balls and generally just creating more attraction. accusing her of whatever. How To Get Her Number Ah.• Hey. listen … I need your opinion about something. making her laugh etc.

Nice guys will always fail this one and hand out their phone number without taking hers.116 -- . Women know that. And this is one fine example of what happens when you lead: She will take your phone and type in her number right away. that’s a man’s job. They need to see if you are the real deal or just another nice guy who will eventually waste their time if she goes on a date with you.Then you hand her your cell-phone and let her type in her number. Women never ever call a guy the first time. -. It is the most common test women pull right before they give you their phone number. but most of all you need to lead! If you do. The key here is to not let her answer or take charge. and they also know that they will NEVER call if a guy gives out his phone number without getting hers. But watch out here: If she says “Why don’t you give me YOUR number and I call you?” your spidey-sense should be tingling and the alarm bells ringing! This is a test! Don’t fall for it. she will follow. but to just TAKE her phone number without asking for it. Don’t wait for her to agree or say something when you say “swapping numbers” … just do it! She will know what to do anyway.

no! -. you already lead her towards the initial date which will make it easier for you when you eventually call her. get the hell out of there. okay? Cya then” and just leave. But from experience please double-check if the number she gave you is the right one by calling her cell. Here. or only take hers. But once you have her number in your cell.117 -- . such as “Hey.Always make sure that you either trade them.” This is a better way if you want to smoothen out the transition process from the call to setting up the date. no. or simply can’t remember hers correctly and made a mistake (it can happen. I hope we can go on a date”. No. just hit the road. type in your number and we’ll sort something out. don’t hug her or say “you’re really nice. whatchya doing tomorrow? I need to go to town/the mall/whatever … you can keep me company if you’re nice. I can’t remember my number either *lol*).. Don’t kiss her. By making an indication towards get together in the very near future. Sometimes she will give you a fake one to get rid of you (meaning you made a mistake in the beginning or didn’t create enough attraction). LEAVE! Don’t stick around. seriously! Say “it was nice meeting you . Another way of getting a number real quick is to make the transition to the date immediately.. I give ya a call and then we can sort something out.

She will not only gladly give it to you if she’s attracted to you (giggles. she is probably just waiting for you to ask for it. Whatever the conversation is about. she will think “hmm. she will think you don’t have the guts and confidence to just ask or go for it. type in your number and I’ll sort something out. if its going well just press for her phone number.Just get outta there before you mess something up. If you don’t go for it. laughing. Also. but if you are talking and she seems interested. Don’t ask. She does want to. ask for it! Maybe you were asking her about eyeliner and you can drop this into the question. This is a step up from approaching a woman.118 -- . Before I forget. I would have given him my number”. break the conversation up in the middle of things going well. Don’t just beat about the bush.” -. maybe he just wanted to chat…what a pitty. hits you on the arm). just like with a phone conversation with a girl you’ve been out with: “Look. she WANTS you to ask her for her number so she can give it to you. smiles. just take it. The longer you hang around and try to tip toe around the number. In fact. How we continue this conversation tomorrow or something. then go ahead and just TAKE her number. but it is you who needs to make the move. I gotta go and finish off this essay/work (whatever). Here. here is some more general knowledge about getting the phone number and background information you should know.

This is the 21st century and everybody has a cell-phone these days. Just hand her your cell and let her type in her digits from her cell-phone. It’s a test.Just be straight and forward about it and she is bound to give you her number.119 -- . you enter danger-zone! The purpose is not to talk to her on the phone for hours and create some more attraction there … it’s to get her to meet you again. If she says she just moved house … same deal. If she says she doesn’t have a phone … call her on it. ring it once to confirm and you got yourself a date! The Call Once you got her number. -. The most important rule you have to remember when calling a woman is keep it short! I know it is very seductive to let her emotions go and just keep talking for over 15 minutes. If you do this. But if you are new to this. call her the next day. This isn’t Hollywood where the woman hands you her phone number on a small napkin written in lipstick. If she gives you her landline number … don’t bother. Another point I would like to make here is that it is also possible to hand her a piece of paper and a pen … but this is soooo out of date. I would give it 1 day in between before you call … just to let her know that you are hard to get and not a needy wimp.

