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Any project can¶t be completed in isolation. It is always the outcome of co-ordination and support of the people of corresponding field.

I express my sincerest gratitude and thanks to honorable Mr. Ashinder tickoo (ASM) AND MR.RAHUL WADHWA(BSM) For their kindness, I had the precious opportunity of attaining training in one of the most valuable bank. Under Their brilliant untiring guidance, I complete the project being under taken on the ³ ³EFFECTIVENESS OF VARIOUS MARKETING ACTIVITIES IN A BANK´

Successfully in time. Their meticulous attention and invaluable suggestions have helped me in simplifying the problem involved in the work. I got a lot of moral support from them during training and for Project also.

I would like to thank to my faculty guide for their encouragement and valuable suggestions on this topic without which this project would not be Successfully completed. I would also say thanks to all those customers who give me their precious time for Questionnaire in sharing their experience for my study.

I would also like to give thanks to my family, friends and to all those who have helped me in one and the other Way in completing the project.


± . This marketing activity provide information of the products and services to the customer and help in branding. I had to analyze consumer behavior towards kotak Mahindra bank and creating more and making people aware of the bank by doing different marketing activity. In the second half. To analyze the various factors influencing the customer preference. I was engaged in introducing kotak Mahindra bank and the products to the customers. I reported to Branch manager Mr rahul wadhwa who kept guiding me during my SIP when I required. This is followed by the questionnaire and its analysis and at the end the recommendations that could make kotak Mahindra bank aware of what customer needs are. 4 .EXECUTIVE SUMMARY My Summer Internship was divided into two halves: In the first half. Project objective To find out the most important marketing activity according to the convergence ratio.

Chapter 1 5 .

The Bank has its registered office at Nariman Bhavan.[4] Kotak Mahindra bank also reached the top 100 most trusted brands of India in The Brand Trust Report published by Trust Research Advisory in 2011. It bought stressed assets from a number of banks. the customer base of this group is more than 14 lakh. The Kotak Mahindra group is a financial organization established in 1985 in India.000 crore in revenue. This company was promoted by Uday Kotak. Mumbai. Dr. Today it has more than 20. is the first company in the Indian banking history to convert to a bank. It was previously known as the Kotak Mahindra Finance Limited. a non-banking financial company. at full loan value of Rs 1.000 crore in 2005. and that's when the company changed its name to Kotak Mahindra Finance Limited. History of the bank: The Kotak Mahindra Group was born in 1985 as Kotak Capital Management Finance Limited.000 employees and Rs. A. Year 1986 1987 1990 Milestone Kotak Mahindra Finance Limited starts the activity of Bill Discounting Kotak Mahindra Finance Limited enters the Lease and Hire Purchase market The Auto Finance division is started The Investment Banking Division is started. Kotak Mahindra Finance Ltd. Nariman Point. one of India's largest financial retail marketing networks Enters the Funds Syndication sector 6 1991 1992 . Sidney A. the group's flagship company was given the license to carry on banking business by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). 142 crore the corresponding quarter last year. Takes over FICOM. In February 2003.BRIEF INTRODUCTION OF THE COMPANY. 10.Industrialists Harish Mahindra and Anand Mahindra took a stake in 1986. Kotak Mahindra Finance Ltd. Pinto and Kotak & Company. Shankar Acharya is the chairman of board of Directors in the company. the bank reported a 32% rise in net profit to Rs188 crore for the quarter ended December 2010 against Rs. In January 2011. Uday Kotak is Executive Vice Chairman & Managing Director of Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.

The launch of Matrix Information Services Limited marks the Group's entry into information distribution. for the Life Insurance business. Kotak Securities launches its on-line broking site (now www. a private equity fund. Buys Kotak Mahindra Prime (formerly known as Kotak Mahindra Primus Limited) and sells Ford credit Mahindra. Launches a real estate fund Bought the 25% stake held by Goldman Sachs in Kotak Mahindra Capital Company and Securities Launched a Pension Fund under the New Pension System Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd.kotaksecurities. Opened a representative office in Dubai Ahmedabad Derivatives and Commodities Exchange. 7 1996 1998 2000 2000 2001 2001 2003 2004 2005 2005 2006 2008 2009 2010 .1995 Brokerage and Distribution businesses incorporated into a separate company Securities. for financing Ford vehicles. converts to a commercial bank . Investment Banking division incorporated into a separate company Kotak Mahindra Capital Company The Auto Finance Business is hived off into a separate company -Kotak Mahindra Prime Limited (formerly known as Kotak Mahindra Primus Limited).the first Indian company to do so. Kotak Mahindra takes a significant stake in Ford Credit Kotak Mahindra Limited. Enters the mutual fund market with the launch of Kotak Mahindra Asset Management Company. Launches India Growth Fund.com). Kotak Mahindra ties up with Old Mutual plc. Kotak Group realigns joint venture in Ford Credit. Commencement of private equity activity through setting up of Kotak Mahindra Venture Capital Fund. Matrix sold to Friday Corporation Launches Insurance Services Kotak Mahindra Finance Ltd.

