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Human rights violation

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Human rights are stipulated in the Constitution of Bangladesh. in china workers do not have the opportunity to form trade unions or join . It enables Government of Bangladesh to translate international agreements into domestic law. The concept of Human Rights firstly revealed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) in 1948 by UNO where 25 human rights are entitled to as human rights. colour. In particular. According to the report of congressional executive commission in 2003. in china there is many issue that violating the workers human rights.Disney. inherent and indivisible that have a common focus of protecting life of the human being with dignity. Human rights therefore characterise as universal. in china the international recognized right hasn¶t changed in past years. Legislative and Judiciary) of Government to respect and ensure the rights it enunciates. sex. It obliges all branches (i. written in 1972. television and radio networks like (ABC. inalienable. However.e. These rights come with birth and are applicable to all people throughout the world irrespective of their race. Prospects of Human Rights violation in China: Walt Disney the second largest media conglomerate company in the world which have several theme park. In 2004 the stockholders of Disney came to a serious discussion human rights violation in china where most of their merchandise manufactured. the constitutional obligations made a platform for Bangladesh Government to ratify the core international human rights conventions and treaties for the protection and promotion of human rights.ESPN) and film studios. Therefore. political or other opinion.Human rights The term ³Human Rights´ contains a set of legal and moral rights that can be claimed by any person as human being. and language. the Part-III of the Constitution stipulates eighteen fundamental rights of which of 17 are taken from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Executive.

China¶s economy massively influenced by those forced labour and prison labourers .there is almost every factory has child labour and day by day it¶s increasing with violating their rights.S.A department of human right practices. a hongkong Christian industrial company made a visit to Disney Chinese factories and found ³excessively long hours of work. Moreover child labour continues to severe problem in china . Most of their lives are destroyed by the political power. poverty wages.any trade union. work place hazards and dangerously over crowded dormitories. Again in china there are lots of force labour and prison labourer according to U. . But due to inadequate inception those initiatives gone to vain and the violation of workers right continues in china. Another report was issued in 2001 that only workers paid substandard wages but they ³face long hours of forced overtime that leave them with two or three hours of sleep at night and they exposed constantly to chemicals that make them sick. However in 2001. Sometimes they have to face harassments and criminal charges without any legal reason by the owners.there efforts are given name by powerful organization own title. After observing those reports Walt Disney takes some initiative to protect their human rights. unreasonable fines.

Therefore. The explosion ripped through the Rajdhani Casting factory at Aliganj with a big bang due to low voltage of electricity at around 6. Some are noted below: . numerous violations of workers¶ rights were reported. In 2010. workers said.30am.RMG workers rights are violated in different cases Labour unrest of ready-made garments factory workers Throughout the period. Dangerous working conditions were also reported.Prospects of Human Rights violation in Bangladesh: In 2010. private jute mill laborers submitting a memorandum to the Prime Minister pushing for demands including an increase on the 1985 set minimum wage. has developed in buildings constructed in an unplanned manner. The ready-made garments industry. workers right violation in readyment garments continue to increase over the years they do not have the proper safe environment for work. amongst which many were related to the demand of overdue wages. eight workers of a steel re-rolling mill at Fatulla in Narayanganj were injured seriously after a massive explosion in its furnace. over the years.thre are several violence occurred for minimum wages in this sector. This creates the scope for various accidents involving workers. there wnumerous incidents of workers unrest in the readymade garment sector. raising the death toll of such accidents in the industry to more than 1.300 in the last 12 years. The locking or blocking of emergency exits often leads to the workers not being able to evacuate in time. 2010. On June 9. and shrimp workers not being paid the minimum wage. Including one report of 30 workers killed in accidents in different shipyards in Chittagong in the last 11 months. Some of the incidents reported included strikes over the new wage structure for water transport workers.