So you give her a quick call, make her laugh a little bit, fluff for 2-3 minutes and then CUT the conversation short again just like you did when you got her number. Tell her that you need to go do X in town and that she should meet you at 2pm or whatever. Don’t say: Do you want to go have a drink sometime • Do you want to…like…hang out? • Do you want to have dinner with me? You have to stick to what works here: Create some small attraction, just by small talk. Ask her how she has been and what she has been doing. Don’t go into a lot of detail, just pick up on the important things she says and make a cheeky or funny comment about them. Finish the conversation by saying that you have to go and do something, even if you want to talk to her. This will help her to see that you are not needy or obsessed with her. This way you will come off as a challenge and as hard to get. Avoid pauses and hesitation and repeating yourself. If at any point you don’t know what to say, or you run out of ideas, move on to the next item on the list. If that has run out then just be concise and end the call. But keep the conversation short and to a maximum of 15 minutes. You should aim for about 5-7minutes to hit the sweet spot. Here’s an example of a good telephone call, the way I make them all the time … and they work every single time and have a huge success rate, meaning I get almost all of
-- 120 --

the women to see me again. Don’t copy anything directly here but rather use them as a guideline to help you work out what you should say in your own situation so you can structure your own. Her: Hi You: Hey, it’s [your name]. What’s up? Her: Hi You: Soooo … have you been behaving? Her: Yeah, I’m always nice. You: Oh really? … is that why you always wear a Gucci handbag? You might want to polish your halo a little. Her: *tehehe* Naw I was working really hard today. You: Aww poor you, did you have to actually do some work today? I bet you were stealing some drinks from the bar were ya? Her: Hey! MY job is really tough! You: Uh huh (sounding unconvinced) Her: Well, what job do you do? You: I’m … Employee of the month at Burger King. Her: LOL. Seriously! I want to know what job you have! You: I work in a bank … and launder money for some mobsters, anyway… I’ll tell you later my boss isn’t listening in so I can give my honest opinion without being fired.
-- 121 --

Her: LOL. Okay. You: I tell you what, why don’t you meet in town on Tuesday? I have to go and get some new shirts, you can keep me company if your nice. I can meet you at, 2pm at Starbucks downtown Her: Okay! Well I can’t make 2 because I’m still working, but what about 4pm? You: Yeah ok, I’ll get some stuff done and I can get you there, okay? Don’t be late! Her: I won’t, cya there. You: Cya. Don’t try to get to know her on the phone (what job you do or what kinda hobbies you have) … just a little small talk is fine but keep the real conversation for your date. Keep her on her toes and be a little bit interesting and mysterious so she really does want to meet you again and find out more. The conversations above was just an example, don’t follow them to the letter. Use them to work out how you will plan the conversation, but remember the simple procedure of CAATH: she laughs, finds you funny, you ask the question, confirm the arrangements and then hang up. If she happens to give you some kind of excuse like “I can’t meet you then because I’m working (or anything else)” BUT counteroffers like “but I can meet you later that day or on Saturday, is that ok for you?” then you know she really does want to see you again but just

-- 122 --

but the conversation will be one way.happens to work that time you asked her out. Be cocky. Some of them still apply and have different variations in other situations of dating. Do not reply instantly to a message. Try to limit the abbreviations that you use as well. scratch those plans and come see me … I’m far more interesting than X (whatever it is she has to do)”. don’t put any kisses at the end of the message. this will also help you to keep the message as brief and to the point as possible as well as sending her a message that she can understand without decoding it. just say “I tell ya what. stick to those rules. Works all the time. but for the first meeting. Always make a funny comment and tease her about something. 1. No biggie. You can use smiley-faces 5. really. There are a few basic rules you must stick to when texting rather than calling her.123 -- . -. Always get to the point 6. Only text when you need to 2. As a final warning. cheeky and playful to create attraction 4. it will make u look desperate and pathetic or too forward and sleazy. leave about 15min Those simple rules apply only to arranging the date. But if she is just trying to test you ( meaning she doesn’t counteroffer right away). Keep it to as few messages as possible 3. Texting her is pretty much the same as calling her.