business families and employed professiona SERVICES Accounts & Deposits PRODUCTS saving accounts Current accounts Term deposit Safe deposit loceker Financial incusion Cards credit cards Global debit cards Best compliment cards Kotak gold net card Kotak world travel card Investments mutual funds demat kotK GOLD ETERNITY New pension system 8 . entrepreneurs. Kotak Mahindra Bank offers transaction banking. The bank offers personal finance solutions of every kind from savings accounts to credit cards. Kotak has one of the largest and most respected Wealth Management teams in India. providing the widest range of solutions to high net worth individuals. operates lending verticals.Kotak Mahindra bank Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd is a one stop shop for all banking needs. manages IPOs and provides working capital loans. distribution of mutual funds to life insurance products.

Insurance . asba Loans Home Loans Personal Loans Car Loans Loan against property Home Improvement Loans Home Loan Balance Transfer Kotak Stock Ace Convenience Banking Net Banking Kotak Payment Gateway Mobile Banking SMS Banking Alerts Phone Banking ATM Network 9 .

31. we define mass affluent as anyone who has an annual household income of Rs 5 lakh compared to Rs 4. The bank earned a net profit of Rs 3. Regarding this aim. over the next 12 months. saying.313.2009 Banking Technology Award for IT Governance and Value Delivery. you don't need a joint venture partner. you need a network partner.Ranked among the top 5 companies in Asia Pacific.Banking Sector for the year ending 31st March." The bank has posted a 15. Now. 2009 FinanceAsia Best Private Bank in India. Vice-chairman & MD of Kotak Mahindra Bank. "The world is about alliances. Kotak said.835.00 down 4. In order to expand its reach.5 lakh when we started in 2003. For us. as part of its plan to provide services to global clients.14% on Bombay Stock Exchange. AWARDS : y y y y y y ICAI Award Excellence in Financial Reporting under Category 1 .74% of growth in its Q3 net profit for financial year 2010-2011 as compared to corresponding period in 2009-2010.General important information 2011 : Kotak Mahindra Bank Plans Expansion Private sector lender of India.´ The bank is eyeing for alliance with local players in the US and Europe. ³It depends on how you define mass affluent. instead of just focusing on high net-worth individuals as it did earlier. 2009 10 . Kotak Mahindra Bank (BSE: 500247) is now planning to tap the opportunities in the wider section of population. Kotak Mahindra Bank's stock closed on Tuesday at Rs 409. 2008 IR Global Rankings Best Corporate Governance Practices . 2010 as against Rs 3. for Wealth Management business. 2010 Asiamoney Best Local Cash Management Bank 2010 IDG India Kotak won the CIO 100 'The Agile 100' award 2010 IDRBT Banking Technology Excellence Awards Best Bank Award in IT Framework and Governance Among Other Banks' .66 million for the quarter ended Dec. the bank is looking to increase the number of branches to 500 from 300 at present. A leading newspaper Times of India quoted Uday Kotak.70 or 1.96 million for the same period in 2009.

Winner 2008 & 2009 Best overall winner. 4 years in a row from 2006 to 2009 Best IT Security Policies & Practices. 2007 Best IT Team of the Year. 2008 Growth of the bank : bank deposit 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 Jan-07 Jan-08 Jan-09 Jan-10 Jan-11 casa casa percentage term deposit In crores 11 . 2009 Emerson Uptime Champion Awards Technology Senate Emerson Uptime Championship Award in the BFSI category.y y y y Kotak Royal Signature Credit Card Was chosen "Product of the Year" in a survey conducted by Nielsen in 2009 IBA Banking Technology Awards Best Customer Relationship Achievement . 2007 Euromoney Best Private Banking Services (overall).

customer accounts 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 7-Mar 8-Mar 9-Mar 10-Mar 11-Mar customer accounts In millions. 12 .

