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Letter From The President Operation Taghoy Mission-2011 Is Set


Filipino Fall Festival: A Fund-raising Event

The Board of DirectorsThe Stewards

Theresa Snelling: Recipient Of The 2010 UI Humanitarian Award

Emissary Group 2011 Itinerary: Another Necessary Mission Smile Train Grant: Support For UI-Taghoy Facial Cleft Clinic Of Ormoc

Mend-a-Child: A New Name, Same Opportunities

Winter 2010
Mending Faces one child at a time Newsletter is a copyrighted publication of Uplift Internationale. Permission to use all names, logos, artwork or to reprint or quote excerpts is granted by written request only.

Operation Taghoy Mission-2011 is set

Dr. Steven Krebs, Chair of Taghoy Committee and Head of Mission reported to the Board that preparations for the annual mission for 2011 are ready. The selected venue is the Roxas Memorial Provincial Hospital in Roxas City, province of Capiz. Operation Taghoy activities are planned for the workweek 20-26 February. The recruited team of volunteers together with the supplies and equipment are planned to provide the mending care to an anticipated 75 children. They include: SURGEONS Elliot Duboys(New York) Larry Herman(Massachusetts) Sara Runnels(Massachusetts) Oscar Hilario(Philippines) Gerald Capoot(Colorado) Tony Mir(New York) ANESTHESIOLOGISTS Revien dela Cruz(Philippines) Zvi Jacobs(New York) Jonida Zeqo(New York) PEDIATRICIANS Steven Krebs(Colorado) Alexandra Lu(Scotland) NURSES Carrie Molloy(Colorado) Sally Capoot(Colorado) Susie Woods(Colorado) Nora Bacalzo(Colorado) Lissa Dacoscos(Colorado) Hannah Jamsay(Colorado) Kirk Leamons(Colorado) Lisa Myers(California) SPEECH THERAPIST Resy Pison (Philippines) OUTREACH Scott Angus (California) Marvee Flores (Philippines) Christine Flores (Philippines) John Geo Fuentes (Philippines) Gheza Mae Ibardolaza (Philippines) Rhe Jalocon (Philippines) Gina Luttrell (Colorado) Sunday Olatoye (Philippines) Jonathan Savelle (Wyoming)

by Dr. Jaime Yrastorza, President and Founder Thanksgiving Day the beginning of the Holiday Season. It is a time to celebrate and reflect on our many fortunate blessings. Indeed, in this season, it is fitting to remember those others less fortunate and underprivileged. All of us have an opportunity to fulfill those commendable virtues so wellingrained and championed by the many. Charity & Compassion By your generous charity and heartfelt compassion, you together with the dedicated Mission Team of healthcare experts and support personnel who share their talent and time are the binding contributors who form the fabric of Uplift Internationale and energize our humanitarian efforts. To all benefactors and sponsors, we again express our gratitude. I am pleased to report that Operation Taghoy continues to reach out to those children whose fate it is to have a facial deformity. It is a burden that snuffs their aspirations and clouds their futures. Together in our common cause, we change their lives from despair and indignity to one of hope and promise. We do this by mending faces one child at a time. Elsewhere in this issue, please read the news items that reflect the developments and activities that fill the yearly calendar.

Dr. Krebs is thankful for the hours of hard work by Taghoy Committee members: Barbara Wertz, Edith Pasion, Dr. Jack Dahl and Kirk Leamons, as well as for the contributions of Kerri-Ann Appleton, Executive Director and Megs Melrose, Philippine Taghoy Exective Coordinator. Also, deep gratitude to Atty. Eduardo Escao of the Rotary Club Forbes Park Philippines for facilitating the credentialing process of the professional component of the Mission Team to obtain the needed licensure to practice. Also, a special thanks for donations in-kind to the following: MAP International/Ethicon suture material Abbott Pharmaceuticals general anesthetic (sevoflurane) Ms Julie Lynn Chappell analgesics and antibiotics Kirk Lemon RN and EGS OR face packs Cardinal Medical Supplies in Denver msterile gloves, surgical scrubs, and new surgical instruments Once more, the success of the mission will be greatly aided by the participation and support of the officers and staff of the Roxas Memorial Provincial Hospital, the Rotary Club of Roxas and the Medical Society of Roxas City. We are grateful for the invitation and cooperation extended us by Governor Victor A. Tanco, Jr.