try to keep it short (here: as few messages as possible). cya there at 7pm. Nick” and then show up for the date because she will. -. like I’m going to believe you ☺ What’s up? Nick” • “Hey you. so she can join you if she wants … that way you evade the classic dating courtship which is boring). and the third one is to confirm the date. Then you confirm the date like “ok. Here are some examples: • “Hey you wannabe angel.-P I'm going to town tomorrow/on Thursday. The second one is serious and straight to the point as in “why don’t you come and meet me tomorrow etc”. Most times girls are late too so you can start busting her balls for that right away. I got feelings too you know? .Now listen up: You only need 3 messages to arrange a date with a woman. spark up the attraction first and THEN ask her to meet or join you (remember. you are going somewhere or have to do something anyway.124 -- . you behaving? … Yeah right. The first one asks how she is and gets the attraction going. it ain’t 4 sale. wanna keep me company? Nick” Just like the phone-call. Stop thinking about my sexy body.

Go for a walk with her in the park after you have been to the gym. She will enjoy the fact you are being mysterious and again. don’t use it as the beginning of a relationship. Women can also realize that you’re not taking this seriously and you haven’t fallen for her spell like every other guy around. use it as an opportunity to decide if you really want to see this girl or not. but that you want to get to know her better. Meet up with her during your lunch break or something. Where To Take Your Date This is very simple. “Why isn’t he all over me like other guys?” Don’t dare take a woman OUT on a first date. Try to make her realize that she is there not because you want to spend time with her. Many guys make the mistake of trying to impress a woman by planning a romantic date with all sorts of fancy crap you don’t need. Whatever you do.The First Date If you get a girls number and set up a first date. So let me get this straight: -. The date is almost like an interview to see if you like her and this shows you are not hooked on her. don’t make it too serious or let her think you are really into her.125 -- . she will start to let her mind run wild with questions like.

but don’t even try it.• You don’t need to take her out to dinner. the idea of a date is to spend time with her and get to know her. Remember that she wants to meet you and see if you are an interesting and sexy person she would like to meet again. In fact.126 -- . The very best way of accomplishing both is a) b) c) Shopping in town or in a mall Chill in the park Have a coffee You don’t need to buy stuff. having a candle light dinner or going to the movies … how different are you? -. If you do exactly what everybody else has done before such as going for a beer in a bar. you can even go window shopping for crying out loud. • You should not get cinema tickets and invite her to go see a movie with you. It just doesn’t work and isn’t a good idea. You see. • Don’t just go for “let’s have a drink sometime” and then head straight for the next bar in the evening. this is the WORST idea for a first date. the key here is to do something that you had to do anyway. This is done by talking to her and doing certain things together. This might have worked in high school and may be an “ok” possibility for a fourth date. invite her to keep you company and then do something that is FREE! Now.

But you also need to make it look like you are a challenge (hard to get). Here’s what happens if you take her on a classical date like every other nice guy and wimp has done before her: She gets bored immediately. not needy for sex and don’t see this as a classic date but rather as a get together. This is a very slick trick but it works extremely well for her to trust you. Forget all that formal dating stuff with flowers. bust her balls and treat her like your little sister. But to make this easy for you: Go window shopping in town and then have a coffee. interesting and sexy in a woman’s eyes. -. This way it will seem like you have spend more hours together than you actually have by changing the venue. This works especially well when you are dealing with very attractive women … you know the type that get hit on at least 49 times a day.127 -- . Then you REALLY need to be different. It won’t work. But on that date. dinner dates etc. The tips and techniques from this book though have been tested many many times and work every single time! Why? Because if you pull this off it will make you look different. make sure you tease her. This is why she “can keep you company because you need to do X in town anyway”.

