Literature survey includes detail evaluation of features of existing system and proposed system. Each feature of the proposed system is explained and their requirements are analyzed.

Several features of online social networks are common to each other. A social network service focuses on building online communities of people who share interests and/or activities, or who are interested in exploring the interests and activities of others. Most social network services are web based and provide a variety of ways for users to interact. • Most social Networking Services are application specific like business application, medical application, etc. • Search out and contacting potential friends in the network is restricted to few fields. • In order to provide interactive services Privacy is being compromised.

Social networking site "make invisible social networks visible" by allowing us to see(with pictures and links) who our friends are and their friends in turn. All this is made possible in an easy-to-use interface. • Proposed site is not application specific and can be used for both internal social networking and external social networking. • Privacy of the user is being given highest preference by giving 4 different levels of accessing rights (Family, Friends, Work, All). • • Allow user to select what to display on his/her home page. Easy search out and contacting potential friends in the network. Page 13

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The required pages are Profile. Community and Address Book. 2. Upload and View them.4. FEATURES OF THE PROJECT The proposed Social Networking Site contains below mentioned features which makes this site user friendly and gives an opportunity to meet new people. User can upload five images at a time and each user can have any number of pictures to his account. Message. This information is also visible when other users navigate can also view basic information about the user. 2. After verification. 2.4. 2. the user home page is displayed. After successful registration user can login anytime. The user can Browse for pictures.5. user-id. M ESSAGES The user utilizes the Messaging service in this feature. PROFILE In the Profile page the user can View his profile details and can also edit his profile and Save details. password.4.4.These are few main features being concentrated along with many others.1. The user-home page must contain following links in order to facilitate linking to required page when they click on it.3. 2. The user needs to provide basic information like name.4. PICS Users can upload images in this link. can also Send a message to other users.4. REGISTRATION AND LOGIN Registration is compulsory in order to promote the website. FRIENDS Name/ College Name / Social Networking Site Page 14 . etc. Friends.2.4. 2. The site home page consists of Registration button where the user can sign in and then Login. date of birth. To Login the user must enter user-id and password and then click on Login button. Pics. The user can view all his Received messages and therefore.

4. Discussion Forum can consist of different topics to discuss. *** Name/ College Name / Social Networking Site Page 15 . ADDRESS BOOK In the Address Book user can Add contacts by entering information and a View option is provided. This is an additional feature provided in Social Networking Site. User can navigate start a new topic or Select a topic. In order to add.7. Once the user selects a topic he enters into discussion where user can Post a Reply. CONCLUSION The Social networking has recently begun to be a key component of the internet business strategy for most "forward looking" companies. user must Send a Request and when the potential friend accepts they get added in Friends List. 2. The user need not go to any other links.4. HELP The help tips are provided at the bottom of each page for efficient use of the features.5. 2.6.The user can Search for existing friends or potential friends. User can Search for existing communities and Add them in the list.4. Therefore adding a friend is only possible by mutual consent.8. 2. This serves as a main reason to study and build a social networking site. COMMUNITY The user can Create a community and Start a Topic for discussion. 2.

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