Together we change their lives from despair and indignity to lives of hope and promise.

The Board of Directors The Stewards

The Kids- Thru this project, I get to practice meaningful medicine for no reason other than helping someone so deserving - I get compensated in a way the IRS cannot tax me: life-changing Smiles & Whistles!
Steven Krebs, M.D. Chair, Taghoy Committee, Head of Mission-2011

Uplift Internationale is making an impact, doing an excellent job at enabling children to lead happy and healthy lives that they otherwise would not have. The work is real, the results enduring, the gratification limitless; 2011 will be my 6th mission and I am glad to be a part of it. I encourage everyone to be a part of this endeavor give us your help and support.

Because of the wonderful work of Uplift Internationale my family and I can bring a smile to a childs face and the joy to whistle. We give hope to children and their families for a mere $250.00. What a very small price to be able to gift love and care.
Barb Wertz, R.N. Taghoy Committee, Nursing Liaison, Healthcare Assn

Jack Dahl, M.D. Taghoy Committee, Medicine Fund Raising Committee

As a Rotarian who believes that all charitable dollars should fund the needy, I have found no other charity that does more with its money than Uplift Internationale. A mere $250.00 gives a child in desperate need a new life.
Barry Hudson, J.D. Liaison, Rotary Clubs Corporate Relations

Just remember that these children can now smile, talk louder and walk faster because of our focused mending care.
Jim Niquette, Treasurer, Fund Raising Committee

Its an honor to be associated with Uplift Internationale, an organization that has done so much for the hopelessly impoverished and afflicted children in the Philippines over the past decade plus. Having been to the rural areas of the Philippines many times I have seen hundreds born with cleft lip and cleft palate babies, children and adults. Never in a thousand years would I have imagined these precious babies and children could be given a new lease on life for a mere $250. Thats what I call a miracle! Richard Newman, D.D., Ph. D., Fund Raising Committee

The work of Uplift Internationale is very important, and I should know. I was fortunate that my parents had both the access and the resources to get me medical attention to fix my cleft palate. It is great to be involved in an organization that is giving children the same opportunities I had.
Casey Tighe, Ll.B. Fund Raising Committee

I support Uplift Internationale because it is an outstanding organization that does wonderful work for children with facial deformities. It gives many of these kids their only chance for a normal life.

Richard Remington, Finance

Filipino Fall Festival

A fund-raising event
October 28th, a fund raising soiree was attended by 80 avid supporters. Organized as a celebration of the mores and cuisine of the Philippines, the program included an entertaining set of native dances and music, performed by a youth group of the Filipino-American Association of Colorado. The funds raised: just over $17,000! A remarkable result from donations by individuals and corporations as well as from the bidding of auction items. And, thankfully by the dedicated work and untiring efforts of the Fund Raising Committee led by co-Chairs Dick Newman & Kay Taylor and Executive Director Kerri-Ann Appleton. Also, deserving special thanks for making the event possible are our sponsors: Freedom Harley Davidson, Richard & Judy Billings, First Bank, In Memory of Dr. Ron Ferrendelli (Barbara Wertz), Dr. Steve & Ellen Krebs, Dr. Barb Moyer with Pediatric Dentistry and Dr. Jack Dahl. The evening program of fun and charitable giving was inspired by the enthusiastic pleas by Master of Ceremony Dick Newman.