You can make clever remarks about what is on sale. But how can you work your magical charming skills in a theatre or eating a plate full of pasta that you can’t pronounce the name of? The key is to make sure you end up somewhere you can do fun things with a woman. • Take her to places that allow for easy conversation and where there are a lot of conversation starters. There will be a different kind of atmosphere there than the usual classy department stores. don’t just date her. In park on a nice day you can enjoy the sun. Take her to a market that sells funny junk stuff. not those kinds of things. No. It may be simple but it sure isn’t boring. It sounds so damn boring and simple. -. You might even meet some mad people around town. I mean actually have fun when you go out and have a great time together. Go to the park. buying her a rose and then going to a fancy restaurant. You may think a good date is taking her to the theatre. You can take her handbag or cigarettes and tease her with them. rather than a chance to attract her. Try just walking about or browsing in shops with crazy items.128 -- . Some factors that ensure you have a good time: • Treat the date as an opportunity for you to see if you like her and want a relationship. Or you can go in for the kill and find out how ticklish she is.Let’s have a deeper look at why every guy seems to think it is a good idea for a date. that will give you loads to laugh about.

Then start teasing her and flirting with her. sparks will fly. but you are interested in getting something to eat. I hate the -. be prepared to go. Don’t let her think that because you are on a date that you are more than friends yet. You want to give her the impression that you are not so much interested in her.129 -- . When You Meet Up If she arrives early or late. Let her get into you and then make occasional contact after that. so denying it and ignoring how she looks for a bit will send her mind wandering again. As the date progresses you can start to tease her more and look for little insecurities. or going for a walk in the park. Give her space and walk around her. If she says “Oh. Initially. Don’t compliment her. especially if she is a hot girl.• Show her that you are not going to just be a friend by avoiding buying her gifts and taking her to expensive places early on. This will send out more mixed messages to her. Leaving out the touching creates more energy between you and when you do touch her. • Build up a good friendship during the date and then start to tease her • Don’t make too much contact at first. So for the first 10 minutes or so act like friends. you want to make it appear that you are just intending to be friends. She will already think she’s hot. • On the first date don’t cling to her wherever she walks. Keep touching and physical contact to a minimum.

don’t try to fall back into your old ways and bore the pants off her. Talk about reality TV and make jokes about it. Give her an opportunity to talk uninterrupted. Don’t Be Boring On a Date Just as you wouldn’t try to talk about boring things when you first meet a girl. If you don’t.way the back of my hair looks” make a joke about it and tease her for worrying. Say a statement or something funny that she can expand on. change the conversation to something else dramatic. like the latest celebrity scandal. Avoid questions and conversations like: “Do you come here often?” “Do you have any brothers or sisters?” “What do you do at work?” “What school did you go to?” “What do you think about the recent crisis in the middleeast?” Basically. You might even try mocking her about her boring TV viewing but at the same time you show you have an opinion and knowledge about her shows. Go for something interesting and new. What has she probably talked about to death already. People love to talk about themselves. or heard that she doesn’t really have an interest in? The chances are. avoid talking about anything mundane and everyday. Women like drama. so let her talk loads and then you can make fun of her for being a motor mouth as well as get her point across.130 -- . -. probably most of those dumb questions above.

