Court of Common Pleas

____________ County, _______________ State, the Republic Case #

Your Name Secured Party Priority Lien Holder Account # ____________________ Plaintiff, Motion by Affidavit for Default Judgment V.


AFFIDAVIT OF Default Judgment for Nonverification of Alleged Debt
Default Notice & Failure of Collector to Validate Debt Required Under Federal Laws and Statues. Collector: __________________________________________________ From: REPUBLIC: STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA Certified Mail Return Receipt United States Postal Services STAEMENT OF FACTS FROM AFFIANT 1. I, mailed on: Date: __________ a notice disputing the collectors debt, and for collector to validate their debt #______________________ listed on Trans Union, Experian, and Equifax credit reporting agency files. Alleged Collector has failed to bring forth and provide evidence that a validation debt existed within the required 30 days allowed under federal law. Collector has failed to respond to the court filed Demand for Verification of Debt The collector is in default. By failing to submit records to validate debt that they have unlawfully listed with credit reporting agenciesThe alleged Debt Collector has not certified nor authenticated signature{s}, endorsement{s}, adoption{s}, transfer agreement{s}, application{s}, or proven that a debt exists with the consumer listed on record. Alleged Collector{s} are in violation of federal laws under FDCPA USC 15 section 1692, FCRA USC 15 section 1681, and Uniform Commercial Codes, Federal & State Uniform negotiable instruments articles, rules, codes, and regulations. This Affidavit is to advise the collector that they have not responded to court motions in the proper time afforded in the Civil code of the State of _________________ and are therefore in default along with violating Federal Laws pursuant to Title 15 USC sec. 1692 Prohibited Activities. Chapter 41-Consumer Credit Protection Act,

2. 3. 4. 5.


3-503. 8.1-103. I Tariq Saleem Dey have personal knowledge of the facts in this affidavit. 11. .1-207. Notary Signature______________________________date____________________day__________2010 I. and general unlawful and illegal actions.S.3-104. if those counter affidavits are made by assumption. The person herein presented Photo ID to identify him/her self before me under state laws. 9. This Affidavit of Default Judgment stands as undisputed fact in this court of law. If the statements herein damage anyone. The alleged debt collector(s) by their failure to validate debt through their own admission by defaulting agree that there is no debt that exists with the consumer. Any counter affidavits which are substantially and materially false and made in order to attempt to change my authenticated status and declarations of fact. As a result of the aforementioned actions The Collectors by default agree to the contents herein and understand that they have listed an illegal debt and that no debt ever existed with the consumer. I. Statements Made under Penalty of Perjury ± Must be answered By Counter Affidavit with Affiant having Personal knowledge of the Facts therein with Documentary Evidence 1) I Tariq Saleem Dey am mentally competent to make these statements of fact and I do recognize right from wrong. This matter is submitted to this court for entry of default judgment.A. and Uniform Commercial Codes. falsification of the record. seq. Fair Credit Reporting Act 91-508. U. 1961 et. seq. if he/she/or they will inform me by affidavit and facts I will sincerely make every effort to amend my declaration to suit the truth and facts. 18. Alleged Collector has failed to show a valid claim and they have completely ignored federal law.3-302.Subchapter V Validation Debt. 7. 12. (a)(b) . 3-401.(39) . 1-201. ___________________________________ the State Notary Public attest and certify the person who signed this affidavit has sworn on the contents herein under State Law.C. (e) . U. the counter affidavit will stand as unfounded and may be subject to penalty of perjury. I am authorized to administer and oath to authenticate the signature placed on this document. ________________________ am displaced and harmed by the collector¶s actions. Alleged Collector has not mailed verification of debt by way of copies of documentary evidence of indebtedness with the consumer after 30 day written notice was received by alleged collector from consumer to validate debt [sent certified mail return receipt]. I hereby and herein reserve the right to amend and make amendments to this document as necessary in order that the truth may be ascertained and proceedings justly determined. Because of these unlawful actions I ________________seek full legal remedy by entry of default judgment.C. (cii) . Notary Seal . Your silence stands as consent and as implied and tacit approval of the factual declarations herein being established as fact as a matter of law. I Tariq Saleem Dey am of the age of maturity to make this affidavit and the facts herein.C. 10. and the collector(s) agree that by not answering this affidavit that there were either forged signatures unlawfully used against the consumer herein by parties unknown or a general error of the alleged debt collector.

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