Photos by Mahal Bella Photography

Theresa receiving the Award, flanked by Awards Co-Chairs Jim Niquette (left) and Dr. Jack Dahl (right)

Theresa Snelling, recipient of the 2010 UI Humanitarian Award

The Humanitarian Award is our highest tribute to an individual whose unselfish contributions and exemplary commitment to the goals of Operation Taghoy which is to enable the successful transformation of a childs life of misery and shame to that of hope and promise. Theresa Snelling is a noted Speech-Language Pathologist and member of the Rose Cleft Palate and Craniofacial Center at Rose Medical Center in Denver. While serving on UIs Board of Directors for years and joining the Mission Team on several occasions, her contributions have helped address and define the role that corrective therapy interventions can have on speech problems of children with cleft lip and/or palate. By interacting with parents and teachers at elementary schools and special education facilities of our host-communities, Theresa developed a responsibly empowered group of informed care-givers capable of providing followup, long after the departure of the Mission Team. Theresa noted: The speech therapy team of Operation Taghoy 2010, for the first time, was able to revisit patients who had had cleft palate repairs, to assess the benefit to their speech and an opportunity to support on-going speech practice at home. Theresa identifies the event as her most important contribution to the five teams she participated with over the years. Hers is an on-going legacy.

Smile Train Grant Support for UI-Taghoy Facial Cleft Clinic of Ormoc
Smile Train, in a continuing recognition of having extended Uplift International their partnership category, has granted funds to help subsidize the UI-Taghoy Facial Cleft Clinic of Ormoc, now in its 4th year of activity. In Ormoc, the surgical operations are provided by Dr. Roland Tomaro and a team recruited from members of the Ormoc Medical Society; in-hospital care is accommodated with charitable allowances at the Ormoc Sugar Planters Association Hospital; and, the fiduciary oversight by Dr. Adelina Larrazabal, President San Lorenzo Ruiz College of Ormoc. In turn, UI together with Smile Train provides procedural guidelines and funding. Through the Clinic, two children with cleft lip and/or palate receive their mending care every month year round, at no cost to their indigent families. The project is a fruition of UIs Sharing Ownership program: cooperative stewardship by local community advocates and UI.

Emissary Group 2011 Itinerary: another necessary mission

President Jaime Yrastorza, accompanied by Dr. Jack Dahl are finalizing travel arrangements to visit the cities of Roxas, Iloilo, Cebu and Ormoc during the two-week period of 17 February to 01 March. Through meetings with local supporters and officers of potential host-hospitals, the visits will scout for suitable venues for activities of Operation Taghoy Mission 2012. Additionally, they plan to gain access to individuals and organizations who may be persuaded to advocate the stewardship of community Taghoy Facial Cleft Clinics.

P.O. Box 582 Wheat Ridge, CO 80034


MENDING FACES of IMPOVERSIHED CHILDREN since 1989 Triad Projects OPERATION TAGHOY (Whistle in Filipino) TAGHOY FACIAL CLEFT CLINICS Community-Sharing Ownership TAGHOY CENTER for FACIAL DEFORMITIES Hospital-based Year-round Care Participation & Support American & Philippine ROTARY CLUBS FIL-AMERICAN Societies SMILE TRAIN

Mend-a-Child: A new name, same opportunities

What had been named Adopt A Child, the Board of Directors elected to rename the fund raising plea: Mend-a-Child. The designation more appropriately tailors seamlessly with our motto: Mending Faces one child at a time. The Operation Taghoy Mission for 2011 has set a goal of mending the faces of 75 children. With donor support we can ensure that the means are available for every child in the care of the Mission Team. As always, donations of Two Hundred & Fifty Dollars ($250) will provide a childs surgical procedure. A donor can choose a plan of giving $19.95 a month to reach the total sum. In recognition, donors who participate in the opportunity to help may anticipate receiving a before and after photo of a child whose lifetime gratitude is an immeasurable reward. Please support the life-changing program: Mend-a-Child. Imagine her gratitude when freed of ridicule and shame facing instead a lifetime of promise and hope. She and many more like her are our cause. We need and welcome YOUR help and participation.

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