but joke around and don’t be serious about it. Steal from comedy shows and so on if you struggle with making your own jokes and conversation starters. If you ever see a woman and you think she is far too into herself to respond to your casual charm.” “Pete Doherty and Kate Moss. I can’t believe that Big Brother show. I think she’s just a 9 year old with fake titties. “What. Hold yourself back from ever telling a woman that you think she looks beautiful. he doesn’t like me? Does he think I’m not that attractive?” -. I think she was the only person to take her own weight in cocaine. Always keep her guessing as to how much you really like her. I mean he is a footballer and she is just famous for losing too much weight. What a relationship that was. You throw tantrums like her?” “What is David Beckham doing with Victoria. I think that Nikki maybe lied about her age. That means you certainly don’t say it but you also keep yourself calm and reserved.” You get the idea. Maybe drop a hint or a word in that she’s cute. wander off sometimes and don’t be clingy. It makes her mind go crazy again. Let Her Chase You Never directly show a woman when you first meet her that you are having a great time.131 -- .“Man. Don’t show too much interest in her. You will be amazed at how well it works. take it up another level and start teasing her and acting disinterested.

she WANTS to kiss you.The Kiss Being able to kiss a woman is one of the easiest things in the world. you will need to MOVE IN and kiss her gently. You just need to know HOW to do it. Second. I can answer the first one right away: You can have a woman ready for a hot kissing session within around 3 minutes of meeting her the very first time. This is even BEFORE you have gotten her number. yet so many men just can’t get this to work for them. The real problem isn’t that guys are lacking initial “kissing” skills … it’s being able to make a smooth transition from talking to kissing her. you need to know WHEN she is ready to be kissed. it is possible to kiss her. Forget all the mumbo-jumbo about psychology and “she needs to be ready first” yadda yadda crap. So let’s make this one easy for you. There are two key factors involved here: First. So let’s get this one fixed right now. If she goes on a date with you. If she meets you again. The key is attraction. she already feels enough attraction that she wants you to kiss her. -. If she is attracted to you.132 -- .

You see. as in having a good time.The only way you can kill this attraction is if you go back to being a nicey-nice guy and bring her flowers on the date. enjoying yourself. look into her eyes for 5 seconds. tease her and turn up the heat. -. All they want is that you don’t storm the doors like an inexperienced kid who has never kissed a woman. Now. touch the back of her beck with your hand … and if you can see her eyes glowing (like when she gets attracted to you) and smile … just move in for the kiss. This is exactly where you want her. to kiss her you need to make a smooth transition from talking. that she WANTS you to kiss her … and by signaling her what is coming. Don’t say a word for about 5 seconds and look into her eyes. But the trick here is. she will not pull her head back. This way you will press her emotional trigger buttons enough times that she will wonder “when is he going to kiss me?”. You need to be smooth here. I know this sounds cheesy and corny but I’m not stupid … I know what I’m doing here. Now. playing and teasing to touching your lips with hers right? All you need to do is STOP TALKING.133 -- . So stop talking. women have seen all those movies as well and they KNOW what’s coming. what you have to do is talk to her for at least 20 – 30 minutes and spend some time with her.

This really is so freakin’ easy. There are two ways of getting a woman to your place: Set up the second date directly at your place or go to your place on the first date after you are finished with the coffee and shopping. -. So just go for it because if she comes on a date with you.134 -- . How To Take Her Home So you have spent some time with her and had great fun on your first date or get together. As a sidenote: never try to go to her place if you can avoid it. but again it is up to you to make a smooth transition. she wants to be kissed. otherwise she will think you are a wimp for not even trying. This is key! Another factor that is involved her is that she needs to trust you as well. Now you want to see her naked and take her clothes off. First of all. It’s time to go to your place. But how do you get her to come to your place without seeming pushy or hungry for sex? Women KNOW what will happen when they go to your place. you should have kissed her already before you decide to go to your house. Just don’t make the mistake and wait with the kiss after 1 or 2 hours into the date. otherwise she won’t feel comfortable going to your house. really. You will have much more control and less obstacles (like friends etc) to deal with if you go to yours.