Dhaka. under Narayanganj district. At least 50 people. The daily New Age. men supporting the factory owner of Navana Textile Ltd. were injured on May 25. Ashulia in Savar of the Dhaka district. 2010. as the police clashed with garment factory workers. in a series of clashes between garment workers and law enforcers in Kachpur area of Narayangonj. were injured in Narayanganj while more than 200 workers. 50 people were injured and scores of vehicles vandalised on April 28. Police charged with batons on the protesting workers. 29/04/2010 The daily Jugantor. and Kaliakoir under Gazipur district blocked roads and . including ten policemen. 05/05/10  Garments workers at Fatulla and Sonargaon. 2010. including 2 policemen. The ready-made garment workers were demanding that the house rent in local areas be lowered and that the supply of gas and water to be ensured  On July 30. 2010 and vandalized property. At least 50 people. including the Officer-in-Charge of Savar Police Station. 05/04/2010  At least 50 persons. Agitated garment workers in Fatullah under Narayanganj district blocked the Dhaka-Narayanganj link road and the workers in the Ashulia area also blocked the Dhaka-Tangail highway on July 31. on April 12. 2010. including police and journalists were injured in Ashulia. were injured. reportedly attacked a procession brought out by workers. The Daily Star. Naryanganj and Mirpur. Mohakhali and Gulshan areas of Dhaka. The workers brought out this procession over their 15-point demand which included unpaid wages.  At Kolma in Savar. who were rallying for increase in wages and other benefits in Rupganj. 2010 several thousand garments workers staged a protest against the decision of the Minimum Wage Board and vandalized property in the Tejgaon.

staged protests. Some alleged that out of 06 stairs ways. another leader. four stair gates were locked and many workers jumped from the 11 storied building. It is to be mentioned that the Managing Director of Hameem group is AK Azad who is also the newly elected President of the Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FBCCI) from the pro government panel. He was taken into 9-day remand for interrogation. 2010 when fire swept the Hameem factory in Ashulia. In Fatulla Model Police Station. and Kalpona Akhter and Babul Akhter. Montu Ghosh was arrested on July 31. August 2010 . 2010.121 Furthermore. police filed a case mentioning the names of 46 workers along with three thousand unknown people while in Kaliakoir Police Station 500 unknown workers had been accused in the case. 04/08/2010 and 05/08/2010 Monthly Chinta. police arrested 60 garments workers including worker¶s leader Montu Ghosh and Haji Md. executives of two NGOs. The daily Prothom. 2010 and was shown arrested in five cases since August 3.26 people were killed and 100 more were injured on December 14. Shahidul Islam. Two separate cases were filed in Fatulla and Ashuliya Police Stations accusing four thousand garments workers in this connection. which caused many workers their death. alleged that police called her on her cell phone and threatened to kill her in µcrossfire¶.  13.120 Due to workers unrest. which work with ready-made garments workers. Savar. that Allegedly caused vandalization of properties. Moshrefa Mishu.

On July 29.538 persons were injured.000. 2 workers are died and 319 are injured while protesting in demand of either overdue wages or for an increase in wages and against other work related violence in the readymade garments sectors. However.It is frequently reported that the rights of garments workers are violated in terms of minimum wage for their labor and safe working environment. In last 3 months of 2011. A volatile situation has been prevailing between the workers and owners of the ready-made garments factories following recent incidents of violence in this sector.000.00 (USD 72.47) . the garments workers had been demanding Taka 5. 2010. Later the garment workers rejected the minimum wage of Taka 3.000.46) per month to be declared as the minimum wage. the Minimum Wage Board declared Taka 3.00 (USD 43.47) per month as the minimum wage for garments workers. Earlier the minimum wage of a garment worker was Taka 1662 per month (USD 23. The leaders of the garments workers are often claiming their rights issues and often declaring the strike to achieve it.00 (USD 43.96). The situation is reflecting continues forms of violent acts against the garments workers in Bangladesh. It was reported (in 2010) that 7 garments workers died and 2. The process is often creating mistrust between the garments owners and the workers that turns into a conflicting situation.

org . which are not following the tripartite agreement and thereby causing labour unrest. in practical its violation is seen in every spheres of lives that restricting the rule of law and advancement of the country as a civilized nation. In such situation an undemocratic and dictatorial nature of power manifests in many different ways and abuses the state machinery for partisan and narrow political y Wikipedia. economic. every effort must be made to ensure workplace safety of the workers. therefore the Government should cancel the licenses of those garments factories. Thus Human Rights are simply a theoretical perspective in context of recent Bangladesh.declared by the Wage Board and came out in the streets with their demand of minimum wage of Taka 5. Reference: y Odhikar.00 (USD 72. we may find a painful result for Bangladesh during last 10 years (at the bottom layer). The present reality of Bangladesh proves again that while a representative government is essential for democratic practice. If we see the corruption perception index (CPI) that produced by Transparency International. Judiciary and the Legislative fail to play their respective roles to ensure constitutional and international norms of human rights. A variety of social. is not enough if the Executive. cultural and political factors are contributing to the violation of human rights. and procedures should be rigorously in place to check whether workers safety measures are being observed or not.46) be effective from August 2010. Moreover.

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