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Websites: Student Resources Picture dictionaries in English, Spanish, Japanese, German, French and Portuguese.

Includes web quests, cloze activities, on-line printable texts and worksheets. Science and Social Studies topics. Students can bookmark this site to translate words from English to their native language. Grades 3-12. Translate Albanian to English. Website for students with independent listening, reading, grammar and vocabulary games and online quizzes. Vocabulary and concepts about U.S. government for grades K-12. Includes visuals and graphic organizers. Sites for Grades K-3 Great site for teaching letter names, sounds, phonemic awareness, basic vocabulary, calendar skills and basic reading skills. Uses animation and audio to teach concepts. Geared for younger students. Practice letters, shapes and colors with interactive games. -a site with online stories and activities. Grades pre-K-Kindergarten. Games and wordplay. Stories read by actors from the Screen Actors' Guild. Sites for Grades 2-5 Madlibs. Grammar game about parts of speech. Stories to read with vocabulary words that link to a definition. - Multicultural children's stories told by famous storytellers. Grammar songs. Postcards from Buster. Adventures takes a tour around the U.S. Each city has video, audio, map skills and games. A program for kids to make flashcards. Lists of great websites for students in various curriculum areas. Reviews of various websites. A nice way to modify book reports for ELL students. Grades 4-8. Type in your own spelling words to make a word search or sentence scramble.

Sites for grades 4-8 Click on a social studies textbook (broken up by grade level) to explore primary resources and play word games with vocabulary. Games, activities and science experiments from the TV Show Zoom. A site for beginning students. Exercises in pronunciation, reading and vocabulary. Stories from around the world by Nick Jr. Brainteasers, puzzles and games. Match homophones in this concentration game. Science Websites Help with many of the science topics covered in middle school Help with the phases of the moon (covered in 7th grade science curriculum) Help with the water cycle (covered in the 7th grade science curriculum) English (grammar, vocabulary, reading, etc) Quizzes and activities dealing with language topics (grammar, reading, idioms, etc.) Great website for reading at all levels, however, much of it requires a subscription.

Includes games for English and Spanish grammar, math and science. Grammar Quizzes and games. Activities for proofreading and editing. Math, reading and grammar games. General Help Great site with a good deal of information on many subjects; great for homework Games (math, reading, grammar, vocabulary) for different levels General news, homework help Kids search engine, can be helpful for homework, projects