A lot of, many, and much

lot 1 / l t / S1 W1 quantifier , pronoun informal 1 a lot also lots a) a large amount, quantity, or number : I ate a lot last night. "How many songs have you downloaded?" "Lots." a lot of something/lots of something A hundred dollars was a lot of money in 1901. You'll save lots of time doing it this way. a lot to do/see/eat etc. I still have a lot to learn. lots to do/see/eat etc. There's lots to see in the city. There were lots and lots (= very many ) of plants for sale. There's an awful lot (= a very large amount ) of cake left. A lot of times (= usually or very often ) we just sat around and talked. b) [ + comparative ] much : You'll get there a lot quicker if you drive. This is a lot more work than I thought it would be. c) very often : He gets drunk a lot with his friends. 2 have a lot on your mind to have a lot of problems that you are worried about : Don't bother him now. He's got a lot on his mind. 3 have a lot on your plate informal to have many problems to deal with or work to do : Can someone else do the report? I have a lot on my plate right now. 4 have a lot of explaining to do to be responsible for a bad situation, or thought to be responsible : Jacobs has a lot of explaining to do for the company's losses. see also a fat lot of good/use at FAT 1 ( 9 ) , have a lot/so much etc. going for you at GO FOR ( 6 ) , lot (LARGE AMOUNT) /lQt, lA:t/ noun a large amount or number (of something) We haven't got a lot, but we're happy. (humorous) 'There's a lot of it about' means that the stated thing is very common. A lot of means many or much. There were a lot of people at the meeting last night. A lot of rain fell in Scotland last night. They want to have a lot of children. He does a lot of travelling in his job. A lot also means very much or very often. Your sister looks a lot like you. We go on walking holidays a lot. I'm feeling a lot better today. You can complain if you like, but a fat lot of good it'll do you (= it will have no effect)! A lot also means many. Don't eat all those biscuits - there aren't a lot left. (informal) The lot is everything. The thieves stole paintings, jewellery, the lot. Have I got everything, is that the lot? I'll sell you the whole lot for only £50. lots plural noun, adverb Have a biscuit. There are lots (= many).


Many of them do not speak any English. quantity. many. see also MORE . 4 many thanks used in letters or in a formal speech to thank someone for something : Many thanks for your letter." "No thanks. or number of something : There are lots of books to choose from.i/ determiner. Many of these old baseball cards are worth a lot of money. pronoun a large number (of). plenty a large amount that is enough or more than enough : Make sure you eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. Rachel was at the party with her many admirers. pronoun 1 a large number of people or things . The many illustrations in the book are a delight. For many . He made four free throws in as many attempts (= he tried four times and made it four times ) . He has a lot of money. They want to have lots of (= many) children.A lot of. There were lots of (= many) people at the meeting last night. Print as many as (= the same number that ) you think you'll need. The company now employs four times as many women as men. 5 the many formal used to mean a large group of people who all have a particular disadvantage. we sat in that bar discussing the world. MUCH 2 . in so many words at WORD 1 ( 23 ) see Grammar box at MUCH 2 many /"men. There aren't many (= are not many ) tickets left. usually to compare it with a smaller group who do not . 6 many a time/many's the time spoken often : Many a time. a good many/a great many/very many (= a large number ) see also LOT THESAURUS a large number : A large number of people attended the meeting. There aren't very many weekends between now and Christmas. The demand for the new type of CD player has been so great that the shop hasn't many (of them) left. a lot (of) Many people would disagree with your ideas. OPP few : Many animals do not eat meat. I've met him so many times and I still can't remember his name! I don't want to invite too many people because it's quite a small flat. man y / m ni / S1 W1 quantifier . and much (informal) I'm feeling lots (= very much) better today. 2 . 3 have had one too many informal to be drunk : Ron looked like he'd had one too many. 7 many a something a large number of people or things : Many a young writer has made the same mistake. these have been very difficult years. How many students are there in each class? Not many people have heard of him. 2 used for asking or talking about what number of people or things there are : How many (= what number of ) people are coming to the party? There weren't as many people at the meeting as we had hoped (= there weren't the number that we had hoped for ) . Does she have many friends? "Have another donut. a lot/lots a large amount. OPP the few : We have to measure the needs of the many against the needs of the few. twice as many/three times as many etc. I've eaten too many already (= more than I should ) ! We were behind by so many points I thought there was no chance of winning.