Chapter 2 Project overview 13 .

c activity at different petrol pumps.Introduction : Effectiveness of marketing activity in a bank : Marketing in kotak Mahindra bank categorizes in to four departments ± marketing. Objective and scope : ³To identify the most important activity on the basis of convergence ratio and cost per sale. 14 . dancing. banners etc according to the level of work to increase and support the marketing activity in a bank.painting activity for the children¶s. Concentrating on different activity done by kotak bank and other competitors like hdfc.creativity .´ The main of the present study of is accomplishing the following objective. The major activity done by the bank which give the most convergence is the PUC (pollution under control) activity . Proper understanding of products. General society visit to distribute the pamphlets and pamphlets of the products that bank have. There are different types of marketing activity like: Joggers park .their budget .posters. Conduct market survey on a sample selected.\ p.pr and corporate communication. gym (helath check up).icici so to make conclusion of better marketing activity. Branch and central this are the two marketing level which will take care of the marketing activity . To know the brand awareness of kotak Mahindra bank and customer¶s preference about kotak kahindra bank.the objective is to implement effective campaigns and promotions which would help in meeting the business targets and getting media coverage for the same.these deparmenst act as an advisory and support channel towards marketing strategies and PR planning to ensure effective brand building towards brand awareness and visibility . singing . marketing activation and marketing operations.communication.u.

this activity is mainly done in the morning time. Activities in residential society ± in this activity we target many residential society in which singing . The people who come for the jogging and exercise .painting type of competition are organized in which parents also involved so to provide them bank facilities. SOME IMPORTAN POITNS : Some unique features like active money and maximum given interest rate are the key for the selling which will provide worth for money and after some time it increases your money which is idle in the bank account but kotak bank make it work.The detail of PUC activity : mainly in puc activity we are providing free puc which cost around 80 rs per car and atleast 100 cars is the target for the particular day from which aprroximately 10 convergence had been done(vary ). Free classic debit card One NMC waived edge saving account for our family member Free cash pick-up/delivery(one call per day) Free instrument pick-up/delivery(one call per day ) Free NEFT Free cash withdrawal from any kotak branch across India. Joggers park ± joggers park is an effective way of marketing it also include the health checkup . Ace saving account: Free access to all domestic and international VISA ATMs Free gold debit card 15 .dancing.which provide profit according to the customer. 50%discount on first year DEMAT AMC. Other activities done: Gym activity ±this activity is mainly done in a gym in which bank provide free health check up to the customer and exciting offer given to the customers. Major product focus on during marketing activity: Pro saving account: Free access to all domestic VISA ATM Free gold debit card for 1st year.

24X7.75lacs per day through ATM/POS 15% discount on locker rent 2% discount on gold eternity coins and bars. debit card or internet banking. You can withdraw your fixed deposit using your cheque book. No Penalty on Pre-mature encashment No penalty is charged in case of partial or full pre-mature encashment. Kotak Term Deposit Instant Liquidity . the value of which should be minimum 10 times the respective product AQB Monthly and quarterly payout options also available Existing customers can book the deposit through phone banking and internet banking Convenience of booking an online TD Offer Available on NRO Deposits also** ** Senior Citizens' Rate not available on NRO Deposit. 16 . OD Against TD available Avail 85% overdraft against your fixed deposit at an interest rate of 2% above your fixed deposit rate.24X7 Link your Term Deposit to your current / savings account and enjoy instant liquidity.- Free Add-on and supplimentry Gold debit card Three NMC weived EDGE accounts for family members. Waiver on first year DEMAT annual maintenance charge Free outstation cheque collection. Free demand drafts(unlimited at kotak location) Free RTGs Extended Debit card withdrawal limit of rs 1. Other Salient Features of Kotak Term Deposit Get NMC waiver on Savings Account / Current Account by booking TD.

RESEARCH METHODOLGY Research can be defined as the search for knowledge or any systematic investigation to establish facts. 17 . This research provides scientific information and theories for the explanation of the nature and the properties of the world around us. such data is original in character and its generated by survey conducted by individuals or research institution. a harnessing of curiosity. Scientific research relies on the application of the scientific method. TYPES OF DATA : PRIMARY DATA SECONDARY DATA Primary Data : primary data is one which is collected by the investigator himself for the purpose of a specific enquiry or study. It makes practical applications possible.

