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1 Recommendations for Betsey Merkel Owner, ISIS-Interactive Social Intelligence Systems Strategic Communications for Economic and Business

Development in Emerging Markets. Specialist in Open Systems and Social Process. Image Copyright 2012. Alice Merkel. All Rights Reserved. Brilliant woman. One of the keenest minds I know. - Sandy Maxey, Senior Consultant, KemperStrategy "Betsey is an unparalleled visual systems thinker and a graceful boundary spanner connecting across disciplines, creating the yet unknown path into the future." - Ralf Lippold, Lean Thinker & Futurist "Betsey has a keen eye for engaging content in both video and imagery." Dustin S. Klein, Publisher & Vice President of Operations, Smart Business Network Inc. @betseymerkel amongst John Hagel: A1. Feminine archetype central to the shifts that are playing out in global business economy. #ideachat - Ralf Lippold, Dresden, Germany She is not only IT astute but people smart, witty and intellectually a diamond for NEO. - Sarah Reinbolt, Top Doers (That's people who get stuff done), Northeast Ohio "Betsey understands the importance of the incredibly simple 'plan your work, work your plan' route to success." - Peter E. Toomey, Principal, Toomey & Friends Advertising Marketing Communications, Cleveland, Ohio "Betsey is one of the most generous network builders I know in addition to being a brilliant visual thinker." - Daniel F. Bassill Founder Tutor/Mentor Institute, LLC Consulting. Betsey is one of the best community engagement thinkers of her generation. Her foresight talent combined with knowledge of networks and technological communication makes her a jewel in the Internet world. Betsey is one of my top twitter feeds to watch and she is a genuine and caring person to boot..." - Norma A Owen LLC Strategic Consulting "Your work has had a profound impact on my own. Honored to share and support. Deep bow." - Sandy Maxey, Economic Development Professional Copyright 2012 Betsey Merkel. Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution-NoncommercialNo Derivative Works. Cleveland, OH 44022 Web:

2 "Betsey Merkel is a master in Open systems and Mapping of societal processes!" - BertOla Bergstrand, Gteborg, Sweden - Founder and Manager at Social Capital Forum "Betsey, your spirit is so vast I can feel it sometimes. Thrilled to have your awareness and kindness in my sphere." - @JenniferSertl In our work with the KM community, we've come across a statistic - for every 100 people on a network, there are around 0.25% that actually produce and share knowledge - the rest are voyeurs. So, congratulations on being one of the 0.25%! Steve Banhegyi, Co-Founder, CommunityLED, Johannesburg, South Africa Betsey provided our Parish Nurse project with outstanding video material and communication knowledge for our project application and for future opportunities on the internet. Betsey is highly motivated, extremely well organized, and completes a project on time. Thank you so much for an excellent job, Betsey. - November 2, 2011 Jeri Shaffer, RN, MSN, Parish Nurse Project coordinator, Federated Church, Chagrin Falls, Ohio "Betsey is as smart as they come and a big vision holder capable of translating great ideas into actionable plans. What I so appreciate about Betsey is the quality of her being, brilliance of mind, generous nature of heart and commitment to using tools and technology in service of a world awakening." - February 09, 2011 Ken Homer, San Francisco, California - Founder & Principal, Collaborative Conversations and World View Literacy Project Manager, Institute of Noetic Sciences @JohnWLewis #innochat @DavidHolzmer @complexified: #FF @betseymerkel for the best curation and distribution of knowledge resources. On Twitter, July 2011 John W Lewis Innovation specialist. Information technology, Applied physicist. Devon, England; David Holzmer, PhD in Leadership Psychodynamics, Emergent Dialogue & Organic Design within Complex Adaptive Systems (candidate), New Jersey, USA; Bruce Waltuck, M.A., Complexity, Chaos, and Creativity, Associate Plexus Institute and Member, New Jersey Association of Professional Mediators, New Jersey & Washington, D.C. USA What you show in your maps are excellent illustrations in how development processes form. In our project Dynamiskt Tillvxtkapital (Dynamic growth Capital) we worked (ing) integrating various actors, very similar to how you illustrate. However, we never made this type of mapping!! I understand much better now how we worked!! June 18, 2011 Bert-Ola Bergstrand, Gteborg, Sweden - Founder and Manager at Social Capital Forum Betsey Merkel is one of those rare individuals who can not only see the big picture, but will also cover all the details. We have collaborated on several projects since we met at the REI forums when she was at Case Western Reserve University, and I have been a Copyright 2012 Betsey Merkel. Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution-NoncommercialNo Derivative Works. Cleveland, OH 44022 Web:

3 friend and a fan of her work ever since. If Betsey asks, "Are you interested?" - I'm there. - May 31, 2009 MaryBeth Matthews, Cleveland, Ohio - Core Team Member, Women's Enterprise Network "Betsey Merkel's outstanding collection of 22 Maps for civic leaders pertaining to the architecture of digital infrastructure and social process for information sharing and knowledge creation in Open Source Economic Development." - November 2010 Global Village Telegraph "These maps have power, especially if they are part of a story and a strategy." - April 24, 2011 Daniel F. Bassill, Chicago, Illinois - President/CEO, Cabrini Connections, Tutor Mentor Connections Betsy is creative and energetic and totally committed to building new approaches to building communities through open networks. She devotes herself without hesitation to exploring new connections and applying new tools to the task of creating more vibrant and sustainable communities. - May 30, 2009 Ed Morrison, Principal, I-Open worked directly with Betsey at The Institute for Open Economic Networks (I-Open) Betsey is gifted in many ways. One of them is that she sees trends before anybody else and begins very early to figure out and to put into place implementations around them. She is an innovator who sets the open standards and best practices and shares them freely. She understands the benefits of collaboration in a networked world. - May 30, 2009 Tim Ferris, citizen and taxpayer, City of Cleveland worked with Betsey at The Institute for Open Economic Networks (I-Open) Betsey's passion for I-Open's work is evident in everything she does. She is an ardent supporter of Cleveland's urban areas and is committed to their revitalization. She is a great asset to our region. -January 27, 2006 Bethany Hilt, was with another company when working with Betsey at I-Open Marketing & Communications Case Western Reserve University Want to learn more about economic development in our region? Well, Betsey is the go to person. She is very passionate about economic development and the need to build collaborative partnerships between the private and public sectors. She is very involved in NEO and surrounding areas and is creating new and innovative programs to bring people and services together. - June 30, 2008 Bonnie Dick, Employment Consultant, CGI worked with Betsey at Center for Regional Economic Issues Betsey Merkel is a one-woman literacy program in digital networking. I am not technology-fluent, but Betsey was willing to take considerable time out of her day to explain to me how online networks can be created, why they are valuable and how she could continue to help me become adept at using them. Her skill and generosity are spectacular, but what especially amazed me is the supportiveness she showed for me Copyright 2012 Betsey Merkel. Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution-NoncommercialNo Derivative Works. Cleveland, OH 44022 Web:

4 as an entrepreneur and the passion she demonstrates for creative economic development and the power of connectedness. Betsey is one of the people who will pull Northeast Ohio onto the cutting edge of the technology economy. - January 30, 2009 Carolyn Jack, Owner/Director, The Genius Group LLC I believe that Betsey's previous experience in the complex world of classical music prepared her well for her work at Case Western Reserve University's Center for Regional Economic Issues as their Network Strategist & Development Person. I feel that Betsey learned the value of individual musical voices as part of a self-directed and self-managed musical ensemble performing both nationally and internationally. This listening ability distinctly enabled her to respect the unique and heartfelt ideas and topics that were being communicated in the open-minded forum that was the Center for Regional Economic Issues at Case Western Reserve University. These days, Betsey still retains those abilities, and has even tuned them more finely since the days at REI. I hereby recommend Betsey as an orchestrator, a collaborator, an editor, a (constructive) critic, as a cooperative worker, as a (part-time) muse, and as a friend. - May 29, 2009 Bill MacDermott, Former ES&H Manager, Braden Sutphin Ink Company was with another company when working with Betsey at Case Western Reserve University Network Strategist & Communications Center for Regional Economic Issues

Copyright 2012 Betsey Merkel. Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution-NoncommercialNo Derivative Works. Cleveland, OH 44022 Web: