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Spring 2010

Split Outcome Overcome with “Can Do” Attitude - Dr. Steve Krebs
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Operation Taghoy got off to an early start this year in Roxas City with screening occurring on the afternoon of Sunday, January 24th which, in retrospect, was the first step in many fortuitous events enabling the team to complete a record number of cases over two weeks. One of the most heartwarming stories was that of twins Eliza Nichole and Ashley Kate Buyo. The Buyo twins, each born with a cleft lip, came to Roxas Memorial Provincial Hospital from a one hour drive away with their mother & grandmother. Like any mother, the twins’ mother wanted her daughters to grow up healthy, happy, and to have the same opportunities as any other child. Although she reported that the girls were accepted by their peers, she worried that their deformities might stunt their future goals.

The Twins Exempla Healthcare

Eliza and Ashley Kate on Screening Day

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The Operation Taghoy screening process is designed to eliminate patient candidates with health problems where general anesthesia and surgery could be a risk. The teams’ exemplary safety record owes much to this stringent process. All potential cases must pass each of the disciplines to be accepted. Hectic is an understatement for the screening process, and in a tiny room, the multidisciplinary team screened nearly 75 children the first day. Through the screening process, it was determined that one of the twins, Ashley Kate, was medically disqualified for surgery, and one, Eliza, was healthy and good to go. In the mass of children, nurses, and staff both Buyo girls outwardly looked healthy, energetic, and happy. Eliza Nichole passed no problem and was scheduled for surgery. Ashley Kate, with a history of asthma (that the family honestly could not afford to medicate) was actively wheezing and found to be having trouble breathing and with a faster than normal heart rate. Unhappily Susan Larson MD, Head of Mission on the trip, had no choice but to disqualify her. Rather than become angry or hurt, the entire Buyo family rejoiced that one of the daughters was accepted. Remaining positive even Ashley Kate was excited for her sister. Eliza Before Surgery Eliza’s surgery was a huge success on the 26th, yet amid the happy post operative picture taking session just prior to discharge, everyone on the medical team was again filled with empathy for the “unfixed & unlucky” twin. As the family prepared to leave a plan was hatched: What if Ashley’s asthma could be adequately treated in the next 7 days? Could she be one of the last cases done in Pototan? With very little time the entire team went to work as the cases rolled on in Roxas. Twins Story Continues of Page 2
Eliza After Surgery

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Twins Story Continued from Page 1
There were a lot of hurdles to clear in the process of securing a spot for Asheley Kate on the surgical schedule for week 2 in Pototan. Treating asthma in a child can be a challenge, particularly with a language barrier and a lack of necessary funds for medications. Fortunately the hospital’s Head Nurse donated her time and seemingly endless patience to both verbally (and in written form) translate the very detailed instructions. Much to our good fortune, a new nebulizer device and its medications were available in a local pharmacy. The entire PACU staff pitched in and over $150.00 was raised to purchase the device and needed medications. By the morning of January 28th Eliza was ready for discharge, and Ashley had begun treatment for her asthma.

Dr. Krebs giving Mom instructions to get Ashley well enough for surgery

With the joint efforts of Rotary Club of Roxas and Rotary Club of Central Iloilo City, as well as generous financial donations from mission volunteers, arrangements ,were made for Ashley Kate to have surgery in Pototan. The family found access to a car, and travel funds were donated by Operation Taghoy team members. The 1st half of the mission finished Friday Jan 29th and some of us headed home filled with hope that things would work out. The Buyos followed the instructions entirely, and Ashley responded perfectly. The Pototan mission team held its collective breath during screening at the Iloilo Provincial Hospital in Pototan Feb 1st, knowing that Dr Sue had to be completely objective. Ashley indeed passed and went on to follow her sister’s trip to the OR on Wednesday the 3rd. All the Buyos had a double reason to smile on the 4th at discharge. It just hurt a bit more for Ashley than anyone else! Ashley now wants to grow up and become a nurse; Eliza has decided to be a doctor. Regardless both were internally, and now are externally, guapa!

The Twins 2 months after the surgeries

Exempla Healthcare Employees Complete Another Mission!
January 21- February 6, 2010, eight Exempla employees from Saint Joseph’s, Lutheran and Good Samaritan Hospitals joined other Uplift Internationale volunteers from around the world in Roxas and Pototan, Philippines. We assisted 124 children with cleft palate and cleft lip deformities in screening, pre and post op, OR and outreach. Uplift and Exempla’s working partnership afforded us an amazing opportunity. Exempla’s Mission Statement is to foster health and healing for the people and communities we serve. We experienced a chance to live, embrace, and embody our own personal mission as well as represent Exempla. On this trip we renewed our energy and vows as healthcare workers. It is hard not to be changed forever once a person assists in such a worthy cause. The smiles and hugs of gratitude that abound from the families and children make for an experience that one wants to do again and again.

Spring 2010

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Meet some of our new Board Members
Steve Krebs, MD
Raised in Wheat Ridge, Colorado as the middle of 3 kids to a physician. Went to Colorado State University where he received a degree in biology in 1985. While at CSU became deeply involved in the study of military history with specific interest in guerilla warfare in the Philippine Islands. Subsequently attended Eastern Virginia Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia followed by Internal Medicine Residency at St Joseph Hospital in Denver. After an extra year as chief resident entered private practice as part of Wheat Ridge Internal Medicine. Steve is married with 3 daughters (Courtney, Meaghan, & Hayley). He enjoys distance running and thus far has completed 56 marathons. Currently serves as Chairman of the Board for Physician Health Partners, the CEO of Correctional Health Partners, the senior partner at WRIM and a member of the Exempla Lutheran Medical Center Foundation Board. Steve has a love for helping kids and working with them. He has always wanted to visit the Philippines and recently was a volunteer for the 2010 Mission team to Roxas. Over the year he has grown great respect for Jaime and the work he had accomplished in the Philippines. Steve’s hope is to help Uplift Internationale to exceed the following goals: helping the children of the Philippines with cleft lip and palate, help the organization transition to become a year round resource for the children of the Philippines, promote better relationships between the cultures and ensure that those who participate in missions have such an uplifting experience the long hours and hard work involved are not even noticeable

Barry Hudson
Barry started his career as a general practitioner in Wheat Ridge in 1974, and focused on governmental and utility representation. . He eventually became manager of the Wheat Ridge Water District. Barry committed over ten years as one of the directors of the Legal Services for the Poor committee of the Jefferson County Bar. Prior to its merger with the West Metro Chamber, he was a long term director and President of the Wheat Ridge Chamber of Commerce. Barry has served on the boards of directors of two local churches and been an active youth leader focusing on junior and senior high children. He continues to represent utilities and special districts and also serves as the Suburban Provider Representative on the Citizens Advisory Committee of the Denver Water Board. Barry was president of the Wheat Ridge Rotary in 2009 and continues to serve on its Board of Directors. Married to Christine Hudson and together raised four children between them. Barry joined the Board because he enjoys working with people with different backgrounds who come together for common worthy goals. Uplift Internationale has such goals and interesting people, and he hopes he can provide a different perspective on some of the issues the board faces. It is his hope that the organization can clearly focus on common goals and maximize it resources towards providing focused medical care in the Philippines.

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Board Directors Jaime Yrastorza, D.M.D. President & Founder Jack Dahl, M.D. Marc Frank, CPA, MBA Barry Hudson Steve Krebs, MD Barbara Moyer, D.D.S. Dick Newman James Niquette Theresa Snelling, M.A. Kay Taylor

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