Secondary Data (depends on what products we have): when an investigator uses the data which has already being collected by others such data is called secondary data . builders. the secondary can be obtained from journals. MODES OF COLLECTING PRIMARY DATA OBSERVATION EXPERIMENTS QUESTIONNAIRE/SCHEDULE INTERVIEW 18 . professionals and doctors.

³observation means accurate watching. In observation method the information is sort by way of investigation own direct observation without asking from the respondents. Goode and hatt say.´ EXPERIMENTS Experiment has been considered as the basis of scientific methods. ³Science begins with observation and must ultimately return to observation. 19 . knowing of phenomena as they occur in nature with regard to cause and effects or mutual relation.´ According to oxford consisted dictionary. Experimental method is now finding place in social sciences also due to the scientific equipment that has been made available to the social scientists.´ Moses and kalton say. ³Observation implies the use of the eyes rather than of the ears and the voice. Experiments cannot be perfectly carried on in science which deals with human behaviour. The behaviour of human being cannot be controlled and it cannot be subjected to laboratory test. It is extensively used in physical sciences but its application is greatly limited in social sciences.OBSERVATION Watching with a view to derived conclusion from it is known as observation.

The funds move back in to the savings account in case of funds requirements. In a bank when joining for a sells or marketing happened its really important to know the customers . Further there is no fear of cheque returns.this relationship is very important all the activities of the bank is depend on the this analysis. The idle funds from your savings account (at a pre-specified threshold limit) are transferred automatically to a term Deposit or a Liquid mutual Fund. The main features of a bank which customer should know : ACTIVE MONEY FACILITY: Through this facility you can earn a much higher interest on your idle funds in the Savings Bank Account.how they got involve with the product or what are the features which they like so to open the bank account. Hence the customer need not bother about instructing the bank for breakage of Term Deposits/Mutual Fund units in case of shortage of funds. 20 .According to greenwood.´ Bank and customer It¶s a relationship of the customer and the bank . Greater Flexibility & Liquidity as the funds flow back into the Savings Account if the balance in the Savings Account falls below a particular level. Same in the marketing activities we have to interact with customers in 5 to 10 minutes of time and make sure that they will get something from the bank which is in the mutual benefit of the both.how they behave . The advantages of this facility are: y y y Higher rate of interest earned You need NOT track idle funds regularly & give instructions to the bank to create Term Deposits out of Savings Account balances. ³An experiment is the proof testing hypothesis which seek to loop up two factors into a casual relationship through the study of contrasting situations which have been controlled on factors except the one of interest the latter being either the hypothetical cause or the hypothetical effect.

Fixed deposit rates: The maximum fixed deposit rate which is the most attractive of all is fixed deposit interest rate of 10% per annum for 700 days for senior citizen and 9. The balance in your account can even go down to zero on any given day. Thus this provides you addeed flexibility to use the available funds in your account.Net banking facility (faster than other bank): You can use the Internet to: y View account details y Request for account statement or cheque status y Place stop payment instructions y Open a Term Deposit y Transfer funds to third party accounts in other banks y Place a request for issue of BC y View Demat account details y Make payments to utility service providers y Shop online y online trading of shares y Make or Redeem investments through MF on Net AVERAGE QUATERLY BALANCE: This means that you do not have to maintain any minimum balance in your savings account.this facility attract customers like businessman.50% to other 21 . INTEREST ON CUEERNT ACCOUNT : In kotak Mahindra bank there is an unique facility which is interest rate given on the current account none aother bank is having this facility . Average Quarterly Balance is calculated by dividing the sum of all End of Day balances in a financial quarter by the number of days.shops etc.

b) in your account? a) Yes Option No.Do you want freedom from average quarterly balance (a.q. Chart 1 80 60 40 20 0 Yes No 22 .of respond Percentage b) no yes 66 66% No 34 34% Average quarterly balance is something which people do not want to take care of so people want freedom from average quarterly balance that¶s why maximum number of people tick mark option ³YES´.Data analysis 1).kotak Mahindra bank offer this facility which is different from other competitor bank and this is included in the questionnaire made for market survey during marketing activities.

of respond percentage yes 88 88% no 12 12% Interest is something that everyone wants in their account kotak bank offer interest rate on current as well as on saving account making people aware of this facility this question is included in the questionnaire .   Do you want have a fixed deposit interest on your saving accounts? a) Yes b) no option No. Chart 2 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Yes No 23 .