she will gladly follow you home where you can escalate things on your couch. But don’t forget: No glove. The key here is simply to get her to your place without looking needy. Or. So.The best technique to get a woman to your place is to rent a DVD or buy some food and cook dinner at your house. you need a different angle … I mean this IS the 21st century. cuddle and then slowly let things escalate until she gets so horny she doesn’t want you to stop. no love! So always use a condom. get a DVD and tell her to buy the popcorn. -. pushy or desperate. this is much simpler than it looks like. You have to be cool about it and kind of act like you don’t really care if she comes or not. That’s it. The rest is a piece of cake. She has to know and feel that this is a completely normal and natural thing for you to do. kiss her. All you have to do is spend around 2-3 hours with her on a date.135 -- . then get her home where you can relax. You see. Now really. Today. get physical with her and sleep with her. Then. years ago guys used the now infamous line “wanna see my stamp collection” and it worked. you can set up the second date at your house and tell her to bring the chicken and you will get the pasta sauce.

you can fall out of that category if you don’t stay alert. although beware. A sexual partner is someone who they will become more and more attracted to and eventually want a long term relationship with. This is -. you will struggle to get out of there. You can of course completely ruin things even after she has decided that you are the right kind of person to sleep with her. calling her all the time. she will lose interest instantly.136 -- . you can look back and analyze what she has said and you don’t have to be under so much pressure to impress her when you talk. Sometimes sending a text message can be a lot better than actually talking on the phone. This might sound like it makes sense from a logical point of view. A friend just means you are ok. The sexually interested category is far easier and more rewarding. she won’t sleep with you unless she feels that gut level emotion called attraction. Most guys have a warped idea that if they just keep dating a woman. Unless she is desperate (which does happen even if there is slight attraction. she will sleep with them eventually. When you get stuck in the friendship rut.Sex or Friends Women will decide pretty early on if you are going to be a friend or a sexual partner. but there is absolutely no attraction. let me tell you). And I mean struggle. The whole dating thing isn’t enough to convince a woman that you will be more than just a friend. You can have time to think about what you want to say. but it doesn’t happen in real life. Then you are back to being a “friend”. If you end up buying her gifts. speaking to her just to hear her voice and doing anything she asks of you.

From now on. That my friend. But don’t fall back to being a needy wimp and nice guy. and they now see you as boyfriend and lover material…IF you pull it off the right way. it’s only the beginning. Keep the attraction up and never forget what you have learnt! Your new persona has to become a part of you … and once it IS. This StreetSmartDating book was intended to teach you the fundamentals and most important key areas when it comes to women and dating.137 -- . otherwise she will think you have just used her for sex. -. you will be able to attract women naturally without even thinking about it. make sure you give her a text the next day. to transform yourself from the wimpy nice guy that most men are. into a real ladies-man and better person.also a good way of attracting her at the beginning of a relationship. they start to get those shiny eyes when you make them feel that gut level emotion called attraction. is when you know you are truly getting it! The End of the Beginning This isn’t the end. I have prepared you to step up to the big table. women will respond to you completely different than they used to: They start to giggle when you talk to them. But if you have had sex with her.

just talk. So here’s what I want you to do now: Re-read the important parts of this book again and take some notes. drop me an e-mail and let me know how you are getting on. then this is a must.There’s still lots to learn. especially the ones that make women feel that magical emotion called attraction.138 -- . Remember. you don’t have to take it any further. Then you have to start using and practicing the key techniques. If you want to learn some more techniques and more lines. To find out more. so send me some success stories. I will teach you my most powerful techniques that I have taught to a select few ONLY…and I might never teach them anymore. For now.com/advancedseries BUT the only way you will get the most out of it is if you have understood and worked on the material from this book. Once you got the fundamentals down.streetsmartdating. I recommend that you get yourself out there and start to practice on what you know. I also recommend that you check out my advanced dating techniques. To speed up your learning curve drastically. I really want to know how you are doing. -. Get familiar with the basic fundamentals and core essentials of the dating game so you won’t make the biggest and most crucial mistakes anymore. Then come back. go here: http://www. But go and practice a bit first before you make the next step.

com -. Inc.139 -- .Wishing you success Your buddy Nick Street Smart Dating.StreetSmartDating. www.

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