they say it directly and clearly. and much There are too many people chasing too few jobs. using exactly the words described. you have drunk too much alcohol. USAGE: 'Many' is used with countable nouns. then I've booked one too many seats (= one more than the necessary number). better etc. a many-sided object A many-sided character.A lot of. It's amazing how much the children have grown. so if I buy as many again (= another twelve bottles) we'll have enough. (informal) If you have had one too many. He talks too much . We don't use the car very much . These shoes are much more comfortable. He worries too much about what other people think. If someone says something in so many words. I've told you many a time (= many times) not to ride your bike on the pavement. (humorous) Many's the hour I've spent (= I have spent many hours) by the telephone just waiting in case he should call. A good/great many (= A large number of the) people who voted for her in the last election will not be doing so this time. not in so many words. Thank you very much for all your help . the situation would be very different. 2 used to say or ask whether something happens or is true to a great degree : Has the town changed much? I didn't much care for him. Compare much. We're looking forward to it so much . by a large amount : It was much easier writing the letter on the computer. many. much less read it. I feel so much better. If there are only five of us going to the concert. 3 . There are already twelve bottles of wine. "Did he say he was unhappy with his job?" "Well. he wrote poetry and was a keen cricketer and cook. (humorous) Many's the man who's (= Many men have) come out of her office trembling. Do you travel much? She doesn't smile as much as she used to. She'd had five children in as many (= in the same number of) years and decided it was enough. Paul earns much more than I do. I don't respect her as much as I used to. As many as (= The surprisingly large number of) 6 000 people may have been infected with the disease. Many-sided means having many sides or a lot of different features or characteristics. (saying) 'There's many a slip between/twixt cup and lip' means that you cannot be certain about what the result of something will be before it happens. He loves you very much . Wayne looks much older now. I told him in so many words that I thought he'd failed completely. If there were as many women as there are men in parliament. but that was the impression I got. bigger. 3 [ usually in negatives and questions ] used to say or ask how often someone does something or how much time they spend doing it : She doesn't complain much. 4 much less used to say that one thing is even less true or less possible than another : I've never seen the report. much 1 / m t / S1 W1 adverb 1 used especially before COMPARATIVE s and SUPERLATIVE s to say whether something is different. He was driving much too fast." It was her birthday so I wished her many happy returns (of the day) (= happy birthday).

of The storm will bring rain to much of the state. not think much of somebody/something at THINK ( 9 ) GRAMMAR much.. : Much to my relief. formal used to say that someone was very surprised." There was nothing much I could do to help. somebody/something is not so much. 6 much to somebody's surprise/disgust etc. big. 1 [ usually in negatives and questions ] a lot of something : Was there much traffic? I didn't spend much money. Top lawyers earn as much as $3 million a year. criticized etc. 3 not/nothing much used to say that something is not important. see also so much the better at SO 1 ( 12 ) . this/that/so much I didn't think the repairs would cost this much. In negative sentences and in questions. she didn't see me.. many. 8 much loved/praised/criticized etc." "I thought as much. | How much money does it cost? | There weren't many cars on the road. Eat as much as you want. use a lot : She knows a lot of people. a lot. something else is also true : Much as I would like to have been there. used to describe someone or something that is loved.000 etc.. 4 . a lot or by many people : a much loved book 9 used to say that something is very similar to something else : We know pretty much what happened.A lot of. much 2 S1 W1 quantifier. serious etc. In affirmative statements with countable nouns.. it just wasn't possible. very. many Use much with adjectives that come from the past participle of verbs: Her work is much admired. example of something : I'm not much of a dancer. 4 be too much for somebody to be too difficult for someone to do : Climbing the stairs is too much for her. pron. There is still much work to be done. Some TV programs have far too much sex and violence in them. and much 5 (as) much as somebody does something used to mean that although one thing is true. We are in much the same situation. serious etc. or what it costs : How much time do you think it will take? how much is something?/how much does something cost? How much is this jacket? I have too much work and not enough time. There's so much to learn. as much as 10%/$1. : "Anything happening?" "Not much. at SO 1 ( 15 ) . praised.as. much like/as something The taste is much like butter. 5 think/say/suspect etc." 6 not be much of a something to not be a very good. very DISGUSTED etc. 7 not be much good/use to not be useful or skillful : I'm not much good at tennis. 2 used to talk about how large an amount of something is. Very is used in the same way with ordinary adjectives: The painting is very beautiful. as much used to say that someone thought or said the fact or idea that has just been mentioned : "Max was lying all the time. interesting. use much with uncountable nouns and use many with countable nouns: These plants aren't getting much sunlight.