As kotak bank looking for privileged customers this facility attract lots of people who don¶t have much time to take care of every facility bank provided.of respond percentage 73 73% no 27 27% Chart 3 Yes No A dedicated relationship manager who will take care of all the needs and help you want as well he will take care of the banking of the customer.  24 .  Do you want to have a dedicated relationship manager for all your need? a) Yes b ) no yes No.

of respond percentage yes 79 79% no 21 21% Chart 4 80 60 40 20 0 Yes No Chart 4 Chart 4  25 .   Do you want to have a higher limit on your debit card? a) Yes b )no option No.

5) ± Do you want to have saving.of respond percentage yes 52 52% no 48 48% Chart 5 53 52 51 50 49 48 47 46 Yes No    26 . Demat & trading all in one a/c? a) Yes b ) No option No.

   Does your saving account offer the following. Two way sweep facility. Mutual fund on net and phone.of respond percentage yes 69 69% no 31 31% Chart 6 Yes No 27 .     Bill pay Net card facility. b)no a)yes option No.

chart 7 yes no 28 .7) ± does your bank offer free cash and cheque pick-up facility effectively? option No.of respond percentage yes 36 36% no 74 74% In competitors bank there is rush of people all the time but totally opposite in kotak bank because of the home bank services which not bothered customers to come to the bank .and lots of bank not have this facility so maximum respond is NO.

8).of respond percentage yes 29 29% no 71 71% chart 8 yes no 29 .does you got 2 way sweep(TD)facility : option No.

of respond percentage yes 13 13% no 73 73% chart 9 yes no 30 .9) ± Do you have mutual fund on net and phone: option No.

of respond percentage yes 36 36% no 74 74% chart 10 yes no 31 .10) ± does your bank provide net card facility : option No.

How will you make your money work while you are working somewhere else. How to attract customers for our bank. Marketing activities help in making relation with the people. How to provide offer according to the customer. They want relationship manager who will take care of your all the business related to the bank. Marketing activities provide the brand awareness to the mass people. Marketing activity leads: Puc(pollution under control) activity two times lead ± 123 convergence ± 9 pamphlets distribution ± 200 pamphlets distributed Questionnaire ± 95 (it industry employee) Cold calling ± 45 LEARNING : Customer handling. - Marketing activity is important in bank it provided time to interact one to one with customers so to give information about the needs and feedback of the customer. People more concentrate on the free services offer by the bank. - 32 .Conclusion on the basis of questionnaire survey: People keen to know about the offers. How to handle different questions ask by the customers. The difference of your bank from other banks. What are the unique facilities provided by bank.

1) .Marketing activities in a bank is really effective than other competitors in the banking field. Filling questionnaires will take some time to think sometime people feel irritated because of this. 33 . There are many competitors on the area which also organize the similar type of marketing activity its sometime necessary to organize some differently activity.LIMITATIONS : People not interested to know about any type of offer when they are in hurry or busy. SWOT ANALYSIS:KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK Strength.

3) Kotak bank should also concentrate on lower segment 34 . Threats: 1) The rural India and the middle class still do not have faith in private player 2) Now a day¶s every cost is really important kotak should reduce the cost and control the price. 4) Marketing activity totally focused upon the targeted customer so get more out of the activity and its successful 5) The major strength is the marketing and sales team which give their 100% effort for the activity.2) Strong products attract the customers easily. 2) The offers provided in the marketing activity sometimes not effective people use the offer but not interested while sales team contact them.ASM all take part in this activity. which spending huge amount on marketing activities and maintains competition edge is really tough task for the bank. 2) Rural and middle class are more in India so to also concentrate on that segment creates huge opportunity. Weakness: 1) Follow up of the data collected by marketing activity is weak. 3) Kotak bank is competing with private companies. 3) Marketing activities is not frequently happened. 5) Lack of creativity. 5) Increasing cost of the marketing activities and low convergence create a big threat for the bank. Opportunities: 1) There are lot of private IT companies in the market which need salary accounts for their employees and doing tie up with all big players is the big opportunity. 4) There is flood of the private banks and they will do lot of same and different marketing tactis to attract the customer and making differentiation from them is important.BSM. 4) There are many products which some time not able to deliver to the customer because there are many products but only few introduced to the customers. 3) Different offers in the benefit of the customer create a different prospective in the mind of the customer towards the bank.

com reaserch and methodology book 35 .com www.google.com/bank www.BIBLIOGRAPHY www.kotak.kotak.

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