Can I have a smaller piece. to or by a large amount I don't earn much money. I've said as much as I'm prepared to say (= I'm not willing to say anything more) at this point. so much for somebody/something at SO 1 ( 23 ) much (AMOUNT) /mVtS/ determiner. see also MANY . 10 I'll say this/that much for somebody/something used to say something positive about someone who has been criticized : I'll say this much for him . The repairs to our car cost much more than we were expecting. One day I hope I'll be able to do as much (= the same amount) for you as you've done for me. not/without so much as something at SO 1 ( 9 ) . I'm not much good at knitting (= do not do it very well). Brian's become a much (= greatly) changed person since his car accident.500 but the insurance cost as much again. "Is this piece of cake OK for you?" "No. The two schools are much the same (= very similar). "How are you feeling today. adverb more.what do you think? I don't think there's much to be gained by catching an earlier train. The children never eat (very) much. we weren't able to spend much of the day on the beach. It doesn't matter (very) much to me whether we go out or not.much (= a lot) better. 8 be a bit much used to say that something is too extreme or uacceptable : The explosion at the end of the movie was a bit much. You'll be much more comfortable if you come and sit over here. 5 .you should see a doctor. 9 that/as much again an additional amount that is equal to the amount that already exists : The car only cost $2. Whether a person's intelligence is something they are born with or something they acquire is a much (= often) discussed question. doctor. Mrs White?" "Much the same (= in the same condition). as though you think it is very important or serious : The press made much of the discovery.A lot of. Have you seen/heard much of Polly (= often seen or heard about her) recently? Joyce isn't much of a one for opera (= does not like it). a situation etc. Mark isn't coming to the cinema because he's got too much work to do. thank you . You haven't said much. "Are you feeling better now?" "Yes." Much to our surprise. please?" I don't have as much time as (= I have less time than) I would like for visiting my friends. pronoun." There's not/nothing much to do around here. (= We were very surprised that) they accepted our offer. Things around here are much as always/usual/ever (= have not changed a lot). Thank you very/so much for the lovely present. We enjoyed the concert very/so much." I've been feeling much healthier (= a lot more healthy) since I became a vegetarian.we should very much like to come. Joan . 11 make much of somebody/something formal to treat information. that's not saying much at SAY 1 ( 33 ) . but they seem quite healthy. Thank you for the invitation to your party . She doesn't go out much (= very often) since her husband died. but he doesn't want to spend too much on it. but I enjoy my job. How much (= What amount of) sugar do you take in your coffee? How much are these shoes?/How much do these shoes cost? He wants to buy a new car. many. most a large amount (of). Because of the rain. it's a bit much (= a larger amount than I want). I don't much like the sound of that cough/I don't like the sound of that cough much . "Is there any wine left?" "Not much. and much 7 not be much to look at to be unattractive : Her husband's not much to look at.he was consistent until the end.

She says she would much rather have her baby at home than in hospital.much! I think you've drunk much too much (= a larger amount than is safe for you) to drive. it means that something you thought/expected/said would happen has happened. I've never been much of a dancer (= good at dancing. USAGE: 'Much' is used with uncountable nouns. My fare was nearly £10. She's much the best person for the job (= She is certainly better than everyone else). If someone says that they will say this much or that much (for someone or something). and it was almost as much again (= the same amount) for the children. they want to say something good or positive about someone or something considered to be bad or poor. many. much less (= and certainly not) cook dinner.they're all exhausted. it's no longer possible to have) our trip to the seaside. it was as much as I could do (= I was almost unable) to get out of bed. By the time you've paid so much (= a particular amount) for the ferry and so much for the train fare. She is as much a friend to me as a mother (= although she is my mother. I'm afraid I'm simply too busy at the moment. she always agrees to help whenever we ask her. and much I'm very much aware of the problems. They're not so much friends as lovers (= They're more lovers than friends). If you say that you thought/expected/said as much. much (GOOD) pronoun. He as much as (= almost) admitted that it was his fault. I don't feel angry so much as sad (= I feel more sad than angry).I expected as much. Tony can barely boil an egg. or interested in doing it). There's not/nothing much on TV tonight.you know I'd do as much (= the same) for you. I felt so ill this morning. The car's broken down again.A lot of. "I'm afraid I haven't got the money to pay you back yet. I'll say this much for Kay. 6 . I can see you don't like cream cakes . I'll say that much. she is also a friend). That old car was reliable. Much as (= Although) I would like to help you." Go on. I think it's too much/a bit much/a bit too much (= unreasonable) for you to expect me to do all the cleaning. but he has a wonderful personality. Compare many. lend me the money . adverb (something) of good quality He's not much to look at. (informal) You can also use much at the end of a negative sentence to suggest the opposite of what you have just said. So much for (= Because of that. The party was too much/a bit much/a bit too much for the children (= they have not been able to deal with it successfully) ." "That doesn't surprise me . it would be cheaper to go by plane.

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